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Celebrating 25 years

25 deeds and misdeeds of the SDF
By Franklin Sone Bayen

1. Embracing Wind of Change
    The SDF must be credited for bravely embracing of the “Wind of Change” that blew from Gobachev’s Soviet Union in the late 1980s, through its eastern European satellite states, and on to Africa. The government might have succeeded to contain the wind with the arrest in 1989 of Barrister Yondo Black and his group of ten that included Albert Mukong, Ekane Anicet and Henriette Ekwe who were pushing for a restoration of multiparty politics and other political reforms. The government said in a statement that they were not arrested because of their call for a return to multiparty politics after all, the government statement said Cameroon is still officially a multiparty system. That was true. Although former President Ahidjo had cajoled his political peers into merging their parties into the CNU in 1966, there was no law prohibiting other parties to function. So, the move by Ni John Fru Ndi, Siga Asanga and co to announce the imminent creation of a political party was well calculated to take advantage of that window.

2.    Bravery Amidst Intimidation
    The announcement of the creation of the SDF made in late 1989, may have been a dead letter had the party’s leaders not braved the odds, faced with government intimidation including heavily armed soldiers to launch the party. Extra troops moved into Bamenda ahead of the SDF scheduled launch day, did not stop Fru Ndi and co. Troops opened fire on unarmed supporters demonstrating on the streets of Bamenda, yet the SDF had been launched, thus forcing open the door for a resumption of multiparty politics in Cameroon. Not even the campaign of lies against the party stood in its way. CRTV news reported that those shot dead had rather been killed in a stampede and that the party’s sympathizers who marched in Yaounde in support of the event in Bamenda, sang the Nigerian anthem, as if to say the SDF was championed by unpatriotic people.

3.    Forcing Political Reforms
    There can be no denying that the SDF fast-tracked political reforms in Cameroon which may have been back-tracked by CPDM conservatives. There can equally be no denying that President Biya, in power since November 1982, had already undertaken some reforms. There was marked political opening, a break from the heavy-handed system under former President Ahidjo. The private press began to blossom. Government media enjoyed the latitude to do more critical reporting. Political opponents expressed themselves more freely. That is the period when Albert Mukong published his prison testimonies in “Prisoner Without a Crime” which was sold freely. Yet, regime conservatives who held demonstrations and campaigned against calls for a return to multipartyism were shocked when President Biya gave in to pressure for political competition at the June 1990 congress of the ruling CPDM in Yaounde. This may never have happened had the SDF not been launched. Biya’s political reforms may have continued at snail pace or been back-tracked had the conservatives, fearful of the “Wind of Change”, not been beaten to the game by SDF’s steadfastness.

4.    “Power to the People”
    Masses saw themselves at the centre of decision-making within the SDF. “Power to the People” was more than a mere slogan. If nothing else, SDF supporters found the government catching a cold once they sneezed with street mobilization.  For example, the SDF called for use of transparent ballot boxes and later computerization of the electoral process and marched on 20th May with transparent boxes and computers to press the point and the government caved in.

Silver Jubilee

Chairman Fru Ndi honouring 1990 Martyrs
SDF advocates new electoral code, two round elections
- But critics castigate Fru Ndi for over centralization of power and personality cult
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

The chairman of the Social Democratic front, Ni John Fru Ndi who was at the centre of attraction during celebrations to mark the 25th anniversary of the SDF has once again called on the government of Cameroon to scrape the old electoral code and enact a new one.
    Amongst other things, the venerated SDF chieftain advocated for the return to federalism, the need for the introduction of a completely biometric electoral system and two round elections, and above all the independence of the judiciary.
    These and many other issues constituted Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi’s anniversary speech at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue grandstand, that served as venue for the 25th Anniversary commemoration. Activities were guided by the theme “The SDF: 25 years in the struggle for Democracy and Good Governance”. 
    John Fru Ndi seized the opportunity to pay homage to the founding fathers of the SDF and others who had contributed enormously to the success and implantation of the party throughout the national territory. Above all he venerated the 1990 democracy martyrs who were shot by trigger-happy military men by laying a wreath in their honour at the Liberty Square.



The Minister of Higher Education,

The Vice-Chancellor,
University of Buea

Your Excellency,


On Wednesday 13 May 2015, the Executive of the Union of Teachers of Higher Education (SYNES), University of Buea Chapter met to discuss the on-going scheme by the Ministry of Higher Education (MINESUP) to harmonize academic programmes so as to enhance the mobility of students from one State University to another. It became necessary for the process to be reviewed because the social, political and cultural realities of our country are not often given due consideration in policy matters. This has left some portions of the country disaffected, disenchanted and aggrieved. By giving our honest assessment of what is going on, we hope that as partners or stakeholders of higher education, we will be forestalling major sources of disagreement and discord.

The background
    On 6 May 2015, a meeting was convened at the MINESUP at the behest of the Minister of Higher Education to discuss and harmonize the academic programmes of fundamental disciplines so as to facilitate the mobility of students from one university to another during the academic year. The meeting was chaired by the Technical Adviser (No.1) in the MINESUP on behalf of the Minister. He noted that the meeting was necessary because it had come to the Minister’s notice that many students still had difficulties transferring from one university to another during the academic year. At that meeting, it was decided that the harmonization process will start with Law, Political Science and Economic and Management Sciences. The Committee proposed that Common Law be scrapped from the curriculum while the degree in Management should have Economics as the base.
The Spirit of the University Reforms of the 90’s
    When the Head of State instructed the University reforms of the 90’s, he wisely sought to diversify training rather than concentrate on a few disciplines which did not facilitate employment or entrepreneurship. This diversification marked the onset of professionalization of university programmes. As time went on, universities responded to the challenges of job creation and employability and have successfully professionalized the bulk of their programmes. The success of programmes like Journalism and Mass Communication, Management, Banking and Finance, Accountancy, Economics, Law etc, at the University of Buea, attest to timeliness of the reforms as their contribution to the growth and development of our economy cannot be over-emphasized. It is therefore surprising that today, the MINESUP wants to undo all the years of hard work put into the professionalization of programmes and the apparent good results by reverting to the hopeless years of the lone university.

Harmonizing studies in state Universities

UB lecturers warn Fame Ndongo to stop the provocation
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

Fame Ndongo
Lecturers of the University of Buea have rejected a project by the Minister of Higher Education-MINESUP to harmonize academic programmes in all state universities in Cameroon. The lecturers under the banner of the National Association of Teachers of Higher Education SYNES UB Chapter, argue that Prof. Fame Ndongo’s harmonization scheme is not only suspect, nefarious, phagocytic and preposterous, it is very provocative and likely to “provoke discord and social and political tension in some portions of the national divide that would be “disaffected, disenchanted and aggrieved” by the “very suspicious and obnoxious project”.
           UB lecturers have submitted a strongly-worded Memo through the Vice Chancellor of UB to the President of the Republic, the Senate, the National Assembly, the PM’s Office, the MINESUP and the Embassies of USA, Britain and EU. They are urging the authorities to call the Minesup to order, in the interest of peace on campuss.
    The UB lecturers’ Memo was the outcome of a meeting of SYNES UB Chapter and its council of advisers, on Wednesday 13 May 2015, to discuss the scheme by the MINESUP to harmonize academic programmes in state universities so as to enhance mobility of students from one state university to another. It was convened sequel to the meeting on 5 May 2015, at the MINESUP in Yaounde during which proposals were made towards the harmonization of academic programmes in all state universities.

