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MTN Foundation donates benches to Primary Schools of Kaélé

Symbolic handing-over of school benches

Douala, 17 June 2017 – MTN Foundation, first corporate Foundation in Cameroon announces that, it handed over 2000 benches to Kaélé. The esplanade of the municipalityof this canton hosted the ceremony on Saturday, 17 June 2017, chaired by a representative of the District’s Divisional Officer.  This significant donation comprises 2000 new benches for the 24 Government Primary SchoolsofKaélé, in the Far North region.
                At the origin of this initiative is the Association for the Development of the Kaélé canton (ADECKA) which had requested the support of the MTN Foundation in 2016 to resolve certain problems faced by the schools of the canton. The schools of Kaéléare notably faced with acute shortage of benches.
                From next school year, “our young children shall be the first to benefit positive outcomes of this action. The learning conditionsin these schools shall be positively impacted through respecting the 2 students per bench ratio and “straight bust” position in order to avoid the risks of body malformation by the students”, the representative of the MTN Foundation specified at the ceremony.
                This donation by the MTN Foundation in support of ADECKA, seeks to significantly enhance the daily lives of 4000pupils of the Kaélé canton.

Alarm Bells Ringing in Yaounde:

Speculations pointing to another devaluation of CFA Franc
-But MINFI says this cannot happen here and now
-Also denies rumours that the state coffers are drying up
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde
Finance Minister, AlamineOusmaneMey, working to stabilize exchange reserves
The Cameroon Ministry of Finance has debunked rumours spreading on social media about an imminent devaluation of the Franc CFA in the Cemac zone. Authorities of the MINFI in Yaounde say even if the arguments advanced by the proponents for devaluation may appear plausible at face value, the situation of the Cameroon economy now, and the level of its exchange reserves lodged in operations accounts at the French treasury are not as bad as to warrant a devaluation of the Franc Cfa at this time.
                Besides, the MINFI authorities argue that the macro-economic indicators notably the growth rate and the huge debt burden are not such that can favour a devaluation of the currency at this time. For one thing, if the currency is devalued by 50% as it is already speculated then the already huge external debt of the country would more than double.
                Any devaluation of the Franc CFA at this time will be very disastrous for the economy of the country. This is because the economic indicators are not such that can favour such devaluation,” said a source at the MINFI, who noted that it was in cognizance of the nefarious consequences of such devaluation that President Paul Biya convened an extra-ordinary meeting of Cemac Heads of State, in Yaounde, on 23 December 2016, to counter the arguments for a possible devaluation, which arguments were already gaining grounds both in France and within the Cemac Zone.
                “Being the visionary that he is, President Biya did not want Cameroonians to suffer the disastrous consequences that such devaluation could invite on the already suffering masses. That was why he convinced his counterparts of Cemac zone to adopt resolutions that rather suggested alternative measures to stabilize the exchange reserves at the French treasury and also make good the bad economic situation of these countries. Some of these measures included notably a drastic cut in importation, drastic cuts in public spending, stabilization of exchange reserves among others,” noted our interlocutor, who indicated that presently the level of Cameroon’s exchange reserves stands at slightly above 50%, up from the 20% that it must drop to warrant a devaluation of the currency.

Curbing Unemployment:

Gov’t launches massive recruitments into public service
- Concours into ENAM, Police College, Agriculture and Fishery Schools, Gendarmerie, Army etc launched
By Mercy Neba in Yaounde
The government of Cameroon has launched a massive recruitment campaign for Cameroonians with certificates ranging from First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) through GCE O/A levels, to University degrees.
                Several competitive exams (concours) into recruitment schools have been announced, while physical tests for recruitment into the army have also been launched.
                According to a release issued by the Delegate General for National Security, DGSN, Martin MbargaNguele, competitive exams have been launched for recruitment of 4840 police constables, 100 junior police officers (Officiers de police) and 71 superintendents of police.
                The release notes that the concours for police constables is open for Cameroonians with atleast the First School Leaving Certificate and aged between 17 and 27.              That for Officiers des police is open for Cameroonians with atleast the GCE A levels or an equivalent certificate and aged between 17 and 30 years. As for the Superintendents category it is open for Candidates with atleast the Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and aged between 17 and 30 years.
                Meanwhile, there’s another concours for recruitment of 1900 gendarmes of the rank and file. This is open for young Cameroonians aged 18 to 23 and holding atleast the GCE O levels.

Prayer for God’s intervention, for peace in Cameroun, Africa & the world

By Barrister Nico Halle
Barrister Nico Halle
Father of glory, we come before You with heartfelt petitions as those who, though unworthy, have been justified and ransomed by Your grace.
                Father of peace, wethankYou for our relationship with You which gives us confident assurance that You hear us always when we come to You in prayer with contrite hearts.
                Father God, we praise You and declare that Your name is hallowed in all the earth and we bless and exalt Your name for You are omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent- the Alpha and the Omega.
                Gracious Father, You who are thelover of all mankind,know best how Cameroon, Africa and the world at large have been bedevilled by a series of unrest, conflicts, wars, chaos, anarchy, misery, persecution, poverty, unemployment, favouritism - in short, moral decadence in all its forms.
                God of peace and mercy, we confess that you are the only Guarantor of our tranquillity, joy and existence.
                God of all consolation, You know best those difficulties thatCameroon is going through, especially turmoil in the North West and South West Regions which has paralysed educational activities and family activities, insecurity in the Far North Region as a result of the Boko Haram phenomenon which has taken away so many of your children and road accidents.
                Father of lightwe profess that you are not the author of evil and confusion, but of peace and goodness. Father we thank You because You delight in showing mercy and grace that triumph over all calamity.

