Monday, 4 December 2017

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Sino-Cameroon cooperation:

China to finance construction of new Parliament building
The MINEPAT, L.P Motaze
Two conventions signed Friday 1 December 2017 between Cameroon’s Minister of Economy and Planning, Louis Paul Motaze, and visiting Chinese Vice-Minister of Commerce, Yu Jianhnua will enable Cameroon to construct a new National Assembly building and also maintain the Multi-purpose Sports Complex in Yaounde.
                The 1st convention signed in the cabinet of the MINEPAT is an economic and technical cooperation accord amounting to 200 million Yuan RMD (about 1.7 billion FCFA) being a donation without counterpart funding, for the construction for a new headquarters for the Cameroon national assembly.
                Plans to construct a new national assembly building had for long been envisaged, but sourcing for the requisite funding had remained a headache to the government. The project was therefore put on hold and has remained in the drawers for over a decade now.
                The Chinese donation is therefore heart-soothing to government, especially considering that only last week, a fire outbreak reduced the better part of the administrative block of the national assembly.
                The 2nd convention signed with the Chinese Minister was a letter of exchange bearing on technical assistance for the maintenance of the Yaounde multi-sports complex. The Chinese assistance amounted to 400.000 Yuans RMB, about 622 million fcfa.

After the killing of security forces in Manyu:

Biya promises hard times for Ambazonia terrorists
-Says all measures will be taken to annihilate terrorists who are attacking Cameroon claiming to be struggling for secession
-Find below, the Full text of President Biya’s declaration at the Yaounde Nsimalen Airport on Thursday
President Biya cut short his sojourn in Abidjan Cote d’Ivoire Thursday and rushed home to respond to escalating acts of terrorism in the NW and SW regions of the country.
President Biya has promised hell for Ambazonia secessionists
Arriving at the Yaounde Nsimalen Airport, the President read out a scripted declaration to the press, condemning the brutal assasination of four soldiers and two police agents in Agborkem and Otu, both border localities in Eyumojock subdivision in Manyu Division of the SW region.
                “It was with profound emotion that i learnt of the killing of four soldiers and two police officers in the South West Region of our country. I hereby express my heartfelt condolences to the families of the soldiers and police officers, as well as to all the valiant defence and security forces who are fighting criminality in the country,” said President Biya in French language.
                Biya said with these repeated attacks it is now clear to the wide world that Cameroon is under attack by terrorists operating under the ambit of a secessionist movement.
                Biya however reassured the public that all measures shall be taken to fish out and annihilate the secessionist terrorists. He said the acts of aggression must stop and peace and security must reign all over Cameroon territory.
                It was President Biya’s first address on the Anglophone crisis since one year. The last time the President mentioned the crisis in a speech was during his end of year address on 31 December 2016. On that occasion, the President listed some of the measures the government had taken to address the demands of striking lawyers and teachers and promised further concessions to Anglophones.
                The President also said government will pursue dialogue with the leaders of the striking professional bodies towards seeking a lasting solution to the crisis.
                But even as the government created inter-ministerial committees to dialogue with the teachers and lawyers, the later observed that the government was not sincere about dialoguing with them; she was only imposing conditions on the teachers and lawyers.

5th AU-EU Summit:

Africa and EU commit to fight slavery in Libya
President Biya participated at the 5th Africa-EU Summit in Abidjan
The President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA joined African Union and European Union leaders in Abidjan – Côte d’Ivoire on 29 November 2017, for the opening ceremony of the 5th AU-EU Summit. Heads of State and Government of 55 African countries and 28 European countries, as well as other top international personalities were present at the Sofitel Hotel Ivoire in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire for the two-day Africa-EU conclave.
                Holding under the theme: “Investing in youth for a sustainable future”, all key speakers at the conclave appealed for the strengthening of the strategic partnership between Africa and Europe and also underscored the need to invest in the youth, that not only form the bulk of Africa’s population but hold the key to the future of the continent and the world.
 The speakers included Professor Alpha Condé – current Chair of the AU and President of the Republic of Guinea; Antonio Guterres – UN Secretary General; Donald Tusk – President of the European Council; Moussa Faki Mahamat – Chairperson of the AU Commission; and Jean-Claude Juncker – President of the EU Commission.
                In his welcome speech, the President of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, H.E. Alassane Ouattara advised young Africans to avoid the risk of illegal migration to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. He said they could “improve their living conditions” on the African continent.
                President Ouattara also called on his peers to “make strong and innovative commitments”, recalling that “60% of the population is under 25 years”. He also spoke about the “totally unacceptable” situation of African migrants in Libya; “a despicable tragedy that reminds us of the worst hours in the history of humanity”.
                Apart from the situation in Libya, exchanges also revolved around migration, peace and security, climate change etc.
                The in-camera sessions held after the opening ceremony focused on the following themes:
                Increasing economic opportunities for youth: invest in Africa’s sustainable structural transformation - education and training towards the skills revolution (including climate change issues); migration and mobility and African Union-European Union Cooperation on Peace and Security.
Other Africa-EU meetings included that in Cairo in 2000, Lisbon in 2007, Tripoli in 2010 and Brussels in 2014.