Preserving bi-jural legal system

Common Law Lawyers table ultimatum to gov’t!
 - Also submit copies of ‘Bamenda Resolution’ to Foreign Embassies
By Essan-Ekoninyam in Yaounde

A delegation of Common law lawyers pose for photo after
depositing “Bamenda resolution” at PM’s office in Yaounde
Common Law Lawyers have finally tabled the resolutions of their recent conclave in Bamenda to the government, a statement from the President of Fako Lawyers Association FAKLA said on Thursday. Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla said “a team of lawyers from both the NW lawyers Association NOWELA and the Fako lawyers Association FAKLA, deposited “the Bamenda Resolution” at the PM’s Office, the Office of the Senate President, Office of the National Assembly Speaker, Cabinet of the Minjustice and the Nigerian, USA, British, Canadian and EU Embassies in Yaounde.
    It should be recalled that Common Law lawyers met in Bamenda on Saturday 9 May 2015 to discuss the conditions of legal practice in NW and SW regions especially following the appointment of Francophone Judges to Courts in these essentially and primordially English Speaking parts of the country. The lawyers also took a cursory look at the state of the union between English and French Cameroons 54 years since the Reunification in 1961.
    Coomon Law lawyers said by looking at these issues their aim was simply to point out to government those areas that needed to be improved and/or reviewed. They also sought to make suggestions on how the two entities that united to form Cameroon can better forge ahead in harmony and in respect of each other’s specificities and identity.

CIMEC 2015

Cameroon showcases attractive mining potential
The 3-day event from 27-29 May 2015 at the Palais des Congres witnessed the active presence of over 1000 persons including participants and officials
By Essan-Ekoninyam in Yaounde

The 2015 edition of the Cameroon International Mining Exhibition and Conference – CIMEC 2015 ended on Friday May 29 with the organizers expressing satisfaction for a hitch-free and successful event.
    The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, MINMIDT, Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry, who doubled as the chairman of the organizing committee of the CIMEC 2015, said this second edition of the event was hugely successful and met its set objectives especially as it witnessed the presence of over 1000 participants and officials:             “WE had exploration companies, exploitation and transformation companies, analytical laboratories, logics companies, law firms, law experts, finance experts, NGOs etc,” Dr. Fuh observed, thanking the sponsors and partners of the MINMIDT, especially London-based Company AME TRADE, for ensuring that the event was a huge success.
    The CIMEC 2015 was the 2nd ever to be organized in Cameroon. The first edition in May 2013 also recorded a huge success; it saw the convergence in Cameroon of mining experts and professionals from across the world to reflect on best practices and strategies to be adopted so that mining exploitation can better contribute to the development of Cameroon.

Mining could generate more revenue than oil

Dr. Fuh Calistu
- Dr. Fuh Calistus, SETAT/MINMIDT 
    What are the stakes of this second edition of the Cameroon International Mining Exhibition and Conference (CIMEC 2015)?

    The organization of CIMEC 2015 on the central theme “The Sustainable Development of the Mining Sector in Central Africa", is aimed at promoting the local development of mining industries in Cameroon through exchanges between national and international experts of the mining and related sectors, lawyers, economists, environmentalists, university lecturers where each stakeholder has a part to play, so that the mining sector contributes effectively towards the country’s growth.  The stakes are in the short and medium term.
    In the short term, it is intended to encourage mining industries and related activities (geophysical survey companies, drilling companies, assay laboratories, expert firms, etc.) with proven experience, to settle in Cameroon in order to develop local deposits and those of the CEMAC Sub-region.
    It is also intended to showcase mining projects which are expected to go into production in the short term such as the Borguené Gold Project developed by CAMINCO S.A and the Kribi iron ore project operated by SINOSTEELCAM S.A.
     It therefore contributes towards promoting and developing the Cameroonian mining sector in particular, and that of CEMAC zone, in general, so that it may support more effectively, policies aimed at boosting growth, alleviating poverty, reducing unemployment and improving the livelihood of the population.
     In the medium term, it is intended to position Cameroon as a catalyst of the extractive industry, a regional platform for promoting, trading and making transactions in the mining industry and related activities, just as INDABA in South Africa or PDAC in Toronto in Canada.

75th Birth Day

Ben Muna
Ben Muna fetes 50 years of legal practice
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

Born in a country where the life expectancy is 49 years, Barrister Bernard Acho Muna had every reason to celebrate his 75th Birth Day.
    The legal icon and politician was honoured with a sumptuous Birth Day party organized for him jointly by his present and former trainees, at the Bastos residence of his junior brother-Barrister Akere Muna, on Tuesday 25th May 2015.
    The party brought together Ministers, General Managers, CEOs, foreign diplomats, batonniers, lawyers, journalists all of whom responded positively to the invitation for them to join Ni Ben in the fun of celebrating his 75th birthday and  also his 50th anniversary of active legal practice.

Belated mea culpa

Nico Halle
Nico Halle rejects “ntumfor” rehabilitation
- Says the decision by NOWEFU reinstating him as ntumfor is coming too little too late; it is a non-event.
By Ndjodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Douala-based Barrister, Nico Halle, has rejected a decision of the North West Fons Union, NOWEFU reinstating him as the “ntumfor” of NW fons.
    Nico Halle who is also a renowned international advocate, a peace crusader and International elections monitor, says he will not and can not accept NOWEFU’s reinstatement decision for the simple reason that it is coming only now – 8 years after a former president of NOWEFU unilaterally signed a decision withdrawing the “ntumfor” title from his humble person.
    “Why is it coming only now, where were the fons since eight years ago that their misguided colleague took his obnoxious decision. No matter the good will of the fons in  reinstating the title on me, I think it is coming a little too late. I will and cannot accept it,” said sBarrister Nico Halle in a telephone conversation with this reporter.

Kenyan lawyer offers 50 cows, sheep as dowry for Obama’s daughter

Malia Obama Felix Kiprono
The Nairobian reports a Kenyan lawyer, Felix Kiprono, is seeking the eldest First Daughter, Malia Obama’s, hand in marriage. Instead of a modern proposal, though, Kiprono is offering a dowry of 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats; Kiprono is also willing to meet with President Obama to discuss during his scheduled visit to Kenya in July.
    Kiprono claims his love for Malia has been unconditional since 2008 when President Obama was first elected into office. He told The Nairobian, “I got interested in her in 2008. As a matter of fact, I haven’t dated anyone since and promise to be faithful to her. I have shared this with my family and they are willing to help me raise the bride price.”

Humphrey Monono up-beat about hitch-free GCE exams

Humphrey Monono
Despite the 9.6 percent increase in the number of students sitting for the 2015 session of the GCE exams, the registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board says the board is prepared to brave all the odds and publish the exams on time. He spoke to The Median recently in Bamenda. 

The GCE practical exams 2015 are ongoing and come June 1st, the written part will start. How prepared is the GCE Board for a hitch-free exams?

Traditionally, by this time the GCE Board has its practicals going on and over the years we have improved on our means of dispatching materials. We collaborate effectively with the superintendents, supervisors and coordinators of the practicals and so we have little or no hitch because the shortlist of the centers for practicals is made known to schools well ahead of time. And so if we have a hitch, it should not be a hitch of shortage of materials or hitch of people not knowing where to write their exams, or may be some other thing. But presently you know it and you can testify it; it is hitch free so far.

Urging the youth to embrace politics

Ndansi Elvis Nukam
(A review of Ndansi Elvis Nukam’s “GATEWAY to Politics…”)
By Douglas Achingale (Guest Writer) in Yaounde

When I set out to peruse Ndansi Elvis’ GATEWAY to Politics: How to Make it, I expected to be daunted by gigantic lexical items and grandiloquent language typical of PhD fellows, one of whom he is. But I was mistaken. The author’s lingo is accessible as his character is penetrable. He writes in simple straightforward language understandable by all classes of people, even those on the lower rungs of society.
    Prefaced by the sapient Professor Tazoacha Asonganyi who, by virtue of his works can be seen as a whole political party of his own, the forty-six page book divided into five chapters provides an authentic insight into the tricky and slippery world of politics. For someone who has been in active politics since the tender age of 23 (he is 35 years old today), providing such an insight is not the least astonishing.
    As the title suggests, GATEWAY to Politics: How to Make it is the humble advice of a concerned and visionary youth to his fellow youth. Cognizant of the fact that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, Ndansi Elvis, who already exhibits astounding leadership qualities, cautions his fellows on the right path to tread and the correct decisions to make in order to become a successful politician on the one hand and a veritable leader on the other.

