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Befitting funeral for an exemplar of simplicity:

Tombel fetes the joyful departure of Pa Daniel N.Elung
The funeral on Saturday 23 December 2017, of Pa Daniel Ndung Elung (Sango Dan Ndung), father of Minister Delegate to the MINFI, Elung Paul Che, will be remembered for many years to come as the funeral that pulled the biggest crowds ever in cosmopolitan Tombel
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Tombel
Minister Elung Paul and his brothers carrying their father’s remains to its final resting place in Tombel
Thousands of people from far and near converged in Tombel on Saturday 23 December 2017 to join the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Finance, Elung Paul Che and his siblings in celebrating the joyful departure to the world beyond of their father and grandfather, Papa Daniel Ndung Elung (Sango Dan Ndung), who slept in the Lord on 3 December 2017.
                The mourners came in their numbers despite the charged itineraries that people are understood to have in the build up to Christmas on 25 December.
                The Mortuary of the Bonassama District Hospital in Douala was crowded with mourners as early as 5.30 a.m on Saturday morning, as the remains of Pa Daniel Elung had to be coffined at 6.00 a.m.
                The Minister of Special Duties, Victor Mengot, his counterpart of Secondary Education, Ngalle Mesina Bibehe and the SG of MINEPAT, Jean Choffo, all made sure they were at the Mortuary in time to show solidarity with their colleague in government, Elung Paul, who had to transport the remains of his father for burial in his native Tombel, situated some 150km from Douala via Loum. 
                When the long motorcade that escorted the hearse bearing Pa Elung’s remains arrived in Tombel at about 10a.m, the decor was already planted for a befitting funeral.
                The funeral Mass was to follow soon afterwards at the Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Tombel. But this was not before the mourners were treated to a sumptuous breakfast at the cozy residence of Minister Elung Paul.
                Presiding at the funeral mass, the Bishop of the Kumba Diocese, Mgr. Agapatus, reminded mourners that death was the natural route for all God’s children. He said as for Pa Daniel Elung, he has lived a complete circle on earth and it was God’s chosen time for him to depart.
                The Bishop asked the mourners to remember St. Paul’s second letter to Timothy in which he stated inter alia: “As for me, my life is already being poured as libation, and the time has come for me to depart…I have fought the good fight to the end; I have run the race to the finish; I have kept the faith. All there is to come for me now is the crown of uprightness which the Lord, the upright judge, will give to me on that day…..”
                The funeral mass was followed by eulogies from Francis Elung and Paul Elung, two of the eight sons that Pa Daniel Elung had with the only woman he tied the nuptial knot with, Mama Mary Ngum Elung, who had preceded her husband to the world beyond seven years ago, in 2010.
                The eulogies by the Elung sons were pregnant with anecdotes of the lessons of honesty, humility, uprightness, trust in God and hard work that Pa Daniel Elung had imparted to his children. 
                Commentators in Church said they could now understand why despite their individual and collective successes, Pa Elung’s children have elected to remain humble, self-effacing and down to earth.                            Many said the children certainly learned from their dad and mentor, who though living in the midst of plenty, and despite the successes of his children, still chose to lead a simple, down to earth life, in his native Tombel.
                At the end of the funeral mass, the casket bearing Sango Dan Ndung was lifted out of the Church by his sons, led by the mascot of the family, Minister Elung Paul Che.

Hostilities in Kembong and Mamfe:

Manyu is victim of its porous border and strategic location
                                     – HRH Ayamba Ita, traditional ruler of Eyumojock
– HRH Ayamba Ita, traditional ruler of Eyumojock
According to the young, dynamic and out-spoken traditional ruler of Eyumojock town, if Manyu has easily become the centre of hostilities it is because of several reasons including notably the geo-strategic location of the division which has a long and porous land border with Nigeria, and the poor management of the crisis by local administrators. Ntufam Ayamba Ita suggests that government should adopt a more appropriate communication strategy to counter the very effective and well-oiled propaganda machine that the secessionists have used and continue using to lure more youths into their ranks.
By Tanyi Kenneth Musa in Y’de with field reports
The traditional ruler of Eyumojock town has expressed fears it will be difficult to convince Anglophone refugees in Nigeria to come back home, in so long as soldiers especially the BIR are still stationed in villages and towns in Southern Cameroon. HRH Ntufam Ayamba Ita Jacques says all efforts he and other concerned persons have made to try to convince the refugees to return home have gone in vain because the refugees hold strong to their position that they will not return home to be arrested by soldiers and gendarmes. HRH made these and other remarks Tuesday, during a telephone conversation with this reporter.
                “Even though the BIR have assured me that they came here with the sole objective to ensure that peace returns, it is difficult to convince the children who are in exile across the borders that the BIR are here for peace. On the contrary, the children believe that the BIR have come to arrest and kill them, especially those of them who have ‘odeshi’ marks on their bodies,” Ntufam Ayamba Ita explained, noting that the several trips he made to Nigeria to convince the youths to return home met with an adamant and evidently brainwashed youths.
                “Even though I told the refugees that upon returning home, they will first stay in my palace pending their eventual reinsertion into their communities, they would still not trust me. Most of them took me instead for an agent of government whose mission is to lure them into the dragnet of the soldiers and the BIR,” Ntufam Ayamba said, also noting that the continued stay of the refugees in Nigeria has only made it possible for the secessionists to brainwash them using their well-oiled propaganda machine.
                Ntufam Ayamba Ita recounted how during a recent trip he undertook to the refugee camps with car loads of rice and other food items, was sabotaged by the famous ‘internet general’, Mark Bareta, who quickly sent word to the refugee camps that the government in Yaounde has sent a delegation with poisoned food for them and that the refugees should not only reject the food but should also pounce on the delegation as soon as they arrived. Ntufam Ita said he was only saved the embarrassment and perhaps an attempt on his life, by Nigerian immigration authorities who had delayed the movement of his delegation for reasons of obtaining prior clearance from the Cross River State government.

