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CPDM Reorganization in Buea

Mayor Ekema and Mafany Namange agree to disagree
- Hon. Emilia Lifaka bullied to submission, reduced to size in Buea                    
- Militants storm DO’s office to protest ‘consensus’ lists

By Ojong Steven Ayuk in Buea
Protesting CPDM militants gathered in groups in front of the DO’s office in Buea
Militants of CPDM Fako III Buea have rejected a decision for consensus lists to be formed ahead of the forth coming reorganization of basic organs of the party.
    Protesting militants in Buea shouted a resounding ‘no’ when the head of a delegation from Yaounde – Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, announced that the reorganization in Fako will proceed by way of consensus and not through election, as President Paul Biya’s circular of 27 July 2015 demands.
    Hon. Lifaka was accompanied to the Buea meeting by incumbent section president Senator Charles Mbella Moki, former DAG of the PM’s Office Mr. Thomas Eyambe, GCE Board Registrar Humphrey Monono, SW MINESEC Delegate Ngundu Francis, Simon Gobina and Chief Ekum of Dikolo village.  There were also sub section presidents and a huge crowd of curious militants. Pressmen were asked to leave the venue.
    Hon Lifaka told militants that her delegation was not acting on their own volition, but on the instructions of the leader of Fako CPDM, Senator Peter Mafany Musonge, who wanted a peaceful reorganization in Fako and a situation whereby many more militants also benefit from the party, instead of a few militants cumulating positions.
    Lifaka explained that at a meeting in Yaounde recently it was decided that the reorganization exercise in Fako would proceed by way of consensus lists and that elected  officials (Mayors, MPs and Senators) should not run for office in the party.
    The national assembly VP said these suggestions were made as a means towards dousing the anger and hatred that have kept CPDM militants in Fako apart. She said the decisions were only an in-house arrangement in Fako CPDM; they had nothing to do with the president’s circular.
    However, Hon. Lifaka’s submission did not get the desired response from militants; if anything it only left curious militants disappointed.
    Protesting militants could be heard cursing hon. Lifaka, saying they cannot be sweet-talked into accepting what is not correct. Informed militants said the ‘Yaounde decision’ was contrary to the spirit and the letter of the circular signed by President Biya on 27 July 2015.
    Many militants were quick to conclude that there was a hidden agenda behind the consensus suggestion. Some militants extrapolated that it was a move by Senator Musonge and his cronies to place malleable stooges at the helm of the grassroots organs of the party so that they can stay in Yaounde and control the party in Buea.

CPDM Reorganization

Musonge hijacks events in Fako
- Protesting militants reject consensus lists in Buea, Limbe, Muyuka  

By Ojong Steven Ayuk in Buea and Nwo Fuanya in Limbe
Peter Mafany Musonge
Militants of the Kako I Section of the CPDM are now in fragments following a controversial decision by Senator Peter Mafany Musonge to ensure that consensus lists with some particular persons at the head are established before elections into the basic organs of the party slated for anytime soon.
    The raging controversy came to the limelight on Thursday September 24 during a meeting that held at the Limbe council hall. According to Honourable Emilia Monjowa Lifaka who chaired the meeting on behalf of Senator Peter Mafany Musonge, the come together was a “family meeting“ whose main objective was to reconcile the militants, cleanse the Fako CPDM house and prepare the way for a smooth and hitch-free reorganization exercise. Lifaka pointed out that she had been sent by Senator Peter Mafany Musonge to ensure that other militants, apart from elected officials, are given the opportunity to also hold positions in the party, instead of the same people accumulating positions.
    The Median has it on good authority that the Limbe meeting came a few days after Senator Peter Mafany Musonge summoned all Fako CPDM elite “for an enlarged meeting” at his residence in Yaounde. During that meeting, Mola Musonge is said to have suggested that elected officials such as mayors, MPs and senators should not run for the office of Section Presidents this, so that other militants can be given a chance.
    The responsibility of implementing the “order from Yaounde” was thus placed on the shoulders of Honourable Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, Vice President of the National Assembly and Andrew Motanga Monjimba, Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council and outgoing president of the now split Fako I section.

Hajj 2015 stampede

At least 21 Cameroonian Pilgrims perish in Saudi Arabia
- Many others seriously wounded; others missing

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
The Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization and Chairman of the National Hajj Commission, Rene Emmanuel Sadi has confirmed that 21 Cameroonian pilgrims have died and a dozen wounded as a result of the huge stampede that occurred Thursday, September 24, 2015 in Mina near Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
    In a public statement read over state TV on September 25, the MINATD Boss said 77 other Cameroonians have been found and taken care of  by the official delegation of Cameroon and its diplomatic mission in Saudi Arabia while a search has been launched for others who are still missing.
    A huge stampede killed at least 717 people and injured over 850 at the hajj in Saudi Arabia on September 23, in one of the worst ever tragedies at the annual Muslim pilgrimage. The stampede, the second deadly accident to strike the pilgrims this year, broke out during the symbolic stoning of the devil ritual, the Saudi civil defence service said.
    The head of the Saudi Arabia Hajj Committee has however laid the blame of the stampede solely on the foot of black African pilgrims.

NW region

Big Babanki to host new police training college
A new Police Training Centre will soon go operational in Kedjom-Keku (Big Babanki) in Mezam Division of the NW regionl. The disclosure was made on 25 September 2015, in Bamenda by the Delegate General for National Security DGSN, Martin Mbarga Nguele.
    He was speaking while wearing new epaulettes to some three police officers. The officers had demonstrated exemplary bravery against some suspected terrorists, who were planning to disrupt the celebration of the National Day in Bamenda on 20 May 2015. The suspected terrorists were found in possession of guns and explosives.
    According to Martin Mbarga Nguele, the new police college is already near completion. The DGSN said the centre would have since gone operational if not for delays in completing the buildings to house the school.
    Though the DGSN failed to give a precise deadline when the police college will receive its first batch of recruits, he however disclosed that the school’s dormitories and conference hall have already been completed.

Jean Marc-Bikoko and Republican Politics

By Tazoacha Asonganyi in Yaounde
Many countries have their “Democracy Day”- a day that most symbolizes the advancement of democracy in the country. Nigeria for example established May 29 as a public holiday to mark Democracy Day - the day the country returned to civilian rule by the swearing in of Olusegun Obasanjo as the first civilian president after a long period of military rule. In Canada, there is Democracy Day to celebrate Canadian democracy by encouraging participation and education. An International Day of Democracy was established in 2007 by the United Nations General Assembly to be celebrated each year on September 15.
    And so on September 15, 2015 Jean-Marc Bikoko and some other civil society actors organized a colloquium at the Yaounde Sports Center on governance and democratic alternance in Cameroon. During the meeting, they were brutalized by security forces, arrested and locked up.
    It was Margaret Thatcher who famously declared that there is no such thing as “society” because only families and individuals who ought to be taking care of themselves are found there!
    Society is the conglomeration of the people of a community, a country. It is where social activities of the democratic polity are carried out.
    The power exercised in a country is produced from within society. It is produced through the interactions of political, communicative, and economic activities. It is such activities that lead society to discover the form towards which it tends. The power exercised in a country draws the resources for its own actions from the movement of society. The creation of awareness, of political consciousness, of receptivity, of citizenship depends on such activities in society. Those in society with heightened awareness, consciousness, and receptivity become “civil” (well bred, courteous, polite, obliging, etc.) society. Civil society carves out itself to become the voice, eyes and ears of society, and to provide the people with continuing education and advocacy. The actions of society generate the political issues on which the politics of government is based.
    A Republic as appropriated by Cameroon is a constitutional form that guarantees that the public (society’s) political forum remains always open. It is the political framework that permits and legitimates the action of society upon itself. Republican politics implies the presence of an open space for self-critique; a space where the tensions that emerge due to activities in society crystallize into political problems that cry out for solutions. Such problems and their solutions ensure that the citizens feel themselves part of the collective project of nation building.