NgalleBibehe satisfied with progress of GCE Exams

By Boris Esono in Buea
Minister NgalleBibehe Ernest visits exam centres in Buea
The minister of secondary education Jean Ernest Massena NgalleBibehe last Thursday June 15, 2017 made a stop in the South West Region to see how effectively the GCE examinations are going on.
                “After going round some of the exam centres, i can assure the population that the examinations are going on smoothly. I am very satisfied with the organization put in place, seeing the mobilization and enthusiasm of students as they write their examination as law enforcement officers are also present to make sure that everything goes on smoothly,” NgalleBibehe said, praying that “I have seen a high sense of patriotism and responsibility amongst the stakeholders in the SW and NWRs. I hope these examinations organized by the GCE Board will go on well and will end well”. 
                From Mamfe, the Minister's delegation made their first stop in Kumba where they visited some schools such as CCAS Kumba, Government Bilingual Teachers Training College (GBTTC) where they were involved in the teacher’s grade one examination (CAPIEMP). At each stop, the minister expressed his gratitude to the various educational heads for running a hitch free examination despite not all the candidates answering present.

Land disputes in Kumba:

Settlers at war with indigenes in Mukonje
-Over 100 protesting settlers march on DO’s office
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Police block proteasting settlers marching on Kumba DO’s Office with placards
Some over 100 disgruntled settlers in Mukonje village have demonstrated their anger over the non-respect of the terms of land leasing agreements they signed with the Mukonje traditional council.
                Unable to come to terms with what they consider as total disregard for their rights, the irate settlers last week took to the streets, protesting against what they consider as injustice on the part of the Mukonje traditional council with regard to ownership of land at the Mahole quarters in Mukonje. The disputed neighborhood harbours the site that noe harbors the permanent site of the Higher Technical Teachers Training College, HTTTC Kumba.
                The protesters on Thursday 8 June 2017 took to the streets blocking the road leading to the DO’s office. They demanded The DO, Gilbert GubaiBaldena, to intervene and cause the Mukonje traditional council to respect the land agreement it initially had with them.
                The protest, The Median gathered, erupted from two major concerns; the decision by the traditional council to evict those living and occupying land in the area but who cannot show any documented proof of ownership indicating that they bought the land or that it was given to them by the village and the information relating to a demand of FCFA 1.2 million as traditional rites fee plus two bottles of a special brand of whisky each costing FCFA 25 000.
                It was for these reasons that the disgruntled and helpless settlers who are mostly of the Bamileke extraction stormed the DO’s office calling on him to use his high office to come to their aide.
                While at the office of the DO, the protesters denounced the said traditional rites fee levied on them by the traditional council. The settlers revealed that in some  decades back they used snuff, whisky and other items to buy land from the traditional council and no original documents were provided as demanded now by the traditional council.

Ongoing GCE Exams:

Gendarmes harass prying journalist in Kumba
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Unregistered candidates were barred from writing GCE
A Kumba-based Cameraman of Spectrum Television, STV, Likoli Marcel Itoe on Monday June 12 was severely beaten by security officers for attempting to get footages of the kickoff of the written part of the General Certificate of Education, GCE Ordinary and Advanced levels at the Campus of the Cameroon College of Arts and Sciences, CCAS Kumba.
                Reports have it that Itoe arrived CCAS Kumba early on Monday June 12 and started filming scenes of what was transpiring on the campus before he was been interrupted by security officials of the National Gendammerie who were dispatched to ensure the security of the students while writing the exams. 
                Itoe revealed that when he was asked while he was filming what was happening on campus, he explained that since the GCE is a public exam he thought it wise to cover it and report on the situation for their newscast on STV that day. Asked by the security officials if he was authorized to cover the event, Itoe who didn't have any authorization to cover the event pleaded for the security officers to let him see the principal of CCAS Kumba,  FONGE Julius for an authorisation.
                The Median Newspaper gathered from Likoli Marcel Itoe that the reaction from the boss of CCAS Kumba was more than frustrated and made things worst for him who later became helpless.
                Itoe told this reporter that the Principal turned down his request for permission to get footages ffrom his school on the pretext that he the principal had received instructions from hierarchy that forbids any media coverage of this year's coverage of the GCE except for authorized media outfits.

Unregistered candidates barred from writing

By Boris Esono in Buea
The written part of the 2017 June session of the General Certificate of Education, GCE, continues in centers across the country with students who did not register refused entry into the exam halls. This goes against the instructions of the MINESEC who ordered that authorities of the GCE Board should permit any students willing to sit the exams to do so.
                Subverting the MINESEC’s instructions, some chief examiners in Buea refused unregistered but ready candidates from entering the halls and also taking the exams. Some of these rejected candidates left in tears. A case in point was in BGS Molyko where this reporter visited.
                “I came to register about two weeks ago but I was told to come on the day when we are to write and get registered. On coming to register, I was told I can not write because I have not registered. But when I told them about my situation they asked me to go out since I am not on the final list,” lamented a girl who said she came all the way from Bamenda.
                Another rejected candidate said: “it is quite sad as even on the Monday morning I was to write, it was broadcasted over the state media that students who have not yet registered should go to various centers and get themselves registered so they can take the examination. But coming to register so I can write, I was told I can not register since the date to register has passed. I have no choice than to prepare for next year”.
                Despite these short-comings, Governor Bernard OkaliaBilai still expressed satisfaction at the way way the exams were progressing.

Mabonji near Kumba:

Family buries teenage girl killed by Minister’s convoy
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Mininster of Basic education
The 8-year old child, Anthonia Beckley Tigu, who was knocked down by the convoy of the minister of basic education has been buried at Mabunji, Kumba. 
                The Technical Adviser No. 2 at the MINEDUB, Akemda Eric Achankeng, comforted the family on behalf of the minister, who was unavoidably absent. Akemda handed a package to the mother of the child. But the contents of the package were not disclosed to the public.
                The burial was also attended by Meme SDO, and a cross section of CPDM militants in the division. 

