Monday, 27 October 2014

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Chibok girls to regain freedom Monday

– Boko Haram Secretary General, Danladi Ahmadu
Chibok girls to regain freedom
Self acclaimed secretary General of Boko Haram, Mallam Danladi Ahmadu have said that the group’s cases fire agreement with the Federal Government is very much on course.
    Ahmadu disclosed that the final meeting between the group and the Federal Government to finally seal the ceasefire agreement has been scheduled for Monday in Ndjamana, Chad and to be supervised by the Chadian leader, Idris Derby.
Danladi Ahmadu, who spoke in the Hausa service of the Voice of America VoA on Friday and monitored in Yola affirmed that the Chibok Girls would surely be released on Monday to the Chadian President, Idriss Derby for onward presentation to the Nigerian government.
    He added that an enlarged meeting of the group has been fixed for the weekend to prepare ground for the Monday meeting with the Federal government, affirming that the final ceasefire and the release of the Chibok girls are promises that will surely be fulfilled by the group.


Anne with first grandson and grandaughter,
Namise Musonge and Faith
Anne Mojoko Musonge Memorial launched
The Memorial Trust Fund was launched in Buea on Saturday 18 October 2014 with objective to foster the education of young girls
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong Epey in Buea

Three years after her passing on, Anne Mojoko Musonge, late wife of former Prime Minister of Cameroon, Senator Peter Mafany Musonge, has been immortalized. A foundation bearing her name – The Anne Mojoko Musonge Memorial Trust, was launched in Buea on Saturday 18 October 2014 by family members and friends.
    The foundation has as objective to foster the education of young girls aged between 12 and 22, through the award of scholarships and grants.
    The President of the Republic was represented at the launching ceremony by the Minister, Assistant Secretary General of the Presidency, Prof. Nfor Peter Agbor-Tabi. Hon. Monjowa Lifaka, Vice-President of the National Assembly represented the House Speaker Cavaye Yeguei Djibril, while the Senate president was also represented by Senator Daniel Matute. Other dignitaries at the event included Ministers, Senators, Members of National Assembly, General Managers of public and para-public corporations, Directors, mayors and a host of CPDM barons.


Forest management and monitoring project
A conference on sustainable forest management and monitoring will hold in Yaounde on Monday 27 October 2014. Jointly organized by the ministry of forestry and wildlife, MINFOF and the French Development Agency, the project advocates sustainable management of production forests, development of the wood processing sector, curb deforestation and soil degradation, all with the view to reduce emission of green-house gases. Funded by the Debt Relief and Development Initiates C2D, the conference will be co-chaired by the minister of forestry and wildlife, Ngole Philip Ngwese and the French Ambassador to Cameroon.

SW Governor exhorts populations to fight Boko Haram, Ebola

 By Johnson Mbu in Kumba
Bernard Okalia Bilai
The people of the South West region have been exhorted to unite with the government in the fight against the Islamic terrorist group known as Boko Haram and the spread of the Ebola virus. The governor of the South west region, His Excellency Bernard Okalia Bilai made this appeal on the first day of a two days (23rd-24th October, 2014) South west Administrative Security coordination meeting that took place at the conference hall of the Kumba City council.  The meeting was attended by all the SDOs, DOs, mayors, parliamentarians, senators drawn from all over the South west region. Also in attendance were regional security chiefs, regional delegates, traditional rulers, the clergy, political leaders, representatives of the civil society etc.
    In his address on the occasion, Governor Okalia Bilai decried the spiraling insecurity in Meme division and declared that security concerns are a two way lane and that the population should join the administration and the security forces in combating criminality and banditry.

Local Governance

Hon. Joshua Osih
Joshua Osih wants post of Gov’t Delegate scraped
- Proposes election of City Mayors

The first Vice National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Hon. Joshua Osih has added his voice to that of many adherents who have been advocating for the abolishment of the post of Government Delegate in Cameroon.
    This argument is contained in a five-page private member bill expected to be tabled during the November session of Cameroon’s National Assembly. The bill is aimed at modifying and completing Law No. 2004/17 of 22 July 2004 on the orientation of decentralisation in Cameroon. 
    The SDF scribe has argued that the position of “Government Delegate” be abolished in Cameroon. He stated that the appointment and existence of these officials is contrary to the principles of decentralisation as stipulated on Subsection 2 (1) of the Law.

Another International recognition

Akere Muna
Akere Muna appointed New IACC Council Chair
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

The Board of corruption watchdog, Transparency International, TI has appointed Akere Muna as Chair of the International Anti-Corruption Conference Council. The Cameroonian jurist was elected for a six-year mandate on 16th October 2014 during a meeting in Berlin-Germany.
    In line with the amended IACC Council Constitution, as secretariat to the IACC Council, TI appoints the Council Chair for a term of three Conference cycles, a total of six years.
    Mr. Muna served as acting-Chair following the passing of beloved IACC Chair Hon. Justice Barry O’Keefe. Like Justice O’Keefe, Mr. Muna is a barrister with a distinguished career in law. 
    At home, Akere MUNA piloted the affairs of the Cameroon Bar Association in 1997 after having been member and representative of the President of the Bar in the Centre, South and East Regions (formerly Provinces) in Cameroon.
    As President, he led the association for five (5) years during which, the Bar was given a facelift and respectability. His quest for justice and transparency in the management of public affairs, pushed him in 2000 to initiate the creation of the Cameroon Branch of Transparency International (IT), a German based Non-Governmental Organization whose prime mission is to fight against corruption in all its facets.

Sanction of defaulting CPDM militants

Ayuk Johnson “Kabilla” hails Musonge Commission for good judgment
-Says those who wanted him sanctioned do not master the CPDM party texts
By Johnson Mbu in K-Town

The recent publication by the Musonge   commission of some names of alleged erring CPDM militants and the consequent sanctions has drew the ire of CPDM militants in meme division especially in Kumba. Most CPDM militants in Kumba take issue with the Musonge commission, arguing that one of the erring militants Ayuk Johnson was not sanctioned by the Commission. These CPDM militants claimed that in the last twin elections, Ayuk Johnson campaigned against the CPDM and that he even went on local radio, to appeal to CPDM militants to vote against their party and even to cast their votes for SDF.
    Ayuk Johnson, Popularly Known as ‘’Kabila’’ has however fired back at his opponents, accusing them of not being versed with the CPDM party texts.

Pastoral visit to USA

Mgr. Andrew Nkea talking to The Median’s Betrand Etukeni in the USA
There is a lot of division among Cameroonians in USA
- Mgr. Andrew Nkea, bishop of Mamfe

 After the official visit by all Cameroonian Bishops to the Vatican, where they held high level talks with the Holy Father, Pope Francis at the Saint Peter`s Basilica in Rome, concerning burning Issues affecting the Modern Church in Africa, the Bishop of Mamfe Mgr Andrew Nkea travelled to the USA to visit and unite the members of the Okoyong Past Students Association OPSA USA, during their annual convention in Metropolitan Washington DC. The Median’s USA correspondent, Bertrand Etukeni Agbaw-Ebai caught up with the prelate and recorded this thrilling and exciting interview in which the Bishop also disclosed his vision for the Diocese of Mamfe.

The Median: You were appointed as Coadjutor Bishop of Mamfe and later confirmed as Bishop. What has changed in your functions now that you have been confirmed as Bishop of Mamfe?
Bishop Nkea: Much has changed. There is a difference between the two. As Coadjutor Bishop you do what the Bishop assigns you to do. You don`t do your own things. But as Bishop you take initiatives for the good of the Diocese. As Coadjutor Bishop, I only did what Bishop Francis asked me to do. Now as Bishop, I can take initiatives and move the diocese in the direction I want it to go, according to the will of God.

