Tuesday, 18 July 2017

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CRTV SW, Buea:

Kange Wasaloko is new Station Manager
By Boris Esono in Buea
New CRTV Buea and Mt. Cameroon FM Station Managers
The new station manager of CRTV Buea, SW region has fired a grim warning at staffers of the station who will not show a sense of commitment and assiduity at work.
                Kange Williams Ndiva Wasoloko was speaking to reporters following his installation Monday, by the deputy GM of CRTV, Emmanuel Wongibe.
                Wasoloko promised to bring his 21 years of experience at CRTV and his 25 years of journalism practice, to bear on the challenges that await him in his new functions. He also warned against indiscipline and laziness.
                “My vision is the vision of the Director General of CRTV, which is first to up-grade the standard of CRTV South West and also sell the potentials of CRTV SW to the wider public. I come in with 21 years of working experience at CRTV and 25 years of journalism practice. I will combine this experience with that of my collaborators to make CRTV what it should be. I am going to instill discipline and fight inertia and laziness. I am sending a very strong message to all my collaborators. People must come early to work. Those who are not ready to work will definitely be punished, “Kange warned strongly.

Military Headquarters, Yaounde:

Bakossi Community steals show as new Generals receive insignia
Brigadier-General Ekongwese Divine
The 11 new brigadier-generals appointed on 29 June 2017 by the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, President Paul Biya, on Saturday 15 July 2017 received their insignia and other attributes
The minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defence, Joseph Beti Assomo, presided over the brief but solemn ceremony that was devoid of speeches.
                The ceremony was witnessed among others by government ministers, senior military and police officials, diplomats, traditional and religious authorities and a stampeding crowd of curious family members, friends and onlookers.
                After receiving their insignia and other attributes the senior army and gendarmerie officers now become full generals. They will later in the course of the week be commissioned into their respective posts of responsibility.
                A thrilling march past by detachments of the military and the gendarmarie added colour and solemnity to the event.
                Expressions of joy and happiness got to frenzy when the new Generals were called up to take their various positions to immortalise the event through group photos with the Defence Minister, Beti Assomo, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence in charge of the National Gendarmerie, Jean Baptiste Bokam and the secretary of state in the ministry of defence in charge of Ex-servicemen and war victims, Koumpa Issa.

Macron’s Election, the Anglophone Problem and the Generational Question (1)

A democratic revolution is under way in France, while Cameroon is stuck in political sclerosis and inertia with an insipid gerontocracy comprising tired old men, tottering on the borders of senile decay.
By Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai*
Flashback...November 24, 1981, 36 years ago, President Ahmadou Ahidjo cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the Song Loulou hydro-electric dam accompanied by Paul Biya (Prime Minister), Marcel Niat Njifenji (GM of SONEL),  and Philemon Yang 
(Minister of Mines, Water and Energy).

For Cameroonians, the most obvious lesson from the election of Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron as President of France is that the youths too can do it, if the conditions are right. At age 39 and one who has never held elected office, Macron founded La République en Marche (Republic on the Move or REM), a centrist political movement with an ideology, structure, and a campaign machine that within a year, took on and defeated long existing and experienced mainstream political parties on the right and left. In the presidential run-off, Macron trounced Marine Le Pen’s National Front winning over 66% of the vote. In the next chapter of his democratic revolution, Macron’s party, and its allies won a handsome parliamentary majority - a remarkable result for a party founded only 14 months ago. The election of Macron is an opportunity that beckons on Cameroonians, with the next Presidential election in sight. Already, the nation is being treated to a comical spectacle by self-seeking morons and scums stumping around, in a bizarre campaign aimed at getting the “anointed” CPDM incumbent to seek re-election in 2018. These efforts to orchestrate another 7-year mandate for the ailing 84-year-old Paul Biya, stands in mockery to the leadership recruitment process that put a 39 year-old into the French presidency. It is a travesty that insults and diminishes even Biya’s own person. CPDM political jobbers should spare Cameroonians the noise as the nation laments in agony for better governance.
                Macron, an investment banker, may not have contested elections before but had substantial experience in the corridors of power. He worked as a public servant; was once a member of the Socialist Party and held different government portfolios. His success is a function of a political environment that is relatively healthy and civilized, where politicians, servant-leaders go into politics for the public interest. It is said that only the deep calls to the deep. Macron’s mentors and senior politicians, like erstwhile President Francois Hollande who leveraged his career are patriotic French politicians who identify and nurture youths with such positive qualities. The leadership recruitment motive and process that put a 39 year-old into the French presidency must therefore be commended. It is worth-noting that though 22 years younger than Biya, Hollande at age 62, chose not to seek re-election because of his low job approval rating. Such sensitivity to public opinion is indeed a mark of statesmanship and the wisdom of a patriot.

As military vessel capsizes:

34 Cameroon soldiers missing at Sea
A Cameroon army vessel transporting "dozens" of troops from the elite Rapid Intervention Brigade capsized on Sunday off the country's southwestern coast, a security source told AFP
The boat "capsized on Sunday between the city of Limbe and Bakassi. There were 37 BIr elements on board, including a colonel," a source told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.
                The Rapid Intervention Brigade is in the front line of Cameroon's fight against Boko Haram jihadists in the far north.
                "The army has begun searches," the source said, while another source close to the Cameroon army said three bodies had been recovered.
                As well as the troops, the boat was also transporting equipment for construction work at a military base on the Bakassi peninsula, where the Brigade has helped to bring security after a previous spate of hostage-takings.

Allegations of fraudulent admission:

CPDM bigwig shames GCE Registrar for betraying his own brother
By Boris Esono in Buea
Humphrey Ekema Monono, GCE Registrar
The Section President of CPDM Meme 1A, Tabot Lawson Bakia fondly called Njalla, has criticized the registrar of the GCE Board, Dr. Humphrey Ekema Monono for exposing the results slips of the Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge, following the recent wave of speculations on the social media that the mayor frauded his admission into the Buea University without satisfying the requisite entry conditions.
                Tabot Lawson thundered his dissatisfaction with the way the GCE board registrar, the public and the social media have handled the matter, which continues to animate a vast amount of discussion and debate in the country.
                He was speaking on the sidelines of the CPDM Meme II section conference that took place on Friday 14 July, at Mbonge.
                Responding to questions from prying reporters as to his reaction to the scandal over alleged faked certificates by the Mayor of Buea, Lawson said:
                "I must say that the way the social media and some people are blowing the allegation of fake certificates by Mayor Ekema is beyond proportion.  Ekema is not the only person who has faked certificate, that is, if he actually faked the GCE certificate. Others have been discovered with fake certificates in big companies like Pamol, CNPS, CDC, Councils and even in Universities and the government. I cannot call names here but we all know them. We have people who have entered big schools like ENAM and other big recruitment schools in this country with fake certificates. Ekema even had one 'A' level which he used to get admission into the University.  There are those who frauded the 'O' and 'A' levels and have gotten big jobs in places. Some of them are today honourable MPs, Magistrates, Mayors etc," Lawson said, before blaming the registrar of the GCE board, Dr. Humphrey Monono for readily publishing Ekema’s results slips to the public.

