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Biya regime

Coping with end-time troubles
Paul Biya deserves praise for keeping Cameroon together in peace so far. But no one can be sure of peace anymore in the next few years of the end of the Biya-era. The absence of rules of succession within the CPDM will almost for sure push powerful ambitious bureaucrats to acts of disaffection and sabotage to gain ascendancy. Biya’s treatment of this powerful class of ministers and GMs has only prepared them to pounce on him as soon as the opportunity comes. The only way out for Biya to save his head and that of his young and beautiful family is to renounce his own ambition to continue after 2018, and allow free and fair elections within the CPDM on the one hand and at national level on the other hand.

Peace is the one thing that Cameroonians, divided as they are, easily concede to the Biya-regime. It is still a miracle that Cameroon escaped a civil war, given the desperate opposition confrontations with the government in the early 1990s and Cameroon’s history of acrimonious elections.
    But that peace can no more be guaranteed with the approach of the end-years of the regime, ie up to 2018. The problem is succession. Paul Biya is working on two possibilities neither of which is welcome particularly by the powerful bureaucrats who constitute the pillars of his regime.
    The President longs to stay in power in defiance of his age and longevity in office. The second scenario is to impose a hand-picked successor from the ruling CPDM and ram him down the throats of Cameroonians at the presidential election of 2018. Either possibility promises trouble for Biya, real big trouble indeed. The opposition and the international community are opposed to his continuing in office with the manipulation of the constitution.
    Potent as the international community is in halting the President, it is within the regime itself that Biya will have some of the most unpleasant surprises, betrayals and back-stabbing.

Powerful bureaucrats
    The class of powerful bureaucrats that control both the ruling party and the government will most probably prove to be Biya’s greatest nightmare!
    The second force that the president must reckon with is the wide-spread dissidence within the rank and file of the CPDM. It is this group whose outright abstention from successive elections the President should be wary about. They are waiting for him at the turning.
    Three factors make the powerful CPDM bureaucrats potentially deadly to the president. First, there are no rules of succession within the party allowing for a free and fair contest by which a democratically chosen candidate would emerge as the party’s flag-bearer in the 2018 election. This absence opens the way for all forms of intrigues and sabotage against the regime by interest groups to gain ascendancy over other competing groups.
    Second, the relationship between Biya and his aides and subordinates is not always wholesome or self-respecting as with partners functioning at different levels. The president is often high-handed and too much of a chief who sometimes enjoys subservience from collaborators.
    Biya keeps a good distance, partly due to his refusal to receive public officials. His rather punitive and unpredictable use of his appointive powers and other aspects of his style combine to create fear for him rather than encourage trust and loyalty by his collaborators.
    The danger of this pattern of relationship between the Head of State and his subordinates is never apparent until perhaps when there comes a crisis. The chief then suddenly realizes that he stands alone, with collaborators whose loyalty he could swear by having defected.

SDF die-hards defect massively to CPDM

Eighty-three of them chose the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the CPDM in Ngaoundere to declare their adherence to Paul Biya’s party
By Yerima Ladde in Ngaoundere

The story of the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) in the Adamawa region has changed considerably. At a meeting of the Vina South I section of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) held on 24 March 2015 in Ngaoundere to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the ruling party, 83 members of John Fru Ndi’s party crossed the carpet and embraced the CPDM. 
    Talking on behalf of his comrades on the occasion, a certain Oumarou Ahmadou gave as reason for their defection the inadequacies of the SDF. Amongst these inadequacies, he said, are false promises as well as manipulations. Ahmadou went ahead to describe Fru Ndi as “an idle king who does not care about the common good.”

Amid rumours of ill health

President Biya and Chantal Biya on arrival at Nsimalen airport
Biya returns home apparently hale and hearty!
President Paul Biya and his wife Chantal Biya returned to Yaounde on Friday, 27 March 2015, after a 1-month stay abroad
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

President Biya alighted from his plane on Friday 27 March 2015 looking apparently healthy, strong and spritely. He was returning to the country after a 1-month stay in Europe. In a rare show of warmth, Paul Biya wore a broad, revealing smile as he stepped down from thechartered aircraft that flew him and his wife home. He sustained the smile  as he shook hands with the state dignitaries that had lined up at the  airport to welcome him. Biya remained unusually lively and warm even during the traditional airport audiences that he granted. 
    Observers were quick to note that the president’s mood was unusual. Many said President Biya always wears a serious look whenever he is travelling abroad or returning to the country. His seriousness is usually all the more during the drama that is always acted when he gives last minute instructions to his collaborators at the airport. But this time around it was a re-born President Biya who alighted at the Nsimalen Airport; warm, lively and all smiles, commentators observed.

Humbled by nagging French press

Biya breaks with tradition, announces home-coming
Never before was the President’s return from a private or official visit abroad ever given such extraordinary publicity on CRTV as was done in the early hours of Friday 27 March 2015. Analysts said the President acted brave to limit the damage that had been done to his image and prestige by the unprecedented Le Monde allegation.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

It worked like magic. The affirmation by authoritative French Newspaper, Le Monde, that President Biya’s health is in jeopardy, wasted no time to call the president’s bluff.
    President Biya took the first opportunity to hasten home to prove to Cameroonians and the world at large that far from what Le Monde claimed, he was in fact healthy and strong.
    The president alighted from the chartered plane that brought him home looking apparently in excellent health. He wore a broad smile and remained spritely as he greeted his aides.
    Observers said it was a brave and expedient attempt to limit the damage that had been done to his image and pride by the unprecedented attack of the French Newspaper.
    Analysts said Le Monde’s claims must have had a devastating effect on President Biya, who as commander-in-chief of the armed forces should stay at home and boost the morale of his troops that are defending the territorial integrity of the country from recurrent attacks by Boko Haram insurgents.
    But what surprised everyone even more was the unusual publicity that was given the President’s home-coming by state broadcaster, CRTV.

CPDM militants hail Presidential Couple

An enthusiastic crowd of CPDM militants and well-wishers welcomed the Head of State, Paul BIYA and Madam Chantal BIYA as they alighted at the Nsimalen International airport on Friday 27 March after a private stay in Europe. On hand was also a team of senior state personalities to welcome the First Couple, including Senate President Marcel NIAT NJIFENJI, the Speaker of the National Assembly CAVAYE YEGUIE DJIBRIL, the Prime Minister Head of Government Philemon YANG, the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic Ferdinand NGOH NGOH, and many other Government and Administrative authorities.

Why is France painting Cameroon black?

The French have blacklisted north Cameroon as a danger zone. The Malian capital Bamako is now more risky than the Far North region of Cameroon. Yet, this city is not in the danger zone
 By Macquens Balimba in Yaounde

The website of the French embassy in Yaounde carries information to the effect that the Far North region of Cameroon and the Mayo-Louti division of that region are still considered to be danger zones. To corroborate its point, the website cites the abduction by the jihadist sect Boko Haram of French citizens there in November 2013, of Italian and Canadian nationals in April 2014 and of Chinese in May 2014.
    It also points to what it terms “regular attacks against the civilian population” by the Nigerian sect and fears that the “recent engagement of Chad in support of Cameroonian forces could provoke an increase in the number of military operations in the border area.” Besides, it goes on, the posing of mines is becoming more and more frequent in the area. For this reason, French nationals who are still stationed in the area are called upon to quit it with immediate effect.

150 fake gov’t stamps seized in B’da!

