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Way forward for Anglophone Crisis:

Release all detainees, address the nation, convene genuine dialogue
   -Ntumfor Nico Halle suggests to President Biya
By Boris Esono in Buea
Bar. Ntumfor Nico
The President of the General Assembly of the Cameroon Bar Association has said that with the rapid decay of the crisis in the English speaking regions of the country it has become more and more imperative and urgent for the “Father of the Nation”, President Paul Biya, to consider addressing his children, if only to foster and uphold the peace and unity that Cameroonians so much cherish.
                Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle was speaking in response to questions from this reporter on his suggestions for a way forward for the present uprising in NW and SW, which unfortunately, has assumed a more widespread and violent turn lately.
                The peace crusader and human rights actor of international renown, first suggested that as “father of the nation”, President Biya should address the nation and call on his aggrieved children of the two Anglophone regions to drop the hatchet and give peace a chance.
                “I once more go down on my knees and plead with the head of state, President Biya, who is father of this nation, to come down from his high pedestal and talk to his children. The President should address the nation and tell Cameroonians that he has listened to them and has now understood what they desire. He should admit that certain wrongs have been committed in the course of building the nation, but that he has decided to look into these wrongs and correct them,” Ntumfor Nico Halle suggested, urging the president to at once, also consider extending his magnanimous amnesty to all those who are still languishing in jails and others who escaped into exile in connection to the current crisis.
Literally on bended knees, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, said, like he started doing ever since the crisis started in 2016, he is once again pleading with the President to, after releasing the detainees, also open up for genuine, frank, sincere and an all-inclusive dialogue, as this to him is the only way of seeking a lasting solution to the present stalemate.
                “If the President can do all the things I have listed above then I have the unshakable conviction that all other things will fall into place: peace will return; violence will cease to be and parents will decide once again to send their kids to school,” Nico Halle prayed, noting that “there can be no state authority without peace and justice.

Anglophone Uprising:

Thousands of protesters storm Nso, Mankon & Nkwen Palaces
Thousands of Southern Cameroons protesters Friday, marched on the palaces of the Fons and Chiefs urging the occupants to demand for independence and the unconditional release of Anglophones in detention.
                The protesters defied an intimidating presence of security forces and the arrest and detention of Anglophone secessionists.
                The protests began in the Southwest with social media inundated with images showing mammoth crowds demonstrating on the streets in towns like Muyuka and Ekona.
                The thousands of protesters marched along the streets carrying tree branches and chanting liberation songs and asking for the release of all persons detained in connection to the Anglophone uprising.
                Images later came in from Limbe, Ndu, Kumba,Kumbo, Jakiri and many villages including Kembong, Ewelle, Tinto, Ossing, Njeke, Djottin and Weh.
                In the NW the protests took the crowds to the palaces of Fons who under the auspices of NOWEFU have since called on Preisdent Paul Biya to run again in next year’s polls.
                Thousands stormed the palaces of Nso, Mankon and Nkwen as was the case in other villages and cities with some MPs notably Hon.Mbah Ndam of the SDF and the MP of Belo stepping out to join the protesters.
                At about 10am in Bamenda, which is said to be the epicenter of the Anglophone struggle, the protests gained in intensity and popularity.                               Thousands of protesters blew whistles, honked motorbikes and chanted songs of freedom as they moved down the streets.
                From Finance Junction, they marched up to Station Hill that was briefly blocked by soldiers in full combat gear. The protesters could be heard chanting “No to violence, No to violence, no to violence” and “how many people Paul Biya go kill ooo.”

We Are All Beggars for Peace

- President Paul Biya
Being A STATEMENT by the Cameroon President at THE 72ND UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY HOLDING IN New York, From 13 to 24 September 2017

President Paul Biya
I congratulate you, Mr President, on your election as chair of this session of the United Nations General Assembly. I do believe you be served by your rich experience in successfully steering our proceedings. You can count on the full cooperation of my delegation.
                My congratulations also go to Ambassador Peter THOMSON, your predecessor and key mastermind behind the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, on his outstanding achievements.
                Lastly, I would like to congratulate Mr. Antonio GUTERRES on his unanimous election as Secretary-General of our Organization.
                Mr. Secretary-General, please rest assured of Cameroon’s constant support in the performance of your lofty and delicate duties.
                This session is being held within a global context marked by multiple hotbeds of tension worldwide, where terrorism continues to affect thousands of people, human activity is causing climate disruptions, and poverty is far from declining. However, it is also taking place in parallel with laudable efforts towards implementing the Sustainable Development Agenda designed for Humanity’s fulfillment to ensure that no one is left behind.
                Hence the full pertinence of the general debate under the theme, (I quote) “Focusing on People: Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for All on a Sustainable Planet”.
                Our debates and, especially, our conclusions will constitute a litmus test of our commitment to the ideal of the peoples of the United Nations who, in the preamble to the Charter, state their resolve to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, and to promote social progress and better standards of life for all peoples.

Anglophone uprising:

Lebialem division: Menji women led the march to the SDO’s office to demand the  restoration of Southern Cameroons independence

Protesters defy military presence, inundate streets in NW and SW
Popular uprisings were reported Friday all over the former British Southern Cameroons with mammoth crowds comprising of the old, the young and frail taking to the streets demanding an end to the union with La Republique du Cameroon.
                Despite the heavy presence of military forces in the streets of major towns and cities and in some rural areas, thousands of protesters took to the streets chanting songs of freedom and demanding the restoration of the statehood of Former British Cameroons.
                The protest marches which started in the early morning on Friday, 22 September, were reported in towns and villages including Eyumojock, Ekona, Kumba, Ebonji, Buea, Muyuka, Fontem and many others in the South West region.
                In the Northwest region the protests were reported in Bamenda, Kumbo, Batibo, Widikum, Santa, Ndu and many other localities.
                In Ekona in the SW, thousands of people took to the streets bringing traffic on the Kumba-Buea highway to a standstill. Some wore T-shirts with inscriptions such as “I stand with Mancho BBC”. Others told The Median that they want all Anglophones jailed in connection with the current crisis to be freed. The placards also carried strong messages calling on Yaounde and the United Nations to restore the independence of Southern Cameroons.