Bomb Blast

These old people who still hang around…
The very old ones are not going away. The generation that came after are emulating them

By Douglas A. Achingale
The majority of young people in Cameroon are intractably caught in a hassle. Those of them who are employed cannot aspire for important leadership positions because old men who ought to be on retirement are still sprawling over them.     School-goers have come to understand, dolefully, that eternally trumpeted statements such as “the youths are the leaders of tomorrow” and phrases like “land of promise, land of glory” are sheer platitudes, for the same reason evoked above. If young workers and students are squirming in such despondency, then the expectation of the unemployed to see light at the end of the tunnel is nothing short of a pipedream.
    Come to think of it; leadership in Cameroon is so tasty that those who have been in it for donkey’s years don’t want to quit the stage. Most of the barons who are calling the shots today are people who have been on the podium since the 1960s and 1970s. Focus here is on those holding leadership positions in public offices. By the time they were in their mid and late 20s, they were ministers and all what not. And they proved their mettle. Today they are in their 70s and 80s and 90s and don’t want to cede their positions to competent younger people who also have their mettle to prove.
    Ask any of such groggily ageing men why they hold tenaciously to their positions and they will tell you that the younger people are not competent enough to step into their shoes. In fact, one of them actually said this to me recently when I put the question to him. The revulsion that his answer provoked in me almost caused me to commit a sacrilege: spit on his face. But the positive side of my temperament was wide awake. Thank God. So I simply walked away.

Fako high court president installed

By Ajongakou Santos in Buea
(L-R)-SW Governor, Fako High Court Chief Judge,
Justice Dako Daivd, SW Attorney General
Justice Dimo Dako Tongmo David has been officially installed as President of the Fako High Court with the challenge to uphold the respect of citizens’ liberties and freedoms under the law. Justice Dimo Dako replaces Justice Charles Namme Menyoli, who was posted to Bamenda following a Presidential decree No.2014/570 of 18th December 2014.
    Chaired by the President of the SW Court of Appeal- Justice Bechem Eyong Eneke- the installation ceremony took place in the confines of the Buea High Court.
    Speaking on the occasion, the Attorney General (Procureur General PG in French) of the South West region- Emile Essombe said last Friday’s commissioning ceremony was also aimed to present the new Court officers to the population.
    The PG pledged that the judiciary will play its role of assisting government fight terrorism.


207 Warders, prison administrators graduate
By Franklin Muabe and Asong Junior (UB INTERNS) 
Secretary of State, Doh Jerome (R) & SW Governor-Okalia Bilai place epaulettes on graduating Students  
The Buea National School of Penitentiary Administration (ENAP) has graduated its 9th batch of Warders and 2nd batch of Penitentiaries with the call on them to respect basic human rights while disciplining inmates. The 207 trainees were ending a 12 months intensive training they started in 2014.
    Chaired by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice in charge of Penitentiary Administration, Doh Jerome Penbarga, the ENAP graduation last September 21, 2015 was pregnant with lessons from the Minister.
    Jerome Penbarga called on the graduating students to treat inmates in the country’s over-crowded prisons with care, while respecting their basic human rights. Drawing from Amnesty International’s recent report blaming the Cameroon army of violating basic human rights, he insisted these graduates show mercy with the inmates adding that they were already lampooning in the terrible prison conditions of the country.
    ENAP Buea was graduating the 9th batch of warders and wardresses-207 in number, 6th batch of 10 student administrators of prisons, 25 superintendents of prisons, 20 generalist- 5 of whom were from the Ministry of Defense, 6 trainee administrators, 2 specialists, 1 civil engineer, 1 psychopathologist; the 1st batch of 5 superintendents of prisons and 10 State registered Nurses.

JCI scribe recommends youths to build leadership skills

By Anu Nkeze Paul
The current secretary general for Junior Chamber International (JCI) Arrey Obenson has recommend youths to build leadership skills to contribute to the country development. He made the statement on September 11,2015 in Hotel de Depute in Yaoundé  while briefing the press on the objectives of JCI and while his choice for Cameroon for his official outing as the new scribe of the 80 years organisation.
     As Secretary General of JCI, Mr Obenson has as responsibility to actively engage actors from all sectors of the society such as business leaders, the civil society and governments to develop resources that create opportunities to empower young people to create positive change in their communities. JCI has as vision to lead a global network of young active citizens to impact their communities and inspire others.
    Arrey Obenson said “my main mission to Cameroon is to remind youths to continue believing in themselves despite the current challenges of unemployment, insecurity and poverty. To join JCI activities and benefit from the rich world experience and talented leadership”. The scribe also urged on youths to be forward –thinking to enable them realized their dreams. He called on youths to seek solutions to local problems to create a sustainable global impact. Arrey also advised Cameroon youths to be steadfast to be able fully reep the opportunities offered by Junior Chamber International.


Alhadji Dodo’s agent escapes death at Mokolo market
He disappeared in thin air just when traders at the market were bracing up to set fire to his body

By Tanyi Kenneth Musa in Yaounde
Vendors at the Mokolo market in Yaounde did not understand how a smallish bearded man in white gown slipped through their fingers on Friday 25 September 2015. He had been caught by a small group of energetic young men around the area where charcoal is sold and handed to a mob consisting of traders at the market, for action. But before the crowd knew, the man had disappeared in thin air.
    The latter, The Median was informed, identified as an agent of the notorious yet enigmatic Muslim occult priest Alhadji Dodo, arrived at the Mokolo market around 12 noon on that fateful day. He chose a busy corner to unveil some of his magical paraphernalia comprising a red piece of cloth, cowries, wooden rings, multicoloured beads, talismans, skulls and horns of unknown animals, small bottles containing various concoctions, etc. These items were taken out of a “Ghana must go” bag and placed on a mat which was rolled out on the floor.
    Close by was another bag – an old, solid leather one – which seemed full and remained zipped and buckled. We were told that it contained the man’s other magical articles including a talking drum plus a live snake. The snake, we further learned, would only be brought out when the magician was sure to mystically extort a huge sum of money from an onlooker.
    Many people did not appear interested in what the man was doing while he unveiled the items on the mat. But no sooner did he start voicing out incantations and inviting passersby to come to him than four young men walk up to him and gripped him by the neck and arm. One of the young men kicked and scattered the items on the mat but no one dared touch the bag. 

Motorbikes with music now fashionable in Y’de

The music, usually in very high volume, emanates from modern MP3 gadgets which are attached to the front of mostly commercial motorbikes
By Tanyi Kenneth Musa in Yaounde
There is a new phenomenon amongst commercial motorbike riders in Yaounde. They attach musical devices to their motorbikes which blast music as they transport their passengers from place to place. Although new, the situation is fast growing. The Median has observed that of every five bikes or so that fly past, at least one has such a device.
    The devices are modern MP3 gadgets in which loads of music are stored. They have a very high volume capacity and are attached to the front of the bikes. Since the streets which the bikes ply are often noisy, the riders raise the volume to the maximum level so that they and the passengers as well as other road users can hear and enjoy the music.
    The bike riders go for the most popular music in town. If it is not Petit Pays, it is either Lady Ponce, Mani Bella, Coco Argenté, Erico, Sergio Polo or the new generation Nigerian music makers. These are usually the choices of the younger bike riders. The much older ones prefer the old makossa pieces of artistes such as Dina Bell, Ben Decca, Eboa Lotin, Toto Guillaume, Nkoti François, Penda Dalle, just to mention these.


Defilation to technology?
How, Why Smartphones “MAKE” “UNMAKE”

By Asong Junior & Franklin Muabe (UB INTERNS)
The 21st century has proven to be the deity of civilisation. This is due to its numerous discoveries which range from scientific machineries to improvements in communication media, specifically the most recent smartphone which is today most considered to have moved from a luxury to a necessity.
    “Smartphones” as they are popularly called dominate Cameroonian markets with variety of applications (apps), ranging from Tango, Facebook, Messenger, Imo, Viber, Skype, Kik, Instagram, the popular Whatsapp and a host of others people are still garbling to understand their use. 
    Created to help the human race save time, ease communication and economic transactions, the Smartphone among others is pregnant with numerous advantages. These days, Business men and women make bank payments without necessarily going to the bank, women shop using their phones (e-commerce), families chat and do video calls easily, friends keep in touch despite the distance, just to name but these few.
    The Median gathered that, youths are the most consumers of smartphones given the high demand for the product and its multiple uses. In most nations including Cameroon, youths and other users have defiled this modern technology.
    The portability of the smartphone as compared to the laptop has given it reasons to survive the markets given that many phone companies renovate and re-invent constantly. IPhones, Samsung Galaxy, hTC, Sony, Nokia, Huawei are good examples of top phone companies dominating the market. Contemporary youths consider their phones a “demi-god”. This is explained by the fact that they seldom move without these phones indiscriminate of place, time and activity. Smartphones have become an addiction many youths can’t get out of. “Only persistent prayers will save them from this newest bondage”-most men of God have lipped. The consequence-negative of course- is the problematic attitude of most youths with respect to issues of ethics, cultural values and mannerisms.