CPDM Meme II Section Conference:

Senator Otte Mofa donates inputs to farmers
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Equipment donated by Senator Otte Andrew
Militants of the ruling CPDM party in Meme II section, Mbonge have jumped in jubilation following the donation by their section president, Senator Otte Andrew Mofa, of farm inputs and other valuable agriculture equipment to help boost agriculture in the typically rural locality. The militants in their multitude showed their undying support to the section president on Friday July 14 at the explanade of the Mbonge grandstand on the occasion of the conference of CPDM Meme II section.
                The crowd pulling event that brought together militants of the party from far and near was held under the theme: "Consolidating Unity and Strengthening our resolve, our day to day experience of living together". It witnessed the presence of party bigwigs from the central committe and other sections like CPDM Meme III-Konye, Meme 1A Kumba and Ndian.
                Speaking to the jubilant militants, Senator Otte Andrew Mofa by providing the farm inputs he wants the populations to be able to catch fish by themselves, rather than be provided with fish. He expressed the hope that the donation will help improve agricultural productivity and improve livelihood.
                The Questor of Cameroon's Upper House of Parliament who according to militants and a cross section of the population is a father and God sent son to them, provided 20 Wheelbarrows,  20 trucks, 3 large trucks, water pumps for boreholes, electric generators for offices and court areas without electricity, grinding machines for corn and spices, farm holes, rainboots and other rubber shoes, complete sets of footbal equipment for three amateur second division football clubs in Mbonge (Barca Junior FC, Vipers of Small Ekombe & Eyonde FC of Mbonge), machines for oil mills, cutlasses, fertilizers, high yielding seeds, spraying machines,  complete sets of hospital beds for health centres, buckets amongst others. Senator Otte Andrew as well provided 400 already sewn party shirts to militants of the section in order to make them appear in party uniforms during occasions.
                Quizzed on what motivated the donation Otte Andrew said that after a very busy session at the Senate voting laws and checking government action he thought it wise to mobilise the population and commune with them. Expressing his joy for the massive turnout, Otte Mofa said the section conference was aslo aimed to test the enthusiasm and mobilisation capacity of the militants.

Facilitating access to quarters:

Limbe City Council launches major road projects
By Boris Esono in Buea
Limbe City Council launches major road projects

The inhabitants of Towe quarters and the Limbe population in general have been urged to support and preserve the development vision of the Limbe City Council in its determined drive to modernize the city.
                The call came from the government delegate of the Limbe City Council Motanga Andrew Monjimba, as he launched Saturday 8 July, some major development projects of the City Council for the 2017 financial year. The projects include the tarring of CDE junction to Towe quarters; grading and construction of drainages on the road from Central police station through Bakoko to unity quarters; the beautification of the Regional hospital mile 1 among others.

Divided we fall:

Meme politicians fighting and killing dev’t
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
The CPDM MP for Meme West Constituency, Hon. Atinda Martins Mboni, has said that infighting among politicians is killing the development of Meme Division. Hon. Atinda Martins made the declaration on 12 July 2017 at the Kumba city council hall in his capacity as the chairman of the divisional participatory follow-up committee for the execution of public investment projects (PIB) for 2017.
                The MP expressed his dissatisfaction and disappointment at the funny attitude of some mayors in the division who take delight in fighting for their political ideology rather than concentrate on the execution of development projects in their areas this, despite collecting huge sums from government.
                "Infighting among politicians is what is taking our division to the back seat of development in the SW region. If we like we should continue fighting each other, while other divisions are forging ahead…..let's keep on knocking our heads while the division remains as it is," Atinda cried out loud, praying Meme political elite to focus on development and stop fighting and elbowing each other.
                “Whenever suggestions on how to better the situation of our division are made, some individuals do everything to kill them. But these individuals fail to realize that politics is about development and not war.,” Hon. Atinda lamented, firing that the infighting should stop.
                “If i am defeated in 2018 in my bid for a second mandate, i will pick up my packets of chalk and return to the classroom after all, i still have close to 20 years before I go on retirement,” Atinda boasted.
                The chairman of the follow-up committee as well pleaded on the mayors and other elites to down-play their selfish political interests for once and put the development of Meme at the fore.

Installation as Vice Chancellor:

Prof. Horace Ngomo tasked to reinstate peace in UB
The Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, made the call while installing Horace Ngomo as the new Vice Chancellor of UB. 
By Boris Esono in Buea
New UB Vice Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor pose with officials
The new Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, UB, Prof Horace Ngomo Manga has been challenged to reinstate peace and harmony on campus and also foster development. The minister of higher education, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, prescribed these and other assignments to the new VC, while installing him into his new functions, on Monday, 10 July 2017 at UB’s Dorothy Limunga Njeuma amphi-theatre.
Prof. Horace Ngomo Manga, whom the higher education boss called ‘a square peg in a square hole’, was urged to transform UB into “the place of our dreams” and “the best of the best.” 
                “I urge you to make sure you continue to develop UB and maintain the peace and stability that reigns in and around the campus. Also regularize teaching and enforce the Bachelor’s-Master’s-Doctorate, BMD, system which entails professionalism and hard work. As VC it is incumbent on you to ensure genuine dialogue at all levels of the University milieu,” Prof. Fame Ndongo said, also calling on the new VC to make sure that the president’s grant is paid to students as soon as it is available, so as to avoid a situation whereby students have to go on strike before the grant is paid them.

