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Motion of support

South West Chiefs Conference
 “We, the Traditional Rulers of the South West Region meeting in Buea on Friday 26 December 2014 in an Extra-Ordinary session of the Enlarged Central Executive Council of the South West Chiefs  Conference;

Mindful of the peace and stability reigning in Cameroon thanks to the sterling and astute leadership qualities of President Paul Biya;

Mindful of the Greater Accomplishments Program of the Head of State in view of a giant leap forward for Cameroon to become an emerging economy by 2035;

Mindful of the commitment of the State to permanently construct the Kumba-Mamfe Road in partnership with development partners;

Mindful of the creation of the Higher Technical Teacher Training College (HTTC) in Kumba as an institution of the University of Buea and the Fisheries Academy at Batoke, Limbe,

Intriguing development

Ayah Paul
SCNC maintains Ayah Paul as its National Chairman until…
- Says until Hon. Ayah renounces the position, he remains the chairman-elect of the liberation movement
- Says Ayah Paul has a legitimate right to pursue his professional career and claim all his money from the gov’t of la Republique
-  Cautions Hon. Ayah to be wary of Biya, arguing that his brilliant appointment could just be a snare intended to draw him close and finally suffocate him politically
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

Militants of the Southern Cameroon National Council SCNC have maintained that Hon. Justice Ayah Paul Abine will continue to be their “sole and undisputed” leader despite his recent appointment at the Supreme Court of La Republique du Cameroon.

Longue Longue regains freedom

Thanks Eto’o Fils and Cameroon government for their support during the
dark days
By Lauretta Esseme in Douala

Longue Longue
The author-composer and singer of “Ayo Africa” and “Kirikou”, Simon Longkana aka Longue Longue “le liberateur” has been released from priso in France. Longue was freed after he won his appeal against the 10-year imprisonment term that was slammed him by the Bordeaux High Court. The appeals judge declared Longue Longue not guilty and set him free on 16 December 2014.
    Longue Longue had served over 3 years in jail, after he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in 2010, by the judge of the Bordeaux High Court.
    He was charged and found guilty of raping the 17-year-old niece of his former wife.
    On 19 November 2005 Longue Longue was arrested in Nantes, France and charged with raping a minor. He was later set free on 22 February 2006 upon the payment of 5.2 million fcfa caution. He was placed under judicial surveillance and barred from leaving France. The ban was lifted by the appeal court on 19 August 2008.

Reviving Cameroon’s rich heritage

National Museum opens its doors
A gala was organized in the courtyard of the National Museum, which is lodged at the old presidency building in Yaounde, on Friday 16 January 2015, as part of activities to officially launch and re-open the museum to the public.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

Baka Pygmies thrilled the attendees
It was a rare blend of both national and foreign dignitaries that attended the National Museum re-opening Gala in the evening of Friday 16 January 2015.
    Some beautiful make-shift structures erected on the courtyard of the old presidency situated at the heart of the administrative quarters in down town Yaounde, provided a veritable venue for the historic event.
    Jointly organized by the Heritage and Arts Foundation (HARTS) and the Ministry of Arts and Culture, the event was placed under the High Patronage of the president of the republic, H.E. Paul Biya. It had as theme “A cultural renaissance in Cameroon.”
    Presiding over the august event, the minister of Arts and Culture, Mrs Ama Tutu Muna, said the Gala “represents the launch of a national cultural initiative aimed to create a movement and moment of communion and empowerment among Cameroonian people; further revitalizing their rich heritage and connecting them to the world.”

We have conserved Ahidjo’s office in the Museum

 Ama Tutu Muna, Minister of Arts and Culture
A gala was organized in the courtyard of the National Museum, which is lodged at the old presidency building in Yaounde, on Friday 16 January 2015, as part of activities to officially launch and re-open the museum to the public.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

 Ama Tutu Muna
January 16, 2015 will mark the definitive reopening of the National Museum after more than five years of renovation work. Could we know the changes that have been made there?

We started this opening on 6 November, 2014, a historic date, the date on which the Head of State rose to the supreme magistracy of this nation. January 16 will be a continuation and the final phase of this opening. We have placed the event under his high patronage.