Tombi a Roko to take over Fecafoot today

Elections to hold later today as TAS has thrown Out Abdouraman’s petition 
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea
Tombi A Roko Sidiki
It is now clear elections into the National Bureau of FECAFOOT will take place later today Monday, 28 September 2015 this, following the National Olympic Committee’s postponement of hearing on the petition for cancellation of the entire election process filed by the president of Etoile Filante of Garoua, Abdurrahman Hamadou.
    Abdourahman also had another petition he filed at the International Tribunal for Sports in Loussanne, Switzerland thrown out for lack of enough evidence.
    Abdurrahman is president of Etoile Filant of Garoua. Should the court have espoused his petition, the result would have been no elections again following numerous postponements and consequently a sanction from the World’s Football Governing Body-FIFA.

Hundreds join Clinton Njie’s Fan Club in Limbe

By Nwo  Fuanya in Limbe
The Sappa Road vicinity in down town Limbe was on Friday 25th September 2015 jammed to capacity as hundreds of die hard supporters and fans of Cameroon football icon Njie Clinton turned out to witness the launching of the Njie Clinton Fan Club.
    The ceremony that witnessed  performances from a cross section of artists and humorists from Douala, Limbe and beyond was at the instance of  Limbe based business magnate, Maxim Bambot, also known as Maxim De Paris.
    Addressing the hundreds of anxious fans that evening,  Bambot pointed out that there is every reason for the population of Limbe in particular and Cameroon in general to rally behind the young budding and promising star, Njie Clinton to support him to succeed in his football career ,especially in the English premiership side, Tottenham Hotspur where he now plies his trade. Bambot maintained that it is not an easy thing for Njie Clinton to distinguish himself as from amongst 20 million Cameroonians .He thus enjoined all to continue to register as fans of Njie Clinton in a register that has now been opened for the purpose.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Front page

Gov. Okalia hails K’ba for security awareness

By Sirri Ntonifor Tangwe in Kumba
Governor Okalia at the Kumba Main market, accompanied by the Government
Delegate to the Kumba City Council and the President of the K'ba Main Market
As a show of force in the combat against the dreaded Islamist sect, Boko Haram, the governor of the South-West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, has paid a working visit to Kumba, Meme Division, to ascertain whether security measures prescribed are being enforced. Describing Kumba as the pulsing centre of a region which shares borders with many of Cameroon’s neighbours, Mr. Okalia declared himself satisfied after patrolling the markets and parks of the city. He was accompanied by the Meme SDO, the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council and mayors in Meme Division.
    Starting from the Kumba Main Market, the impressive motorcade had the mouths of Kumba denizens falling ajar as the Governor and his entourage made their way to the Mile 1 Motor Park and Fiango market. With the sun overhead that Saturday September 12th, police officers were observed performing Identity Card checks and using metal detectors to screen people entering the market.

Back to school:

Tiko Council donates to 31 primary schools
By Ajongakou Santos in Tiko

Some 31 government primary schools of the Tiko Sub-Division have received didactic materials worth over 4 million FCFA from the Tiko Council. The donation is the fallout of the collaboration between the Basic Education Ministry and the Tiko Council.
    Speaking at the donation ceremony last Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at the Tiko Inspectorate of Basic Education, the 4th Deputy Mayor of Tiko, Tantang Moses said, by donating the materials the council wants the population of the municipality to also share in the spoils of their mandate.
    Donated barely 24 hours to the resumption of the 2015/2016 academic year, the gesture by the council only adds to the packages received by some 300 school children who recently completed their holiday job at the council.
    The didactic materials comprised of cartoons of chalk, attendance registrars, sports equipment (Balls, Jerseys, and whistles), and stationaries among others.

Limbe III Mayor offers scholarships, classrooms to GSS Mabeta

By Nwo- Fuanya in Limbe
As the enthusiasm for the 2015 back to school reached its crescendo last week, the Mayor of Limbe III, Nseke Luma Dibotti  extended the largesse of his council to one of  the most deprived segment of school going children in his municipality.
    This was through a scholarship award exercise that took place in Mabeta Fishing Port recently. While handing over the scholarships comprising cash, exercise   books, writing materials and other didactic material to students and authorities of GSS Mabeta, Nseke Luma Dibotti pointed out that his mission to Mabeta was manifold: The first was to hand over cash prizes to some students of GSS Mabeta who distinguished themselves in the last academic year; secondly to offer school materials to primary school pupils in the Mabeta fishing Port area, thirdly to announce the construction of two classrooms for GSS Mabeta to be completed in the first segment of the 2015/2016 academic year, and finally to hand over the trophy of the holiday inter-quarter football final.
    In his preliminary statement on the occasion, Mayor Nseke explained that school going children in Mabeta are like any others elsewhere in the country despite the difficult terrain and circumstances under which they go to school. Given that these children incarnate the future and development of the Limbe III municipality, Nseke explained, it is important that they be given the opportunity to learn the skills that they will need to carry out their mission.

Limbe SDF projects permanent secretariat

The Limbe I SDF Chairman, Ndenge Gordon Zama has launched a project for the construction of a Community Centre that would also house the permanent secretariat of the party
By Nwo- Fuanya in Limbe
The newly elected SDF electoral district chairman for Limbe I, Ndenge Gordon Zama has launched an ambitious project to construct a community centre which will also host the permanent secretariat of the party in Limbe.
    Ndenge Gordon Zama made the project known during his several routine monthly ward meeting where he has started encouraging militants of the party to throw their weight behind the lofty initiative. He said the community Centre is for the people of Limbe and the centre will house the Secretariat of the SDF party in Limbe.
    “It is a community centre where SDF militants will be able to interact with themselves and the population of Limbe. It will also help bring people to the heart of the SDF,” Ndenge said, noting that the centre will have a weldering workshop, sewing workshop and other facilities to train young people, and a canteen where the militants and the people of Limbe can come and learn more about the party.
    Commenting on concerns that CPDM stalwarts in Limbe have vowed to crush the SDF which is recently undergoing transformation under his leadership, Zama said: “I think in the SDF we appreciate strong institutions including political parties to be very strong. We welcome a strong CPDM in Limbe because nobody wants to go into a race with somebody who is unable to fight. So normally, we prefer to be in battle with a party that has both the means and the arms.” He promised to beat the CPDM in the forthcoming 2018 polls.

Fighting Boko Haram:

Confusion, cacophony at the war front
- Knowledgeable observers note that there are too many operational commands with all of them headed by generals; no one knows who has the final say 

Many cooks spoil the broth, so says the English adage. And this is just what is happening in the on going war against the dreaded Nigerian Islamist terrorist group, Boko Haram. Very knowledgeable observers say there are too many command posts and an unusual number of commanding generals in the war, to the extent that confusion and cacophony now reign at the battle fronts.
    The observers also note that the situation is not made good by the retro-tactics of the Islamist terrorists, who keep changing their strategies and modus operandi by the day: alternating intermittently from sporadic, surprise raids to Kamikaze bombardments, apart from the scotched-earth policy (planting land mines) that they at times revert to.
    Then as if these are not enough, the inconclusively constituted Joint Multi-national Task Force – JMTF has only added to the existing confusion and entropy.
    The commissioning last week of General Bouba Dokreo as the commander of the first unit of the JMTF with base at Mora has only complicated matters at the war front. General Bouba’s installation brought to three the number of Generals now heading different operational commands in the Boko Haram war only in Cameroon. Before General Bouba, two other Generals were commanding the operations Alpha and Emergence 4 based in Maroua and Kousseri respectively. And there are no indications any of these two operation commands would be dismantled with the coming of the JMTF command post at Mora.
    Besides, Nigeria and Chad are yet to be clear about their intentions concerning the JMTF. So far only Cameroon of the five countries that are supposed to constitute the JMTF has given the exact size of its contribution to the force.
    Yet, even as Cameroon has said she would contribute 2450 soldiers to the JMTF, it is not immediately clear from which units the soldiers would be drawn.

Another population census:

How many Cameroonians are we?
- President Paul Biya has decreed the organization of the 4th national population census. But the debates sparked by the ‘controversial and doubtful’ results of the 3rd census in 2005 are still on 

By Mercy Neba in Yaounde
How many Cameroonians are there? The answer to this question would be available hopefully, in the next couple of months, as President Paul Biya has on Tuesday 15 September decreed the organisation of a population census in the country. The census to be done by the Bureau Central des Recencements et des Etudes de Population (Bucrep), will be the 4th to be organised in Cameroon, after those of 1976 (7.6 million Cameroonians), 1987 (10.5 million Cameroonians) and 2005 (17.5 million Cameroonians).
    Placed under the authority of the ministry of the economy, planning and regional development MINEPAT, the 4th general census will concern all physical persons resident in Cameroon. It however, will not concern members of the diplomatic corps and their sibling resident here.
    According to the decree, persons shall be counted at the places of residence (homes), irrespective of whether they are present or absent at the time of the operation.
    The decree explains that the 4th general census is aimed to know the population structure (age, sex, working, aging etc), housing characteristics and mode of life of the different segments of the population.
    Explaining the presidential decree, the director general of Bucrep, Bernadette Mbarga, said the census operation would be preceded by the technical studies (elaboration of questionaires), followed by cartographic studies (inventory of towns, villages and Islands), then a pilot counting phase which will entail testing the effectiveness and functionality of the materials to be used for the operation census proper.

