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Home-coming of a hero

Football star, Clinton Njie thrills Buea inhabitants
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

Bakweri Paramout  Ruler HRH Endeley blesses Clinton
The exhilaration and anticipation that characterized the coming of Cameroon football star; Clinton Njie to Buea almost died out as he kept all officials, chiefs, fans and inhabitants waiting only to show up 3 hours later than he was expected.
    Clinton Njie was expected in Buea on June 16, 2015 after the Indomitable Lion 1-0 win over Mauritania on Saturday. Njie’s late arrival is what probably prompted the absence of top officials such as, the Divisional Officer for Buea and the Mayor, programmed to chat with the rising star. 
    The home-coming of the Indomitable Lion striker popularly known as PAPI MUKALA was greeted with much euphoria as his fans and family members with the chiefs all turned out en masse to give the lad a befitting welcome home.
    Njie was gladly received at the Mungo Bridge by his fans, family members and the brasseries academy in which he played as a youngster. The excitement and fanfare that characterized his slow but sure drive into Buea was testimony of how football lovers of the region have longed to see such a talent in their mist after a long time away from home. 

Justice delayed

SCNC condemns continuous detention of Maxwell Oben
By a correspondent in Buea

Maxwell Oben
The controversial matter pitting the SCNC activist Maxwell Oben against the people of Cameroon came up in the Buea court of 1st Instance on 12th June 2015. During the last hearing on 28 May 2015 it was resolved that the matter would be handled by a college of three judges on 12 June 2015 to determine whether the accused should be released from prison detention or not.
    However, the trial judge, Justice Mrs. Beatrice Namangi, was unavoidably absent on that day and the matter could not proceed as scheduled.
A battery of defense lawyers numbering at least 10 or more led by Barrister Stanislaus Ajong, were also present in court to ensure that Oben Maxwell is not denied the right to a fair hearing.
More than fifty youths of Anglophone origin also thronged into the court all dressed in black to show their indignation towards the maltreatment of a fellow citizen.
Meanwhile, about 2 weeks before this last sitting one other SCNC suspect in the matter whose name we could not immediately get was arrested at Mautu near Muyuka. He is now presently detained at the Buea Central Prison alongside Oben Maxwell. It is however not yet clear whether this second suspect has been brought in as an accomplice in the offence which led to Oben’s incarceration almost one and the half years ago or to help the court with evidence that will eventually justify Maxwell’s continuous detention.

Boko Haram

84 Moslem children detained in Maroua
Cameroonian authorities have been holding 84 children — some as young as 5 years old — for months without charge after officials accused their teachers at Quranic schools of running terrorist training camps, Amnesty International said Friday.
    The international human rights organization called on Cameroon to release the children to their parents immediately, saying nearly all of them are too young to face criminal charges. The raids in the country's far north are part of the fight against Islamic militants from the Nigeria-based group Boko Haram.
    "Detaining young children will do nothing to protect Cameroonians living under the threat of Boko Haram," said Steve Cockburn, Amnesty International deputy regional director for West and Central Africa.
A government spokesman did not immediately respond to the report and said a news conference would be held Monday.

Road safety and maintenance

Senator Mafany Musonge urges gov’t to sit up, save lives!
During the question and answer session in parliament last week, the former PM, who is now Senator for Fako Division, wanted to know what government was doing to ensure that new highways under construction do not become ‘death traps’ like the old existing ones. Senator Musonge also sought to know what measures have been put in place to protect and preserve tarred roads in the country. Observers at the senate said Senator Musonge was asking the same questions he could not provide convincing answers to when he served as PM from 1996 to 2004.
By Essan-Ekoninyam in Yaounde

Mafany Musonge
The Rt. Hon. Peter Mafany Musonge is certainly a freer person at the Senate than he was when he served as Prime Minister, head of government between 1996 and 2004 (Musonge holds the record of stay as PM). If anything, the former PM does not have the obligation of reserve today, as was the case when he was at the Star Building.
    This was the conclusion drawn by some commentators when they listened to the questions that Senator Musonge put to some government ministers during the question and answer session in the senate last week. The Senator from Fako Division, who is also the leader of CPDM party senators and Grand Chancellor of National Orders, wanted to know what measures the government has taken to make sure that new highways under construction and those about to be constructed notably the Yaounde-Douala and Yaounde-Nsimalen highways, do not become ‘death traps’ due to excessive speed, poor state of vehicles and the indiscipline of drivers.

Municipal Councilors

The forgotten lot
 By Martin Fon Yembe in Ndu

The 1996 Constitution and the 2004 Council law all constitute what can give any observer of Cameroon’s political scene the impression that it was actually drafted and crafted by human beings. Reading these laws, one is left with the impression that those who matter in the decentralization process the most are Municipal Councilors.
    They work on a daily basis. They face all the challenges on the ground at the grassroots level. They are obliged by local societal circumstances to be present at all village ceremonies and occasions, especially when it comes to development. But, what these laws forgot was to give the councilors a monthly stipend or remuneration.

Promoting national conscience

NCSAPD to train 15.000 youths in 2015
The trainees will comprise 9000 volunteers and 600 conscripts selected from the 10 regions of the country
By Mercy Neba in Yaounde

Head quarters of NCSAPD
The Director General of the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development, Mr. Taossi, on 19 June 2015 launched an operation for the selection of 9000 volunteers and 6000 conscripts to be trained by the agency in 2015. The official launching took the form of a press conference organized at the headquarters of the NCSAPD at Essos, Yaounde.
    Addressing curious journalists present, Mr. Taossi said the volunteers and conscripts would be selected from all the ten regions of the country. They will be given training in such aspects as civic education, physical education, sports, solidarity, patriotism, peace, national integration, civil protection and security, environmental protection, agriculture, animal rearing and fish farming etc.
    The 9000 volunteers will be selected from among young Cameroonians or association of young Cameroonians who belong to group or associations involved in such activity as agro-ecology and fish farming. Qualified candidates must be of good health and not doing any paid job at the time of selection.
    Candidates are expected to apply at the nearest divisional delegation of youth affairs and civic education or at the regional antenna of NCSAPD.

