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Cameroon Armed Forces

Vistas of a House Divided
The divisions within the army might have mitigated the possibility of a military take-over, but the explosive potentialities of an army divided on ethnic and tribal lines cannot be underestimated. 
By Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai, editor-at-large
Some stories are best told straight, so the hiatus of the propaganda and defensive infantile homilies hop scotched by President Paul Biya and his apostates during celebrations marking 50 years of the armed forces were anything but convincing. Whether out of choice or infirmity, “Cameroon Army and the Nation: 50 Years of Exemplary Service” seems to have been a noble theme for the event, but what the army has demonstrated these past 50 years is anything but exemplary.
    The highly choreographed event in 2010 in Bamenda was poorly constructed, logically flawed and indeed misleading. As Commander-in-chief, Biya failed to address the key issues bedeviling the armed forces beyond announcing cosmetic reforms that were just token measures of appeasement to an army that he has divided and factionalized on ethnic and tribal lines and lacking in sense of national purpose. Looking like a champion boxer determined to defend his title; Biya boasted sarcastically that, in the defence of republican institutions, the army has always done its “duty” and only “its duty” to the nation. It was a telling reminder, if at all any was needed, of the impervious role the army has played in circumventing democracy in Cameroon; having been reduced to an uncircumcised appendage of Biya’s ruling CPDM party.

The army lacks the means to defend the country

- Hameni Bieleu, defence expert and political leader
According to this specialist in defence matters who is also National President of the Union of Democratic Forces, FUDC, Party, the Cameroon army has lost its strength and coherence of yore and today she is ill-equipped even to resist aggressions by external forces. He spoke to JeuneAfrique Magazine. We translated the interview for your reading pleasure. It makes for compelling reading.

Hameni Bieleu, former lecturer at EMIA
Does the Cameroon army perform its role adequately?

    The role of any army is to defend the country and ensure that security reigns. However, today, the Cameroonian army is ill-equipped to resist aggression by external forces, not to talk of protecting the citizens. Take a look at the military parade during the National Day Celebrations: The weaponry of the BIR and the GP far out-class that of the regular army. One is therefore left with the impression that the first preoccupation of the authorities is to pre-empt any attempt of Coup d’Etat.

War on Boko Haram

Suspicion persists between Abuja and Yaounde
-Biya turns to Chad for needed support
By Ayukogem Steven Ojong in Yaounde

President Holland, Goodluck and Biya 


Cameroon and Nigeria have agreed to disagree on the phenomenon and spread of Boko Haram. This was one of the fallouts from the recent summit on Boko Haram that held in Paris, France, at the behest of French President, Francois Hollande.
    Prior to the summit the Nigerian media had relayed information claiming that Cameroon was harboring book Haram bases in its territory. Some of the reports even claimed that the over 250 girls who were abducted from a school in the town of Chibok in Northern Nigeria, were being held captive in a Boko Haram base in Cameroon. Yet others said Cameroon was “sponsoring” Boko Haram by paying huge sums as ransom to the terrorists.
    Cameroonian authorities missed no effort and took no time to categorically debunk all these allegations by Nigerian media. Official sources in Cameroon maintained that Boko Haram was a Nigerian phenomenon, even though its militants orchestrated sporadic attacks on Cameroonian targets, for yet unknown reasons. Communication Minister, Issa Bakary Tchiroma, who doubles as spokesperson for the government missed no opportunity to share this opinion with the wider public. Even Cameroonian military sources both official and unofficial, hold that Boko Haram insurgents only come into Cameroon from Nigeria to hit specific targets and carry out varied operations in Cameroon.

Book Haram has no bases in Cameroon

- Issa Tchiroma Bakary, MINCOM 
Issa Tchiroma Bakary
The minister of communication and spokesperson for the Biya government has said that Cameroon does not harbor any Boko Haram bases in its territory.
    Issa Tchiroma Bakary was speaking to journalists at a press conference to clarify public opinion on the recent attack on the residential area of a Chinese company in the Waza locality, in the Far-North region. He also elucidated on the abduction of three missionaries of Canadian and Italian nationalities in the locality of Chere, near Maroua also in the Far-North region and recalled the attack on the Kousseri Gendarmerie Brigade and the attack on the Gamboru Ngala market in Nigeria, where many Cameroonians were also killed.