Mayors schooled on Hygiene & Food Safety

By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Council officials at CAMCO seminar pose
Municipal authorities of the two Anglophone regions, Northwest and the Southwest alongside their hygiene and sanitation experts have been schooled on better ways of handling food safety in their respective council areas. This was at a seminar cohosted by the Cameroon Toilet Organization, CAMTO and the EJED Higher Medical Institute, Kumba at the Kumba City council under the theme “food safety education, a path way to an emerging nation’.
                Speaking at the seminar, CAMTO National president, Dr. Jacob Mbonteh pointed out that the seminar will seek ways to close the gap in food safety and dialogue of food safety inefficiencies. Dr. Mbonteh revealed that the objective of the seminar is to see into it that those who are trained make maximum use of the training in their various municipalities by improving public health through the activities they will coordinate at the level of the councils.
                CAMTO CEO, Dr. Mbonteh revealed “it is gratifying that the land mark training covers a great deal of topics directly affecting councils and what their hygiene and sanitation department ought to be doing to meet up with current trends” adding that “the current regulations on sanitation does not adequately address the sanitation the situation as it pays less attension to local communities in terms of resources” Mbonteh revealed. 
                Quizzed on the future plans of CAMTO on the aspect of hygiene and sanitation, Dr. Mbonteh revealed that the organization looks forward to extending its activities to the other regions since training has been done in both the northwest and the. He added that in the days ahead, CAMTO will embark on the training of drainers’ workshop for councils to handle hygiene and sanitation for various council areas, experience sharing visit to Konye council.

To rehabilitation alma mater:

PHS Kumba ex-students raise FCFA 16M
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Former students of the Presbyterian High School, PHS Kumba under the Kumba Presbyterian High School Ex-students Association dubbed KUPEXSA have finally seen the urgent need to rehabilitate the dilapidated structures of their alma mater and also provide it with basic amenities like water.
                The resolve of KUPEXSANS to give a facelift to their alma mater could be seen from the huge number of members who converged on the school’s campus for a fund raiser organized for the purpose. A total of 16 million FCFA in cash and pledges was raised.
                Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the fund raising, the KUPEXSA National President, Napoleon NyakeBesong said the decision to organize a fund raiser was taken when his exco met in session recently. Nyake revealed that during the meeting they came up with an action plan which gave a time frame for activities they intend to carry out.
                “We have started by contributing money through this fund raiser. Though we could not raise as much as we projected, we are at least encouraged by the enthusiasm of KUPEXSANs and what we put together today,” Nyake said, adding that “we look forward to embarking on activities that will improve on the livelihood of the students on campus by providing modern toilets, a good refectory, good washrooms, boreholes, pipe borne water and build an ultra-modern library.”
                He noted further: “We equally want to make it a tradition that every year meaningful prizes will be donated to meritorious students. The scholarship scheme is intended to donate things to laureates so as encourage other students to be excited to want to be amongst the best. We really want to give excellence a place in PHS Kumba”.

Mysterious bees send Kumba-based lawyer on exile

By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
A Kumba-based lawyer, OkoleVerkline, has vacated his residence and sought refuge in Douala after all attempts by fire fighters to drive away mysterious bees that engolfed his residence last week failed.
                Sources said the Barrister was forced to abandon his home and seek refuge elsewhere, when the bees returned barely a day after they were sent away by elements of the firefighting brigade. The marauding bees came back forcefully and engolfedOkole’s residence after rendering it incommodious for human occupation..
                Barrister OkoleVerkline is also a former Mayor of Mundemba, Ndian Division.
As the story goes, Barrister VeklineOkole discovered the bee hive beside his house during the early hours of June 9.  Okole is said to have confidently left the house for work thinking that the bees will surely disappear the next day but contrary to his thoughts the unexpected happened.

Video referees are "the future" says Cameroon's Siani

 Cameroon's Sebastien Siani believes video assistant referees (VAR) will improve football after seeing them in action at the Confederations Cup.
                The African champions lost 2-0 to Chile in their opening match on Sunday in Russia but only after their opponents had a goal ruled out by the VAR.
                The Belgium-based midfielder says players want to see new systems that make the game fairer.
                "If we can make it a little bit faster it will be good for football," he said.
                "It's the future. Sometimes we need technology and this can help."
                Chile ultimately took the points with two late goals and the second strike was only confirmed after a video review.
                However some of the crowd were left confused after the scoreboard at the Spartak Stadium in Moscow flashed up a message saying "incident under review" even thought the referee had validated the goal.

TembengAbenego joins Portuguese Top Flight Side CD Tondela

The Portuguese PrimeiraLiga side have secured the services of the 25-year-old Cameroonian midfielder in order to boosts their midfield compartment.
                This information was made public on the club’s website after the player completed a successful medical to cement the move. However, the transfer fee has not been made public regarding the move.
                AzonghaTembengAbenego has signed a two-year contract with PrimeiraLiga side ClubeDesportivo de Tondela that will run from June 2017 to June 2019 after leaving Algerian champions ES Setif.
                This new move will give the midfielder the opportunity to have a taste of European football for the first time since he started his professional career.
                The former Les Astre of Douala midfielder, expressed his joy as he will be plying his trade in Europe during the 2017/2018 footballing season.


Mali defender joins French club Rennes
Mali international HamariTraore has completed a move from second tier Stade Reims to French Ligue 1 side Rennes on a four-year deal.
                The 25-year-old defender was part of the Mali squad at the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations and played 32 times for Reims last season.
                "This is a big step up for my career and I thank God for the opportunity," Traore told BBC Sport.
                He joins several Africans at Rennes including compatriot YacoubaSylla.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Front page

Transfer of Magistrates:

Epuli Mathias is new President of Judicial Bench of Supreme Court

Chief Justice Epuli Mathias
Super-scale judge, Epuli Mathias Aloh, is the new president of the judicial bench of the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Epuli returns to the Supreme Court from the anti-corruption commission, CONAC, where he has been serving since 2011.
                The humble, effaced yet very jovial paramount ruler of the Baskossi people of Kupe-Muanuguba division of the SW region, returns to a house he masters only too well, haven served there before as head of the Criminal Bench and as Interim President of the Administrative Bench.
                A super-scale magistrate of the 1st category, chief justice Epuli joined the Supreme Court in 2000. He served in several capacities at the court until 2009 when CONAC solicited his experience to help the institution combat a festering and deep-rooted corruption that has been rocking the country.  But Epuli only joined CONAC in 2011. He has stayed there until his appointment Wednesday.
                He thus becomes the first Anglophone ever to occupy the exalted position of president of the judicial bench of the Supreme Court. The bench was created following the reorganization of the Supreme Court in 2006.
                Perhaps this was why chief Justice Epuli used the first opportunity granted him by the press to first thank God for keeping him alive and for making the appointment possible. He aslo thanked President Paul Biya for renewing his confidence in his “modest person”.