Sources at the North West gendarmerie legion where the suspected fraudster is detained for investigation have revealed that it has to do with a vast network of officials in key positions in the region
By a correspondent in Bamenda

More than 150 fake stamps representing different ministries and civil servants of the Public Contract sector in the North West region were recently seized from one Julius Achu, purportedly a business man, who is now detained at the North West gendarmerie legion. Sources at the security outfit have revealed that it has to do with a vast network of officials in key positions in the region.
    The said sources equally revealed to the press that the fake stamps were used to deliver certificates which have to do with the fiscal and customs clearing departments, the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) and other services of some senior state functionaries. All of which, our sources said, have cheated the state of astronomical sums of money.
    A former pay master general of the North West treasury whose name The Median did not immediately get, is reported to have long been aware of Julius Achu’s fraudulent activity and had even asked him to put an end to it, to no avail.


Married female ex-teacher has sex with 5 under-aged students!
Two of the students testified that text messages with their sex-starved ex-teacher quickly turned sexual. Evidence showed that she had group sex with the students at least twice, including a videotaped encounter with four of them
A Texas jury on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 convicted a 28-year-old former teacher of having had sex with five of her 18-year-old students last year while her husband was stationed elsewhere, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.
    Brittni Colleps, a former Kennedale High School English teacher and a mother of three children, was found guilty of 16 felony counts of improper relationship between an educator and student. She faces 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine on each count. Her bond was revoked and she was taken to jail to await sentencing.
    Four of the former students testified — all using pseudonyms — as did Colleps’ husband and her mother. Three of the students said they did not consider themselves victims and did not want to see Colleps prosecuted.
    “This is a victimless crime,” defence attorney, Lex Johnston, said during closing arguments on Wednesday. “I didn’t hear from any children. These are grown men that are old enough to go to war.”
    An Arlington police detective testified that charges were filed because “18 or not, it’s a crime” for a teacher to have sex with students.

Woman who Stabbed Rev. Father during mass feared insane

     By Johnson Mbu in Kumba
The woman Sama Judith, who stabbed Rev. Father Gami Eric of St. Anthony Parish Kumba Mbeng during a mass service on Sunday 22 March 2015, is alleged to have a mental problem. It is for this reason that the Kumba police are contemplating sending her to the Centre Jamot, a famous psychiatric hospital in Yaounde, for treatment, The Median was reliably informed. 
    The sad incident that has raised a lot of questions in and around Kumba occurred as the man of God was just about to preside at the first mass for that Sunday.  Sama Judith, an alleged deportee from Britain, eluded the attention of mass servants when she mounted the pulpit, pulled out a knife from inside her dress and stabbed the priest in the right jaw.

CIMEC 2015

Y’de to host landmark Mining and Exhibition Confab
The second edition of the Cameroon International Mining and Exhibition conference – CIMEC 2015, has been billed to hold from 27th to 29th May 2015, at the Yaounde Conference Centre.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry
Placed under the distinguished patronage of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya, the CIMEC 2015 will be the second of its kind to be organized in Cameroon. It will have as theme “Developing the Mining Sector in Central Africa for the Present and Future Generations.”
    Announcing the event at a press briefing in Yaounde on 18 March 2015, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development, H.E. Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry who is also President of the Organizing Committee of the CIMEC 2015, underscored the importance of the forum as a platform for professionals of the mines and mining industry from across Africa and the world to converge and share experiences and knowledge.
    “CIMEC aims to develop and promote the mining sector in Cameroon, in particular, and the CEMAC zone, in general. It seeks to develop strategies aimed at boosting the mining industry and its related activities, propose policies for attracting Foreign Direct Investments, obtain data from qualified technical experts and key players of the mining sector and create a network with key decision makers of the mining industry and the various governments,” Dr. Fuh emphasized, noting that the CIMEC 2015 will bring together businessmen of the mining sector in Central Africa who are looking for partners to develop, improve and diversify their operations on the one hand; and experts, business operators, speculators, financial backers, financial institutions and bankers, on the other hand, to share ideas on the development of the mining sector.

Limbe braces-up for 2nd edition of FESTAC

Placed under the distinguished patronage of the Minister of Arts and Culture, FESTAC 2015 will run from 4-11 APRIL 2015 in the sea-side resort town
By Ajongakou Santos in Limbe

Limbe Gov. Delegate, Andrew Motanga and other stakeholders of FESTAC
The second edition of the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) will hold in the sea-side resort town from April 4-11, 2015 with participants drawn from all over Cameroon and some neighbouring countries like Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea and Sierra Leone.
    The Limbe FESTAC is organised by the Limbe city council in partnership with other stakeholder institutions in the city of Limbe, notably; CDC and SONARA.
    Placed under the distinguished patronage of the Ministry of Arts and Culture, the promising event aims to showcase the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Fako people in particular and Cameroon’s ten regions as a whole. It is a life-enhancing and entertaining jamboree that seeks to redefine the personal and national identities of the peoples of Fako, Cameroon and Africa, according to organizers of the must-witness events.
     Participants at this year’s FESTAC are therefore expected to converge on Limbe as from April 4, when the events would be officially opened.

NTACCUL opens branch in Kumba

The Ntarinkon Cooperative Credit Union NTACCUL with headquarters in the Northwest Regional headquarters Bamenda, on Saturday 21 March 2015 opened a branch office in Kumba. Created in 1972, NTACCUL is the second largest Credit Union in Cameroon and currently one of the few credit unions that offer Western union services. The president of NTACCUL, Matoya Cletus who doubles as the Delegate of Commerce for the Northwest Region says NTACCUL is coming to Kumba in response to sustained requests from its many customers and also to introduce its services to the population of the cosmopolitan and very commercial town.  The launching was witnessed among others by Meme SDO Koulbout Aman David and the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council Victor Nkele Ngoh. 

Solidarity against Boko Haram

Opposition NW elite back out of fund-raiser
- CPDM elite cease the show, raise FCFA 80 million

It was at the Bamenda Congress Hall, Sunday March 22, that elites of the North West region raised FCFA 80 million to support the Cameroon military in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists and their activities.
    The ceremony led by the Prime Minister and head of government, Philemon Yang, also saw an ecumenical service to pray for peace to reign in Cameroon officiated by Agabitus Nfon, auxiliary Archbishop of Bamenda, Rev. Ngwa Julius Ambe of the PCC as well as pastors of CBC, Full Gospel Mission and others.
    The contribution that attracted a standing ovation from those present was that of business tycoon, El Hadj Baba Ahmadou Danpullo who alone made a cash donation of FCFA 15 million.
    It is interesting to note that some North West elite(s) who showed up at the Bamenda Congress Hall were taken aback when they noticed that the banners carried different messages. SDF mayors for example described the incident as a political ambush by CPDM militants.

Solidarity with army

SW region raises FCFA 43.6m for Boko Haram
By Ajongakou Santos & Bertrand Ambe in Buea

Some economic operators, administrative personnel and civil society actors both in the public and private sectors of the South West Region have contributed the sum of forty three million, six hundred thousand (43.6million) FCFA and some items to support Cameroonian’s defence forces fight terrorism.
    The donation exercise comes in respect to a letter by the minister of trade on the 18th of February 2015 to Cameroonian government launching a chain of support against Boko Haram nationwide. Bearing in mind what other regions of the country are doing towards supporting the fight, the South West Region could not afford to be indifferent.
    The governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai who chairs the pilot committee that heads the support action towards fighting Boko Haram, headed the donation exercise where he stated that the gesture from the South West Region is that which sympathizes with the state at large.
    Following the persistence of the uprising against Cameroon, a series of international conferences have been held at the national level, with the aim of seeking solutions to curb these mutinies.  However the persistent nature of the insecurity and rebellion from the terrorist group have spurred up nationwide support to overcome a common enemy even in the midst of national challenge, reason why the South West Region ticked her name in the nationwide generous donations.

