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“Be Good Governance Ambassadors”

-Senator Mbella Moki tells Youth Leaders in Buea
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

Senator Mbella Moki
Some 50 youth leaders drawn from diverse institutions and associations in Buea have been challenged to be good governance ambassadors whenever and wherever they find themselves in the country. Senator Mbella Moki Charles and the leaders of Local Youth Corner Cameroon (LOYOC) made the call recently on the campus on the University of Buea during a one-day training programme for prospective youth leaders.
    Based on governance and accountability in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, the training forum at the boardroom of the Faculty of Arts, University of Buea was occasion for the young leaders to be schooled on pertinent issues relating to good leadership notably having the right attitude, doing the right things and for the right objectives and purposes.
    To this effect, sundry presentations during the over four hours training programme was done by people who had the experience and savoir-faire of good governance in particular, and the Post-2015 Development Agenda in general.
    Amongst the several presentations was that of Senator Mbella Moki Charles, who talked on Youth engagement in the Decentralisation process; the opportunities and expectations. The senator urged the young leaders undergoing the training to actively participate in the decentralisation process that is on-going in the country. He exhorted them to seek clarifications from government whenever necessary and also know what their roles are in the decentralisation process, the path towards Vision 2035, and especially their role as leaders in the attainment and realisation of the Post-2015 Development Agenda.

K’bo Mayor Finally Opens Up on Water Saga

-Says Kumbo Water belongs to the Nso People, the Fon, and the council
-Warned political adventurers that use the people for their gains
-Reveals the he has no problem with the Fon
By Njodzefe Nestor 

Mayor Njong Donatus giving his side of the story to the populations
In a public hearing organized July 23, to explain the supervisory role of the council over Kumbo Water Authority and to dispel rumours and intoxication, which he said has been doing the rounds in the area, Mayor Donatus Fonyuy Njong told the population that came out to listen to the council’s own side of the story on the ongoing water saga that the Kumbo Water belongs to the Nso People, the Fon, and the council and that no one has love for the water more than the other.
    Tracing the origin of the Kumbo water to 1967, when President Ahidjo paid a visit to Canada, Mayor Njong paid glowing tribute to ‘one of Nso’s greatest patriarchs’ , Prof Bernard Fonlon, who he said convinced President Ahidjo to include Kumbo water as one of the projects he was tabling before the Canadian Government. The Mayor explained the long road that led to signing of the Memorandum of Understanding that gave the council the supervisory role over Kumbo Water Authority.
    Reacting to the rumours of huge salaries for KWA workers/board members, the mayor refuted allegations that KWA workers were on a huge monthly salary and that board members were receiving monthly pay. He said the highest salary in KWA is FCFA 220,000. He explained board members only have sitting allowances and not salaries as it rumour holds.
    He also explained that apart from other benefits, the Fon more than 2.4 million in a year, far more than what any other person earns.
    Contrary to rumours doing the rounds, the mayor disclosed that KWA is regularly audited. He even brandished copies of the 2014 internal and external audit reports.
    Quizzed on what will be done now that some people are still requesting for an independent external audit, the mayor said if the General Assembly is not satisfied with the audit reports, they are charged to make requests for another audit.

Boko Haram:

Maroua in shock, fear as Boko Haram strikes again!
A suicide bomb blast has killed 18 people in the pont verre quarters in Maroua. The kamikaze attack occurred at about 8pm on Saturday night, the state broadcaster CRTV reported in its evening edition.
    Even though the report did not give details of the destruction caused and the casualties recorded, Communication minister Issa Tchiroma confirmed the report on Sunday morning. He said 14 people were killed and over 20 others wounded in the explosion that occurred when a suicide bomber- a young girl aged between 12 and 13 years detonated a bomb between two bars in the Pont Vers neighbourhood in Maroua centre. 
    The new attack occurred even as security measures have intensified inside the town and all over the country. It happened barely three days after two suicide bombers exploded themselves around the Maroua Central Market and the Barmare neighbourhood respectively, on Wednesday, killing 14 people and severely wounding over 40 others.
    A resident of Maroua whom we called said the explosion occurred some about 200 metres from where he was standing with some friends. He said they fled to their various homes as soon as they heard the very loud sound of the explosion.
    “I cannot say exactly how it happened; it was after nightfall and I was afraid to go towards the scene to get information. You can only call back tomorrow if you need more information,” said our interlocutor, who said he was already contemplating leaving Maroua with his family to the south of the country.

North-South Cooperation:

USA refuses to sell strategic weapons to Nigeria against Boko Haram
-Buhari accuses USA of aiding and abetting Boko Haram
-Laments impotence of Nigerian Army vis-a-vis the terrorist insurgents 

Bomb blasts blamed on Boko Haram killed 29 people in Nigeria and 14 in Cameroon, officials said Thursday after Nigeria's president warned that the U.S’s refusal to sell his country strategic weapons is "aiding and abetting" the Islamic extremist group.
    Nigeria's National Emergency Management Agency called Thursday for urgent blood donations to treat 105 wounded people, according to spokesman Sani Datti.
    NEMA has confirmed that no fewer than 29 persons were killed in Wednesday’s attacks at two motor parks in Gombe.
    He said at least 29 bodies have been recovered at two bustling bus stations in north eastern Gombe town — the latest targets in a campaign that has spilled across Nigeria's borders.
    In neighboring Cameroon, two suicide bombers Wednesday killed at least 14 people at a marketplace in the city of Maroua, officials said. The toll is likely to rise among the 50 injured, they said.
    Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari returned home Thursday to the capital, Abuja, from a four-day visit to the United States where he was warmly received by President Barack     Obama but failed to get all he wanted.
Buhari told policy makers Wednesday at the U.S. Institute for Peace that Nigeria's armed forces are "largely impotent" because they do not possess the appropriate weapons to fight the Boko Haram Islamic militants.
    He urged the Obama and Congress to be more flexible about the Leahy Law that prohibits weapon sales to countries whose military are accused of gross human rights violations.


New DG of Elections pledges collaboration
Hon. Abdoulaye Babale was commissioned into his new functions by the President of the Electoral Board, Dr. Samuel Fonkam Azu’u, on Friday 24 July 2015.
By Mercy Neba in Yaounde

Hon. Abdoulaye Babale
The new Director General of elections has been told to ensure collaboration with the Electoral Board and reinstate serenity in the body charged with organizing and managing elections and referendums in the country.
    Abdoulaye Babale was prescribed these as he was being commissioned into his new functions by the President of the Electoral Board of Elecam, Dr. Samuel Fonkam Azu’u, at the Yaounde Mont Febe Hotel, on Friday 24 July 2015.   
    Speaking to the press after the brief installation ceremony, Dr Fonkam said that the two organs of Elecam – the Electoral Board and the Directorate General of Elections DGE are supposed to be complementary and not compete with each other as has been the case in the past.
    Expressing satisfaction with the Presidential Decree of 21 July 2015 appointing the new DG of elections, Dr. Fonkam said “Cameroon is a state of law and the Head of state president Paul Biya has put an end to the crisis that has been rocking Elecam for some time now.”

Fako Lawyers to boycott court sessions




Your Lordships,

It is with utmost humility that we of the FAKO LAWYERS ASSOCIATION (FAKLA) present to your high and distinguished offices, this memorandum on issues touching and affecting our practice as Ministers of Justice in the temple which you manage in our jurisdiction and equally as a Watch Dog for the Civil Society.


    Your Lord Justices, we have noticed with disdain the massive transfer of Magistrates trained in the Civil Law tradition to this jurisdiction during the last sitting of the Higher Judicial Council. Being a civil service prerogative incumbent on the Chairperson of the Higher Judicial Council, it is our humble prayer and well advised judicious opinion that the litigants in this jurisdiction should not be embarrassed in their attempt to seek justice and discover that communication will be in a language that they cannot understand.
    It is our Resolution that for there to be fair hearing as enunciated in all laws and text books that we have come across in the course of our practice, all Judicial Processes and proceedings in the South West Region be conducted in the English Language - in criminal matters; this should be from interrogations through investigations to hearing and Judgment.

    It is our opinion that the issue of our dress code was exhaustively deliberated upon during our last meeting held at the Court of appeal Hall on your initiative on the 15th day of April 2015. We only hope that as administrators of the justice system, we should not be seen to want to undermine the Decision of the Bar Council on the topic, thus to that effect, we consider the issue settled.