Supreme Court:

Inoni&Mebara to face the Judge Tuesday
- EbongNgolle& Charles Metouck also queue up at TCS
Former PM, Ephraim Inoni
After four years (exactly 40 months) of impatient wait, the former PM, Thomas Ephraim Inoni and former secretary general of the presidency SGPr, AtanganaMebara may finally know their fate. Inoni and Mebara are expected to appear before the judge of the special section of the Supreme Court in charge of cases of embezzlement of state funds, on Tuesday 13 June 2017.
                Their lawyers were served the summons from the Supreme Court on 19 May 2017.
                Inoni and Mebara had earlier been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, by the special criminal court in Yaounde. They were sentenced on 2 October 2013, after they were found guilty of embezzling state funds.
                Despite the court’s judgment, Inoni and Mebara have insisted on their innocence. Reason why their lawyers appealed the judgment at the Supreme Court.
                Though the law gives a maximum period of six months for the Supreme Court to open hearing of such appeals, Inoni and Mebara have had to wait patiently for over 40 months (2 October 2013 to 13 June 2017) for their appeal case to be called up.
                Be if as it may be, Inoni and Mebara are now sure to know their definitive fate in the days ahead that is, once the Supreme Court rules at last and final instance.
                During the initial trial at the Special Criminal Court, Inoni and Mebara pleaded not guilty of jointly and severally embezzling over 287.4 million FCFA, being money they allegedly pocketed in the process of awarding a contract to Aircraft Portfolio Management (APM), the company that was contracted to audit Camair’s leasing contracts way back in 2003. Thus the promoter of the London-based APM, Kelvin walls, was the principal accused in the matter, while Inoni and Mebara were co-accused.

EbongNgolle& Charles Metouck awaited at TCS

Hon. EbongNgolle will have to defend his honorability
As Inoni and Mebara are expected at the Supreme Court Tuesday, so too will EbongNgolle, board chairman of SONARA, and Charles Metouck, former SONARA GM, will be bracing up to appear before the judge of the special criminal court, TCS.
                This is because the examining magistrate (Juged’instruction) of the TCS has closed her investigations into the Sonara embezzlement file and has submitted her findings to the judge for eventual hearing.
                It should be noted that Mrs. Annie NeêlleBahounouiBatendè, used the 18 months required by law to complete here investigation. The investigation was opened on 30 October 2015.
                By virtue of the investigation report, only six of the 12 persons initially concerned in the embezzlement allegation, were inculpated. It is these six persons that will have to face the criminal judge in the weeks ahead.
                But the principal accused in the matter is Charles Metouk, former Sonara GM, who is already serving a 15 year jail term following an earlier matter.
                Metouck will have to answer to charges of embezzling about 60bn fcfa from Sonara coffers between 2007 and 2010. This amount was arrived at following a control done by the following state auditors - Mrs. Kane Ebanga Fortune (now SG of the Consupe), Kadladak Pierre (now DG of Campost) and Ojong Martin Ewo.
                The audit report indicted Charles Metouck of financial, administrative and accounting irregularities in his management of Sonara.
                It noted especially that as GM of Sonara, Charles Metouck failed to respect the laid down code for the award of public contracts; he paid out money to administrators of the company in excess of what they were due; raised his salary by over 50% without prior authorization from the board; awarded himself excess and undue bonuses and advantages; falsified receipts; siphoned revenue accruing from the sale of crude oil; made payments for crude oil that was never supplied; double payments for contracts executed among other accusations. All these brought the money unaccounted for to about 39.4 billion Fcfa.

Amid calls for ghost towns in NW & SW:

2017 GCE begins in calm & serenity
NgalleBibehe Messina, secondary education minister
Candidates trooped into examination halls in Bamenda, Buea and throughout the country Monday, 12 June 2017, as the written part of the 2017 GCE exams kicked-off hitch-free
By Boris Esono and Nestor Ndjodzefe
The written part of the 2017 GCE exams have kicked-off in Bamenda and Buea in calm and serenity. Candidates trooped into examination centres on Monday ignoring calls for boycott by leaders of some Anglophone activist groups in the diaspora. The Anglophone “facebook activists” had called on candidates to boycott the exams and instead observe ghost towns.
                But determined to obtain their certificates, candidates both registered and unregistered, ignored the boycott calls and rather took to the examination halls Monday.

Leave our GCE kids alone, Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo

Dear Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo,

Franklin SoneBayen
Come let us reason together. I should have said this on CRTV Press Hour where I was invited yesterday, but I was held down with other engagements.
                Listen guys, any actions we take against the GCE, eg. ghost towns, be they "ManchoBibixy ghost towns" or "AgborBalla ghost towns" or "NebaFontem ghost towns" or "TilariousAtiaAzohnwi ghost towns" or "Amos Fofung ghost towns" or "Tim Finian ghost towns", or "#AllOurDetainees ghost towns" they will only be half measures.
                GCE will be written and it wll be marked. Francophone exams are being written even in our homeland, we haven't raise a finger. Why are we enjoying this self-inflicted punishment?
                Some kids, or all who seek to, will write the GCE, come what may. Some kids in the homeland and a multitude of our kids in the other regions will smart into their uniforms tomorrow and go to exams centres.
                Nothing will obstruct the GCE for the kids of English High School, Oxford, etc in Yaounde whom I have seen wearing clean, well ironed uniforms, anglo-saxon ties to march with their skirts and trousers and waist-coats throughout this academic year going to school unperturbed by the upheavals in our homeland and the tribulations we have plunged our own children into. Most of them are our own kids.
                In all this, some or all of the scripts will be marked, come what may. Some kids will pass the GCE, come what may. Those we seek to obstruct from writing will be the victims. They won't smile at us.
                If you want to show someone your anger, through stool at his door, not at yours.
                Look guys, it hurts to see the heroic ManchoBibixy turn up for trial looking as haggard as he was. It also warms the heart to see my secondary classmate Ebenezer D. M. Akwanga looking so jolly, celebrating life, the progress of a son he mght never have seen, after the tribulations he went through where Mancho is now. (Not even half Akwanga's tribulations have been narrated).
                We are in this fight to hold our own. We won't let up until we get our due – a decent existence for our people here. The road is long. There are many ways to do it. One-track thinking is like driving a train on rails, no room for maneouvres.