Okalia Bilai

Epitome of jungle justice in Cameroon
By Tazoacha Asonganyi, Yaounde

At least, over in Yaounde, our God-sent, Grande-camarade-bis, goes around noisily, with drones of excited security agents always present to keep the rest of us at bay. The impunity that usually reigns within the ranks of the excited security charges is indescribable.  Power is centred around one point in Cameroon - around one man; it is not like neighbouring Nigeria where power is effectively decentralized, and each centre of power at the state, the local council or even the village level – Governor, Council Chairman, Chief – goes around noisily with their own escorts, and convoys.
    If it were so in Cameroon, Dieudonne Meh, a truck driver in Buea, would not have suffered the humiliation he is said to have suffered in the hands of Okalia Bilai – Governor of the South West Region – because he would have seen, heard, and known that the big-man was coming, and given way as is usually done in Yaounde.

Break-up of CamCCUL

Gov’t acknowledges RECCU-Cam, fears for future of CamCCUL
By a correspondent in Yaounde

RECCU-Cam boss, Anye Judith
Camccul boss, Musa Shey Nfor
 The crisis that led to the breakaway of some cooperative credit unions from the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League- CamCCUL to form another umbrella body known as the Renaissance Cooperative Credit Unions in Cameroon- RECCU-Cam, is well over two years old, but the supervisory structure of finance organizations, the Ministry of Finance is yet to fully digest the meaning of economic liberalization.
    Although recent moves at the Ministry of Finance indicate that officials at the Division in charge of the micro finance sector are gradually coming out of their preconceived interpretations of the causes of the crisis, efforts being made to turn the hand of the clock are being quickly put paid to; they are generally seen by those involved as too little, too late.
    For much of the month of October 2014, the Directorate General of the Treasury, Financial and Monetary Cooperation at the Ministry of Finance invited the presidents and other officials of some eight credit unions that are part of the RECCU-Cam network to Yaounde to conduct a succinct diagnosis of the trouble that led to their disaffiliations from CamCCUL that until one year six months ago, was the only existing umbrella body for the control and supervision of the activities of credit unions in Cameroon.

Crisis in CamCCUL

Shey Musa extends olive branch to breakaway credit unions
By Tanyi Kenneth Musa in Yaounde and Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Shey Musa
The Cameroon Cooperative Union League, CamCCUL was the centre of attraction during activities to commemorate the 2014 International Credit Union Day with many participants being positive that the League has contributed enormously to the socio-economic development of Cameroon.
    Delegates from all the chapters of CamCCUL, from the ten regions of Cameron on Saturday 18th October 2014, converged in Bafoussam to commemorate the Day.
    Celebrated under the theme “local service, global goal”, the highly attended ceremony brought together top CamCCUL executives and representatives of the supervisory ministries of Finance, Agriculture and Rural Development, Economy, Planning and Regional Development and Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries.

October 1974 - October 2014

Nyassoso Ex-students warming up for Rubby Jubilee
By JohnsoN Mbu in K-Town

Elung Paul, DG of CSPH is the
pride of NEXANS
The Rugby Jubilee of Government Secondary School Nyasoso, now Government High School will be celebrated on 12, 13 and 14 December 2014 in Nyasoso.         This decision was confirmed in a meeting of the national exco of Nyasoso Ex-students Association (NEXANS) that took place in the conference Hall of the Women Empowerment and the Family Centre Kumba on Saturday 18 October 2014.
    At the Kumba meeting that an earlier one that was hosted in Douala, NEXANS agreed on the theme of the Jubilee, the Fabric, the anniversary magazine. They also brainstormed on the budget for the event and the various committees.
    Government Secondary School Nyasoso was created in 1974. Prominent among the ex-students of the institution are Mr. Elung Paul Che (General Manager of Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund CSPH), CRTV’s Presidential Palace Correspondent George Ewane Ngide, SDF Parliamentarian for the Kumba Urban Constituency, Hon. Mbanya Bolivie, Yaounde-based politician and entrepreneur Bide Cletus, ELECAM Meme boss Mewanu Divine among others.

Fake soldier arrested in Kumba

By Johnson Mbu in Kumba
A fake soldier claiming to be the nephew of retired General James, Tataw  is currently being detained for interrogation at the Kumba central police station  for attempting to dupe pastor Uboh Rene of Paradise Baptist church  Fiango in Kumba II sub-division. The Fake soldier whose names this reporter could not obtain before press time visited the  paradise Baptist church  on Saturday 13 October 2014 and in a chat with the senior Pastor of that  church Uboh Rene said he is the nephew of general James s Tataw and that his palms are hollow given that money never stays in his hands.
      The man in military uniform, further told the pastor that he had come to see him on the advice of the Kumba gendarme commander and that apart from being a soldier, he also facilitates the recruitment of soldiers, gendarmes, police, customs and other allied forces.

Kumba women’s centre begins adult education

By Johnson Mbu  in K-Town
In order to increase and encourage the literacy rate especially among older women in Kumba, the Women Empowerment and Family Centre Kumba will in November 2014 introduce adult literacy classes in its curriculum, The Median has been informed.
    The Director of the Women Empowerment and Family Centre, Lucia Ediage made this disclosure in a chat with this reporter in her office on Monday 20 October 2014.
    The centre created mostly to train young girls to acquire professional skills in sewing, interior decoration, hotel management and catering, computer training and office automation, also recently introduced hair dressing in its study programs.
    Lucia Ediage says that with the expansion of its training programs the centre has now virtually become a fully fledged vocational training centre and now offers end-of-course certificates recognized by the government.

HASKEY, Kumba:

Students worried about the whereabouts of their master
A man, Yusufu Idirisu, about 44, is presently on the run for fear of being persecuted by the forces of law and order. Yusufu Idirisu escaped from Kumba to an unknown destination when he learnt that the police were searching for him. He was accused of inciting violence and vandalism by leading in the production and distribution of tracts on the 4th and 5th of July 2014, calling for civil unrest, strike and vandalism to be held on the 7th of July 2014. The planned demonstration was in protest of a decision by the government to raise the prices of fuel.
    Children of Mr. Idirisu’s NGO, HASKEY (meaning light in native Hausa) took to the streets on 4th July and successfully distributed the tracts but on the fifth of July 2014 they were arrested while still in the process of distributing the tracts. Yusufu Idirisu was later summoned by the police after the children disclosed that he was their leader and organizer.
    The children were mostly vulnerable children from poor homes in Hausa quarters Kumba, whose parents could not enroll them in school because of poverty. With the increase in fuel prices some of the parents feared that the prices of basic commodities, including school needs would also rise in the market. They threatened to withdraw their children from school if the situation turned out to be so.

Unbelievable but true

Man born with his head UPSIDE-DOWN
Claudio Vieira de Oliveira
A man born with physical disabilities so severe his head is upside-down has defied the odds to become an inspirational public speaker. Claudio Vieira de Oliveira, 37, was born with his neck is folded back on itself, as well as badly deformed legs and almost no use of his arms and hands. Doctors told his mother to stop feeding him as a newborn as they believed he had no chance of survival. But Claudio from Monte Santo, Brazil, has overcome his extreme disadvantages to graduate as an accountant and become a public speaker. Claudio said: “Since I was a child I’ve always liked to keep myself busy and work – I don’t like to depend totally on other people. “I do a bit of accounting, research for clients and consulting. “I have learned to turn on the TV, pick up my cell phone, turn on the radio, use the internet, my computer – I do it all by myself.” Claudio types with a pen held in his mouth, operates phones and a computer mouse with his lips and has specially made shoes that allow him to move around town. His determined independence saw him succeeding at school and qualifying as an accountant from the State University of Feira de Santana. When Claudio was born, doctors told his mother Maria Jose he would not be able to survive. Maria Jose said: “People started saying ‘the baby is going to die’ because he could barely breathe when he was born. “Some people would say: ‘Don’t feed him, he is already dying’.