It was in 2009 that the ministry of arts and culture began renovation works on this building which is the former Presidency of the Republic, and before then the residence of the Governor.  The piping, the plumbing, the cabling, etc. were rehabilitated. Thereafter, we tried to do a maximum preservation of the building as it is. We had wanted to preserve the parts inside as they were, such as the ceramics which is of very high quality. The ceramic parts being extremely expensive, since it is a former Presidency, were replaced with other tiles, while waiting to have more means in order to focus on this these ceramics.

We equally rehabilitated the ceilings with wood and all what constituted the artisan works such as the iron doors on which we put golden covers. It is a job that takes so much time. That is the entire process. With regards to electricity, we installed other cables, for we had to install the sound system amongst others. We then moved to the very conception of expositions. We needed to have a Museum policy and do a business plan, because the museum has to be profitable. All the projects of the Museum were written out. It was the last phase.

2015 state budget

Skyrocketing running expenditures!
The 2015 state budget has been adopted by parliament and promulgated into law by the Head of State, and the minister of Finance has fixed the conditions for its execution. At a cabinet meeting on 17 December, 2014, Prime Minister Philemon Yang requested each minister to reconfigure the running budget of their ministry, taking into consideration a 15% reduction of expenditures. The head of government said so after President Paul Biya had called on the ministers to cut down on the running costs of their respective departments in the council of ministers meeting one week earlier. A look at what some of these ministries have as budget shows that neither the President’s nor the PM’s call is likely to be heeded.

Over 1 083bn paid as salaries and pension
The mass salary of the state increases at a disturbing rate. But this does not seem to be bothering the government this far. Yet, in 2015, the amount is likely to hit the skies! The expenditures on the state personnel amount to 900 billion FCFA, that is, 41.67% of the running budget. This is not all. There is an additional 183 billion FCFA that is paid out as pension. These amounts, when put together, come up to 1 083 billion FCFA.
It should be recalled that the total investment budget of the state is 1 150 billion FCFA, 1 075 billion FCFA of which is effectively dedicated to development projects. It can thus be realized that Cameroon pays state workers more than it finances its development projects.
    Statistics show that the increase in workers’ remuneration is constant. It moved from 414 billion FCFA in 2005 to 668 billion FCFA in 2011 and 803 billion FCFA in 2013. Last year, the mass salary of the state was 835 billion FCFA. Thus within ten years, state expenditures have more than doubled. It is now at more than 6% of the GDP and so surpasses the limit of 5% recommended by international standards.
    With the special recruitments in the police and army announced for this year, the mass salary is expected to witness a further rise.

65bn for celebration and mission allowances
    The chapter on representation, mission, reception and ceremony allowances reappears in 2015 after it was forgotten for one year. In 2014, the amount for these rose to 60 billion FCFA, indicating an increase of 5 billion FCFA. It is in this chapter that we find the bulk of President Paul Biya’s criticism of the lifestyle of the different ministries. The President talks, amongst other things, of “the excessive increase of missions particularly abroad” and asks that the allowances allocated for that be reduced.
    Clearly, the President’s instruction is not followed. By the way, the state will allocate many tens of billions to maintain the network of missions and finance “eating” allowances. Ironically, it is under President Biya that wastage is most noticed.
    In fact, the Presidency of the Republic is foremost in this wastage exercise as it allocates a whopping 8.4 billion FCFA for “eating” and mission allowances. If the attached services are added, the amount rises to 9.5 billion FCFA. Last year, the Presidency and its attached services were only at 8.6 billion FCFA as far as “eating” and mission allowances were concerned.
    The ministry of Sport and Physical Education follows suit with an envelope of 7.6 billion FCFA, an amount which represents more than half the running budget of this ministry which stands at 14 billion FCFA. This amount is justified by the participation of the Indomitable Lions in the Africa Cup of Nations that began in Equatorial Guinea on 17 January. This amount was almost the same one year ago when the Lions took part in the World Cup in Brazil.
    Third in line is the ministry of Secondary Education with 4.6 million FCFA, with a slight reduction of close to 250 million FCFA. Next is the ministry of Agriculture with an amount of 3.4 billion FCFA each. In 2014, it was at the same level with the ministry of Defense at 2.3 billion FCFA. Today, the latter ministry closes this classification with 2.7 billion FCFA.