CPDM Fako III reaping success amid challenges

By Ajongakou Santos & Bertrand Ambe in Buea
President of CPDM Fako 111 ,Mbella Moki (middle)
The Fako III section of the Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement, CPDM, joint other party comrades nationwide celebrate 30years of the party’s existence, coupled with failures and success recorded, since its creation on March 24, 1985.
    The celebrations come as a traditional practice under the theme “CPDM 30 years at the service of Cameroon and still promoting peace, unity, democracy and progress” bearing in mind that the CPDM has been in power since its creation, and have function in three major sub wings, the YCPDM for the youths, the WCPDM for the women and the CPDM for the men. 
As part of activities to mark the party’s 30th anniversary, the Vice president of the National Assembly honourable Emilia Lifaka, presented the message of the secretary general of the party Jean kuete, which focused on the achievements of the ruling party besides its challenges and let-downs.

News in Brief

By Johnson Batuo in Kumba
CPP elects Meme bureau

Kah Walla’s Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) headquartered in Douala now has a permanent executive bureau in Meme division.  Elected recently, the bureau is headed by Emane Anna as president. Other members include Akemanyi Gallus (secretary), Ntamark Felicia (treasurer), Ruth Nso (financial secretary), and Ayong Emmanuel Achu (adviser). Before the election, the coordinator of CPP Meme, Ngoh Eseme Gabby, said it was imperative for the exercise to take place given that general elections in Cameroon would hold in 2018. He added that the bureau would serve as liaison between the party hierarchy in Douala and Meme division. Eseme Gabby advised CPP supporters to procure their party cards and other CPP identification papers as well as ensure that many more Cameroonians affiliate to the party especially ahead of the council and parliamentary elections in 2018. The election of a permanent bureau in Meme division comes after the party's national conference in Yaounde in December 2014. The mandate of the Meme bureau was not however spelt out. It should be recalled that the CPP did not contest the 2013 twin elections in Meme division. 

DO boycotts Nake chief’s installation
The Divisional Officer (DO) for Mbonge sub-division, Esome Simon, was conspicuously absent from the installation ceremony recently of 31-year-old Nufuruh Ivens Disombe as the new traditional ruler of Nake Bokoko in the said sub-division. The Median learned that the administration had earlier informed the residents of Nake Bokoko that consultative talks meant to select a new traditional ruler for Nake Bakundu would be held on Tuesday 24 February 2015, but that there was no follow-up to this. Thus after waiting in vain for the DO for long hours and in the absence of an apology, the Bakundu chiefs, elite and notables of Nake Bokoko went ahead to enthrone Nufuruh Ivens Disombe, who doubles as the principal of Union Comprehensive College Kombone Bakundu. He took over from his late father. The traditional ceremony which was full of colour was meticulously conducted by Chief Ndedi Penda and four other traditional rulers designated by the president of the Bakundu Chiefs Conference, Hon. Motasse David. After performing the traditional rites, most of them indoors, the latter ushered the new chief to the population who received him with pomp and fanfare. Chief Ndedi Penda, it should be noted, is the traditional ruler of Pete Bakundu and vice president of the Bakundu Chiefs Conference. The new chief, we learned, would eventually be presented to the administration which does not make chiefs.

CPDM at 30: What balance sheet?

 By Tazoacha asonganyi, Yaounde 
Humans in their early age enjoy youthful exuberance and the ability to dare, and to test the many fresh ideas they always have. They work hard, get old by the day, lose the excitement of action and the energy of youth, and by the law of nature, eventually “retire” from active service and rest. This is true of all human institutions. They can age as the persons that incarnate them lose the excitement of action and the energy of youth and fall into complacence. For these reasons, political parties, countries and other human organizations need to renew leadership and strategies regularly or they easily fall into decrepitude.
    Competition is a force that keeps human effort alive, especially when everybody is playing by the same rules and everyone’s effort is rewarded in equal measure. Political parties compete for votes. Regions or states compete in bringing welfare to their people. Countries or flag-bearer companies compete for placement of their goods and services and sometimes manpower in the world marketplace. The countries that do not promote competition at all levels, or do not renew leadership regularly to keep it youthful, creative and innovative, have only themselves to blame for their backwardness and the generalized poverty of their people. It is the same with political parties. In 30 years, the CPDM, the party that has managed the affairs of Cameroon during that timeframe, has left us with an environment that does not promote competition, and is destructive of liberty and the creative and innovative forces of the individual.
    During the 30 long years, the “successes” and “achievements” lined up by the party are mainly on paper, with nothing concrete to show, whether in democracy or economic development. A trip down memory lane will surely show their perpetual leader rubbing shoulders with all types of world leaders, but he will be found nowhere inspecting a new production plant, supervising the construction of a flyover, inaugurating a six-lane road, cutting a ribbon for some cutting-edge made-in-Cameroon good or service to hit the market from some strategic “emerging” industry or some ivy-league institution..

Buea marks world water day amid dry taps

Engineer Ebot Obale, Regional Delegate for Camwater, South West and Littoral
By Ajongakou Santos & Bertrand Ambe in Buea
The populations of the South West Region have commemorated this year’s edition of World Water Day despite the complexity of having an epileptic supply of portable water in major neighbourhoods of Buea and the South West Region in general.
    World Water Day was celebrated in Buea recently under the theme “Water and sustainable development”.
    The United Nation Secretary General’s address to the world on this celebration, focused on the essence of water towards hygiene and sanitation, sustainability of livelihoods and preservation of nature. Based on statistics revealed some 2.5billion people live without sanitation.
    The town of Buea is no exception to places facing severe water shortage and irregularities in supply, reason why the governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai while presiding over the commemorative ceremony for the World Water Day, talked of government’s efforts towards tackling the challenges of water scarcity in Buea. He further stressed on the inextricable link between water and the sustainable development of towns and cities which is the focus of this year’s theme.
    Mr. Okalia Bilai underlined the need for effective water supply that will even assist in food production while urging participants to join the government tackle water shortage.

Family members worried over son’s whereabouts

The parents and siblings of a boy whose names we got as Agbor Joseph Ayissi, are presently in a state of confusion and anxiety following the disappearance of their son.
 Agbor Joseph Ayissi reportedly vamoosed to an unknown destination fearing arrest by security operatives in his home town, Mamfe.
    Family sources said before his disappearance Joseph Ayissi, in his early thirties, was victim of repeated arrests and detentions over his activism of the SCNC, an organization that fights for the secession of Southern Cameroons from the union with La Republique du Cameroun.
    The sources said Agbor Joseph Ayissi was first arrested and brutally tortured in Mamfe, on 27 August 2011, as he joined other members of the secessionist organization to prepare for the commemoration of Southern Cameroon’s independence on 1st October. Following his release, and despite the torture he suffered, Joseph Ayissi and 200 other SCNC militants, mostly youths, were again arrested and detained in Buea on 1st October 2011. They were charged with subversion and inciting the populations into rebellion. We learnt that Ayissi and the others had actually attempted to declare the independence of the separate state of Southern Cameroons in Buea. After staying in the dungeon for several days, the activists were released on bail.

Are Southern Cameroonians a people at law?