On tour in the Americas:

Ambazonia leader, Sisekou Ayuk Tabe endorsed by Manyu USA
USA-based Sisekous endorse Sisikou Ayuk Tabe
On a recent visit to Houston, Texas USA, the Chairman of the Southern Cameroons Governing Council was received at the Houston airport by traditional leaders from Southern Cameroon based in Texas, including those from Manyu, Lebialem, Mezam and Momo Division. As a traditional leader himself, Sisekou Ayuk Tabe Julius felt very much at ease with other leaders who had come to receive him at the Houston airport.
                The Ekpe group led by Sisikou Dr Mathias Egbe, came on the spotlight by decorating Chairman Sisikou Julius Ayuk Tabe, who is one of their own, with symbols befitting his title.
                During an informal discussion with the Chairman, Mr. Thomas Tabenyang, a fervent activist and former SDF Provincial Chairman vehemently condemned the deployment by government agents of Epke to intimidate and harass the population of Manyu Division.

Mayor Patrick Ekema denies accusations he shot at protesters

The residence of CPDM Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick Esunge, came under attack from angry Southern Cameroons protesters on Friday 22 September 2017. The protesters vandalised the mayor’s fleet of cars including his beautiful villa.
                Reports on social media said the mayor, caught here on camera with a rifle, reportedly shot and killed one of the demonstrators. But Ekema has denied the accusation, saying the allegation is false and that no shootings ever took place in his residence despite the attack by the marauding protesters.

Governor calls Anglophone activists ‘dogs’

Bernard Okalia Bilai
The Governor of the SW region has described Southern Cameroons protesters as “dogs”. Bernard Okalia Bilai made the declaration on CRTV-radio on Friday 22 September, also accusing the SC demonstrators of attacking the forces of law and order.

Anglophone crisis turns terrorist with bombings

The long-drawn crisis in Southern Cameroons has taken a dangerous turn with bomb explosions targeting local security officials, and as protests become increasingly widespread and vociferous.
                Renewed protests broke out early morning on Friday 22 September in major towns and villages across the North West and South West thousands of aggrieved populations taking to the streets with tree branches, placards, whistles and flags of Ambazonia; a country they plan to create when they secede from the Republic of Cameroon.
                Security forces responded with bullets and teargas, injuring some protesters in Santa, Kumbo and Bamenda in the North West and Mamfe, Ekona, Buea, Muyuka and Buea in the South West.
                The security reprisals did not deter the protesters as they moved towards public places, hoisting blue-white flags and seeking to meet with administrative and traditional authorities.
                The protesters poured out on the streets hours before the President of the Republic, Paul Biya was scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly.
                Anglophone protesters put up a similar show at the precincts of the UN headquarters in New York, we can confirm.
                The call for peaceful protests was from the Ambazonia Governing Council SCACUF and was amplified on social media by Southern Cameroons independentists in the diaspora.
                The widespread protest are said to be a foretaste of a planned declaration and celebration of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia’s) independence on 1st October.
                The Anglophone crisis is escalating and decaying despite a discriminate amnesty granted some jailed Anglophone activists by President Biya.
                Many said the continued detention of Mancho Bibixy (leader of the Coffin Revolution) and some about 30 others has provoked the mass protests, which have taken a radical and/or terrorist turn with bomb explosions.
                The latest of the bombing explosions was on Wednesday morning Sept. 21, when an IED controlled from a mobile phone was activated at Hospital Roundabout in Bamenda. Three police officers were reportedly injured.
                Another bomb explosion was recorded Thursday at a petroleum depot in the economic capital city Douala.
                Earlier on September 11, an improvised explosive device targeting security agents on patrol was activated at Mobil Nkwen in the city of Bamenda. Five days later, another IED damaged a dormitory at Sacred Heart College Mankon, still in Bamenda, but no human losses were recorded.

Uprisings in NW and SW:

Musonge Commission, a toothless paper tiger
Senator Peter Mafany Musonge
The Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission that was created by President Biyaon 23 January to resolve the Southern Cameroons crisis has existed for eight months already with nothing to show so far, save for its ability to secure its funding (a budget advance of 700 million cfa) from the state.
                23 September 2017 will be nine months since the rather budgetivorous yet irrelevant Commission was created. But apparently the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism (CNPBM) exists only on paper.
                Apart from the installation of its members and permanent secretary, and maybe two inconsequential sessions it has held, the institution headed by Senator Peter Mafany Musonge is virtually non-existent.
                Established to examine several issues related to the linguistic and cultural diversity in the country especially in the wake of the Anglophone crisis, the Commission has gone comatose. A planned visit by the Commission to the NW and SW last June never took place.
                Announced as part of a “facilitation mission” to the two aggrieved regions, Musonge and his men until now have still not officially set foot in Southern Cameroons.

Security stepped up as another explosion rocks B’da

Three bombs have exploded in Bamenda in one week

The Governor of the North West region Adolfe Lele Lafrique has expressed disgust over an attack on police officers and has promised that government will step up security to avert such attacks.
                The attack took place at Hospital Roundabout in Bamenda around 9.30 am on Thursday September 21, 2017, where a locally made bomb exploded, leaving 2 police officers severely wounded and properties damaged. The locally made explosive according to the governor composed of a cooking gas cylinder carefully planted.
                “This morning, we have witne    ssed a terrorist attack on the symbol of the State, those were police men doing their job. They were targets and as a result of that two were seriously wounded and are taken care of at the regional hospital. Like I disclosed to you last time, we are going to step up our security tactics to face that new situation.” remarked the Governor.
                He further warned that the State of Cameroon wouldn’t bow to such actions as it will put all measures to counter such attacks. Eye witnesses at the scene recounted how the area targeted has a shop that usually played host to police officers on ghost town days.

B’da bomb blasts panics Biya

President Biya and his delegation to the UN General Assembly
President Biya was informed of the explosion of an artisanal bomb in Bamenda as he entered his hotel suit in New York City after participating in the 72nd General Assembly of the UN, Cameroon Concord reported Friday. The Britain-based news outlet said it learned from an inside source at the presidency of the republic that President Biya panicked on hearing the bad news.
                “We could see panic in his eyes,” Cameroon Concord quoted a Biya aide as saying.
                Paul Biya, after a short telephone conversation with the Secretary General at the Presidency, prescribed a reinforcement of security measures.

