Tuesday, 18 March 2014

SCNC needs new leadership

 -Oben Marxwell, jailed National Chairman, Southern Cam. Nat. Coalition
Who is Oben Maxwell and why do people refer to you as “honourable”?

Hon. Maxwell Oben hails from Manyu Division in the Southern Cameroons from a family of 10 and a father of many. I am managing director of Oben and Co. enterprises. But because of my militancy in the Southern Cameroon’s liberation struggle, the system in place has grounded my businesses. But this has in no way mitigated my belief in the cause. I have suffered four arrests and detentions in Yaounde but the struggle continues.

                          Oben Maxwell spoke to The Median barely days to his arrest in Buea
SCNC activities have dropped a great deal in Cameroon. Little is head about the movement. What is the problem? 

RECCU-CAM asserts its legality

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
Renaissance Cooperative Credit Union Cameroon, RECCUCAM, has cleared the air over controversies about its legal existence.
                            Cross section of RECCU-CAM officials at press confab at Ayaba Hotel
Against a recent communiqué from the Ministry of Finance listing RECCU-CAM amongst 84 credit unions allegedly operating without the approval of the government, the president of RECCU-CAM, Anye nee Bih Judith Tabifor, has affirmed that the Union of Cooperatives is legal and operating in respect of the laws and regulations binding cooperative societies in the CEMAC sub-region.
                 Exposing the error in the MINFI communiqué, Anye Judith said RECCU-CAM is a Union of Accredited Cooperative Societies and not a cooperative society as the MINFI circular erroneously claimed. She said RECCU-CAM was duly registered (Registration No. RSC/No NW/UCOOPCA/036/13/008 of May 30, 2013.) She added that the application for accreditation deposited at the Ministry of Finance indicated that the union was created to perform the duties attributed to such institutions according to article 14 of the CEMAC regulations on Micro-finance institutions.  

Cameroon Cricket is growing fast

- Jo Clarke – Cameroon country manager, CWB
                                                                       Jo Clarke
What is the aim of your second visit to Cameroon?
During our 1st visit here we worked very closely with the managers of the Cameroon Cricket Association, who took us around to the schools. I should say we were very impressed by the enthusiasm of the Association members especially its president Victor Agbor and the local school children and their teachers. It is this enthusiasm that pushed us to consider coming back to continue from where we stopped. And we promise to continue with this partnership for many more years to come. We will come over and over again, as many times as it is possible; to develop and spread cricket to the different parts of Cameroon.

Cricket Without Boundaries visits Cameroon again

We are here to develop cricket
-David Terrace – CWB team leader to Cameroon

                                                                        David Terrace

What is your mission to Cameroon?

We are from Cricket without Boundaries and we are a UK-based charity organization. We are in Cameroon to develop cricket and to use cricket as a vehicle to raise awareness on HIV and AIDS messages. It is our 2nd visit here. During the first visit we found the teachers and students really enthusiastic about cricket. They absolutely loved it, and that is the reason why we are here again to coach the teachers so that when we are gone they can stay back and also coach the kids. We shall be doing this in schools in Yaounde and Buea. We also plan to meet the authorities of the British High Commission here and also the Cameroon minister of sports to discuss the development of cricket.

Eto’o still among richest footballers

                                                    Samuel Eto’o, making  it big in football

Cameroonian born Chelsea striker, Samuel Eto’o came in at the third position in goal.com’s top richest footballers’ list for the year 2014. The richest African footballer’s wealth was estimated at 85 million Euros, that is a circa FCFA 55,756,345,000 billion.

Hayatou clocks 26 as CAF president

Last Monday March 10, the President of the Confederation of African Football, IssaHayatou clocked 26 years at the helm of CAF.
                42-year old IssaHayatou embarked on the long road of African football renaissance on March 10, 1988 at Casablanca on the occasion of the CAF General Assembly.

                                                                      Issa Hayatou
After three rounds of voting, Africa bestowed on a young visionary the mantle to lead, to guide the continent and steer it into a new century and millennium of football rebirth with confidences of repositioning the continent’s number one sport to heights so lofty they were a mere dream for greater Africa.
                It should be recalled that, in February 2011, IssaHayatou said he was stressed out and wanted to stand down from his job.
                  “I am 65 years old, I reckon it’s time to think about standing down and leaving, but I don’t know what Africans will think of that. But for me personally, I would like to quit.” Hayatou told French radio RFI.
                He however, went in for another four years mandate which he claimed to be his last one at the helm of African football. He also Hayatou challenged Sep Blatter for the FIFA leadership in 2002 and lost.