“Be self-reliant, create jobs”-Cameroonian youths told

By Ajongakou Santos in Buea
Rev. Fr. Nkeze and others bent on bringing change
Cameroonian youths from all ten regions of the country; representing youth organisations have been urged to be self-driven and entrepreneurs in this era of emergence. Discussions to this effect took place at the Catholic University Institute of Buea, (CUIB) in which, their contribution to the 2035 emergence goals were emphasised.
    In the newly formed Youth Forum christened; Camer Youthinited, organised by the CUIB Student Government Association (STUGA), the participating youths stressed the need for the young people in Cameroon to forge ahead, engage in entrepreneur driven goals and make a difference as the vision of development is also at the centre of wishes and goals for the society they are looking forward to.
While addressing the issues at stake, the president of the student association, Momo Bertrand revealed that the Cameroonian youths must stop concentrating on others for jobs, and engage in self-reliant goals as well as have an entrepreneurial spirit that will make them self-employed and why not create jobs for others, should they want to succeed. He stressed on the need for students to spend less time criticising the government, but work for the future they envisage.

Bilingual training programme

Y’de Pilot Linguistic Centre begging for urgent facelift
The new Director of the Pilot Centre has made a request to government to construct bigger and more befitting structures to host the very important institution. Mrs. Edibi Fama Brigitte made the solemn request following her installation on Thursday 18 June 2015.
By Macquens Balemba in Yaounde

Mrs. Edibi Fama Brigitte

The Minister, Assistant Secretary General of the presidency has called on the newly appointed Director of the Yaounde Pilot Linguistic Centre to continue from where her predecessor ended and also give a feminine touch to the teaching of languages at the centre.
    Professor Peter Agbor Tabi was speaking on Thursday 18 June 2015, as he installed Mrs. Edibi Fama, nee Vundi Brigitte as Director of the Yaounde Pilot Linguistic Centre.
    The installation ceremony took place in the conference hall of the Yaounde Pilot Linguistic Centre situated at the administrative quarters, opposite the Ministry of Finance. The ceremony was witnessed among others by government ministers, directors, traditional leaders and an impressive crowd of well wishers and curious on-lookers.
    Installing the new Director, Prof. Agbor Tabi exhorted her to bring her high qualification, her rich experience and especially her feminine touch to bear on the running of the centre.
    “You are a lady who is highly qualified and full of experience. We have no doubt therefore that with your tested and proven qualities of devotedness, efficiency, method, celerity and above all abnegation, you will be able to render the Bilingual Training Programme more visible, dynamic and welcoming, and the working environment of the Yaounde Pilot Linguistic Centre more convivial,” Prof. Agbor Tabi said.

Enhancing competitiveness, regional integration

Minister Emmanuel Bonde (L) Chaired
 the launching ceremony
Two vital programs launched in Central Africa
The Central African Quality Infrastructure Program (PIQAC) and the Regional Program to Upgrade Industrial Standards in Central Africa (PRMN) were launched in Yaounde on 10 June 2015
The economies of countries in Africa South of the Sahara, especially countries of the Central African sub-region, are characterized by an abundance of raw materials (natural resources). However, these countries have not been able to transform these resources into quality producer and consumer goods that are needed in both the local and international markets.
    Experts observe that despite the huge potential for industrial development of these countries, industries have remained largely embryonic and less diversified. The finished products for the most part also do not meet the standards of quality demanded by consumers.
    This state of affairs only engenders over-dependence on imported goods; the resultant effect being a negative balance of payments and a mitigated contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises to the gross domestic product.


Media, Civil Society unite to foster Good Governance
By Eddy Bokuba in Douala

PASC Director Bertin Likanda
Media professionals and civil society organizations in Cameroon have forged a partnership to jointly promote good governance in the country. The journalists and civil society actors last week met in Douala during a 3-day workshop that ran from 18 to 20 June 2015.
    Organized by the Civil Society Strengthening Program (PASC) and funded by the European Union, participants resolved to federate efforts towards promoting good governance in all sectors of national life.
    Opening the workshop, the Executive Director of PASC, Bertin Lukanda, called on participants to initiate positive actions that can ignite good governance. He urged them to create avenues for dialogue among themselves and stressed on the need for journalists and civil society actors to work as partners, arguing that it is only through joint action that the impact of their operations can be better felt.

How to avoid marrying your Ex

Almost 20 years ago, long before divorce was even a thought (and I was still fairly happily married to my first husband), one of my girlfriends was lamenting her husband's lack of... well, something. I don't remember what she was complaining about, but I do remember she was complaining about her second husband.
    I will never forget what she said about getting remarried: "Make sure if you ever get divorced to do your work, really work on yourself, otherwise you just end up marrying the same guy again."
    Wondering if she was right, I have talked to divorced men and women, therapists, and divorce attorneys. They all agree that people who divorce a second or even third time will often find striking similarities among their exes, especially if they didn't get themselves in order between marriages.     While you may think there is no one quite like your ex, and I know you don't mean that in a good way, it would greatly benefit you to do a few things to ensure you don't, indeed, find and marry {!} someone just like them.

1. Work on yourself
    The one major thing any new relationship will have in common with your old relationship is you. Even if your ex is a drug-dealing serial killer, there are at least a few things you probably could have done better in your marriage. Take ownership of the challenges and mistakes you had, and spend some time working on yourself so you don't repeat them. Even as you await your divorce decree, you can make a list of the things you didn't love about your relationship, including what you didn't love about you in your relationship. If you let yourself go, or you stopped having sex, or you stopped appreciating the things your ex did to contribute to the marriage, you can set a new standard for yourself going forward.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

Enow Ngachu blames lack of funding for African failure
Enow Ngachu
Cameroon coach Enow Ngachu blamed a lack of funding and preparation as the last African nation competing in the Women's World Cup were dumped out of the tournament on Saturday.
    Wang Shanshan's 12th minute goal put 1999 runners-up China into the quarter-finals with a 1-0 win over surprise newcomers Cameroon.
    "It's a bad day for the Cameroon national side. We came up against a very good team," said Lionesses' coach Ngachu after the game in Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium.
    The central African side had been just the second nation from the continent to make it out of the group stages at the World Cup after Nigeria in 1999.
    Cameroon lost to reigning champions Japan 1-0 in their group matches but achieved their first wins against Ecuador 6-0 and Switzerland 2-1.
    But despite creating surprises the 53rd-ranked side join already eliminated African champions Nigeria, ranked 33, and 67th-ranked Ivory Coast on their way home.
    "We need to develop women's football in Africa. We need good organisation, we also need to create as many clubs as possible. If we could have sponsorship it would be good," said Ngachu.
"We have the talented players. The problem African nations face is preparation.
    "The day we are prepared well an African nation will be able to win the World Cup.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