2005 census:

Population figures that do not convince
- Released five years after the census operation, many Cameroonians doubted the authenticity and credibility of the figures contained in the results of the 2005 general census

Will the weaknesses of the 3rd general census of 2005 be corrected in this 4th national population census that has been commanded by the president of the Republic Paul Biya? This is the worrying question that many Cameroonians were asking when the presidential decree calling for the 4th census was signed on 15 September 2005.
    The worries of the population could be expected given that the debates sparked by the results of the 3rd population census organised in 2005 are still on. Many Cameroonians contested the results of the 3rd census as very incredible, doubtful and doctored to suit the expectations of those who commanded it.
    The first worry about the results of the 3rd census was their late release. The results were released five years after the census operations took place. Organised in 2005, the results only came out in 2010.
    More so, the 3rd census that was supposed to be organised in 1997 by virtue of international recommendations was only finally organised in 2005.
    It should be recalled that the first general census in Cameroon was organised in 1976 and the population stood at 7.663 246 people; the second in 1987 gave a population figure of 10 493 655 persons. By international recommendations, the 3rd census was supposed to be organised 10 years after that is, in 1997. It however did not take place, probably due to the financial hardship that hit the country in that period. 

Epileptic power supply:

 Eneo plunges Y’de in darkness

Several quarters and households in Yaounde have remained in darkness for days due to intermittent rupture of electricity supply. According to authorities of the electricity supplier – Eneo, this is as a result of the breakdown of a major transformer situated at the Eyom-Abang neighbourhood here. 
“One of two big transformers regulating supply of electricity to major parts of the capital city has developed a serious fault and has gone out of use,” said an Eneo agent, who explained further that the faulty transformer has to be replaced with another from Douala.

Difficult Choices in a Failed Democracy:

PCC prelate hails Prof. Asonganyi’s forthrightness
The Right Rev. Nyansako Ni Nku was the chairman of Prof. Asonganyi’s book launch in Buea. He made the ff remarks on the occasion.
Cameroon: Difficult Choices In A Failed Democracy – A Memoir by Prof. Tazoacha Asonganyi. The eminent intellectual of ancient Rome, Seneca, observed that “things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember.”
Politics, they say, is the art and science of government. This involves many actors with varying opinions on how government could be better organized to meet the needs of the people in a satisfactory manner. This is what gives rise to different political parties, each trying to supplant the others. This struggle by conflicting positions in the market place of ideas is what makes the waters of politics murky, and poor old politics becomes branded as a dirty game. So Henry Adams, writing on “The Education of Henry Adams” claims that “Politics, as a practice, whatever its profession, has always been the systematic organization of hatred.”
            I read about a politician who was so honest that he was never investigated – and a group of people got together to investigate that. As in other “professions,” the problem of politics is not with the activity, as it is with those who profess it. The pursuit of power, fame and money, sometimes leads some people to deliberately violate the rules of the game and still call it politics. As things are now I think the difference between a politician and a prostitute is simply in the spelling. Nikita Khrushchev, the erstwhile President of Russia during the heydays of the cold war told a group of American reporters that “Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.”
            Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, was the one who said “the good of man must be the end of the science of politics.” So I believe that all’s not yet lost. If you ask me, “Can we make politics clean?” My answer is a resounding “Yes!” If you ask me further where can we find an honest politician? My answer is “you tell me!” Now, suppose you ask me, is what we have here a failed democracy, of course, my answer is obvious “go and read Prof. Asonganyi’s book.” So yes, we’ve come a long way, but the best is still to be. So don’t give up hope.

Pr. Asonganyi’s Satanic Verses

By Solomon ENDALI, SDF Centre Region

Since the creation of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) in 1990, there have been four Secretaries-General who have served the Party. One of them is Professor Tazoacha Asonganyi whom this write up is about. This article is a reaction to his recent publication under the title Cameroon: Difficult Choices in a Failed Demcracy, Memoir. He openly admitted on resigning from his post and from excluding himself from the Party that he was a failure. This was a sign of honesty and maturity because he actually failed. This said, the ugly side of the Professor began to surface when he started to expose his ignorance about the Party he had served as Secretary-General. The title of Professor Asonganyi’s book  does not reflect its content. This is because the title gives the impression that he is writing about failed democracy in Cameroon, but, from the contents, it is clear that he has  limited himself to the SDF. If the title of the book were SDF: An Example of failed Democracy in Cameroon, its contents would have been justified. Can one, therefore, say that Professor Asonganyi played a fast one on his readers? The answer is every one’s guess.
    Mr. Asonganyi knows very well how democratic the Social Democratic Front is, and could, therefore, not afford to make a mistake. It may be that he wanted to say that some choices of persons in the Party are wrongly done. If that is the case, then, he might be right because his choice as Secretary-General was a clear example of such wrong choices. A good Secretary-General should not seek to bring down the structure he claims he labouriously worked to build. The Professor should know that the people of Lebialem from where he hails demonstrated their anger over his choice as Secretay-General by  vomitting him.
    Mr. Asonganyi, rather than being a blessing to the Party has been a disappointment because it was under his tenure as Secretary-General that SDF lost Lebialem, one of its very strongholds to the opposite camp, the CPDM. He can, therefore, be described as a politician without a political base. The people of Lebialem wanted to see social democratic values in him, but he failed them. Some of my good friends from Lebialem have testified to the fact that he is too full of himself, he is elitist in style and hardly shows up in any Lebialem forum either here in Yaounde where he resides or at home, especially when he was the Secretary-General of the SDF. This is a pity for a man of his standing. A good politician is one who identifies himself with the people; this is more so when one is a social democrat.

HTTTC Kumba:

New Director installed
- How and why Prof. Joyce Endeley got the sack

By Ajongakou Santos in Buea
Dr. Michael Agbor Ntui- New Director of HTTTC K'ba
Dr. Michael Agbor Ntui has replaced Prof. Joyce Bongo Bayende Endeley as Director of the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College, (HTTTC) in Kumba. The new director was installed last Thursday 17 September 2015 at the University of Buea. He was appointed by a Presidential decree on 15 September 2015. The same decree also appointed Prof. Ntungwe Paul Ndue as Director of Financial Affairs at UB.
    Observers hold that Prof. Endeley’s sacking might be connected to the conflict of authority which ensued between she and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, Prof. Egbe Nalova Lyonga. Many are already pointing accusing fingers at the Vice Chancellor whom they say might have submitted a damning report about the deposed HTTTC Director.
    Meanwhile, others are of the opinion that Joyce Bongo Bayande Endeley is largely responsible for her fate because of her gross insubordination vis-à-vis the VC.
    This Newspaper gathered that a cold war between the two assumed screaming proportions when Prof. Endeley rejected the VC’s instructions for the entrance examination questions into HTTTC Kumba last December 2014 to be translated into French so that Francophone candidates should also have their way. This perhaps did not augur well for Prof. Endeley, whom we are told, argued that the HTTTC was a purely Anglo-Saxon institution and candidates seeking entry into the school should be proficient in English.
    Sources say Joyce Endeley later refused to answer a query that was served her by the Vice Chancellor following her refusal to execute the former’s instructions. The consequence of this was the several postponements of the entrance examinations until December 4, 2014 when the exams finally took place.
    Before her appointment as Director of HTTTC Kumba on 4 June 2014, Joyce Bongo Bayande Endeley, Professor of Agricultural Extension Education, was formerly the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in-charge of Teaching, Professionalization and Development of Information and Communication Technologies, at the University of Buea. 