Gender is no impediment to my legal practice

-Barrister Gladys Mbuya, President FIDA Cameroon
Barrister Mrs. Gladys Mbuya is President of the International Federation of Female Lawyers, FIDA and hails from Pinyin in the North West region of Cameroon. Born on August 2, 1965, she is a mother of 3. The Median’s Sarah NkonghoOjong caught up with her ahead of celebrations to mark International Women’s day on 8 March and she made the following revelations about her career as a lawyer and the challenges she faces as a woman in an essentially male dominated profession. Read on…..

Barrister can you tell us how you became a lawyer?

G.M:Hmmm very difficult question. Well, I consciously became a lawyer not like some other people who accidentally find themselves in the profession. First of all, right from my childhood I grew up having the belief that my mother was being discriminated against just because she is a woman. I grew up seeing her struggling until she became a business woman in her community and that made me to know that you have to fight for people’s rights especially those who are being discriminated against. That gave me the zeal to become a lawyer so that I can fight for the powerless in society.

Meme gets Center for the handicapped

Eddy Bokuba in Kumba

                                                           Disable Children of CASEY
  An ultra modern rehabilitation center for the physically challenged in the South West Region has been created in Ikiliwindi, on the outskirts of Kumba. The FCFA 21 million centre known as Caisey Troy Foundation is the brain child of the Caisey Association with donors and sponsors based in Holland.

The Caisey Foundation currently handles over 150 children with physical challenges from the six divisions of the South West Region.
                  Inaugurating the centre recently, the 1st Assistant SDO for Meme, VecklineEpolleEwane challenged parents who have children in the centre to remain committed to the children.

Man arrested over Old World Monkey

Please, it turned out the monkey seized was a collared mangabey instead of agile mangabey
By a Correspondent

Wildlife trafficker caught with old world monkey

Wildlife law enforcement officials of the Littoral Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife have arrested two people for illegal possession and commercialisation of a live collared mangabey in Douala. A 48-year old man was arrested alongside his   40-year old accomplice in the Nkololounneighbourhood in Douala at about 4 pm on Thursday March 6, 2014 in relation to the crime.  The agile mangabey that was found near a welding workshop was confiscated.  .

Cycling Tour of Cameroon:

Buea makes second victory for Cameroonian cyclists
By a correspondent in Buea

Mbah Herve Raoul of SNH Velo Club still owns the yellow jersey 

KamzongAbessolo Clovis of S.N.H Vélo Club crossed the finish line first on March 13, 2014 at the Buea Independent Square. It was the fourth lap of the 11th edition of the International Cycling Tour of Cameroon that was run from Douala through Limbe to Buea, a distance of 96km. Kamzong was triumphantly received by the Secretary General of the South West Governor’s office FON Clement NDIKUM, the Mayor of the Buea Council Patrick EKEMA and the Divisional Officer of Buea Paul WOKAM.

False alarm over “FBI’s closure of Cameroon’s Diplomatic Accounts in USA”

Highly placed sources at the Ministry of Finance and the Cameroon Embassy in Washington have dismissed as false, some press reports that the FBI has ordered the closure of the accounts of the Cameroon diplomatic missions in Washington and New York. But after investigating the facts in the story The Median arrived at the conclusion that it was a false alarm after all.
By Ayukogem Steven Ojong in Yaounde
 Barack Obama

Paul Biya

It was a false alarm after all! Cameroon’s diplomatic accounts in the USA are very safe and are not being investigated, at least presently, The Median has confirmed. We got the confirmation from the Cameroon Embassy in Washington and the Ministry of Finance here, when we went all out to either confirm or falsify the report published in the USA-based online publication, Cameroon Journal and by-lined by a certain Chris Fobene, that the FBI had ordered the closure of Cameroon’s diplomatic accounts in New York, USA. The report was copied and pasted in some local tabloids here.

ELECAM targets more voters in NW

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Elections stakeholders in the North West have been exhorted to step up sensitization endeavors to achieve an electoral register that truly reflects the country's electoral potential and ambition.

 Dr. Fonkam Azu'u and aides at press outing in Bamenda
                This is the message the Chairman of the Electoral Board of ELECAM, Samuel FonkamAzu'u and the ELECAM delegate to the North West region, DrNsangouIssofa are taking to the seven divisions of the region as the began a tour of the region last week.
                Speaking to reporters at a press conference at the NW regional office of Elecam organized as part of activities to launch the tour, FonkamAzu'u explained that all the 18 members of the electoral board are currently visiting the 58 divisions of the country, to meet with stakeholders of the electoral process and thank them for the collaboration received during the September 30th twin elections.

