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13 October 2017

Inmates ‘packed like sardines’ in overcrowded prisons following Anglophone protests
 • More than 500 people detained in towns including Bamenda and Buea
• Wounded protestors flee hospitals for fear of arrest
• Arrested protestors forced to pay 60 USD bribe to be released
At least 500 people remain detained in overcrowded detention facilities following mass arbitrary arrests in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, and many wounded protestors fled hospitals to avoid arrest, Amnesty International said today.
            Those detained were arrested following protests in dozens of towns in North-West and South-West Cameroon on 1 October, in which more than 20 people were unlawfully shot dead by security forces.
            “This mass arrest of protestors, most of whom were acting peacefully, is not only a violation of human rights, but is also likely to be counter-productive,” said Ilaria Allegrozzi, Amnesty International’s Lake Chad researcher. 
            “The Cameroonian authorities should release anyone detained only for exercising their right to peaceful protest.”
            The arrests took place in towns across the regions. In Bamenda, the capital of the North-West Region, at least 200 people were arrested and the majority transferred to the prison in Bafoussam.
            In Buea, the capital of the South-West region, at least 300 people have been arrested since the 1st October protests, including a series of mass arbitrary arrests between 6 and 8 October.

Abandoned by his own brothers:

Mayor Patrick Ekema gets support from Beti & Sawa elite
-Reiterate support for a one and Indivisible Cameroon
By Boris Esono & *Kehdinga Fabris in Buea
Delegation of MPS, Mayors, Gov’t Delegates and Chiefs from the South region pose for a shot with Buea Mayor, Patrick Ekema, in Buea. They came few days after their colleagues of the Littoral
A delegation of elites from the South Region have echoed their support for a Cameroon that is one and indivisible. They made the declaration in Buea during a solidarity visit they paid to the mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge, on 12 October 2017.
            Whilst at the Buea Council Chambers, the Chiefs, Gov’t Delegates, Mayors, MPs, and Senators from the South region told the Buea Mayor that they came to comfort, encourage and show concern for him and all their brothers and sisters of the SWR who were victims of the 22 September and 1 October protests. The visitors added that their message was that of peace, love, unity and solidarity with one another.
            The head of the delegation from the South region, Senator Zang Oyono Calvin, said the aim of their visit was also to assist the victims of the violent protests in the SW region.
             “We make no difference between the victims because every Cameroonian is important. So when one Cameroonian is suffering, we cannot stay indifferent,” said Hon. Zang, affirming that “Cameroon is a land of peace and this peace is what we need if we must attain President Biya’s 2035 vision. Cameroon is one and indivisible and so shall it remain.”
            Welcoming his guests, Mayor Ekema Patrick, on behalf of the people of Buea and the Southwest region, expressed his ‘heartfelt gratitude’ to them.
            “It is a wonderful initiative that demonstrates the oneness and uniqueness which Cameroonians should uphold. It is a lesson we are learning about the oneness and indivisibility of our country. It demonstrates solidarity, peace and love,” Mayor Ekema said.
            The high-powered delegation also visited some three victims at the Buea Regional Hospital and handed them envelops to assist in their treatment.
            They also later inspected the mayor’s 3 cars that were vandalized in his compound on 22 September, before handing an undisclosed amount of money to the Mayor to help him repair the cars and rehabilitate his residence.
            Then delegation would later have an in camera working session with the Mayor, and this not before they had paid a courtesy call on the SW Governor to announce their presence in town.