Cameroon Dysfunctional Opposition

Lessons from Sri Lanka
By Tazoacha Asonganyi in Yaounde

Sri Lanka is a South Asian country with a population of about 21 million settled in a land area of 65610 square kilometers. It is similar to Cameroon with a population of some 20 million spread out on a land area of 474926 square kilometers. The voting age is 18 while it is 20 in Cameroon.  At 8 January 2015 presidential election, total registered voters were 15.044.490; for the 2011 presidential election in Cameroon, total registered voters were 7.521.651. Sri Lanka used a single ballot while Cameroon had a ballot for every candidate; there were 12,314 polling stations in the 22 administrative districts in Sri Lanka and some 23000 in 10 regions in Cameroon. Nineteen nominations were received by the Elections Department all of which were accepted; 53 nominations were received in Cameroon and 23 were accepted.
    The constitution of Sri Lanka provided for a presidential term of six years renewable once; the Cameroon constitution provided for a presidential term of seven years renewable once. The incumbent Sri Lanka president Mahinda Rajapaksa was sworn in for a second term in November 2010, while the incumbent president in Cameroon was sworn in for a second term in November 2004.

AFCON begins despite logistics concerns

Africa Cup of Nations 2015
Host: Equatorial Guinea Dates: 17 January - 8 February.

Coverage: Live text commentary and reports on every game, plus all the latest news from the tournament on the BBC Sport website and BBC World Service radio
Equatorial Guinea will kick off the Africa Cup of Nations on Saturday, only two months after stepping in as hosts.
Original hosts Morocco had asked to postpone the event because of their fears over the spread of the Ebola virus but their plea was rejected by the Confederation of African Football.
The opening match of the 30th edition of the finals will feature the home country against Congo from 16:00 GMT.
Three hours later Burkina Faso will meet Gabon in the other Group A match.
    Both games will be played in Bata, the country's biggest city, which also held the opening game in 2012 when the tournament was co-hosted with Gabon.
    During the tournament BBC football experts will be reporting from all four host cities - Bata, Ebebiyin, Malabo and Mongomo - following the progress of all 16 teams right up until the final on 8 February.
    Extensive coverage, including live text and radio commentaries and match reports, will be available on radio, TV, online and on mobile.

Mohamadou Idrissou moves to Macedonia

Cameroon international striker Mohamadou Idrissou has made a surprise move to joined Shkendija in the Macedonian league after signing a one year contract.    Idrissou, 34-year-old, who was currently playing for Israeli side Maccabi Haifa, made only five appearances for the Israeli side before joining the Red and Blacks as a free agent.

Football action kicks-off in Equatorial Guinea

Africa and the world will in the next three weeks turn their mind and focus to Equatorial Guinea when the central African country host the biggest football jamboree in the 2nd largest continent in the world.
    Amongst the 16 team to participate in the show in Equatorial Guinea will be the Lions of Cameroon that have been absent from the last two editions of the biannual football competition.
    The Indomitable Lions who had a deserved qualification campaigned will have to tasseled with big guns of the continent like Ivory Coast, Mali and Guinea in group D.

Eto'o set for Sampdoria switch

Milan (AFP) - Everton's Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto'o is on the verge of signing for Serie A side Sampdoria, reports in Italy said on Thursday.
    Eto'o has been linked with Sampdoria for the past week and has already agreed terms with the Genoa-based club, according to a website report on Rai Sport.
    The report said the deal was "practically done" and that "Eto'o is expected to arrive in the coming days".
    Everton manager Roberto Martinez indicated Wednesday that Eto'o could be about to leave Goodison Park after revealing that two clubs have shown an interest in the veteran forward.
    Eto'o, 33, missed Everton's FA Cup third-round penalty shootout defeat at West Ham United on Tuesday and Martinez said that his future at the club was under discussion.
    "With Samuel, we have a really good relationship and we are looking at his situation," Martinez told reporters.

Monday, 12 January 2015

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Meva’a m’Eboutou collapses

Meva’a M’Eboutou, SG of the senate, slumped onto the red carpet shortly after he wished the president Happy New Year at the Unity Palace on Thursday 8 January 2015.
    Reports said the septuagenarian (he is 78) walked up to the president, shook his hand and the traditional “bonne annee monsieur le President.” But just as he moved away in the direction of the others who had performed the ritual before him, he missed his way. As he fumbled he hit his leg on something and fell flat on the floor.
    Reports said that it required the spritely intervention of a presidential security aide for Meva M’Eboutou to get up from the turf.