GBTTC Kumba graduates 205 teachers

By Johnson Mbu in Kumba
Graduating students teachers have been described as finished products ready for consumption. The principal of Government Bilingual Teachers Training College (GBTTC) Kumba, Jingwa Tambo George made this declaration on the occasion of the graduation and prize giving ceremony of student teachers of  the college that took place on Thursday  16 October 2014.The ceremony that took  place at the conference hall of that institution  was presided over at by the divisional officer for Kumba I Fomoumbod Douala Charles. In his address Jingwa Tambo, noted that the school year that started in September 2013 did not end without its ugly side with the death of the meme divisional delegate for secondary education Epie Ekalle Shadrack. In the 2013/2014 school year, GBTTC had an enrolment of 358; 61 males and 297 females of whom 246 registered for the teachers grade I certificate Exams (CAPIEMP) and 205 passed giving the school the percentage pass of 83.3%,Jingwa Tambo also went on to chronicle the pedagogic activities of the school under the year  in review among  them  seminars practical teaching and examinations nothing that the school participation in all this activities was excellent.

Women’s AFCON

Nigeria 2 - 0 Cameroon
Nigeria beat Cameroon 2-0 to win the African Women's Championship in Windhoek, Namibia, on Saturday.
    After a dominant opening period, Desire Oparanozie put the Super Falcons in front after 12 minutes with a superb free kick.
    Asisat Oshoala then doubled Nigeria's lead two minutes from the end of an enthralling first half.
    Only twice since the inaugural African Women's Championship in 1991 have the Nigerians failed to win the trophy.
    Equatorial Guinea are the only other winners - in 2008 and 2012 - but failed to qualify for this year's tournament.
Cameroon coach Enoh Ngatchu said reaching the World Cup for the first time in a decade can help transform the game in his country.
    Ngatchu told BBC Sport: "We have more girls playing soccer, we are better organised - with this qualification, many things will change."

Cameroon Cup Quarter Finals

Tough challenge for Kumbo Strikers and Njalla Quan FC
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

The entire sport loving population of Kumbo and lovers of football made in Bui for some time now have been having questioning whether their darling team Kumbo Strikers could ever repeat the history they made in the year 2000 by being the first team west of the Moungo to win the Cameroon Cup.
    These doubts were laid to rest October 21, 2014 at the Tobin Municipal stadium where the Kimbo Boys grabbed the Cup of Cameroon quarter-finals ticket by walloping League 2 side Dynamo FC of Douala 2-0 after a suffering a 1-2 defeat in the away leg.
    The Northwest Division II side was able to frustrate Dynamo’s quest for a fourth Cup of Cameroon trophy. Sports commentators have been quick to observe that the Kumbo Strikers seem to be drawing inspiration from the 2000 heroics when they took the trophy across the Mungo.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Front page


SW CPDM abandon Stephen Mbonda’s corpse
Though the Central Committee of the party was represented by a high-powered delegation led by party scribe Jean Kuete and Mme Yaou Aissatou, the regional leaders of the party were conspicuously absent. Their boycott was attributed to infighting between conservatives and progressives in South West CPDM
By Jude Njinjuh in Mbonge and Bai Sombe

Militants of the ruling CPDM party in the South West Region and Meme Division in particular have been accused of practicing the politics of hate and bad fate. This because of the low turnout and almost total boycott of the funeral of the late Stephen Mbonda Motia, National President of the youth wing of the party (YCPDM), who died last August and was buried on Saturday 11 September, in his native Bai Sombe Village, near Mbonge in Meme Division.
    As was least expected, CPDM militants and sympathizers in Meme Division did not come out, dressed in their party uniforms to crowd the Kumba District Hospital Mortuary where Mbonda’s corpse was coffined, and bid a final and befitting farewell to the fallen national hero. Rather, at the time of removal of Mbonda’s remains, only a few CPDM militants of both the Youth wing and the Men and Women’s wings were spotted around the Hospital Mortuary. The CPDM barons who were present at the Mortuary early that morning notably Minister Ngole Philip Ngwesse of Forestry and Wildlife and Senator Nfor Tabe Tando, wondered in discernible surprise and disbelief why the mortuary was so deserted. Neither the regional leader(s) (Musonge, Ebong Ngole etc) of the CPDM in the South West nor the local section leaders were seen. Not even militants and leaders of the CPDM in Kumba, where Stephen Mbonda lived and died, were mobilized for the funeral.   
    Seemingly angered, by the scanty turnout of CPDM militants at the mortuary, the supporters (tugs) of Mbonda who came mostly from Mbonge claimed the corpse and prevented any CPDM youths at the mortuary from coming close to the casket.

Author’s Rights

Musicians petition Biya against embezzlement, impunity
-Threaten court action against the Minister of Arts and Culture, Ama Tutu Muna
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

Cameroonian musicians are determined more than ever before to get the authorities to put order in the management of author’s rights in the country this, so that they can benefit commensurately the proceeds of their talents and efforts.
    The musicians under an umbrella association “Le collectif” have said that they will not sit and fold their arms, while some “white collar gangsters” continue to unlawfully collect and share revenues from their works.
    In very bitter terms the artistes complained for instance, that they were not satisfied with the way the minister of arts and culture, Ama Tutu Muna, proceeded arbitrarily, to share out money to artistes under the guise of what she termed “repartititon speciale”.

Industrial action

Prof. Nalova Lyonga
UB lecturers go on strike again!
They say the one week warning strike is to protest the witch hunt against two of their colleagues by the school’s administration and non-payment of their research allowances (RMA)
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Buea

Academic activity at the University of Buea, UB, may be put on hold for the whole of this week, if lecturers of the University respect a decision of their trade union – The National Union of Teachers of Higher Education, known by its French acronym SYNES, asking them to go on strike.
    According to the resolutions of a meeting of SYNES-UB chapter, on Wednesday 15 October 2014, a copy of which got to our newsroom, SYNES is calling on lecturers of the University to suspend all academic activity for a full week that is, from 20 to 24 October, to press the school’s authorities to stop the witch-hunt against two of their colleagues, who are accused by the authorities of taking bribes from students to make them pass their exams.


60th CPA Conference

Hon. Monjowa Lifaka emerges as “Shining star”
- Commonwealth delegates hail organizing committee for a wonderful organization
- Delegates forgive Biya’s French remarks as icing on the cake
- SDF MP’s demonstrate suspicious solidarity, team spirit
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

Hon. Monjowa Lifaka
All’s well that ends well. This was the remark of an informed observer, when The Median sought to know his impressions after the curtains were pulled down on the 8-day 60th CPA Conference that took place in Yaounde, from 2 to 10 October 2014.
    “I saw smiles on the faces of most of the delegates, especially the foreign delegates, as they left the Yaounde conference centre on Friday 10 October. It was as if they wished the conference had stayed longer so that their sojourn in Cameroon could be prolonged,” the observer said.