New registrar takes office at UBa

By Njodzefe Nestor & Kiven Brenda in Bamenda
UBa VC in handshake with new Registrar
The newly appointed Registrar of the University of Bamenda, UBa Prof Banlilon Victor Tani and other officials of the University who were appointed by a series of Presidential decrees on June 27, 2017 have officially assumed their functions.
                There were installed on Friday June 14, 2017 at the Restaurant of the University in a colorful and highly attended ceremony presided at by the Vice Chancellor of UBa, Prof Nkuo Therese Akenji.
                Others included the Deputy Vice Chancellors in charge of Teaching, Professionalism and Development of Information and Communication, Prof. Suh Cheo Emmanuel, and that of Internal Control and Evaluation, Prof Agwara Moise Ondoh.
                Installed too were the Directors of Development, Physical Plant and Infrastructure, Prof. Tangka Julius Kewir, Financial Affairs, Giyoh Yerima Peter, Administrative Affairs, Prof. Mbufong Paul Kuban and Students Affairs, Anong Damian Nota.
                The Deans of the Faculties of Science and that of Law and Political Science, Prof. Mbanya nee Ngum Shu Dora and Prof Galega Sagmena Daiga officially assumed duty too likewise the Directors of the Higher Teachers Training College and the Higher Technical Teachers Training College, Prof Tita Margaret Awah and Prof. Agbor Micheal Ntui.
                In her installation speech the VC said the installation ceremony was “far from being a mere appointment ritual” emphasizing that it is “a solemn and official exercise” which marks the beginning of their assumption of duty to the special mission assigned to them by the President of the Republic.
                Prof Nkuo Therese Akenji challenged the installed officials to prioritize collaboration, cooperation, respect of rules and regulations and respect of hierarchy in the discharge of their duties.
                “You should endeavor to be a good team player while at the same time galvanizing your individual capabilities, skills and talents to foster the attainment of the set goals and objectives of the University of Bamenda” she advised.
                The VC called on them not to lose sight of the current socio political dispensation of the country while urging them to give priority to social dialogue, peaceful coexistence so as to ensure a conducive environment for teaching research and outreach.
                “Dear Deputy Vice Chancellors, Registrar, Deans and Directors, it is not important how you got appointed. What matters most is your output” she revealed adding that with time they will not be judged by their “big academic titles or social status but by the innovation you bring in while in office as well as the legacy you leave behind”.

Divided we fall:

 Meme politicians fighting and killing dev’t
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
The CPDM MP for Meme West Constituency, Hon. Atinda Martins Mboni, has said that infighting among politicians is killing the development of Meme Division. Hon. Atinda Martins made the declaration on 12 July 2017 at the Kumba city council hall in his capacity as the chairman of the divisional participatory follow-up committee for the execution of public investment projects (PIB) for 2017.
                The MP expressed his dissatisfaction and disappointment at the funny attitude of some mayors in the division who take delight in fighting for their political ideology rather than concentrate on the execution of development projects in their areas this, despite collecting huge sums from government.
                "Infighting among politicians is what is taking our division to the back seat of development in the SW region. If we like we should continue fighting each other, while other divisions are forging ahead…..let's keep on knocking our heads while the division remains as it is," Atinda cried out loud, praying Meme political elite to focus on development and stop fighting and elbowing each other.
                “Whenever suggestions on how to better the situation of our division are made, some individuals do everything to kill them. But these individuals fail to realize that politics is about development and not war.,” Hon. Atinda lamented, firing that the infighting should stop.
                “If i am defeated in 2018 in my bid for a second mandate, i will pick up my packets of chalk and return to the classroom after all, i still have close to 20 years before I go on retirement,” Atinda boasted.
                The chairman of the follow-up committee as well pleaded on the mayors and other elites to down-play their selfish political interests for once and put the development of Meme at the fore.

K’ba Mayors not helping the situation
                While lashing out at some mayors for the poor execution of PIB projects in the division, Hon. Atinda revealed that the same mayors who are using the present Anglophone crisis to clamour for the implementation of the decentralisation process are the ones who are killing the process. Atinda said that by not executing PIB projects put under their command, mayors in Meme division are only killing development.

Corpse abandoned at Limbe Down Beach

By Boris Esono in Buea
The population of Limbe Down beach were Saturday 15 July taken aback after a corpse was discovered on the Beach.
                The incident which occurred during the early hours of the afternoon following a heavy down pour that brought the corpse with the help of some fishermen was an eye-catching one.
                According to eye witnesses, the hands and legs had been half eaten by fishes. Its stomach was swollen as a result of excess in take of water.

Lobe Estate:

Camccul workers arrested over theft of FCFA 36M
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Some workers of the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League, Camccul Lobe Estate branch have been arrested pending investigations over the theft of FCFA 36 million by some unknown persons.
As narrated by our sources in Lobe Estate, it was on the night of Friday 7 July 2017 that some men disguised as elements of the military arrived the building of the Credit Union demanding for the whereabouts of the cashier. Our source revealed that seeing the men of the underworld dressed in security uniforms, the night watchman thought they were elements of the security force parading to secure the area.
                The thieves demanded the whereabouts of the cashier from the night watchman who told them he knows little about the place because he has worked there for barely three months.

NW and Adamawa regions:

Fulani refugees crying out for help in Nwa, Atta
By Kiven Brenda & Njodzefe Nestor in B’da
Fulani refugees crying out for help in Nwa, Atta
The localities of Nwa in the North West and Atta in the Adamawa regions now play host to over 6000 Nigerian refugees following fresh ethnic crisis that erupted between the Mambila and Fulani tribes in Sardauna Local Government area, Taraba State, Nigeria over land issues on June 21, 2017.
                These refugees who are predominantly indigenous Mbororo Fulanis have lost their cattle, family members and valuable property trekked long distances into the Cameroonian border towns and have since then been living under harsh conditions.
                In Atta which now has three camps in the Adamawa region, the refugees are living in abandoned structures, uncompleted buildings with the lucky few receiving accommodation from Cameroonians of good will.
                Narrating how he and his wives and children narrowly escaped death to journalists, 72 years old Alhadji Ibrahim grieved at the the death of his other family members and tribe’s men who were brutally butchered by the Mambila militia.
                Alhadji Ibrahim just like other Fulani men bemoaned the loss of their cattle which they say is their main source of income.
                Recounting her ordeal, 37 year old Ajara said she was preparing a meal for her family and heard a commotion and then guns, and stones. She saw her elder brother butchered in cold blood yet she couldn’t do anything to help.