Buea, south west region:

UB lecturer faces jail term over land dispute with magistrate
- Synes mobilizes lecturers ahead of court ruling 

By Ajongakou Santos in Buea
Students at the University of Buea are currently writing resit exams, but on the sidelines, the lecturers’ union SYNES is mobilizing ahead of the court ruling on a court action brought against one of their colleagues, Professor Paul Mbufong, by a Judge whose name The Median got as Charles Namme Menyoli. In the case, Justice Menyoli alleges that Professor Mbufong made a false report to the Minister of Justice liable to lead to disciplinary action against the former.
    The teachers are visibly irked by what they believe is an attempt by Justice Menyoli to pervert the course of justice by using his position as Judge. On Friday 18 September 2015, at about 4 pm, The Median learnt that an extraordinary General Assembly of SYNES was holding at U Block on UB campus. Lecturers, we are told, read through a petition addressed to the Chief Magistrate of the Land, carefully checking the documents to be attached, pointing out the flaws in the procedures so far and instances of intimidation Professor Mbufong had suffered since 2005 when Justice Menyoli first dragged him to court. 
    The dons argue that the case against Professor Mbufong is becoming a pattern whereby a judge would send a university lecturer to prison unjustly, simply because he has the power to do so. This time, they are ready to take the case of their colleague to the highest quarters.

He who laughs last:

Biya grants ‘Father Christmas’ salaries & allowances for mayors
- Apart from the normal monthly salaries, mayors and gov’t delegates will now also receive allowances for duty post, representation, housing, vehicle, water, electricity, telephone, travel etc etc.

By Essan Ekoninyam in Yaounde
The president of the republic on Wednesday 16 September 2015 signed a decree fixing modalities for remuneration of government delegates of the fourteen city councils and mayors and councillors of the 360 local councils in the country. The presidential decree also allocated allowances and other advantages to be enjoyed by council executives.
    By virtue of the presidential decree, government delegates shall have a basic monthly salary of 400.000 FCFA, mayors 250.000 FCFA, assistant government delegates 200.000 FCFA and assistant mayors 150.000 FCFA.
    These salaries of government delegates and mayors shall not cumulate with their salaries as civil servants or agents of public and para-public institutions. And the mayors will only be entitled to these salaries when they are effectively resident in the locality of the council as duly attested by the SDO of the locality.
    The salaries of government delegates and mayors will be supported by the decentralisation credits imputed in the state budget.
    Apart from monthly salaries, government delegates and mayors are now also entitled to various allowances and advantages. Some of the allowances include that for duty post and representation. For purposes of these allowances councils have been classed in to four (4) categories depending on their annual budgets.
    By virtue of this classification and upon deliberation by the councillors and the approval of the MINADT, government delegates will receive duty post allowances ranging from 500.000 to 100.000 FCFA. Their assistants will receive 1/3 of these amounts.


Members of various commissions for renewal of CPDM basic organs
Central Coordination

President:     SG Central Committee
Vice Presidents: Assistant Sec. Generals of Central Committee

Members:     Yaou Aissatou
        Musonge Peter Mafany
        Tsimi Evouna Gilbert
        Moungi Sossoumba Janvier
        Baoro Theophile
        Mundi Regina
        Amadou Ali
        Esso Laurent
        Nganou Ndjoumessi Emmanuel
        Meva Meboutou Michel
        Essomba Asse Auguste

Rapporteurs :    Monkam Nitcheu Jean Fabien

        Prof. Oyono Dieudonne
        Dembiyembe Paul Celestin

Charge des missions:Gella Jacques
        Melone Loe Claude
        Audi David
        Enanga Kebbi Juliana
        Razak Johny
        Fru Jonathan
        Mukoko Njoh
        Seidou Mbombo Njoya
        Charle Michou
        Wakata Francois

Commissions to Foreign Countries
Central Europe 1 (Northern France, Italy, Swiss)
President:    Pr. Njoh Mouelle
Member:    Mmbakong Tsende Andre
Charge de Mission : Zoua – Houli Abraham

Central Europe II (Benelux, Spain, Southern France)
President:    Fogui Jean Pierre
Member:        Noah Ndongo Adolphe
Charge de Mission: Mbock Andre Bertrand

Northern Europe (Germany, Great Britain)
President:    Pr. Ephraim Ngwafor
Member:    Monono Churchill

Charge de Mission: Okie Johnson

Central America (USA, Canada)
President:     Pr. Ngolle Ngolle Elvis
Member:        Mrs. Eno Ema Lafon
Charge de Mission:Dr. Nkwenti Donfack Micheal

Central Africa (Congo, Gabon, Eq. Guinea, Chad)
President:     Baba Hamadou
Member:    Fozein Thomas
Charge de Mission:Banga Mbom Calvin

Meme and Kupe-Muanenguba Divisions:

Baduma and Melongo villages fighting over land
By Sirri Ntonifor Tangwe in Kumba

Nfon V.E. Mukete, paramount ruler of the Bafaws; Can he determine

 the land boundary between Baduma and Melongo
The land dispute pitting Melongo and Badume, two villages in Kupe Muanenguba and Meme divisions respectively took a fresh twist last week this, after over 100 farmers from Melongo stormed the Meme SDO’s office. The farmers accused Chief Mboe Akong Rolland of Baduma Village in Konye Sub-Division, Meme Division, of encroaching upon their lands while the administration seemingly turns a deaf ear to their complaints.
    The farmers disclosed that they have had to pay twice for these lands, first to the chief of Baduma, and to the Melongo traditional council. The farmers have vowed they cannot forego these lands.
    One farmer, Akwano Francis, said the current situation angers him because he has purchased 5 farms in the area, and planted more than 10.000 plantains, apart from cocoa and palm trees. “These are my only investments in life,” he wept.
    The Meme SDO allegedly appeased the farmers and asked them to return to their farmlands in peace, assuring them that the land in question is not under the custody of the Chief of Baduma. The SDO added that the land across the River Mungo belongs to Kupe Muanenguba Division, and that anyone selling land there is doing so illegally.
    The SDO reportedly asked those who had bought land in that area from the Chief of Baduma report to him officially so that the matter can be investigated and thrashed.
    The legal counsel representing the Chief of Melongo and the farmers’ faction across River Mungo, Barrister Njume Dennis, also intimated that the Chief of Baduma was recently seen in the company of Prince Ekale Mukete of Kumba with a large cow and bags of rice which they shared to the Baduma community, informing them that the government wanted to use part of their land. Later, he said, some persons were seen looking around in farms within the land across the Mungo, and when approached, these persons informed them that Prince Ekale had purchased that land from the Chief of Baduma.
    After awaiting government intervention in vain, and sighting foreigners allegedly mapping out part of the land in the company of Chief Mboe, the Chief of Melongo Village, HRH Ebako as an interim measure, released a communiqué in which he threatened that ‘anybody found transacting with the chief of Baduma over the land... shall be evicted by any means within the powers of the Melongo community.’ In response, Chief Mboe also sent out a communiqué stressing that no such claims should be made about his person without accompanying documents to verify facts.

Yaounde Conference Centre:

Board acknowledges handover of Promote 2014 equip’t
- Members of the board of directors of the Conference Centre in Yaounde met for the 21st extra-ordinary session on 9 September 2015
By Mercy Neba in Yaounde

Aerial view of Yaounde Conference Centre
Members of the Board of directors of the Conference Centre in Yaounde have noted with satisfaction the official hand-over of the Promote 2014 equipment from the Foundation Inter-Progres to the Conference Centre.
    A press release issued after the 21st extra-ordinary session of the board of directors stated that: “After reviewing and ascertaining the financial situation of the corporation, and in conformity with the inventory and hand-over documents signed on 23 July and 3 September 2015 respectively, the board has taken note of the list of works realized, as well as the materials and equipment acquired following the International Enterprises Fair, Promote 2014.”
    After acknowledging the receipt of the Promote 2014 materials and equipment and the development works realized there-of the board also approved that the materials and equipment as well the development works be listed among the property of the Conference Centre.

B’da 1 Municipality:

SHUMAS donates to schools & communities
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
Mezam SDO laying foundation stone as SHUMAS Director and B'da One Mayor watch
Strategic Humanitarian Services, SHUMAS in partnership with Market Makers, Building Schools for Africa and Bamenda I council has extended its philanthropic hand to two schools, a health centre and the Community of Mobang, all in Bamenda I Sub Division by launching four projects. 
    The foundation stones for these projects were laid on September 18, 2015 in four different sites within Bamenda I Council area by the SDO for Mezam, Nguele Nguele Felix accompanied by other top administrative, political and traditional authorities of the Division.
    While highlighting the projects, the General Coordinator of SHUMAS, Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka revealed that Government Secondary School, GSS Bangshie will receive 3 classrooms and a toilet block likewise office equipment and assistance to the school garden program.
    Government Technical High School, GTHS Bamendakwe on the other hand he said will be a proud beneficiary of two workshops, provision of six tables and also assistance to its garden program.
    As for the Integrated Health Centre Mendakwe, it will benefit from the provision of medical equipment and the extension of its water supply. The community of Mobang will see the construction of a 15 m3 tank, two taps, a 900m pipeline and two valve chambers in their community.
    In a welcome speech during the launching at the Bamendakwe Fon’s Palace, the visibly elated Mayor of Bamenda I Council, Caroline Bi Bongwa thanked SHUMAS for finally coming to their aid. She promised that the council will ensure that the projects are executed effectively.