As the fight against the erosion of the Common law in Cameroon intensifies, it is imperative for the legal mind that I am to take a bird’s eye view of the right of Southern Cameroonians to self-determination under international law. Focus here is on whether or not we are a ‘people.’
By Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla* in Buea

Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla
Who are a people?
    The definition of what constitutes a ‘people’ in international law has always generated heated debate and controversy with divergent opinions. The importance of the definition of the concept of ‘peoples’ in international law stems from the fact that only peoples are entitled to claim the right to self-determination. Not only is it clearly provided in the General Assembly Resolutions and the UN Charter, it is also provided in the Algiers Declaration and all other documents dealing with the right to self-determination.
    The twin International Covenants on Human Rights of 1966 expressly provides in their common Article 1(1) “that all peoples have the right to self-determination”. The African Charter of Human and Peoples’ Rights (hereinafter referred to as the African Charter) also provides in its Article 20 that all peoples can claim the right to self-determination. However, despite the generally accepted importance of the concept of peoples in reference to the law of self-determination, there is no universally accepted definition of this enigmatic concept.
    The lack of an accepted definition of ‘peoples’ makes it even more difficult for one to fully appreciate the right to self-determination. After all, without an adequate definition of those to whom the right to self-determination is provided, how can one fully situate those entitled to benefit from the right to self-determination?

After installing new executive bureau

Jouvence Veteran Club up-beat about National Veteran tourney
The new executive is headed by the competent and awe-inspiring Asong Fualefac who is the second president in the club’s three-year history
By Douglas Achingale in Yaounde

Asong Fualefac taking oath of office
Jouvence Veteran Club (JVC) of Yaounde may be young, but it is already making great strides. In just three years of existence (for it was created in 2012) it has had two executive bureaus – a fact which reveals the democratic spirit that runs through the club.
    The new executive bureau of JVC which is made up of 13 members headed by the effervescent, dynamic and innovative Asong Fualefac was voted on 14 February 2015 and installed on 21 March 2015. Full of pump and colour and rich in entertainment, the installation ceremony took place at the club house in the Yaounde Carrefour Jouvence neighbourhood and was attended amongst others by members of other veteran clubs such as Ancien Bonas also of Yaounde.
    Speaking on the occasion, President Asong Fualefac expressed his gratitude to his fellow JVC members for enabling him to have a landslide victory over his opponent at the election. Amongst other things, he praised the democratic spirit of the club and promised to take JVC to greater heights by indulging in flagship activities that would be appreciated by all.
It took no time for the president to start fulfilling his promise. The very next day, i.e. on Sunday, 22 March 2015, he led a delegation of the club to an orphanage in the administrative quarters of Yaounde known as Centre d’accueil des enfants en détresse where they donated food items and other gifts.

SW soccer league to resume amidst huddles

By Ajongakou Santos in Buea
Senator Mbella Moki Charle
Unless a regional representative is appointed by the normalization committee, the South West regional league will not be launched. This was top on the agenda of a meeting held Tuesday March 17 at the South West bureau of Fecafoot in Buea, chaired by the Regional Administrative Officer, Divine Namanga Lingondo.
    The extra-ordinary meeting authorized by a communiqué signed by normalization committee head, Prof. Joseph Owona, drew 14 club representatives and presidents, mongering the way forward after the launch of the South West regional league had been punctured by a decision suspending all current regional executives of Fecafoot nationwide. The clubs in attendance included Little Foot, Prisons Buea, Victoria United, Cinyodev FC, Tiko United, EEMSA and Best Stars just to name but these.
    Apart from aimlessly awaiting a ‘Messiah’ to come and save local clubs from unbudgeted expenses and heartbreak, club presidents were told to produce player licences for the 2014-2015 football season without which the start of the league will continue to be a thing few and far between. Hence, Mr. Lingondo accentuated that 5th of April is deadline for licence production by the federation.
    “I am promising you people, I am sure that a regional representative will be appointed to come and co-ordinate the league anytime soon”, Mr. Lingondo rattled.

Friendly encounter:

Indonesia 0-1 Cameroon
The Indomitable Lions after a series of runs without a victory got back to winning ways on Wednesday after a narrow victory over their host Indonesia thanks to Vincent Aboubakar’s goal in the 36th minute.
    The result marked the first win in 2015 for Cameroon, who exited the Africa Cup of Nations in the group stage with just two points to their name.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Front page


Faked Biya homage to fallen Soldiers

The Embarrassment of a Nation
By Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai*in Boston, USA

The insensitivity is simply mind-boggling and inexcusable. For a President who has studiously failed to do right, by not honoring fallen soldiers despite all entreaties, the impropriety was pathetic, disgraceful and devoid of any perfunctory exaggeration. By this singular act of civic callousness, dancing in mockery even as the nation mourns, the Presidency advertised a certain hollowness in morality that dragged the nation down to a hitherto unprecedented low in ethical degeneration. This is an unbelievable shame and Cameroonians deserve full explanation for the embarrassment. 
It appears there is no limit to the odium Cameroonians would endure in the hands of Paul Biya, because just when the regime seems to have hit rock bottom in governance capacity, it somehow manages to find a further depth in ignominy. Whoever dreamt up the idea of lampooning the funeral of soldiers killed in the war against Boko Haram with a fake picture of Biya genuflecting in front of the coffins stands to be condemned in the strongest terms.
    The picture of the president parodying homage to fallen soldiers in Yaoundé, whereas he was actually sojourning in Europe, exposed in spectacular fashion, the quality of his leadership; it reinforced Cameroon’s image as a nation with highly dysfunctional institutions where bizarre things can happen.
    In the event, the self-seeking morons and sycophants who chose to plumb the abyss of self-degradation and drag the nation down to a hitherto unprecedented low in ethical degeneration, have done a great disservice to the President. This is an unbelievable shame and Cameroonians deserve full explanation for this national embarrassment and international disgrace.
    Jolted by public outrage, Communication Minister, Issa Tchiroma, tried to spin the faux pas by blaming it on hackers, but his unconvincing explanation amounted to a collective insult on the intelligence of Cameroonians. The recurring spectacle of Tchiroma defending the indefensible is all too familiar; but this instance is a clear example of that inherent predilection for digging a grave beyond the proverbial six feet. If indeed, hackers hacked the presidency website and posted a picture that put the President’s image and reputation in jeopardy; then this was a serious dereliction and breach of national security that is unacceptable from an institution to whom much has been given; and from which much is expected. It is even more grievous than the whimsical, disdainful and mundane craving by self-aggrandizing opportunists, seeking to ingratiate themselves to the President.

Private Stay in Europe

Paul Biya
French Newspaper says Biya’s health is preoccupying 
- But Issa Tchiroma says the allegations are false and ill-fated
By Franklin Sone Bayen

Top French newspaper, Le Monde has reiterated its claim that President Paul Biya, presently abroad, is hesitant to submit himself to surgery advised by doctors.  The paper had in a 13 March story said Biya was suffering from prostate cancer.
    However, in a quick development the day after, the paper watered down its original story categorical report that affirmed with certainty and apparent exactitude that President Paul Biya, 82, is suffering from prostate cancer.
    In a 14 March correction of the story, a professionally acceptable measure, the paper removed mention of “prostate cancer” and other details including a claim that the presidential couple own a home in Neuilly, France, that their two children attend school in Geneva and that the first lady was to undergo a “reconstruction” cervical surgery.
    It is not clear if the correction was requested on behalf of Cameroon’s presidential couple or if it was an internal editorial decision based on new findings or discovery of lapses in the original story. A Cameroonian news portal, Cameroon-Concord.Com was quick to spot conspiracy in the story. In a 14 March commentary titled “Biya’s Visit to Europe: Cameroon Is a Target for International Blackmail”, Concord editor, Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai says, “Le Monde has joined Jeune Afrique in a vicious campaign against Cameroon and its leadership.”