7th edition:

 Buea Council inter-quarter football launched
Opening game saw Dirty South FC thrashing Veterans FC of Muea 3 goals to zero
By Boris Esono in Buea
The 7th edition of the Buea council Inter quarter Football competition, BUCIFUC, was on Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16, 2017 launched in all the court areas that make up the Buea municipality.
                Launching the football competition of the Muea court Area at Mile 16, Mayor Ekema Patrick appealed to the officials to ensure that the best team win and that the matches be hitch free and void of elements of corruption.
                “The essence of the tournament is to bring people together and not to create a war. There must be fair play”.
                Mayor Ekema Patrick was very optimistic that this year more talents will be discovered as has been the case since he took over the running of the competition.
Cameroon international Clinton Njie was cited as a product of BUCIFUC, as he was eyed during the inaugural edition.
                This year, the Buea council decided to take a leap forward against the backdrop of some social hindrances that have been going on in the municipality. Hence, the 2017 edition has been dubbed “6 in 1” that is, 6 holiday programs in one holiday, characterized by inter quarter football, free holiday classes, holiday jobs, scholarships, assistance to the elderly and internship for students within the Buea municipality.
                It should be noted that youths within Buea have been idle for a very long time because of the teachers strike that kept children at home. Reason why the holiday classes this year have been given a wider dimension. The essence of the 6 in 1, Mayor Ekema added, is also to get everybody on board, get people busy and free from civil disobedience called by some people. 

Clinton Njie:

Tottenham's Cameroon forward heading to Marseille
Tottenham forward Clinton Njie is to join French side Marseille on a permanent deal after the two clubs agreed a deal.

Senegal Demba Diop:

Football stadium collapse kills eight
A wall collapsed at a football stadium in Senegal on Saturday, killing eight people and injuring almost 90.
It fell in after fighting began between rival fans and police responded with tear gas, with a stampede ensuing. Stade de Mbour were playing Union Sportive Ouakam at the Demba Diop stadium in the capital Dakar.
                The country has suspended all sporting and cultural events for the rest of the month.
                During the clashes, come fans threw projectiles including stones at others.                                      Pictures circulating online appear to show people scrambling over a low wall amid clouds of gas.
                With the score 1-1 after 90 minutes, Mbour took a goal in the first period of extra time to win 2-1, and violence broke out at the final whistle.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Front page

Allegations of fraudulent admission:

Tambe Tiku delivers Patrick Ekema & UB to the judges
-The SW representative of the Human Rights Commission is praying the judiciary to take its responsibility and prosecute Mayor Ekema
-But Ekema’s partisans say Tambe’s whistle-blowing may just be a wasted effort, as he might just be making a mountain out of a molehill
By Boris Esono in Buea
Tambe Tiku has gone whistle-blowing and calling for Patrick Ekema to be investigated
 and prosecuted. But will that happen?
Documentary evidence revealed by the GCE board have given further credence to allegations that went viral on social media to the effect that the mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge, might never have passed the GCE ‘A’ levels.  The evidence was presented to the public at a press conference called on Friday by the SW permanent representative of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms, NCHRF, Christopher Tambe Tiku. Tambe told the battery of pressmen at his Buea office that because Ekema has never passed the GCE ‘A’ levels, he was never qualified for admission into the University of Buea.
                The fire-spitting Human Rights activist and crusader extrapolated from the evidence that because Patrick Ekema was a staffer of UB at the time of his admission in 2003, he might have colluded with some workers in the admissions department to fraudulently infiltrate his name in the list of those admitted into the  department of history.
                Reason why Tambe Tiku is not only advocating a thorough judicial investigation into what he describes as blatant fraud by Patrick Ekema and UB authorities, he is also praying the criminal judge to take his responsibility and punish Ekema and all persons found to be concerned in the fraud that is, if ever they are proven guilty as accused.

Anglophone Problem:

The case for school resumption
By Joachim Arrey, Ontario, Canada
Joachim Arrey Ontario
Over the last eight months, Anglophones have clearly expressed their frustration with a political system that has poisoned their delight and made it hard for many of them to serve their country. Anglophone lawyers, teachers, engineers, political scientists and journalists have always complained about the system that has reduced them to second-class citizens in a country they hold is theirs too. Prior to 1993, Anglophone students could not cope in the country’s lone university. They were always cut out of professional schools as the competitive examination test papers were always in French, a language many of them never mastered. After many demonstrations in which many students were beaten and killed, the government finally thought it wise to set up an Anglo-Saxon university in Buea in 1993 to meet the educational needs of Cameroonians of English expression.
                However, prior to the creation of the University of Buea in 1993, many Anglophone students had missed out on many opportunities in life just because they could not get the sound education they needed. The only salvation that was available was clearly designed for students from rich homes. The Cameroonian educational system had clearly rejected 20% of its population and going to America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Nigeria was the option that was out of reach for poor students. Poverty was robbing poor brilliant students of a bright future due to poor government educational policies. Many Anglophones have carried this pain in them for decades and the frustration has been unbearable. While many may not have had parents who could send them to rich countries for educational purposes, their courage and determination to reach those countries have enabled them to be there and that explains why there are two million Anglophone Cameroonians living abroad today and seeking to make their voices heard.
                The Anglophone Diaspora is well educated, with many studying in some of the best American, Canadian and British universities and most of them have been working hard to help their siblings back home for them to study in the best possible conditions. The lack of good learning conditions in government schools was one of the many reasons why Anglophone teachers went on strike. Their objective has always been to impart knowledge to students in the best possible conditions. They want their junior brothers and children to have what they never had and this can only occur if the right conditions are in place. They deserve a pat on the back for this move that has caught the government’s attention. The international community is aware of the government’s failure to create those necessary conditions and the world is watching the government as it scrambles to prove its worth when it comes to making the Anglophone minority feel at home.
                The failed 2016-2017 academic year should be considered by the government as a wake-up call. It must understand that if the disruption of the academic year by Anglophone activists has been successful, it is because it had abdicated its responsibilities vis-à-vis its citizens. While it gives the impression that education is highly subsidized in Cameroon, it has over the last decades failed to find out how parents actually finance their children’s education. Its creation of many government schools in Anglophone Cameroon is a laudable act, but most of these schools simply exist on paper with no real educational infrastructure. Many communities have worked hard to build shacks that can enable their children acquire knowledge and this has been very displeasing to so many Anglophones who clearly feel that their region is being neglected and marginalized.