Compiled by Sirri Ntonifor Tangwe in Kumba
 3 drown in Baduma, Kumba
Denizens of Baduma village woke up on Saturday September 18 to a terrible tragedy. Of seven villagers who boarded a boat at Baduma Beach early that morning to cross the River Mungo to get to their farms, three are feared to have drowned.  The boat reportedly had holes already and by the time it reached the middle of the river, it got flooded. The passengers each struggled to save themselves. Four were able to get back to shore. The villagers put up a search party to save the three others or recover their bodies, but at press time, all actions were still in vain. Those feared dead include one Ghanaian and two North-Westerners.

Woman Loses 70.000 FCFA to 419ers
An elaborate plan and two gangsters... that is all it took to rob a young lady in Kumba of 70.000 FCFA in broad daylight without struggle. The young lady (name withheld) visited a ‘Brocante’ shop opposite the new BICEC structure in Kumba to purchase a fridge. Whilst looking at items displayed outside the shop, she fell into conversation with another ‘customer’ who gave the impression that he was a salesperson there.
    After negotiating satisfactorily with him, the lady gave him 70.000 FCFA and her ID card to conclude the sales deal. The villain got into the shop proper with the money and ID card and handed them over to the person at the counter. Thereafter, he remarked that the money was not enough and that he wanted to step out to make up the amount. The money was returned to him and he rushed across the street into a waiting chocolate-coloured Carina E car and the driver sped off.          Meanwhile, the distracted young lady started demanding for the goods she had just purchased, and discovered that she was a victim of the ‘419’s. She could only recover her ID card. Another customer nearby also claimed to have been defrauded by the same crook of 70.000FCFA meant for the purchase of a fridge. The gendarmerie arrived and ferried off the young lady and the other customer. Onlookers joined the gendarmerie officials to opine that the latter was part of the 419 gang, given that his story was questionable.

US Embassy hails CBCHS for HIV fight

Synergies Africaines also honors CBCHS for her active involvement in 2015 Aids-Free Holiday Campaign 
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
Mathieu Smith being received at the CBCHS
 head office in B’da
The Deputy Chief of Missions at the American Embassy in Cameroon, Mathieu Smith has described has as successful and compassionate Cameroon Baptist Health Services active involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS especially the prevention of mother to child transmission.
    The US Diplomat was a guest of honour at the CBCHS head office Bamenda, Nkwen on Sept 11, 2015 where he took stock of CBCHS activities and projects especially those funded by the US government.
    Worthy of note is the fact that the people of the United States through PEPFAR and CDC have been an active partner of the CBC in the domain of health.
    In 2011, the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board, CBCHB, following a successful project proposal, began receiving funds from the U.S President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention, CDC in Atlanta to implement and support Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission, PMTCT services of HIV in two of Cameroon’s ten regions for a five-year period.
    After touring some CDC/PEPFAR funded projects implemented by the CBCHS and after listening to a succinct report presented on results achieved just after five years of implemention,  Mathieu Smith,  submitted that he was moved by the work of “compassion and kindness” done by the CBC while promising that he will continue to push his government and people to fund more projects.
    Speaking to reporters after the visit, the Director of CBC Health Services, Prof. Tih Pius Muffih said he was honoured to have received the Deputy Chief of Missions whom he said came to give them “pat on the back”  for a job well done.

Kumbo, NW region:

SDF MP donates Back-to-School needs to orphans
By Njodzefe Nestor in Kumbo
In a move to ensure a successful back to school for orphans in his constituency, the SDF Member of Parliament for Kumbo Center, Hon. Dr. Banadzem Joseph has donated some school needs to orphans in kumbo.
    During the highly attended ceremony at the conference room of Kumbo Council on September 7, presided at by Bui SDO Nzeke Theophile , some 221 pupils received school fees, school materials and logistics worth over FCFA 2 million from the member of parliament.
    The program which was at its 12th year was different from that of previous years in that it was funded entirely by the MP. Other donors according to Hon. Dr. Banadzem Joseph were dropped for reasons he did not immediately disclose.
    Speaking at the ceremony, the Lord Mayor of Kumbo Council, Njong Donatus Fonyuy said the occasion was very important and significant. On behalf of the entire population of Kumbo, he thanked the MP for his humanitarian gesture.
    Njong implored Nso sons and daughters to emulate the genuine example of the MP. He called on the guardians of the orphans to make judicious use of the donations and warned them not to channel them to other ends.
    Bui SDO, Nzeki Theophile and the Divisional Delegates of Basic Education, Prince Agwafor Clement while alluding to the Holy Bible said those who provide for the needy will surely be rewarded fully by God Almighty.

Siamese twins, Davis and Daryl evacuated to Tunisia

The set of conjoint twins, Davis and Daryl, born on 27th August 2014 in the Banso Baptist Hospital will this Tuesday 8th September 2015 be evacuated to Tunisia for a surgical operation.
    Prior to their departure, the Minister of Public Health, Andre Mama Fouda and that of Social Affairs, Catherine Bakang Mbock visited them.
    The Public Health Minister announced their evacuation during the visit at the Chantal Biya Foundation on Monday 7th September 2015.

Rat poison kills two in Jakiri

Two boys have been confirmed death after consuming dry fish, which they picked from around Jakiri market, in Jakiri Sub Division, Bui Division.
    According to some eye witnesses, who saw the boys around the market that fateful day, the children came begging for food from council staff, who were keeping the market that day. The council staff reportedly told the victims they had no food to offer them.
Later, one of the boys, whose name we got as Christola was found lying helpless. He was reportedly rushed to the Mantum Hospital, where he died while being attended to.
    Another, known as Emmanuel is said to have collapsed an hour later. He died three hours after in the hospital. The only survivor is a Class three pupil of Government School Ran, Dieudonne, who later narrated the story.

Fecafoot elections:

Mbella Moki goes for gold after victory in SW 
Mbella Moki: the next FECAFOOT V.P?
Senator Charles Mbella Moki has once again succeeded himself at the helm of Southwest Fecafoot. The Fako CPDM wonder-boy and political juggernaut defeated his lone challenger in the battle for the regional Fecafoot top job, Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla, to retain his coveted seat. Mbella secured 6 votes as against 4 for Agbor Balla. He retains a position he has held for over a decade now (since 2004).
    The election that took place under a very tense and an anxiety-ridden atmosphere was variously described as highly competitive and tension-packed. It was characterised by suspicion, intrigue, intimidation and influence peddling by both aspirants and their supporters. We learnt that some voters were promised money and favours just to convince them to change their camp. In the end Mbella Moki carried the day.
    Fielding questions from pressmen after his brilliant but hard-won victory, Senator Mbella Moki first thanked God for being on his side once again. He admitted it was a tough race especially given that his challenger was no push-over in the battle.
    Forcing a rather wry smile, Senator Mbella concluded that “God is great.” He said he would make sure all the forces and stakeholders in SW football join him in the arduous task of putting SW football back on its pedestal of old.
    Mbella hailed his challenger, Barrister Agbor Balla for his bravery and especially his humility, saying that it takes a humble and mature person, and a true democrat to concede defeat in an election. The senator said he would not hesitate to invite Barrister Agbor Balla to join him so that together they can revive South West football.
    For his part, Barrister Agbor Balla, only conceded defeated after pointing out some premeditated short-comings in the electoral process.
    “The whole process of the election was hugely flawed. If you observed keenly then you can bear with me that so many things went wrong before and during the election. However i have conceded defeat in the interest of football in the South West region and Cameroon as a whole. The normalisation process has dragged for too long and I would not want to be looked upon as one of those helping to maintain Prof. Joseph Owona and his team eternally in office,” Barrister Agbor Balla said, pledging his support to Senator Mbella Moki, ”even if only for the sake of the growth of football in the SW region.”