Bole Bakundu:

Man ‘sleeps’ with his sister’s daughters
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
A man in Bole village in Mbonge sub division of Meme division had been letter heavy fines by the traditional council council of Bole for making love to two of his nieces.  The Median Learnt the man has been fined to pay goats, pigs, wine and other items for using his manhood indiscriminately. 
                As the story goes, the man with two wives is said to have made love to the daughter of his elder sister and to the daughter of his elder brother in the village.  Following the incident,  there had been panic and fear in the entire village that with such an appetite for sex by the said man female children in that locality may risk been raped in the near future by the same man.

News in brief

By Numh Rogers
Kah Walla fires her Vice President
The Vice President of Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) Roger Gerard Ndebi has been dismissed. KahWallah’s number 2 was shown the door for contravening the decision of his party not to participate in this year’s National Day parade.
                The decision was taken during a meeting of the CPP’s National Council which held in Douala last June 5. Ndebi was conspicuously absent at the meeting.
                Ndebi had been charged with public non respect of CPP decision on the non-participation of the party in the May 20 2017 parade. The party gave as reason for this boycott the irony of celebrating national unity when some regions of the country were in a state of chaos. Other political parties notably the main opposition Social Democratic Front SDF also boycotted the national event.

Slow decentralization process:

NW mayors harass gov’t
Mayors of the 34 councils in the North West region who constitute the North West bureau of the United Councils and Cities of Cameroon have expressed worries over feet dragging by some government ministries as regards the effective implementation of the decentralization process.
                This was during the 9th ordinary general assembly meeting of the organization in Fundong, Boyo Division on May 30th 2017.
                The Mayors frowned at Ministry of Public Contracts for failing to ensure the functioning of tender’s boards in councils despite a Prime Ministerial decree that ordered that Tender Boards be created in Councils and the non-payment of contracts with credits from the 2016 decentralisation fund.
                “You can’t imagine mayors were told to go ahead and execute the projects and at moment, creditors are on our necks whereas this money hasn’t been paid till date. These are things that are slowing down the decentralisation process and putting us the mayors in very difficult situations” bemoaned Mayor Khan Elroy Moses of Santa and President of UCCC North West.
                He noted that although some Councils have created these tenders boards, their members are yet to be appointed. He wondered why the Minister Public Contract is not taking the necessary measures to salvage the situation.
                Moreover, the UCCC president revealed that for two months running, the Mayors have not received their salaries, questioning whether the government always wants citizens to go on strike before they listen or react.
                Despite these challenges, the elected municipal authorities singled out the Ministry of public works for praise in its greater strive to ensure the implementation of decentralisation through the yearly allocation of funds to councils for road maintenance and rehabilitation.

Promising days for livestock and electricity:

World Bank accords Cameroon 260bn for investments
By Numh Rogers
The MINEPAT, Louis Paul Motaze, exchanges books with WB Official
Cameroon’s livestock and energy sectors are set to experience a boost following the obtention of separate loans amounting to 260 billion CFA Francs from the World Bank to invest in livestock and energy. The agreements were signed in Yaounde on Wednesday June 2, 2017. Cameroon’s Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development Louis Paul Motaze signed for the government while the Director of Operations of the World Bank in Cameroon ElisaberthHuybens signed for the World Bank.
                The first loan of 60 billion CFA Francs will go to the livestock development project. The second which amounts to 200.3 billion CFA Francs will be used to boost Cameroon’s energy supply through the Project to Refurbish Electricity Transmission Networks and the Reform of the Sector, a project which will run for five years.

Petroleum sector:

Oil production drops, as gas production climbs
By Numh Rogers
The National Hydrocarbons Corporation (SNH) has reported a 20.8% drop in oil production for the first four months of 2017. The report was presented to board members on Tuesday 6 June 2017.
                Oil production for this year up until April 30 stood at 9.74 million barrels.
                This fall is in line with a calculated move by OPEC countries to scale down on production in order to increase the price of crude oil which has fallen sharply in past recent years, affecting their economies negatively. Their goal has been achieved, with a steady rise in oil prices.
                The ripples of this decision in Cameroon have been a reduction in the production budget of SNH. Another reason for the fall in production is the progressive drying up of oil wells which are presently being exploited.
                Meanwhile, gas production is up by 1.29 % compared to same period last year. First quarter production stands at 4341.7 cubic feet.

President BIYA chairs higher judicial council

President Paul BIYA on Wednesday 7 June 2017 presided over a solemn session of the Higher Judicial Council during which some new members of the 9-man council were sworn-in.
                Seven cases of indiscipline in the magistracy were examined during the in-camera deliberations.Recommendations for the promotion and appointment of magistrates were also submitted for the Head of State’s appraisal and signature.