Smear Campaign:

Victor Mengot pelted with sterile stones
The Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency has since become the target of all kinds of attacks and allegations ever since Manyu became the epi-centre of hostilities in the ongoing war between secessionists and government forces
By Essan-Ekoninyam in Yaounde
Minister Victor Mengot patronized sports tournaments in the four divisions of Manyu just to convince the youths to go back to school
Who wants Victor Mengot’s head? Who wants to put the leader of Manyu CPDM in the black book of his boss and mentor, Paul Biya? Who wants to use Victor Mengot as ladder to get political ascendancy?
                All these questions have continued to hover across the mind of this reporter, ever since allegations started making the rounds in Yaounde to the effect that Victor Mengot collected money from Yaounde to ‘motivate’ Manyu chiefs to dissuade their subjects from joining the secessionists but the Minister diverted the money instead into his private pocket and the money never got to the Chiefs.
                 According to the propagators of this false and ill-intentioned allegations, Manyu is today the headquarters of the Anglophone secessionist struggle because the local chiefs have turned their backs on Yaounde and have allowed the Anglophone separatist leaders to create their base in their backyard, simply because they want to punish their ‘greedy’ son, Victor Mengot.
                But these ‘conseillers toxiques’ forget that, Victor Mengot is one minister in government who has hardly been linked with any corruption dossier; and that he could not invite a stain on his good name only now, at this time when the President desperately needs trusted lieutenants to help him combat ghost towns and secessionist activities in the Anglophone regions.
                Yet, it can however be easily understood that the persons who are sponsoring this smear campaign against Victor Mengot can only be people who believe they will get political ascendancy if they can succeed to bring down the Manyu political leader. And these people are convinced that they can attain their wicket objective if they can cause President Paul Biya to start viewing Victor Mengot only through the tinted spectacles of corruption and betrayal.

Council Session:

K’ba I Adopts 676m for 2018
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Inauguration of new council building
The Kumba I council has adopted the sum of six hundred and seventy six million four hundred and ninety four thousand (676 494 000) fracs cfa balanced in revenue and expenditure as budget to transform the municipality and bring needed development in 2018. The amount was adopted by councilors of the council in a budgetary session held in the newly constructed council building.
                Speaking during the council session, Mayor Ebako Abel Ndoh said priority projects in 2018 will be the construction and rehabilitation of roads, opening of new streets, construction of culverts, compensation for land expropriated at Kake II for the construction of a market and council guest house, purchase of canoes for Lake Barombi as well as settlement of unpaid bills and salaries.
                Mayor Ebako praised the political maturity demonstrated by the councilors who despite their political backgrounds have united to bring the much needed development to the municipality.

Buea Council budgets over 2 billion for 2018

By Boris Esono in Buea
Mayor of Buea, Patrick Esunge Ekema
Councilors of the Buea council have voted an ambitious budget of over 2 billion for the 2018 financial year. The budget was voted on 19 December during the second ordinary council session of the council which was devoted to the examination and adoption of the draft budget for the 2018 fiscal year.
                The budget for 2018 as presented before the plenary was balanced in revenue and expenditure at FCFA two billion two hundred and fifty eight million one hundred and ninety thousand (2,258,190,000), giving a 10% increase compared to the 2017 budget which stood at FCFA two billion, fifty two million, nine hundred thousand (2,052,900,000).
                Looking at the 2018 financial budget which stands at FCFA 2,258,190,000 cannot be undermined by any financial analyst as the gap between 2012-2018 stands at 55.72%. Looking at the administrative accounts for the above periods, realization rates has never been less than 65%.
                According to the Mayor of Buea, Patrick Esunge Ekema, the council though endowed with rich resources has had to grapple with problems due to poor collaboration of stakeholders with undeclared backing-outs, feet-dragging, backstabbing and other counter-productive machinations being the order of the day at the council.

Kumba II Budgets FCFA 805m for 2018

By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
The SDF stronghold Kumba II council has adopted the sum of FCFA eight hundred and five million two hundred and one thousand eight hundred and twelve (805, 201, 812) as budget for the year 2018 as well as presented groundbreaking projects that will help transform the municipality. 
                The amount drawn to balance in revenue and expenditure was voted Friday December 22, 2017 at the council building during the budgetary session of the council. The realistic budget has witnessed an increase of FCFA three hundred and five million, two hundred and one thousand eight hundred and twelve (305 201 812). According to the Mayor, Forcha Ndobengang Martin, the increase is justified by the FCFA 300 million loan obtained to construct the Kosala Market and other income generating structures like the Slaughter House and a Business centre.
                The Mayor added that 60.38% of the 2018 budget has been dedicated to investment to help transform the municipality into a land of excellence and prosperity. As a road map for 2018, Mayor Forcha Martin revealed the council will embark on grading, rehabilitation and construction of roads, culverts, construction of a Status Block, Boreholes, Multipurose Hall as well as creation of open space amongst sundry others.