Yaounde Conference Centre

FCFA 2.5bn to prepare promote 2014
At a board meeting in Yaounde on Wednesday 15 October 2014, board members agreed to impute an additional 2.5 billion FCFA given by the state, into the 2014 budget of the Conference Centre. They also adopted a new organizational chart (organigram) for the institution among other resolutions
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

2.5 billion FCFA is the amount that the management of the Yaounde Conference Centre will invest to prepare the grounds for the 2014 edition of the annual international business and economy fair, Promote. The money is a special subvention from the government of Cameroon.
    Board members of the Conference Centre took note of the special government subvention, and agreed that the amount be imputed in the annual budget of the institution for 2014.
    This was during a Board Meeting that was held on Wednesday 15 October 2014, in the Complex “A” room of the expansive Conference Centre.
    The board members during this 18th Ordinary Session also adopted a new organigram for the institution.
    The new organigram will now permit the management headed by Christophe Mien Zok (General Manager) and Madam Tabe nee Celine Mbeng (Assistant General Manager), to recruit new and more qualified personnel to assist them in the pursuit of their program of reconstruction and development of the Conference Centre.



16 October 2013 - 16 October 2014

Mayor Moukondo Daniel speaks out!

-    Tiko market will go operational soon
-    No more “Carabot” houses in Tiko after 2016
-    I want to give Tiko a new, befitting image
-    I am ready to work with everybody including my CPDM challengers
-    We are proud of our achievements this far

In an exclusive interview on the occasion of the first year of his second mandate as mayor of the SDF-run Tiko Council, the spritely, ebullient and workaholic mayor Moukondo Daniel presented an eulogious balance-sheet and said the best was yet to come.He was interviewed by The Median’s Fako correspondent, Sarah Nkongho Ojong. Excerpts on page 3.

Mayor Moukondo welcomes President Paul Biya at Tiko airport 
during reunification celebration

Celebrating one year in office as mayor of Tiko council, how do you feel?

It has been one year of direct dealings with the population, one year of constraints. But all that not withstanding it has been one year of collaboration, one year of team work with all the stakeholders that make up the Tiko municipality. In just a short time in office I think we have already done 80% of the work we set out to do this year. You can do a Vox Pop out there and see what rating the population will give to us.  I should say that we feel proud our our achievements for this first one year; I think we are on the right footing.


PLAN Cameroon donates to CONUPRIS Bafut

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda 
Country director of Plan Cameroon  

The country director of PLAN Cameroon, Famari Barro has inaugurated some 18 amusement games costing some FCFA10 million in the community nursery and primary pupils of the Bafut palace. This gesture came at a time Famari Barro is ending his mission in Cameroon.
    Addressing the Bafut population at the highly attended ceremony, Famari Barro was upbeat that even though he was leaving Cameroon for a higher office, half if not all of his dreams when he entered Cameroon has been realized.
    He revealed that Bafut was amongst the areas that he prioritized during his tenure of office to beneit from Plan’s assistance. With this he urged his collaborators not to turn their backs to the Bafut community when he leaves.

CAJAD poised to begin pre-testing in timber sector

By FEN Lenjo in Limbe
Participants at CAJAD workshop in Limbe
The Center for Assistance to Justice and Animation of Development CAJAD is now set to begin pre-testing of its evaluation methodology in the Cameroon Timber sector. Three Regions, the East, Littoral and Southwest Regions have been chosen as areas for this activity. This disclosure was made on Friday October 17 during a Press Dinner offered by this organisation in Limbe.
    This falls within the frame work of VPA-FLEGT an initiative given birth to by the European Union with an intention of fighting the illegal exploitation of forests in Cameroon.  Explaining the origin of the initiative Ntonifor Charly, the Development and Environment Officer of the organisation said due to the illegal exploitation of our forests, the European Commission took the decision to combat this state of things. The European Union he said worked a plan of action that is embodied in what is referred to as FLEGT. VPA  he said is a voluntary Participatory Agreement between the European body and countries that constitute part of the initiative. FLEGT as such is there to enforce forest laws that will adhere to the plan. The aim of this plan he said, is simply to improve forest governance, optimise profits and ensure the complete participation of stakeholders.           
     FLEGT Action plan he said among other things include the registration of wood entering the European Market through what he referred to as traceability. It equally involves a bilateral agreement between  the European Union and other countries and once agreed upon is legally binding. Though 15 African countries were involved initially Ntonifor Charly said at the moment only Ghana, Congo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cote D'Ivoire and Sierra Leone were still  part of it.

SHUMAS Grabs 2014 National ENERGY GLOBE Award

“A great project for the environment and future generations – Congratulations to your achievement!”
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Shey Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka, CEO SHUMAS
This is an extract from the final jury ratings of the National Energy Globe Award on a project by the Strategic Humanitarian Services, SHUMAS titled “Training farming community leaders and unemployed youths on sustainable integrated organic farming and renewable energy forms".
     “Farming practices harmful to the environment and the use of traditional wood fuels lead to deforestation and degraded soil, leaving a damaged environment to future generations”. The jury observed.
    According to the jury, SHUMAS, who are this year’s National Winner addresses these issues with a multi-dimensional approach.
    “Teaching sustainable farming practices restores soil fertility and promoting the use of clean energy sources such as Biogas, Wind mill, solar panels and mini hydroelectricity reduces CO2 emissions and saves trees that would otherwise have been used as wood fuel” the jury added.
    According to Shey Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka, Managing Director of SHMAS, who talked to this reporter immediately after the proclamation of the award, the main goals that were set for this project from the beginning were to restore soil fertility, enhance food availability, improve livelihoods for rural farmers and ensure environmental sustainability.

Ruminations over Guérandi Mbara and 1984 coup

It is not difficult to design a thought experiment, pondering what would happen if 1984 in Cameroon were today, not 30 years ago. Hindsight has a way of clarifying the past, and would make the result of such an experiment edifying.
    Guérandi Mbara was a principal actor in a key event in 1984. If one were to go by the rumour about his capture and elimination, and the cold blooded, casual reaction of the Biya regime, it would be irrefutable proof that the regime seems to glorify its past, pride in its present, and look forward to an unchangeable future! This would be a tragic scenario for Cameroon, to say the least.
    A classic Cameroonian understatement is, “not bad.” This is offered in response to casual social enquiries like, how are you, and many others. Yet, for a long time, we are aware that it is not good! Since the tragic events of 1984, there has been a deep feeling of a great divide in the country’s conscience, caused by the action of one national group that had just left the helm of the state, and the overreaction of another that had just ascended to the helm. There has always been an overwhelming feeling that for the good of the country’s future, we need forgiveness and reconciliation. And we all knew who and what to forgive, which made the task relatively easy. If Guérandi’s alleged capture and execution is true, it would confirm the saying that forgiveness is usually harder to summon than the desire to settle old scores.