Fru Ndi to take upAnglophone struggle head-on

 -Says he is ready to spill his blood fighting for Anglophones
By a correspondent in Bamenda

The chairman of the leading opposition party in Cameroon has declared that he is ready to spill the last drop of his blood fighting the Anglophone cause. Ni John FruNdi, Chairman of the Social Democratic Front-SDF made the declaration on March 10, 2014 while addressing over 5000 Wimbum people at the Mbot Palace in Donga-Mantung.
                FruNdi who went to Mbot Palace to pay homage to the departed Warr Clan head and also acknowledge the new Fon, Mbunwe II, used the occasion to extend a hand of fellowship to the Southern Cameroons National

Fru Ndi now with SCNC
Council-SCNC, arguing that the time to press Biya for Constitutional Review is Now. “We will press from all the angles” he said.

K-town Varsity: Meme Elite wash dirty linen over motion to Biya

-EkaleMukete and Ayuk Johnson mount the boxing ring
By Eddy Bokuba in Kumba

A meeting convened by Meme elite to prepare a motion of thanks to president Biya for creating a University Institute in Kumba, did not end without a replay of the kind of ugly things that politics in Kumba has come to be known for. The meeting on 10 March, presided over by the Paramount Ruler of the Bafaws, Senator Nfon V.E. Mukete, went on smoothly until the patriarch penned his signature on the motion document and retired to his palace.
                But no sooner did Senator Mukete vacate from the hall than one of his sons, Prince EkaleMukete, former mayor of Kumba 1 council created a scene that almost destroyed the good initiative that his father just oversaw. 

My Odyssey: Nfon Mukete signs off in Grand Style!
By TazoachaAsonganyi in Yaounde

Let me say it right from the start: “My Odyssey – The Story of Cameroon Reunification” (SOPECAM, 579 pages, 17 Chapters) is a good book, an important book, a very welcome book. History is always the loser when actors on history’s stage like Nfon Victor E. Mukete leave the stage without personal records of how they fared. He has succeeded to leave the impression in my mind that he is a big man on the reunification stage. “My Odyssey” did not have to wait until NfonMukete is 96, or until the reunification is 53 to be published; but as is the case in Cameroon today, if I say better late than never, many people may think that I am just borrowing Biya’s phrase used in Buea, as if I did not start hearing and using it since I entered primary school before reunification in 1961. Yes, better late than never!

Commonwealth Day

Team spirit underscored at Commemorative events
By Mbeh Moses Eben in Yaounde
Activities to commemorate Commonwealth Day in Cameroon ended last week with authorities emphasizing on the need for stakeholders of the gentlemen’s club including Common Initiative Groups, Civil Society, NGOs and students to adopt the team spirit and always network with one another.
                The commemorative activities here were organized and supervised by the ministry of external relations under the supervision of the Minister Delegate at the MINREX in charge of the Commonwealth, Joseph Dion Ngute. They were guided by the theme for this year’s commemoration-“Team Commonwealth.”

Sabotage or lack of enthusiasm?

Y’de downplays Commonwealth day
Activities to mark the Commonwealth Day were kept at a very low profile by Yaounde authorities. Public media gave the day very little publicity
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

Given the rather uncertain relations between Cameroon and the Commonwealth, Yaounde authorities are traditionally lukewarm about the Commonwealth Day.
                Unlike in previous years, there were no activities to mark the build-up to the Commonwealth week. If any, they were eclipsed by celebrations to mark the International day of the woman, a more popularly celebrated event.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Hon. Awudu Mbaya honored

By a correspondent
There was euphoria at the Mbot Palace recently as Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian received blessings from HRH Fon Mbunwe II of Mbot, the clan head of Warr, for being a development catalyst for the people of Donga Mantung Division. This was in the presence of SDF National Chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi who was flanked by the Lamido of Ngoundal, near Ngoundere.
                When HRH Fon Mbunwe took to the rostrum to perform the traditional rites, he expressed gratitude to the National Chairman of the SDF for the trust that he has given to one of his subjects, Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian.

Court registrars want better status

By Eddy Bokuba in Kumba
The president of the South West Court Registrars Association, (S.O.W.E.R.C.A) chief Samuel Forbi, has appealed to the minister of justice and keeper of the seals, Laurent Esso, to sign the text of application that would enable court registrars to enjoy the benefits provided in the 2010 decree creating a new status for court registrars.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

HRH Henry NamataElangwe: A Baobab has fallen!