Muyuka Council Votes Ambitious 1bn Budget for 2018

By Boris Esono in Muyuka
Mayor Nkeng Michael addressing Muyuka councilors
The Muyuka council has adopted an ambitious budget of FCFA 1 billion balanced in income and expenditure for the 2018 financial year. The budget was adopted last December 21, 2017 during the second ordinary council session devoted to the examination and adoption of the 2018 draft budget for the council.
                To Mayor Nkeng Michael Akamin, the increase in the budget this year as opposed to last year betrays the ambition of the councilors to develop the municipality.
                The mayor said priority projects include the construction of two zoo-technical and veterinary centers in Muyuka and Ekona.
Other projects in 2018 include the construction and equipment of a nursery block at Munyenge, the construction and equipment of a block of two classrooms at G.S Owe, the provision of 200 benches to some schools, establishment of a block of 3 classrooms at GBS Group I, Muyuka.
                Muyuka being a typically agrarian community, Mayor Nkeng Michael said the construction of maize and cassava transforming plants have been projected while an ultra-modern market will be constructed at Munyene to replace the one that was ravished by fire.
                “We shall also be devoting our attention to the rehabilitation of farm to market roads as well as improving the current poor state of roads in the neighborhoods,” the mayor said.
                The mayor decried the absence of electricity in some economically viable localities in the municipality.

Cameroonians pray for peace on Christmas

This Christmas, both Christians and Muslims are praying for peace to return to Cameroon. Until a few years ago, the country never experienced serious violence or unrest; but, the Boko Haram insurgency in the north, the spillover of violence from the Central African Republic and the turmoil in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions have made life difficult for many.
                Thirty youths representing churches and mosques are roaming the streets of Cameroon’s capital, urging everyone to pray that peace returns to the trouble spots of this central African state.
                Among the singers is Bertrand Bayaga of the Full Gospel mission. He says he does not want more bloodshed in Cameroon.
                Bayaga says he is praying for the government to be tactful and tolerant in finding solutions to all problems, because he does not want the country that their forefathers shed their blood for, to achieve its independence and unity, to be divided.
                A nationwide prayer campaign was organized by pastor Jean Libom Li Likeng of the evangelical church of Cameroon.
                The pastor says he organized the prayers to call on God to urgently come to the help of the Cameroon nation. He says through the massive participation and prayer he witnessed, he is satisfied that the country’s elite and people of God have understood that God is calling them to contribute in bringing peace to Cameroon.

Strike action:

OIC workers down tools, demand seven months of salary arrears

By Boris Esono in Buea
Some workers of the Cameroon Opportunities and Industrialization Centre-COIC, Buea, last December 20 stormed the premises of the NGO demanding seven months of unpaid salaries owed them. 
                The striking workers also indicted the current management of the institution for incompetence and inhumane treatment of its personnel.
                Striking workers carried placards with messages such as “Treat OIC workers as human beings, not as slaves or military men and women”; “Ttop insulting female staff, women should be respected”; “No to employment of friends and relatives”; “Include technicians in management positions” etc.
                According to staff representative, Martin Ephanga Ndive, the striking workers could no longer condone the ill-will of management that has not shown any remorse despite being unable to pay workers’ salaries for up to seven months.
                “There have been a series of meetings between management and the workers. But what angered us today was the manner in which the board chair spoke to us. He said there is just one month salary and if the workers do not want to take it they should leave it”.

Better late than never:

GCE Board to pay 2017 markers in January
-Adopts FCFA 6.5 billion as 2018 budget
By Boris Esono in Buea
Prof. Peter Abety
Examiners who marked the 2017 session of the GCE examinations will be paid on or before 20 January 2018, the chairman of the GCE Board has said.
                Prof. Peter Abety made the pledge during the 49th Ordinary session of the council of the Cameroon GCE Board dedicated to adopting the 2018 budget of GCE examinations management body. 
                “Apart from examining the 2018 budget we also discussed other important matters during the session including out of station allowances owed examiners who marked the 2017 GCE examinations. The amount which stands at FCFA 1,265,000,000 shall be paid in its totality to the examiners in January 2018,” Prof Abety promised.
                In a communiqué issued after the session, the board chair congratulated the examiners for their patience and profound understanding noting that they marked the 2017 exams without compromising standards, and ensuring that those who passed where those who merited it.

Gendarme Who Killed Three Persons in D’la Arrested in Soa

Gendarmerie elements supported by soldiers from the Rapid Intervention Battalion unit have arrested Constable Takem Wamba suspected of having shot his colleague and two other people, including a young lady presented as his girlfriend. The carnage took place in Douala on December 24, 2017.

CSOs, Political Parties, Media Schooled on Participatory Democracy

By Boris Esono in Buea
Participant receiving testimonial after workshop
Some members of political parties, CSOs and the media across Fako division have been exalted not relent their efforts in putting in place participatory democracy. This was during a one day training workshop last December 20, organized by Citizen Initiative for the Reinforcement of Democracy, INCRED.
                The various speakers at the workshop called on youths and women to register on the voters’ registers and to vote en masse during upcoming elections. They discouraged the dormant attitude of youths in electoral processes.
                Speaking on the theme “understanding a political manifesto”, Prof. Claude Abe enjoined the youths to participate in upcoming elections as they have the power to change the whole electoral process in Cameroon.
                “Youths should kill the “free rider” in them if they want to succeed in changing the present electoral system,” Prof. Abe said.
                According to him, the present situation is very baffling as most political parties do not have a manifesto which makes it difficult for them to operate. “For some political parties, for example those under the banner of the opposition, what they call political manifesto is very loose and shabby”. “The objective of the opposition is to see the head of state stand down but after that, what next. They still do not have an answer”.