No leave, no surrender

Abubakar Shekau
Boko Haram threatens Biya, promise darker days ahead
- Undaunted, President Biya appeals for international support
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

However impressive, skillful and fruits-bearing the reprisals of Cameroonian defence forces have so far been in the ongoing war against the Boko Haram insurgents in the Far North of Cameroon, the jihadists still appear to be undaunted. And there are no indications the hostilities would end any time soon.
    Even the commander-in-chief of the Cameroon armed forces, President Paul Barthelemy Biya Bi Mvondo does see things differently; he also foresees a long-drawn war with the terrorist insurgents.
    Addressing the diplomatic corps as he received New Year wishes from them on Thursday, 8 January 2015 at the Unity Palace in Yaounde, President Biya expressed fears of an ever resurgent Boko Haram.
    He said in spite of impressive reprisals by Cameroonian defence forces, that have always pushed back and chases Boko Haram attackers to their Nigerian hide-outs, and despite killing thousands of the jihadists in the process, there are no indications Boko Haram is learning its lesson.

War on terror

Goodluck abandons Boko Haram to Biya
- Can Biya call his Nigerian counterpart to order?
By Tanyi Kenneth Musa in Yaounde

It was with utter bewilderment and frustration that Cameroonians learned of a statement made by the spokesman of the Nigerian army after Cameroonian forces launched an air raid on the jihadist sect Boko Haram on Sunday, 28 December, 2014. The General blamed the Cameroonian soldiers, two days after the attack, for violating Nigeria’s airspace.
    It was the first time that alpha jets of the Cameroonian air force were coming into the scene. Their intervention followed a powerful insurgency by a large number of Boko Haram militants into the Far Northern town of Achigachia where they seized some ammunition belonging to the 42nd motorized infantry battalion of the Cameroonian army.
    However, thanks to the muscular and combined riposte of the Cameroonian air and ground forces, the assailants were pushed back into their Nigerian base.

Boko Haram resorts to internet threats

The easy victories won by Boko Haram terrorists in their terrorist attacks in Nigeria have hardly been replicated in Cameroon. If anything the multiple onslaughts of the jihadists have met with ferocious reprisals from a formidable, totally overhauled and fortified, and an omnipresent Cameroonian defence forces.
    This situation is evidently a bitter pill to swallow by the Boko Haram terrorists, who after trying several strategies without success against their Cameroonian adversaries, have now resorted to the use of the internet to propagate their propaganda that is replete with intimidation and threats.
    The latest of this threats was a video message posted on you tube on 5 January 2015, where-in the leader of Boko Haram, Abukakar Shekau is warning President Paul Biya and his forces to stop their attacks on Boko Haram or face the consequences.

I live on bread, not kind words

-Ayah Paul Abine, senior judge

Following his promotion last December as Advocate-General at the Supreme Court of Cameroon, which came shortly after his alleged election as the new National Chairman of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), Hon. Ayah Paul Abine was not immediately available for prying reporters who came running to get his reaction on the developments. On Friday January 2, The Recorder’s Editor, Christopher Ambe Suh caught up with the Super-scaled Magistrate of exceptional class, in Buea, for an exclusive interview. Hon. Ayah, who just returned from his native Akwaya in Manyu Division, did not hesitate to speak out his mind. Below are excerpts of the conversation: 

Hon. Ayah

Hon. Ayah, happy New Year.

Thank you, thank you for coming. Happy New Year to you in return.

Honorable, how would you as a polititician describe the just-ended year 2014?

2014 was more of a fake year especially in terms of politics. We have often said that there is no legality in what we call reunification in Cameroon. So the big event titled “The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Reunification of Cameroon” was really fake. As I have often said, our parliament has ceased to play the role of a parliament-because we don’t see a situation where Parliament is in session to enact the finance law and while they are still in session, the President of the Republic -after a cabinet meeting, comes out with the so called Plan d’Urgence. That is, revenue outside the control of Parliament.

The much I know is that the Cameroon Constitution provides that the President can, by ordinance, make use of revenue outside the budget; and subsequently, Parliament would meet and either endorse the ordinance or reject it. But I know of no law anywhere where we can have two parallel budgets in a country: the one adopted by Parliament and the one adopted by the President of the country. This is violation of the Constitution. And when we consider in practical terms, the investment budget of 2014 was executed at less than 35%. Now, if we have adopted a budget which is even higher in amount and the President has superimposed what they call Plan d’Urgence up to a thousand billion FCFA, I doubt where the President is going to get the people who will execute the budget and the Plan d’Urgence. Is it the very people who could not execute the investment budget of 2014?  So to me, it is a paradox. In terms of political events, I would say nothing really happened in 2014.