Biya’s computer gift:

Fame Ndongo’s April fool’s stunt?
Minister Fame Ndongo
The Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo has told the Prime Minister and Head of Government that 80,000 of the 500,000 computers promised to Cameroonian students will be available as of November 2017. Fame Ndongo made the revelation during an extraordinary cabinet meeting that held on the 19th of September in the Prime Minister’s office in Yaoundé.
                Minister Ndongo assured PM Yang that he had put in place a transparent distribution mechanism that will take into account enrolment through the biometric system in all the universities.
                “The computers will be delivered to the students from November 2017 onwards. The Ministry of Higher Education will simply dispatch the computers to the students who will be registered beforehand by the biometric system in order to avoid fraud or fraudulent distributions.”

Notorious Bafaw-Mukonje land saga:

Chief Ebanja drags lawyer to court for defamation
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Barrister Awuta Philip
Just when many people thought the dust might have settled on the long-drawn dispute between the Bafaws and the Mukonjes over the land earmarked by government as the permanent site of the Higher Technical Teachers Training College, HTTTC Kumba and the parcel lying opposite the site extending to the Kumba railway station, the matter has rather taken a new twist, with two protagonists in the drama haven simultaneously dragged each other to court on allegations of defamation.
                While the two warring factions await the final verdict of the matter at the level of the administrative court, the recent wave of development amongst some actors involved in the set land saga is making a lot of headline news in Kumba. Two prominent actors in the land matter have dragged themselves to court on allegations of defamation.
                The lead counsel of the Bafaw traditional council, Barrister Awutah Philip Atubah has sued the Chairman of the Mokunje traditional council, Otto Alexandre Abange for defamation while Chief Ebanja Gabriel, traditional ruler of the Mukonje clan has also sued Barrister Awutah Philip for defamation, we learned on good authority.
                These developments are coming up even when the Administrative Court is expected to rule on a matter bearing on the cancellation of six land titles brandished by some Mukonje people, who are claiming ownership of the land, and barely weeks after the Minister of Higher Education laid the foundation stone for the construction of the HTTTC.

Meme SDO to seal shops that respect Ghost Towns

 - Government Delegate and SDO reportedly disagree over controversial decision
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Meme SDO, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong
The Senior Divisional Officer for Meme Division, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong has declared he will close all shops, stores and businesses places in Kumba whose owners respect and observe calls for ghost towns by the outlawed Consortium.
                Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong made the disclosure as he installed the new Divisional Officers of Kumba I, II and III Sub Divisions.
                He told the population that what has delayed his reaction towards business persons who observe ghost towns was the fact that he wanted to install the new DOs into their functions before taking action.
                “As from Monday September 25, 2017 I will be in the streets to wage a relentless war on everyone who wants to continue respecting ghost towns,” Ntou’ou Ndong said.
Declaring himself as a strong fighter, the SDO told the owners of business premises in particular that he and his new DOs alongside the forces of law and order will permanently seal all the shops in Kumba that continue closing their doors on ghost towns days.
                The declaration of the Meme SDO was received with mixed feelings by both the population and elites present at the different ceremonial grounds. Some said the SDO is embarking on a lost war as similar missions have all failed woefully in the towns like Limbe, Bamenda and Buea. 

Mamfe meeting of lawyers foiled by threats

Barrister Charles Njualem

A meeting of Common Law lawyers in Mamfe has been foiled amidst allegations that it is called to get lawyers back to the courts and end an 11 month strike by Anglophone lawyers.
                A statement from the Mamfe Divisional Officer declaring permission for the meeting, reads in part, “I, the undersigned Mochi Johnson Malafa, Divisional Officer for Mamfe Subdivision acknowledge receipt of a declaration of a public meeting in Mamfe Town submitted by members of the Cameroon Bar Association resident in the Southwest and Northwest Regions, represented by Barrister Ngualem Charles, Nzoh Mboke Divine and Ebah Ntoko Justice.”
                The release states further that the meeting holds on September 23 in Mamfe Town Hall premises and starts at 8a.m through 5p.m.
                “Barrister Ngualem Charles and Co,” the DO states, “shall be responsible for maintaining law and order during the said meeting in accordance with the provisions of law No. 90/055 governing Public Meetings, Processions and Manifestations.”
                But at press time yesterday, The Median could not confirm the meeting took place. We learned the chief convener Barrister Njualem had distanced himself from the meeting.
                However, several lawyers of the Common Law hinted us that the main agenda of the meeting was to debate the suspension of the lawyers’ 11month old strike action.
                The debate within the lawyers as disclosed to us is that the strike was allowed to drag this long because of the arrest and detention of Barrister Agbor Balla and one other lawyer. But that since the two have been released, and some of their other grievances addressed, they ought to return to court.
                Since the announcement of the Mamfe gathering, Common Law Lawyers have split into two camps, between those for and against the call off of the strike.

Poor gabbage disposal:

Biya sends Hysacam to K’ba to avert looming epidemic    
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Hysacam workers collecting refuse in kumba
President Paul Biya has rescued the Government Delegate to the Kumba City council, Ngoh Nkelle Victor from sundry venomous vituperations directed at the city council over his inability to get the services of the waste disposal and management company, Hysacam, to help clean the town and save it from a looming epidemic.
                With HYSACAM now in Kumba, Ngoh Nkelle victor can now heave a sigh of relief especially as he had been severally reprimanded by the Meme SDO and even the elites and populations of Kumba for beimg unable to maintain hygiene and sanitation in Kumba.
                While officially launching HYSACAM services in Kumba on Wednesday September 20, 2017, the SDO for Meme, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong revealed that a new day is dawn in Meme following the benefit of Kumba from the action plans of greater realization of the Head of State, H.E Paul Biya. He said in line with the national policy of an emerging nation come 2035, it is important that Kumba takes its place as an emerging modern city even before the period under review.
                Ntou’ou Ndong expressed gratitude to President Paul Biya for ensuring the timely kickoff of HYSACAM activities as well as thanked the Director General of HYSACAM and his team for responding promptly to the orders of the Head of State. 
                The SDO also used the occasion to underscore the need for proper hygiene and sanitation while reminding the population that HYSACAM has come to clean streets and not to build toilets and clean private homes.