GCE board in dire throes

Who leaked 2015 GCE Exams and why?
- A Francophone now bracing up to take over as GCE Board Registrar
By Samuel Sumediang, Mile 16 Bolifamba

A few months ago, the Registrar of the GCE Board issued a public statement cautioning Cameroonians about some leaked GCE questions which were being circulated and warned candidates to steer clear of such distraction. Though the GCE questions in circulation were actually faked, the perpetrators of the leakage certainly had their aim: they wanted the public and especially potential GCE candidates to know that examination questions can leak.
    It must be said that for at least 17 years the GCE Board has been a member of an international assessment organization where methods of guaranteeing the security of public examinations are studied and practiced as a system. A system in which handling such examination malpractices as leakages are taught and can be dealt with spontaneously.
    At the moment of writing this story, the GCE Board has already dealt with the present leakage. But the question that begs itself is who commandeered this scam and for what purpose? Surely some candidates will be arrested and charged. But sometimes these are the small fry.
    However, observers say no well-meaning citizen of the former Southern Cameroon will engage himself in such an act, and with such callousness. One can excuse the Registrar of the GCE Board if he contends that there was no leakage because what happened was actually an act of sabotage. The recklessness of the act smacks of a deliberate intention to destroy and degrade a system that is acknowledged worldwide as reliable and credible in terms of standards and values.

Buea sub-Division

Bakweri Village Chief jailed for 4-1-9, forgery
HRH Thomas Elinge Ndotoh Ekinde has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for obtaining by false pretense.
By Bamnjo Herman in Buea

The chief of Ewili village in Buea sub-division has been sentenced to two years imprisonment for false pretense, this, according to the judgment passed recently in the Buea Court of First Instance.
    The matter started on the 20th March 2015 when the complainant, one Dr. Emmanuel Apande, took to the witness box and stated that sometime in January 2014, Ndotoh collected five million FCFA from him promising to allocate him one hectare of land supposedly situated at the Ewili new layout in Molyko Banana.
    However, after several fruitless attempts to take possession of the land, Dr. Apande was told by the villagers of another village, Bwiteva, that the new layout in question belonged to their village and not to Ewili and that the land is even covered by a land certificate. They added that Ewili village was never a beneficiary of land surrender because their application for land had been suspended by the SDO on the 5thApril 2013.
    Brought before the Buea judge on 10 April 2015, Ndotoh with the assistance of his lawyers admitted that he effectively collected 5,000,000 FCFA from Dr. Apande as the first
installment for one hectare of land in the new layout situated at Molyko Banana. He claimed that the money was meant to help the village council to follow-up their file at the Ministry of State Property and Land Tenure in Yaoundé.             He said Dr. Apande had to pay a balance of 10,000,000FCFA before taking possession of the land. HRH Ndotoh pleaded with the court to give him some time to go through with his file at the department of lands, saying he was unable to allocate the land to Dr. Apande immediately because the minister has suspended all land surrenders in Fako division.

Performance, budgetary discipline

Mr. Elung Paul Che
CSPH management gets the thumbs-up!
The Board of Directors of the Petroleum Prizes Stabilization Fund, CSPH, has hailed the Management for effectively increasing revenues and considerably cutting down expenditure.
    Mr. Elung Paul Che and his team were extolled during the 35th Ordinary Session of the Board of Directors, holding in Yaounde, on Friday 12 June 2015.
     According to a press release issued at the end of the Board session and signed by the Board Chairman, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, the Board noted with satisfaction “the remarkable efforts deployed by Management, especially in the efficient reduction of the operating costs and the improvement of the gross margin of the company for the period under review.”
    Operating within the context of an ever increasing domestic market demand for petroleum products, notably cooking gas, the Board acknowledged with satisfaction the regular supply of these products on the home market, in spite of a 5% increase in consumption of petroleum products, and 14% increase in consumption f cooking gas.
    More importantly, the Board after reviewing the accounts and financial statements of the company congratulated the management for effectively increasing revenues and considerably cutting down costs.
    It should be noted that for the period under review, CSPH generated total revenues amounting to over 62 billion FCFA and cut down its running expenses to just over 49 billion, thus generating net profits of about 13 billion FCFA (12.924.978.264 FCFA). Construction works of the Bertoua Liquefied Petroleum Gas Filling plant were also completed. With the filling plant now effectively operational, access of the populations of the East region to domestic gas has been greatly facilitated.
    Observers note that this wonderful performance of CSPH is not by chance; it is thanks to the vision of the General Manager, Paul Elung Che, and the policies he adopted since taking over as General Manager on 3rd May 2013.
25 cashiers in anti-corruption court for embezzlement
- Six now languishing in Kondengui prison; 10 others on the run
- Over FCFA 750 million declared missing
By Mercy Neba in Yaounde

Some 15 cashiers of the general treasury and other divisional and sub-divisional treasuries (perceptions) in Yaounde are presently facing the judge of the special criminal court in Yaounde on charges of embezzlement.
    10 others whose files were also sent to the court have vamoosed into thin air. Arrests warrants have since been issued for them.
    Of the 15 accuse persons who are appearing in court, six are under preventive detention at the Kondengui prison. They were transferred there on 21 January 2014 for some, and on 20 June 2014 for others.
    The six persons in Kondengui include: Azegue Nadine, Lum Bernadette Mofor, Tsalla Ndzie Noah Meyebe Virginie, Awuh Salome Anguh, Amougui Mbede Lucie and Mbezele Mbatzogo Anastasie.
    Nine others who are still moving freely but whose files are also in court include: Ebokolo Bile Mballa Christine, Baran Assiang Valentine Georgette, Djabbaram Mai, Ottou Mboe Christine Sandrine, Adjick Mirabelle, Bissong Manyo Etengeneng, Ekosso Ekwelle Giselle Nadege, Abeng Ntyama Jeanne-Marie and Ndzie Marie Rosine.
    As for the 10 persons on the run, they include; Mekong Ngah Anastasie, Ngo Bikoko Sophie Chantal, Mefaing Fils Boyomo Sebastien, Bouebe Yves Bertrand, Kamwa Tadntse Clarisse, Meyo Nkotto Loise and Etogo Mbassi Ettienne Vicky.
    The 25 accuse persons were assistant cashiers, cashiers, contract workers and assistant controllers of treasury at their respect divisional and sub-divisional treasuries. They allegedly committed the offence during the period between 2012 and 2013.