Wondjocku FC win Buea council football trophy

By Sam Che, Gaucher in Buea
It will go down in the annals of history that the 5th Edition of the Buea Council Inter-quarter Football Super Cup winners was no other than little-known and under-rated Wondjuku FC from the Bonavada court area. Many football pundits and observers failed in their forecasts as they predicted teams like Goblize FC, Musango fc or Babungo fc to win the super cup.
    On the 11th of July when the chairman of the central organizing committee, 1st deputy mayor Motomby Mbome set the ball rolling at the Buea town green for this years kick off under a heavy downpour, little did any body predict that two months on, precisely on 6 September, South West chief executive Bernard Okalia Bilai will give the kick off for the super cup finals at the age-old Molyko Omnisports stadium under similar inclement climatic conditions.
    The clouds and the rains had nothing to do with the players’ performance as they exhibited high quality free flowing champagne football. The lord mayor for the Buea municipality Dr Ekema Patrick had not even finished congratulating the governor for his kick off when Babungo fc opened scores at the 2nd minute of play through centre forward David Moka.
    The babungo dance group, the mbaya was still celebrating their curtain raiser when Wondjuku marksman Ngalame Clovis a.k.a charger, charged through the Babungo defence to equalize with a powerful shot barely 2minutes later.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Front page

Media Should Protect Children’s Rights - NCC

By Sirri Ntonifor Tangwe & Ajongakou Santos in Yaounde
Participants in family photo with MINCOM & NCC boss
Journalists, media owners and media experts have been challenged to be accountable to society for which they work, while protecting the children from improper media content. This entreaty was made during a two-day seminar 0n 1-2 September 2015, at the Mont Fébé Hotel, Yaounde.
Organized by the National Communication Council (NCC), the seminar under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Head of Government was guided by the theme: “Child Protection in the Media”.
    The seminar brought together actors from different media (Print, Broadcast, On-line), Cable Television Networks, Junior Parliamentarians, Communication Council representatives of neighbouring countries especially Niger, the Ministers of Labour and Social Security, Basic Education, Communication and the Minister of Women Empowerment and the Family, top University professors and doctors amongst others.
    According to observation by the NCC, there is increasing dissemination and publication of information that highlight deviant scenes and/or speech, chocking images, utterances that incite violence, and where media are simply exhibiting a lack of information at the expense of children and young people, and improper reporting of phenomena such as epidemics or pandemics, among which diseases like Cholera, Aids or Ebola.
    Grounded on these findings therefore, the national seminar on “Child Protection in the Media” was a platform for the National Communication Council to brainstorm with media stakeholders and come up with a strategic guide for various media in the country to protect children in their various programmes.
    The justification for the seminar hinges on the fact that the protection of children is part of a complex equation for regulators, given the on-going friction between two functional rights whose guarantors they must be, namely freedom of expression on one hand which is precursor to the right of information, and the right of the child.


Compiled by Ajongakou Santos & Franklin Muabe**(UB Student Journalist on Internship)
Iya Mohamed jailed 15 years
The special criminal court has slammed a 15 years imprisonment term on the former GM of SODECOTON. Iya’s properties were also seized. He was found guilty of paying himself undue salaries and spending SODECOTON funds on the football club Coton sports. Two co-accuse in the case were sentenced to life jail.

Fishing nets destroyed in Tiko

Officials of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries in collaboration with the Marine Police have seized and destroyed five fishing nets that do not conform to fishing standards in Tiko. The fishing nets belonging to some fishing companies were seized by the team in charge of the monitoring, control and surveillance of fishery activities during a recent routine control on the high sea. The Regional Delegate of the Ministry of Livestock, fisheries and Animal Industries, Dr. Chiawa Cicilia has emphasized that prescribed fishing nets must have holes not smaller than 70milimetres. Mr. Patrick Ngwa Chi, Divisional Officer for Tiko says these sanctions will go a long way to daunt other companies from carrying out such practices.

400 conscripts trained in Tiko
The training of over 400 conscripts at the Christ the King College Tiko has ended. The closing ceremony of the 40-days training organized by the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development NCSAPD was chaired by the Secretary General of the South West Governor’s office, Mr. Clement Fon Ndikum. The 40-days trainings were also organized in other regions of the country.

Heads of SW Courts installed
Newly appointed Heads of Jurisdiction in some courts across the South West Region have been installed into their respective functions with others waiting for their commissioning to office. According to a press release from the President of the South West Court of Appeal and Procureur General, the State Council for the High Court of Meme Division and the Magistrate Court of Kumba were officially installed at the Kumba Court premises on Friday, August 28, 2015. Friday 4 September 2015, was the turn of the state council in the Magistrate Court of Muyuka. On Friday September 11, the installation caravan will move to the Magistrate Court in Tiko for the installation of the state council. Meanwhile on September 18, 2015, a similar exercise will take place in the Limbe Court premises with the installation of the state council for the Limbe Magistrate Court.
    At the Buea Court premises, the installation of the President of the Buea High Court has been scheduled for Friday, September 25th, while the installation of the President of the Manyu High Court was programed for Friday, October 9, 2015 at the Mamfe Court premises. The Procureur General of the South West Court of Appeal, Emile Essombe says the installations will be carried out during solemn court sessions, which in each case will start at 11am.

Biya’s 2035 vision is a pipe dream - Dr. Fomunyoh

The NDI Africa Representative and President of The Fomunyoh Foundation-TFF has said that President Paul Biya’s plan to transform Cameroon into an emerging economy by 2035 is mere wishful thinking or better still, a pipe dream. Dr. Chris Fomunyoh made the declaration recently while receiving students of the second batch of the Executive MBA program of the University of Bamenda.
    He justified his assertion with two points namely that President Biya set such a target because he is sure he would not be there in 2035 to render account and be judged; or he is simply aware that his gov’t is incompetent and cannot deliver on time.

CPDM reorganization:

35-years limit frustrates ageing YCPDM militants 
Many YCPDM militants who have crossed the 35-years limit have not stopped cursing party hierarchy for imposing the age barrier as a  condition for eligibility of candidates to run in elections during the reorganization of grassroots structures of the party. The over-aged youths question why age limit should be imposed only now, when some incumbent youth wing leaders are up to 50 years and above.        
By Nwo- Fuanya in Limbe

CPDM Scribe Jean Nkuete
Many youths of the CPDM Fako I section have expressed worries and disappointment over some of the conditions for eligibility contained in the guidelines laid down by the party hierarchy for election into the basic organs of the party. The youths complain for instance that the 35 years age limit for YCPDM is not only disfavourable for some of them; it also automatically disqualifies them from the entire reorganization process.
    These and other worries were expressed during an enlarged meeting of CPDM Fako 1 that took place on Thursday 27 August 2015 in Limbe and chaired by the section president Andrew Motanga Mojimba who doubles as Limbe Government Delegate.
    Speaking at the event Andrew Motanga noted that ever since the National President of the CPDM party, Paul Biya announced the reorganization of the party basic organs, there have been all kinds of rumours and misinformation on how the exercise will unfold. He said the National President’s circular was followed by another by the Secretary General of the party, Jean Nkuete giving guidelines for the reorganization exercise.
    Motanga told the militants that the meeting was convened to explain what the SG’s guidelines stipulate, so that militants who are nursing ambitions can start preparing ahead of the D-day and should avoid being disqualified in the eleventh hour.
    Andrew Motanga therefore called for a reading of the National President’s circular, as well as the text of application issued by the Secretary General of the party. This was done by the section secretaries, Tanga Samuel and Ngalle Ngomba Eric respectively.
    However, some YCPDM militants expressed shock and disappointment that candidates vying for positions in the youth wing of the party must not be more than 35 years old.
    “In years past people in their forties and fifties were allowed to run in the youth wing; why have they introduced this age limit thing only now?” lamented a seemingly over-aged YCPDM militant, who regretted that many of his colleagues of the YCPDM who were also nurturing plans to take up elective positions in the youth wing of the party have had their ambitions short-circuited by the age barrier.
    Many grumbling YCPDM youths said their frustration was all the more because one cannot move from the youth wing to the main wing or the women‘s wing of the party and immediately want to boss those who had been there ever since. Besides, some ageing youths who must now move up to the main wing of the party but who still aspire to run in elections also admit that the competition at the “C” level is tougher than at the “Y”; they say their hope of rising to the top sooner than later might just be a pipe dream. 
    However, the Section President, Motanga Andrew allayed their frustrations when he explained that for those who are older than 35 years and who may want to move from the youth wing to either the WCPDM or the main CPDM wing, they should simply change their subscription cards while maintaining their membership cards which are the same for all militants.