After talking with gov’t:

Road transporters cancel planned strike
A planned nation-wide sit-in strike announced by road transport syndicates for Monday 25 September has been called off. The transporters withdrew their strike plan after holding talks with government authorities at the weekend.
                In a communiqué deposited at the Cabinet of the Minister of Trade on Saturday, 23 September, some over 10 leaders of transporters syndicates said they had decided to withdraw their call for strike beginning 25 September. They said after discussions with government they were convinced solutions are being sought to their objective grievances which include among others unacceptable fuel prices, widespread clandestine transport in cities and towns, poor working conditions of drivers and inadequate regulations sanctioning professional driving in the country.

Momo Elites Reinforce Back To School Campaign

Parents, traditional authorities and school heads in Momo Division of the North West region have been challenged to restore the integrity of the people of division by shunning fear and manipulation and sending their children to school.
                This was the main take home message from Elites of Momo belonging to the ruling and opposition parties during an evaluation and sensitization meeting at the Mbengwi Council conference hall on September 13, 2017 to champion the resumption of schools for the academic year 2017/2018.
                This new campaign comes after Momo recorded the lowest school resumption statistics in the North West region as opined by its Senior Divisional Officer, Monono Absalom during the sensitization meeting that took place after a series of campaigns for same purpose.
As at the 13 of September, nine days after schools resumed on September 4, statistics from educational stakeholders reveal that out of 43000 children attending school in Momo only 130 had started school.
                These statistics were read in the presence of Minister Mbah Acha Rose, Senators, Parliamentarians, mayors that make up the 5 villages of Momo.
                The SDO lambasted politicians from Njikwa for being low spirited in encouraging their subordinates to make a difference by sending their kids to schools.
He most especially blasted the CPDM section president for Njikwa, Ofeh David who had demonstrated some weakness and defeatism in his presentation. Mr Monono said Njikwa was the last in the Division and the so-called CPDM leader should have doubled efforts to make a change, but failed to do so.
                He urged party officials to bury their differences and focus on the current objective of seeing at least half the number of children in schools.

Baby mandrill rescued, two appear in court

Baby mandrill rescued

Two people appeared at the Yaounde centre administrative court of first Instance following their arrest at the Elig Edzoa neighourhood, on September 12, for wildlife trafficking. The two, a man aged 23 and a woman, 22, were arrested by the forces of law and order as they attempted to sell 40kg of giant pangolin scales and a baby mandrill.
                The young couple had travelled from Mintom to Yaounde to attempt selling the wildlife according to sources close to the matter.  The woman travelled first, a day earlier with the pangolin scales and was later reunited with the man who travelled with the baby chimpanzee on the day of the arrest. The pair set out for the transaction that was supposed to take place at the Elig Edzoa neighbourhood and was stopped by the police as they rode in a hired car. They were searched and the mandrill found in a little bag that was carried by the man.
                The man who led proceedings against the traffickers, Jean Ngnondete, Controller No.3 at the Centre regional delegation of forestry and wildlife shortly after the arrest said; “we had credible information and accompanied by LAGA, we stopped a car and arrested these suspects who had suspicious looking bags. On verifying the cargo, we found a mandrill and [40kg] of pangolin scales, all forbidden by the 1994 law”. The operation that was carried by the Centre regional delegation of forestry and wildlife was technically assisted by a non govermemental organization called LAGA with the collaboration of the police.

“Education is Passport for tomorrow”

     -Fuh Calistus tells Donga Mantung people
Fuh Calistus campaigning for massive back to school
Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development has said that education is the passport for tomorrow. Minister Fuh Calistus made the statement during a sensitization on school resumption, development projects and industrialization programme that took place at the Nkambe community hall on September 8, 2017.
                After presenting government development projects allocated to the population of Donga Mantung Mantung Division, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry said “we can have all, but if we cannot provide the human resources, we have failed”. He pleaded on the population not to compromise in this point, adding that education is the passport of tomorrow while urging all the parents to send their children to school.
                Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry also emphasized on the fact that the Head of State has reacted to the worries raised by the teachers and lawyers and that the people should understand that all societies have problems of different dimensions reasons why he is appealing on the population to give President Paul Biya reason.
                “Some issues concerning aspects of National life, particularly the Education and Legal sectors have been raised in the Northwest and Southwest Regions. The President of the Republic as guarantor of our Constitution listened and acted and will continue bringing more solutions to the issues raised. No society is perfect" Fuh Calistus emphasized.

Reward for honest hard work:

Tikum Mbah Azongah heads VEA Program
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
The French University of Robert de Sorbon has extended her La Validation des Acquis de l'Experience  (VAE) program translated in English to mean "The Validation of Acquired Experience" Degree program to Cameroon by appointing university lecturer and journalist,  Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga as their representative in West and Central Africa.
                Dr. Tikum Mbah Azonga appointed in April this year in a press conference on Thursday September 14 at Azi Motel Kumba disclosed that he has been chosen to see into it that the good initiative instituted by the Ecole Superieur Robert de Sorbon is extended to Cameroonians who have put in so many years of work in different fields of study without any academic degree to back it up or match their experience.
                The West and Central African representative explained that the VAE program is a great opportunity for persons who thought retirement is all for their career to get additional certificates that match the years spend working on specific domains. He added that the program gives people the opportunity to do further studies without getting to a traditional means of study by returning to school to write exams, do research works, thesis defence. He further clarified that the VAE program helps people to be directed towards degree programs that help reflect their skills and experience in the different domains they have worked.
                Dr. Tikum Mbah expounded that with the VAE program, after Advanced level; three years of work experience is equivalent to a single year in a university classroom. As such for one to be awarded a Bachelor's degree through the VAE program he/she must have put in nine years of work experience in a particular field backed by proves and evidences of competence.  In the same light, fifteen years of work experience is needed for someone with 'A' levels to be awarded a Master’s degree and 24 years for a Phd. The procedure he revealed is determined based on the level of education and number of years put in doing a particular job.