Joint task force on Boko Haram

Buhari to visit Cameroon afterall!
Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari is planning to visit Cameroon to cement a regional fighting force against Boko Haram, he told AFP on Monday, 15 June 2015.
    Buhari met his counterparts from Niger, Chad and Benin at a summit in Abuja last week but Cameroon's leader Paul Biya was noticeably absent and represented by his defence minister.
    The two countries have long had strained ties, in part over a bitter territorial dispute but also after Boko Haram mounted cross-border raids into far north Cameroon from Nigeria’s northeastern region.
    Buhari visited Niger and Chad in his first week in office and said he would have gone to Cameroon's capital Yaounde for talks with Biya had he not been invited to attend the G7 summit in Germany.
    "But on my return to Nigeria now, I will try to go to Cameroon," he said on the sidelines of the African Union summit in Johannesburg.
    Last week's Abuja summit rubber-stamped an 8,700-strong regional force involving the five countries to replace an ad hoc coalition of Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon.
    The current force came into being after Chad's President Idriss Deby sent troops to assist their Cameroonian counterparts against a wave of attacks by the Islamist militants.
    Troops from Niger and Chad have crossed into Nigerian territory but those from Cameroon have not, in an indication of the strained relations between the neighbours.
    But Buhari indicated last Thursday that soldiers from the new Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) would not be restricted in terms of movement.

Corruption and Leadership

Why Biya must lead, and not only rule Cameroon
Paul Biya must rise up to the challenge of his office and assume a leadership anchored on principles, integrity, and exemplary self-sacrifice. Only then would he become the leader of Cameroon; not just its President.
By Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai, Boston Massachussettes, USA

Paul Biya
For the umpteenth time, Cameroonians at the turn of the year had the assurances of President Paul Biya that better days were at hand. For that many number of times, Cameroonians have ended up with shattered hopes, broken promises and failed commitments. If anything, the nation has continued to harvest audacious scandals of pervasive high profile corruption, embezzlement, inertia and insubordination.
    Which ever way Cameroonians turn, they are confronted with overarching problems. There is a sense of foreboding that prosperity will be long in coming, as hospitals, roads, schools, jobs and all indices of the greatest good for the greatest number remain elusive.
    It is entirely in line with the character of Cameroonian leadership to moan about problems, which ordinarily, are their responsibility to solve. The latest display of this disgraceful disposition came from the President himself who used the occasion of his traditional year-end address on 31 December 2013 to express apprehension over the inertia, pervasive corruption and under-performance of his government.
    However, the President failed to tell Cameroonians what he intends to do about these ills, besides the usual banter and empty platitudes. Neither did he even mention the several reports of Transparency International (TI), the global corruption watchdog, which has always rated Cameroon poorly.
    It is cheering for Biya to admit after 33 years that nation-building can only be pursued in an environment of social justice and equity; this is what democracy is all about. But if the perception outlook of corruption and misrule in Cameroon is to improve, Biya should be more accommodating of critical independent reports, which he must publicly reference to demonstrate his firm resolves to tackle the problems. Ignoring such reports is not an appropriate way to tackle such endemic problems.

The power of makossa old-timers

A man, apparently mentally ill, thrilled bar occupants in the Carriere neighborhood in Yaounde by dancing to Salle John’s “Pai o Yabassi” so well that he raised some 5000 FCFA.
Besong Mirabel, student journalist on internshi

Cameroon music, especially what is generally referred to as “old timers”, that is songs released in the 1970s and 80s have an extraordinary quality that moves all classes of people, the old like the young.
    A scene last Sunday in a bar at Carrefour Carrier in Yaounde was really dazzling. A mad man fascinated customers drinking at the bar, with his skillful dance steps and the stylistic dancing patterns he demonstrated as he choreographed two popular musical pieces of renowned makossa composer and singer, Salle John.
    Le Faroteur, as the lunatic is commonly called, caught the attention of some other boozers and passers-by some of whom boosted him on with ear-splitting applause in reaction.

CBC Health Services dedicate new office building, service vehicles

The CBC Health Services Central Administration has dedicated a new imposing edifice to host the Empowerment and Disability Inclusive Development (EDID) programme, Socio-Economic Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (SEEPD) programme and the Director of Health Services’ (DHS) Office. Some threeservice vehicles mainly for the HIV Free project to be used in the Littoral and Centre regions and a bus for Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) visitors were also dedicated.
    The dedication on June 8, 2015 was conducted by the Executive President of the CBC, Rev. GodwillNcham in the presence of CBC leaders who were attending board meetings at the Baptist Headquarters in Nkwen, Bamenda.
    Speaking during the event,the CBC Director of Health Services (DHS), Prof. Tih Pius Muffih said all good gifts come from God and therefore He (God) needs to be acknowledged for His goodness. The DHS beseeched the occupants of the building to deliver acceptable services to all who need them. He stated that the main funding for the building came from the Liliane Foundation in The Netherlands, ChristofellBlinden Mission (CBM) in Germany and the President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in the US.

Promoting renewable energy in Cameroon:

SHUMAS reinforce partnership with Energy Without Borders 
By Njodzefe Nestor 

Energy Without Borders has promised more financial and technical support to the Strategic Humanitarian Services, SHUMAS as part of their combined efforts to promote renewable energy in Cameroon. For over four years the two organizations have trained and installed renewable energy systems in rural communities.
    Thierry Reyners Brackman, representative of Energy Without Borders made the promise June 3, 2015 during the inauguration of SHUMAS’ renewable energy project at its Bamdzeng Biofarm, Bui Division of the North West region.
    He underscored that the event demonstrated the importance of redressing energy crisis while encouraging SHUMAS staff for the realization of the project.
    It was certainly with an understanding of the importance of renewable energy that North West Governor Adolf Lele L’Afrique personally presided over the inaugural ceremony.