Forest, Wildlife conservation:

Stakeholders condemn indiscriminate poaching at Korup Park
By Boris Esono in Buea
Actors involve in the running and management of the Korup National Park say the rate of illegal activities such as poaching, agricultural encroachment, oil companies acting inside the protected areas are leading to the depletion of some protected flora and fauna species.
                This message was made known, Tuesday June 6, 2017 during the regional validation meeting for the revised management and business plans of the Korup National Park which is at its 3rd session. The first management session ran from 2002 to 2007, with the second from 2009 to 2013 depicting a life span of five (5) years.
                To Fotendong Ferdinand, a conservator, illegal activities are hampering the development of the National Park couple with the bad roads that surrounds the area. “If the road could be rehabilitated or upgraded, tourism will boom in the area which will go a long way to bring more money in the state’s couffers”. Fotendong went further to say that “despite some of these challenges witnessed so far, some achievements have been recoreded with some defaulters arrested, seizure and auctioning of their products”. “If we do not stop the rate of illegal activities taken place within the national park, some protected flora and fauna in some years to come will be extinct” He added
                To the Deputy Mayor of the Buea Council, Emmanuel MotombyMbome, Korup national park is the oldest in the SWR, richest and diverse, hence its importance to the region. “This meeting is very essential as it enables us to look at various ways in which the park can be improved and maintained”.
                Meanwhile, to the representative of the Governor, the importance of the Korup national park cannot be underestimated. “It is very important as it habours rich resources”. He went further to assure the various stakeholders especially conservators of governments unwiting support to facilitate their work in terms of providing material support.


Crisis in Anglophone Cameroon:
The buck stops at  President Biya’s desk
– Prof. WillibroadDze-Ngwa
*Prof what is your take on the crisis that has been rocking the two Anglophone regions for over 7 months now?

Prof. WillibroadDze-Ngwa has researched extensively on the Anglophone problem. His Master’s & PhD
 theses were on the Anglophone problem and National Unity respectively
Thank you for coming to talk with me on the Anglophone problem which I think is a Cameroonian problem. You want me to say what I make of the crisis. Well the crisis only came to show that Cameroonians as a reunified people have some differences. The present crisis only helps to create more awareness because the problem did not start today. You may want to know that my Master’s Degree dissertation was on the Anglophone problem and that was done some 20 years ago. My PhD was on “National Unity and National Integration in Cameroon- Dreams and Realities.” So the Anglophone problem has been articulated long before now. You also recall the All Anglophone Conferences in the early 1990s and the Memorandum of Anglophones in Douala. So I should say the crisis has been there since for many years now. It has only gotten to its peak today. So I should say the current crisis has only created more awareness about the Anglophone problem and has made many more Cameroonians to know that there is an Anglophone problem in Cameroon.

*When the crisis erupted in October 2016, some government ministers dismissed it, saying there was no such thing as an Anglophone problem in Cameroon. Some said it was the agitations of a few misguided individuals who were being teleguided to revolt against the state. But President Biya later recognised the problem and promised to look into the “genuine grievances”. What was your take on this double-speak of the government about the problem?

I should say the president of the republic came in with wisdom. Without trying to throw flowers on the president, I think the president was a bit more calculative. You recall that in the 1990s during the advent of competitive politics in the country, some ministers and elite of the CPDM went all around the country marching and saying no to multiparty politics. But in his characteristic calculative style, the president came out and asked his supporters to prepare for competition. It was thesame thing that happened when the ongoing crisis erupted. While his ministers were saying there is nothing like an Anglophone problem, the president stayed mute and was calculating. Then in his end of year message on 31 December 2016 he made a fool of his ministers by recognizing the problem. The president admitted that errors had been made in our drive towards leaving together and that these errors needed to be rectified. It was only after then that some people started back-tracking and also admitting that there was an Anglophone problem, with some even apologizing for what they had said earlier. So my reading into this is very clear and it is that the one single solution that has been provided since the start of this crisis is the open recognition of the Anglophone problem by the highest authority of the country - President Paul Biya.

*President Biya has signed several decrees bearing on measures aimed at solving the crisis. He has also ordered the government to take a long line of measures in view of solving the crisis. And from the look of things the president still has much more in store for Anglophones. Reason why some people are already saying the president is somewhat of a messiah to the Anglophones. Are you also of this view?

Mr.journalist, you are pulling my leg. Biya, a messiah? to Anglophones? That is an over statement! Why is he a messiah?What has he done to deserve that sobriquet? Is he doing a favour to Anglophones? Has he giving something to the Anglophones that they dids not deserve? Are Anglophones photocopied Cameroonians?Please, please, President Biya is no messiah to Anglophones! Rather, those who think he is a messiah to Anglophones are rather insulting the Anglophones. Can you site some of the things he has done to be considered a messiah? I think the president is merely playing his role as president of all Cameroonians and as father to al the children of this land. Are you saying that if the people of say Mora in the Far North are aggrieved and the president provides a solution to their worries he would be called a messiah by the people of Mora? I think the president has done well to recognize the Anglophone problem and is doing well to progressively provide some solutions to the crisis. Bit to say that he is a messiah, I don’t think I share that view.

*Despite the “salutary measures” taken by government the crisis is still ongoing, and there seem not to be an end in sight in the near future. There are still cases of arson and armed attacks on individuals in Bamenda, while ghost town calls are also fully respected in some towns. Is this because the solutions provided are inadequate or that Anglophones are asking for too much?

Some of your questions may push me to think that you the journalist is complacent about this problem. In fact you put me off when you say Anglophones are asking for too much. I really don’t know how to answer to this. But  to attempt an answer I should say the strike is continuing because no solution has yet been provided to the crisis. We should not have solutions canalized from top to bottom. Solutions can only come through dialogue. We need representatives from both sides to sit on the table and seek what is good for the people. I also sincerely think that any concrete solution to the problem should be a legislative instrument. So long as there are no legislative dispositions and you say too much has been given to Anglophones, i say no. What have they provided? Tell me Mr. Journalist, what have they done concretely? The creation of BilingualismCommission; special recruitment of Anglophone magistrates and all that, are these what you call conceding too much to Anglophones? I say no.The   simply correcting the errors she committed and I think Cameroonians deserve an apology for this. I think they should even pay reparation to the people that they have marginalized for so long. To say that they have provided too much for Anglophones or that Anglophones are asking for too much is intellectual dishonesty. Anglophones need a fair share in governance. For example, you cannot have seven ministers in the domain of education and none is Anglophone. I think a solution to this problem can only come through frank, sincere dialogue with representatives of the Anglophones. I also think that keeping the leaders of the strike in jail is counter-productive. These people should be released. I think the first thing in the right direction is to release all those arrested in connection to the crisis, beginning from those who were arrested in Wum. The incidents in Wum are part of the crisis. The people of Wum simply manifested their discontentment at the excesses of some public administrators out there. It was the same thing the teachers and lawyers were saying. So, all these people should be released. I believe the president is wise enough to see the need to grant these people amnesty and then engage in frank dialogue.