Kumba Gets New Abattoir And Cattle Market

-MINEPIA Delegate says order must return in cattle market
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
The Meme Divisional Delegate of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal industry, Dr. Ngwesse Felix has promised to bring order amongst meat vendors in Kumba. He was speaking during the inauguration of the new abattoir and a cattle market evaluated at about FCFA 60 million.
                The delegate promised to restore order in the meat market by bringing butchers who do not comply with regulations governing the sector to book. He added that with the new abattoir and cattle market in place, he will immediately ban all illegal cattle sales points in Kumba.
                He revealed that if this is not done, then the population risk been in danger as the unrecognized cattle markets may post health problems to the population after consuming the products. He told his hearers that only the modern slaughter house and cattle markets are permitted to be use in Kumba as at the moment under strict control from veterinary inspectors. He promised heavy sanctions will be meted on defaulters of the rules and regulations ranging from 3 months to a year jail term.

Cameroon Frees US Professor Held For Criticizing Government

  A judge has ordered the release of a New York literature professor held in the Central African nation of Cameroon since early December.
                Patrice Nganang's lawyer says the dual U.S. and Cameroonian citizen was released early Wednesday. Emmanuel Simh says his Cameroonian passport was taken and that he will be expelled to an unknown destination.

2017 Agro-Pastoral show:

Farmers decry distribution of expired inputs
By Boris Esono in Buea
Farmers receiving farm inputs in Buea
South West farmers have called on the government to stop the habit of distributing expired inputs to farmers. They made the statement in Buea 23 December 2017 during the launching of the 2017 farming season in the SWR.
                According to Mr. Ndedi Bau Akama Makia, SW delegate of the National Platform of agro-sylvo-pastoral and fisheries professionals of Cameroon, PLANOPAC, the government should ensure that farm inputs are given to farmers in time and that expired inputs are not given to farmers.
                “It is high time inputs get to farmers in time because if farmers wait until March 2018-the date for the distribution, these inputs will be long expired,” Ndedi Bau said, adding that “government should speed up the payment of seed producers because since 2015 these producers have not been paid causing them to go borrowing from micro-finance institutions at high interest rates”.
                In 2009 during the extension of electrification from Bakingili to Sanje, farmers in the West coast had their crops destroyed and evaluated during this extension. For seven years now, these producers have not received payments despite numerous promises.
                To Mr. Ndedi, the life agric-census which was ordered by the government has been long overdue. It needs to be implemented to know who is who in the agricultural sector. Our country does not recognize and valorize agriculture as a business. They turn to relegate it to the background”.

Africa Cup of Nations:

CAF renews warning to Cameroon
Ahmad Ahmad
Confederation of African Football (CAF) president, Ahmad, has reiterated his warning to Cameroon about their hosting of the Africa Cup of Nations. Ahmad Ahmad In response to a question about Cameroon holding on to the hosting of the tournament in its new expanded 24-team format in 2019 Ahmad wasted few words.
                “If the host country is unable to organise it, we will find a country that will organise it,” he said. “The authorities in the country, up to the head of state, have always confirmed to us that they will be ready.” Before CAF approved changes to the format and timing of the Nations Cup, Cameroon’s sports minister Ismael Bidoung had been forced to deny preparations were behind schedule.

Choupo-Moting having great time in Premier League

Cameroon international Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting says he is enjoying life in English football despite the recent slump in form by his Stoke City side.
                Choupo-Moting, 28, joined the Potters in the summer from German Bundesliga team Schalke, and was on the scoresheet in a morale-boosting 3-1 win over West Bromwich Albion on Saturday which ended a run of three straight defeats.
                “I am doing good, I am feeling good. It’s a great championship, great competition but a tough league, every game is tough,” said Choupo-Moting.
                He has so far been used as both a striker and winger in Mark Hughes’ side and admits English football can be demanding.
“Physically you have to be 100% to play in the Premier League,” Choupo-Moting told BBC Sport.
                The former Hamburg, Mainz and Schalke player announced his arrival in the league with a brace against Manchester United in only his second game for Stoke.
                He has scored four league goals but says that conversion rate does not truly reflect his contribution to his team.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

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I owe my success at CSPH to President Biya

- Elung Paul Che, former DG of CSPH
The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Finance, Elung Paul Che, who doubled as Director General of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund, CSPH, has said that if he is hailed today for a successful management of the petroleum company, he owes it all to President Biya, who set the goals and the objectives of the company and also prescribed the orientation to be followed by management. Elung spoke to the press on the sidelines of the ceremony to install the new DG of CSPH, Okie Johnson Ndoh, on Friday 15 December.
4 years 8 months at the helm of CSPH, what sentiments animate you as you finally quit this strategic petroleum company?

Former DG of CSPH, Elung Paul Che,leaving the CSPH premises with head high
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my sentiments as I leave this beautiful company. Without mincing or wincing I should say I am leaving CSPH with my head high. I am filled with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. I say so because when I came to CSPH, I met a company that was in distress; a company that was facing serious challenges. I recall that I inherited a CSPH whose reserves were at an all-time low. The reserves could barely sustain the company’s routine activities for another quarter. So faced with this situation I immediately set out to work. I challenged myself to do everything to overturn the bad situation at the company. And believe you me, after just one year at the company we witnessed a marked positive change in our financial records. With this positive result in just the first year, I told myself I could do better, why not. But I must state here emphatically that the orientation we gave the company was that which had been prescribed to me by the head of state upon my appointment. The goals and objectives were also set by the President. So if I was able to accomplish the task assigned me at CSPH I owe it all to the head of state and I will always thank him for giving me the opportunity to serve him and to serve the nation.