“You are appointed to posts of responsibility not posts of opportunities”

-UBa VC tells appointed officials
By Njodzefe Nestor
Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda, UBa, Prof Nkuo Therese Akenji
The Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda, UBa, Prof Nkuo Therese Akenji has reminded some 125 newly appointed officials of the University that their appointments are not an opportunity for them to exhibit their opportunistic and selfish tendencies but a call to service for the general good of the university largely referred to as the “University of the Future”.
                While installing them to their functions on September 15, 2017 at the University Campus, the VC also prescribed “honesty, respect for hierarchy, and commitment” as their watch words.
                The 125 officials comprising of Deputy Directors of Schools, Vice Deans of Faculties, Directors of Studies, Secretaries General, Heads of Department, Heads of Division, Coordinators amongst others were appointed by Ministerial Decree number 17/0079/Minsup of August 21, 2017.
                “The confederation of those appointed attest to the fact that they come from various backgrounds: University Lecturers, Secondary School Teachers, Contract Workers and State Agents. By and large, the appointment has taken cognizance of the socio-cultural and socio-linguistic exigencies of our Cameroonian society”, observed the VC in her installation speech. 
                Before proceeding to install them, Prof Nkuo Therese Akenji congratulated the officials for coming to value the confidence bestowed on them by the Minister of Higher Education, Prof Jacques Fame Ndongo, Chancellor of Academic Orders” while imploring them to work hard to justify the confidence.
                 “You will be expected to be self-disciplined and not fall prey to certain malpractices which the University generally considers unacceptable. Resist all temptations towards corrupt practices or any unethical behavior that can attract disciplinary sanctions you” Prof Akenji warned.

Anglophone uprising:

How did we get there? What way forward?
By Joachim Arrey, Ontario, Canada
Thousands took to the streets in major towns and villages in NW and SW
It is heart-rending to see Cameroon go down the path of chaos and conflict. Many African countries have walked this path and their experience has been anything but pleasant. Their different experiences indicate that it is not an honorable path that any responsible government should design for itself. Cameroon has been the oasis of peace in a desert of chaos for many decades, but things are gradually spiraling out of control as Anglophones are increasingly becoming restive in a union that has felt more like a prison to many of them than a smooth family relationship. Injustice, disrespect, discrimination and outright government-orchestrated marginalization have pushed the Anglophone minority over the edge. They now feel they are on a wire without a safety net. Their anger derives from many reasons and they hold that no matter how hard they try, they will never cohabit peacefully with Francophones whose perspective of life is diametrically different.
                They point to injustice, arguing that the errors of the past have been intentional. They argue that no Anglophone has ever been appointed to head the ministries finance, defense, territorial administration, communication and foreign affairs and this cannot be considered an error after fifty-six years.
                They also argue that Francophone ministers such as Fame Ndongo, Laurent Esso and IssaTchiroma are clearly to blame for the escalation of the problem. Their public declarations have given Anglophones the feeling that they do not belong to Cameroon.
                They hold that Anglophone Cameroon accounts for more than 60% of the country’s wealth and the citizens of this region should be treated with respect like their Francophone counterparts. It should be recalled that Cameroon’s oil and gold fields are lodged in the country’s Anglophone region, precisely in Ndian division, where poverty – that which dehumanizes and robs people of their dignity – has taken root. But the most vexing issue is the fact that 95% of staff at the country’s lone oil refinery, SONARA, are Francophones who have the nasty habit of treating the locals with disdain and this has fueled the anger that is currently boiling over.
                To many Anglophones, the time has come for a rethink of the union. It is time to come out of the 56-year jail term; a period during which the government has reduced them to second-class citizens. Years of complaints have never really resulted in any improvement as the
                Francophone-dominated government has always argued that there is no Anglophone problem and any Anglophones who talk of an Anglophone problem are immediately considered as a handful of trouble-makers who need to be taught a lesson, using outdated and intimidating laws. To them, Cameroon is one and indivisible, but the country’s indivisibility has been tested over the last year. Only the blind cannot see the cracks on the wall. Anglophones are honestly not part of that Cameroon that is one and indivisible and they have clearly demonstrated that over the last year.
                Friday’s (September 22, 2017) demonstrations in almost every Anglophone city are confirming that the foundation on which that one and indivisible Cameroon is built is not solid. The demonstrations are unfortunately throwing up a grim reality that will be hard for the indolent Francophone-dominated government in Yaounde to handle.
                The government has clearly lost its authority over the English-speaking minority. Friday’s demonstrations have taken place in the presence of the police and gendarmes and the massive attendance clearly points to the fact that the wall of fear has collapsed. The people want to take charge of their own destiny, as the government has failed to deliver prosperity and opportunities to the ever growing and increasingly demanding youths of the Anglophone region.

New B’da II DO tasked to calm “restive strikers

By Njodzefe Nestor
New B’da II DO, Rogvecegnol Akwo Tanyi
The new Divisional Officer of Bamenda two Rogvecegnol Akwo Tanyi has been challenged to calm restive strikers, install street lights, bring potable water, ensure the rehabilitation of roads, tighten security, , supervise clean up campaigns, fight against the illegal sale of drugs and fuel and above all work in collaboration with traditional rulers for the peaceful settlement of land conflicts.
                The new D.O was also made to learn about the nature of inhabitants in his jurisdiction during a ceremony that marked his installation on Wednesday September 20, 2017 at the vicinity of the   Bamenda two Council in Mbengfebie, Bamenda.
                He was installed by the Senior Divisional Officer of Mezam Pierre Rene Songa on a sunny afternoon that was graced by colour and fanfare highlighted by the heavy presence of friends, family and colleagues.
                In his welcome speech, the mayor of Bamenda II Council Fidelis Balick Awa defined the nature of the Bamenda man
“The people of this sub division have a tradition of simplicity, transparency, truthfulness and love for one another. They belief in one for all and all for one so much so that anything that touches on A touches B, C, and D. They are heterogeneous. They can react very violently anywhere and at any time when any of their rights are infringed. They would neither accept nor compromise with anything that touches on their rights, freedom, culture or tradition. The incidents of November and December 2016 are clear examples which resulted in many deaths by the military on armless citizens”
                The mayor continued to caution that “No matter how united the population is, one must always have gossips and blackmailers. To this Mr. D.O, I pray you not to listen to gossips and blackmails from people who would be knocking at your door to tell one lie or the other against this man or that man” he warned.