End-of-year address

Biya’s 25 minutes of all and what!
The operation sparrow hawk, article 66 of the constitution which talks about the declaration of assets, the Indomitable Lions’/Lionesses’ participation in upcoming continental and international competitions, statistics on Boko Haram casualties, etc. are only some of the issues the Head of State either avoided completely or touched on superficially
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

True is it that during his end-of-year address to the nation on 31 December, 2014, President Paul Biya could not have been able to address every aspect of Cameroon’s political, social and economic life. It is understood that the 25 minutes or so that he used on the occasion were too small for all of that.
    Nevertheless, there were pertinent issues the president ought to have addressed but which he either avoided completely or talked about only superficially. If anything the Etoudi Palace tenant touched on several burning issues but dwelled on any.     In fact, the president ended his address just when his hearers adjusted their buttocks and focused their poise in the hope that the president would now delve into the real issues. IIt was a forlon hope, afterall.
    The first thing the President failed to address, to the astonishment of most Cameroonians, was the operation sparrow hawk. Many thought he would say something at least, after the recent arrest of Professor Gervais Mendo Ze and Jean-Marie Akono Ze. Sensitive and exciting as the crackdown on graft has been, many expected the president to say how far the fight has gone and where next it has go.

Biya’s 283,443 jobs in 2014?

Many Cameroonians say President Biya’s statistics on job creation in the country are too good to be true. But some others say consider the figures as valid
By Mercy Neba in Douala

In his traditional state of the nation address on Wednesday, 31 December, 2014, President Paul Biya announced in a somewhat joyous tone the creation of 283,443 jobs in Cameroon in 2014 alone. This is pleasant to hear, but at the same time it raises a number of questions in the minds of critical observers.
    What was the method used to count these jobs? In which sectors of activity were the jobs created? Are they short-term or long-term jobs? For a country that is writhing in the pangs of unemployment and underemployment, these questions ought to be answered if the President’s figures are not to be taken with a pinch of salt. For, according to the Strategic Document for Growth and Employment (SDGE), the country has an unemployment rate of 31.1% and an underemployment rate of 70%.

Home coming:

Buea welcomes new PCC Moderator 
The arrival of Rev. Fonki Samuel Forba and Synod Clerk Rev. George Babila Funchang at the PCC Synod Office in Buea up-station on Monday 5 January 2015 was greeted by hilarious chanting of songs of welcome by Christian faithful and well-wishers
By Nyah Penn in Buea

The official home coming to Buea of the newly elected moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon PCC, on 5 January 2015 could only be likened to Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. It was a beehive of faithful drawn from almost all the Presbyteries of the PCC in the South West and beyond that converged on the premises of the synod office in Buea up-station to welcome Rev. Samuel Fonki Forba and the Synod Clerk, Rev. George Babilla Funchang.
    Like the buzz of a swarm of bees, the noise that emanated from the enchanted and stampeding crowds was overwhelming. It was telling of the joy of the faithful some of whom were having their first glimpse and communion with the new moderator, after his brilliant election in Bamenda few weeks back. They sang, cried and chanted Halleluya, as the long motorcade that escorted the moderator and synod clerk from the Mungo Bridge made its way into the synod premises.

Philanthropist donates to Kiyan and Mankon inhabitants

-Distributes cardio-vascular kits and food supplements
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Giving health talks in Mankon
Handing high blood pressure machines and iron supplements

It was all joy in Kiyan, a locality in Bui Division, and Mankon town in Mezam Division both of the North West region,  on 28 to 31 December 2015, when Bonkishiy Marceline, a Cameroonian-born German citizen donated blood pressure testing kits and iron supplements to the local populations. 
    In Kiyan on December 28th and 29th just like in Mankon on December 31st, 2014 the joy was total and the mobilization complete as the entire population received what many desribed as a precious “Christmas and New Year gift”.
    Added to the gifts, Bongkishiy Marceline who is also a public health expert gave enriching health talks on prevention and management of high blood pressure and iron deficiency anemia in churches and Njangi groups in Kiyan and at the Mankon Hospital.
    She drilled the population on the different ways these ailments which become public health concerns in Cameroon can be prevented.