19th edition of Rural women’s day 2014

Parents urged to educate children interested in agriculture
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Missellele
In a bid to promote family farming in which children are encouraged to join their mothers in farm activities, a call was made for agricultural studies to be pursued by children with agricultural background to ensure that the sector becomes more revolutionized.
    The call was made during celebrations marking the 19th edition of the international day of the rural woman at Missellele in Tiko October 15, 2014 under theme ‘Together let us promote family farming’, following the skills showcased by the rural woman in the transformation of farm products. Such skills were motivated with prizes awarded to the women with best cassava transformation into ‘waterfufu’, ‘miondo’, ‘bobolo’, best corn transformation into corn fufu, pap, and corn beer and best palm oil into soap (cocosoap as commonly called and savon).
     The celebrations which took place under the patronage of the D.O for Tiko Che Ngwashi Patrick organized by the ministry of women empowerment and the family represented by the sub divisional delegate, Sone John Mesumbe, brought together women in their various cultural groups from rural areas within the Tiko municipality amongst which were the Keme camp women, Missellele women, Lebang women, Koshin women just to name a few.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Front page

Marafa speaks from jail

Marafa Hamidou Yaya
Former Territorial Administration minister, Marafa Hamidou Yaya, is in jail but is not silent. If he is not writing and releasing open letters to the Head of State or to Cameroonians in general, he is granting interviews to the press in a way he alone can explain. The latest of such interviews was granted the international French weekly magazine, Jeune Afrique. In it, Marafa sheds some light on his past and present condition as well as on some other important state issues including the menace of Boko Haram in northern Cameroon. The Median translated the thrilling interview for your reading pleasure

You were admitted in hospital in Yaounde on two occasions. How are you feeling now?

Intellectually and mentally, I’m okay, but I have respiratory and sight problems which are getting worse. My state is not compatible with my detention, and the authorities know this very well.  That said, I left the hospital hurriedly because my presence was disturbing the other patients and workers. Each time I was there, the hospital was transformed into a military stronghold, with about 50 soldiers armed to the teeth patrolling the corridors and the roofs!

Boko Haram frees Amadou Ali’s wife, 10 Chinese

Akaoua Babiana, the wife of Cameroon's deputy 
PM, was among the hostages released
Twenty-seven people held for months by suspected Boko Haram militants have regained their freedom. The hostages were handed to Cameroonian authorities after being freed early on Saturday. They were flown immidiately to the capital Yaounde.
    Among the freed hostages was the wife of Vice-Prime Minister, Amadou Ali and 10 Chinese workers.
    They were seized in two separate raids in May and July close to the Nigeria border. It is not clear how their release was secured.
    Boko Haram is seeking to establish an Islamist state in Nigeria but its fighters often cross the long and porous border with Cameroon.
    More than 200.000 Nigerian civilians in border towns have fled to Cameroon to escape militant attacks, which have been stepped up in recent months.

Special criminal Court

Thomas Ephraim Inoni
More Anglophones heading to Kondengui?
A sitting Anglophone minister and a former government delegate to the Limbe city council could be the next high-profile tenants of Kondengui prison
By Macquens Balemba in Yaounde

The number of Anglophones to be swept by the whirlwind of the fight against corruption codenamed “Operation Sparrow hawk” is likely to increase in the weeks or months ahead, if reports coming from the Special Criminal Tribunal in Yaounde are anything to go by. After the arrest and imprisonment of the former general manager of Chantier Naval, Zaccheus   Forjindam, and former Prime Minister, Thomas Ephraim Inoni, both of whom are now licking their wounds in the New Bell and Kondengui central prisons respectively, that of a sitting minister and a former government delegate may follow suit.
    The Median has been informed that Laurent Esso, the minister of Justice, has already been informed of charges brought against Paul Atanga Nji, minister of special duties at the Presidency of the Republic, and which has to do with the alleged mismanagement of funds at the defunct Postal Savings Bank (Cheques Postaux) in Yaounde.


Motion of support to the national chairman of the CPDM and president of the republic, H.E. Paul Biya
Meeting in the Tombel Council Hall, Tombel Subdivision, Kupe-Muanenguba Division, South West Region, on the occasion of the Divisional Seminar for CPDM Mayors and other elected party officials at the behest of the National Chairman, President of the Republic, H.E. Paul BIYA, and under the supervisory authority of the Secretary-General of the CPDM, Vice Prime Minister, Jean NKUETE, we:

Member and former members of government,

Senator, Alternate Senator, Members of the House of Assembly and Alternate members,

Members of the CPDM Political Bureau and Central Committee,
Mayors of Bangem, Nguti and Tombel,

CPDM, WCPDM and YCPDM Section Presidents and Executive Members of Kupe-Muanenguba I, II and III,

Presidents of the Kupe-Muanenguba Chiefs Conference and the Bangem, Nguti and Tombel Sub-divisional Chiefs Conferences,

Municipal Councillors of Bangem, Nguti and Tombel,

Internal and External Elite of Kupe-Muanenguba Division,

CPDM Militants and Supporters from the three Sections of Kupe-Muanenguba,

All Kupe-Muanenguba Sons and Daughters of goodwill resident in the Division and beyond,

Retired but not tired:

Simon Munzu
Simon Munzu picks another UN job 
- He was appointed recently by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon as Special Representative of the UN operations in Côte d’Ivoire
The United Nations Secretary, General Ban Ki-moon has bestowed confidence in Simon Munzu by appointing him as his Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire, UNOCI.
    The awe-inspiring personality who shocked the Yaounde regime and the entire nation in the 1990’s with his irreversible stance on constitutional reforms in Cameroon was appointed on October 7, 2014.
He succeeds Arnauld Akodjènou of Benin, who now serves as Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General in the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali, MINUSMA. 

Motion of support with tears

Kupe-Muanenguba CPDM hail Biya amid protests against abandonment!
Some CPDM militants joined the populations in a peaceful protest, on Saturday in Tombel, as CPDM barons thronged into town for a party seminar. The protesters cried for roads, drinkable water, health centres etc. etc.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem back from Tombel

The populations of Kupe-Muanenguba division in the South West region including some militants of the ruling CPDM party have questioned why the division should continue voting the CPDM party even when their support does not seem to be acknowledged by Yaounde authorities.
    Party militants joined their voices to those of drivers, commercial motorbike riders, petit traders and market women to protest an initiative by CPDM big-wigs in the division to address a motion of support to President Biya, for the measures he has taken to eradicate the Boko Haram insurgency and the Ebola scare.
    The motion of support was the culmination of a seminar to inform and train elected officials at the local level (mayors and councilors) on the role that they must play to ensure a good image for the party and win more supporters in view of future political consultations.

MINFOF, WWF faulted for abuses on Baka Pigmies

Baka Pygmies living in eastern Cameroon are allegedly living under harsh conditions according to Survival International, the global movement for tribal peoples’ rights. Survival in a release dated Oct 6, 2014, which The Median procured said it has uncovered “serious abuses” of Baka “Pygmies” at the hands of anti-poaching squads supported and funded by the World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF.
    “The Baka are being illegally forced from their ancestral homelands in the name of ‘conservation’ because much of their land has been turned into ‘protected areas’ – including safari-hunting zones. Rather than target the powerful individuals behind organized poaching, wildlife officers and soldiers pursue them who hunt only to feed their families,” Survival’s release explains.

Independence Day Celebs in Buea

Nigerian gov’t forever grateful to Cameroon
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Buea

For the very first time the ceremonies to mark the independence of Nigeria on 1 October were hosted in Buea, capital of the South west region. The event at a sumptuous Buea-based hotel was presided over by the Nigerian High Commissioner to Cameroon, Her Excellency Hadiza Mustapha. It witnessed the presence among others of the Consul-General of the Northwest and Southwest regions with residence in Buea, H.E Dan Nwari Nwazim, the Consul-General of Littoral and West regions, H.E Alhaji Hassan Bello and an enthusiastic crowd of Nigerian citizens from all over the South west region and beyond clad in attires bearing the green-white-green colours of the Nigerian flag. The Governor of the South West region was represented by the Secretary General, Fon Ndikum Clement.
    The high points in the celebrations included the chanting of the Nigerian Anthem, prayers and a sumptuous cocktail.