5 marriage rules you should never break

The rules for a happy marriage are always bandied about with a reverence usually reserved for the Ten Commandments. But it turns out these rules are not set in stone (like those other commandments!) And you should break these rules to keep your marriage in good shape, our experts say.
    “A lot of rules are myths,” says Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., research professor at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research and author of "5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great." “They’re not relationship realities.”

Rule 1: Never Go to Bed Angry
    “It’s not always a good idea to stay up and resolve your differences,” says Orbuch. "You might say something you’ll regret. Getting a good night’s sleep is a better idea. You’re much more likely to resolve things when you’re refreshed in the morning or later that day. You do have to come back and resolve it—usually within 24 hours.”
    Orbuch says this myth has caused many marriages many problems. Because people think they can’t go to sleep until they’ve made up, they sometimes stay up long into the night, which often gets them only deeper into an argument. “If we changed our thinking and realized that it’s not a good time to resolve a conflict, then we could be more relaxed about solving the important issues later on,” she says.

Rule 2: Your Spouse Should Be Your Best Friend

    People have friends and they have a spouse, says Scott Haltzman, Ph.D., a former Brown University professor and the author of The Secrets of Surviving Infidelity. “People expect a spouse to be everything,” Haltzman says. “They want their spouse to relate to them on a very close emotional basis, but relationships and studies show that while best-friend marriages do last, they sometimes have less satisfying sex lives.”
    In addition to that, sometimes it's easier to talk to friends about certain things—and friends are generally less inclined to judge. Haltzman says Bill Cosby tells a joke about a time when his car broke down 20 miles from home. Cosby, according to Haltzman, calls his wife to tell her he’s stranded with the broken-down car. She says, “I told you to fix it months ago!” He calls his best friend, who says, “Where are you? I’ll be right there.”
    Of course you want to share activities, thoughts and feelings with your spouse, but one person can’t meet all of your needs, says Haltzman. So take the pressure off your relationship, and if your spouse doesn’t want to talk about emotional issues, or doesn’t want to do a certain activity, call a friend.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

Heroic Lionesses stun Switzerland 2-1

-Cup holders Japan extended their 100% record at the Women's World Cup as they beat Ecuador to lead Group C. Ex-Chelsea striker Yuki Ogimi scored from close range to eliminate Ecuador.

Cameroon, the tournament's second-lowest ranked side, came from behind to beat Switzerland 2-1 and book a last-16 meeting with China. Switzerland must wait to find out if they qualify for the knockout stages as one of the four best third-placed teams.
    This has been a first World Cup appearance for Cameroon and Ecuador and, while Ecuador have lost all three games, Cameroon have impressed.

Stephane M’Bia Joins Turkish Giants Trabzonspor

Stephane Mbia
Cameroonian international and Sevilla midfielder Stephane M’Bia has signed a three year deal with Turkish side Trabzonspor.
    According to details of the contract, the deal will pay the 29-year-old a total salary of €10 million.
Speculations were high that M’Bia will be heading to Inter Milan on a free transfer, but Trabzonspor swooped in with a lucrative offer to knock out Inter Milan and Sevilla.
    M’Bia won the heart of the Sevilla’s fan during his two years there in which he won the Europa League twice.

Monday, 15 June 2015




Ill-fated attacks

Issa Tchiroma warns French agents to leave President Biya alone
- Says Paul Biya will remain the president and head of state of Cameroon, so long as Cameroonians want it to be so; no country whatsoever can undermine the sovereignty of Cameroon
By Essan-Ekoninyam in Yaounde

Issa Tchiroma
Amid a barrage of critical remarks on Cameroon and its president, Paul Biya, by some French agents, Cameroon’s minister of communication and government spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary has fired a warning at these foreign “denigrators” to stop distracting Cameroonians and their illustrious head of state Paul Biya.
    Issa Tchiroma described the remarks by a group of French parliamentarians and other agents of France as ill-fated, ungrounded and only intended to distract Cameroonians and turn them against their president.
    Speaking at a press conference in Yaounde on Friday, Issa Tchiroma warned the French agents to stop their manoeuvers and leave Biya alone.    The press confab dwelled on the recent diplomatic victories scored by Cameroon. It also touched on recent events that affect the life of the nation.
    Sounding rather firm and hard, Issa Tchiroma debunked claims by the French MPs that President Biya has no legitimacy as leader of Cameroon and that the president selectively develops some areas of the country, willfully depriving other regions of needed development.

Special Criminal Court

Samuel Lifanda remanded  in Kondengui Prison

- He was remanded Wednesday, along with two other former staffers of the Limbe Urban
Council, after they appeared before the examining magistrate of the special criminal court
By Mercy Neba in Yaounde

Samuel Lifanda
The former Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, Samuel Lifanda Ebiama has been remanded in custody at the Kodengui maximum security prison in Yaounde. Samuel Lifanda and two others – Casimir Nyime Lyonga (former chief of technical affairs at the LUC) and Simon Mokosa Priso (former chief of service for urban affairs at LUC) were remanded by the examining magistrate of the Special Criminal Court, SCC, Justice Wo’Minko Blaise, on Wednesday 10 June 2015.
    The three culprits had respected a summons from the Examining Magistrate of the SCC inviting them to report to his chambers situated on the ground floor of the SCC, door No 005, at 10 a.m. prompt. The summons was issued on 25 May 2015.
    Sources at the Kondengui prison confirmed to The Median that Lifanda and two others arrived at the prison in the evening of Wednesday and were comfortably lodged in cells specially reserved for high-profile inmates.