Imminent creation of Constitutional Council

Marcel Niat Ndifenji
Anxiety grips Niat, Cavaye as
Parliament elects bureau this week
Political analysts say President Biya has not been able to appoint members of the Constitutional Council because of the complex geo-strategic and political calculations involved in the power sharing process in Cameroon.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde 
The presidents of the senate and National Assembly, Marcel Niat Ndifenji and Cavaye Yegieu Djibril respectively, should be having sleepless nights, as both houses of parliament vote members of their respective bureau this week. Parliament opened for the 1st ordinary session for 2015, on Thursday, 12 March 2015.
    The anxiety of the two high personalities can be expected because their reelection or not will determine the choice of a president for the Constitutional Council that should be created by President Biya any time soon.
    President Biya in his state-of-the-nation address on 31 December 2013 announced the imminent creation of the Constitutional Council as a means towards advancing the democratization process in the country.
    Political analysts say even though he made the announcement, President Biya has not found it easy appointing members of the very important and strategic institution because of the complex geo-political calculations involved in the process.
    Some analysts contend that the difficulty in naming the members of the constitutional council stem from the fact that President Biya is hesitant appointing a Francophone to head the institution especially because most, if not, all other sovereign institutions in the country are already headed by Francophones viz- President of the Republic, President of Senate, President of National Assembly, President of Economic and Social Council, President of Supreme Court etc etc.
    Of all the sovereign institutions in the country only the Prime Minister’s Office has an Anglophone at its head.
    That is why some political analysts are speculating that President Biya is not unaware of the fact that appointing another Francophone to head the Constitutional Council would be one too many; it will only deepen the frustration that Anglophones have been expressing and will give the separatist SCNC a stronger argument.

Solidarity against Boko Haram

Over 5000 march in Maroua, Far North Region
Over 5 thousand persons from all works of life in the Far North region including Chadians took to the streets of Maroua for a solidarity march to show gratitude and support for the defense forces engaged in the war against Boko Haram. The marchers said they also wanted to show solidarity with victims of the Boko Haram menace and those who have been displaced by the wars.
    Carrying placards bearing messages like “Far North Region says No to Terrorism,” and “No to Boko Haram; Yes to peace at all cost”, marchers chanted patriotic songs and cursed the heartless terrorists of the Boko Haram jihadist sect. They also reaffirmed their determination to stay united behind the army in the Boko Haram war.

Examination Management in Cameroon:

Francophone ‘spies’ at GCE Board
  Mbella Ephraim in Bekora

In Cameroon education is managed by the ministry of education along with two assessment bodies: the GCE Board and the BAC Board. But the GCE Board is of particular interest here because of the way it came into being, how it has fared and the prospects of its future. In this three – part series of articles we are going to examine the GCE Board’s functioning in detail and from it, deduce its likely future.
    There are three different bodies or organs who could answer the question: who owns the GCE Board? These are: the government of Cameroon, the Teachers’ Association of Cameroon (TAC) and the population of the former Southern Cameroons.

The Cameroon government
    The government of Cameroon can claim custody of the GCE Board because if it did not allow its creation, the Board would never have come into being. Apart from that, its organization and functioning allows the government to not only provide finances in terms of subventions, but play a major role in the policy formation and governance of the Board. All this happens in the background of the bicultural context of the country which is inscribed in the constitution of Cameroon.
    However, there have been happenings and occurrences in the functioning of the Board which put to question the future of the Board that is, if the government should carry on with its comportment viz-a-viz the GCE Board. It has been reported several times that the GCE Board is a product of a three-year long  and sometimes brutal and violent battle between the Teachers’ Association of Cameroon TAC, the entire people of the former Southern Cameroon and the government of Cameroon.     That is why these three can claim ownership of the Board. In this confrontation referred to above, the government stood out as one which did not cherish the creation of the Board and so it put obstacles in the way and made it extremely difficult for those who wanted the Board created. That is why it took three years with violent confrontations with the security forces. In the end the government lost the battle and the Board was formed. The government was forced to forget oppression and come to the table of reason.


Toughest times to be Cameroonian


Once upon a time, Cameroon was bliss. Peace was cherished. Even Ahidjo’s dictatorship (no semblance of democracy like today) was acceptable. After all, there was food on the table. Cocoa and coffee boom gave jobs. Cameroon was entering the Opec circle. Makossa was on top of Africa and resonating across the world. The Indomitable Lions were veritable kings of the jungle. If Cameroonians had nothing else to show, they were recognized and given recognition at foreign destinations and asked “how is Roger Milla?” They answered with pride. Beer was cheap and Cameroonians took pride in being a boozing nation.
    Once upon a time, being an opposition figure was in vogue. You said “Biya must go” and you were a hero, even if you offered no convincing alternative.
Nowadays, food barely provides a meal. The Indomitable Lions are called “tamed cats”.     Cameroonians abroad are teased, “What happened to your football”. They are often lost for answers. Beer prices are skyrocketing. Boozers now have to “calculer” before settling for a drink. Makossa is down and imitating Coupe Decale, Ndombolo and Nigerian R n B. Peace is shifting towards the window as Boko Haram threatens through the door. The famous “Island of Peace in a turbulent central African sea” is now beckoning on trouble-free neighbours to rescue it from war.
    Nowadays, a banal critical political statement is treasonable. You say “Biya must go” and you are not patriotic. You question how war donations are managed and you are a divisive figure at a time of national mobilization. You tell an international radio station about non-combat, extrajudicial killings in the war and you are stigmatized as a sympathizer with the enemy. You have enjoyed being a Cameroonian. Now, you have to learn new ways of being a new Cameroonian.

Senior army officials installed in Buea

Defence Minister Alain Mebe Ngo’o with Army officials
By Ajongakou Santos & Bertrand Ambe in Buea
The pioneer Commander of the 21st Motorised Infantry Brigade- Colonel Eyenga Severin, and the commander of the 10th Military Sector in Cameroon, Captain Nzo Lucien, have pledged to give in their best by insuring peace and security in the South West Region and the rest of the country. This was during the occasion of the installation of the two military officials of the region presided over by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defence, Edgar Alain Mebengho at the Buea Independence Square recently.
    The installation precedes the presidential decree of February 21, 2015 appointing Colonel Eyenga Severin and Captain Nzo Lucien into these posts of responsibility in an effort to strengthen national security.
    While presiding over the ceremony, Defence Minister, Edgar Alain Mebengo reminded the newly installed of the security challenges facing the country and re-iterated the responsibility the military officials have towards the South West Region at small scale and the entire state at large. The functions of the newly installed become demanding in the areas of ensuring social peace, security, territorial integrity and national unity for emergence.

War on Boko Haram

SW solidarity fund raising underway
By Ajongakou Santos & Bertrand Ambe in Buea

Some economic operators, administrative personnel and civil society actors both in the public and private sectors of the South West Region have agreed to join the chain of support in helping Cameroonian’s defence forces fight against Boko Haram.
    While chairing the come-together of the region’s elites and administrators, South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, emphasised on the timeliness of the action which he said is necessary to ensure Cameroon’s security. He further stressed “It is not obligatory for business operators, private and public official but an act of free will and a call for patriotism for our fatherland’’

New PCC moderator, synod clerk commissioned

Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle was true to himself

By Ajongakou Santos in Buea
The new Moderator and Synod Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon have been commissioned into their functions. The Rt. Rev. Samuel Fonki and Rev. George Babila Fochang were inducted at a historic ceremony at the Presbyterian Comprehensive secondary School, (PCSS) Buea, on Sunday 15 March 2015. The two top officials were elected at a recent conclave of pastors in Bamenda. They replaced the Rt. Rev Festus Assana and Rev. William Abwenzo respectively.
    The induction ceremony was co-presided by two former Moderators, the Rt. Rev. Festus Ambe Asana and Rtd Rev Nyansako Ni-Nku, who called on all and sundry to heed the Lord’s call of moral rectitude and spiritual transformation.
Quoting one-time U.S President, Abraham Lincoln, DR. Festus Assana dwelled on the message: “Renew Your World to be Transformed Transformers” (Romans 12:2), asking all present to uphold moral values within the church and in society that is gradually becoming venue for numerous vicious practices.
    Handing the Pectoral Cross to the new moderator and the baton of command to the new Synod Clerk, the Rt. Rev. Festus Asana (outgoing moderator) and Rev William Abwenzo (outgoing Synod Clerk) encouraged them to face the challenges of the Church and society and remain steadfast in building mankind.
    The new moderator, Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel on his part called on all Christians of the Presbyterian denomination and other Christian churches to support the new Synod Clerk and himself as they take-on the baton of command to lead the church.
    The ceremony also provided the officiating ministers the opportunity to school Christians to watch out and join the entire nation to combat terrorism, corruption, bribery and other vices that have plagued the country.
It was also an ideal occasion for the Church to raise funds for the refurnishing of the old German Chapel, at the Synod Office in Buea.