    We hold and pray you hold with us, that the spirit of interpretation of harmonized laws within the South West Region should be Common Law inspired; in particular, the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC), OHADA UNIFORM ACTS, Cima Code, etc


    Your Lordships, we of the Fako Lawyers Association are clearly embarrassed by some Magistrates within our area of practice to the effect that you have instructed them to dismiss Applications brought by Counsel and or litigants by way of Motions on the grounds that it is no longer part of our laws as far as the Criminal Procedure Code and the OHADA Laws are concerned. We find this perplexing in that, there is jurisprudence from your Court and other instances where the Civil Law court process known as “REQUETTE” is interpreted to mean a Motion in our context. We, respectfully refer Your Lordships to the ensuing unreported case to buttress this position:

• HCF/   385C / 13 : LUCIA NGWE  V. THE PEOPLE
    In this case, Defence Counsel filed a Motion supported by affidavit for the bail of the Applicant who was on trial. However, before counsel could move the court, the state counsel raised an objection on the grounds that the application was incompetent.
    He argued that the use of an affidavit in support of the motion was wrong in law because the CPC had abolished the Evidence ordinance under which affidavits are made. He concluded that under the current code, applications should not be supported by affidavit. In reply defence Counsel Barr. Tchana contended that the argument was untenable because the Judicial Organization Law 2006 as amended should be relied on where the CPC is silent.
    After these impassionate contentions, Justice Menyoli President of the Court as he then was, had no difficulty in holding that the procedure of using affidavit evidence in support of motions is still a valued practice under the CPC. The Learned Judge articulated the point thus:
    “On this point, I am unable to agree with Learned State Counsel, who referred the Court to Section 585(1) of CPC which is to the effect that an Application for Habeas Corpus must be supported by an affidavit. The Learned Prosecuting Counsel himself, therefore supplies the lie to his own contention that the Criminal Procedure Code does not recognize or give effect to affidavit evidence. And the fallacy of that contention is easy to see. Section 225 of the CPC, as noted above, gives the Court the power to entertain applications for bail. The code is silent on the procedure that must be followed. Recourse must therefore be made to accepted practice and usages of the Court. I concur with Barrister Tchana that a Motion must be supported by an affidavit. The contention by the State Counsel, therefore, that this action is improper before the court because it is supported by an affidavit is clearly without foundation”.
    What has bothered us as legal practitioners is the idea that laws can be enacted by way of a Consultation Meeting and or Instructions handed down by an individual or group of persons no matter how powerful they can be either in the eyes of the Law or by imagination.
    To further demonstrate the importance of preserving this mode of commencement of proceedings in our search for Justice, we shall respectfully pray Your Lordships to take a close academic and professional look at the definition of “Motion” as contained in Black’s law Dictionary. It states:

    We pray you draw your own conclusion from the above definition and you will agree with us that “Motions” are an all too important part of our Legal practice to be ignored in any manner. In any case, if this mode of Commencement of Actions prescribed by Law and specifically implored in Section 15 of Law No. 2006/015 of 29th December 2006 on Judicial Organization is to be swept under the carpet by your dictates, then, the school of taught that Harmonization in the Cameroonian Judiciary is a disguised “CIVIL LAWLISIZATION” of the Cameroon Justice System will be well founded.

Stand-off with Fako Lawyers

Tiko DO boycotts court hearing  
-Case adjourned to August 6
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

The dust is yet to settle on the legal saga pitting the Tiko Divisional Officer and some 200 hundred lawyers of the Fako Lawyers Association FAKLA.
    Fako lawyers have vowed that justice must take its course following the failure of the Tiko Divisional Officer to appear in court last Thursday, July 23 to answer charges related to what they called the D.O’s violation of the rights of two of their colleagues.
    According to FAKLA President-Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor-Balla, the absence of the D.O in court shows the level of disdain and disrespect he has for the judiciary of the country. His absence, he emphasised was sad given that the over 40 FAKLA lawyers who were present in court were ready to see the D.O accept justice and admit he was wrong some two months ago, to have locked a fellow barrister in his own office.
    When asked if the lawyers were satisfied with the judge handling the case, Barrister Enow Agbor Benjamin, the lead counsel for the plaintiff said they were neither afraid of any judge nor of seeing justice taking its right course. “If at the end we are not satisfied with the verdict of the case, we could still take the case to other avenues,’ he said.
    The absence of the D.O at the Buea High Court seemed a great embarrassment to his office and a stain likewise to the image of the state of Cameroon to have little or no interest on the judiciary; a thing that has made the Fako Lawyers angrier and more determined to see the case to the end.

S.W. Attorney General Institutes Bi-monthly Regional Tour

The Attorney General (Procureur Général) of the South-West Court of Appeal, Magistrate Emile Essombe, has undertaken a regional tour to brief magistrates of legal departments and judicial police officers and agents on the finer points of the Criminal Procedure Code, and to establish a common viewpoint on how to apply the criminal law.
    During a press conference, Magistrate Essombe explained that some practises being done are not in accordance with the law and therefore, the tour through the legal departments in Kumba, Limbe, Tiko, Muyuka, Mamfe, etc, should result in a better application of the law. He described the tour as an opportunity to review the way the law is applied, identify shortcomings, take corrective measures and harmonise the application of the law throughout the region.

RTD Chief Justice SML Endeley 1923-2015

A man of many firsts
-A Tribute

The emblematic traditional ruler, the Nakuve of Buea, who died on Tuesday 7 July 2015 and was buried on Saturday 25 July 2015, was in fact a veritable trail-blazer and a man of many firsts.
    Record has it that as a young man burning with energy, SML Endeley aspired for higher heights and was the first among his peers to attain them. That is why in the pamphlet that was published and distributed at his funeral ceromies in Buea titled “Chief Justice SML Endeley (Paramount Ruler of Buea) 9 June 1923 – 7 July 2015: A multi-dimensional statesman”, Churchill Ewumbue-Monono and co. described the Nakuve as a man of many parts and a record holder in many disciplines.
    Among many other firsts that could not be immediately traced and recorded, Retired Chief Justice SML Endeley was known to be the first ever Southern Cameroonian to qualify as a trained pharmacist in 1950; he was also the first Southern Cameroonian to qualify as a lawyer in 1959; the first Cameroonian Judge in West Cameroon in 1966 and the first Chief Justice of the federated state of West Cameroon in 1971.
    Lawyer SML Endeley was also the first Southern Cameroonian to set-up an indigenous law firm (Lifafa Chambers) in 1960.

State honours an exemplary patriot

Vice PM Amadou Ali decorating paramount chief posthumously
- A rare mix of tradition and modernity characterized the funeral ceremonies for at Bongo Square in Buea
- HRM Endeley elevated posthumously to the dignity of Grand Cordon of the Cameroon Order of Merit
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem and Ajongakou Santos in Buea

The Paramount Chief of Buea, HRH Nakuve SML Endeley who died on Tuesday 7 July 2015, has been buried at his Mokunda Palace in Buea, after an official funeral ceremony at the Bongo Square ceremonial grand stand, on Saturday 25 July 2015.
Representing the Head of state at the State Funeral, the Vice Prime Minister in charge of Relations with the Assemblies – Amadou Ali, said the departed was a true patriot and a monument of National Unity. Amadou ali proceeded to elevate the fallen patriot to the highest order of merit in the country- the Grand Cordon of the National Order of Merit.
    During the almost 3-hour funeral service on the occasion, the moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon described the fallen hero as a devout Christian and a man who contributed enormously to the growth and strength of the church.
    Various speakers on the occasion, notably the chairman of the Fako support committee, H.E. Peter Mafany Musonge, described the late chief as a monument of the Bakweri people and a custodian of the Bakweri Heritage, who added dignity to the Bakweri Royalty.
    In a Eulogy published in the funeral pamphlet that was distributed free to mourners, the Chairman of the Buea Royal Traditional Council, Sir Humphrey Ekema-Monono, described the departed Paramount Chief as “a traditionalist to the core, who worked tirelessly to stop the erosion of Bakweri traditional values and customs, while reviving those that had gone moribund.”
    For their part, the elite of Fako, described the departed patriarch as an embodiment of the search for excellence, who served as a source of inspiration not only for many Fako sons and daughters but also for many Cameroonians and citizens of the world at large.
    In his tribute to the veteran colleague, the President of Fako Lawyers Association FAKLA, Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, described the departed Chief Judge as “a legal icon and fore-bearer of private legal practice in Anglophone Cameroon, whose legacy continues to serve as mirror and anchor for young lawyers.”