Where the buck stops

PM Phil. Yang, unable to put his act together?
Laisser-faire, impunity in gov’t; who is to blame?
Since two years ago when president Biya openly criticized the government of intolerable inertia and underperformance, leaving Cameroonians and especially the ministers anxious about an imminent cabinet reshuffle, no news has since emerged from the Unity Palace. Ministers are now in a state of discernible hysteria and anxiety; unbridled laisser-faire, impunity, indecision, insubordination etc. have infested and taken a comfortable sit in the government machinery. While some analysts evoke regime fatigue, accusing the PM of failing to put his act together, others say the buck rather stops at President Biya’s desk; that the president might just be overwhelmed with events in the government and has decided to play the observer.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

In his book: “20th Century World Affairs, Jack Watson observed that: “the fifth French Republic under Leon Blum was weak, hesitant, indecisive and heading towards imminent collapse.”
    This observation by the British historian resonates vividly with the situation of the Cameroon government today. Observers within and without regime circles say they are unable to come to terms with the glaring dysfunction and hazardous manner in which some government departments are operating nowadays in Cameroon: Some Government Ministers and General Managers of State-owned companies take major decisions without consulting their hierarchy, and more often than not they do it with reckless impunity.
    As the iniquities of the government are multiplying and repeating themselves, observers have expressed fears the system might be grinding to a halt.
    Unable to hold its patience, the local press has been awash with speculation  about an imminent cabinet reshuffle. Editorials in many tabloids opine that recent happenings in government are not only unacceptable in a republic like ours, they are outright shameful and disgusting.
    Only last week the Minister of Finance, Alamine Ousamane Mey, wasted no time to cancel a series of decisions by the Director General of Customs appointing officials to various positions in the customs department. The MINFI reminded the DG of customs that the appointment of officials was not within the competence and prerogatives of her office.
    Observers hastened to indict the DG of customs for gross insubordination vis-à-vis her immediate boss-the MINFI. Many blamed Libom Li Likeng for acting ultra vires.
    The insubordination by the DG of Customs was sequel to that of the Minister of Arts and Culture, Ama Tutu Muna, only weeks ago. The MINAC was reported to have undermined and frontally insulted the office of Prime Minister; vehemently flouting an instruction of the sitting PM, Philemon Yunji Yang, ordering her to stop all actions that she was undertaking to find a solution to the problem of author’s rights in Cameroon.
    In what could be interpreted as calling the PM’s bluff, the tough-acting Tutu Muna went ahead and supervised the creation of a new author’s rights body Socacim, and also immediately granted operation license to the new association, thus giving it the go ahead to begin collecting and managing musician’s rights in the country. Ama Muna only later informed the PM of her action.
    Yet, as the public and her colleagues in government watched in awe and waited to see what the PM would do to the iron-lady from Ngiembo in Mbengwi, nothing ever emanated from the Star Building; even though her decisions were all declared null and void by the PM.
    It should be recalled that some time ago the same Ama Muna deliberately and openly flouted a verdict of the Supreme Court urging her to reinstate the license that she had withdrawn from the Cameroon Music Corporation – CMC. Despite ignoring the verdict of the Supreme Court, the daughter of RT. Hon. Solomon Tandeng Muna (RIP) still had her way, despite making a mockery of the judiciary as a constitutional power in Cameroon.

14 June 2011 – 14 June 2015

 Prof. Anomah Ngu remembered 4 years after
Prof. Anomah Ngu’s children, Azah and Achidi praying for their father’s soul
Late Prof. Anomah Ngu
A holy mass organized on Saturday 13 June 2015, at the Clinique de L’Espoir in Essos, Yaounde, was aimed to celebrate the life and vision of the venerated Professor of Medicine and surgery, who died on 14 June 2011. Prof. was born in 1926.
    The late wife of Prof. Anomah Ngu, Ma Clara Etoh, was also remembered during the mass,s that was called by the children of the late Prof. – Azah Ngu and Achidi Ngu, and workers of Prof. Anomah Ngu’s clinic and research center, the famous Clinique de L’Espoir in Yaounde.
    In his homily during the mass, Rev. Father Tabeson recalled the late Prof. as a great man and a
    The Rev. Father said that Prof. may have passed on to eternity, but his legacy, especially his vision for Cameroon, Africa and the world lives on. He also prophesied that Prof’s plan for his family will come to pass.
    Rev. Father Tabeson said he accepted to celebrate the special mass in memory of Prof. because he saw the utmost need to intercede for Prof.s vision and especially his family.

Vanhivax is alive and improving

Dr. Bisong Henry, working to keep Vanhivax alive
- Dr. Bisong Henry, Clinique de l’Espoir, Yaounde
It is now four years since the venerated professor of Medicine and Surgery, Anomah Ngu Victor, passed on. Before his death Prof. Anomah Ngu had invented a therapeutic vaccine (Vanhivax) for the treatment of HIV positive patients. In this interview with Doctor Bisong Henry, manager of Prof. Anomah Ngu’s Clinique de L’Espoir in Essos Yaounde, he said among other things that Vanhivax is well alive, and more and more patients are availing themselves to benefit from its therapeutic qualities. Dr. Bisong Henry was interviewed by The Median’s Editor, Ojong Steven Ayukogem, on the sidelines of a special holy mass celebrated on Saturday, 13 June 2015, at the Clinique de L’Espoir to commemorate the fourth anniversary of Prof’s death.  Below are excerpts of the interesting interview.

Doctor, what is the situation of prof. Anomah Ngu’s AIDS vaccine project four years after his passing?

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to talk on vanhivax. I should say Vanhivax has improved greatly; we have put in a protocol which runs for one and a half years. It is a very steady protocol with achievable results. Also, what we have been doing in the past years is trying to standardize the vaccine. The standardization process has 2 phases: The fist is to make it convenient for the patients so that you can have better compliance and without compromising the result at the end.  The second is to lower the cost. So far, we have been able to achieve these goals and we are already in the experimental phase to apply this protocol.

Worrying statistics in judiciary

Evidence of conspiracy to erode common law
Against the backdrop of the recent events which show a trend towards the erosion of the much cherished system of Common Law in Anglophone Cameroon, questions come to mind whether the policy is deliberate or unintentional.
    The statistics quoted below show disturbingly, that the attempts to erode the Common law, at least, from the aspect of the judicial personnel trained to implement same, is focused on depriving the Anglophone part of the country of trained judicial personnel who have mastered the technical aspects of the Common law.
    In the Cameroonian context, in the absence of judges and magistrates trained in the State Universities of Cameroon in the option of 'English Private Law' who else can replace this crop of trained experts other than jurists trained in the Civil law & 'Napoleonic Code'?
    Why would the state even want to substitute common law trained jurists with civil law trained jurists? It is my contention that the statistics below support a conspiracy. After reviewing these statistics, do you think same? If you do then take steps to cause these statistics to be brought to the attention of prominent Anglophone leaders for their consideration.