As traders are getting impatient:

Who is blocking elections at Kumba main market?
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Traders of the Kumba Main Market have begun asking questions to the Meme administration as concerns elections into the executive body of the Kumba Main Market Traders Welfare Association. The anxious traders who have waited for close to three months since the abortive election into the market was cancelled at the 11th hour say they are running out of patience.
                The traders revealed with the coming of the new Meme boss, they knew things will be regularized in no distant time for elections into the market to reorganize. According to some of the traders who spoke to this reporter on the basis of anonymity, they have waited patiently for the SDO to organize elections into the market’s welfare association and it appears the Meme boss is rather comfortable with the eight-man caretaker committee that he put in place two months ago.
                Following the abortive election that was organized to the Kumba Main Market Traders Welfare Association, the Kumba main market was in total disarray and confusion without anyone to handle issues related to wellbeing of traders and their security in the market. This situation was lay to rest by the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, Chamberlin Ntou’ouNdong when he created an eight man caretaker committee to handle the affairs of the traders in the market.
                In a prefectoral order dated April 6, 2017, Chamberlin Ntou’ouNdong appointed an eight man caretaker committee with all of the members been neutral from the three camps that contested the abortive election into the market which ended in a sham after been cancel at the 11th hour.
According to part of the order The Median procured two months ago “pending the organization of election in view of voting executive members of the Kumba main market traders’ association, the following persons were designated as members of a caretaker committee to the Kumba Main market welfare association: EyoMbone as chairperson, Mr. AgienChrysantus as Vice chairperson, Mrs. SiehMalah as Secretary, Mr. AbuahDiuedonneIbiatoh as treasurer, Mrs. Monya Rose Tambe as financial secretary, Mrs. MbolaMarthia as 1stadvicer, Mr. KovalchouNgassa as 2nd adviser and Mr. TchindaHogus Alexandra as 3rd adviser” read part of the order.

Articulating Anglophone crisis:

K’ba broadcasters cautioned against inviting “ignorant panelists”
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Chamberlin Ntou'ouNdong, Meme SDO
Meme SDO Ntou’ouNdong Chamberlin has urged broadcast journalists and other media men in the city of Kumba to put much thought into their choice of people to constitute discussion and debate panels on radio programmes. This was done during a recent meeting which was attended by journalists, administrative authorities and the Forces of Law and Order in the commercial hub of the South West region.
                The SDO said that a thorough investigation of radio programmes had revealed that most panelists did not master the issues they were called to analyze. Referring to such people as hunters, he regretted that they kept showing up as experts to enlighten listeners on sensitive topics which they hardly knew or understood. He further said that tracing such people was difficult since they did not have any regular jobs in Kumba.

8 Seminarians “vow” to stay with Mill Hill Missionaries

Some eight seminarians have made known their intentions to continue their training as Mill Hill missionaries in bamenda. The eight seminarians took their temporary oath June 3 at mill hill formation house, Foncha street bamenda.
                In a solemn church service officiated by the Rector of the formation house, Rev father Richard Njoroge alongside Mill Hill formators, the 8 Mill Hill aspirants took their temporary oath of becoming mill hill missionaries. It marked their completion of one year basic formation and three years of philosophical studies at the Catholic University Bamenda.
                Speaking at the event, Rev Richard Njoroge, Rector and Country Representative of Mill Hill Cameroon, made it clear that though the students could not complete their last year philosophy because of the current Anglophone crisis that have paralyzed schools in Cameroon, CATUC Bamenda inclusive, they had to specially recommend them for further studies.

Contraband on the rise:

K’ba police indicted, as ZoaZoa floods street corners
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Zoa-zoa trafficking is flourishing in Kumba
After close to three months that the First Assistant SDO for Meme, EpoulewaneVerklineMbua launched a crackdown on the sale of illicit fuel in Fiango, Kumba, confiscating over 5000 littres of the illicit fuel,  "Zoa-Zoa", dealers on the illicit fuel have gone underground. 
                The booming and flourishing trade on illicit fuel The Median gathered has been with the help of uniform officers in kumba who are in constant underground business deals with the dealers of the illicit fuel. The dealers have device new strategies and methods of delivery of the product other than the usual method where it was brandish on tables beside road sides.
                This reporter equally learnt from the dealers of the illicit fuel that they have as well change the name of the product from Zoa-zoa to "easy booster" meanwhile the only containers known to users, mostly bike riders and taxi drivers are displayed beside the road. 
                After investigations The Median learnt that there exist a strong link between dealers of the illicit fuel and elements of the police force in kumba. According a dealer of the illicit fuel who pleaded for fhis identify not to be revealed for obvious reasons, the cost of operating in the zoa-zoa business has increased over time.  He revealed that prior to the police crackdown in the month of March, they paid FCFA 5000 to some uniform officers for protection in the business from Mondays to Saturdays. He added this fee was accompanied by an extra amount for those who sell on Sundays. 
                Our interlocutor,  an illicit fuel dealer went further to say many changes have been noticed in the business "at first we use to pay our protection charges to these security men beside the road but now they come right to our individual houses to collect this money" revealed the fuel dealer.  Our source revealed that since the crackdown,  the uniform officers have increased the protection charge levied on them to the sum of FCFA 10000 on a weekly basis.