Appointment as AU Commissioner:

Manyu indigenes exalt Prof. Anyang Agbor, thank President Biya
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde
Prof. Anyang Susan Agbor expressing her gratitude to God and President Biya for affording
 her this period of wonderful exaltation
Indigenes and sympathizers of Manyu Division in the Southwest region have expressed their hearty congratulations and thanks to the head of state, President Paul Biya, for the diplomatic victory he has scored for the people of Cameroon, following the brilliant election/appointment of their illustrious daughter, Prof. Agbor nee Sarah Mbi Enow Anyang, 48, to the coveted position of Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology of the African Union, AU. This was during a special welcome ceremony they organized on Saturday 8 July 2017, for the new AU Commissioner, who was arriving from Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, following her brilliant election on 30 June 2017, and her onward appointment afterwards by the heads of state of the AU, during their 29th Ordinary Summit.
                Responding promptly and positively to a call by their patron and political leader, Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency, Mengot Victor Arrey Nkongho, Manyu elements drawn from all over Cameroon and beyond, converged on the Yaounde Nsimalen Airport and gave a hilarious and heroic welcome to the “jewel from Manyu”, Prof Anyang Sarah Agbor, upon her arrival at the Airport
                The joy of Manyu elements was all the more because it was the first time an indigene of Manyu is occupying such a coveted position at the African Union, apart from the fact that Cameroon had not been represented in the AU Commission for six years running.
                “To us it is a lot of pride that Cameroon is coming back to the African Union after six years of absence. We tried on several occasions without success. But this time we succeeded in placing not only a woman but a young woman,” said Minister Mengot, as he welcomed Prof. Anyang Agbor at the airport.
                The ambiance that greeted the Commissioner’s arrival at the Nsimalen Airport, and the fanfare that continued later at her residence situated at Damas, Yaounde, did not only betray the uncontrollable joy in the hearts of the Manyu people, it also revealed in no small way the acknowledgement by the Manyu people of President Biya’s unparalleled wisdom and high sense of judgment in his choice of Prof. Anyang for the AU job..
                And the Manyu political torch-bearer and drum-major, Minister Mengot Victor Arrey Nkongho, did not fail to point this out when he took the floor to give his remarks before the huge crowd of Manyu elements that had converged on Prof. Agbor Anyang’s residence.

Top traditional wedding:

Rt. Hon. Mafany Musonge takes in new wife
Mola Musonge in broad smiles with his new wife
The president of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism, Mafany Musonge and the Assistant General Manager of the Yaounde Conference Centre, Luma Louise Mbangue tied the knot traditionally at the weekend in Soppo Wonganga, Buea. It is worthy of mention that the new Mrs. Mafany Musonge is a Bakweri from Great Soppo, Buea, but had a purely Francophone education.
                The very quiet but high-profile traditional wedding ceremony was hosted in the home of Prince Churchill Ewumbue-Monono, who is Technical Adviser at President Biya’s cabinet.
                Though kept away from the public eye and devoid of the fanfare that usually characterizes such occasions, the event presented a veritable avenue for the cream of Fako elite of different shades of opinion to come together and pledge their love to the high-level couple, and ttheir respect and allegiance to the “father of latter-day Bakweri empowerment and consciousness”, Mola Peter Mafany Musonge, in particular.
                Also, the fact that the ceremony was hosted in Prince Churchill Ewumbue-Monono’s expansive compound situated in Soppo Wonganganga, has also helped to dowse the otherwise popular belief that was held by many to the effect that the rapport between Mola Musonge and Mola Churchull was hardly the best and that the two had been boycotting each other for quite some time.
                That Mola Musonge now takes Churchill’s cousin as wife only goes a long way to prove to the wider world that father and son have put events of the past behind their backs and have elected to forge ahead as “Mokia” (in-law in Bakweri native tongue).
                Yet though, the speculation by many that the event could also afford a veritable avenue for Mola Musonge to announce to his Fako brethren that he is now stepping aside from active party politics so as to be able to concentrate on his very challenging but exalting job as president of the NCPBM, did not come to be.
                But commentators admitted that for the perfect gentleman and patrician that the former PM and former leader of the CPDM group of senators (he has many other caps and attributes) is, it was no surprise to them that Mola Mafany Musonge landed his choice on a woman who is also of no common mould. This is because Lady Louise Luma has marketed herself as a humble, self-effacing, soft-spoken yet very focused and forward-looking woman.

Policeman beats up Pastor for singing gospel song

An element of the Rapid Police Intervention unit known by its French acronym ESIR Thursday 22 June 2017 seriously beat up a Pentecostal church pastor for singing gospel song close the Kumba Central Police Station.
                It is still unclear what really annoyed the policemen in the gospel song the pastor was singing and what took pastor Nkongho to the vicinity of the police station also remains unclear.
                Nonetheless the policeman with the fury of a hungry lion merciless pounced on the pastor with a feeble right leg, despite the intervention of his colleagues.
                The said pastor Nkongho, could be spotted every Wednesday and Saturday at the Kumba main market preaching the gospel and asking sinners to repent.


K’ba bike riders reject SDO’s night ban
SDO's order banning circulation of bikes at night
The SDO for Meme, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong, has placed a ban on the circulation of commercial motorbikes in Kumba, capital of Meme division from the hours of 11pm to 5am till further notice.
The ban is contained in Prefectoral order No. 5/2017 of July 4, 2017 signed by the SDO which The Median procured a copy with the subject “suspending the activities of commercial motorbike within Kumba between the hours of 11pm to 5am”.
                After siting eight different presidential decrees to beef up his orderd, the SDO’s prefectoral order indicated that considering the necessity of maintaining peace and order hereby ordered as follows “ That from the date of signature of this order (July 4), the activities of commercial motorbikes is suspended till further notice within Kumba municipality between the hours of 11pm to 5am from Mondays to Sundays.
                The same order states “That defaulters parading the town at the above stipulated period will face serious sanctions according to the rules and regulations in force” and adds instructs “That the Divisional Officers of Kumba I, II, III as well as Heads of Forces of Law and Order are each in their respective sphere charged with the strict implementation of this order and that the present orde shall be registered published and communicated in English and French wherever and whenever necessary”.
                This prefectoral order has been anmating topics of discussions amongst the city dwellers and bike riders with many insinuating it may give the SDO his first baptism of fire with the bike riders in the form of causing tthem to protest I the days ahead. When this reporter talked to close scores of bike rders all of them expressed their dissatisfaction and frustration to the SDO’s order. 