10 years of existence:

K’ba district hospital & USA-based NGO partner to save sights
Hospital Director, Dr. Ebongo Zachs Nanje extols Eye Unit for landmark achievements amid challenges

Dr. Ebongo Zacks Nanje checking a patient’s sight
Over 500 persons have benefitted from free consultative services at the Eye Unit of the Kumba District Hospital in a symbolic campaign to commemorate the Unit’s 10th anniversary. Launched in 2005 under the leadership of its present head cum District Hospital Director, Dr. Ebongo Zachs Nanje, the Eye Unit attends to more than 35000 persons yearly through clinic-based services and outreach programmes in localities such as Bangem, Mundemba, Tombel, Mbonge, Ekondo Titi, etc.
    The tenth anniversary philanthropic gesture was accomplished through a partnership between the Kumba District Hospital and NsoXperience, a “Fitness and Wellness Company” based in New York City, U.S.A.

K’ba Agro-Industry welcomes new professionals

Graduates of the Community Development Specialisation Training School (C.D.S.T.S) and Rural Equipment Development Specialisation Training School (R.E.D.S.T.S), all of Kumba, have been called upon to be entrepreneurs and agents of change rather than focusing solely on inclusion into the public service corps.
    The dual graduation ceremony took place July 22 at the schools’ joint campus under the auspices of the Meme Senior Divisional Officer, Koulbout Aman David, and South-West Regional Delegate of Agriculture and Rural Development, Enang James Enang, who both declared the graduates fit for the job market after two years of supervised study.
They encouraged the fresh batch of professionals, adept with second generation agricultural realities, to take advantage of the financial aid package offered to owners of small and medium-sized enterprises, and by so doing, to create jobs for others.

Four storey building collapses in B’da

Low quality of building materials blamed
The Divisional Delegate of Housing and Urban Development for Mezam- Roger Likane, has blamed the collapse of a four storey, 60 room building in Bambili on the use of cheap and low quality material.
    Talking to The Median while visiting the site on July 19, 2015, Roger Likane also revealed that the land lord in question had no legal backings for the construction.
    Corroborating the Divisional Delegate of Housing and Urban Development for Mezam, the Mayor of Tubah Council, Tanjong Frederick revealed that the landlord had no building permit and that the building was erected so fast, just like others in Bambili. He said the builders were in a haste to finish the house before the start of next academic year. Consequently, they worked night and day to attain their goal.

Cup of Cameroon:

Round Of 32 draw

FECAFOOT released the draw for the round of 32 on Monday, July 20, 2015. The draws mostly saw teams of the amateur leagues in the 10 regions of Cameroon playing against teams of the Professional League.
Newly promoted Lion Blesse of Foutuni will play the winner of the PWD Bamenda vs. Kumbo Strikers’ encounter.
    27 Regional League clubs will take part in the round of 32 with Centre region allocated 6 places, Littoral (5), Northwest (1), North (3), South (3), West (3), Southwest (3), Extrême North (3),Adamaoua (1), and East (1).

Monday, 20 July 2015

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Tradition versus modernity:

Chief Endeley’s burial mired in controversy
- Local Bakweri chiefs accuse royal family, elite of desecrating tradition
By Essan-Ekoninyam in Buea

HRH chiel SML Endeley was always jovial
Except the presidency imposes some changes on the proposed funeral program, the paramount ruler of Buea, His Royal Majesty Chief Nakuve Samuel Moka Lifafa Endeley who died on Tuesday 7 July 2015, at the very rare age of 92, would be laid to rest on 25 July 2015, at the royal burying ground in Mokunda, Buea Town.
    The date for the ‘royal burial’ was decided by the Endeley children, in concert with the Buea Traditional Council and some local elite, we learnt.
    However, as the family members are concerting with some well meaning Buea elite, to fine-tune the funeral program with a view to giving the fallen paramount ruler a most befitting burial, some local chiefs of Buea have not stopped grumbling and complaining about the fact that tradition has not been respected as far as the burial of the paramount chief is concerned.
    According to the chiefs of Buea, the paramount chief was suppose to have been buried long ago, and without any popular ceremonies.
    The chiefs defend their claim by evoking a new custom that revises and supplements the old custom of the Bakweri people of Buea. By virtue of the new law, which the chiefs say was introduced by Paramount Chief SML Endeley himself and which was consensually endorsed by all the chiefs of Buea, bearing on the burial of chiefs, any chief who dies in the Buea area has to be buried immediately, by his peers. Also the burial of a chief is done in all secrecy, void of any public ceremonies.
    The chiefs add that the immediate and secret burial of the chief does not mean that popular and befitting funeral ceremonies cannot be organized subsequently.
    “The announcement of a chief’s passing is even supposed to be made only after the chief has been buried, by virtue of tradition,” noted one of the aggrieved chiefs, who remarked unfortunately that this custom that was introduced during the reign of the paramount ruler of Buea himself, has been violated only at his own death.
    The Buea chiefs say as custodians of tradition they can not condone such manifest disrespect for the chieftaincy institution in Bakweri land. It is for this reason that some of the chiefs are threatening to boycott the burial of the paramount ruler.
    It should be recalled that when the fallen paramount ruler was taken to the Buea hospital mortuary by family members immediately after he died on Tuesday 7 July 2015, a heated altercation ensued at the mortuary, with some local chiefs cursing the paramount ruler’s children for desecrating tradition by taking the paramount chief to a public mortuary.
    The chiefs insisted that the paramount chief be taken back to his Palace and be buried immediately, as tradition demands.
    Some of the chiefs who were present at the mortuary, argued strongly that the paramount chief’s children should respect the law that was made by their own father.

Yellow color for Buea “okada”

- Okada riders to also put on uniforms
The SDO of Fako, Zang III has issued an order compelling all commercial motorbikes (okada) in Buea area to be painted in yellow colour. Okada riders have been given one month to comply with the prefectoral order or have their bikes impounded apart from paying a fine of 25000 fcfa.
    The SDO’s order also prohibits okada riders from crossing the limits set for them by the council. Okada riders in Buea are not supposed to go beyond prescribed loading points notably Small Soppo, Molyko check-point and Bomaka. Defaulters will be sanctioned accordingly, the SDO’s order stated further.

Decongesting prisons:

Gov’t creates new Prisons in Limbe, D’la
The Minister of State in charge of Justice and keeper of the Seals, Laurent Esso, has signed a decision creating new prisons in the towns of Limbe and Douala.
    The ministerial arrête signed on 13 July 2015, created two new prisons in Douala and one in Limbe.
    The new prisons in Douala are the Douala-Ngoma Central prison and the Bonaberi principal prison.
    The prison in Limbe would be called the Limbe principal prison.

Desecration of royalty:

 NW Fons wash dirty royal linen in public
The fon of Ngienmuwa, Fon Teche Njei 11 and the fon of Bangolan, Fon Chafah Isaac X1, who are respectively the sitting President General and the former President General of the North West Fons Union, NOWEFU, have continued trading insults in the market place, even as they await the Court to rule on a motion filed by Fon Chafah concerning the functioning of NOWEFU. Observers say whatever the two Nowefu heavy-weights are evoking in public as the bone of contention the real reason behind the bad blood that now flows between them (we understand that they were formerly very good friends) is more under the surface.
By Ngong Chrisantus Foy in Bamenda

The once revered NW Fons are fast losing the respect by the day
“We be form dis thing na for chop. But because some people think say na only them get for chop, we go better spoil’am so that all we go loss”. This was a remark of a NW fon, in pidgin, when he was confronted by this reporter to explain the real reasons behind the imbroglio in the North West Fons Union, Nowefu.
    The ‘notorious and bizarre’ conflict of interest has virtually split the once vibrant and powerful fons’ union into camps, with one camp loyal to Fon Teche and the other to Fon Chafah.
    Observers remark that the public utterances and ostrich posturing of these two heavy-weights of Nowefu is simply disgusting; it desecrates the once revered and envied institution of ‘fon’ in the NW region.
    Yet even as the two protagonists evoke differences in opinion over the interpretation of the Nowefu constitution, observers say the real bone of contention is buried deep under the surface. Some even talk of differences over the sharing of the spoils of office.
    In a reaction in the national daily, Cameroon Tribune of Thursday July 16 2015 (page 5), Senator Fon Teche Njei II of Ngienmuwa, maintained that until the general assembly of Nowefu elects a new President General, he remains the person in command. He debunked claims by some people that he has fired some influential members from the Fons’ Union. Fon Teche explained that no members of the union were ever dismissed.