Sunday, September 24, 2017;
Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla, advocates for federation, dialogue, non-violence
My brothers and sisters in the Good Lord who never fails his own,
                If it were not for the Good Lord and the faith of good people like you, I will not be here with you today.
I stand today in humility and gratitude to thank the Almighty God for his love towards us.
                I thank you for the support, sacrifice and prayers extended to all persons who were arrested and detained in pursuit for justice, equality and the respect for minority rights. Our detained and incarcerated brothers and sisters through my voice owe a huge debt of gratitude to you.
                Over the last 3 weeks, I have had time for reflection, consultation with my colleagues, family, other leaders, former and current detainees, and all stakeholders. Thank you is too little to say.
                My deepest condolences to all those who were shot and killed on Friday, September 22nd, 2017. I extend my heart to your families during this time, your sacrifices will never be forgotten.
                Our deepest thoughts and prayers go to the families and friends who have lost loved ones during our rightful struggle for recognition as a people with a distinct and unique heritage.
                The past 11 months have tested us and been very challenging to us as a people, a community, and a nation. But we as a people have stood firm. You have demonstrated unrelenting steadfastness and resolve because you believe in what is just and right. Our cause is morally right and our thirst for justice is insatiable.
                As a lawyer and in my capacity as President of FAKLA my focus has been to use these platforms to fight against injustices in our judiciary system and the systemic and sustained marginalization of the Anglophone minority in Cameroon. With the support of the Common Law Lawyers we took that determined step to protest against injustices in the Justice sector in Cameroon. We were later joined by the teachers in a coalition of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium to address the issues plaguing the justice and education sectors. What started as a trade union protest evolved into a generalized movement of civil disobedience; our people have been hurting and quickly identified with the issues raised. Our peaceful demonstrations were met with high-handed military and police action. Things quickly got out of hand and on 17th January 2017, Dr. Fontem and I, respectively Secretary General and President of the CONSORTIUM, along with other members of our community, were wrongfully arrested and detained and the disconnection of the Internet ordered in the SW and NW Regions.
                While some of us have been released, others are still languishing in jail. We must never forget them in our prayers and we owe them an endless duty of care and the responsibility to secure their release. I will not relent in this regard. Having been in detention with my courageous brothers and sisters I am totally mindful of its implications.
I can assure you that the time spent in jail has reinforced my beliefs and quest for justice and fairness and I remain more than ever before committed to stand alongside my community and my people in the face of adversity. Despite all efforts to shut us down through incarceration and technological means, you have instead raised your voices. We cannot underestimate a people when they decide to raise their voice. As you know in biblical times, the walls of the great city of Jericho fell down when the children of Israel praised God through their voices because the voice of the people is the voice of God.

Should Christians defend themselves in Cameroon?

By Prof. Tatah Mentan, USA
Prof. Tatah Mentan
Good Christian? Bad Christian? It all depends on who’s doing the evaluating. Human rights abuses including security force killings, wanton night raids of homes, arsons, torture, beatings, rape, , and other abuses, particularly of detainees and prisoners; harsh and life-threatening prison conditions; and arbitrary arrest, extortion, and detention of citizens advocating freedom, local human rights monitors and activists, persons not carrying government-issued identity cards, and others. There are numerous incidents of prolonged and sometimes incommunicado pretrial detention and of infringement on privacy rights.
                The government harasses and imprisons journalists, restricts freedoms of speech, press, assembly, and association, and impedes freedom of movement. Official corruption is pervasive at all levels exemplified by civil administrators shooting and killing unarmed citizens like what happened in Mamfe on September 22, 2017. Sexual violence and discrimination against women, cultist murders and removal of organs for ritual activities, trafficking in persons (primarily children). Politically motivated killings and politically motivated disappearances are rife and no longer news in Cameroon. Even Bishops and priests have not been spared.
                Can a Christian be authorized by the Bible to engage in Self-Defense in Cameroon?
                Self-defense here is defined as “protecting oneself from injury at the hand of others.” Self-defense is not about taking
vengeance. Self-defense is not about punishing criminals. Self-defense involves preserving one’s own health and life when it is threatened by the actions of others. When we speak about using potentially lethal force in self-defense, we’re talking about using weapons to protect ourselves and others, even if the weapons used could kill the attacker.

MTN Foundation offers scholarships to underprivileged children

Speech delivered by an MTN employee during a hand over  ceremony
School fees, didactic materials, libraries and protection clothing provided to over 2500 students in the 10 regions of Cameroon.
Douala, 18 September 2017 – MTN Foundation, first corporate foundation in Cameroon, announces its new formula of providing support in the enrolment of underprivileged children. This new approach implemented since the 2017-2018 back-to-school, shall enable to assist more than 2500 students throughout the 10 regions of Cameroon.
                On one hand, MTN Foundation offers scholarships to 2100 children in the Logone and Chari division, Far North Region of Cameroon. This is the continuation of an initiative launched in 2013 to take care of the primary education of less privileged children, mainly girls, of this education priority zone.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Front page

Fire on the Mountain:

Biya’s envoy exposes cracks in Fako CPDM
Technical Adviser at the cabinet of the Presidency of the republic, Churchill Ewumbue-Monono has lashed out angrily at CPDM leaders in Fako Division, calling them ‘hypocrites’ and accusing them of employing divisive antics that only help to fragment the party and put a dent in President Biya’s popularity at the base
By Boris Esono in Buea
Churchill Ewumbue-Monono, disgusted 
by the attitude of Fako politicians
In what political watchers have described as coming out forcefully from his reserve, Churchill Ewumbue-Monono, Minister Plenipotentiary of the Cameroon Diplomatic Corps and Technical Adviser at the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic, has fired a grim message to members of the CPDM establishment in his native Fako division. This was after the Fako CPDM leaders last week boycotted two significant events that had the blessing and support of the head of state, President Paul Biya.
                The first event was an ecumenical service, in the morning of Saturday 2 September 2017, at Mile 29, near Muyuka, where 19 young men and women had lost their lives in a ghastly accident that occurred on 19 August 2017. Jointly organized by the Buea and Muyuka councils and attended among others by SW governor, OkaliaBilai, who was personal representative of the president of the republic, the event witnessed the reading of the condolence message from President Paul Biya and his wife Chantal Biya, to the bereaved families.
                The second event thesame day at the Buea Council Chambers was a ceremony to handover FCFA 20 million, being President Biya’s financial assistance to the bereaved families. The money was handed to the families by the Fako SDO, in the presence of the president’s envoy, Churchill Monono and the etat-major of the SW region.
                Intriguingly, the leaders of the CPDM in Fako including members of central committee, politbureau, section presidents, senators, MPs (save for Hon. Fritz Etoke), mayors (save for the Limbe Government Delegate Andrew Motanga) all boycotted the two events.
                Unable to bear the embarrassment, Churchill Monono, who was President Biya’s envoy to the dual events, wasted no time to condemn the attitude of the Fako CPDM leaders, saying their boycott action was not only out of place but smacked of disrespect for the President of the Republic, who was showing his compassion for the families of Cameroonian citizens who had lost their lives.
                Sounding somewhat of a pedagogue, Monono exhorted members of the Fako CPDM establishment to “stop this nonsense and learn to do the right thing and at the right time”.
                Tagging the CPDM leaders as ‘hypocrites’, Monono said very soon the same people who boycotted the president’s gesture will be the first to hurry and write motions of support thanking the president for the gesture.
                Churchill Monono’s vexation with his fellow Fako CPDM elite was more so perhaps because of the many accidents that had occurred around the country in the past recent weeks and which have claimed the lives of over 116  Cameroonians (official figures), it is the Mile 29 accident that has attracted a special attention from President Biya.
                Reason why Churchill Monono lashed out on his Fako CPDM brethren, questioning why they had to snub this special gesture of the President; a gesture which, according to him, presented Fako with a golden opportunity to once more express their unreserved appreciation and gratitude to the President for all the things he has done for the division.
                “These same people who today have boycotted the President’s gesture are the ones who tomorrow will want their names to appear on top of the list of signatories to motions of support to the President… They are those who will write motions of support even for the most trivial reasons. Yet they do not see it necessary to acknowledge a big gesture from the president. I hope after boycotting these two events they will also refuse to acknowledge it in the next motion of support that they will write and send to the President,” remarked Churchill Monono in utter disappointment and annoyance.
                Monono wondered further: “Why should people who have received almost everything from President Biya now turn their backs on him and at a moment when he expects to see their appreciation? Why should Fako people deny an opportunity to give gratitude to president Biya? Why should they refuse to acknowledge the President’s gesture to Fako?”
                Churchill Monono extrapolated from the attitude of the Fako CPDM establishment that maybe it is packed with people who only support the president when it is convenient to them and when they are sure that their personal interests is protected.
                “By boycotting this gesture of the President Fako elite have shown to the wider public that they support the head of state only when it is convenient to them and when they are sure to make personal political capital out of it,” Monono regretted, hammering that the Fako CPDM establishment is composed essentially of hypocrites. 

Cameroon-US Cooperation:

Outgoing US Ambassador predicts bright future for Cameroon
The President of the Republic, Paul BIYA has granted a farewell audience to the outgoing U.S. Ambassador – H.E. Michael Stephen Hoza, at the Unity Palace on Wednesday 6 September 2017.
                Speaking to reporters after the audience, Ambassador Stephen Hozaemphasised that the U.S. will prolong its partnership with Cameroon – “a country with a bright future”.
                Cameroon-U.S. cooperation currently stands on a solid pedestal. H.E. Stephen Hoza noted that he was “proud to say that the United States and Cameroon broadened cooperation in numerous areas, such as in security, politics, economics, health, education, and the environment.”

Arbitrary arrest and detention:

Ayah Paul sues Cameroon gov’t, claims Fcfa 100bn
Ayah Paul paid a visit Friday to Anglophone activists in Kondengui
The Popular Action Party PAP has issued a release concerning the release of its president, Justice Ayah Paul Abine (retired). According to the release signed by the party’s General Secretary, Akoson Raymond, PAP has seized the African Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms over the arbitrary, abusive arrest and detention of its President, Justice Ayah Paul Abine, by the State of Cameroon. PAP is claiming the Cameroon government FCFA 100 billion as damages for the injustices suffered by its President.
                The party has also suggested the following if the Cameroon government must come out of the present impasse in the two Anglophone regions: the release of all persons still imprisoned in connection to the Anglophone crisis; payment of compensation to families who have lost members during the crisis; permit the return of all those who exiled themselves because of the crisis; rapidly demilitarize the two Anglophone regions and the convening of an all-inclusive, frank and genuine dialogue.

New Musical Rights Corporation, SONACAM:

Fan Thomas, Adeline Mbenkum elected President and VP
Sam Fan Thomas
The Cameroonian Association of Musical Artistes, SONACAM, has finally taken off following the election of veteran artiste, Sam Fan Thomas as President of the Board of Directors of the new association. Sam Fan Thomas and his Vice, Adeline Mbenkum were chosen consensually during a marathon and heated General Assembly that took place Saturday at the Yaounde Conference Center. The General Assembly was supervised by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Prof NarcisseMouelle Kombi.
                Comprising over 1500 artistes, SONACAM is a fusion of the former CMC and SOCAM. It is now the lone association licensed to manage author’s rights of the musical category in Cameroon.
                “It is a new dawn for artistes with the advent of a new musical rights corporation. With SONACAM we hope to correct the mistakes of the past because all the problems we had before were due to bad governance and mismanagement,” said the new VP of SONACAM, Adeline Mbenkum.