In his remarks while installing the new DG on Friday, the Board Chairman, Minister Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, praised you lavishly for what he described as your excellent management at CSPH. The Minister also extended to you the ‘high congratulations’ of the head of state and urged the new DG to walk in your footsteps. How did feel when you listened to the Board Chairman say this about you?

--I could only be happy for the acknowledgment. And my fulfillment was all the more because the Board Chairman said the Head of State was satisfied with the work I had done. I don’t think anyone can be indifferent to recognition by the head of state. However, I should say that instead of developing a big head I rather take such acknowledgment in all humility. And this will only push me to always strive to do better.

You could not have achieved this much-acclaimed success without the contribution of the staff of CSPH. What did you do to ensure  good collaboration from the staff of CSPH?

--That is a very good question. Like you say no manager can succeed if those around him are not ready to collaborate well or if the conditions of work are not good enough for his personnel. Like the English adage goes, no one hand can tie a bundle. So, the first principle of any manager worth the name is to first make sure his personnel are motivated. And that is what we are thought in school. However I cannot enumerate all the measures I took to motivate staffers of CSPH. But I must say I did my best to provide a working environment that made them happy and comfortable. Being a company in the petroleum sector there is no doubt that the salaries are relatively good. So apart from providing a very conducive atmosphere in their work places I also made sure they had extra bonuses for performance. But I emphasized to them that the bonuses they should receive would depend on the performance and the net profits of the company; the more the profits the more the bonus, and vice versa. That meant that if they worked hard for the company to make profits over and above its set objective then they should  have more as bonuses. I also took measures to ensure that their pensions upon retirment were reviewed upwards. I think the workers saw with me and the result is what we are talking today
But some members of your staff complained that you were very conservative with money; that you literally blocked all outlets at the company, unlike your predecessor who was somewhat of a Father Christmas. How do you react to this?

--(Laughs). That’s interesting! Well, I think that those who said I was tight with money have their reasons for saying so. But I believe these are perhaps who were probably benefitting some undue advantages during the previous management but which advantages I withdrew when I realized that they were not legitimate or lawful. But again you must understand that good finance managers are essentially, and more often than not, finance conservatives. Besides, it is difficult for decisions that a public manager takes in the interest of the state to be popular. People will always want you to satisfy their selfish interest at the expense of the state. But I must affirm here that I was brought to CSPH by the head of state to serve him and to help build the national economy. So for every decision that I took I first made sure it tied with the orientations given me by the head of state. Perhaps some of these decisions were not popular by the reckoning of some staffers. Yet, whenever I was sure that a decision I had taken was not at variance with the prescriptions of the head of state, I made sure the decision was fully applied. And the result is what you and I know today.

Taking over as new DG:

Okie Ndoh tasked to re-write Elung Paul’s success story at CSPH
Commissioning the 55-year old super-scale civil administrator into his new functions Friday, the Board Chairman of CSPH, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, challenged Okie Johnson Ndoh to follow the footsteps of his predecessor, Elung Paul Che, who is credited with a wonderful performance during his 4 years and 8 months as GM of CSPH. 
Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde
Board Chaiman Luc Magloire Atangana presides technical hand-over
“The task ahead is heavy, the expectations are many; the misunderstandings unforeseeable. Yet no errors will be pardoned. You must therefore exercise unbridled caution and vigilance if you will live up to the challenge that awaits you at CSPH.” It was with these words of caution that Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, Minister of Trade and Board Chairman of CSPH, commissioned Okie Johnson Ndoh, 55, and Veronique Manzoa, 51, into their functions as the new Director General and Deputy Director General respectively of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund, CSPH, on Friday 15 December 2017.
                For Okie Johnson Ndoh, Mbarga Atangana at once reassured him that with his wealth of experience as a seasoned public administrator and public finance manager, there is no doubt he has what it takes to rise to the challenge at CSPH. He cautioned Okie Ndoh not to live anything to chance, reminding him that his predecessor Elung Paul has raised the bar so high at the petroleum prices stabilization company.
                “When your predecessor, Elung Paul Che, came to CSPH, he met a company that was virtually in distress. And this was because of the difficult context at the time marked by constantly fluctuating prices of downstream petroleum on the world market. But being the shrewd, tenacious, perspicacious and assiduous manager that he is, Elung used his unquestionable ingenuity and high sense of anticipation to turn things around for the company. In fact, he has not only bequeathed a financially healthy company, he has also raised the bar so high for future managers of CSPH. Today, CSPH boasts sufficient reserves to withstand any unforeseen external shocks,” Atangana Mbarga said, noting that Elung Paul is living the CSPH after 4 years and 8 months,  head high.
                 The Board Chairman used the occasion to extend to Elung Paul and his collaborators, the very high appreciation of the Head of State and the satisfaction of the Board of Directors.
                He exhorted the new DG, like his predecessor, Elung Paul, to be exceedingly cautious and vigilant, and to excersise ingenuity and claivoyance if he must live up to the challenge that is he’s at CSPH.
                “By picking you for the CSPH job, President Paul Biya knows only too well the brilliant career you have had in the public administration and how you have proven your mettle as a public finance manager. The President has no doubt therefore that you will be able to live up to the challenge. So, you must do everything possible not to betray this mark of high confidence and trust that the President has placed on you,” Minister Atangana Mbarga said to Okie Johnson Ndoh.