Bakundu people mourn their leader!  CDC counts its loses! 
By Eddy Bokuba in Kumba
The Board Chairman of the Cameroon Development Corporation (C.D.C) who doubled as the Paramount Ruler of the Bakundus has been buried. HRM Henry NamataElangwe was buried on Saturday 8 March 2014 in his Kake-Bongwana Palace in Kumba. He died on Wednesday 5 March 2014, at about 2.50 am, in Douala, after a brief illness. He was aged 82.
  The death of the CDC board chairman comes barely few years following that of the former GM of the giant agro-industries, Henry NjallaQuan alias Bonjo Boy, who died in December 2011. The company also recently lost several scores of its workers, in a ghastly car crash along the Tiko-Douala highway.

SOWEFCU targets 4000 tons of cocoa in 2014

By Eddy Bokuba in Kumba
Farmers of the South West Farmer's Cooperative Union (SO.W.E.F.C.U.) have made a pledge to market at least 4000 tons of Cocoa in 2014 using a budget of FCFA 385 Million. They made the revelation during their annual General Assembly meeting that took place recently at the Union's office in Buea Road, Kumba.

2nd Council Session: Idenau Council coping with huge debts

The Fako SDO has called on the mayor of Idenau to ensure payment of all the council’s debts including arrears of salaries owed to workers and unpaid bills of contractors. The council has debts to the tune of over FCFA 164 millions (164,990,314 fcfa). Council authorities were also challenged to boost commercial activity in the beach town notably import and export of goods and fight clandestine transportation and contraband. It was the 2nd ordinary session of the council that held on 28 February 2014. The SDO was represented by the 1st Assistant, Lokombe Vincent.
By Sarah NkonghoOjong back from Idenau
Presided over by the SDO in the company of other officials among whom were the DO for West Coast, DO for Idenau, Mayor of Idenau Council, Traditional rulers of the sub division and 23 of 24 Councilors present, the 2014 budgetary session was aimed to seek ways to bring development to the municipality and improve the livelihood of the population.


Thank You H. E. President Paul Biya, for creating University Campus in Kumba

We the youths of Meme Division of the South West Region sincerely hail your decision to create a Higher Technical Teachers Training College in Kumba.

53 years after reunification:Kumba gets her university after all!

Meme youths extend thanks to president Biya for the wonderful gesture
Say it is an old dream that has finally come true
By Eddy Bokuba in Kumba
The announcement on Friday 7 March 2014 of the creation of a campus of the University of Buea, in Kumba, has not left the populations of K-town especially the youths indifferent. In a swift reaction to the announcement, Meme youth leader and president of the CPDM Meme IC, Kumba III section, Dr. EbongoZacksNanje, immediately rallied the youths and together they addressed a motion of thanks to President Biya, for what they described as a wonderful gesture.

Yaounde-Abuja relations: Nigeria suspects Cameroon over Boko Haram

Abuja disappointed at Yaounde’s “Complacency and leniency” vis-à-vis terrorist activities along their common frontiers.
By Ayukogem Steven Ojong in Yaounde

It might not be known to the average Cameroonian. Yet, the fact is that Nigerian authorities are very disappointed and unhappy with Cameroon since for several months now. The apple of discord is the difference in opinion over the tackling of the ever rising terrorist activities in Northern Nigeria, that are globally attributed to the Islamic fundamentalist group-Boko Haram.
                It is understood that while Nigeria is seeking President Biya’s nod for a joint and concerted effort of the military forces of both countries to check the menace, the Etoudi Palace tenant in his characteristic carefulness, and true to his policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of others, would not heed Goodluck Jonathan’s sustained plea for assistance.

Cross-border security: Boko Haram scare grips Yaounde

Communication minister, IssaTchiroma says Cameroon is not indifferent to terrorist activities in Nigeria and CAR. He was speaking during a press outing in Yaounde recently.
By MorineNchekeTanyi in Yaounde

Facing the press recently in the conference hall of his ministry, the Minister of Communication IssaTchiromaBakary clarified public opinion on some burning issues related to the crises in neighbouringNigeria and Central African Republic. He was reacting to a hostile media campaign launched against Cameroon by some foreign press houses claiming that Cameroon is helping rebel groups to destabilize her neighbours. The Minister described the allegations as “irresponsible and ungrounded.” IssaTchiroma said the conflicts taking place in neighboring countries is rather putting a great burden on the government which has to resist terrorist infiltrating our borders and also handling the thousands that come into border villages and towns as refugees.

