Sunday, 18 February 2018

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Bidoung Mkpatt in deep shit:

Olembe Stadium Project Manager Resigns over ‘pressure to bribe’
Marc Debrandt: I have never known how to give bribe
Marc Debandt has resigned as project manager for the Olembe Stadium construction, it was reported. The Belgian banged the door on the Paul Biya Stadium project on Friday 16 February 2018.
            His resignation comes as Cameroon is battling to meet CAF deadlines for completion of infrastructure for the hosting of the 2019 AFCON in Cameroon.
            Sources say Marc Debrandt had always complained of pressure from some authorities at the Ministry of Sports, the PM’s Office and the Presidency, as well as the project’s logistics and procurement manager who allegedly wanted huge cuts and other forms of bribe.
            Though the Italian company, Gruppo Piccini SA, in charge of constructing the 60.000 seat stadium has acknowledged the resignation of the project manager, it however denied its former employee resigned because of “pressure to bribe” as claimed by some reports on social media.
            In a press release issued at the weekend, authorities of Gruppo Piccini SA said as the chief engineer of the Olembe Sports Complex project, Mr. Debrandt’s duties were mainly and purely technical and had nothing to do with finances or management. So the Belgian could not have been exposed to any pressures and exigencies of bribe and or retro-commissions, Gruppo Piccini authorities are convinced.
            But commentators say the explanations by the authorities of the Italian company do not hold water in Cameroon, especially given the very corrupt practices that are known to be the lot of administrative and political authorities in the country. It is understood that here managers of infrastructural projects are asked by vote holders to give bribes and retro-commissions so that in exchange these project manager can have latitude to alter the technical specificities of these projects: either using cheaper, less durable materials for the projects or reducing the stipulated size of projects.

Search Intensifies for Batibo DO, Interim DO Installed

NW Governor with Momo SDO in Batibo
The Governor of the North West Region Adolphe Lele L'Afrique on Wednesday February 14, 2018 installed an interim DO for Batibo in the person of Ernest Nkwandze, appointed by President Paul Biya, to replace Marcel Namata, who was abducted on Feb. 11, 2018 by unknown gun men.
            Ernest Nkwenzeh, a civil administrator at the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation was serving as first assistant to the Senior Divisional Officer for Momo.
            He has been tasked to restore peace and order in the locality by the Governor of the North West Region.While in Batibo, Adolphe Lele Lafrique mobilized stake holders towards the rescue of Marcel Namata.
            He equally paid a visit to the DO residence where he gave some words of encouragement to the wife and family. It emerge from the in- camera meeting with the the traditional rulers, parliamentarians, amongst others that steps have been taken to ensure that the DO is found. After the meeting the governor told the press that all measures have been taken to rescue the DO.
            He called on the population to work together with the forces of law and order. He said on the instructions of the Head of State, president Paul Biya he equally went to Batibo to comfort the population and the family of the abducted DO.
            It should be recalled that the Divisional Officer for Batibo sub division, Momo division of the North West Region Namata Joseph Diteng was kidnapped by yet to be identified gun men at the Batibo ceremonial ground Stand On February 11, 2018 at about 8am. As the story goes, the DO left his house around 7: 50 am to the grandstand to see for himself if all was set for the celebration of the 52nd edition of the National Youth.

Use of micro projects grants:

SDF MP for Kumba Accused of ‘Chopping’ Alone
-Hon. Mbanya hurries donation to Kumba health facility as Fru Ndi is petitioned over his ‘selfish’ consumption of micro projects grants
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
A strongly-worded petition addressed to the national chairman of the SDF party against the MP for Kumba urban constituency has forced the latter to donate health materials to the Barombi Kang integrated Health Centre in Kumba, The Median was informed.
            An inside source in the SDF in Kumba hinted this reporter that Hon. Mbanya Bolevie Petanga was heavily criticized in the petition to Fru Ndi, with the petitioners describing him as a ‘greedy’ MP who pockets all the micro-project grants he collects from the National Assembly and hardly carries out any development projects in his constituency.
            SDF militants in Kumba told Fru Ndi in their petition that they could no longer contain the thriftiness of their MP, reason why they decided to complain to him so that he could call the MP to order, our informant recounted. He added that as soon as Fru Ndi got the petition from militants of his party in Kumba, he immediately called Hon. Mbanya and urged him to do something fast if only to satisfy the irate militants. 
            “It was therefore in response to the chairman’s advice that Hon. Mbanya donated five beds, three benches, a set of stools, a computer and a refrigerator to the Barombi Kang Health Center recently,” said our informant, who at once noted that some of those who participated in the drafting of the petition against Hon. Mbanya heaved a sigh of relief when they were told that the MP had made a wonderful donation to Barombi Kang Health Centre. 