Nfon Mukete urged to hands-off Balong territory

According to the chairman of Mukonje traditional Council, Chief Otto Abange, no parts of the villages that constitute Balong clan fall within the territory that make up the Bafaw clan, not even Malende-Kumba. Otto Abange says the Balongs are a separate people ruled by a paramount ruler, Nfon Ebanja
By Atemnkeng Evaristius in Kumba

The Chairman of the Mukonje Traditional Council, Chief Otto Abange Alexander, has fired strong that Mukonje and Malende are not part of Bafaw territory and the Balongs will never allow any parts of their territory to be controlled by the paramount ruler of the Bafaws, HRM Senator Nfon Victor Esseminsongo Mukete.
    Chief Otto Abange made it clear that the Balong clan has its own chiefdoms all of which fall under the jurisdiction of the paramount ruler of the Balongs, Chief Ebanja.  Chief Otto Abange has therefore called on the paramount ruler of the Bafaws, Nfon Victor Essemisongo Mukete to hands-off Balong territory.
    He was speaking to the press recently after a meeting convened by the Divisional Officer of Kumba III Subdivision, Guibai Gilbert Baldena, to clear the air  on who controls the five villages that make up the Mukonje chiefdom.

Ngoketunjia Division

Soldiers flog fon of Bamali in public
Chieftaincy crisis in the North West Region is fast becoming a “chop-broke-pot affair”. Caught in the medley are not only those involved in the power tussle but also local politicians and local administrators? However juicy, it is at the same time a hot potato in the hands of administrators. Invariably, chieftaincy conflicts have been notably fueled by several interrelated casual factors such as bad governance and corruption, and small arms proliferation in villages. Easy access to locally fabricated arms is gradually becoming a very huge problem given that it is a fertile ground to breed village gangsters. 
    The more the crisis persists, the more the interest, benefactors and so on and so forth. It is for this reason that there are more than six villages in the North West Region with two fons. Ngoketunjia Division has 13 villages with 14 fons. Bamali village happens to be one of the villages caught in the mess with two traditional rulers (one who lives with the population in the village and another who was dethroned by the population, and lives out of the village but is recognized by the administration).

Ministry of Finance

Press Release
The Minister of Finance has the honour and pleasure to declare December 23, 2014 as the closing date for the subscription period to the Government Bonds Public Offering, known as “ECMR 5, 50% net per annum 2014-2019”.

The global amount of funds raised in relation to the above mentioned operation is FCFA 150 billion as initially estimated and shall be partially destined to the financing of development projects that were ascribed in the Finance Law of the 2014 budgetary exercise. These projects refer mainly to the construction of road, port and energy infrastructures.

To this effect, the Minister of Finance expresses his gratitude and appreciation to all subscribers, physical persons, moral persons and placing establishments for their significant contribution to the success of this Government Bonds Public Offering.

This success is a testimony of the confidence which they have in the quality of our country’s signature and also in its medium and long term growth perspectives.

The Minister of Finance
 Alamine Ousmane Mey

University administration is not a bed of roses

Some newly installed officials pose with the VC
-Prof. Edokat Edward, UBa Vice Chancellor
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Recently appointed officials to the University of Bamenda have been challenged to respect their job description in the discharge of their duties, not to expect immediate reward and reminded that administration in the university is not a bed of roses.
    The Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda Prof. TAFAH EDOKAT O. Edward made the call while installing the officials into their functions, January 8, 2014 at the Asanji Hall of the University.
    The over 53 officials were either appointed by a Presidential Degree or a Ministerial decision. According to Prof. TAFAH there were three Presidential Degrees appointing senior University officials and three Ministerial decisions appointing heads of divisions and heads of services.

Buea, Fako Division

152 pupil lawyers take oath
Some 152 interns who passed the 2014 Bar examination in the Fako Division have been sworn-in as advocates-in-training of the Cameroon Bar Association.
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

Chaired by Justice Menyoli Charles-President of the Fako High Court and Mrs. Chibili Maureen of the State Council, the over five hour event at the Buea Court of Appeal witnessed the presence of parents and family members of the future advocates.
    Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony, Barrister Sama Francis- president of the Cameroon Bar Council-called on the pupil advocates to study the law in Cameroon diligently and devotedly during the three years that they will spend as interns before becoming fully- fledged lawyers. Barrister Sama Francis, while congratulating the successful candidates, told them: “It takes time to grow, but it takes more time to become a senior advocate”.