As populations drown in blood and tears:

Manyu Chiefs wake up from slumber, condemn killings
Chiefs of Manyu have last week issued a statement condemning killings and other forms of violence in the division orchestrated by ‘Ambazonia forces’ and government soldiers and gendarmes. But commentators were quick to fault the Chiefs for selling after the market; acting too little too late. They said the Chiefs woke up from their long slumber only when irreparable damage had already been done to the division and its people, and after the division now has a stigma that may never be erased.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde
Manyu Chiefs ‘swearing Ngbe’ against Ambazonia terrorists
What has happened to Manyu all of a sudden? How could a once vibrant and proud people so suddenly become war-mongers and the laughing stock of Cameroonian society? How come Manyu now finds itself so deep in the abyss of shame and opprobrium? Why must Manyu come to the spotlight only for the wrong reasons? These and many other questions have kept hovering across the mind of this reporter, ever since Manyu started counting its dead, due to repeated gunfire exchanges between ‘Odeshi’-bolstered assailants from I don’t know where, and government soldiers and gendarmes.
                Bad news from Mamfe has been making headlines and animating a vast amount of debates and discussions in Cameroon in the past recent weeks. But it was only last week that the Chiefs of Manyu made a statement on the very hurting and worrisome development, which has left the populations of Manyu completely emasculated, traumatized, naked and evidently confused to say the least.
                Yet, even as the Manyu Chiefs made what many have already described as a feeble resurrection, commentators in Manyu have wasted no time to dismiss the action of the Chiefs as selling after the market; coming too little too late and after much irreparable damage has already been done to the division and its people.
                Some wondered why the Chiefs should issue a declaration instead of take a strong action to stop their subjects involving in or helping the violence.
                Yet others said the outing of the Chiefs only betrays their penchant for double-speak and for serving two masters at a time. Some commentators questioned how the same Manyu Chiefs who swear by Sesekou Ayuk Tabe Julius in private and who came out recently in their numbers to welcome and hail Agbor Balla when he was released from Kondengui and even elevated him to the dignity of Sesekou, should now come out to say they are at variance with the violence caused by what Sesekou and Balla stand for.
                Also, some observers said by condemning only the killing of security forces by separatists and not vice versa, the Chiefs may just be pouring kerosene into what can already be qualified as an inferno. The observers argue that there has been heavy casualties on both sides, and nobody has monopoly of violence or has the legitimate right to do violence or kill his brother.
                “It would have been opportune if the Chiefs had also condemned the killing of civilians by armed security officers. But they did not do this; they only condemned the killing of soldiers,” a commentator remarked.

Kembong, Manyu Division:

Four Gendarmes killed in daylight clashes, guns seized by assailants
-Soldiers set houses ablaze
Four gendarme officers have been killed and their guns seized by unidentified assailants in the locality of Kembong near Mamfe in Manyu Division. Reports from Mamfe said about six gunmen shot the gendarmes to death in a surprise attack that took place at about midday on Monday.
                Some other gendarmes who were also on duty surrendered their guns and were allowed to run to safety, The Median gathered.
                The assailants, who came in from the direction of Ewelle village, went away with the guns of the slain gendarmes and those of their colleagues that were not shot, according to reports on the ground.
                About three houses were set ablaze by soldiers who were called in to reinforce the security in Kembong.
                A source in Kembong said it was difficult to know how and when the assailants entered town. But he said the left on motor-bikes.
                The CPDM MP from Kembong, Hon. Okpu Suzan, confirmed the attacks when this reporter called her later in the day. She said she on her way to her village, Kembong, when a family member she had called advised her not to dare come. She said it was this interlocutor who informed her of the situation in her village had degenerated and that four gendarmes had been shot dead by unidentified gunmen.
Sounding discernibly exasperated, the MP questioned: “Why Kembong? Why should Sisikou Julius’ men choose only Kembong of all places to carry out their wicked atrocities?”
                A source told us that the gendarmes who were on guard in Kembong had retired to a small bar to cool off. And that was where the assailants took them off guard.
                Others who were at the duty post were instructed to drop their guns and run for their lives. They reportedly obliged. The assailants carried the guns away.
                It is not immediately known who the assailants were and where they came from. But speculations are that they are militants of the Ambazonia defense forces, who are for some time now been clamoring to divide Cameroon and create a separate state of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia.

Government Statement:

Biya orders military manovers in NW & SW
Distinguished Journalists, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Following the Special Instructions of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the Defence and Security Forces are currently conducting law enforcement and defence operations in the North West and South West Regions.
                With regard to law enforcement operations based on the ‘humane law enforcement’ concept, they consist in enforcing public order through public awareness and, when necessary, undertaking any appropriate operations to restore order and security.
                The results obtained are convincing and the vast majority of the population collaborates in the execution of the various missions related thereto.
                To illustrate this, the populations are increasingly turning a deaf ear to all sorts of calls to civil disobedience launched by the troublemakers.
                I should indicate that no element of the  category 3 forces is involved in this type of operation.
                As you know, armed gangs claiming to belong to various secessionist movements have recently led attacks against the positions of the Defence Forces, especially in the border areas and some localities along the Western border of Cameroon.
                These attacks, mostly concentrated in the Manyu Division, South-West Region, have sometimes resulted in the death of some elements of our Defence and Security Forces. It should be recalled that the terrorists had taken advantage of the dense forest at the border with Nigeria to set up secret training camps from which they organized raids against the positions of our Defence Forces.
It was at this juncture that the  category 3 forces had to take action through tactical units, and conducted force operations aimed at protecting the exposed areas, hunting down the enemy and securing the border.
                During these operations, the bloodthirsty secessionist criminals were severely defeated.
                Following the dismantling operations thus carried out, the hideouts of these hordes of murderers were literally destroyed and the villages previously taken hostage were released.
                No civilian or military death or casualty was recorded during these missions, which, it must be emphasized, were carried out with exemplary professionalism by our Defence Forces.