Official visit abroad

-Meets Cardinal Sean O`Malley of Boston
It was the first high profile official visit of His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Andrew Nkea, Bishop of the Diocese of Mamfe, after his recent episcopal ordination, to the Cameroonian Community in the United States of America. The Pontifical High Mass at St Anne Church Salem, Boston, was followed by high level talks with His Eminence Sean Cardinal O’Malley of the Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts.
Bertrand Etukeni Agbaw-Ebai, Boston, Massachusetts

Mgr. Andrew Nkea celebrated two masses in Boston
Catholic Christians from the Cameroonian Community of the State of Massachusetts in the city of Boston converged at 4:05pm, May, 10th at Logan International airport amidst euphoria to receive the first ever Cameroonian Bishop appointed by Pope Francis on his maiden international official visit to the Cameroonian community in the United States of America. On board the United Airlines of America, was the Bishop of the Diocese of Mamfe received by Rev. Fr. Maurice Agbaw-Ebai[former Diocesan Chancellor of Mamfe], members of the Catholic Women Association [CWA], stampeding crowds and curious White American on-lookers as the jubilation did not only create an atmosphere of ecstasy but equally drew attention from the airport security.
    The D-Day of the Bishop`s visits was the celebration of the holy mass on May,11th  at the St. Anne Catholic Church Salem in the city of Boston, where all Cameroonians of age came to celebrate with the Prelate from Mamfe. In the readings [1&2] taken from the Acts of the Apostles and the first Letter to St. Peter and the Holy Gospel according to John, The Bishop who has been nicknamed the “Preaching Bishop” took the whole congregation spell-bound for more than an hour as every word that came out was a soul touching revelation accompanied by thunderous applause. As if it was the Sermon on the Mount, the scenario was an exemplary one used by the Bishop in a unique style to illustrate his first official stop in Boston.

When the hunter becomes the hunted

Epervier hovers over CONAC headquarters!
By Numh Rogers in Yaounde
Dieudonné Massi Gams, en route
to Kondengui?
According to some press reports, agents of the Supreme State Audit (CONSUPE) are currently investigating the management of CONAC President, Rev. Massi Gam’s and some of his collaborators over allegations of unbridled corruption and undue incentives.
    According to l’anecdote newspaper (no. 670 of Wednesday 2014), the team of auditors from the Supreme State Audit was ordered to look through the records of the National Anti-corruption commission (CONAC) by the highest authority of the state, after mountain-high crimes including gross embezzlement, kick-backs, corruption and award of undue incentives and perks to personnel and partners were suspected at the commission.

Protest against poor working conditions

Another lecturers’ strike grounds UB again
By Maquens Balemba in Buea

VC Nalova Lyonga, overwhelmed
by events at UB?
Lecturers of the University of Buea have been on a strike since Wednesday, 21 May 2014. The University dons under the banner of the U.B branch of SYNES (The National Trade Union of University Lecturers) have made known their intention to continue with the strike for at least one more week.
    On Wednesday morning, students were surprised when they flocked into the amphitheaters but could not spot a single lecturer on campus. It was at that moment that the news of yet another lecturers’ strike got to them.
    According to information that filtered into our newsroom, several reasons have led to the strike action. These include poor working conditions, inadequate stationery and insufficient salaries. But the immediate reason why the lecturers had to boycott the classroom is the prohibition of taxis from entering the campus.

Dead on arrival?

Albert Essem Ndille
Albert Esseme Ndille dies at 55!
Albert Esseme Ndille, former director of salaries at the ministry of finance is no more. Ndille succumbed to an illness in the evening of Saturday 24 May 2014, at the CNPS hospital in Yaounde. He was aged 55.
    At the time of his death Esseme Ndille was the Inspector-General in charge of Administrative and Budgetary Services at the Ministry of Finance in Yaounde.
    A seasoned public accountant (senior treasury inspector), Albert Esseme Ndille has occupied several positions in the central and external services of the ministry of finance. He was successively sub-treasurer (percepteur) of Tiko, chief of service of accounts at the general treasury in Yaounde, inspector of services at the directorate of treasury, divisional treasurer (receveur) of Fako, Limbe, director of salaries and later director of salaries and pensions. He was appointed the inspection general in charge of services at the MINFI in 2009.