Budget session

Tiko Council hailed for satisfactory projects execution
By Ajongakou Santos in Tiko

Moukondo Daniel- Tiko Coucil Mayor
The Senior Divisional Officer for Fako has described as satisfactory the rate of execution of investment and development projects by the Tiko Council. Mr. Zang 111 was speaking recently in Tiko as he presided over a council session to examine and adopt the administrative, management and stores accounts of the Tiko council for 2014. He urged the councilors of the council to continue to be disciplined and ensure good collaboration with the mayor and his collaborators if the council must continue to show the good example in implementation of its programs.
In a report presented by the Mayor of the Tiko Council, HRH Chief Moukondo Daniel Ngande during this first ordinary council session for the 2015 financial year, he said the sum of over FCFA 766 million was received as revenue from taxes, council properties; endowment fund, amongst others. He said the money was used to execute a number of projects in the municipality notably; the construction of a modern hall complex at the council premises, the fencing of the council complex, purchase of an official vehicle for the mayor, rehabilitation works on streets within the Municipality, construction of classrooms and the donation of benches to some Nursery and Primary and secondary schools.

Corporate Social Responsibility

60% of agro-industries do not respect engagements
By Ajongakou Santos in Tiko

 Fako S.D.O-Zang III
Most, at least 60% of ago-industries in Cameroon do not respect the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, according to a study which also revealed that most agro-industries go against environmental protection norms by massively destroying the environment through burning of plastics that in turn pollute the air, land, and other water bodies around the communities in which they are based.
    The study jointly done by the Confederation of Public Service Unions and Yaounde-based Civil Society Program was made public on Friday, June 11, 2015. It targeted local communities of the Niete, Tiko and Nguti council areas, and workers and management of companies such as HEVECAM, SOCAPALM, CDC and SG-SOC (HERAKLES farms).
    It noted that by failing to implement their Corporate Social Responsibility these agro-companies only violate their engagements with the local councils and especially the State of Cameroon, that makes the respect of human and environmental rights, cultures, gender, social contracts and economic consideration of workers and local communities a pre-condition for granting concessions and licences to agro-industries..
    The Civil Society Strengthening Programme that was established by the 10th European Development Fund and governed by the financial agreement signed between Cameroon and the European Union works to ensure protection of the environment and the respect of social and economic responsibility towards local communities and workers in and around major agro-industries.


Irate youths burn down “imposter” fon’s palace
Pandemonium reign supreme in Bamenda I Subdivision on Tuesday June 9, 2015 as hundreds of irate Bamendakwe youths burned down four buildings, two cars and a motorcycle belonging to one Sule, accused of keeping a royal bag belonging to the Fon and passing for the Fon in official occasions.
    on hand to see the extend of the damage estimated at some millions of francs CFA was Mezam SDO, Nguelle Nguelle Felix who has promised a swift investigation into the matter. He was accompanied by the D.O for Bamenda I and judicial and security officials.
    Reports claim that the said Sule has been a close aide of the Fon for a very long time and abused his position. A source that opted for anonymity revealed that the “imposter” Fon is notorious for bullying villagers through fictitious summons, sale of village land, unofficially representing the Fon in public occasions due to his present physical inability from a stroke suffered many years ago, moving some palace symbols of authority to his residence amongst others.

Graduation of student pastors

PCC Moderator laments mushrooming of fake churches & pastors
- 27 student pastors graduate from Kumba Theology College
By Ajongakou Santos and Johnson Mbu in Kumba

 Graduating pastors from Kumba Theology school
20 graduates with Bachelor’s degrees in theology and seven with masters in theology were over the weekend christened as pastors and reverends respectively from the Kumba Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Joining the 440 Clergy of the PCC, these pulpit tenants were urged to be transformed transformers amidst the changing era.
    While officiating the authorisation of these 27 graduates at PCC Kosala, Kumba last Sunday May 31, the new moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon called on them to be models worth emulating and do the will of God diligently. Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel used the occasion to decry vexatiously the proliferation of fake churches and pastors, saying they are a real threat to the very foundation of God’s Ministry.
    The Rt. Rev. Fonki was officiating the graduation and christening ceremonies at the Kumba Theology College for the first time since his induction as new Moderator of the PCC.
    The bachelor of theology batch was admitted into the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the Cameroon Christian University (CCU) in the 2012/2013 academic year with a total of twenty; four ladies and sixteen gentlemen. For three years, and two years respectively, the pastors and reverends lipped that they have learned so much but also have suffered sundry prejudices in the course of their training. Recurrent power failure, recurrent typhoid and malaria cases and also the non-supply of key textbooks did not stop nor delay these pulpit tenants from running till the end.

Bui receives huge medical supplies

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda 
Cutting of symbolic ribbon to recieve the equipment
The Population of Bui Division on Wednesday May 27 converged on the esplanade of the Nso Fon’s Palace to receive huge medical supplies from the Bui Family Union. The medical equipment estimated at some FCFA 300 Million was officially handed over to the health institutions in the division in a colourful ceremony presided over by the Senior Divisional Officer for Bui, Theophile Nzeki.
     While handing over the gifts, the SDO expressed the need for peaceful co-existence and said the gifts are the fruits of decentralization. Mr Nzeki lauded BFU and NSODA for the realization. Given that the medical equipm
    NSODA General President Nformi Stephen Ndzerem Njodzeka acknowledged the project was realized thanks to BFU and NSODA leadership and local participation as well. He attributed the project to a request from the Fon of Nso Sehm Mbinglo I for medical assistance for the people of Bui.
    Nformi Stephen hailed those who contributed to the realization of the project especially the PM Philemon Yang, who facilitated the 100 percent tax exoneration on the equipment. He said NSODA is seeking to establish partnership with the government and other state institutions.