Paul Biya and 2014

Another Catalogue of Failures and Dev’t Bluffs!
 By Tazoacha Asonganyi in Yaounde

Some hours before 8:00pm. when Paul Biya had to address the nation, I bought a copy of Marafa Hamidou Yaya’s recent book “Le Choix de l’Action” [Choice of Action]. Since I was very interested in the elections he organized, I quickly thumbed through the book and fell on p. 57 where a telephone exchange he had with Paul Biya related to the election of Jean Jacques Ekindi in 2007 to the National Assembly from Wouri Centre constituency, is reported. It left me upset and disappointed that indeed, the people’s will has always been manipulated from the summit of the state by the same person who always refers to the people’s will when he is asked why he is still hanging on for 32 years.
     It is in that state of despair that I sat checking his past New Year messages while waiting for the griots to draw the curtains. So by the time he started speaking, I had just read what he said on December 31,  2011: “we now have a roadmap, the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper which sets the objectives for this decade…”; we are entering our “first phase of a ‘long march’ towards being an emergent country…” like the “new Asian dragons some 30 years ago”; Cameroon would be a “vast construction site in 2012”; “in the past, government action suffered from lack of entrepreneurial approach and the administration from inactivity. We must overcome this inertia which has caused us so much harm”; “corruption is an insidious and dreadful enemy”; there will be a “new impetus” …

Yaya Toure’s 4th African Player award in a row

Yaya Toure
Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has become the first player to be named Confederation of African Football African Footballer of the Year four years in a row.
Toure, 31, was nominated after playing a pivotal role in winning the Premier League and League Cup. He also helped Ivory Coast qualify for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations.
    Toure beat off the challenge of Gabon striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Nigeria goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama.
Midfielder Toure scored 20 goals in City's title-winning campaign and also netted the equaliser in the 3-1 Capital One Cup final victoryover Sunderland at Wembley last March.
    He has nine goals in 26 appearances for City in all competitions so far this season, including six goals in his last nine outings.
    Toure also made the Fifa shortlist for the 2014 Ballon D'Or prize in October.

Alex Song announces lions retirement

Alex Song
West Ham midfielder Alex Song has put an end to his international career after his exclusion from his country’s Africa Cup of Nations squad.
    Since serving his two-match ban by FIFA for elbowing Croatian striker, Mario Mandzukic at the World Cup in Brazil, the versatile holding midfielder was never called-up again for any lions’ assignment.
    The 27-year-old who currently on loan from Spanish giants Barcelona, is arguably in top form with the Hammers. It was surprising to many that he was excluded from the AFCON 2015 squad.
    Although Song’s exclusion was not welcome by Cameroonians, West Ham supporters say it is a “Christmas gift from God” as Song will not be going for the AFCON.
    Speaking about why Song was omitted from the squad, Cameroon’s assistant coach Ibrahim Tanko said: “Song was suspended by the [Cameroon] FA so there was no need to go with him to the African Cup. Besides the FA has not lifted the suspension on him yet so he is not part of our plans for the tournament,” Tanko told

Finke’s 23-man squad for Equato-Guinea 2015

Barcelona B defender Frank Bagnack was dropped by German-born tactician Volker Finke after the 19-year old made his international debut against the Leopards on January 7, 2014.
    Meanwhile, injured defender, Nicholas Nkoulou (knee injury) and Stephane Mbia (hamstring) made the final 23-man squad that travelled to Libreville, Gabon to continue with preparations ahead of the AFCON 2015 in Equato-Guinea.

Cameroon 1-1 Bafana Bafana

Lions continue unbeaten run
By a correspondent in Libreville

Vincent Aboubakar scored for Cameroon in the early minutes of the game from a spot-kick but Bafana Bafana’s Sibusiso Vilakazi netted the equalizer as Cameroon were held to another draw in their second AFCON warm-up match played at the Libreville Stadium in Gabon .
    The Lions dominated the first half of the game with the FC Porto striker’s stunning free-kick from the edge of the area giving Cameroon the lead after just 7 minutes of play.
    However, the second half of the game saw the Bafana Bafana of South Africa on the front foot applying some pace in their game to outsmart the lions. This made the Lions who looked heavy and tired to succumbed to the Bafana Bafana pressure with second-half substitute Sibusiso Vilakazi in the 76th minute using his pace to beat a couple of Cameroon defenders before finishing with composure.