Energy Supply

AES hands over officially to British firm Actis
The British energy firm Actis has officially taken over from American firm AES, as the biggest shareholders of the Cameroon Energy Supplier, SONEL. The transfer was done at a solemn ceremony at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel on Friday 23 May 2014.
     The Cameroon government was represented at the transfer ceremony by two ministers; Atangana Kouna of energy and water and Alamine Ousmane Mey of Finance. The two ministers signed the contract admitting Actis as the new managers of the biggest energy supply company in Cameroon-Sonel. The Managing Director of Actis, David Grylls signed the contract for the British company.

SDF steals show at 20th May Celebs in B’da

SDF demonstrating their supremacy
Chairman Fru Ndi conspicuously absent
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

The Social Democratic Front of Ni John Fru Ndi was the centre of attraction during the 42nd edition of May 20th celebrations at the Bamenda Grandstand in commercial avenue. Not only did the party prove that the North West was its fief through its numerical strength, but they also received thunderous applause from the crowd and a standing ovation from some of its party bigwigs of the region at the grandstand as the militants marched pass.
    Led by the party’s brass band and beautifully clad in the SDF fabric and t-shirts, the militants chanted songs glorifying national unity and thrilled onlookers with their famous “tell me your party if you don’t know SDF?” song. Despite this, SDF Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi was conspicuously absent.

Kupe-Muanenguba Division

Chief Ntoko of Nyassosso donates FCFA 750.000 to FENASCO Games
By Eddy Bokuba in Kumba

The Traditional Ruler of Nyasosso, Kupe-Muanenguba Division, Nhon Mbwog Richard Mambo Ntoko 11 is determined more than ever before to encourage competitive sports among schools in Kupe-Muanenguba Division. The chief recently donated the sum of Fcfa 750.000 as support for the FENASCO ''A'' games in Kupe-Muanenguba.     The donation came in through the Regent, Barrister Mpacko Jacob Njume. It was the fourth consecutive year that His Royal Highness was lending a hand financially to the organization of school games in the division.

Munyenge, Muyuka sub-division

MP donates medical equipment to improve health care
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Munyengue

MP officially handing over generator & other medical items
to the health centre chief
To demonstrate his appreciation for the CPDM victory during the 30 September 3013 twin elections in Munyenge, the Fako East Member of Parliament, Hon. Fritz Etoke on Monday 19 May 2014 visited the people of Munyengue passing through Lisaka, Ekata, and Bafia to offer medications and other medical equipment to the Munyengue health centre. .
    The ceremony to officially hand over the medications witnessed a massive turnout from the people of Munyenge. Dignitaries present included the Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, Andrew Motanga Monjimba, the Chief of Munyengue, Chief Denis Litowo Metombe III, Fako east alternate parliamentarian, Madam Mboya Mbangeh, Mayor of Bimbia, Isaac Inongo Ndalle, Tiko CPDM sub section President, Eteki Charles amogst others.
    In his address to the public, the MP said the inspiration to give aid to the health centre came from his previous visit to the area during which he saw the nurses using of bush lamps to treat patients. “I therefore thought it urgent and expedient to provide them a generator,” hon. Etoke said. 

Shisong Cardiac Centre

21 children in need of support to undergo heart surgery
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Unitary walk against hypertension
Twenty one children, most of them from underprivileged backgrounds are currently in need of support to enable them undergo heart surgery at the Cardiac Center of St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital, Shisong. The children whose parents are unableto afford the over FCFA 3 million as bills of the surgery are counting on the goodwill of Cameroonians.
    Sis JethroNkenglefack, Manager of the center made the revelation, May 17 at the St. Joseph Metropolitan Cathedral Hall, Big Mankon during celebrations to mark World Hypertension Day in Bamenda. 
Celebrated under the theme “Know your blood pressure”, the ceremony was an occasion to promote public awareness of hypertension and to encourage the North West population to prevent and control what experts have called the silent killer and modern epidemic.