South West Region

New service delegates installed
By Ndang Eric in Buea

Some 17 Regional delegates and heads of services appointed recently in the south west region have been officially installed. The installation ceremony presided over by the governor of the regional Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai took place at the CNPS hall in Buea, on 6 March 2015.
    Addressing the newly appointed personalities, the Governor hailed them, saying their appointment was a sign that they merited the confidence of their hierarchy. He reminded them that their appointment comes in the wake of the emergency plan and the fight against the Boko Haram insurgency plus the census by the finance department to track ghost pensioners.
    Okalia Bilia therefore prescribed discipline, respect for hierarchy, vigilance, commitment to service and abnegation to be the watch words for the new officials; all this without leaving out security measures to protect the institutions they are called upon to head.

KUTCCUL adopts stringent measures to curb malpractices

By Johnson Mbu in Kumba
With loan delinquency among clients of credit unions becoming the order of the day, the Kumba Town Cooperative Credit Union Ltd, KUTCCUL, has adopted very stringent but effective measures to curb lending malpractices at the credit union.  The president of KUTCCUL, Barrister Teku Collins Oben unveiled this laudable initiative on the occasion of the presentation of the 2014 Annual Report of the micro-finance institution during the 45th Annual General Meeting AGM that took place on Saturday 7 March 2015. 
    The AGM took place at the KUTCCUL Plaza, currently one of the best office buildings in Meme division. It was attended by representatives of sister Credit Unions, especially in the South West Region and witnessed the presentation of the supervisory committee report, women's committee report, youth report, management report and statement of account, audit report and the proposed 2015 budget. 

Bakundu Chiefs appeal for reclassification

By Johnson Mbu in Kumba
Bakundu Chiefs in the Southwest region have appealed to the government to reclassify them as it has done to other chiefdoms in the country.  The appeal was made by the president of the Bakundu chiefs’ conference Hon. Motasse Ngoh David. He was speaking during the general assembly of the Bakundu chiefs’ conference that held in Kumba on Thursday 5th March 2015. 
    The meeting was also attended by notables and elite of the Bakundu clan. It was aimed to discuss the issue of Boko-Haram, land issues and especially development. 
In his address, Hon Motasse observed that the General Assembly of the Bakundu chiefs is an annual ritual set aside to discuss pertinent issues affecting the lives of the Bakundu people.  He saluted the massive presence of Bakundu elite and chiefs and prayed that the resolutions adopted will be implemented for the benefit of the people. 

False alarm over Boko Haram

Mambanda villagers flee into nearby bushes
By Johnson Mbu in Kumba

The scare that gripped Villagers of Mambanda, a village along the Kumba-Loum road, on Monday 2 March 2015 was due to a false alarm after all.
    Mambanda Villagers fled into the nearby bushes as news spread that the village had been invaded by Boko Haram terrorists. 
    The villagers mistook the passage through the village of several military vehicles in the early hours of the morning as an invasion by elements of Boko Haram. 
    It however emerged that the troops were military trainees from Man-o-war Bay in Limbe who were being transported to Koutaba in the West region; they spent the night in Kumba and were early that morning, through the Kumba-Loum road that passes through Mambanda. 

Eto’o prescribes severe sanctions against racism

Samuel Eto’o has called for stricter punishment to combat racism in football in light of the recent public abuse from Chelsea fans towards a man in Paris. The declaration also comes after Eto’o was honoured with Tolerance Award.
    According to media reports, a group of fans were seen preventing a 33-year-old Parisian access to a Paris Metro train in February before pushing him back onto the platform while the group sang racially charged songs.
    Speaking Le Parisien newspaper, former Lions captain said he was shocked and did not understand why hatred is curling so fast into football.

Joel Matip returns to Lions Den

Cameroon has called up a 30-man squad ahead of their Asian tour coming up in the next FIFA international friendly matches window.
    German tactician, Volke Finke made several changes to the squad as he looks forward to ameliorate the performance of the team after the bizarre 2015 African Nations Cup outing in Equatorial Guinea in which the lions finished last in Group D after recording two draws with Mali and Guinea and a defeat to Côte d’Ivoire.
    Finke left out Edgar Salli, goalkeeper Pierre Sylvain Abogo, Cédric Djeugoué, Mandjeck and Patrick Ekeng Ekeng who all took part at the AFCON in Guinea-Equator.
    Due to injury, Olympique de Marseille Nicolas Nkoulou recovering from a knee injury and Schalke 04 striker Eric Choupo-Moting were also left out.

Struggling Cosmos out to surprise Esperance of Tunis

One of Cameroon’s CAF Champions League representative, Cosmos of Bafia will be out to surprise Tunisian giants Esperance of Tunis when the two sides clash in a first round.
    Cosmos will face Esperance of Tunis at the Douala Réunification Stadium on Sunday in the first leg of the CAF Champions League.
    Cosmos of Bafia or Cosmos of Jesus, as they are fondly called are determining to go far in their maiden continental outing. However, in order to make this dream come true, they will have to beat Tunisian power-house Esperance of Tunis.

Thursday, 12 March 2015



Front page

Limbe’s Medium size Taxpayers’ office launched

Alamine Ousman cuts symbolic ribbon to launch MTO Limbe
The Minister of Finance, Alamine Ousmane Mey inaugurated the new office on Tuesday March 10, 2015, and called for tax services to be more customer-friendly.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem on assignment in Limbe

Workers of taxation services have been urged to improve the quality of services and render tax administration more customer-friendly, this with a view to facilitate compliance by taxpayers. The call was made by Finance Minister, Alamine Ousmane Mey, in Limbe, on Tuesday 10 march 2015 as he presided over the official launching of the Meduim Size Taxpayers’ Office (MTO) Limbe.
    Addressing the impressive crowd that witnessed the occasion, Ousmane Mey said the creation of the MTO in Limbe and other major towns in the country falls within the framework of the new organization of tax services taking advantage of the principle of tax population segmentation.
    “This new organization of tax services aims to take full advantage of the principle of tax population segmentation with a view to creating a tax administration that treats the taxpayer as a “client” who should benefit from a customer-made service,” said Mr. Ousmane Mey, who added that the reform also seeks to “widen the tax base and increase the portfolio of Medium-size Enterprises to meet international standards situated at between 20% to 25% of the overall tax population.”