Allow Fru Ndi and Biya to tussle

By MIH John FUNG, creative writer and publisher
Those who are urging Fru Ndi to resign are out to sell the party to the government in power for their own selfish interest. Most of them have been promised huge chunks of money by the ruling system. Such persons are not patriots because they can never die for their people. Their sole concern is money for themselves and their family. That is why they keep cross-carpeting like rats to the side of the ruling party. For example, some of them who contested Fru Ndi and failed hurriedly went and created their own parties to show how impatient, unfaithful and power hungry they are.
    Academicians and intellectuals are also busy crossing the bridge for boot leaking. It is unconstitutional for any level headed person to ask Fru Ndi to step down because he is not learned? How many academicians are educated? How many world leaders are PhD holders? Fru Ndi is a highly educated person. How old is he that he most resign? How young are those who want him to step down? Is there any time limit to be the chairman in the SDF constitution? Fru Ndi is an opposition leader and not the president of Cameroon.
    Fru Ndi is hard working and deserves to be rich. He is courageous and that’s why he had to cross the boarder line when he was launching his party in Bamenda despite the huge number of machine guns which were pointing at him.


SWeCSON elects new exco amid financial mishap
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

 Nkembi Luis- SWeCSON
new President
 Members of the South West Civil Society Organisation Network SWeCSON were at daggers-drawn recently during the general assembly of the organisation at the Fako Ship Plaza in Buea.
    The general assembly that aimed at discussing the activities of SWeCSON as well as the election of a new executive to pilot the organisation was almost shattered as the outgoing executive failed to present the financial records of the organisation.
    Making peace and arriving at an agreement took the member organisations extra-time owing to the fact that the out-going executive according to them had enough time to prepare a financial report. The executive that came into office in January 2010 saw their mandate extended by two years; to 2015 owing to failure to convene a general assembly since 2013.
    All efforts by the outgoing president, Mr Dominick Ngwese to get members to vote a new executive despite the absence of a financial report met with an adamant electorate. After sundry deliberations and agreement members of the network notably AFRICAPHONIE and ERUDEF chose the ballot as a solution to reshape the network.
Mr Nkembi Luis was elected as SWeCSON’s new president, winning Esther Omam by 22 votes against 9. Madam Esther Omam was elected as Vice President by acclamation.

Post-2015 Development Goals

Cameroonian Youths told to play active role
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea 

Youths were at the center of events in a conference on Post-2015 United Nations Development Agenda at the Amphitheatre 150C of the University of Buea recently as officials of Building Bridges (B.B) and Educate a Child in Africa (E.C.A) which are in partnership with the Embassy of the Netherlands and Voice of Women Initiative (VOW) converged on the University campus with the aim building bridges that keep youths away from developmental issues.
    These youths and youth group representatives were active in the deliberations on the success of the Millennium Development Goals that focused on six key issues considered most important for an enhanced future and how they can be best achieved.
    Working to ensure that the dreams of these youth are realized, the conference, chaired and coordinated by Gideon A. Asaah- Youth Ambassador for Building Bridges and Co-founder and C.E.O of Educate a Child in Africa, together with Jilt Van Stayik and Teun Maleupas, co-founders of Building Bridges who are cycling through 21 African States and participating in youth conferences in Africa was geared towards the importance of quality education in the fight against poverty in Cameroon. In doing so, they adopted the Post-2015 UN Development Goals but unlike the case in 2000, the youths have been given a chance to participate in setting goals aimed at empowering them and seeking solutions to their problems.

3-on-3 Basketball Federation

Family photo at Catholic Church Bojongo
Buea Mayor, CUIB VC crowned as honorary Presidents
By Ajongakou Santos & Isifu Wirfengla in Buea

The Mayor of Buea, Lord Dr. Ekema Patrick Esunge, and the pro-chancellor to the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), Rev. Dr. George Nkeze have been made honorary presidents of the three-on-three basketball in Cameroon.
    Their contributions to the new street basketball during their recent tournament at Guinness Street Buea was recognized in two separate ceremonies on Thursday 4 in Buea by a national delegation from Douala, led by the president of this new-born, Mr Titi Belate Paul.
    The first to be conferred the title of the honorary president of the three-on-three basketball in Cameroon was the Lord Mayor of Buea, Dr. Ekema Patrick, at 2.30 p.m. in Bonjongo; precisely at the foot of the cradle of Catholicism, West of the Mongo.
    Shortly after receiving his decorative documents, Mayor Ekema led the entire crowd to Saint EngelBert Parish Bonjongo, to tap spiritual blessings from the Holy Shrine of the Catholic Diocese of Buea.
    In an interview with The Median, he said: “I am particularly happy with this award which took me by surprise; it is a good thing not only for me but for the municipality. I think the council law states that when you have been commissioned to a duty, perform it with commitment. For the federation, I thank them much and will try to support with my quota for the growth of my country using the means available, if i cannot find the means, I will give them the advice they will surely need.”

Summer Soccer Camp 2015

Tekwe Timothy Forh, president of MOSA FC
Batibo to host international football selection exercise
- Football legends – Alan Kershaw and Mick white expected to be part of the event
By a Correspondent in Batibo

A soccer camp to select young, talented footballers between the ages 10 and 18 years has been announced to hold in Batibo, North West region from 14 to 22 July 2015, according to a press release issued by the president of the board of directors of the Moghamo sports academy (MOSA FC).
    To be spearheaded by UK-based Goal Football Academy (GFA), the prime objective of the camp is to test, train and select the most talented young footballers in Momo division and beyond.
Selected players will be admitted into MOSA FC and BICSA FC. They will also participate in negotiated international test matches in UK, Europe and Scandinavian countries, according to the release that was issued on Wednesday 10 June 2015, a copy of which got to our Newsroom.
    Special guests to this 2015 edition of the Summer Soccer Camp will be two former football greats - Alan Kershaw and Mick white who are both based in UK.

UBa showcase medals won at 2015 varsity games

By Njodzefe Nestor
Athletes of the University of Bamenda who participated and won medals at the just ended 18th edition of the University Games have presented their feats to the public and have pledged even greater results come 2016.
    This was during a ceremony organized in their honour June 10, 2015 at the Asanji Hall of the University chaired by the Vice Chancellor of UBa, Prof. TAFAH EDOKAT O. Edward to congratulate them for a job well done and to set the ground work of the next university games.
    At their firth participation, UBa, the youngest of the state universities was ranked 10th out of 19 higher institutions that participated at the games and bagged nine medals, six in bronze, two in silver and one in Gold. They also came back home with two trophies in thematic presentation and open challenge won by the University’s Fan’s club.
    These achievements according to the Director of Student’s Affairs, UBa, Prof. Fokuna Charles was thanks to the dynamism, determination and team spirit of the athletes and the enabling environment provided by the University authorities.