Crackdown on highway Criminality:

14 suspected highway robbers arrested in Muyuka
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Uniform officers in Fako Division precisely in Muyuka have apprehended 14 bandits from the gang of highway hoodlums who were constantly harassing passengers and other road users  at the Mile 29 hill along KumbaMuyukaBuea road highway.
                The men of the underworld were arrested recently after the uniform officers boarded a passenger bus with civilian attire and embarked on the early morning journey like business persons heading to Douala in the littoral region to buy goods. The hoodlums stopped the bus thinking that they were only passengers not knowing that they were heavily armed uniform officers on board the passenger bus. 
                To their greatest dismay the bus had heavily armed uniform officers who were able to arrest two of the hoodlums on the spot while the others ran into the bushes.
                During the early hours of that faithful morning the uniform officers with the help of the two arrested bandits ended up arresting 14 of the young men who have been harassing and terrorising passengers and other road users around the Mile 29 vicinity. Most of the arrested young boys are said to come from Muyuka and Ekona. They are presently helping the police in investigations.
                It should be recalled that the crackdown on the highway bandits comes after the bandits had recently attacked the Mayor of Konye municipality, Dr. Barrister Musima George Lobe along the same road axis. Musima was attacked in the early hours around Ekona while he was travelling from Kumba to Yaounde on a business trip.

Minister lures teenage hawker to school with cfa 5000

By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Higher Education Minister, Prof. Jacques FAME Ndongo
The Minister of Higher Education who doubles as the Chancellor of Academic orders and visitor to the university of Buea, Prof. Jacques FAME Ndongo embarked on a personal gesture to encourage a school age young boy to return to school and resume classes despite the ongoing Anglophone impasse that has crippled schools and businesses in the NW/SW regions of the country.
                In a personal action Minister Fame Ndongo stopped his convoy with close to fifty cars to offer the some of FCFA 5000 to a young boy at the Mahole Street, in Mukonje village in Kumba. The Minister made the gesture when he while in his car spotted the young boy putting on a school T-shirt bearing the name of Cameroon College of Arts and Sciences, CCAS Kumba.

Wildlife Trafficker Arrest

Leopard Skins trafficker arrested with samples
A wildlife trafficker was arrested for illegal possession of  a leopard skin and 41kg of pangolin scales which he brought from Douala to Yaounde to sell. As he alighted from the bus late in the night of June 8, 2017,, he was immediately arrested by the police who were waiting from him. .
                The operation was carried out by the Centre Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife in close collaboration with police officers from the 10th Police District in Yaounde and with technical assistance from The Last Great Organisation - LAGA. The operation involved tracking wildlife traffickers through  social network  and this quickly proved successful as a partner of his was found  advertising  several wildlife species including leopard skins and pangolin scales. He would  travelled from his base in Douala to Yaounde where he intended to meet a client for business and was arrested.. .
                Wildlife traffickers are taking advantage of the new communication world, increasingly; they are using the Facebook, WhatsApp and other communication tools to adverstise, contact and conduct business with clients all over the world. The opportunities are wide and varied with scammers, wildlife traffickers and other kinds of criminals making the most of these open communication channels. .

Fruitful Yaounde-Washington relations:

Populations of Lower Bokoko can nor drink pure water

 Lower Bokoko Water Project inaugurated
Inhabitants of lower Bokoko in Buea subdivision and its environs can now boast of free potable water. These follows the inauguration of the self-help funded community water project at Quarter 4, Lower Bokoko which took place Wednesday 7 June 2017 at the Government School Bokoko field.
                The project which lasted 4 months is a fruit of Cameroon-USA relations as 60% of the funding came from the US embassy in Yaounde and 40% from the Lower Bokoko Development Committe, LOBODEV, costing more than eight million FCFA.
                During the inauguration ceremony chaired by JullietteMarshamMacclure, development coordinator at the US Embassy, she called on the inhabitants of Lower Bokoko to continue to work as a team to ensure the sustainability of the constructed taps and tanks for their benefit for years to come. She noted that the US Embassy in Cameroon has funded 131 projects 18 of which are in the SWR.
                On his part, the chairman of LOBODEV and projects, Martin Nkemngu reported that appeals made to senators and parliamentarians of the Buea constituency to support the project yielded no fruit.
                "The representatives of the people should not forget that they will always need us in good and bad times," Nkemngu said.
                He warned beneficiary populations from doing laundry or washing of dishes, cars etc around the four taps, saying  defaulters will pay a fine of two thousand franc CFA
                Meanwhile, the DO for Buea, KouamWokam Paul said "the population of lower Bokoko should consider themselves lucky to have the rare opportunity of being provided water". He went further to hand the sum of 5O thousand FCFA to the chairman of the project as his own personal contribution to help sustain the population to take care of the water pumps.

Two Ivory tusks seized and man arrested

Man arrested with Ivory tusks
A team comprising wildlife and police officers arrested a suspected trafficker who was traveling in a dark blue car with two carved ivory tusks. The man was arrested after the car was stopped and searched, at an entrance to the Bastosneighourhood in Yaounde.
                The operation that was carried out by the Centre Regional Delegation for Forestry and Wildlife in collaboration with the police was technically assisted by The Last Great Ape Organistion (LAGA) and is part of government’s initiative to track and prosecute wildlife traffickers.,
                According to preliminary investigations that was revealed by a source close to the case, the man  leftKribi early Monday  May 22 to Yaounde. When he arrived the motor park at the Mvanneighbourhood, he boarded another car and made for the north of the town  but because he had been under  investigations for a while,  he was quietly tracked and arrested as he climbed a short drive into the Bastosneighbourhood.
                When police stopped the car, the alarmed man fidgeted and pushed the bag he was carrying in between his legs. He was asked to pull open the bag and two ivory tusks were recovered among underwear which he had used to wrap the ivory, with the intention to repel anyone who was keen on seeing what was bulging from the bundle. Traffickers are used to various concealment techniques and many say this is the first time they are uncovering the use of underwear to hide ivory.
                The same unnamed sources said the 37-year old Kribi resident intended to travel to Meiganga for to get more wildlife products but needed to conduct business here in Yaounde so that he could have sufficient money for the trip to Meiganga – a town which seems to be turning out into a trafficking hub in the Adamawa region. An operation was carried out there in April and  three people were arrested for lion and leopard skin trafficking.