Sisikou Ayuk, Tassang & Akere Muna hatched the plot
– Issa Tchiroma
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Since the incidents in the North-west and South-west regions on last October 1, voices have been raised here and there to advance misleading and ungrounded allegations, with an imaginary report of victims intended to involve the Government and the Defense and Security forces in the violence that took place on that occasion.
            I have therefore invited you to this press conference to present to you Government’s clarification on these allegations.
            I thank you for responding so quickly to my invitation, and would like, before going further, to reiterate the satisfaction of the Government for the unequivocal condemnation of acts of terrorism, vandalism, intimidation, harassment and blackmail committed by secessionists, by the entire political class, the civil society, the international community, the national media which has proposed itself as a watchdog and guardian over the intangibility of our borders.
            The events suffered by our fellow compatriots in certain North-west and South-west communities on October 1st are the result of violent extremists, some of whom had already predicted and planned a bloodshed, and worse still, I quote “an Anglophone genocide”, end of quote.
            In fact, the strategy put in place by these dangerous troublemakers consisted of letters to the Secretary General of the United Nations by Julius SISIKU AYUK TABE, Wilfried TASSANG and AKERE MUNA, to prepare minds for the occurrence of I quote, «a genocide planned by the Cameroonian Government against compatriots of English-speaking origin”.
            For this purpose, hundreds of mercenaries were recruited and trained abroad, shipments of offensive weapons, such as over 500 well-sharpened machetes, large quantities of firearms and explosive devices were supplied and safely kept by the secessionists.
            This arsenal was to be used for mass killings perpetrated by these mercenaries recruited for the cause by the secessionists.
            On this occasion, armed attacks were to be launched against the Defense and Security Forces, public services, public and private buildings and property. At the same time, groups of armed, fanatic, drug addicts, who had been armed and clothed in amulets to convince the populations of their invulnerability, were to be thrown at the Law Enforcement Forces to provoke a vigorous reaction of the Security Forces, to cause bloodshed and to provoke an imaginary international intervention.
            Fortunately, the information gathered by our Defense and Security Forces allowed for a timely prevention, of the accomplishment of this diabolic plan and to frustrate the consequences of this ploy.
            On the field, the Law Enforcement Units showcased a remarkable sense of duty and restraint in the operations acting only in legitimate self-defense.
            It was this moderation in the retaliation of the Law Enforcement Forces that helped to limit the loss of lives even though the Regular troops were constantly harassed by armed assailants.
            Let it be crystal clear, once and for all, that no protest on this occasion was repressed through the use of live bullets by the Law Enforcement Units.
As earlier stated on October 2nd, five people - inmates - died as a result of an attempt to escape from the Kumbo Prison.
            Two of these persons suffered from a stampede while trying to escape and three others were neutralized by prison guards in accordance with the protocol of the regulations in force governing such situations.
            Apart from the five persons who died during their attempted escape, the others were struck as a result of retaliatory fire, while the Defense and Security Forces were the target of snipers who opened fire on them from the ambush, using weapons of all calibres.
            As you are already aware, when a police officer, a gendarme or a soldier is faced with an armed attack, the retaliation is done on the grounds of legitimate self-defence.
            However, the death toll report stands at, over ten victims on the part of the assailants.
            During these clashes, a dozen members of the Defense and Security Forces were seriously wounded. As of date, they are still admitted in intensive care at the military health services.
            To these brave soldiers of the Republic, the Head of State wishes a speedy recovery and brings all his comfort to their bereaved families.
            The Head of State expresses the most heartfelt condolences to the affected families. These innocent victims were sacrificed on the altar of the diabolical aims of a handful of power-hungry extremists driven by violence and terror.
            Manipulated, drugged and placed under unscrupulous propaganda, these compatriots who have lost their lives by the stupidity of others, deserve the compassion and solidarity of the entire Nation.
            For the only enemies who are worth fighting in this crisis are those who, stranded abroad, expose innocent lives to the danger of a confrontation whose victims are unaware of the cause.
            That notwithstanding, the death toll of these unfortunate events is far, I say very far from the whimsical and false reports advanced with fantasy and irresponsibility by some organizations, such as REDHAC, which does not hesitate to report the massacre of civilian populations in the regions concerned.
            The Government strongly refutes and condemns such unfounded allegations, which in reality is a concrete translation of the desire of the secessionists and their relays to carry out their evil intention to destabilize Cameroon.
            In all likelihood, far from digesting the failure of their project, to impose an amputation of the country by violence and terror, the separatists who had already planned their statement after October 1, have continued in the same way to implement their strategy through relays such as REDHAC and some news media.
            To speak of this famous REDHAC report,             allow me to indicate the deception and the lightness of the report announcing a hundred dead in its headlines, and to further reveal that it mainly concerns those who are reported missing.
            With regard to the statement made by the Bishops of the Bamenda ecclesiastical province and in which they seem to endorse the dangerous and wild imaginations of the secessionists, it is surprising, and unconceivable that the moral authorities who are supposed to be above the quarrel, find themselves in the arena championing those who deliberately chose to breach the Constitution and the laws of the Republic to incite people to question their citizenship and their sacred duty of respect for the law and the authority of the State.