Boosting Plantain production

High-yielding plantain plantlets
5 Million Plantain suckers to be distributed in 2016
–Essimi Menye in Ekona
By Ajongakou Santos in Ekona

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will begin distributing 5 million plantain plantlets to farmers free of charge in different parts of the country as from April 2016. A workshop to train field staff on how to handle and grow the plantlets took place at Institute of Agricultural Research for Development, IRAD Ekona last Friday, May 29, 2015 under the chairmanship of Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, Lazare Essimi Menyi.
    The workshop according to experts was more than necessary because growing the plantlets to full-time plantains is a very meticulous and delicate exercise. Essimi Menyi expressed strong satisfaction with the level of work realized at the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development, IRAD Ekona for the mass production of Plantain nurseries adding that more farmers must be trained and introduced to farming methods that will help boost agricultural growth.

Cameroon names Female World Cup squad

Cameroon Women’s National Team Coach, Enow Ngachu has announced the squad that will participate at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Canada 2015.
    Seven of the players that have been in Camp in Surrey are leaving for Cameroon today: Ada Jacquette, Bessong Gladys, Nkada Agnes, Guiadem Anecey, Toldo Julienne, Njolle Ngonja and Angan Michelle.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Front page

Open letter to John Fru Ndi and the SDF

Time for SDF to recover lost ground

Dear Chairman Fru Ndi,

As faithful witnesses of the political scene in Cameroon, we of this newspaper take upon ourselves to offer well-meaning suggestions to you, as you and militants of your party converge on Bamenda Tuesday to celebrate 25 years of the existence of SDF.
    We urge you and the SDF to use the occasion as a most welcome opportunity to climb back to the high political ground which you once occupied, so that from that vantage point you can once again respond to the reckless arrogance of the CPDM regime with power.
    We say this because politics is a power relationship in which the stronger destroys the weaker.
    It behooves us at this time to also wish you and the SDF a happy celebration on the occasion of your Golden Jubilee. We presume that you will use the occasion of the Golden Jubilee to address the burning issues of your party and those of the nation in general.
    Even as we address you these lines, we are not unmindful of SDF’s antagonism towards newspapers that demonstrate evidence of a dogged editorial independence. That notwithstanding, we rise above such petty considerations especially when it comes to the welfare of Cameroon for which both the SDF and The Median have always shared a common concern.   


Fon Chafah rubbishes Fon Teche
Fon Chafah and Fon Teche Njei
In every way one may look at it Fon Chafah of Bangolang and Fon Teche Njei of Ngyenmuwa are good friends; but in many ways they have become rivals just because the craving for supremacy in the North West Fons Union-NOWEFU. Today, the two ring leaders of “the Kaduna mafia” as they used to be considered by their peers, have descended so low as to wash their royal linens in public. This has been confirmed by a release issued recently by Fon Chafah rubbishing his former ally Fon Teche.
    What is however intriguing to observers is that these former friends are today separately claiming ownership of NOWEFU. Last week Fon Chafah fired an unguided missile at the direction of Fon Teche. In a letter to Mezam SDO, Nguele Nguele Felix, which several quarters were copied titled “Truth and Facts which may be bitter but necessary for posterity”, Fon Chafah outlined the following points against his former friend:
    -Senator Fon Teche Njei has never convened a single General Assembly or Executive meeting of NOWEFU since his election in 2012, thereby leading the association single-handedly with demagogy, manipulation, division and misinformation. He has even summarily put aside his Secretary General, Fon Ndofoa Zofoa of Babungo.
    -Being the first 3rd Class Fon with a very tiny population to head NOWEFU, he has systematically excluded all the First Class and Second Class fons and other prominent fons of the region from the affairs of the association, so as to continuously manipulate the few fons who run after him.

SDF at 25

Fru Ndi
From national party to party of booty sharers
- Time for SDF to stop barking and start biting!
- Time for SDF to reconsider its support to the Biya regime!
- Also time for Fru Ndi to rethink his declining career as opposition leader!
As supporters of Cameroon’s leading opposition party – the SDF, converge on Bamenda this week to celebrate 25 years of the party’s existence, observers say instead of celebrating, Fru Ndi and his partisans should seize the occasion and begin the hard thinking that they must do if the SDF must recover the lost ground. Fru Ndi should also consider the Silver Jubilee commemoration as a most welcome opportunity to rethink his declining career as leader of Cameroon’s leading opposition party.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

It was Italy’s former dictator, Benito Musolini who once said: “It is better to live a day like a lion, than a thousand years as a lamb”. This opinion of the Italian strongman vividly contradicts with the leadership of the SDF party in recent times.
    Instead of biting hard and making things really hot and uncomfortable for the Biya regime, the SDF leadership has opted to playing the lamb: Fru Ndi and his partisans have been unable to take their opposition of the regime beyond mere words, barking without being able to bite. Quite unfortunately!
    Observers contend that this state of affairs is unlike in the early 1990s when Fru Ndi would dare Biya and attack his regime frontally, without mincing or wincing.

Management of Kribi Port

Bollore Logistics still a frontline contender
Contrary to reports by some local newspapers that the French consortium, Bollore Logistics, has been put out of the shortlist of contenders for the management of the container terminal of the Kribi Port, French Magazine, Jeune Afrique reported last week that the French multi-national is well on course to win the bid.
    According to Jeune Afrique’s edition No 2836 of 17-23 May 2015, Bollore Logistics is in the race and is competing with APMT (a filial of the Danish company Maersk) and ICTSI, a Philipino company.
    The authoritative French weekly magazine said the fight for who will have the licence to manage the container terminal of the port is intensifying by the day, especially as Yaounde authorities have not made the criteria for selection known.
    Apart from the container terminal, the companies are also tussling to be handed the management of the polyvalent terminal, Jeune Afrique said, noting that another foreign company, Necotrans/KPMO has also indicated its interest to be handed the management of this terminal.

Prize for honest hard work

Tiko Mayor wins development Award  
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Tiko

The Mayor and his collaborators pose with the prize
Who says patriotism, determination and hard work do not pay? The Mayor of Tiko municipality, HRH Chief Moukondo Daniel Ngande has been recognized with an Excellence Prize (Prix d’Excellence 2014) for his untiring efforts and landmark achievements towards transforming Tiko into a befitting and veritable sea-side resort town for both residents and visitors.
    According to members of the Collectif des Journalistes d’Investigation-CJI, who awarded the prize, the award is also in recognition of the mayor’s visible contributions towards the attainment of President Biya’s vision for economic emergence by 2035.
    Handing the Prize to the mayor, at his Likomba Roundabout office, on Thursday 14 May 2015, the president of CJI, Sylvain Tah said the award was conceived by the Association of Investigative Journalists to acknowledge and encourage “those patriotic public administrators whose works are geared towards the advancement of Cameroons dream of becoming emergent by 2035.”