Crack down on criminality:

Kumba Police dismantle notorious armed gang
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Arrested Bandits pose in front of SDO & police boss
The population of Kumba, chief town of Meme division, economic capital of the southwest region has now hive a sigh of relief after elements of the Kumba central police station unveiled two dismantled gangs of notorious bandits and rescued stolen property worth 10M FCFA.
                The two separate groups according to the Commissioner of the Kumba Central police station, Elong Wilson Njumenjikang comprised at least three persons each and are specialized in breaking into houses of high profile personalities and churches.
                The arrested suspected bandits were presented to the population at the Kumba central police station on Tuesday July 4, 2017. The bandits were presented to the chief executive officer of Meme, SDO, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong by the Kumba central police commissioner in the presence of judicial, custom, forestry, elites and others officials.
                The arrested suspects as presented by the Kumba police boss include; Elvis Ndue Ngunde 39 years, Vitalis Nwanchia Acha 25, Ewane Dikume 25, Armstrong Orchor Meter 25, Henry Kima 19 and Blasé Akale Ngoya alias game. The items revealed alongside them include dozens of mobile phones, automatic pistols, fridges, flast screen TV sets, computers, speakers, vegetable oil, two motor bikes, knives, hammers, carpets and other household items amongst sundry others. 

For condoning Zoa Zoa dealers:

Petrol Station owners withdraw support to Meme SDO
By Johnson Batuo
With the proliferation of illegal fuel points known in local parlance as zoa.zoa in Kumba, Petrol station operators have refused to financially contribute to the SDO of Meme’s meet-the-people’s tour The median has gathered.
                We have learnt that when contacted to contribute financially to facilitate the SDO’s meet the people tour, petrol station owners pointed out that the proliferation of cheap illegal petrol from Nigeria has reduced their sale at the pump.
                Despite claims that the Nigerian fuel is contaminated, many motorists, even official vehicles prefer this fuel, given it is cheap.  It is a ritual for businessmen and other impoverished Cameroonians in Kumba to financially contribute for any new SDO’s meet the peoples tour.

Barely three months in office:

Meme SDO bags first traditional title
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Chamberlin Ntou'ou Ndong, Meme SDO
The Senior Divisional Officer of Meme Division, SDO,   Ntou'ou Ndong Chamberlin has been added another feather to his administrative cap of chief executive in the Division.
                Appointed on March 13th and installed on 23rd of same month, 40 years old Ntou'ou Ndong Chamberlin has spent 110 days as SDO in the Division and has been conferred the title of "Tata Na Gia Wa Meme" translated to mean "The Lion of Meme" Division at the Konye community grand stand on the occasion of his meet the people tour that took him to Konye Sub Division on June 22, 2017.
                The traditional title of Tata Na Gia Wa Meme which equates the Senior Civil State Administrator to the rank of a sub chief in Konye was conferred on him by traditional rulers of Konye Sub Division.
                Addressing the population after decorating their newly admitted sub chief,  the President of the Konye chief's Conference,  Chief John Mediko revealed that the people of Konye have decided to empower the SDO against anything that will want to derail him in his constant fight to bring development in Konye and the Division at large.
                John Mediko as well indicated that the title given to the SDO is a testimony of the fact that the people of Konye have decided to offer their total collaboration with the State representative in his duties in the division.
                Quizzed few days after event if the title has nothing to do with witchcraft practice,  Chief Muango Andreas of Ndoi Bakundu said itwas just a form of recognition to add some powers to the elbows of the SDO in the exercise of his duties.

Crackdown on drug dealers:

Indian hemp traffickers roped in Kumba
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba

Arrested Indian herm traffickers in the presence of SDO & police boss
Elements of the Kumba police have seized four bags of Indian herm comprising 100kgs. The illicit drug was seized from two illicit drug smugllers: Lukong Peter 40 years old from Nso and Ntende Roland 32 years of age from Mbengwi all of Northwest origin oin the morning of Thursday July 6, 2017 at the Mile 1 checkpoint in kumba at the road leading to Mbonge sub division.
                The commissioner of the Kumba central Police station,  Elong Wilson Njumenjikang, revealed that the two individuals dissimilated the indian herm  in travelling bags. Elong Wilson confessed that once the indian herm is put in travelling bags it takes the vigilance of a very good police man to discover it. The kumba police boss noted that the seizure of the 100kgs of indian therefore falls in line with the respect of the strict orders he had given for the policemen on checkpoints to do serious checks on all vehicles and persons that go through the checkpoints.

Kumba-Mamfe road kills “B’da by night” travelling

By Johnson Batuo
One of the salient, conspicuous and striking joy of the tarring of the Kumba-Mamfe road to Anglophones is the putting to an end travelling by night, especially to passengers who travel from some remote parts of the Southwest to the Northwest Region.
                The phrase “Bamenda by night” was coined to remind passengers from the Southwest, that vehicles from this region, for Bamenda would naturally leave in the evening period
                This was partly due to the scarcity of vehicles passing through or leaving Kumba to Bamenda but also to the risk involved due to the bad states of the road, especially during the rainy season.
                This risk also included the exorbitant transport fare, attacks by highway robbers and worst of all passengers bound for Bamenda and even Mamfe in Manyu from the southwest division were obliged to pass through two francophone regions, Littoral and Western region.

MINAS assists handicapped persons in Ekondo-Titi

By Johnson Batuo
The Ministry of Social Affairs has put a broad smile on the faces of some handicapped person in Ekondo-Titi Ndian division with a gift donation of 1.5million.
                The revelation was made by the subdivisional Delegate of Social Affairs Ekondo-Titi on the occasion of the Administrative and Management session of Ekondo-Titi council that took place on Friday 16 June 2017.
                In addressing the council session, the Delegate Makila Reuben Motoko said the sum of 1.5mfrs for the handicapped person was handed to the Ekondo-Titi council under the public Investment Budget and that the council later identified ten beneficiaries of the project.