To shore up his Presidential bid:

Barrister Akere Muna has announced his intention to run for President
Akere Muna seduces Diasporans with dual nationality & visa concessions 
After announcing last week, his ambition to challenge President Biya in the 2018 presidential election, Barrister Akere Muna is presently on a European tour, to sensitize the diaspora about his candidature, and has already made his first promise on 'Dual Nationality", something which the entire diaspora has requested for years from the present regime.
            The former Bar President was in Paris on Wednesday 1 October 2017, to meet with fellow Cameroonians, where he promised 'dual nationality', once he ascends the Etoudi throne. 
            "There will be 'dual nationality', on condition that you have a tax base. If you are paying taxes in Cameroon, there will be no reason why you won't have a dual nationality. All Cameroonians wishing to retain their acquired nationality will have some sort of special resident permit that will enable them and their families enter into the Cameroonian territory without having visa issues," he promised.

Trouble in the House:

K’ba lawyers victimize president who suspended strike 
-But Barrister Mpako Jacob fires back at “zealots” who want to highjack the struggle
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Barr. Mpako Jacob Njume, MELA VP
This reporter has it on good authority that close to 100 common law lawyers of the Meme Lawyers Association, MELA are planning to slam a no confidence vote on MELA vice President, Barr Mpako Jacob Njume.
            We gathered that the ‘no confidence’ vote might be slammed on Barr Mpako during a stormy MELA meeting scheduled for Monday 16 October 2017 to address burning issues concerning the association, especially the decision to call-off the strike by the MELA Vice President.
            Our sources told us that the lawyers are angry Mpacko who unilaterally called off the strike in utter violation of procedure and laid down rules.
            To this group of angry lawyers, Barrister Mpako acted on his own accord to suspend the common law lawyers strike in Meme. They say the fact that the release suspending the strike action was signed by Barrister Mpako Jacob alone, makes it suspect. They also hold that the release neither carried the letter-headed paper of MELA nor any MELA stamp.
            According our source, it is very wrong for an association with more than 100 members to have less than 20 lawyers in court for the strike call off. They say such acts demonstrated by the Vice President shows he acted solo and for that reason they are thinking of slamming him a no confidence vote on their Monday meeting.  Our sources also revealed that there are allegations a total of FCFA 200 000 exchanged hands between those who called off the strike headed by the Barr Mpako and some politicians in Kumba. 

As activists evoke provocation:

What fate awaits Biya’s appeasement emissaries to NW & SW?
By Njodzefe Nestor in B’da
Prime Minister Philemon Yang
In what looks like a response to national and international calls for the government of Cameroon to initiate frank, sincere and sustainable dialogue following the September 22 and Oct 1 demonstrations in the ongoing Anglophone crisis, the Head of State President Paul Biya has ordered Prime Minister Philemon Yunji Yang to constitute and dispatch delegations to the North West and South West Regions for appeasement and dialogue.
            According to a release from the Prime Minister’s Cabinet dated Friday 13 October 2017 and signed by the DICAB PM’s Office, Prof. Ghogomu Paul Mingo, “the teams will set out to work from Sunday 15 October to Tuesday 24 October 2017”.
            Through this mission, President Paul Biya seeks to play the appeasement card, after several fruitless efforts made in this direction.
            “The delegations are expected to commune with the population, bring the President’s good will message of peace and encourage the return to normalcy. The delegation will dialogue constructively with the population,” the release reads.
            As the delegations begin their work this Sunday, conspiracy theorists have starting speculating the fate that awaits the emissaries who will be combing the length and breadth of the North West and South West regions with their appeasement project, with many speculating that they might meet stiff resistance from the population .