Annual General Meeting

BAPCCUL promises better conditions for members
The Bamenda Police Co-operative Credit Union-BAPCCUL, one of the leading micro finance affiliated to the CamCCUL network held its Education Annual General Meeting-AEGM in Nkambe and Ndu on Sunday May 17, and 18 respectively. The EAGM which took place at the CamCCUL Hall in Nkambe and BAPCCUL esplanade in Ndu on the theme “How to Make Life Better”, brought together over 1000 members from far and near. Members came from far off areas like Ako, Berabe, Lus, Mayo-Binka, Nwa and Sabongari to listen to BAPCCUL officials on the new loan policy and other innovative services.
    Addressing members at Nkambe and Ndu respectively, BAPCCUL Board chairman expressed gratitude and thanks to the administration of Donga Mantung as well as members for taking time off their busy schedule to be part of the AEGM. Musa Shey Nfor told members and would-be members that BAPCCUL has initiated a new loan policy which will enable its affiliates to enjoy diversified advantages such as loan guarantee from friends or family members of different credit unions.
    He said this new approach is intended to improve on the level of loan consumption and recovery. Musa Shey Nfor took time to talk elaborately on the various services offered by BAPCCUL and the evulotion of the newly created BAPCCUL branches in Bamenda and Bafoussam. In Bamenda for example, he said that in the days ahead, Sunday services shall be put in place to enable members carry out savings after “njangi meetings”.

Kumbo, North West Region

Suspected SCNC activists arrested, denied legal representation
By Ndjodzefe Nestor in Kumbo

Several people arrested from their homes without warrant in Kumbo have remained in the custody of the judicial police in Bamenda for more than a week, relatives said at the weekend.
    Lawyers were denied access to one of them. Family members said they are worried the health of their 70-year-old father arrested while attending church service several weeks ago might be failing.
    Police pulled Vincent Njumbam from morning mass in Tobin on 10 May 2015, ransacked his home and whisked him to Bamenda. He had not been charged with any crime at the weekend.
    Two lawyers contacted by his family were sent away from the police station on Friday, 22 May. No one has been allowed to see Njumbam, except a relative who brings him food daily.
    His family made an appeal Saturday for his release from custody, saying his basic rights were being violated and were fearful of his health.

Stand-off in Tiko

Fako lawyers compel DO to apologize 
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

 FAKLA lawyers at Tiko D.O's office
The dust is yet to settle on what transpired between the Tiko Divisional Officer and some 200 lawyers of the Fako Lawyers Association FAKLA.
    Fako lawyers stormed the office of the Tiko Divisional Officer demanding he apologize for violating the human right of their colleague, Barrister Ashu Samuel Besong. The D.O had locked up Barrister Samuel in his own chambers (Eagles’ Wing Law Office) on May 18, on grounds that, his office was open when the “Keep Tiko Clean Campaign” was underway and that, his office ought to be closed like all others.
    After sundry hours in office with secretary and colleague-Barrister Eric Fosack-, Barrister Samuel Besong told The Median that it was thanks to his colleagues that he was released of the oppression at 12:24pm.
    The lawyers who had abandoned their various chambers and clients just to demand the D.O’s apology seemed frustrated when the D.O-Patrick Che Ngwashi refused to express regret for what he had done.
    Their unhappiness and determination to see justice prevail is what moved them from the D.O’s office to the Tiko Court where Barrister Agbor Balla- FAKLA President- said, they shall commence legal action against the D.O. Balla added that Fako Lawyers will work with the Cameroon Lawyers Association and the Bar Council to see that the D.O’s violation of Barrister Samuel Besong’s rights be addressed in court.
     “Never again will he do such a thing”-Barrister Balla said.

Members of Press Card commission appointed

The minister of communication has appointed 9 members to revive the activities of the once moribund commission in charge of the issuance of press cards to recognized journalists and press workers.
    According to the decision signed on 18 May 2015, the 9 members were picked from different administrations and civil societies that have a stake in the functioning of pressmen.
The appointed members include:

Gross insubordination duly established

Tutu Muna
Tutu Muna now counting her days in gov’t
Only divine intervention can save Ama Tutu Muna from getting the sack as minister of Arts and Culture any time soon, after she was indicted of gross insubordination vis-à-vis the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang and especially the Head of state, President Paul Biya.
By Essan-Ekoninyam in Yaounde

Against the instructions of the Prime Minster, Head of Government for the minister of Arts and Culture to stall all actions she was undertaking in the direction of finding a solution to the cacophony in the music sector of the country, Ama Muna defied the PM and went ahead in Mbengwi, on 28 April 2015, to create a new musician’s rights body-the Civil Society of Cameroonian Musicians known by its French acronym SOCACIM. Then as if that was not enough, Ama Muna in express defiance of the PM’s authority proceeded to grant SOCACIM licence (agrement) to manage authors’ rights and other related rights of the B category.
    According to legal advisers at the PM’s office, by creating the new musicians’ association and giving it the licence to operate, Ama Muna only put her self at variance with her boss the PM and by extension the president of the republic.
    It should be noted that Ama Tutu Muna created SOCACIM even when the President of the republic had instructed the PM to look into the cacophony that now reigns in the music sector of the country and suggest solutions to them. Ama Muna by passed the ad-hoc committee created by the PM to study the issue and make its findings and suggestions to him. The ad-hoc committee that went to work on 21 April 2015 was still busy with the PM’s assignment when Tutu Muna hurried to her home town in Mbengwi and created the new musicians’ body.

Entropy in Cameroon’s musical arts sector

Even before the arrival of Ama Tutu Muna at the head of the ministry of Arts and Culture in 2007, the sector was mired in crises and confusion.
    Following the liquidation of National Civil Society of authors’ rights known by the French Acronym SOCINADA in 2005, President Paul Biya appointed the king of Soul Makossa, Manu Dibango, as president of the newly created association – Cameroon Music Corporation, CMC.
    However, even before Manu Dibango really got seated on the job, he became the victim of accusations and counter accusations on allegations of fraud, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds.
    Evidently humiliated and angered, Manu Dibango threw in the towel and washed his hands off the affairs of CMC and Cameroon for life. He flew back to France and promised never to set foot on Cameroonian soil till his death.
    Soon after Manu’s resignation, artistes in their majority elected Sam Mbende as the new board chair of CMC on 16 April 2005. Sam Mbende stayed in the hot seat until 7 June 2008, when the new minister of arts and culture, Ama Tutu Muna (appointed in 2007) deposed him on accusations of embezzlement and misappropriation of funds.

Musicians divided over recognition of SOCACIM

Ama Tutu Muna
The granting of the licence of operation to SOCACIM on 15 May 2015 by the minister of Arts and Culture, Ama Tutu Muna was greeted by diverse reactions from artistes.
    While the members of Romeo Dika’s Syndicate of Cameroonian Musicians – SYCAMU were jumping in celebration, their colleagues of the other previously recognized author’s right bodies notably CMC and SOCAM cried scandal.
    In reaction to the minister’s hasty and controversial decision, the president of CMC, Sam Mbende told Equinoxe TV that “there is no new author’s rights body in Cameroon…….Cameroonians must be made to know how associations are created in the country, at least legally. You don’t create an association through subterfuge and improvisation. Legally a notary is supposed to inform the public through an official news organ that in 30 days a new association will be created”.
    According to Sam Mbende opined that Ama Tutu Muna acted in violation of the laws in force, notably the law of 19 December 2000 bearing on author’s rights and related rights and law of 2001 fixing the modalities of application of the 2000 law.
    Interestingly, in her decision granting licence to SOCACIM it was these same laws that Ama Muna evoked.

Meme journalists drilled on ethics

By Johnson Mbu in Kumba
The Vice president of the National Communication council (NCC) Peter Essoka has said that good journalists are dedicated and truthful; they report facts and not rumours.
    He was speaking during a one day workshop organised by the Meme delegate of communication that took place at the conference room of the Kumba city council on Wednesday 13 May 2015. 
    The workshop, was also addressed by the Meme delegate of communication, Mbu Cynthia Molua, who said the workshop was organised to empower media practitioners on free and balanced reporting and not to lay blame at the footsteps of anyone. 
    In his unscripted sermon on the occasion, Peter Esoka said the NCC is autonomous; it is neither an appendage of the Ministry of communication nor does it take orders from anybody.
    Essoka said the NCC has powers to summon even the minister of communication. 
    He continued that the sanctions meted out by the NCC on erring media organs are not aimed to destroy but to correct.  "The sanctions are even pedagogical," he said. 
    He called on journalists to treat other human beings like themselves and to ensure not to run down the reputation of others, adding that before reporting or publishing any information, journalists should check and cross check their sources and if in doubt they should drop the story.