Implementing Decentralization: B’da Gov’t Delegate laments low wages of council staff

But joins mayors of NW and West regions to pen motion of support to Biya for instituting decentralization
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council has urged the government to consider raising the salary scale of staffers of councils and allowances for councilors. Vincent NdumuNji made the solemn plea in his intervention during a 3-day seminar to educate and drill council managers on legal and financial issues relating to their tasks. In his characteristic frankness, Vincent Ndumu lamented the low wage package recommended by law for workers of councils. He observed that the take-home pay of some council workers and even councilors can barely take them home. Ndumu also regretted that the endowment fund allocated for councilors was yet to be adequately implemented. He noted that these short-comings only stifle the smooth implementation and realization of the lofty objectives of decentralization.

Limbe FESTAC to run from 5-12 April!

The Maiden edition of the Limbe Arts and Culture Festival (FESTAC) will hold in the sea-side resort town from 5-12 April 2014, with participants coming from all over Cameroon and some friendly countries notably Togo, E. Guinea, Gabon and Sierra Leone.
By Sarah NkonghoOjong in Limbe
The Limbe FESTAC 2014 is organized by the Limbe City Council in partnership with other stakeholder institutions in the city of Limbe notably the CDC and SONARA. An independent cultural event, the FESTAC was recommended to authorities of the City Council by the Minister of Arts and Culture (MINAC), Ama Tutu Muna, after the colorful and successful events to commemorate 150 years of the founding of Victoria (now Limbe) in December 2009.     

CPDM barons declared persona non grata at AtebaEyene’s funeral

Some CPDM barons amongst have been barred from attending the burial of Charles AtebaEyene. According to a French language newspaper "Le Soir" PrMessangaNyamding has promised to publish the list of personalities that Charles AtebaEyene declared non-grata at his burial before his death. 

Fiftieth Anniversary Celebrations: One Big Multifaceted Lie

The belated fiftieth anniversary celebrations that just ended in Buea will be remembered for the pomp and pageantry and little else. The theatrically choreographed ceremony was big on form but devoid of substance, a histrionic non-event full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The activities leading up to the ceremonies were remarkable first, in that they studiously avoided to address the political order while presenting a rosy picture of harmonious cohabitation; secondly, the emptiness was evident in the revisionist history of reunification the Cameroonian people were served, and most importantly the event was notable in failing to chart a course for the years ahead. It was not certain whether it was the 50th anniversary of the independence of la Republique du Cameroun or the 50th anniversary of the re-unification between Southern Cameroons and la Republique du Cameroun which was being commemorated; for the anniversary of re-unification should first and foremost be a moment of stock-taking, a time to examine the state of the union between the two entities that came together in 1961. But everything about the celebrations was designed to circumvent the touchy subject of the relationship between the Anglophones who came out of Southern Cameroons and their Francophone brothers of the Republique du Cameroun fifty-three years later; and proof that this regime is hell-bent on evading reform. In a way it was a fitting metaphor for this country, which has consistently refused to look itself in the mirror. If there was one image that came to mind at the end of the festivities, it was that of a painted sepulchre.

PAN African institute at 50: Youth employment is our major concern

- Prof. Emmanuel Kamdem, SG, Pan-African Institute for Dev’t
As the Pan-African Institute for Development (PAID) celebrates its golden jubilee, its Secretary-General explains to The Median what principal activities they are carrying out, what areas they have been working in since creation, what road they have covered this far, what challenges they face, amongst other things. He spoke to Douglas Achingale in Yaounde.  
Prof., what is PAID celebrating? Is it the maturity that comes with 50 years of existence or its achievements?
I think it is both. We are celebrating its maturity because 50 years for an organisation is something very important. And during these 50 years we have acquired some expertise, some experience that we are putting at the disposal of the African population for their development. There is also the possibility of us advising governments, the civil society and international organisations. Therefore we think that we are celebrating its maturity.

Abel Eyinga, Charles AtebaYene: Goodbye My Friends!