SHUMAS donates classrooms, benches to two Schools in Meyomessala, South region

By Njodzefe Nestor
Pupil enjoying water from the borehole
Government Primary School Edjom and Government Bilingual Primary School Meyomessala all in Meyomessala sub division, Dja Et Lobo Division of the South Region have benefitted from SHUMAS’ educational program.
                Government Primary School Edjom just like Government Bilingual Primary School Meyomessala were happy recipients of 3 newly constructed classrooms, 1 office and store, 27 benches, 3 tables, a 3 compartment toilet block with hand washing facilities and a water borehole.
                This was realized thanks to the partnership between SHUMAS-Cameroon, Building Schools for Africa – UK and the council/Communities of Edjom and Meyomessala.
                The beneficiary institutions officially received the project on the 6th and 7th December 2017 for Government Primary School Edjom and Government Bilingual Primary School Meyomessala respectively much to the delight of the concerned communities who turned out in their numbers to express their appreciation to SHUMAS and her partner.
                Receiving the project on behalf of the concerned communities, the Senior Divisional Officer of Meyomessala thanked SHUMAS for thinking about Meyomessala. This was re-echoed by the Mayor of Meyomessala Council who promised that they will ensure that the school infrastructure are put to proper use and jealously protected.
                In his speech at the different reception grounds, the Director General of SHUMAS Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka extended his gratitude to the leaders of Meyomessala and the people for actively participating and ensuring the success of the project.

Dispute over control of Motor Park:

Kumba gov’t delegate & mayor drop the hatchet
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Ngoh Nkelle Victor, GovernmentDelegate to the Kumba
Ngoh Nkelle Victor, Government Delegate to the Kumba city council and Mayor John Kona Makia of SDF run Kumba III council have both declare a ceasefire over the long standing dispute over the ownership and control of the Ntam motor park that serves as take off point for vehicles plying the Kumba-Mamfe-Bamenda, Kumba-Tombel-Loum road axis.
                The decree truce was done recently during the launching of the Ntam motor park at its new side beside the Kumba II council in Mambanda. The launching comes after repeated clashes between the two municipal authorities on the issue that at one time almost led to exchange of punches.  The launching as well comes after the two officials visibly went on slumber on the issue thereby providing a fertile ground for clandestine motor parks to inundate Kumba.
                Both Ngoh Nkelle and John Kona failed promises they made on the park issue six months ago. We gathered that the Government Delegate only facilitated the opening of the park after threats of an impending rejection of the city council’s 2018 budget that will be voted this week.     

Human Rights Day:

FAKLANS talk self-determination in Buea
By Boris Esono in Buea
Nkongho Felix Agbor, FAKLA President
Lawyers under the banner of the Cameroon Bar Association have commemorated the 64th edition of the International Human Rights Day with the lawyers saying everyone has the right to self-determination.
                Speaking last December 12 in Buea, the president of the Fako Lawyers Association, FAKLA, Barr. Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla said “without the right to Federation and secession, there would never be a right to self-determination…..Art 1 of the UN chatter and chapter 20 of the African Chatter sate clearly that “All people have the right to self-determination”.
                There is no universally acceptable definition of rights and this makes it difficult to understand the definition. The issue of self-determination is very crucial because it means breaking the sovereignty of the state which politicians do not condone.
                “Asking federation and or secession is a right to self-determination. You are considered an outcast, a terrorist, wanting to change the state for considering the idea of federation. Self-determination is very complex. When you succeed, you are accepted by the international community, but when you fail, you are branded a terrorist”.

Budget session:

Y’de City Council budgets Fcfa 22.6 bn for 2018
The Government Delegate says the bulk of the money would be used to prepare the
capital city for the 2019 AFCON to be hosted in Cameroon
By Victorine Ngum in Yaounde
Y’de Gov. Del, Tsimi Evouna
22 billion six hundred million Fcfa is the amount that the Yaounde city council has adopted as budget for 2018. Authorities of the city council say the colossal budget will be invested to render the capital city more beautiful and attractive to host important events during the 2019 African Nations Cup, AFCON 2019.
                “Our priority in 2018 is the beautification of Yaounde to host the opening game and the final game of the AFCON 2019. As the seat of state institutions, our capital city has to be attractive enough to host these events,” said the Government Delegate, Gilbert Tsimi Evouna.

Two charged as 216 ivory tusks are found in Colonel’s car.

Ivory seized from a colonel’s car
Wildlife officials arrested two people who have been charged in Djoum following the seizure of 216 ivory tusks and 81 elephant tails from the car of a gendarmerie colonel on December 11, 2017
The two were charged with illegal detention and commercialization of protected wildlife species and are to appear in court on December 19, 2017. The colonel whose car contained the ivory was ferried to Yaounde with the ivory tusks that was handed over to the Ministry of Forestry and wildlife.
                Following the arrest of the two that included the driver and a suspected ivory trafficker who were transporting the contraband, wildlife officials immediately set to ensure the judicial process of prosecuting the traffickers was followed according the law governing the sector. The two were interrogated at the Djoum gendarmerie brigade and a complaint report established by wildlife officials. The matter was immediately forwarded to the Djoum state counsel. The entire legal procedure is technically assisted by LAGA, a wildlife law enforcement support body.
                Some conservationists say the presence of a military vehicle in yet another wildlife trafficking case is disturbing and may finally buttress accusations by some investigative reports of the suspicious role played by some unruly military people in wildlife trafficking in the country and the sub region. This may be indicating a trend that is yet to be uncovered and those involved prosecuted.  In 2014, at a control post in Nsimalen 185 ivory tusks were seized from another military vehicle. 