Non-Payment of Taxes

Limbe government delegate welcomes finance minister to MTO Limbe
Limbe Gov’t Delegate calls SONARA to order
- Andrew Motanga wondered aloud why the taxes have not been sent to the council even though SONARA claims to have paid
By Nyah Penn in Limbe

The government delegate to the Limbe City Council, Andrew Motanga Monjimba has said that the council is suffering from acute financial crisis because the major taxpayer to the council, SONARA, is not paying its taxes.
    Andrew Motanga made the remark in his scripted welcome address during the ceremony to officially launch the Medium Size Taxpayers’ Office in Limbe, by the Minister of Finance, on Tuesday 10 March 2015.
    “I cannot conclude my welcome address without mentioning the precarious financial situation of the Limbe City Council. This situation stems from the fact that the major taxpayer to the city council, SONARA, is not paying its taxes,” Andrew Motanga complained, noting that even though SONARA claims to have paid her taxes in Yaounde, the council is yet to receive her quota from the money.

Presidential website Photo Saga

Tchiroma shifts blame to hackers
Three days after the publication and withdrawal of a photoshopped photograph at the Presidential website showing President Paul Biya genuflecting in front of slain Cameroonian soldiers at the military headquarters in Yaoundé, the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma, has laid the blame on internet pirates and hackers saying they tampered with the Presidential website.
    The government spokesman said in a press release read on state radio and television that the photo montage was the handiwork of a hacker, adding that the image was intended to harm the honour and dignity of the Head of State and the Cameroon army.
    The concocted picture sent the impression that the head of state and commander-in-chief of the armed forces was actually present at the military headquarters to pay his last respect to soldiers who died in the war he declared against Boko Haram. But that was not the case as Biya had long left the country before the event.

The East region will have regular supply of domestic gas

Elung Paul Che
- Elung Paul Che – General Manager of CSPH
Following his installation as the new General Manager of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund, CSPH, in May 2013, Mr Elung Paul Che on 10 July 2013, paid a visit to the site of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Conditioning Project, at Ndoumbi 1 in Bertoua. At the end of the visit the CSPH General Manager spoke to The Median’s editor, Ojong Steven Ayukogem. Here are some excerpts of the conversation.

What are your impressions after this inspection visit to the Bertoua Gas Conditioning Project?

I think my impressions are very good. This project happens to be one of the biggest and most important investment projects that the CSPH is carrying out at the moment. So as the new manager I had to go to the field and inspect the project, to see and evaluate the level of progress of works. You can bear with me that there is real progress. The execution is already above 70%, which means that the terms of the contract which prescribes 20 months for the execution would be respected. I think I am satisfied.

 What is the objective of this project?

One of the missions of the CSPH is to guarantee the regularity and security of supplies of petroleum products throughout the national territory and you cannot guarantee regular supply if you don’t have the requisite logistics which can enable you to make sure that petroleum products are available on the local markets at all times and in good quantity. It is for this reason that the CSPH also invests in the construction of filling stations. The present project is a gas conditioning plant for domestic gas. It will have a capacity to stock about 100 tons of butane (domestic gas) on the spot which will in turn be conditioned and bottled for supply throughout the East region. I think the project falls within the missions of CSPH.

Dr. Chris Fomunyoh donates to Boko Haram Victims

Dr Christopher Fomunyoh poses
with Prof. Ako Edward
By Njodzefe Nestorin Bamenda
Bamenda, Garoua and Yaounde have been chosen by The Fomuyoh Foundation to host the first phase of a humanitarian musical concert to raise funds to support displaced victims of the Boko Haram assault.
    This shall be in partnership with Idy Oulo, a France-based Cameroonian musician from Mayo Oulo Division of the Far North Region.
    This is coming on the heels of a recent humanitarian trip by a team from The Fomunyoh Foundation headed lead by its founder and president Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, to the Far North Region to donate food items and books to internally displaced victims of the Boko Haram uprising. While there the team also paid courtesy visits to administrative, military, religious and local authorities of the region.
    The book donation according to Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh is to “create some sort of psychosis in the minds of the inhabitants of Maroua", especially students.

Scientific Research

FCFA 10 million for Best Researcher 2015
The Minister of scientific Research and Innovation Madeleine Tchuente has promised a sum of 10millionfrs CFA to the best researcher this year 2015.
    The pledge was made during an open day ceremony in her Ministry at the Foumbot Institute of Agriculture and Research. During the Four day working visit, five new varieties of beans were presented by the Institute of Agricultural Research and Development-IRAD.

MTN, Orange pay 75 bn each for licence renewal

MINPOSTEL Boss, Finance Minster and MTN CEO
By Njodzefe Nestor with Agency reports
MTN Cameroon and Orange Cameroon have paid a whopping FCFA 75 billion each to the Cameroon government for the renewal of their licences and have been allowed to start offering third and fourth generation (3G and 4G) services. The revelation concerning MTN’s deal was made Wednesday, March 11, 2015 by MTN Cameroon's CEO, Karl Toriola.
    The licence renewed for 15 years until Feb. 2030, allows the two leading mobile telephony companies to deploy optical fibre cables.
    According Karl Toriola, MTN Cameroon's CEO, the group would aim to improve Cameroon's telecommunications sector.

CAMPOST workers strike over benefits

Employees of the Cameroon Postal Services, Campost, since Monday, March 9, 2015 have been on an indefinite strike action demanding the reconstitution of temporary staff who had been recruited several years ago, but whose status have remained stagnant likewise the non- payment of social benefits of officers for the past two years.
    The staff explained the cause of their strike action as their way of demanding their social security rights that date since April 2004, following the merger between the former postal savings bank (CEP) and the national postal (Sonaposte) Corporation.
    Among an array of businesses that do not pay social benefits to their employees trained in 2014 by the national social insurance fund (CNPS), the Campost records unpaid benefits of more than 400 million Cfa francs.

Fire razes student’s hostel in Bamenda

By a correspondent in Bamenda
Fire has consumed a 6 room apartment building at the Ntamulung neighbourhood in Bamenda causing huge material loss. The exact cause of the fire that started in the early morning of Saturday 7 March 2015 is yet unknown.
    It took the intervention of some neighbours and the Army Rescue unit to stop the fire from spreading into near-by buildings. Most of the occupants were secondary school students. 

The SDF Crisis

Tazoacha Asonganyi

By Tazoacha Asonganyi, Yaounde
Many people are anxious to know my take on the goings on that are making news in the SDF now.  Rather than write a statement as would probably be expected, I prefer to help interested persons to discern my feelings by including below, information that may be useful to them for their analyses. This includes the statement I made on the constitutional changes that have brought more confusion in the party, the parting statement I made at a press conference indicating that I would no longer run for the post of Secretary General, NEC’s decision that expelled me from the SDF - in other word, I never resigned as SG of the SDF; and a reflection I wrote for The Guardian Post Newspaper, on their request, on “Where the SDF has gone wrong.”
    Siga Asanga was the Secretary General of the SDF from the declaration of the party at the DO’s office in Bamenda in February 1990 to March 1994 when he was tried and removed from his post. The problems that led to his destitution and eventual exclusion from the party were related to fuzziness and imprecision in the definition of terms like “anti-party” activities. The problem of Siga Asanga bordered on serious differences in the understanding of the mission of the party by him and some stalwarts of the party, including Fru Ndi.
    Since Siga Asanga did not share the views of Chairman Fru Ndi on some core issues in the party, some members seemed to see him as a sort of rival to Fru Ndi. To quote one member at that time, Siga Asanga felt that “power at the head of the party was shared by the Secretary General and the Chairman; I therefore personally campaigned for the destitution of Asanga…”
    Of course, if Asanga thought that power at the head of the party is shared by the Secretary General and the Chairman, he was right; power at the head of the party should not only be shared by the Chairman and the SG, but by other officials of the party. Since many members unfortunately did not share this view, Asanga was removed from the post of Secretary General.
    It is clear from the above that Asanga’s problem derived mainly from a turf war with the National Chairman. He was the ideologue of the party. He believed firmly in the ideology of social democracy propounded by the party, and in the values of freedom and human rights that were the bedrock of the party.
    And so by the time I became Secretary General of the SDF in 1994, there was already a strong, conservative core in the party, made up of those with a dogmatic adherence to the letter, to the exclusion of the spirit of the constitution of the party, and who seemed to be bent on shutting the door in the face of rationality.