Ivory trafficker arrested in Yoko

Ivory trafficker arrested in Yoko
A trafficker was arrested on Wednesday July 5, 2017 in Yoko in the Centre region as he attempted to sell two ivory tusks. Wildlife officials from the Centre Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife travelled over 300 km to the town located in the Mbam and Kim Division of the Centre Region to carry out the operation that involved close collaboration with the police and LAGA, a wildlife law enforcement NGO that provided technical support.
                The suspect arrived on a bike clutching the bag, where the ivory tusks were stored, close to his back. He had cut the tusks into four pieces weighing 18kg for easy transportation on the motocycle. Wildlife officials who were simply waiting for his arrival quickly swooped in,  seizing the bag and getting him handcuffed immediately. The experienced trafficker seemed to have understood his time was up and tried some diversionary tactics in lame attempts to flee. He then resisted being put into the car that immediately travelled to Ntui from Yoko, considered to be a difficult area for wildlife law enforcement operations.
                Several attempts at arresting wildlife traffickers in this area have met with dismal failure because of complicity and corruption going on among some officials and wildlife traffickers. This is not the first attempt at arresting this particular trafficker. He narrowly escaped arrest last year in the same town and it is believed by those who worked on the operation that information was leaked by local officials. Explaining why the team had to leave from Yaounde,  the Controller No. 3 at the regional delegation  Ngnondete John who was head of the team said  “It is to avoid leakage of information because generally in Yoko information is not well kept. When information is not well kept as it is the case, {law enforcement} missions fail”

Chimp trafficking network busted in Douala

Rescued chimps enjoying some space at the Limbe Wildlife Centre
A chimpanzee trafficking network has been busted in Douala following the arrest of two people with two adult chimpanzees. The chimps were about to be illegally exported through the Douala international airport. The suspects aged 56 and 37  were arrested  shortly after they arrived at the entrance to the cargo terminal of the airport with the animals loaded behind a pickup truck.
                 The arrest that took place at about 6 pm on June 30 was carried out by wildlife officials working in collaboration with the judicial police. They were technically assisted by The Last Great Ape Organisation (LAGA).  The chimps were locked inside cages which apparently were too small for their sizes - an expert later estimated the chimps were over 15 years old. They were then  loaded into  a truck that was driven to the entrance of the terminal. One of the traffickers followed closely on a bike while the other drove the truck carrying the chimps.
                Preliminary investigations show they were to conduct an illegal transaction at the appointment site shortly before the chimps were to be taken into the freight terminal.  Speaking to the press shortly after the arrest,  the Littoral Regional Delegate of Forestry and Wildlife, Djogo Toumouksala said “we arrested two traffickers at the Douala airport. These chimpanzees which are female were to be exported.”
                According to one of the arresting team members who requested for anonymity , the chimps had been staying with 56-year old suspect since 1990. They were bought and kept for business. The man is said to have sold several wildlife species in the past  and had been keeping these waiting for an opportunity to sell. He had equally been looking for other mature male chimps to mate with the females for more chimps.

Blind Ph.D. student stages hunger strike at UB

By Boris Esono in Buea
Striking PhD student brandishes his thesis in front of UB
An act of resistance was in the early hours of Thursday, July 6, witnessed at the faculty of Education as a PhD student held the faculty hostage as he demanded equal right to be given to him as do those who can see.
                The strike was caused by several unsuccessful attempts to defend his Ph.D. thesis because he has not paid tuition fee which according to the striking party; he is not supposed to do that as it is free for visually impaired students.
                According to information gotten by this reporter, the said student, Charly Ringnyu, was asked by the Faculty of Education to bring the sum of FCFA six (6) hundred thousand prior to his defense. Unwilling to pay, the said student went on a hunger strike until something is done in response to his numerous plea made to the faculty.
                The striking student stormed the said faculty with his mat and a pillow with determination not to eat nor drink and to also sleep there if not attended to. He also wore a placard with him with signs on them such as “Cameroon national football team is a hero on the pitch and he is one of it” and…. the law is bigger than administrators”.
                This commotion attracted a number of onlookers who stood round him trying to listen to him and suggest possible solutions to his problem. According Charly Ringnyu, he is supposed to be the first visually impaired student to have defended his thesis but has lost this privilege due to the prolongation. He now stands the 5th or 6th position, because his fellow visually impaired colleagues have already defended in different parts of the country.

ACEFA supports NW farmers with Fcfa 115m

By Kiven Brenda in Bamenda
ACEFA supports NW farmers with Fcfa 115m
Over FCFA 115 million has been handed over to 32 farmer groups of Bui and Mezam divisions of the North West region by the Programme for the Improvement of Competitive Agro-Pastoral Farms (ACEFA) with the aim of improving their agricultural produce to solve the problems of food shortages and rural employment through funding.
                The event that took place at a hotel in Bamenda on July 4, 2017 was supervised by the regional delegates of MINADER and MINEPIA. The grants awarded to these professional producer organisations rang from FCFA 500000 TO FCFA 6 million and are awarded quarterly with the assistance of supportive counseling teams put in place by the programme. The mouth-watering project is funded under the Debt Reduction and Development Contract  (C2D) signed between Cameroon and France which allows Cameroon to convert its debt into development projects thereby achieving emergence in 2035.
                The funds are used to improve the technical and economic know-how of agricultural groups and the quality of services rendered to their members as well as build the professional capacity of agro-pastoral and fish producers The National Coordinator of ACEFA, Dr Bouba Moumini reiterated government’s commitment to transform the agricultural sector by creating a system such as ACEFA which can today boast of 2276 counsellors responsible for supporting not less than 15000 farmer groups and a total of 180000 individual producers in the country.