Visit to Kondengui:

Agbor Balla vows to fight for Mancho BBC’s release
The leader of the Coffin Revolution, Mancho Bibixy, is still in detention
The leader of the outlawed Consortium of Anglophone Civil Societies, Consortium for short, has said he would not go to sleep until all those detained in connection to the Anglophone crisis are released.
                Barrister Nkongho Felix AgborBalla made the solemn pledge in a post on his facebook page, after a visit to Yaounde last week.
                Balla during his rather charged itinerary in Yaounde, paid a visit to the 10 Anglophones detained at the Prison Principale and the 27 others kept in the Prison Centrale, both in Kondengui, Yaounde.
                Whilst with the detainees, Balla assured them he would not allow himself to go to sleep whilst they remained in jail. He promised to use every means available to him to secure their release.
                The Median learned that the emblematic leader of what is now known as the coffin revolution, ManchoBibixy, almost burst into tears when he saw Balla. He reportedly ran up to the Consortium President and embraced him warmly, before urging him to do everything to make sure he and the other detainees regain their freedom. Balla assured Mancho he would do just that.

Uneasy calm returns to Kumbo after hostilities

Calm has reportedly returned to Kumbo in Bui Division, North West region after gendarmes shot and killed a 19 year old boy whose names we got as Sevidzem Cyprian in Kifem and another 35 year old father of four whose name we got as Abdul Aziz in Tobin on Monday September 4, 2017.
                In an official statement, the Minister of Defense Joseph BetiAssomo, said the boy in Kifem was shot accidentally after villagers attacked gendarmes with locally made guns, wounding one of the gendarmes. The defense minister said the gendarmes were in Kifem on an anti-drug operation and that they opened fired in self-defense. A claim greatly debunked by eyewitness’ account in Kumbo.
                Gendarmes reportedly had a tip-off that the nicotine-containing plant was being grown in the area and went to apprehend the suspect. When they got to the scene and could not immediately find the drug-containing plant, they are reported to have proceeded to rounding up the man’s goats.
                Cyprian, angered by what he saw, raised an alarm, alerting other villagers who descended on the scene and got into a scuffle with the red-capped officers. In the heated struggle with tempers flaring, shots were fired and one hit Cyprian.
                Cyprian’s body was being brought to Kumbo a few hours after his murder by an irate mob of youths who went through the town chanting songs but the mean company commander and his men used teargas and gun shots in attempts to disperse the swelling crowds and “seized” Cyprian’s body  and took it to the hospital.

Road accidents claimed 116 lives in August – Official

Colonel Tchinda Henri
The National Gendarmerie has revealed that a total of 116 people were killed in the month of August 2017 on the main roads in Cameroon. A spokesperson for the Gendarmerie force, Colonel Tchinda Henri noted on Sunday via Canal Press program on Canal 2 International tv that 90% of these accidents were due to  human causes and 10% were due to environmental issues.
                Cameroon Concord News gathered from the televised presentation that human causes were mainly the imprudence of drivers with recklessness manifested through speeding, dangerous overtaking, poor parking of vehicles and driver fatigue.


Mr. President, act now and save Cameroon
The clouds are gathering and the looming catastrophe is palpable and frightening. But as long as President Biya continues to ignore calls for federalism, Anglophone separatist agitations will grow even stronger, writes EkinnehAgbaw-Ebai in Boston, USA
President Paul Biya; will he allow Cameroon to go up in flames?
With schools having all but failed to resume in Southern Cameroons; as the Anglophone problem continues to fester with no visible end in sight, the greatest responsibility of the president today is to give this nation a pathway to unity in diversity. And by this is meant, Paul Biya should urgently respond to the increasing calls for a return to federalism.
Different persons from diverse backgrounds, including foreign diplomats have repeated the call for the nation to return to the federalist temper which governed Cameroon in the early years of nationhood. In 1972 when Ahidjo staged a constitutional coup d'etat by unilaterally abrogating the federation, it was clear disenchantment was inevitable. Centralization has created a buccaneer mentality and booty-sharing tradition evident in the selfishness, mindless exploitation and insensitivity amongst the vampire elite that have captured and taken Cameroon hostage. What is plaguing the nation today is not just conflicts that are inevitable in any union, it is the crises the country and its leaders have refused to resolve because they benefit from them.
                Unfortunately the current threat to national unity cannot be wished away by military force because though force can subjugate people it will solve nothing. The meaningless show of crude power has no redeeming political value as it closes the door on dialogue and hardens Anglophone resolve for independence. Anglophones cannot be stopped by the fear of civil war and death.

Curbing road accidents:

Drivers warned against drink-driving
By Boris Esono in Buea
Travel agency owners and motor park managers have been warned that serious sanctions await bus drivers who drink and take drugs (marijuana) before driving.
                The warning was dished out to motor park managers and traveling agency owners by the divisional delegate of land transport for Fako, Musi Peter.
                He was speaking during an evaluation meeting with transporters at his office in Limbe recently. The meeting was aimed to reduce the high rate of accidents in the division which has claimed more than 100 lives just in August this year.

Ghost Towns mar schools resumption in Kumba

By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Meme SDO, Chamberlin Ntou'ouNdong
Calls for the observation of three days ghost towns by outlawed Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has been blamed for the poor and timid kick off of the 2017/2018 academic year in the town of Kumba.
                Only few students and pupils come be seen in sundry government and private colleges throughout the week in Kumba. While some who managed to turnout in some of the schools did so in their uniforms majority of them came in assorted dresses calming fear of been attacked in the streets.
                In most schools visited, the few students who answered present were already taking lectures in their various classes. In Government Bilingual High School Kumba, GBHS, and the Cameroon College of Arts and Sciences, CCAS, Kumba, the attendance was below expectation with not up to to 100 students in the close two colleges visited.  In Government Bilingual High School Kosala, 30 students were present. GBTTC and GTTTC witnessed four and seven students taking lectures in their classes respectively.
                                Some of the students who spoke to The Median said they were very happy that schools had finally though on a poor footing. They revealed they were very prepared to study reasons for their presence in class even when they were the only students.  Others expressed the wish to see most of their friends who are still idling at home to join them for the studies and promised telling their friends back home of the effective resumption of schools and massive presence of teachers.