Why the “Bamenda Man” is special

North West is Bamenda, it has been said and proven. Whether from Boyo, Mezam, Menchum, Donga Mantung, Bui, Ngoketunjia or Momo Division, we are all known as the Bamenda people. Bamenda is a place where “heroes come to die” says Wamey Julius. Bamenda like America is a place where every minute of the day gives birth to a hero of character and conscience.
    From the dawn of time, the Bamenda man has always distinguished his/herself as the pictogram of hard work, vigor and willpower. This strong spirited and collective commitment of the Bamenda man has over the years tolled to have what they have often been seen to be and tagged by others. In other words, the Bamenda man lives the life of a Spartan soldier who would prefer to die than to surrender. A type of life that can only be compared to toad in a heating tube that keep adapting to the changing temperature until it finally gives off the ghost.
    However, some people have often impolitely taken the humble nature and this strong spirited willpower of the “Bamenda man” for granted and with negativism. “Je ne suis pas ton Bamenda” and or “come no go” have often being the reward from some people who out of ignorance, and more often than not think being humble like a Bamenda man is a misdemeanor. This is rather unfortunate given that this nation owes a debt of appreciation to the Bamenda man not only for being hard working, but more importantly for the collective commitment and enormous contribution in nation building. Come to think of Nanga, Bernard Folon, Yang Philemon, Ni John Fru Ndi and million other Bamenda men of character and conscience, there is nothing than to be proud to be a Bamenda man.
    Being forward looking and receptive to change has landed the Bamenda man in a position of power and to have an unquestioned advantage over others. (Que dit les Bamenda?). This is how the Bamenda man has been able to grasp the most essential in perspective with both hands to serve as a measuring rod for this nation. Unlike others, the Bamenda man would burn the midnight candle to obtain the desired results, yet keep the traditional values intact in today’s world of globalization. Although others had historical and geographical advantage over them, they over came their handicap with a lot of determination and dynamism.
    For decades, Bamenda has had the good fortune to have produced individuals who on account of their peculiar gifts of values have contributed to the advancement of this country.

Eto’o scores first goal for Sampdoria

Lions former captain, Samuel Eto’o Fils , has broke the jinx since he joined his new club by scoring his first goal for club, Sampdoria.
    The silence was cleared off at the 72 minute as Eto’s goal sealed a 2-0 win over Cagliari during the 26th day of play in Serie A. The goal was highly praised.
Sampdoria boss Sinisa Mihajlovic lamented after the game; – “I don’t want to speak about individuals,” Mihajlovic told Sky Sport Italia. “We played a great game against a well-organised side.
    “But I’m happy for Eto’o, just as I am his team-mates. He was a great champion and in Italy; he can still make the difference.

South West clubs creeping in elite leagues

The two Southwest Region Clubs at the Cameroon Professional League of Football, Njalla Quan Sports Academy and Dynamic of Buea in League 1 and 2 respectively are yet to win a single game since the football season commenced weeks ago.
    So far, out of six games, Njalla Quan Sports Academy, NQSA, has registered three draws and three defeats, conceding nine goals as to three scored with a deficit of 6 goals. They lost against Bamboutos of Mbouda 1-4, Lions Blesse 1-2 and were recently beaten by Union 0-2. Also, they have registered a couple of draws against Panthere Sportive, Botafogo and Coton Sport. NQSA currently occupies the 18th position on the log.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Front page

CAMASEJ Yaounde chapter

Churchill Monono (in African wear) poses for a photo with CAMASEJ members
Churchill Monono crowned pioneer patron
hurchill Ewumbue-Monono, Technical Adviser at the cabinet of the presidency of the republic has been made the patron of the Yaounde chapter of the Cameroon Anglophone Journalists Association, Camasej.
    The seasoned journalist and career diplomat was crowned by members of Camasej Yaounde, who converged on his residence at the ministers’ quarters here, on Friday 6 March 2015.
    Speaking on the occasion, Simon Lyonga La Molombe, president of Camasej Yaounde chapter, said members of the association expressed the wish to have Mola Churchill Monono as their patron not only because of his extensive experience as a journalist and diplomat but also because he is a perfect breed of the Cameroonian system, given that Churchill did the better part of his higher studies in Cameroonian institutions, notably ASMAC (present day ESSTIC) and IRIC, all in Yaounde.

Breaking the silence

Titus Edzoa
Titus Edzoa recounts his glorious and tumultuous life!
A 90-minute documentary put together by veteran journalist Jean Materne Ndi and broadcast on Equinoxe TV on Sunday, 1 March 2015 sheds abundant light on the life of this controversial figure of Cameroonian politics
By Mercy Neba in Douala

Born on 4 January 2015 in Bonaberi, Douala, Titus Edzoa had very humble beginnings. On account of his restless and agitated character, his father, a railway worker, feared that he would be very destructive at home if he were left there. So at a very tender age, young Titus was registered in Government School New-Bell, Bassa. However, when he attained school-going age, he was enrolled in St. John Bosco Catholic School Bonadibong where his extraordinary intelligence caused him to receive a double promotion at the early stages.
    When he completed primary school in 1957, he entered the minor seminary in Bonepoupa near Edea where he studied up till 3e (the equivalent of form 4). He did the second cycle in Collège Liberman in Douala where he obtained his French Baccalauréat in Philosophy in 1964.
Titus Edzoa’s dream was to become a surgeon. However, having missed a government scholarship to study abroad, he was obliged to register in the Faculty of Law and Economics of the University of Yaounde which was created one year earlier.

Boko Haram

Hassan Sylla Bakari
Cameroon and Chad disagree over press strategy
In spite of remarks by Cameroon’s Communication minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, that the two countries had jointly elaborated a harmonised communication strategy, it emerged that both parties presented diametrically opposed and contradictory visions on how to report Boko Haram. And the visiting Chadian minister of Communication, Hassan Sylla Bakari, left Cameroon visibly disappointed, after a 3-day stay here.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

A project to elaborate a harmonised communication strategy on Boko Haram for Cameroon and Chad, did not bear the expected fruit after all; this despite three days of intense discussions between Cameroonian authorities and a visiting Chadian delegation led by the Communication minister of Cameroon’s north eastern neighbour, Hassan Sylla Bakari.
    Even though scripted remarks by the Communication ministers of both countries during a press conference in Yaounde pointed to the fact that they shared a common vision about reporting the Boko Haram insurgency, it turned out that the communication approaches tabled for discussion by the respective parties were totally contradictory and divergent.

Captain Mbene

Captain Elvis Matute Mbene
The Man, the Military Man
By Franklin Sone Bayen

Captain Elvis Matute Mbene had served only nine days at the warfront in the Far North Region when he met his doom on 25 February.
    Possibly the most ranking officer yet to fall in the battle against the self-declared jihadist Boko Haram, Mbene may now be the face of the war casualties. He was 33.
    The outpouring of grief over his calamity, praise by fellow citizens for sacrificing with his life for the nation and total acceptance of his fate by his family may contrast with the tone of protest from the father of Lt Kevin Donfack, one of the earliest Cameroonian casualties in the war against the jihadist insurgency, Boko Haram.
    In total surrender, his father, Chief Emmanuel Matute Mbene says to different sympathizers repeatedly: "It’s God’s plan. We cannot ask questions”, “Be strong. We all have to be strong, else who will comfort the other?”, “If you meet a man without a smile, give him one."