Ten reasons why May 20 should go!

Asonganyi Tazoacha
By Asonganyi Tazoacha in Yaounde
One, May 20 reminds us of totalitarianism, not consensus. Its inventor thought he was doing the right thing, but it has since become obvious that he lost sight of how and why unification happened. Its inventor had an ego that did not tolerate any conversation about our destiny, and thought that the only road was straight ahead. What looked to him and his sycophants as sound strategy now looks like a betrayal. There are more roads than one. May 20 needs to go, to give way to collective reflection on the right road to take.
    Two, The Marxist dream of complete unity was the premise for the authoritarian experiment that followed in the USSR. Its repudiation of pluralism caused the collapse of the communist system after 70 years of experimentation. The same unity ideas generated the one-party mindset that gave birth to the May 20 mindset. It has in turn given birth to inertia and complacency - what others have described as a “can't, won't, and shouldn't" mentality that blocked the USSR and led to its collapse. May 20 has to go, to end the culture of resting on our laurels year after year and looking forward to mysteries!
    Three, The one-party mind-set gave birth to May 20 by artificially suppressing differences, uniting everything and wrapping it all in alienating names and symbols, to the extent that the unification idea has become revolting to an important component of the population that feels excluded and colonized, and no longer feels bound to accept the new symbols and contracts. May 20 appears now like a neat picture forced on a complex society to suffocate relevant factors that do not seem to fit in the one-party logical mode of thinking; it was meant to clear a messiness that interfered with an imaginary, malleable whole wished by shortsightedness that saw the rest of us as subjects, not citizens. That is why May 20 has never been a glue that holds all of us together; it has never been an idea around which all the people mobilize, because it ignored group sensitivities and has no genuine interest in what other people think, and why they think the way they think.

Strive in the Common Law

Ashu Nyenty
Where the shoe pinches
By Ashu Nyenty (Ph.D candidate in petroleum law, UNIYAO 2)

Issues that put the Anglophone and Francophone components of Cameroon, in contention, usually generate a lot of passions. And this is exactly why such issues far from being avoided, should rather be discussed in a dispassionate manner, especially on the eve of the feast of National Unity.

The bone of contention
    In the last couple of months, Lawyers of common law extraction, that is, those who practice in the North West and South West regions have been protesting over what they consider as an intrusion of, or a surreptitious attempt to introduce French language, into the court system in Anglophone Cameroon. This is because some judges, especially of the Legal Department in the Court of Appeal of the North West sitting in Bamenda actually made submissions in the French language; whereas the language of the courts in that part of the country is English.
    This triggered bad blood between the lawyers, who threatened to down their robes and the members of the legal department who allegedly perpetrated this politically insensitive act.  A delegation from the Bar Association was forced to wade in, and broker a truce or an entente between the belligerent parties. The outcome was that henceforth, the English language should be the language of the courts, irrespective of the linguistic origin of the judge.

Cameroon names 27-man ahead of friendlies

Twenty seven (27) players of the national team have been called up for the friendly matches due to take place in the month of June.
    The list was made public during a press conference that was led by Laurence Fotso Marketing and Communication Department of FECAFOOT.
    Also sitting on the same table, Vincent de Paul Atangana (the team Press Officer) and Alphonse Tchami (team manager)
    Head coach Volke Finke who is going to officially renew his contract this Sunday has brought in three new comers alongside four players playing in the domestic league.

Fecafoot extra-ordinary GA billed for June

The President of the FECAFOOT Normalization Committee, Joseph Owona has convened an extraordinary General Assembly on 2nd June 2015 in Yaounde.
    According to a release signed Thursday, 21 May, delegates from the 2009 General Assembly will decide on the review and possible adoption of the draft statutes of FECAFOOT.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Front page


Mrs Tabe nee Mbeng Celine Nchong

Manyu burries a 2nd GM in two years
The deputy GM of the Yaounde Conference Centre who died on 11 April 2015 has been buried in her native Ntenako village near Mamfe in Manyu Division. She was aged only 41. Recall that Obi Okpon Wanobi Ossang, GM of Pamol was burried only two years ago.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

Tabe nee Mbeng Celine Nchong
Mrs Tabe nee Celine Mbeng Nchong is now history. The young Assistant General Manager of the Yaounde Conference Center was on Saturday 9 May 2015, buried in Ntenako village near Mamfe in Manyu Division. She died on 11 April 2015 at the CNPS Hospital in Yaounde, after a brief illness.
    The remains of Celine Mbeng were removed from the mortuary of the Yaounde General Hospital on Thursday 7 May, amid wailing and sobbing by the crowd of mourners comprising of family members, friends and colleagues.
    The coffining ceremony was also witnessed by senior state personalities notably Prof. Peter Agbor Tabi (ASG of the Presidency), Dr. Dion Ngute Joseph (Minister Delegate at MINREX), Dr. Hamajoda Adjodji(CPDM bigwig), Christophe Mien Zok (GM of Palais des Congres), Dr. Ebot Ebot Enaw (DG of ANTIC), Prof. George Etchu of the presidency, Dr. Charles Alobwede of MINFOF, Prof. Abel Mbida of MINCOM among many others.

Animosity in Buea CPDM

Patrick Ekema scolds Hon. Emilia Lifaka in public
- Lampoons Hon. Lifaka of playing “childish politics”
- Chides her for trying to reap where she did not sow
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

Hon. Lifaka
The cracks on the walls of CPDM Fako III section seem to be getting wider and more clearly visible, this, because of the wrangling and animosity created by what has been described as the selective and discriminatory distribution of party cards in the Buea electoral district by some CPDM bigwigs. 
    The mayor of Buea, Patrick Esunge Ekema opened the can of worms when in an outing with the press last week he took on some “little-minded” CPDM party bigwigs whom he accused of trying to rip where they did not sow.
    Mayor Ekema in his interview with the press scolded the Vice-Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, whom he accused of appropriating and truncating the party cards distribution exercise in the Buea municipality.
    Ekema wondered aloud why a supposed baroness of the CPDM like hon. Lifaka, should organize an important party meeting within his municipality without informing him, worse of all, without inviting him.
    Hear him: “Some people are trying to fragment the party to satisfy their selfish interests: I do not understand how Hon. Emilia Lifaka will organize such an important political meeting in my municipality without informing me….. I find that strange.…. I am not only a senior official of the CPDM in Buea but the one who shoulders the responsibilty for all party activities here.”

Hon. Emilia Lifaka is politically childish

- Ekema Patrick Esunge, Buea mayor
Ekema Patrick Esunge
Lord Mayor, we were informed that a meeting to discuss the distribution and sale of party cards in the Fako III section of the CPDM took place in Buea recently. Were you part of that meeting?

No. I wasn’t there because I was not invited. The bottom line is that some people are trying to fragment the party to satisfy their personal interests;  they are being egoistic. You cannot imagine that Hon. Emilia Lifaka will organize such an important meeting within my municipality and as a senior official of the party and one who has been shouldering all party responsibilities within the section, I am not informed of it? First and foremost, it is even strange that such a meeting to talk about the sale of party cards will take place at the private residence of an individual. To me, the whole idea behind it is so mean and childish. It only exposes the limitations of people who ought to be considered as bigwigs within the party. Imagine that even party officials like the YCPDM section president who is my 1st deputy mayor was not invited to the meeting. Even if people have differences, when it comes to issues of general interest, they should be able to bury those differences. Such an action only tells of how some people are politically immature.