Following ominous collapse of SCOAN building

T.B Joshua’s followers defect massively
The wind has blown and exposed the fowl’s anus! By failing to predict and possibly preempt the collapse of part of his Synagogue Church, the SCOAN, and the killing of atleast 115 persons as a result, the self-proclaimed Prophet, who claims to foresee everything, has had his shortcomings brought to the fore!
By Douglas A. Achingale (Guest Writer)

The ground under the feet of Temitope Balogun Joshua (popularly known as Prophet T. B. Joshua) and his Lagos-based Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) seems to be giving way. Since September 12, 2014 when part of the SCOAN building collapsed and killed over 115 members of the church, adepts have been renouncing their membership in their numbers, this commentator has learned reliably. Not only do they flay the “Man of God” for failing to see the catastrophe coming, they fear the collapse could be a harbinger of more tragic happenings in the future.
    That Joshua, who purports to foretell important events and occurrences, failed to announce the looming disaster, has rattled many of his followers, past like present. Some contend that he does not have the powers he claims to have, reason why he did not see the collapse well ahead of time. Others, for their part, argue that the SCOAN Overseer actually foresaw it and allowed it to happen as a way of sacrifice.

To express gratitude

Bafut fon visits new US Ambassador
His Majesty the Fon of Bafut, Abumbi II on October 3, 2014 visited the U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé where he was received with great appreciation by Public Affairs Officer Roberto Quiroz II, Cultural Attaché Merlyn Schultz, Cultural Affairs Specialist Gladys Viban, and Cultural Affairs Assistant Olivia Mukam.
    While there the Fon of Bafut expressed his gratitude and appreciation towards the United States for the $61,400 grant to conserve the early 20th-Century Achum House in the Bafut Palace.
     “Your support came at the perfect time.  We are grateful for this partnership and would like to dedicate a section of our Bafut museum to highlight U.S. support of our efforts.  When future generations visit, they will not only learn about the history of the Bafut culture, but also of those who helped to preserve it.” 

B’da-Mamfe-Ekok road

B’da drivers should respect their limits
- Enonchong Ivo, VP Mamfe drivers union 

Mamfe drivers have been in conflict with their Bamenda colleagues recently. What is the problem?
We clando d
rivers in Mamfe do essentially farm-to-market clandestine transport; we transport people and goods from the villages to markets. But our brothers from Bamenda who do the same clando business do not want to respect their limits. They think that they can leave Bamenda with their vehicles and drive straight to Ekok with goods and passengers. We told them that this cannot be. When we ask them to end at Mamfe so that Mamfe drivers can now transport the passengers and goods into the hinterlands of Manyu, especially to Ekok they refused to understand with us. We found this improper and very disturbing. This was more so because our motor park in Mamfe was becoming highly underused. Workers at the park had no work to do from morning till evening on a daily basis because Vehicles that are supposed to stop there do not stop. They just pass straight to other parts of Manyu division. So we said this must stop. Our Bamenda colleagues insist on going to Ekok even though vehicles from Mamfe are not allowed to cross Widikum or Bali and get to Bamenda. As soon as we get to Bali our vehicles are impounded and heavy fines inflicted on us. The same Bamenda drivers who insist on driving across Mamfe straight to Ekok are the ones who also refuse clando vehicles leaving Bafoussam driving across Bamenda. They have succeeded to stop vehicles leaving Bafoussam and passing straight to Mamfe.  Clando vehicles from Bafoussam cannot go across Santa. But when we ask them to stop at Mamfe they insist on getting right to Ekok. So we said this cannot happen; they should respect their limits.

Cycling tour

Cameroon cycling federation president dies ahead of Chantal Biya cycling tour
The president of the Cameroonian cycling federation Moustapha Dogo died on Wednesday October 7, after he had a malaise and slumped to the ground while he was busy working in his office at the federation headquarters in Yaounde.

Fans express disappointment over Lions 0-0 draw

Some fans of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon have expressed lack of satisfaction with the October 11 performance of the lions against the Sierra Leone squad. On the streets like on social media platforms, many fans hold that the output of the Lions in this game wasn’t up to expectation.
    After the Lubumbashi and Yaounde outings, which saw a rejuvenated lions squad trampling on their opponents many fans across the globe had out written the Sierra Leone side. Pre-match prognostics predicted a vulture’s banquet for the Cameroon side. After 90 minutes of play, heightened expectations and the pre-match euphoria had died down.
    The first minutes of the match saw a rather relaxed Cameroon team trying to collectively break through the Sierra Leone defense wall. After over 13 minutes of play, the Lions “magic boy”, Clinton Njie would brave the defensive obstacle but would be intercepted by Sierra Leone defenders.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Front page


Issa Tchiroma Bakary
STATE OF CAMEROON Versus Abah Abah Polycarpe,
Yen Eyoum Lydienne and three others

Lawyer Eyoum Lydienne is a common law criminal
- H.E. ISSA TCHIROMA BAKARY, government spokesman

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Since the 26th September when the Special Criminal Court ruled on the case opposing the Public Prosecutor and the State of Cameroon, on the one hand, and Mr ABAH ABAH Polycarpe, the then Minister of Economy and Finance, Mrs YEN EYOUM Lydienne Épouse LOYSE, lawyer at the Cameroonian Bar, Mr BALENG MAAH Célestin, a bailiff, Mr ENGOULOU Henri, former Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Economy and Finance in charge of the Budget and Secretary General at the Ministry of Economy and Finance at the time of the offence and Mr NGWEM Honoré, Director of Legal Affairs at the Ministry of Economy and Finance at the time of the offence, some voices, especially those emanating from the defence of one of the accused, in the person of Mrs YEN EYOUM Lydienne Épouse LOYSE are being raised to denounce what they qualify as a travesty of justice underpinned by a subservience of the Cameroonian judiciary to the Executive Power, as well as a politicization of the case under the cover of a crusade against the embezzlement of public funds.

60th CPA Conference

Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka
Huge Confab, fat budget, bad timing
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

According to the general coordinator of the organizing committee for the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, the greatest challenge the government of Cameroon has encountered in trying to ensure a befitting hosting of the august event is that of making available the requisite finances, on time. Speaking to pressmen in her sumptuous office at the Glass Palace, Hon. Lifaka, who is also vice president of the Cameroon National Assembly, said the cost of procuring all the logistical needs for a  successful 60th CPA Conference in Yaounde was quite enormous especially giving that the conference has to last for over one week.
    “We have to put all logistics in place for a successful hosting of the event: Lodging facilities, catering, transportation, security, health etc. This requires huge financial means that should be available on time,” Hon Lifaka said, noting that the burden was made even bigger for the state because the conference will last not for one day but for over one week, added to the fact that some participants will stay in the country for two weeks.
      “Some participants like the secretariat staff arrived in Cameroon a week before the conference and will leave a week after. This makes the budget even bigger,” Madam Lifake maintained.

60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference

Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, President of CPA
“A triumph for Cameroon’s diplomacy”
- Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, President of CPA

Cameroon will from 2 to 10 October host the 60th Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. Under what banner is the meeting placed.

The conference is placed under the double banner of confidence and consolidation of the influence of the Cameroon parliament internationally. I should note that it was not easy for Cameroon to obtain the ticket to host this conference. Our candidature went through a process of serious scrutiny. More so, the final decision was taken after certain factors and principles had been considered: the level of democracy, rule of law, Human Rights and Freedoms, Peace, stability, solid institutions, gender promotion and environmental protection. You can admit with me that all these factors are effectively present in Cameroon today.