MINFOPRA bent on eradicating illegal marriages in Cameroon

The declaration was made known during celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the International day of the family jointly celebrated with mass legalization of marriages by the sub divisional delegate of women empowerment and family in Tiko sub division, Friday, May 23, 2014.
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Tiko 

Group photo of couples with 3rd deputy mayor
 & other Tiko officials
With considerations based on the role and importance of the family as the basic foundation of society, the ministry saw it necessary to accord the institution its rightful place in line with the UN by initiating practices to promote and protect the family. Celebrated under the theme 50 years of promotion and protection of the family, the international day of the family also witnessed the 7th mass legalization of marriages in Tiko where a total of 98 couples took part in the joyous exercise as opposed to 79 last year.
    Overwhelmed by the increase and huge participation of couples in the mass marriage this year, the sub divisional delegate of women empowerment and family, Sone John Mesumbe called on the couples to take their matrimonial responsibilities seriously and act as ambassadors to such great initiatives instituted by the ministry, so that together they can completely stamp out the cohabitation phenomenon in their society.

Chronic power outages

Nguti youths go on the rampage!
-Ask WIJMA Timber Company to park their machines and quit Nguti
By Eddy Bokuba in Nguti 

Barely months after councilors of the Nguti municipality announced an imminent holding of an ''All Nguti Conference On Electricity”, youths of Nguti town last week took to the streets to protest what they described as the “unbearable darkness” of the typically rural municipality. The irate youths have indicted the WIJMA Timber Company, situated within the locality, for failing to honour its corporate social responsibility commitments to the Nguti community, one of which is the provision of electricity.
    The striking youths blocked the roads leading to the company thus preventing workers and vehicles of the company from getting to the company’s site. The youths even threatened the authorities of the company that they would use the dreaded juju of the Bassossi tribe, ''Esapa'' to bring its wrath to bear on the company and its workers.
The Anglophone spirit is a driving force in Cameroon’s unity
By Prof Elvis Ngolle Ngolle

Prof. Elvis Ngolle Ngolle
The venerated American Civil Rights Leader, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King once uttered the following words to his kinsmen, “we must learn to live together as a nation or we perish together as fools… for the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy”. These words of inspiration and wisdom by a man of vision and destiny to a people on a confrontation course with their destiny was not only prophetic but also useful and pertinent to the victory of the American Black minority in a majority white America. One has to wonder if these words had been taken otherwise by the intended audience, what would the history, plight and future of the African-American citizens been today.  One also has to dare to wonder if with these words of wisdom, well taken as was the case the success of the civil rights cause in America is a living reality or myth in terms of the plight and destiny of African-American in a majority white America? While the answer to the first question is not applicable because the civil right movement followed the MLK wisdom and method, the answer to the second question is an obvious  yes in the sense that, the civil rights movement in the USA was successful and the plight and destiny of the African-American in a majority white USA is a reality and not a myth for many of the over forty million African-American citizens of the USA – one nation under God in the belief that out of many came one nation – the United States of America with all its hyper greatness and super powerdom.

Limbe 1 municipality

Mayor creates Mile 11 market to boost council revenue
Inaugurating the new market at Mafany new-layout quarters recently, the Mayor of Limbe 1 Municipality, Ronny Mbua said it was in a bid to boost the revenue of the cash-trapped municipality that councilors of the municipality endorsed a resolution to create a market at the mile 11 neighborhood.
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Limbe

The mayor expressed the hope that the new proximity market would also resolve the stress that the populations of Limbe 11 have been going through having to move right across the city to get to the main market in order to purchase even the most basic needs especially food items.
    In his remarks during the inauguration of the new market, the Mayor noted that Limbe 1 council has hardly ever raised up to 40million from taxes, especially as most (About 99%) of business owners within the municipality evade taxes, thus hampering the development of the council area.

Mamfe, Manyu Division

Vandals attack voice of Manyu Radio
-Threaten manager, 3 others with death
By Ekumtambe Eku in Mamfe

Security operatives in Manyu Division are yet to come to terms with the growing crime wave in Mamfe, chief town of the division and its environs.
    The latest trouble occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, 14 May 2014 when unknown vandals attacked part of the Mamfe Town Hall destroying all broadcasting and transmission equipment of the 18-year old Voice Of Manyu Rural Radio (VOMRR) station operating in the Town Hall building. In two separate notes found on the manager’s table the vandals threatened him and three of his collaborators with death and flow of blood if the station manager, Obi Joseph did not give up his resolve to recover equipment meant to upgrade the VOM rural radio. The equipment in question were allegedly diverted by some influential people to create a new private radio station in Mamfe called Manyu Community Radio (MCR- FM 95.0).

