Sunday, 24 September 2017

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Way forward for Anglophone Crisis:

Release all detainees, address the nation, convene genuine dialogue
   -Ntumfor Nico Halle suggests to President Biya
By Boris Esono in Buea
Bar. Ntumfor Nico
The President of the General Assembly of the Cameroon Bar Association has said that with the rapid decay of the crisis in the English speaking regions of the country it has become more and more imperative and urgent for the “Father of the Nation”, President Paul Biya, to consider addressing his children, if only to foster and uphold the peace and unity that Cameroonians so much cherish.
                Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle was speaking in response to questions from this reporter on his suggestions for a way forward for the present uprising in NW and SW, which unfortunately, has assumed a more widespread and violent turn lately.
                The peace crusader and human rights actor of international renown, first suggested that as “father of the nation”, President Biya should address the nation and call on his aggrieved children of the two Anglophone regions to drop the hatchet and give peace a chance.
                “I once more go down on my knees and plead with the head of state, President Biya, who is father of this nation, to come down from his high pedestal and talk to his children. The President should address the nation and tell Cameroonians that he has listened to them and has now understood what they desire. He should admit that certain wrongs have been committed in the course of building the nation, but that he has decided to look into these wrongs and correct them,” Ntumfor Nico Halle suggested, urging the president to at once, also consider extending his magnanimous amnesty to all those who are still languishing in jails and others who escaped into exile in connection to the current crisis.
Literally on bended knees, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, said, like he started doing ever since the crisis started in 2016, he is once again pleading with the President to, after releasing the detainees, also open up for genuine, frank, sincere and an all-inclusive dialogue, as this to him is the only way of seeking a lasting solution to the present stalemate.
                “If the President can do all the things I have listed above then I have the unshakable conviction that all other things will fall into place: peace will return; violence will cease to be and parents will decide once again to send their kids to school,” Nico Halle prayed, noting that “there can be no state authority without peace and justice.

Anglophone Uprising:

Thousands of protesters storm Nso, Mankon & Nkwen Palaces
Thousands of Southern Cameroons protesters Friday, marched on the palaces of the Fons and Chiefs urging the occupants to demand for independence and the unconditional release of Anglophones in detention.
                The protesters defied an intimidating presence of security forces and the arrest and detention of Anglophone secessionists.
                The protests began in the Southwest with social media inundated with images showing mammoth crowds demonstrating on the streets in towns like Muyuka and Ekona.
                The thousands of protesters marched along the streets carrying tree branches and chanting liberation songs and asking for the release of all persons detained in connection to the Anglophone uprising.
                Images later came in from Limbe, Ndu, Kumba,Kumbo, Jakiri and many villages including Kembong, Ewelle, Tinto, Ossing, Njeke, Djottin and Weh.
                In the NW the protests took the crowds to the palaces of Fons who under the auspices of NOWEFU have since called on Preisdent Paul Biya to run again in next year’s polls.
                Thousands stormed the palaces of Nso, Mankon and Nkwen as was the case in other villages and cities with some MPs notably Hon.Mbah Ndam of the SDF and the MP of Belo stepping out to join the protesters.
                At about 10am in Bamenda, which is said to be the epicenter of the Anglophone struggle, the protests gained in intensity and popularity.                               Thousands of protesters blew whistles, honked motorbikes and chanted songs of freedom as they moved down the streets.
                From Finance Junction, they marched up to Station Hill that was briefly blocked by soldiers in full combat gear. The protesters could be heard chanting “No to violence, No to violence, no to violence” and “how many people Paul Biya go kill ooo.”

We Are All Beggars for Peace

- President Paul Biya
Being A STATEMENT by the Cameroon President at THE 72ND UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY HOLDING IN New York, From 13 to 24 September 2017

President Paul Biya
I congratulate you, Mr President, on your election as chair of this session of the United Nations General Assembly. I do believe you be served by your rich experience in successfully steering our proceedings. You can count on the full cooperation of my delegation.
                My congratulations also go to Ambassador Peter THOMSON, your predecessor and key mastermind behind the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, on his outstanding achievements.
                Lastly, I would like to congratulate Mr. Antonio GUTERRES on his unanimous election as Secretary-General of our Organization.
                Mr. Secretary-General, please rest assured of Cameroon’s constant support in the performance of your lofty and delicate duties.
                This session is being held within a global context marked by multiple hotbeds of tension worldwide, where terrorism continues to affect thousands of people, human activity is causing climate disruptions, and poverty is far from declining. However, it is also taking place in parallel with laudable efforts towards implementing the Sustainable Development Agenda designed for Humanity’s fulfillment to ensure that no one is left behind.
                Hence the full pertinence of the general debate under the theme, (I quote) “Focusing on People: Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet”.
                Our debates and, especially, our conclusions will constitute a litmus test of our commitment to the ideal of the peoples of the United Nations who, in the preamble to the Charter, state their resolve to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, and to promote social progress and better standards of life for all peoples.

Anglophone uprising:

Lebialem division: Menji women led the march to the SDO’s office to demand the  restoration of Southern Cameroons independence

Protesters defy military presence, inundate streets in NW and SW
Popular uprisings were reported Friday all over the former British Southern Cameroons with mammoth crowds comprising of the old, the young and frail taking to the streets demanding an end to the union with La Republique du Cameroon.
                Despite the heavy presence of military forces in the streets of major towns and cities and in some rural areas, thousands of protesters took to the streets chanting songs of freedom and demanding the restoration of the statehood of Former British Cameroons.
                The protest marches which started in the early morning on Friday, 22 September, were reported in towns and villages including Eyumojock, Ekona, Kumba, Ebonji, Buea, Muyuka, Fontem and many others in the South West region.
                In the Northwest region the protests were reported in Bamenda, Kumbo, Batibo, Widikum, Santa, Ndu and many other localities.
                In Ekona in the SW, thousands of people took to the streets bringing traffic on the Kumba-Buea highway to a standstill. Some wore T-shirts with inscriptions such as “I stand with Mancho BBC”. Others told The Median that they want all Anglophones jailed in connection with the current crisis to be freed. The placards also carried strong messages calling on Yaounde and the United Nations to restore the independence of Southern Cameroons.

On tour in the Americas:

Ambazonia leader, Sisekou Ayuk Tabe endorsed by Manyu USA
USA-based Sisekous endorse Sisikou Ayuk Tabe
On a recent visit to Houston, Texas USA, the Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Governing Council was received at the Houston airport by traditional leaders from Southern Cameroon based in Texas, including those from Manyu, Lebialem, Mezam and Momo Division. As a traditional leader himself, Sisekou Ayuk Tabe Julius felt very much at ease with other leaders who had come to receive him at the Houston airport.
                The Ekpe group led by Sisikou Dr Mathias Egbe, came on the spotlight by decorating Chairman Sisikou Julius Ayuk Tabe, who is one of their own, with symbols befitting his title.
                During an informal discussion with the Chairman, Mr. Thomas Tabenyang, a fervent activist and former SDF Provincial Chairman vehemently condemned the deployment by government agents of Epke to intimidate and harass the population of Manyu Division.

Mayor Patrick Ekema denies accusations he shot at protesters

The residence of CPDM Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge, came under attack from angry Southern Cameroons protesters on Friday 22 September 2017. The protesters vandalised the mayor’s fleet of cars including his beautiful villa.
                Reports on social media said the mayor, caught here on camera with a rifle, reportedly shot and killed one of the demonstrators. But Ekema has denied the accusation, saying the allegation is false and that no shootings ever took place in his residence despite the attack by the marauding protesters.