Public investment Projects:

Hon. Awudu Mbaya
NW losing millions due to under-pricing of contracts
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

The lowest bidder principle specified in article 33 section 1 of the public contract code in Cameroon as one of the criteria for the award of public contracts has been identified as a stumbling block to sustainable development.
    This and many other issues were concerns raised at the first semester participatory follow-up meeting to evaluate the level of physical and financial execution of the 2015 public investment projects in the North West region.
    The meeting that held at the MINEPAT building on Thursday July 16 was chaired by the President of the NW follow-up committee Hon. Awudu Mbaya assisted by Madame Regina Mundi as Vice President.
    The participants regretted that because projects are awarded only to the lowest bidder most projects are not well executed especially given the high rate of corruption of stakeholders in the public contracts chain. Added to this, large chunks of the investment credits are sent back to the central government under the guise of what is technically called budgetary economy.
    It filtered from the meeting that after awarding most of the 525 projects in the North West region, a whopping FCFA 550m was earned from bidders who down-priced their bids in order to boost their chances of winning the contracts.
It was against this backdrop that the participants resolved to table before the National Follow-up committee which is supposed to meet in no distant future recommendations that will help redress the situation.
    Most of the projects especially those awarded at the regional level as at July were already handed out. However some of the projects are yet to start because of diverse problems. One of such projects is the FCFA 38 million project to construct the regional delegation of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.

Media People as Foot Soldiers

By Tazoacha Asonganyi, Yaounde
Recent outings of two senior journalists have kept me thinking about what we see, hear and read.  The one made statements about media persons and journalism like: blaming journalists for exposing things that are “inexposable”; asking if freedom makes a journalist a nuisance; asking if freedom should make journalists irresponsible; if freedom runs journalists mad; revealing that there are some 600 tabloids in Cameroon; stating that the role he has as a professional journalist is to inform his public correctly with facts - I must be sure of what I say and not base anything I say or write on hear-say or rumour; blaming journalists for getting into the gutter and exhuming decayed carcases to pollute the atmosphere; describing some journalists as untamed nonentities; asking if a free press is that which ridicules society and those who head that society; claiming that criticism has remained a powerful temptation to be derogatory and most of all indecent; claiming that journalists have lost their dignity and become hooligans in a profession of nobility; claiming that only the thief can identify places where theft has taken place; confessing that he would  like to be critical but not destructive, positive and not negative.
    The other said: an official threatened that he would have caused security to arrest a journalist …of that dirty paper; in the process of reporting news, it is only normal that certain jigger-infested toes would be stepped on and cobweb infested cupboards rattled; we report news and when it so demands, interpret it; we go for news even if it is hidden under the bed of those who make but are eager to hide it; some officials consider some news organs “hostile” media; some people are media made people…
    Of the two, one seems to write from the side of “power,” the other, from the other side; one seems to write from the side of government, and the other from that of the rest of us!

New SME Bank Opens Today

The Cameroon Bank for Small and Meduim-Size Enterprises – BC-PME will officially open its doors to the public today, Monday, 20 July 2015. The revelation was made by the General Manager of the Bank, Mrs. Agnes Mandeng Ndoumbe, in an exclusive interview she granted Cameroon Tribune on Thursday 16 July 2015.
    Mrs. Mandeng announced that the new Bank will kick-off with just the Yaounde branch that is attached to the bank’s head office situated at Nlongkak quarters. She said the Douala branch would be opened later on 3 August 2015. Other branches will be opened in other towns progressively, she said.
    It should be recalled that since 4 years ago that government announced the creation of the SMEs Bank, it was only in June 2014 that the persons to manage the Bank (the GM, Deputy GM and Board Members) were appointed. Since then it only now that the Bank is opening its doors.

SW Mayors debunk strike plans

The Mayors say they are open for dialogue with government towards a review of their salary situation

The President of the South-West Regional Bureau of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon (U.C.C.C.), Aboko Patrick Anki, has debunked claims that mayors in Cameroon are planning a sit-down strike in August 2015 to protest against the catechist salaries allocated for them by government. He was addressing fellow mayors, senators and other personalities on the occasion of the South-West U.C.C.C. General Assembly Meeting which held on July 17 2015 in Kumba.
    The mayor of the Kombo-Abedimo Council in the Bakassi Peninsula allayed anxiety created by information contained in a press release issued by the National Coordination of Mayors and Councilors of Cameroon (N.C.M.C.C.) claiming that mayors and councilors in the country would engage a series of actions to protest the ill-treatment they are subjected to by government.
    The planned remonstrative actions by the mayors include a one-month sit-down strike starting from 1st August 2015. The strike would culminate in a protest march to the Governors’ Offices of the ten regions on 1st October 2015, according to the release, which added that whilst at the Governors’ Offices the mayors would present a memo to the respective Governors explaining their grievances. 

Meme Division:

KAKE II denizens schooled on Climate Change

Denizens of Kake II Bokoko village in Meme Division have been sensitized on their role in the fight against climate change which is creating a revolution in the farming culture. Gathered at the chief’s palace, the villagers comprising farmers, students, counselors and quarter-heads, were schooled on REDD+ by a delegation from Transparency International Cameroon, Yaounde. REDD+ is a tool soon to be implemented to reduce carbon emission from deforestation and forest degradation so as to rescue the ozone layer and normalise climatic conditions.
    According to Nyassa T. Lucain, Forest Governance Programme Manager at Transparency Int’l Cameroon, the Kake II denizens would need to master the REDD+ process, contribute to tree-planting, collaborate with local authorities and denounce suspicious logging. He cautioned them to preempt corrupt practices that may occur during the REDD+ implementation process, such as illegal confiscation of their lands and deceitful withholding of funds.

South West region:

George Ngeke Likiye
SDF hails works on K’ba-Mamfe road, Tiko Airport
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

Senior officials of the SDF party have called on government to tar the Kumba-Mundemba road as a means of improving access to the Bakassi Peninsular and also alleviating poverty among the populations living along the stretch.  This was one of the recommendations of an enlarged executive meeting of the party held recently in Muyuka.
    SDF authorities equally appreciated government on the on-going works on the Kumba-Mamfe road also commended the decision to rehabilitate the Tiko Airport.
    Meanwhile John Fru Ndi’s party sounded a strong appeal to government to consider relocating the close to 3000 persons living around the Tiko Airport area.

Ramadan in Ngoketunjia

Hon. Njingum Musa Donates to Muslims
The Member of Parliament for Ngoketunjia North Constituency has extended a hand of fellowship to the Muslims in Babessi and Ndop Central Sub Divisions. Hon. Njingum Musa and Choh Issa (mayor of Babessi) stormed Babungo, Baba, Bangolang, Babessi and Mambim with Parliamentary goodies to fellowship with the Muslims at fasting. The gifts included amongst others, a cow each for each Muslim Community, cartons of sugar, and cartons of soap, kettles, prayer mats, paints and loudspeakers.
     On 12 July 2015 Hon. Njingum Musa stormed Ndop Central Sub Division. In Bamunka, the MP donated tons of cement, prayer mats, cartons of sugar, plywood, roofing sheets and paints in six different Muslim communities. The distribution started at the Bamunka Central Mosque and ended at Mile 27, Ndop. At Bamessing, the MP who was flanked by the Mayor of Ndop Council were received on arrival by enthusiastic Muslims. Before handing over cartons of sugar to the leaders of the three Muslim communities of Bamessing, Hon. Njingum Musa prescribed love, vigilance and prayers of peace for the nation. The team moved to Bamali Mosque where the MP handed over roofing sheets, paints, plywood and cartons of sugar.