Samuel Eto’o

“Africa will have a say in Brazil”
Indomitable Lions striker Samuel Eto’o was in the Ivory Coast from 14th through 18th May at the invitation of the Ivorian Board for Sports to grace the Copa Cola-Cola youth tournament. In between his busy schedule shuttling between the capital Abidjan and Bouaké, Eto’o took time to share his thoughts about the FIFA World Cup Brazil2014, predicting that Africa teams will do well and have a big say as to which way the trophy goes. The Lions go to Brazil together with four other African teams – Algeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria.

What prospects do Africans have at the World Cup?

African teams are likely going to do well in Brazil. And I state that there are reasons to believe in our qualities. In all major European championships, there are always African players that play major roles. The only problem in Africa is our leaders who do not respect us. Until we are respected, the others will never have any consideration for us. I say it, and restate it that Africa will have its say in Brazil.

What do you think about the Ivory Coast, presented as the best team on the continent?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

3 May 2013-3 May 2014

Elung Paul clocks 1 at CSPH
Personnel of the state-run petroleum company say much has changed since the coming of the new General Manager.
By Mbeh Moses Eben in Yaounde

Elung Paul Che, “la force tranquille” at CSPH
It is exactly one year and one week since Elung Paul Che became the new boss of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund- CSPH. Mr. Elung was appointed by presidential decree on 26 May 2013, to replace Ibrahim Talba Malla, who was moved over to the National Petroleum Refining Company, SONARA, in Limbe. Talba Malla had served as GM of CSPH for over two decades.
    When we visited the beautiful headquarters of the CSPH in down town Yaounde to catch-up with the GM and find out how he feels after spending his first year at the very strategic and exalting position, we unfortunately did not meet him on sit. We were told that the GM had accompanied the Prime Minister to London, for the Cameroon-UK Business Forum that took place last week. Even though, our interlocutor advised us not to bother to come back, saying the GM would not answer any questions on issues concerning his job. “Our boss does not fancy talking to the press; he is not a friend of the microphone,” he observed, concluding that even if the GM ever received us he could talk on other things and not about CSPH.

Economic Performance

IMF, World Bank pressurize gov’t to lift fuel subsidy
The visiting IMF mission in Cameroon has maintained that by subsidizing consumption of petroleum products the government was putting a big hole on the state budget, to the detriment of the majority of Cameroonians. Unfortunately!
By Ayukogem Steven Ojong in Yaounde

IMF wants pump prices of fuel to be raised
The visiting IMF mission that ended its mission in Cameroon last week has once again urged the government to consider lifting its subvention on petroleum consumption in the country. The head of the IMF mission made the plea on Thursday in Yaounde, at a press conference that signaled the end of their mission in Cameroon.
    Addressing curious pressmen in the presence of the minister delegate at the MINFI in charge of the budget, Titi Pierre and Yaou Abdoulaye, the minister delegate at the MINEPAT, Mario Zamarocsky said the Cameroon government’s subvention of fuel consumption was a major handicap to the economic growth of the country. He said it is possible for the government to lift the subsidy on petroleum consumption while at the same time maintaining the cost of public transportation in the country.
    “You can suppress subsidy on petroleum prices but still maintain the cost of public transportation,” Mr. Zamarocsky advised, indicating that by lifting subsidy on petroleum products the government will generate money that can be used to subsidize other more pressing sectors of the economy notably the public transport sector. He pointed out that if the government decides to subsidize public transportation she would impact the lives of a greater segment of the population, especially the poor masses. Mr. Zamarocsky said from which ever direction the government looks at the issue, it was more urgent and expedient to subsidize public transportation than petroleum products. On the contrary, by subsidizing petroleum consumption the government is helping instead the well-to-do in society, who can afford to own cars and who can still afford to buy fuel even at unsubsidized prices, he noted.