1st October 2014

Battle for Succession foils SCNC Anniversary Celebration
By Nwo Fuanya in Bamenda

A raging battle between self proclaimed SCNC chairman, Nfor Ngala Nfor and another militant, Thomas Nwanchan on how the successor of the deceased chairman of the movement ,Chief Ayamba Ette Otun on October 1, 2014 grounded the planned celebration of the independence of southern Cameroon. While Nfor Ngala Nfor continued with plans to celebrate the day, Thomas N Nwancham, leader of one of the factions of the Southern Cameroons National Council-SCNC (current National chairman of the Wing) issued a Press Release announcing that activities to mark the 54th anniversary celebration of the Independence of the Southern Cameroons initially planned to run from October 1, 2014 to October 1, 2015 had been postponed. According to the communiqué signed on September 21, 2014, Thomas Nwancham states that “this decision was taken in aftermath of the death of Chief Ayamba. And it is necessary to permit SCNC carryout an internal-reorganization, which should consolidate and strengthen the mother movement, by reducing its existing number of Wings”. The release further outlines that “ may our emphasis on the only one date of 1st October be understood to reaffirm this date and one other, as the indelible mark of Southern Cameroons 1961 Independence. To this effect, we appreciate its recent recognition by Government of the Republic of Cameroon, in terms of President Biya having courageously transferred his purported Reunification Jubilee to February 20, 2014.

2014/2015 academic year

Mayor of Tiko Council Daniel Moukondo Ngande
Tiko Council hands out minimum packages to schools
The Mayor of Tiko Council Daniel Moukondo Ngande, officially handed over the contents of government’s minimum package for primary schools in Tiko sub-division for the 2014/2015 school year, on Wednesday, September 24, 2014.  
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Tiko

The minimum package program is a policy of the government in which basic school needs of government institutions are provided through local councils. The minimum package is meant essentially for primary and nursery schools.
     The Mayor of Tiko Moukondo Daniel chose the second week of the reopening of schools to hand the package to Basic Education officials for onward distribution to the 31 schools shortlisted for this academic year.

Bloodbath feared amongst Muslim cattle rearers in Boyo Division

By Nwo Fuanya in Bamenda
The Governor of the north west region, Adolf Lele L’Afrique has been holding a series of security and crisis meetings to put an end to what now appears to be a conflict that may end in a bloodbath amongst grazier communities in Bum subdivision, Boyo division of the North West region.
    The first in a series of crisis meetings held at the Boyo SDO’s office on 23 September brought together the belligerent grazier communities as well as the top security and administrative officials
of the division.
    Given the gravity of the allegations, Governor  Lele’ L’A frique during a closed door meeting on Thursday 25 September gave firm instructions to all the competent security services to immediately arrest the situation in Bum subdivision before it gets out of hand.

William F. Shija dies

William F. Shija dies
CPA Secretary-General, William F. Shija dies
The Former Tanzanian minister and parliamentarian reportedly died on Saturday, 4 October 2014 in London. Reports said he succumbed to prolonged back ache.

Career and profile:
The Secretary-General of CPA is the chief executive officer of the Association. He is primarily responsible for representing the Association and promoting its aims and objectives. He maintains close links with the Branches and provides advice and guidance on their activities and management. The Secretary-General also acts as secretary to meetings of the Executive Committee, the General Assembly and the Plenary Conference.
    Dr. William F. Shija. Dr William F. Shija, a former Minister and Member of Parliament in Tanzania, assumed the office of CPA Secretary-General on 1 January, 2007. The General Assembly on the nomination of the Executive Committee, appointed Dr Shija as Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in September 2006.


Prof. Joyce Endeley
Competitive Entrance Exams postponed again
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda 

The date for the competitive entrance examination into Cycle I and Cycle II of the newly created Higher Technical Teachers Training College, HTTTC, of the University of Buea, UB has been pushed again from October 11 to December 6, 2014. This is the fallout of a consultative meeting of the University of Buea which held on Monday September 29, 2014.
    This is the second time the date of the exams is changed. Many believe that it is evidence of the difficulties of kick-starting the baby school that has Prof. Joyce Endeley Bongo as its pioneer provost.
    According to a communiqué signed by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea Prof. Nalova Lyonga, and posted in the University’s Website, the change has been necessitated to ensure that all candidates in the eleven centres in the country should have access to the examination.

Ebola scares away Americans visiting Kumbo council

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
La Crosse Common Council in Wisconsin, USA has put on hold a planned visit to Kumbo Council on December 2014 as a result of the dreaded Ebola disease that has been wrecking havoc in some parts of West Africa.
    Ever since a man who arrived in Dallas, USA from Liberia a week ago tested positive for Ebola, becoming the first person diagnosed in the U.S. with the potentially deadly virus, the US government has been very cautious of its citizens travelling to any Country in West Africa.
    It is in this light that La Crosse Common Council, a partner of Kumbo Council following a recent twinning deal postponed a planned exchange visit to Kumbo. The confirmation as to the postponement of this visit was made known to this reporter in a telephone chat by Diane Withers and Linda Pfaf all workers at the La Crosse Common Council who all said the visit has been carried over to December 2015.
    A delegation from La Crosse was expected in Kumbo by December for an exchange visit. The Mayor of Kumbo Council, Njong Donatus Fonyuy led a strong nine man delegation to the US from June 29th to July 8th 2014 for a visit and to seal a twinning deal with the La Crosse Council. Conspicuous in the delegation was the Senior Divisional Officer for Bui division, Nzeke Theophile, the third deputy Mayor, Jaff Njibril and some Reverend Sisters.

University of B’da Partners with private universities

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda 
The University of Bamenda popularly known as the University of the Future has, signed two Memoranda of Understanding, MOUs and two Specific Partnership Agreements, SPAs with some higher education institutions in Cameroon.
     The MOUs were signed with the Protestant University of Central Africa, PUCA, Yaounde and the Institut Universitaire Siantou, IUS, Yaounde. The SPAs were signed with the Catholic University of Central Africa, CATUC and the Higher Institute of Management Studies, HIMS, Buea.
    The signing ceremony October 1st at its main campus in Bambili took place in the Auditoruim of the University of Bamenda in the presence of the Representative of the Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Jean Marie Essono, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda, the Deputy Vice Chancellors, the Registrar, the Directors of the different Schools, other Directors of the Central Administration and Proprietors and Promoters of Partner Institutions of Higher Learning.



As we rise in unison to commemorate this day, we renew our spirits and reaffirm our commitment to, under the eternal Lord of all creation and justice, through Nonviolence, fight for the freedom and independence of the Fatherland, British Southern Cameroons.
    I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all who have remained faithful to this historic and divine calling. The Almighty created all men free and equal and to each people He gave them their heritage to cherish and nourish. British Southern Cameroons is ours and no foreign laws, decrees, edicts; constitutions and guns will dispossess us of our rightful heritage. To surrender to foreign domination and alien rule of la Republique du Cameroun is perpetual slavery of body and soul from cradle to the grave not just of the living but of generations yet unborn.
    This reality which faced the peoples of South West Africa (Namibia), Eritrea, East Timor, among others, boldly confronts our generation. Each generation standing at the crossroad of its history must out of absolute necessity answer the question “Who are we?” and “Who is not us?”