By TazoachaAsonganyi in Yaounde
There is an anthropologist, Robert Brain, who came to my native Lebialem a long time ago and wrote about the Bangwa concept of the word “friend.” He explained to what was obviously a Western audience that the word has a double meaning in Bangwa: it means age-mate for people who were born around the same time; and it also means people who socialize together, have common interests, common outlooks and expectations, and aspirations.
                Abel Eyinga, AtebaYene and I were not age-mates. News about Abel Eyinga’s shadow boxing with Ahidjo for the 1970 presidential election from his “safe” abode in Paris and his subsequent trial and sentencing to a 5-year prison term in absentia for daring the God-sent “Grand Camarade,” moved quickly around Cameroon by word of mouth to those of us young students in CCAST Bambili at that time who did not have the “luxury” that was the radio set. The obscurantist leaders we have had in Cameroon for over fifty years have been like that. Ahidjo, under the totalitarian system he set up, held elections regularly but was always the people’s favorite, God-sent single candidate; his challengers like Eyinga did so at their peril. His handpicked successor Biya has not been different since his “democratic” system is not too different from the totalitarian system he inherited; he organizes elections regularly and is always the people’s favorite
choice because he always knows how to rig himself to victory.

NW population sensitized on demerits of plastic bags

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
A sensitization campaign to inform and educate the population on the harmful effects of plastic bags has been launched in the North West by its Regional Delegation of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development.
                The campaign comes on the heels of the April 24 dateline set by government banning the use of non-biodegradable plastics in Cameroon.

14th Mother Tongue Day:Mother tongues to be taught in schools

The 14th edition of the International Mother Tongue Day was celebrated in Cameroon on 25 February 2014 with authorities contemplating including some local languages into the school curriculum
By MorineNchekeTanyi in Yaounde
Effective teaching of mother tongues or local languages may begin in schools in the country this year. The revelation was made by the Minister of Basic Education, YoussoufaHadidjaAlim. She was presiding over the celebrations marking the 14th edition of the International Day of Mother Tongues in Cameroon, in Yaounde. Talking on the theme “Local languages and the sciences” the minister used the occasion to thank the government for her determination to promote the use of local languages especially among children and youths as this will help in their full development. “The mother tongue is essential for children’s education and development,” HadidjaAlim underscored.

CBC supports Bamenda prison inmates

By Njodzefe Nestor
In an effort to continue to articulate the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services Mission Statement of extending quality care to all who need it as an expression of Christian love and witness, the Chief of Centre for Nkwen Baptist Health Centre, NBHC, Mrs. ChimiEmerencia and the Head of NBHC Pharmacy, Mr. NforGamngong Emmanuel under the leadership of the CBC Director of Evangelism and Missions, Rev. Fimba Felix visited the Bamenda Central Prison on January 29, 2014.

GCE exams for visually impaired: CBC Partners with GCE Board

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
The CBC Health Services has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU with the Cameroon GCE Board in Buea to facilitate the effective writing of the GCE by students with visual impairments in Cameroon.
                The MOU was signed at the GCE Board Office in Buea recently by Prof.Tih Pius, Director of CBC Health Services, DHS, for the CBC and Mr.Monono Humphrey Ekema, Registrar of the GCE Board. 

Meme division gets 1st female S.D.O

By Eddy Bokuba in Kumba
Meme Division has a female 1st Assistant S.D.O. EpolleEwaneVerklineEpouseMbua was recently appointed to replace ZanamaProspere who died during a ghastly car crash at Liongo village, near Muea in Buea in 2012.

Grand march-past to celebrate Women’s Day in Y’dé

Cameroonian women are making great strides both socially and in business.

MorineNchekeTanyi in Yaounde

Cameroon’s First Lady Madam Chantal BIYA presided over the 8th of March 2014 a grand march past at the 20th May Boulevard to celebrate the 29th edition of the International Women’s Day.   
     Thousands of women from all shades of life took part in the festivities that were held this year under the theme: “Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls”.
The Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Madam ABENA ONDOA née OBAMA Marie Therese was on hand at about 11 am to welcome the First Lady to the ceremonial grounds. After the execution of the national anthem, the march past started, with music produced by the band of the National Gendarmerie.

Women’s Day 2014:

Popular enthusiasm for celebration ends in drunken frenzy in bars
Women swarmed bars and pubs across the nation Saturday guzzling crates of beer and dancing to melodious tunes late into the night

By Ayukogem Steven Ojong with correspondent reports

Women around Cameroon stormed bars, off-licences, restaurants, chicken parlors and night clubs in amusement jaunts to crown a hectic day of celebrations marking the 29th International Day of the Woman.
                Both old and young women thronged bars and nightclubs later in the evening to dance and make merry, The Median’s correspondents in major towns of the country reported.