North West Region

Measles outbreak kills two in Menchum
Two children are confirmed dead as a result of Measles out-break at Benakuma- Menchum Division of the North West Region. The confirmation was made by the Secretary General at the North West Governors Office while launching the injectable polio vaccine within the framework of the expanded programme of immunization in Bamenda.
    Health experts have blamed the deaths on negligence and ignorance by parents of the deceased who had hesitated taking their children to the hospital. Reports say they were holding tight to a traditional belief that children infected with measles always die whenever injected.
    According to Dr. Sama Julius, Head of Unit of the Expanded Programme on Immunization in the North West Regional Delegation of Public Health, the two confirmed cases were compounded by malnutrition
    In order to combat this health hazard from degenerating, a team of public health experts led by the North West Regional Delegate of Public Health Dr. Manjo Matilda patrolled the11 districts of the North West Region affected by the epidemic. From their findings, 106 cases of measles were registered, out of which 85 of them were resolved.

Richard Kings announces new album

Richard kings
Who is Richard kings?

Richard Kings is a multifaceted Cameroonian-born contemporary artiste with a deep-rooted cultural awareness churning it for international visibility.

What got you into music?

In fact music chose me. I inherited the voice from my mother's line and the passion that burns inside wakes me up each day with a song in my mind. Doing what I love and being loved for doing it I wouldn’t ask for anything less.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

My inspiration is drawn from everyday reality like life, nature, charity, humility, love, sacrifice, children, misery, God, human nature.etc etc

What age groups do your music target?

I target every age group with specific conversational high points through infotainment and edutainment for the abstract subjects like spirituality and astral concepts. I try to demystify them by engaging conversations (andragogy) such that everyone feels fulfilled after each song I write and sing. At least that's my objective. Whether I succeed is another issue.

What has been the highpoint of your career so far?

I've got several highpoints so far ranging from the day my father finally accepted me as a musician through my performing at the General Assembly of the United Nations to performing at the NAACP 2014 convention in Las Vegas USA. There are a handful of other high points that cannot list here.

You have not released an album for quite a while. What is happening?

I have been working much more on life performances and doing duos and singles lately than coming up with an entire album. This is because the chemistry of world music says when investment meets talent business is done. So I had to learn the art of doing music business then produce a CD which I am finalizing in Germany now. So soon enough you will hear from Richard Kings with an entire album of 14 songs; a gift from my soul as always.

Meme women sensitized on gender-based violence

By Atemnkeng Evaristius in Kumba
A one day capacity building workshop to raise awareness among community leaders on the fight against gender-based violence was held in Kumba on 15 July 2015.
    Organized by the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child, CAPEC, a subsidiary of the Eramus+ Programme of the European Union, the workshop at the Women’s Empowerment Center dueled essentially on how to “fight against sexual violence against women and young girls”.
    It brought together close to 50 women from all walks of life including representatives of religious groups as well as social and cultural groups across Meme Division.
    Facilitating the workshop, Mrs. Adeline Sede Kamga, Publisher of the Fab Afriq Magazine, said women refuse to complain about violence at their matrimonial settings even though they are victims. She regretted that at times women do not know that they are being violated upon.
     “We are out to sensitize community leaders on how they can identify emotional and physical violence and ways through which it can be reduced or completely eliminated,” Adeline noted, adding that "many women who are being violated upon are afraid to come out and denounce it in the public simply because they are trying to be protective of their husbands.”

Barack and Michelle Obama's first date

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Back in 1989, future first couple Barack Obama and Michelle Obama went on a first date in Chicago. This date, which ended with a goodnight kiss, serves as the inspiration for Southside With You, a romantic dramedy starring Parker Sawyers (as Barack) and Tika Sumpter (as Michelle). On Tuesday in the Windy City, the pair got in character to shoot a scene in Hyde Park, giving fans a first glimpse of how the Obamas will appear onscreen!
    So what can fans expect from this movie? Well, Barack and Michelle's real-life first date was pretty darn cute. Back then Barack, a Harvard law student, took a summer job at Sidley & Austin, and Michelle was assigned to be his adviser.
    "I asked her out. She refused," the future president would later recall to O, The Oprah Magazine. "She kept refusing."
    Michelle said that because she was Barack's adviser, it was "not appropriate." According to Barack, it was only when he "offered to quit my job " that "at last she relented."
    So what's a guy to do when the girl finally says yes?! Barack "treated her to the finest ice cream Baskin-Robbins had to offer," he told O, The Oprah Magazine. After they'd enjoyed their desserts, Barack got in a kiss, "and it tasted like chocolate," he said. (Adorably enough, there's an historical plaque commemorating this smooch at the exact corner where it took place!)

Holiday Football:

Papi London spoils Muea populations
- Puts FCFA 1 million worth trophy for grabs
By Sam Che alias Gaucher in Buea

Former footballer cum business tycoon and philanthropist, Elvis Kemanyang a.k.a. Papi London, has launched a twin football tournament in Muea, a popular quarter in Buea sub division. The two-phase launching took place on Monday July 6th with Mme Fule Kemanyang (Papi’s wife) giving the kick-off for the female football tournament at the GS Muea stadium, with close to 1000 spectators present.
    The match saw last year’s cup holders, Continental Girls FC white-washing new comers Lava Shutters FC by 6 goals to 1.
    Present among the spectators were former football greats in Buea including Atem Valentine, Batamoh Jonathan, Eric Nganje, Jacky Wose, Eugene Fomombod (all playing in Italy) and Karawah Ephesian who doubles as chairman of the organizing committee of the tournament.
Other members of the organizing committee include Prince Akwo Mukete, Kevin, Roland Ekokobe (Ayo’o de Londre) and Akematui Timah as resource person and technical adviser.
    The female tournament has four teams that will be battling to bag home the 500.000 frs cash price, as well as other interesting individual prices like the highest goal scorer, best player, most disciplined team, best goal keeper etc.
    The climax of the launch came on Wednesday 8 July 2015, with the kick-off of the under-15 boys’ football tourney. Three matches were played during the first day of play with spectators at the GS Muea stadium having a run for their patience, as all three encounters were a compelling watch.
    The second playing day was billed for 10th July. Spectators have promised never to miss any of the matches.

SW Fecafoot adopts statutes amid controversy

By Ajongakou Santos & Isifu Wirfengla in Buea
Prof. Ephraim Angwafor
15 out of 19 club presidents in the South West Football League last Wednesday, 15 July 2015 adopted the statutes to regulate the functioning of the league. 
    The event which was plagued by heated arguments, complaints and violent exchanges took place at Capitol Hotel, Buea, chaired by member of the Fecafoot Normalization Committee, Professor Ephraim Ndeh Ngwafor.
    It should be recalled that following the adoption of the Fecafoot General Rules on 2nd June 2015, by the 2009 General Assembly, divisional and regional leagues had to also successively adopt their by-laws. 
    However, no such adoption of texts ever took place at the divisional level in the SW region. Many club presidents also complained that no copy of the general Fecafoot statutes was ever sent to them to enable them for scrutiny ahead of the adoption of regional bye-laws. 
    The representative of the Normalization Committee Prof. Ngwafor said he was surprised to learn that club presidents had not received the statutes for review at least one week to the adoption exercise, as article 27 of the general statutes requires. 
    Prof. Ngwafor regretted that it was rather the divisional text that was sent to the SW for review instead of the regional texts.
    In the end, eight (8) club presidents voted against the adoption of the divisional texts, while eleven (11) supported the adoption. As for the adoption of the regional texts, 15 club presidents voted for adoption while three presidents voted against. There was one blank ballot. 
     Despite the adoption nation-wide of the statutes, it is still feared that the exercise may be cancelled again this because of the petition filed with the Conciliation and Arbitration Chamber of the Cameroon National Olympic Committee, by some stakeholders calling for annulment of the whole process.
     It should be noted that only the South West and Littoral were still to adopt the statutes as of last week.

Olympic Games Qualifiers

Lionesses held 1-1 by Ghana’s Black Queens
The Black Queens of Ghana on Saturday held the Indomitable Lionesses during the third round qualifiers to a 1-1 tie at the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium in Yaounde.
    The Lioness entered the game with determination with Ngo Mbeleck Edith failing to give Cameroon an early lead barely minutes into the game, after a well-orchestrated assist from Edoa Henriette.
    The continued pressure on the Blacks Queens was unbearable but it was the visitors that broke the dead lock in the 31st minute through Myles Mercy from close range.
    Efforts from the Lionesses to equalize before half time were futile.
    However, the second period seemed to be excellent for the girls who put in their possible best galvanized by the huge crowds that turn out to cheer them to victory.
    Every move was appreciated and barely 14 minutes in the second half Cameroon leveled scoring through a beautiful free kick executed by team captain Manie Christine.