As separatist fighters multiply attacks:

Otte Mofa Preaches Yeace, non-Violence in Kumba
-But commentators have questioned why he did not begin his peace crusade in his native Mbonge where separatist fighters have made their stronghold
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Senator Otte Andrew
The Questor of the Senate, Otte Andrew Mofa, has stood out from the plethora of Meme elites to champion calls for a return to normalcy in the division following the fratricidal and kamikaze battles pitting government forces against separatist fighters. 
The Senator made the appeal on Monday 12 February 2018 during a chat with reporters in Kumba.
            “I am back on my feet after I was put down by a mishap. I have met the people of my Division in tears and in distress. I have met a division which before now was full of life, with fantastic, lovable, hardworking, welcoming and open-minded people, whose hard work always contributed to the economic activity of the country through farming of both cash and food crops, but which is now in a sorry state,” regretted senator Otte, who expressed fears that because a purposeless war his division that was the bread basket of the country may soon disappear from the map.
            Senator Otte, who doubles as the section president of the ruling CPDM party for Meme II, Mbonge, and who is arguably the most outstanding politician of Mbonge subdivision used the occasion of the chat with pressmen to call for non-violence and a return to peace and normalcy.
            He urged displaced persons to return to their villages and resume their farming activities so that they don’t die of hunger.
The political crowd puller used the opportunity of his stay in Kumba to also rally local politicians and opinion leaders in Meme irrespective of their political leanings and enjoined them to join voices and call for non-violence and a return to normalcy.
            As a political Field Marshall who masters his political terrain, Otte warned that any attempt to continue the violence in the ongoing crisis might lead to an intra-Anglophone civil war.

Corporal punishment:

Mayor Beats up Councilor in Kumba Hotel
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
The Mayor of one of the three SDF run councils in Kumba alongside the SDF District Chairman of Kumba III district are reported to have had a councilor of the Kumba III council, Leke Bonaventure, well beaten recently in a  popular Hotel in Kumba.
            Reports have it that the incident occurred shortly after Leke was spotted in a hotel with the Mayor of Kumba III council, John Kona Makia, the District Chairman of the Kumba III electoral district, Rufus Bigda, the First Deputy Mayor of Kumba II council, Chia Promise and another councilor of Kumba III council by name Tatefua Wilfred.
            What this reporter could not independently confirm is what might have caused the Mayor to beat up the councilor in public. But SDF sources in Kumba indicated that the young councilor has for long been a thorn in the flesh of many senior militants of the party in Kumba and perhaps it was time for him to be taught a lesson.

CERAC Campaigns Against Drug use in School Milieu

The occasion was an opportunity for the charitable association to hand over gifts to schools, rural women and health centres in the locality of the South Region.
            On the occasion of the 52nd National Youth Day, the non-profitable organisation of Cameroon’s First Lady, the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), organised educative talks with youths of Mintom Sub division in the Dja and Lobo Division of the South Region on social ills plaguing the youthful generation nationwide.
            The personal representative of the First Lady at the event which took place on February 9, 2018, was Béatrice Evou Mekou, Head of CERAC Delegation to the South Region.
            The presence of a CERAC delegation at Mintom was a clear indication that the First Lady, Chantal Biya, reserved celebration to mark this year’s Youth Day with youths in the locality so that they can become responsible citizens. Béatrice Evou Mekou and her crew began discussions with students of Government Secondary School Mintom in their various classrooms.
            The ladies had discussions with students on hygiene and sanitation, HIV/AIDS and the humanitarian activities of Mrs Chantal Biya amongst other topics. Later at the Mintom ceremonial ground, the population as well as youths listened to talks from experts from the Ministries of Public Health, Social Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, the General Delegation For  National Security, the National Committee for the Fight Against Drugs, the National Agency For Information and Communication Technologies on the negative consequences of drugs and other stimulants on the health of youths, cyber criminality and inherent risk linked to the uncensored use of social network, sexuality and unwanted pregnancy, Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs) and hepatitis A, B and C.