Fallouts of Africa-EU summit
                Nigeria’s government says it has already begun repatriating hundreds of migrants who had been stranded in Libya, with the help of international migration authorities.
                The European Union, African Union and United Nations are setting up a special task force to help protect migrants, notably those detained in squalid conditions.

To keep Ambazonia terrorists at bay:

Manyu SDO dances Bafia dance with obnoxious order
The SDO of Manyu, Oum II Joseph, on Friday 1 December 2017 issued a release urging residents of some 16 villages in Manyu Division to relocate to safer places with immediate effect or they will be treated as accomplices of Ambazonia terrorists responsible for the killing of defence forces in Manyu. But the SDO later withdrew the order after it sparked outrage in the division and beyond
By Ekumtambe Eku in Mamfe
The SDO for Manyu, Oum II Joseph has officially withdrawn the Order he passed on December I asking residents of some villages in Manyu to evacuate their homes and relocate to “any safe destination of their choice”. The SDO made the announcement withdrawing his obnoxious decision , on Radio Evangelium, the radio of the Diocese of Mamfe. Speaking on the Radio, Oum II said Manyu residents are free to stay in their homes and continue with their activities normally. He reassured the populations of Manyu that they should remain calm because the government has taken all measures to protect them against the terrorists who are orchestrating atrcious acts in the Division. It was not immediately known why the SDO cancelled his order prescribing mandatory evacuation of villagers. But a source at the Presidency of the Republic said instructions came from the Presidency for the SDO to withraw the order. The source said though the President had instructed that appropriate measures be taken to stop further killing of security operatives in Manyu, he did not instruct the SDO to ask people to evacuate their homes and villages.
                It should be noted that the SDO of Manyu on Friday 1st December 2017 issued a release ordering mandatory evacuation of residents from 16 villages in three subdivisions in Manyu- Akwaya, Eyumojock and Mamfe central subdivisions respectively. The villages included Dadi, Kesham, Badjie, Abonado, Beteme, Ebinsi and Bakem in Akwaya subdivision; Otu, Nsanaragati, Nsanakang, Agborkem German, Nduap and Esuaghem in Eyumojock subdivision and Egbekaw in Mamfe Central subdivision.
                The SDO warned that any person(s) that failed to comply with the order would be treated as accomplices and perpetrators of terrorist activities in Manyu.
                The administrative order also banned all activities along the Manyu River. It also prohibited night riding by bikers in Manyu.
                The SDO’s order did not however state how the populations concerned would be be evacuated, where they should go to, who will pay for the evacuations and for how long they will be away from their homes.
                News of the SDO’s order sparked spontaneous and total outrage and condemnaion in Manyu and worldwide as soon as it went viral on social media.
                The traditional ruler of Eyumojock, Ntufam Ayamba Jacques Ita, for example said the forceful evacuation of villagers is not a good sign for the people of Manyu.
                “This is not a good sign for us. I am not in a position to challenge the SDO’s decision, but I think it is void of some basic clarifications…The government has to assign a safe place for these people…Amenities have to be put in place to ease their relocation...the government has the burden of displacing villages and not vice versa because these villagers are victims of the terrorist aggressions and should be treated kindly,” reacted Chief Ayamba.
                In another reaction, Canada-based Dr. Arrey Joachim wondered aloud: “Where does the SDO expect all these people to go to? He wants them to run to Nigeria like the others who are now languishing in refugee camps?”

Regional coordination meeting:

Gov. Okalia Bilai reassures populations amid brutal killings
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
SDOs pose with Governor at SW coordination meeting
The Governor of the Southwest Region has urged all and sundry in the region to work in synergy and preserve peace, tranquility in the midst of the escalating insecurity due to the Anglophone crisis.  Okalia Bilai made the call on 28 November 2017 while presiding over the SW Regional Administrative and Security Coordination meeting at the Kumba City hall.
                The two-day meeting on 28-29 November 2017 brought together all administrative authorities of the South West Region including heads of regional army, gendarmerie and police units; heads of administrative units, political leaders, municipal authorities, traditional and religious authorities and members of civil society.
                The meeting had as sole aim to evaluate the security and the administrative situation in the Region and preempt further escalation of violence.
                Speaking at the conclave, Okalia Bilai urged all to denounce and rub out terrorist actions that might put the peace of the region at jeopardy. Without mincing words the firebrand Governor noted that stopping children from going to school is an academic genocide that is invited on the children by their parents.
                He congratulated the SDOs, Regional heads of Defense and Security Forces, Regional Delegates, Mayors and Traditional Rulers, School administrators and teachers for their resilience and dedication to ensuring the smooth functioning of the administration and schools in spite of terrorist threats and intimidations.
                The governor reassured the population about government’s determination to crackdown on the terrorists and urged them to go about their daily activities in peace, tranquility and without fear, especially as the end of year feasts are fast approaching.

Thousands rally in Europe to decry slavery in Libya

The protests came a day after demonstrators in Paris and Rome held rallies in front of the Libyan embassies in those cities.
                The French demonstrators denounced their country’s military role in the Libyan uprising in 2011, when the then-French president Nicolas Sarkozy pushed for military strikes in Libya.
                The protests was prompted by a CNN video report, released last week, which showed sub-Saharan Africans being sold at slave auctions for as little as $400.