Why I still want to be Fecafoot President

Robert Penne
- Robert Penne, former Fecafoot SG & VP
The graduate from INJS Yaounde says despite controversies surrounding the process to elect the next president of the Cameroon Football Federation, he believes he has all the merits to be handed the top job. He made the statement in an interview he granted The Median in Yaounde. Excerpts
The process to elect a new president of Fecafoot is getting more and more complex by the day. With all these confusion and intrigues do you still nurse the ambition to vie for the Fecafoot presidency? Will you still present your candidature for the election?

Yes of course! Did you think the contrary? Complexity of a process is not synonymous to impossibility, especially for some body who wants to pay back his country for all the help he received.

How do you react to the scheming attitude of the normalization committee?

To say the truth I don’t think it is my place to judge the committee. The Cameroonian people are sufficiently informed to draw conclusions on the attitude of the normalization committee members. What preoccupies me is how to win the confidence of the majority of the electorate so that I can have the mandate to implement my blue print for Cameroon football which is so dear to me.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Front page


Musicians’ rights:

PM Yang consolidates control, puts Tutu Muna out of the show
A Prime Ministerial decision of 8 July 2015 creates a follow-up committee to cleanse the author’s rights sector of its multifarious woes. The Minister of Arts and Culture has nothing to do with the committee.
By Mercy Neba in Yaounde

PM Yang
Prime Minister Philemon Yang is determined more than ever before to ensure a lasting clean-up of the copy rights sector of the country, especially the management of musicians’ rights.
    The PM on Wednesday 8 July 2015 signed a decision No 058/CAB/PM, bearing on the creation, organization and functioning of a follow-up committee to put in place measures to regulate the management of author’s rights of the musical arts domain.
    The PM’s decision is the follow-up to a previous decision in April this year creating an ad hoc committee to study the problems plaguing the musicians’ world in Cameroon and make policy proposals towards a lasting solution.
    The Median learned from on good authority that the Ad hoc committee had since completed its work and submitted its report to the PM.
    The creation of the follow-up committee is therefore aimed to ensure the implementation of its proposals and continue with efforts to clean the musicians’ house in Cameroon.
    Composed of eight members drawn from the PM’s office and other stakeholder departments, the follow-up committee is charged with the drawing up of new statutes to regulate management of author’s rights bodies and also elaborate an electoral code for all author’s rights associations, be them of the musical arts or plastic arts domain.

Decent housing for the poor

Buea Council embarks on low-cost housing
- Mayor Ekema Patrick seals FCFA 4 billion MoU deal with Canadian real-estate firm
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

Mayor Ekema & Option for Homes Country Manager
exchange books after sealing the deal
The Buea Council has signed a 4 billion CFA Francs deal with Canadian Housing Company, Option for Homes. According to the Memorandum of Understanding, Option for Homes is expected to construct some 40 low cost houses in the Buea Municipality for the next three years on a 7 hectares piece of land made available by the Buea Council.
    Ekema Patrick Esunge, the mayor of Buea signed the MoU on behalf of the Buea Council, while Henry Neba Awantoh signed for the over 25-year-old Canadian low-cost housing outfit.
    The site for the project is situated adjacent the Buea Central market which is presently under construction at the tune of FCFA 2.5 billion, fruits of South-South corporation.
    While welcoming the officials of Option for Homes into the Buea Municipality, the mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge, said his institution is engaging in development strides after that with the Mothercat Limited Company who is charged with building a modern market for Buea. He expressed happiness that Option for Homes has accepted their offer to build modern and low-cost houses for the people of his municipality.
    According to the Lord Mayor, there are lots of benefits in the pipeline from this Buea Council-Option for Homes contract. These include a 1% building permit fee from the 4 billion project that will fetch some 40million CFA Francs to the Buea Council. The Memorandum of Understanding will see the construction of some 40 apartments expected to be handed to the Buea Council whose proceeds will come from the rents, as well as some 60 million that will be trickling in the Buea Council coffers, after the 22- year- land lease to Option for Homes.

Bakweri chiefs do not die; they travel never to return

      -Chief Ngomba Francis of Bonduma
Chief Ngomba Francis
    As a traditional ruler and notable of Buea can you edify our readers on how chiefs are buried in Bakweri tradition?

 I should first make a correction: Chiefs do not die in Bakweri land; they disappear. Because they are said to disappear, they should not be seen again, not to talk of being buried. What obtains is that, when the disappearance of the chief is noticed, his subjects wait for some days or weeks or months as the case may be. After which there is a celebration that is done to honour the fact that he is gone, not dead. We believe that a chief travels and gives chance for a new person to succeed him. The celebration of a chief’s disappearance is characterized by traditional dances and several other rituals performed in his honour. This is done in the midst of other chiefs and other dignitaries of the area.

Chief SML Endeley (1923-2015)

A most difficult funeral for a complex personality
-HRH SML Endeley was a statesman, a retired senior judge of special status, pharmacist, politician, churchman and custodian of tradition. Members of the Royal Family say their father has to be buried in a manner that reflects and satisfies all the caps that he wore during his long and very eventful life. However, some Bakweri chiefs also argue that it is against Bakweri traditions and customs to put the King in a public mortuary; the chiefs argue that the nakedness of a chief should not be seen by commoners. Commentators  at the mortuary said the debates were just a fore-taste of the succession battles that might ensue sequel to Chief Nakuve Endeley’s funeral
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem and Ajongakou Santos in Buea

A heated debate ensued at the Buea Hospital Mortuary when the remains of the Paramount Ruler of Buea, HRH Nakuve Samuel Moka Lifafa Endeley were rushed there in the evening hours of Tuesday 7 July 2015. Some local Chiefs, who had thronged at the mortuary, blamed the late chief’s family and the traditional council for taking the chief to a public mortuary. The chiefs insisted, albeit vexatiously, that HRM Endeley’s body be moved back to his Mokunda Palace for traditional rites to be performed, including even immediate burial, why not?
    Chief Njie Mandengue of Wondjia village for instance swore that if the royal family of Mokunda village prefer to treat the paramount patriarch like “a commoner” he would not be part of any burial ceremonies that would be organized subsequently.
    HRH Njei Mandengue and most of the other chiefs and even some of the local elite, mustered strong that the remains of the paramount chief should not be left in the hands of medical doctors because chiefs do not operate within the realm of ordinary men.
    “Tradition does not allow for the nakedness of chiefs to be seen by ordinary people; chiefs are not ordinary people,” fumed another chief, insinuating that the myth that surrounds the institution of chief is completely eroded when a chief is laid in a public mortuary, among ordinary people, when he dies.
    According to HRH Chief Ngomba Francis Meende of Bonduma village, “chiefs do not die in Bakwerri land; they only travel and never return”.


President Buhari cuts his salary by 50%
Muhammadu Buhari
Abuja Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari will take only half of the salary paid to former head of state Goodluck Jonathan, his office announced on Friday.
"President Muhammadu Buhari will only receive 50 percent of the salary paid to his predecessor," the head of state's spokesman Garba Shehu said in an emailed statement.
    "The president's decision to take a 50 percent cut was conveyed to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation yesterday (Thursday)," he added.
    The annual salary of Nigeria's president is currently set at 14,058,820 naira ($70,000, 63,500 euros), including allowances, according to the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