Address by Dr. Peter Forchu Chesami, National Chairman of the SCNC, on the
occasion of the 53rd Independence Day of Southern Cameroons on 1st October

Fellow Southern Cameroonians,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my warmest pleasure to hail and address every Southern Cameroonian wherever he or she may be.
    Today is our 53rd independence day as it was declared by the 15th Session of the United Nations General Assembly that held on the 19th of April 1961.
    During the voting of our Independence, France and La Republique du Cameroun did not vote. They did not want us to have our own independence and that is the very reason why La Republique du Cameroun our Eastern neighbours with the connivance of France have confiscated our independence by dismantling our Government, our economic structures such as Marketing Board, West Cameroon Development Agency, Cameroon Bank, Tiko and Victoria deep seaports, our electricity corporation (PowerCam). They have equally seized the lone radio station which we had at Buea. Our planes too were seized, our international airport at Tiko destroyed. Our mobile wing police force was absorbed to render the Southern Cameroons extinct in the world.
    After the dismantling of the Southern Cameroons Government and economic structures, La Republique du Cameroun successive Governments were teleguided by France to re-colonize and annex us with impunity.
    As if this burden on us is not enough, they fake a union on us without any binding treaty. All memoranda addressed to the Presidency of La Republique du Cameroun by the Southern Cameroons National Council for redress of our status quo have failed.
    The Government(s) of La Republique du Cameroun have ever ignored the petitions addressed to them by SCNC. La Republique du Cameroun has reduced our status as a Nation to that of a tribe in Cameroun, from a giant to a dwarf.

30 Sept. 1964 - 30 Sept. 2014

My Sasse, Our Sasse – 50 Years Already!
By Asonganyi Tazoacha 

Not all that is countable counts. Since its advent in 1939, St. Joseph’s College Sasse, Buea, has witnessed many entrances and exits. One of the remarkable entrances that counts, occurred on 30 September 1964 when dozens of “foxes” or “plebs” (from plebian!) appeared in the clouded, chilly campus for roll call late in the afternoon. Those of them that have survived the travails of life have matured into senior citizens, and call themselves today “The September 1964 Transitions Class.”
    As is usually the case in our cultures, some names are pregnant with meaning – so is the name of the class! As history would have it, it is in 1964 that the school system was modified and a seven year strand was introduced with instruction being given to “class” no longer “standard.”  In other words, our promotion that was in Standard Six in 1964 was the last. This is how we got into Saint Joseph’s College, Sasse in September 1964. Since we were the transition from the “Standard” system (of 8 years) whose school year started in January to the “Class” system (of 7 years) that started in September, we gave ourselves the “Transition” name.

Football Management

Biya grants FECAFOOT more powers
A Presidential decree signed on September 26, 2014, modifying the provisions of the Presidential decree of October 31, 1972, on the running of the Cameroon Football Association, FECAFOOT, has granted the country’s FA some powers to manage its own activities.
    Although football lovers were happy with the development, the Government still has some role to play in the FA which might, as well, still hinder the FA’s smooth functioning.
    According to the decree, the financial management of the selections will be jointly carried out by Government and FECAFOOT, according to conditions to be elaborated by a special convention and statutes yet to be enunciated by both institutions.

Europa League

Eto’o nets his second for Everton
• Everton remain unbeaten in Group H
• The Toffees remain top of their group

Samuel Eto'o's late goal salvaged a point for a lacklustre Everton in their Europa League group-stage game at FK Krasnodar. The Cameroon striker was perfectly placed to tap in a cross from Leighton Baines with eight minutes remaining.
    Brazilian forward Ari had fired the home side ahead after capitalizing on a mistake from Phil Jagielka.
    The Toffees, who were second-best in Russia, now have four points from two Group H games.
    Two weeks ago, they got their campaign off to the best possible start courtesy of a comfortable 4-1 home win over German side Wolfsburg.

Ladys’ AFCON

Lionesses beat Chipolopolo 2-0 in warm-up game
In a warm-up game ahead of the African Women Championship in Namibia, the Lionesses beat the Chipolopolo 2-0 at the Woodlands Stadium, (Home City of Lusaka FC).
    The first half was goalless with instances of the opponents dominating the game and the second half saw the lionesses take the upper hand.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Front page

Power alternation

 An Anglophone successor is Biya’s best option

  -Delay in forming new government feared on on-going North-South power tussle
By Bertrand Etukeni in Boston Massachusetts

While all attention is now focused on the manhunt and killing of the members of the Boko Haram Islamic group that has legitimately infiltrated and established itself in Cameroon and causing mayhem to the indigenes of Cameroon’s Extreme Nord Region, threatening national sovereignty, peace and stability including our economic life, there are a litany of other problems confronting President Biya and undermining his presidency. The Median`s  political desk editor has short-listed among others the Boko Haram  insurgency, pirate and illicit maritime activity around the Bakassi Peninsular, internal rebellion within the ruling CPDM, chronic corruption and pillaging of the state coffers,  poverty, unemployment and above all the recent Lekie Motion that almost tore the country apart with the elites of the South and those from the Grand North fighting for succession, as the issues that are combining to put the Biya regime on the line.  The South is accusing the Nord of double standards and of sponsoring and supporting Boko Haram to destabilize the Biya regime.
    In very clear terms President Biya is making every effort to hype his regime, even as he moves slowly but surely towards the end of his decades-old mandate at the helm of Cameroon. If man could live forever, the late President Ahmadou Ahidjo should have been around to watch the melodrama that may characterize power alternation from his hand-picked successor to the 3rd republic.

Chief Ayamba, the SCNC, and the CPDM Regime

By Asonganyi Tazoacha
The CPDM regime wrote a “Vision-2035” in which it considers its first challenge to be the consolidation of democracy and the enhancement of “national unity” in a “united and indivisible nation enjoying peace and security.” “National unity” is said to be a “permanent and ambitious goal” in a country where “threats, risks and obstacles” include the management of the “dual Anglophone-francophone heritage,” having succeeded to ensure “original cohabitation between the English-speaking and French-speaking systems…” Although there have been “divergences as seen in the violent representation of remote identities as well as outbreak of tensed or even irredentist conflicts,” they were contained by a “pro-active and strong state, capable of containing centrifugal forces and enhancing national solidarity…”
     The “consolidation of democracy” is said to imply “the existence of a constitutional state, (and) promotion and respect for individual and collective freedoms.”

60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference

A big Diplomatic victory for Cameroon
On behalf of the Speaker of this August House, Rt. Hon. CAVAYE YEGUIE Djibril, who is the Current President of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), I am very delighted to welcome you here today, the 24th of day of September 2014 in this Parliament building that has been playing host to the National Assembly of Cameroon since 1965.
    I also wish to recognize the presence of the Minister of Communication Mr. ISSA Tchiroma Bakary who is not only effectively present but has been very instrumental in making this press conference possible. Mr. Minister, I thank you.
    Permit me therefore to wish you all a warm welcome and a very pleasant stay within these premises of the People’s Representatives and to express our profound gratitude to you for your massive attendance.

60th CPA Conference

What Cameroon benefits from Commonwealth
At a press briefing last week to announce the holding in Yaounde of the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, CPC, the Vice-president of the Cameroon National Assembly and Coordinator of the organization of the 60th CPA Conference, Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, said that Cameroon has scored a major diplomatic victory, following its designation to host the CPC, apart from other huge gains that she has made since joining the gentleman’s club in 1995.
By Macquens Balemba in Yaounde

The holding of the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in Yaounde is a major diplomatic victory for the people of Cameroon, who are deeply attached to the promotion of the core values of parliamentary democracy, human rights, good governance and press freedom that the Commonwealth stands for.
    This was contained in the scripted remarks of the vice-speaker of the Cameroon National Assembly and General Coordinator of the organization of the CPC in Yaounde, Hon. Emilia Monjowa Lifaka. She was briefing journalists last week on the hosting of the 60th Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, CPC, in Yaounde from 2-10 October 2014.