Nalova Lyonga killed free speech in UB
– Prof. James Abangma
The recent retirement of the erstwhile vice chancellor of the University of Buea has raised hopes as well as confusion in the university community. In this interview with The Median the president of the National Union of Teachers of Higher Education, SYNES-UB chapter, Professor Abangma James Arrey, says the outgoing VC killed the voices of lecturers and students. He was interviewed By Boris Esono in Buea
                @What was your reaction to the appointment of Prof. Horace Ngomo Manga as VC and retirement of Dr. Nalova Lyonga?
Professor Abangma James Arrey; NUTHE, Buea chapter president.
It is normal for each individual worker to retire after a stipulated time set for him/her to serve. When somebody goes on retirement, it is normal that he is replaced by somebody. So when Nalova left it was just normal that a new person comes in.
                @If you are to rate the achievements of the outgoing VC, where will you put her?
                When she took over, she brought a lot of hardship to the university community such as asking taxis not to enter the campus with the fake justification that taxis entering the campus were bringing arms and other harmful instruments to school. The pretext made her to ban taxis promising to replace them with buses to carry students to their lecture halls. This particular decision of hers has provoked a lot of difficulties as students and lecturers have to trek from the main gate to their different lecture halls. Then she went ahead to kill the voices of students as well as lecturers. Because she was not good in administration she felt that the easiest way to impose her policies was to use force. Some of her forceful measures included; bringing the police to school and using the governor to terrorize people. Thus she exhibited poor governance throughout her reign.
                @She had a lot of weaknesses from your view, but can you think of any area where she was really strong?
                Well, she exhibited a lot of emotions on the issue of online registration and online publication of results. But I can barely access anything good from her efforts. Before her coming, it was pretty easy to browse here but now it is very challenging. I can barely give her a pass for listening to the online cry.
                @What are some of the challenges lecturers have faced under the reign of Dr. Nalova Lyonga and how do you wish the new VC tackles them?
                The first issue remains the refusal of taxis from entering the campus which is causing a lot of difficulties and her inability to dialogue with people. I think the new VC has to embrace those challenges and chart a new way forward. The Nalova spirit was such that you only had to fight to over things; there was no room for negotiation. And this marred her reign and accounted for the widespread celebrations that greeted her retirement.
                @Did you personally rejoice when you heard she was leaving?
                No! I don’t care who comes because as the president of SYNES-Buea chapter, I follow the wishes of lecturers. I accept anybody appointed. If the person comes and his posture is one of conflict, we embrace him that way. But if the person is good at governance, the person will easily learn and understand what lecturers and students want to be done for them.
                @This academic year has really been challenging and most of the courses have barely reached course coverage of 50%. As a staff representative, what will you tell the new VC?
                If the course coverage of any course was less than 50%, the course was not offered in the semester exams. So any course offered in the exams had more than 50% coverage.

Biya apoints five new SDOs to North West

A presidential decree signed yesterday has appointed Senior Divisional Officers to various divisions in all ten regions of the country while retiring others. Five divisions in the Northwest region, Boyo, Ngoketunjia, Donga Mantung, Bui and Menchum were touched by the presidential decree, with only Absolom Monono of Momo and Songa Pierre of Mezam remaining unchanged.
                In Boyo, Mr Tegni Fidèle, senior civil administrator previously, Secretary General at the Governor’s office, North region takes over from Oum II Joseph who moves over to Manyu Division in similar capacity.       
                Mooh Emile Simon, previously Secretary General at West Governor’s office takes over as SDO of Bui from Nziki Theophile who goes on retirement..  Mr.  Nkwenti Simon Doh, former SDO of Mayo Danay moves to Donga-Mantung in same capacity in place of Ngone Dode Messape Bernard  who goes to the Mayo Kani in the North in same capacity.

Despite gov’t’s concessions:

Parents still hesitate to enroll their children for school in NW & SW
By Johnson Batuo in Kumba
Despite assurances and promises by the Government that schools in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon would open for the 2017 / 2018 Academic year come September 2017, it would appear parents in Kumba Meme division are not prepared to enroll their children for the next academic year.
                Admission into government schools in Kumba for forms one and other forms were slated to start on Monday 26 June 2017.  Some of these announcements were carried on local radio stations while others were posted at vantage positions in the streets.
                Despite these announcements and other forms of publicity, prospective form one students still failed to show up for interview.

Ghosts town in Bamenda:

Ghost on the streets, parties in the quarters
By Kiven Brenda in Bamenda
It is Monday in Bamenda, the usual effervescence we gather from the streets is limited as few cars, motorbikes as well as people are spotted. On these Mondays, shops are closed even along the major Nkwen, Food and Bamenda Main markets. It has become consistent since the phenomenon of ghost towns was adopted by the aggrieved population through its leaders of the now banned Anglophone Civil Society Consortium in January 2017, following an ongoing crisis in the North West and South West regions.
                These ghost days were observed twice a week and on special occasions in defiance to government attempt at school resumption. It was reduced to a single day which is Monday and known by many as “country Sunday”. However, whoever calls for the ghost days had made it obligatory for people to observe special ghost days within the week in honour of the judgment of victims of the ongoing crisis in the Anglophone part of Cameroon. How ghostly are these ghost days? This question perturbed this reporter who went underground to find out how people spend these ghost town days.
                A quarter-bar in Travelers Bamenda, locked up to from the sight of everyone surprisingly hosts many within who spend the ghost day quaffing alcohol to the joy of the bar-owner who happens to be one of the few who operates a “black-market”, on a ghost town day. Never will anyone suspect he earns a lot behind these shut doors. Another shop in Travellers Bamenda which seems closed, has someone sitting and waiting for a chance to serve a customer who wants to buy fresh tomatoes or rice.

North West region:

SHUMAS, UNICEF, MINSANTE synergize to improve vaccination coverage
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS), United Nations Children Emergency Fund, UNICEF, and the Ministry of Public Health, MINSANTE have synergized to scale up routine vaccination coverage in five health districts in the North West region. Routine vaccination coverage in the region has been on the decline since 2012, dropping from 81% in 2012 through 77% in 2014 and then 70% in 2015.
                A project that dubbed “Identification and vaccination of children lost to follow up and zero dose in 5 Health Districts in the North West Region” was launched at the SUMAS head office on June 15, 2017. These Health Districts include, Bafut, Bali, Batibo, Benakuma and Mbengwi.
                In attendance were all stake holders comprising of SHUMAS, MINSANTE, District Medical Officers, Community Based organizations, and Focal point of communication for MINSANTE and UNICEF likewise leaders of women groups.
                The project falls under the SHUMAS Health Program whose goal is to contribute towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal number 2 which is “to ensure health and promote wellbeing for all at all ages” by improving on the health status of those living in peasant communities and enhancing their access to health services.
                Speaking during the occasion, the Director General of SHUMAS, Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka said the main objective of the project is to improve the rate of vaccination coverage in the identified health districts to at least 90 %.
                “To achieve this objective, the project intends to build the capacity of 150 women group leaders and 15 key community development/health actors on inter personal communication, vaccination calendar, strategies to identify children lost to follow up and identify these cases and ensure that they are vaccinated thus improving routine vaccination coverage” he revealed.
                Ndzerem Stephen added that the project also intends to motivate 5 women groups that identify and vaccinate the highest number of children lost to follow-up and zero dose, by providing micro credits and incorporating them in the SHUMAS micro credit scheme.