Paul Biya, History, and Power Politics

By Tazoacha Asonganyi, Yaounde
A former French president Giscard d’Estaing with an insight shaped by being a witness and participant in the triumph of the human spirit over unimaginable odds because he fought in the Second World War, once said that history is tragic, and that there can be no response to history without effort. What is sure is that Paul Biya was not a participant in the struggle for the independence of Cameroun. That is why he probably did not understand the French journalist who asked him questions during the joint press conference he held with François Hollande in Yaounde recently. But I think the mention by Hollande of the struggles of Um Nyobe and his colleagues for the independence of Cameroun was indirectly drawing his attention to where the French journalists were coming from.
    Human history is one single continuum of the march of humanity in search of liberty, freedom and rights. The British as part of the continuum shed their blood and provided humanity with the Magna Carta. The Americans in the effort to move the struggle forward, also shed their blood in the American Revolution and provided humanity with a written constitution that famously declared that “We the people…in order to form a more perfect union…and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and to our Posterity do ordain and establish this Constitution…” And the French shed their own blood during their own Revolution to take liberty, rights and freedom to their own next level.
    In Cameroun, Um Nyobe and his colleagues struggled to add their own value to this human struggle for liberty, freedom and rights; to add their own quota to the continuum of human effort. Unfortunately, the French joined Ahidjo to prevent Um and his colleagues from making any contribution to the advancement of the continuum. The result is that Ahidjo and later Paul Biya understood and copied only the letter of the constitutionalism that is the outcome of this long and continuing human struggle, neglecting the spirit shaped by several centuries of sacrifice to establish rights, liberty and freedom. This is why Paul Biya thinks that the constitution is just a piece of paper that can be manipulated to refuse the freedom, liberty and rights that the constitution is supposed to incarnate; why he can freely turn the constitution from a charter of freedom and rights for all, to a charter of personal power and the liberty and authority of repression!
    Paul Biya’s declaration that he has been in power for the last 33 years because the people want it to be so, is a confirmation that history is indeed tragic. He most obviously failed to understand that the question put to him was based on the spirit of constitutionalism, not the letter.


Fon of Nso seals doors of Kumbo water authority
In a move to stop the lack of transparency and accountability in the management of Kumbo Water Authority, the Fon of Nso Sehm Mbinglo has placed a traditional injunction on the activities of the authority’s office lodged at the Fon’s Palace.
    The Fon announced the decision to a mammoth crowd of curious subjects, on July 8, after he got the feedback from the team he sent to investigatse on the water issue.
    The fon's request according to sources close to the palace was to know if the water that was offered to the Nso people some over 20 years ago, was still managed by the community or it had been taken over by some body.
    From all the speakers amongst whom were Mformi Baa and Nsoda Vice president, it was concluded and agreed that the KWA remains the property of Nso under the Fon.
    The Fon has thus suspended the Kumbo Council role as the supervisory authority of the KWA and has dismissed as null and void all shady agreements that were signed transfering ownership of the water to the state.

What are friends for?

Biya wipes Cardinal Tumi’s tears at mother’s funeral
- Tumi confirms he and Biya were never enemies after all
- Yaa Catherine Lahka Tumi (1897 – 2015) decorated posthumously as “Officer of the Cameroon Order of Merit” 
By Njodzefe Nestor in Kumbo

Yaa Catherine Lahka Tumi
Cardinal Tumi’s mother, Yaa Catherine Lahka Tumi also fondly called ‘Yaawo Jos’ and ‘Mami Cardinal’, was posthumously decorated by the government of Cameroon, during her farewell mass at the Kumbo St Theresia Cathedral on Saturday June 27.
    A contingent of Gendarme officers treated mourners to a military parade as the Governor of the North West Region Adolphe Lele l’Afrique walked up towards the casket bearing Yaa Catherine Tumi, genuflected and then affixed the insignia of “Officer of the Cameroon National Order of Merit” on it.
    The posthumous decoration brought to two the decorations the Cardinal’s mother had received from the state in less than three years. The first was on 20 May 2013 in Kumbo during which she was awarded the medal of “Knight of the Cameroon Order of Merit”.
    Speaking on behalf of the family, Christian Cardinal Tumi, who was chief celebrant at the final funeral mass at the Kumbo Cathedral edified mourners with his masterly usage of the English, French, Latin and Lamso languages during the Eucharistic Celebrations.
Cardinal Tumi said he received the news of his mother’s passing from His Grace Samuel Kleda while attending a meeting in Ghana. He said the first thing that came to his mind was to thank God for life and death of his mother.
     The Cardinal expressed gratitude to the Holy See and President Paul Biya and his wife Chantal Biya for their condolence messages and concern.
    “President Paul Biya was the first to send me a message of condolence,” Cardinal Tumi noted, saying that contrary to what people think, he and President Paul Biya are not enemies.
    The cardinal explained that because he has the president’s ears, he uses every opportunity to always tell the president what he thinks is right. 
    Ahead of the funeral, the state ensured that every security disposition was taken and the stretch from Kimbo Squares through St Augustine College, SAC Junction to Kikaikelaki was rehabilitated. Even though, the heavy rains on the day of the funeral rendered the road mud-cursed.
    The electricity provider ENEO also dispatched a powerful technical team that installed street lighting and also ensured there was no power cuts during the vigil Mass at Kikaikelaki Parish.
    In his over 27 minutes homily while presiding at the funeral mass, Bishop George Nkuo of Kumbo described Yaa Catherine Lahka Tumi as someone whose love and attachment for the church was unflinching and very passionate.
    “Yaa Tumi was united with Jesus in the Sacraments of the Church,” Bishop Nkuo explained, noting that in recognition and appreciation of all her works to the church and in thanking God for her life the church has decided to respect her will and wish by burying her in the special part of the Cathedral Cemetery reserved for priests and early Christians.

Santa, Bamenda, NW region

Two buried in mysterious Gold Mine 
The question as to who issues authorization for mining projects is on every lip in the North West Region of Cameroon. The story goes that, the Tumasang brothers, whose names we got as Edwin Che and Cletus Akuma have been buried in Santa after a mysterious gold mine collapsed last Thursday July 2.
    It is alleged that one of the brothers, Edwin Che (a self-proclaimed prophet) said he received a divine revelation to the effect that there was gold in his father’s farm land. He then invited his brother, Cletus Akuma, from Limbe to join him in the mining project.
    With the help of some youths, Che and the brother engaged in digging a portion of their father’s farm land at Njong-Santa. When Che imagined that the hired gold diggers were getting close to the core of the gold, he (Che) paid off and chose to continue the digging with his brother. It is aired that when they descended into the supposed goldmine, it collapsed. 

New equipment for Presbyterian Health Centre, D’la

By Ajongakou Santos in Douala
Medical equipment worth over 6 million has been donated to the Presbyterian Health complex in Bepanda Douala.
    Supplied by Premier Medical SARL; a leading medical equipment supply company in Douala, the equipment were donated by the Cameroon-based Ariel Bijingsi Amen Foundation, last Thursday July 2, 2015, at the premises of the hospital. The equipment donated comprised: A pair of phototherapy lamps, two Neonatal incubators, two baby weighing scales, two digital Foetal dopplers, and two electrical power stabilizers.
    Speaking during the donation, the Director General of Premier Medical, Ebung Chrys  Ewang outlined the overall objectives of Premier Medical Sarl, which he said is not limited to supplying quality medical equipment, but also assists hospital managements in the installation and maintenance of equipment. He used the opportunity to remind the hospital authorities of the need to use the equipment diligently and not to hesitate at all, to call PREMIER MEDICAL’s technical team anytime they have worries using the equipment.

NGO protests trafficking of young girls to Asia

Gwain Colbert, freelance journalist and Co-Founder of a Bamenda based NGO, A Common Future, July 9, in female high heels, staged a protest match along the Bamenda Commercial Avenue as part of solidarity with Cameroonian girls trafficked to the Middle East, notably Kuwait and Lebanon.
    The ‘Bring back our Girls from Kuwait’ campaign heightened following a recent investigative report on CRTV’s Cameroon Calling slot where victims of human trafficking revealed frightening testimonies of their adventure to the oil-rich Arab countries.
    The protest march, Gwain says, is part of his current campaign against men’s violence on women. Gwain and sympathizers started the match from City Chemist Roundabout, ‘Liberty Square’ to the Grand-stand at Commercial Avenue. At the grand-stand, he handed a copy of the petition on social media initiated by Timothy Njobe and articulated by a media consultant, Tapang Ivo Tanku, to the government through North West Governor, Lele L’Afrique.
    The 1Km walk in women’s high heel shoes, Gwain said, was meant to drive the adage “that he who wears the shoes knows where it pinches,” referring to the plight of the girls. The protest which is one in a series is intended to bring to public consciousness, the plight of young Cameroonian girls suffering in the diaspora for no fault of theirs, Gwain said.