Road maintenance

B’da-Mbouda road crying for attention
- Gov’t evokes lack of funds
- Populations urge PM Yang to launch another cour-de-couer
By Mercy Neba in Yaounde

Passengers commuting the 360km distance between Yaounde and Bamenda will have to hold their patience a little longer to permit government to raise the funds needed to rehabilitate the highly degraded national road.
    This was part of the take home from a press conference given by the minister of public works, Patrice Amba Salla, in Yaounde on Tuesday 5 May 2015.
    Fielding questions from prying journalists, the “engineer of the state” said the government is quite aware of the urgent attention needed on the very busy road; but the fact is that the funds needed to rehabilitate the road are not readily available.
    Minister Amba Salla explained that of the over 130 billion FCFA needed to rehabilitate the Ebebda-Bafoussam-Bamenda stretch of the road, the government has been able to lay hands only on FCFA 30 billions. Even though he reassured that efforts were being multiplied to make up the totality of the funds needed, Patrice Amba Salla did not however give a precise time lag when the road would be done.

SW gets new MINMAP Delegate

By Ajongakou Santos & Christopher C. Nwajebe in Buea
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Ensuring professionalism, discipline and professional ethics only are some of the prescriptions given the newly appointed regional delegate of the Ministry of public contracts in the South West Region by his immediate hierarchy. South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai gave the caution as he officially installed Mr. Kati Alfred Njingti as the new regional delegate of MINMAP on May 7, 2015 in Buea.
    Speaking at the installation ceremony at the Buea council building, Governor Okalia Bilai noted that the Delegation of Public Contracts in the region has for the past one year been plagued with irregularities and failed principles. It was on this premise that he urged the incoming delegate to toil within the performance-based budget program to achieve the complete execution of projects earmarked within the public investment budget and those under the priority investment program as a way of making a modest contribution to the attainment of vision 2035.

SONARA pursues its extension and modernization program

Ibrahim Talba Malla, SONARA GM
The National Refinning Company, SONARA Limbe, has launched a public International call for Manifestation of Interest, for the recruitment of a consultant to assure the technical supervision of the project for the construction of new storage tanks for crude oil on the refinery site in Limbe, according to a posting on the website, investir au Cameroun.
    The new storage tank with a capacity of 100.000 cubic metres was envisaged in the first phase of SONARA’s extension project which seeks to increase the production capacity of the refinery.
    During this first phase of its extension program, SONARA envisages to increase its production capacity to 3.5 million tons per year, up from the present 2.1 million tons.
     Even though the increased production will still rely on imported crude, authorities of SONARA say the second phase will duel essentially on acquiring a modern hydro-cracker that will also refine heavy crude that is tapped from Cameroon’s subsoil.

Preserving Common Law system

Over 700 lawyers attended the historic conference
Anglophone Lawyers advocate return to two-state federation
- Urge Biya to react within six months or……….
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Cameroon Common Law Lawyers have issued a memo to government requesting that a federal system be reinstated in Cameroon whereby both the Common and Civil Law can function independently. The memo was issued in Bamenda at the Mankon Catholic Hall, on May 9, 2015 after a confab under the theme "The Security and Future of the Common Law in Cameroon" which brought together over 700 lawyers.
    The lawyers through the strongly worded memo have given government six months to look into their problems or else, they (the lawyers) will take drastic measures.
    "We are expecting the government to call for dialogue and if the government dares not to respond within the six months period as has been the case in other issues, common law layers would seize the constitutional council for whom the Supreme Court deputizes for now. This shall be done by exploiting the closure by the common law lawyers’ conference before the constitutional council and even seek international fora. We have adequately exhausted all local legal framework in the country." Barrister Bobga Harmony added.

About 500 successful heart surgeries already

Shisong Cardiac Centre coping with huge electricity bills 
- Huge electricity and fuel bills, escalating cost of essential appliances etc
- Goodwill gestures from public badly needed
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

SOCAPED team and management of the Cardiac Center pose for a picture
Authorities of the Shisong Cardiac Centre have expressed fears that the centre may be forced to close its doors if something is not done and soon too, to alleviate its running cost. They raised the alarm on 23 April 2015, during the Board of Directors evaluation meeting, which took place in Kumbo in the presence of the President of the Follow-Up Committee of the Cardiac Centre-Ministry of Public Health Partnership, Prof. Arthur Essomba.
    The Board Meeting was aimed to review the centre’s activities in 2014; examine challenges faced and chat a way forward.
    In her stock-taking report the Manager of the Center, Rev Sr. Jethro Nkenglefac,    regretted that one the biggest challenges the centre faces is the difficulty of bankrolling the huge running cost especially picking up the ever rising electricity bills and the fat amounts spent on fuel for the stand-by generating plant used during power failure. She said the fact that about 88 percent of surgeries are sponsored through the institution’s Heart Foundation does not make things any easier for the centre’s management.
    She however saluted the visit of the General Manager of the electricity supplier, ENEO to the centre, saying his coming only inspires hope for the near future.

HTTC Bambili seeks more visibility

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
Nsamenang Augustine Bame
The Higher Teacher Training College, HTTC of the University of Bamenda in a bit to sale its programs and showcase what the school can offer is organizing a one day awareness building colloquium.
    Slated for Friday May 15, 2015 in Amphi 340 of the University of Bamenda, the colloquium will hold under the theme curricular implications of the profiles of applicants seeking admission into the Higher Teacher Training College, HTTC, Bambili.
    HTTC, Bambili which has as Director Prof. Nsamenang Augustine Bame is the mother school of the University of Bamenda.
    It was created in 1967 by Ministerial Decision No. 38 of September 13, 1967 as an annex of the Advanced Teacher Training College, ENS, Yaounde. In accordance with the text creating the school, three programs were opened.

SCNC activists to take oath of allegiance

By Johnson Mbu in Kumba
With the restoration of the Statehood of Southern Cameroons allegedly delayed due to betrayal and or bribery by elements of the Yaounde regime and its supporters, henceforth activists of the movement would be admitted only after taking an oath of loyalty and allegiance to the internal rules of the movement. 
    The decision was the outcome of an SCNC meeting that took place in Kumba on Saturday 25 April 2015.   The gathering that brought together SCNC activists from all over the Southwest Region, also resolved in future to send some SCNC activists to Nigeria. 
    The nature of the oath and the mission to Nigeria and the composition of that delegation to Nigeria will be discussed in a subsequent meeting, The Median was told. 

National Reforestation Program

National Reforestation Program:
MINFOF launches Tree-Planting Campaign in B’da
 - Inaugurates new Regional Delegation building
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Minister addressing NW population at launch
The minister of Forestry and wild life, Ngole Philip Ngwese, has launched the 2015 reforestation campaign in Bamenda. The launching ceremony at Ayaba Hotel, May 7, 2015 was followed by a symbolic trees-planting exercise at GBHS Ntamulung by Minister Ngole Philip assisted amongst others by the Governor of the North West Region, Adolf Lele L’Afrique and the SDO of Mezam Nguele Nguele Felix likewise the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council Vincent Nji Ndumu.
    Launched under the theme: “Creation and Development, A Response to Population Needs for Services, Wood and Management of Landscapes,” the activity is expected to trickle to other regions with the overall aim of fighting deforestation and consequently climate change.
    The launch also featured a thematic expose from the Regional Delegate of Forestry and Wildlife for the North West Region, Madam Mbah Grace who amongst other things made a few clarifications regarding eucalyptus trees especially the debate whether it should be planted given that it needs more water for its survival especially as water is increasingly becoming scarce.