Easy back to school:

Hon. Fritz Etoke spoils Tiko/Muyuka youths with school needs

By Nwo Fuanya in Mutengene
Hon. Fritz Etoke
The populations of Tiko and Muyuka in Fako Division have publicly hailed their Member of Parliament, Honourable Fritz Ngeka Etoke for his people-oriented politics. This was during an outing made recently by the MP to award scholarships and donate computers, didactic materials and holiday sports trophies to students and pupils in some localities in his constituency. The outing took the MP to several localities in Tiko and Muyuka sub-divisions of Fako Division.  
    Beginning at the GBHS Mutengene on Tuesday 25 August 2015, Macaulay Joseph Musinga, principal of the school described Honourable Etoke as a real galvanizer who is slowly but surely rallying the populations of Tiko and Mutengene to the CPDM.
     ”Hon. Fritz Etoke is a highly cherished team leader who has worked tirelessly with the younger comrades to instill a strong team spirit within the rank and file of the population stretching from Tiko to Muyuka,” Musinga said, noting that Hon. Etoke works night and day like a human machine.
    Musinga urged the MP to spread his largesse to many more schools and specialized services and communities in the Fako East constituency.
    Speaking on the occasion, Hon. Fritz Etoke announced that the finals of the three holiday football tournaments he organized and sponsored will be played successively in Moko on 30th August, Ekona on 5th September and Mutengene on 6th September.
    The magistrate cum politician also used the occasion to hint about his ambition to run for the position of Section President of CPDM Fako East.

Cameroon sets up Center for Geological and Mining Information

-The center in Yaounde is expected to boost Cameroon’s mining sector
Marble stones exploited by a French company in Figuil
Cameroon’s mining sector will hence better play its ascribed role as the engine to drive new industry and more jobs in the country, thanks to the Centre for Geological and Mining Information.
    According to the chief of the Centre Jean Guy Dzana, the structure which is under the ministry of mines will bring new stimulating perspective, improving the attractiveness of Cameroon’s mining sector to potential investors across the globe.
    According to the minister of Mines, Industries and Technological Development Emmanuel Mbonde mining contributes a significant percent to the country’s annual budget and this is expected to increase further if the full potential of Cameroon’s mineral wealth is sustainably exploited thanks to information provided by the Centre.
    Accordingly, the role of the structure created in October 2012 is to provide relevant information on the sub-soil wealth in the country and its geological potential to help attract investors worldwide. The structure will also collect, analyze, publish geological, mining, petroleum and gas data and reports the officials said.
    “The Centre is the specialized organ to disseminate information on mining and the geology of Cameroon’s sub-soil. Investments in this regards have been planned for the next three years to better equip the Centre and facilitate access to information to the public and potential investors,” a press release from the Centre further explained.
    In addition it serves as conservation centre for samples of mineral rocks and other discoveries, reproduction of mining and geological maps etc.
    The minister of mines says the centre will help streamline the sustainable management of the country’s mineral information and potentials.

Limbe Sea-Port:

Forestry & Customs officials tussle over seized Ivory
By Nwo Fuanya in Limbe

Observers at the Limbe Port were taken aback last week by a heated tussle and altercation that ensued between Forestry officials and their counterparts of the customs sector over who should keep a consignment of illegal ivory that was intercepted at the port by customs officials.
    The ivory was discovered as customs officials conducted a thorough search on the goods to be loaded in the transport and cargo boats at the ports. The illegal ivory was destined for export to Asia via Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.
    The customs officials seized the ivory and immediately transported them to their headquarters located adjacent to the Bota Port. Meanwhile the traffickers were also nabbed and arraigned at the Limbe Police District.
    However, no sooner was the ivory seized than Forestry officials showed up urging the customs officials to hand over the seized ivory and its owners to them for follow up. But this did not go down well with the custom officials who questioned how the ivory could go through all the different forestry check points only to be discovered at the Limbe Port.

Innovation and modernization drive:

Conference Centre takes over custody, management of Promote 2014 equipment
A solemn ceremony for the handing over of the development works, materials and equipment of promote 2014 to the conference centre took place in Yaounde on Thursday 03 September 2015.

By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Y’de
Christophe Mien Zok presents handed over equipment to PM’s representative Culture Minister Ama Tutu Muna
Presided over by the Minister of Arts and Culture who represented the Prime Minister, Head of government, the solemn ceremony for the handing over of the Promote 2014 installations and equipment was rich in colour and significance.
    Speaking on the occasion, the general manager of the Yaounde Conference Centre, Christophe Mien Zok, said all the installations, equipment and materials of Promote 2014 are property of the state of Cameroon because it was the state that financed their acquisition through a credit of 2.5 billion from the BGFI bank.
    However, Mien Zok explained that following this handing over ceremony, the conference centre now becomes the custodian and manager of the property.
    He noted that the solemn handing over ceremony vividly illustrates the fruitful collaboration between the Fondation Inter-Progress (FIB) that organizes the promote Fair, and the Yaounde conference centre that hosts the biennal event.
    The installations, materials and equipments handed over included 4 expansive halls for exposition, accessories for 400 exposition stands, air conditioning equipment, 1500 chairs, 500 seats for conferences, 119 tables for roundtable and rectangular conferences, 50 public lighting lamps, maintenance equipment and equipment for video, sound and lighting.

“We did not eject the Senate”

- Christophe Mien Zok, DG Conference Centre
DG of Conf. Centre, Chritophe Mien Zok
The General Manager of the Yaounde Conference Centre has debunked allegations by the press that the Senate was thrown out of the Conference Centre because of accrued rents. Christophe Mien Zok told a press conference in Yaounde that the Senate only had to relocate its offices to another site in order to make way for rehabilitation works to be carried out at the Conference Centre.
    Mien Zok wondered aloud how on earth he would have the audacity and effrontery to ask the Senate President- the second personality of the state after President Paul Biya, to quit his office, for any reason what so ever.
    “Even if the Senate had accrued rents to pay to the Conference Centre, can we have the audacity to force them to check out?” Mien Zok wondered rhetorically, explaining that the Senate had to move its offices because the Chinese company that was contracted to rehabilitate the Conference Centre had to begin its work.   
    “The Chinese company has contractual obligations including a deadline to complete and hand over the job. The company was expected to begin its work in the first semester of 2015 but they only started in August, four months behind schedule, and this was because they had to wait for the institutions lodged at the Conference Centre to relocate,” Mien Zok explained, recalling that the public was since 15 December 2014 informed by way of message that the rehabilitation works on the Centre would commence in the first semester of 2015.

Buea Municipality on the move:

Free holiday classes, holiday jobs, football tourney end in style
- Mayor launches 2015/2016 Scholarship Scheme & Financial Assistance for the old
- Buea populations hail Mayor for open-mindedness and people-centred politics

By Che Sam “Gaucher” in Buea
Buea Mayor (2nd left) flanked by veteran politician Ekundi Rey (L) and  Njie Mandengue (R)
The Lord Mayor of Buea, Dr. Patrick Ekema Esunge should certainly be filled with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction at this time, especially given the almost 100% success registered by the council in all the holiday programs she organized and sponsored during the third term holidays that ended on Sunday 7 September 2015.
    It was with this sense of fulfillment and perhaps, his characteristic dynamism and workaholic disposition that, barring the heavy down pour, Mayor Ekema on Monday 31st August, cruised from one end of the town to the other to personally preside over the end of the 2015 free holiday classes and the holiday jobs program, both of which were organized and sponsored by the Buea Council.
    Accompanied by his four deputies and some councilors and stakeholders in the running of the Buea Municipality, Mayor Ekema began his very charged itinerary at the gymnasium of the Bilingual Grammar High School BGHS Molyko Buea, where he presided over the closing ceremony of the one-month free holiday classes.
    Welcoming the Mayor and his entourage, the Principal of BGHS Buea, Mme Loyce Ikome, thanked the Mayor for choosing BGHS Molyko to host the maiden edition of the free holiday classes. She hailed the monitors and teachers for the high level of professionalism and duty consciousness exhibited throughout the holiday program, saying the lessons thought will help the pupils and students in no small measure when they go back to their respective schools.
    In a demonstration of what they had learnt during the one month, the nursery and primary school kids presented beautiful rhymes, poems and songs in both English and in French. They also debated intelligently on the theme: “Are holiday classes important?”
    Mayor Ekema and his entourage could not conceal their joy, when the kids sang a song they specially composed for the Mayor thanking him for helping them acquire knowledge free of charge.
    No sooner did the Primary School Kids leave the stage than their Secondary School counterparts announce their entry with Tata Kinge’s hit track “PANYA”. Visibly electrified, the entire high table got up and joined the students in demonstrating their mastery of the Bakweri traditional dance, the “Nganya”.
    There was ‘farotage’ agogo, as the Mayor displayed another dose of his trademark largesse, spraying the youngsters with clean bank notes. Members of the mayor’s entourage also did like their boss. 
    Mounting the rostrum later, the Chairperson of the organizing committee for the holiday classes, Dr. Mrs. Ojongnkpot, who doubles as the 4th Deputy Mayor of the Buea Council, thanked Mayor Ekema for the wonderful initiative of affording knowledge even to the poor and underprivileged.