New Magazine Hits Kiosks

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
The print media market in Cameroon has been blessed with yet another publication but this time around one that treats predominantly health issues.
    Health Mirror, a magazine published by the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, CBCHS, was officially launched on Saturday July 05 in Bamenda at the Baptist Center.
    The magazine that is unlimited to CBCHS according to its Publisher and Executive Editor, Prof Tih Pius Muffih, is coming to fill the gap in the media landscape in Cameroon where issues of politics, economy and conflict flood newspaper and magazine kiosks sometimes causing perpetual tension.
“Health Mirror is that one stop shop where you get your health needs in one package: prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, just like the mobile hospital it represents” Prof. Tih reveals.
    The maiden edition of the magazine with 28 colour pages zooms into the general health care system in Cameroon. In its banner the magazine insinuates that the world worries about disability more than persons living with disabilities. On its front page is the beautiful picture of CRTV’s journalist Hilda Bih has proved to the world that disability is not inability.

Leadership Excellence

 UB’s Nalova Lyonga recognized with award
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

Prof. Nalova Lyonga- Vice–Chancellor of the University of Buea has been recognised for her role in the establishment and growth of the Catholic University Institute of Buea CUIB. An Excellence Award for Leadership was handed her in a ceremony presided over by the Bishop of Buea, His Lordship Dr. Emmanuel Bushu.
The plate presented bears inscriptions of the values of hard work, objectivity, and moral integrity written in gold, to what authorities of the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) say is in recognition of the role Prof. Nalova Lyonga played during the creation and take-off of the University.
    In his address on the occasion, the chancellor of CUIB, Rev. Fr. George Nkeze Jingwa remarked that as a characteristic of CUIB, they have often embarked on identifying and honouring excellence, reason why they decided to recognise the significant role played by UB’s Vice Chancellor in significantly shaping the Institute to be recognised among the top 100 Catholic Universities in the World. In his words, “in a recent study published in the United States, CUIB was ranked among the top 10 Catholic Universities out of the over 280 others making a difference in the world today”. This, he says is partly because of the good mentorship the Institute receives from the University of Buea.

PAACS, CIMS programs

CBC Health Academy graduates three specialist medics 
By Njodzefe Nestor

Three specialists have graduated from the CBC Health Services’ Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) and Christian Internal Medicine Specialization (CIMS) training programmes. This was on 20 June 2015, at the Mbingo Baptist Hospital, MBH Chapel. The specialists are expected to serve CBC Health Services ever increasing patients.
Dr. Mwenyemali Benjamin Tony from Congo and Dr. Evaristus Etape Njume from Cameroon graduated from PAACS as general surgeons while Dr. Tumi Divine Bahtila from Cameroon is a certified internist.
    Beginning this year, the accrediting institution, Loma Linda Univeristy in the United States of America now co-signs the Diplomas of the PAACS and CIMS graduates.
Addressing all who turned out to witness the graduation ceremony, the Executive President of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC), Rev. Ncham Godwill, said that the future of medicine lies in specialization.
    Rev. Ncham rejoiced that the graduation of the three new doctors from PAACS and CIMS is helping the CBC to go a step further in the realization of its goal to have specialized hospitals that partner with the government to bring quality health care closer to the population.
    In his commencement address, Dr. Philip Fischer, Professor of Pediatrics preached compassion and selflessness, citing the example of Dr. Salia Martin who recently died fighting Ebola in Liberia.
    The medic exhorted the PAACS and CIMS specialists to exercise humility and go to God for healing because they are inadequate. The result of their participation, Dr. Fischer said, will be the spread of the kingdom of God.

Accounts session:

L’be City Council notes weak coffers amid pressing challenges
By Ajongakou Santos in Limbe

Government Delegate, Limbe City Council
The city of Limbe will in the days ahead be transformed following the many projects being carried out and those still to be realised. This was revealed by the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, Mr. Motanga Andrew Monjimba while chairing the first ordinary session of the City Council that examined the Administrative, Management and Stores Accounts of the 2014 financial year last June 25, 2015.
    According to the Government Delegate, the 2014 year which was under review at the session was not good enough as previewed in terms of revenue given that, the revenue recovery rate slumped in 2014 to 66.4% from the 101.55% recorded in 2013.
    The fluctuation in revenue experienced over the past three years is principally due to the irregular payment of taxes by one the council’s major tax sources, the National Oil Refining Company, SONARA.
    In line with the city council’s drive to make the council self-sustainable and in keeping with the supervisory authority’s prescription of expanding the revenue base, the council has embarked on realizing projects with strong revenue generation potentials such as the construction of market stores at strategic locations around the municipality and the pursuance of the Left Bank Development Project in Down Beach.

CamCCUL Saga

Aminateh Nkemngu
B’da Court fines two journalists, prescribe jail terms

-The Sun’s Aminateh Nkemngu and Tarhyang Enowbika have been ordered by the Judge to each pay the sum of 500.000 FCFA plus another 350.000 FCFA or each serve 18 months in jail. The Sun Newspaper was also ordered to pay 5 million fcfa in damages. In this write-up, one of the journalists, Aminateh Nkemngu recounts his topsy-turvy relations with Camccul authorities, and how he is being victimised for practicing objective, investigative journalism.
By cin Bamenda
The court of first instance, Bamenda in a judgment delivered on Monday 15 June 2015 by Her Lordship Magistrate Makia Edith Epse Oben Ndip in charge no CFIBA/09C/PP/2014 between: The People of Cameroon and CamCCUL vs Tarhyang Enowbikah Tabe and Aminateh Nkemngu has ordered the two accused to each pay the sum of 500,000frs (five hundred thousand frs) or each serve 18 months jail and another 350,000frs each as costs giving a total of fcfa1.7 million. The court further ordered The SUN Newspaper where the two journalists work as Editor and Features Editor respectively to pay civil damages of 5 million frs to CamCCUL.

Genesis of the matter
    In November 2014,CamCCUL dragged the two accused to court on a one count charge of defamation based on a story captioned “CamCCUL’s Collapse Scares MINFI” published in The SUN Newspaper no 0287 of Monday 27 October.(copy attached). In the charge, CaMCCUL accused the duo of working deliberately to tarnish their reputation as well as conniving with some members of RECCU-CAM to achieve same.
    CaMCCUL thus prayed the court to award them a civil claim of 80 million frs (eighty million frs) for the enormous damage caused to CaMCCUL by the said article. The accused were both arraigned before the court and granted bail on 8 December 2014.

Enter Ngah Christian, the veritable Henry Kissinger
    While the matter was in court, the option of an out of court settlement came up. Ngah Christian Mbipgo, Publisher of The Guardian Post Newspaper, apparently in good faith, offered to play the “Henry Kissinger” and do the shuttled diplomacy.
The first round of the negotiations took place at Camccul head office Bamenda and witnessed the participation among others of the Editor of The Sun Tarhyang Enowbikah Tabe, who travelled to Bamenda from Limbe for the purpose, Board members of CamCCUL, including its president, Musa Shey Nfor, their legal counsel and the negotiator, Ngah Christian(who also travelled from Yaounde).
     During the negotiations CaMCCUL insisted on having an apology for the story, The SUN Newspaper turned down this option on grounds that the apology could be used against it in court. On a second option, it was proposed that CaMCCUL writes a rejoinder, according to the law and give The SUN to publish. This also did not work and The SUN suggested to do her own rejoinder and submit for the appraisal of CAMCCUL. This rejoinder was published in The SUN Newspaper no 0294 of Monday 8 December 2014 captioned: “RE: CamCCUL Hasn’t Collapsed” (copy here attached).
    Days after that publication, Ngah Christian contacted The SUN to say that CamCCUL had accepted the rejoinder and that the case would be dropped. The accused had been bailed on 8 December 2014 and ordered to reappear before the court on 9 January 2015. Though a verbal and mutual out of court agreement had been reached, the two accused and their counsel answered present in court on 9 January. There was no sign of any CamCCUL lawyer around and no sign of any hearing on the matter programmed for that day. Thus the accused went home in the hope that CamCCUL would proceed to withdraw the case as agreed.
    During the Guardian Post Achievement Awards at Azam Hotel, Bamenda soon after, I met Musa Shey Nfor, in the presence of Philo Happi of Eden during which we had a warm chat with prospects of chatting new avenues of cooperation. But behold, on Monday 15 June 2015, in the morning, I received a call from another journalist colleague who was around the court for another defamation case that a judgment had just been read out on our matter with CaMCCUL.