Lack of brotherhood, unity, solidarity:

Meme elite boycott SWELA conference
By Johnson Mbu in Kumba 

The smoldering cleavage among the Meme population has once again reared its ugly head following the total boycott of a one-day SWELA conference organized by the Meme Divisional branch of Southwest Elite Association. 
    The conference that took place at the conference hall of the Kumba City Council on Thursday 7 May witnessed the presence of just two Meme elite, Paul Akwo Makembe a retired senior warder, Chief Peter Esambi Ngoh III of Malende Kumba, who chaired the conference.
    Attended mostly by traditional dance groups and youths, the main aim of the conference, The Median gathered, was to present the New Look SWELA elected last February in Limbe to the Meme population and encourage registration of new members. 
    Conspicuously absent was the Meme SDO, his two assistants, the Government Delegate to the Kumba city council, the Divisional officers for Kumba I, Kumba II, Kumba III, Mbonge and Konye and the mayors of the five councils in Meme, businessmen, heads of government services or delegates etc. 
    The Median gathered that all the above mention persons were served invitation letters informing and inviting them to the conference.

International recognition

Fru Ndi
USA-based NGO crowns Fru Ndi as Goodwill Ambassador
- The SDF Chairman returned home to condemn growing indiscipline in his party
By Foy Samson in Douala

The national chairman of the leading opposition party in Cameroon SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi has been recognized in the USA for his contribution to the peace that reigns in the country. Fru Ndi was laureate of the African American Focus Inc. (AFI) Peace Award for 2015. The AFI is based in Los Angelese USA and recognizes lifetime achievements by individuals or groups of individuals in the domains of Human Development, Democracy and Human Rights.
    Fru Ndi thus joins other laureates to become Goodwill Ambassador of the AFI. He is expected to preach democracy and peace not only in Cameroon but to peoples and countries all around the world where these values are not yet shared.
It was a visibly happy but humble Fru Ndi who fielded questions from journalists in Douala upon his return to the country from the USA.
T    alking to the press at the Douala home of SDF Vice Chairman, Joshua Osih, Fru Ndi said the AFI Peace Award does not recognize him as an individual but the combined contribution of SDF militants to peace and democracy and the maturity they have demonstrated in 25 years of the existence of the party.
    Hear him: “I was invited to the USA where I was handed the award in Los Angelese, on 25 April 2015. If you look on the award it is inscribed: “Ambassador of goodwill shinning the light of life”. The award recognizes the SDF’s contribution to the peace in Cameroon since 25 years of its existence. It is also an encouragement for the fight to advance democracy in Cameroon,” Fru Ndi said, recalling that “the SDF has traversed critical moments in its conquered history – it won presidential elections in 1992 but was deprived of the victory; people were maimed and killed; people were put under house arrest; yet the party never thought of going to war.”

Hon. Atinda brings joy to Meme West

By Mbu Johnson in Kumba 
MP Handover scholarship to Principal as meritorious  students look on
In keeping with his campaign promises to his constituency, honorable Atinda Martin, MP for Meme west constituency (Mbonge and konye sub divisions), Saturday 9 May 2015 at Marumba Betondoa, Mbonge subdivision awarded scholarships to the southern Bakundu students Association (SOBASA). The scholarships were received on behalf of SOBASA by their president Motuba Motuba Elias.
    In the same vein, hon. Atinda awarded full scholarships to 25 students attending Union Comprehensive College UCC Kwa-Kwa. The scholarships package comprising essentially tuition fees was received by the principal of the institution, Sakwe Franklin.
    Another goodwill gesture from hon. Atinda was the donation of money for water project at Marumba Botondoa. The package was to the traditional ruler of the village, Chief Mbonjo John Mosima.
    Reacting to the gestures by the MP, HRH Mbonjo John said hon. Atinda’s largesse was the first of its kind by an MP in Marumba Botondoa. He remarked that if previous MPs ever bothered to solve the problems of their people like hon. Atinda has done in Marumba then the problems of the constituency would have reduced.

SW region set for Basic Education Exams

By Ajongakou Santos & Christopher C. Nwajebe in Buea
The regional delegate of Basic education for the South West Region says they are combat ready for the 2015 examinations organized by the Ministry of Basic e-Education. He made the revelation during a 1-day sector conference on the organization and conduct of 2015 examinations at the conference hall of the regional delegation of basic education on Friday May 7, 2015.
    While speaking to the members of the basic education family, the regional delegate recounted that the organization and conduct of the 2014 examinations were successful and hitch free. He added that ‘answered scripts from far off inspectorates arrived marking centers on time and facilitated the publication of results on time and above all, a marked increase in pupils performance in all the examinations which was registered’. Hear him: “We are out to uphold the excellent output of last year and perform even better this year.”  
    While stating their level of preparedness for the 2015 examinations, the delegate said pupils nationwide will take the Common Entrance Examination this May while the First School Living Certificate (FSLC) will be taken in June.

SW authorizing officers drilled on budget reforms

By Ajongakou Santos & Christopher C. Nwajebe in Buea
Authorizing officers in public and some para-public services in the South West Region have been told to respect the new financial laws on budgetary and accounting legislation aimed at highly performing administration.
    The call was made by the secretary general at the South West Governor’s office, Clement Fon Ndikum while presiding at the one day information and sensitization come together for authorizing officers that took place on Thursday May 7, 2015 at the local government training center CEFAM Buea.
    Deliberating under the theme ‘the extent of responsibilities of authorizing officers in the domain of stores management’, Fon Ndikum said the colloquium was important and timely, since it comes at a time when Cameroon has taken commitments in the second phase of the public finance reforms to make it reflect national practices in relation to international norms and standard based on law No. 2007/006 of December 26, 2007, on the financial regime of the state.

K’ba to host sports club for disabled persons

 By Johnson Mbu in Kumba
A Kumba-based association for disabled persons known as Meme People Living with Disabilities (MEPELWIDA) has declared its intention to create a sports club in order to keep handicap persons fit and prepare them for national and international sporting competitions.
    The intention of MEPELWIDA was disclosed by coach-trainer of disabled persons Anna Tanjong in a chat with The Median, on Wednesday 6 May 2015.  Anna Tanjong, a handicap person herself was recently trained for two weeks in Yaounde as a coach-trainer for handicap persons.  She was trained in the following disciplines: football, handball, volley ball, shot put, basket ball, weight lifting etc.

Ze J. Blaise

Quintessential Cameroon Regime Man!  
By Asonganyi Tazoacha in Yaounde

Ze J. Blaise is said to have been a billing agent (“agent de facturation”) in the Cameroon Postal Services (CamPost) who, between 2011 and 2013, succeeded to embezzle some 3 billion FCFA from CamPost! He is said to have raised false payment documents which he sent to the Central Bank (BEAC) from where chunks of the money from CamPost account were paid into accounts opened by his relatives and agents in various local banks in Cameroon. The relatives are said to have included Meva’a Ndounga Dieudonné, Oyono Oyono Timothée, Abessolo Etienne, and Wodjo Assoumou F. Moise. We are told that apart from Meva’a Ndounga Dieudonné who is under arrest, all the other three accused are on the run. This is the information filtering to us from the Special Criminal Court in Yaounde.
    The case, like many others, is a damning statement about regime people in Cameroon and the system with which the country has been governed during the last 30-some years. Indeed, Ze J. Blaise is a quintessential CPDM regime man!
    While the rest of us behave like outsider fated to watch adrift, seeming incapable of making anything happen, discipline, integrity, morality, patriotism, transparency, and accountability have been thrown to the dogs, to let nepotism, clientelism, and cronyism to reign supreme. Political hacks and regime loyalists without training, experience, integrity, and morality, are regularly appointed to take charge of our destiny. That is where Ze J. Blaise is coming from.