Lebialem forests need Protection

- Says conservator
By Boris Esono in Buea
ERuDeF CEO, Louis Nkembi
The Environment and Rural Development Foundation, ERuDeF, has embarked on a rigorous project: that of conserving forest areas which are in dire need of protection.
                In a press briefing in Buea, the CEO of ERuDeF, Louis Nkembi said the proposed Mak-Betchou wildlife sanctuary is over 6000 hectares of forest land cutting across three Fondoms; Lebang, Essoh-Attah and Njoagwi with home to over 3000 chimpanzees, over 100 forest elephants, cross river gorillas, bush-baby and a host of others.
                The proposed Mak-Betchou wildlife sanctuary is located in Fontem subdivision, Lebialem division, SWR. The forest is home to rare species of animals, bird species, flora and fauna which are on the brink of going out of existence due to the encroachment of human activities.
                According to him, “the forest which contains some other rare species of birds such as the Montane greenbul, Bangwa forest warbler, Green breasted bush shrike and red headed picathartes,  if protect will not only server the present but also the future generation who will ripe the benefits of conservationists”. 

Anglophone crisis:

Mysterious fire ravages GBHS Kossala administrative block
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Mysterious fire has once more shown its ugly face in Government Bilingual High School, GBHS Kosala. The fire whose cause is still to be established has completely consumed the administrative block of what is today known as the largest secondary school in Kumba II Sub-Division in terms of student enrolment.
                The unfortunate incident that occurred on the evening of Monday December 11, 2017 at about 6:30pm comes barely three months after mysterious fire hit the same campus and destroyed 150 GCE certificates.
                The fire completely consume the administrative block that comprises the Principals office, that of the Vice Principal as well as secretaries. Remains of properties such as office equipment could be visibly seen on the site of the incident.
                While investigations have been open to uncover the cause of the incident, many people have been quick to link it to the current Anglophone impasse. To these set of people, GHBS Kosala has the highest number of student enrolment in the entire Kumba II Sub-Division and as such move is geared towards scaring away students from classes.

Corporate responsibility:

Ericsson partners with MTN to dispose of decommissioned e-waste in Cameroon
In 2017, Ericsson successfully gathered 53 tons of waste in Cameroon and sent to its recycling partner in South Africa.     The partnership helps with disposal, reduced costs and risks, as well as carbon footprint MTN Cameroon and Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) have been working together successfully in 2017 under the Product Take Back program (E-waste take back) to minimize the potential environmental impact associated with the disposal of decommissioned electrical equipment.
                So far this year, Ericsson has successfully gathered 53 tons of e-waste in Cameroon and sent to its recycling partner in South Africa.
                Brahma Rudra Shankar, Chief Technical Officer of MTN Cameroon says: “We believe it is important for us to take accountability in disposing of our old equipment and this was the perfect way to go about it. MTN is committed to delivering on the three sustainability focus areas of creating sustainable economic value, reducing its environmental impact and delivering societal value in a sustainable and ethical manner. This program benefits our customers by helping them reduce their costs and risks associated with disposing electrical equipment, in addition to reducing our carbon footprint which is a daily commitment for us at MTN Cameroon.”
                Olivier Vandermoten, Country Manager for Ericsson Cameroon says: “At Ericsson, we are committed to supporting the United Nations SDGs, as part of our work in Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility. As part of our global circular economy activities in the disposal of decommissioned electrical equipment, we are successfully able to recycle 98% of all
materials. With this program, we look forward to continue working with MTN to develop a sustainable future in Cameroon.”

MINADER enjoins youths to embrace agriculture

By Boris Esono in Buea
Regional Delegate MINADER
Youths have been encouraged to take up agriculture as a means to get employment as agriculture is regarded as the back born of the nation. This was during a one-day open door day organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, MINADER, last December 13.
                To the regional delegate of MINADER, Ekungwe Christopher, the aim of this open door day is to educate the wider public on the services MINADER has to offer. “Today all our services and projects are outside for those involve in agriculture and by the end people will better understand all our services.
                Taniform Emilia of Agriculture health service said they work with business operators. “We direct people on how to produce a good business plan and when you do that, we will now come up with a project for you. We also look for sponsors for your various products. We do not follow up farmers on production we also follow up on their health. If you are not healthy you cannot produce well”.

Air traffic controllers at Senegal’s main airports have ended their strike after shutting it down for most of the day over demands for more training and transportation stipends, media report said on Saturday.
                The report noted that the government had said the new 680-million-dollar airport, which was inaugurated on Dec. 7, would help to make Senegal a transport hub in West Africa and boost the tourism sector.
                But air traffic controllers complained that they had not been adequately trained to work at the new facility before it opened and said they launched their walkout “for people’s security”.
                They also wanted increased stipends for employees’ transport to the airport, some 45 km (28 miles) outside the city centre.
                Late on Friday, however, Mame Alioune Sene, the president of the union representing the workers, said that it was suspending the strike.
                Sene said “our decision was motivated by security issues. We think that the authorities have understood. We’re going back to work to allow planes to take off and land.”