240 Journalists killed in four years

A tribute to fallen journalists presented by CJA President, HRH Chief Foanyi Nkemayang Paul,  during commemorative activities of WPFD organized by CANPA in Bamenda, on Sunday 3 May 2015

 Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here we come again in Bamenda, after the World Press Freedom Day celebrations in Buea in 2014 that reincarnate troubled memories after very successful celebrations. Thank God, the truth can only be delayed and no one can kill it, no matter how strong.
    This very important presentation is anchored on a Tribute to fallen colleagues worldwide who died or were killed in the Herculean task of carrying out their exacting duties.
    But before I delve into this very challenging and emotional tribute, it is imperative for us to be reminded once more of the meaning and importance of the World Press Freedom Day.
    May 3 every year is a date that we celebrate the fundamental principles of Press Freedom, to evaluate Press Freedom around the world, to defend the media from attacks on its independence, and to pay tribute to journalists who lost their lives in the exercise of their delicate and challenging profession.
    May 3 was proclaimed World Press Freedom Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 following a recommendation adopted at the 26th session of the UNESCO General Assembly in 1991.
    That said, it is important to pay glowing tribute to our colleagues who, in pursuing the cardinal objectives of their profession, met their untimely and very regrettable deaths. 
    According to the Committee to Protect Journalists with Headquarters in New York, USA, 74 Journalists were killed in 2012, 70 in 2013, 74 in 2014 and 21 have been slain in the first quarter of 2015.
    Some of the most traumatic and heart-breaking killings were the hacking to death of five Journalists in Libya last month by ISIS terrorists, and the shooting to death of a Journalist and wife by Al Shabab militants in Somalia.     In fact, they were murdered in their sleep.


Omega Veterans of Bamenda make history
- Promo CFA Yaounde emerge champions
By Che Sam alias Gaucher

When the curtains were drawn last Saturday May 2nd announcing the end of the 3-day sporting and cultural jamboree dubbed National Veterans tournament NAVETO 2015, at the esplanade of the Blue Pearl Hotel at Mile 3 Nkwen, Bamenda, by the DO for Bamenda 111, there was a unanimous thumbs-up from all and Sundry to Omega Veterans for the marvelous job they did as hosts of the tourney. Never in 9-year history of the NAVETO did the hosts accept to bow out before the finals as was the case for Omega Veterans of Bamenda.
    During the semi-finals clash that opposed Omega Veterans to Limbe Atlantic Club (LAC), the latter side was charged with fielding a player with a valid FECAFOOT License, which was a flagrant violation of the by-laws of the tournament.
After looking into the petition by Omega Veterans, the homologations and disciplinary committee sanctioned LAC Limbe to pay a fine of 25.000 FCFA and also loose the semi-final match in question through penalties.
    However, in a rare show of sportsmanship, maturity and solidarity, Tim Eric, President of Omega Veterans and Maitre Njoya Joseph, President of the local organizing committee (L.O.C) after concerting with other members of the L.O.C suggested that LAC should pay only the fine of 25.000 and be allowed to play the finals.

Basketball star Mbah a Moute on talent-search in Buea

By Ajongakou Santos & Isifu Wirfengla in Buea
Cameroonian born NBA star Luc Mbah A Moute has begun this year’s basketball-talent-search exercise in Buea, Headquarter of the Fako Division, South West Region. Unlike last year, Richard Luc Mbah A Moute was at the Molyko Sports Complex on Saturday May 9 to personally supervise the pre-selection of basketball youngsters aged between 12 and 18 for his basketball camp back in the United States of America.
    Buea was once again privileged to host the launch of the pre-selection exercise marking the fourth edition. The basketball teenagers who converged on the Molyko Sports Complex on Saturday included students from secondary schools and higher institutions found in and out of Fako, notably the students of Saint Joseph’s College, Bishop Rogan Minor Seminary, the Catholic University Institute of Buea, BGS Molyko and the University of Buea.

Curbing poor performance in sports

MINSEP launches program for detection of young talents
The ministry of sports and physical education has launched a project for the detection and training of young sports talents in the country.  The objective of the program is to improve on the level of performance of athletes in all the major sports disciplines through a better structuring of the processes of detecting and training of sports talents.
    Speaking at the launching ceremony at the Yaounde multi-sports complex on Wednesday 6 May 2015 the minister of sports and physical education said the project depicts the importance the government attaches to the detection and training of sports talents in the country.
    Mr. Adoum Garoua said the objective of the project is to enable Cameroon to once again become a reference and leader in the domain of sports on the African Continent. 

Cameroon stagnates on FIFA Ranking

The Indomitable Lions of Cameroon have maintained their April position in the FIFA ranking released Thursday May 7, 2015.  Cameroon is ranked 48th in the world and 9th on the African continent. According to the ranking, only three friendly matches were taken into consideration and since Cameroon was not involved in any match, their position has not changed.
    Only 25 points separate 48th placed Cameroon from 52nd placed Turkey. 
    Ranked 25th in the world, Algeria continues to top the table in Africa.

Monday, 4 May 2015

2015 Varsity Games

Buea University FC set for the kill
By Ajongakou Santos & Isifu Wirfengla in Buea

The University of Buea Football Club has sent electrocuting messages to her 2015 Varsity-games opponents after dismantling Buea United 1-0 in the final of the Buea Coaches’ Pre-season soccer contest, played Sunday April 19, at the Molyko Omnisports Stadium.

The Buea coaches’ preparatory competition was an initiative from a handful of football coaches of the amateur league to lubricate their players as well as put what they have been imbibing in the budding soccer talents over time. Sunday April 19 was set aside to identify the soccer heavyweight of the second division clubs that were taking part in this warm up tournament, in prelude to the south west regional league. Both sides had rubbed the turf during the group stage where UB FC were shocked to a 2-1defeat by Buea United. Both sides arduously meandered their way through, seeing off Mount Cameroon FC, Prisons Social Club, and Cinyodev FC in round one.
    The outstanding runs of the finalists (UB FC & Buea U.) during group stages contributed to the inspiring number of spectators, especially the University of Buea Fans’ Club that ended up stealing the show. They were a uniformed variety of boys and girls dancing to the rhythm of beautiful tunes and drum beats on the touch line.  Key personalities at the event included South West Regional Technical Adviser of Football, Ayisi Dominic, the president of Dynamic FC, Joseph Tenda, Mr Nouck Protus of Little Foot FC of Mutengene, Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor, the president of south west region coaches, Mayebi John Yebi, Mr Bissong Thomas Makia and a handful of football mongers.

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Confusion in Bakundu land

Meme SDO declares Bakundu Chiefs Conference illegal
- Urge the chiefs to constitute themselves and register a new association
By Batuo Johnson Mbu in Kumba

Benjamin Itoe smiles in satisfaction
The decision by hon. Motasse Ngoh, the traditional chief of Mbakua Supe village and president of the Bakundu Chiefs Conference BCC, sacking Justice Benjamin Itoe as President-General of Bakundu Development and Cultural Union BACDU, has had a serious boomerang effect.         Hon. Motasse has not only been sacked by his peers (Bakundu Chiefs) as president of BCC, the SDO of Meme has also proceeded to proclaim the BCC as illegal this, because the BCC was never registered with the administration and also never had a constitution. 
    As we were going to press on Sunday we confirmed that at a meeting of all Bakundu Chiefs called by the Meme SDO, Koulbout Aman David, in his office on Thursday 30 April 2015, the SDO expressed surprise and shock that hon. Motasse, a former law-maker, should be fighting and claiming leadership of an association that is not recognized by law.
    The SDO advised the Bakundu chiefs to organize themselves and get their association duly registered at the level of the administration.
    Koulbout Aman with the consent of the chiefs, appointed a provisional bureua to lead the BCC and also examine the rules to be enshrined in the constitution that BCC must adopt before applying for registration.
    The new provisional bureau of the BCC will be headed by Chief Rudolf Douala Itoe of Bombe Bakundu. He will be assisted by Chief Frederick Motanga of Kombone Misso as secretary and Chief Moka of Foe Bakundu as assistant secretary respectively.