Inter-city transport

Douala-Yaounde in 3 hours by train
The new intercity speed train
The recently inaugurated intercity train that plies the Douala-Yaounde railroad is already making great impact in the transport sector. On Monday last week the new speed train that left Douala at 6 a.m. arrived at the Yaounde train station at Elig-Essono at exactly 9.30 a.m. The train thus covered the 265Km distance separating Douala and Yaounde in 3 hours 30 minutes. At the inauguration of the new train earlier on Friday 2 May 2014 by Prime Minister Philemon Yang, it was announced to take 3 hours 40 minutes to do the distance.
    The passengers who alighted from the train could not hide their joy. “This is formidable! That one can do Douala-Yaounde in 3 hours 30 minutes is something of a revolution,” said a business tycoon dressed in in ‘gandoura’.
    Another passenger noted that they could have used less than the 3 hours 30 minutes if the conductor did not slow down when they got to Ngoumou on the outskirts of Yaounde.
    And this observation is valid especially when one considers that the return journey to Douala during the inaugural journey with journalists took 3 hours 20 minutes. The train left Yaounde at 10.25 a.m. and arrived at the train station at Bessengue-Deido in Douala at 13h35.

Fako East

MP hands 2 classrooms at GNS Likomba
- Wonders why total renovation of GPS Likomba has not kicked off as planned
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Likomba

Fako East Constituency Parliamentarian, Hon. Fritz Ngeka Etoke at GNS Likomba, Tiko

Pupils and teachers of government nursery school (GNS) Likomba were filled with joy to receive the honorable Member of Parliament for Fako East Constituency, Hon. Fritz Ngeka Etoke, Tuesday 6 May 2014, when he officially handed over 2 renovated classrooms to the institution following the destruction of its roof by a storm last April 12, 2014.
    “Likomba has been part of my 5 year plan and because of this I fought for the total renovation of Government Primary School (GPS) Likomba group 1 in the last November budgetary session and I doubt why the work has not started yet”, declared the MP, Fritz Etoke in his speech during the handing over ceremony.
    Present during the much animated ceremony which came from the pupils, were the Honorable Member of Parliament for Buea Urban, Hon. Arthur Lysinge Etuke, Inspector of Basic Education for Tiko subdivision, Madam Ndanga Elizabeth, Fako East Parliamentarian, Hon. Etombi Gladys, traditional authorities from within Fako and an entourage of CPDM militants to support the endeavors of their MP.  

Worsening Insecurity

America declares Cameroon a no go destination
- Lists Boko Haram as a foreign terrorist organization
- Predicts additional Boko Haram attacks in North Cameroon
- Considers security in the North, East and West of Cameroon as precarious 
- Warns American citizens to quit North Cameroon immediately
By Njodzefe Nestor Nyuykighan 

The US Embassy in Yaounde has issued a statement warning of an impending danger in Cameroon. The statement posted on the Embassy website warned American citizens of the risks of travelling to Cameroon especially the Northern regions of the country, where it says the Islamic Sect Boko Haram is effectively present and orchestrating attacks that target mostly citizens of Western countries and the US.
     “Boko Haram’s leaders have stated and demonstrated through their actions over the past year that they are actively seeking to kidnap “Westerners” and U.S. citizens,” stated the statement, which noted that “several large weapons caches attributed to Boko Haram were discovered in Cameroon and confiscated by authorities in 2013 and 2014.”
    US Embassy authorities affirmed that “this signals the active presence of Boko Haram and points to the likelihood of further attacks by the group.”
    US Embassy authorities have therefore imposed restrictions for its citizens wishing to travel to Cameroon, especially the Northern parts of the country. US citizens were also warned to leave North Cameroon with immediate effect.

Crime of Passion

Policeman shoots his wife, commits suicide
 By Mbeh Moses Eben in Yaounde

The junior superintendent of police, Vincent Effio, 41, has shot his wife, Barbara Lokombe Effio, to death and then killed himself in Yaounde, on Friday 9 May 2014.
    According to eye witness information, Vincent Effio walked into his wife’s office at the headquarters of the Housing Loans Fund, Credit Fonciers at down town Yaounde, and after a brief but heated altercation between the two, he fired several bullets into the wife’s thoracic cavity before he also lodged several bullets into his head. Both of them reportedly fell and died in the woman’s office. Barbara Effio had worked at the Credit Fonciers for only two years. She served at the legal department of the company.

We must be our own redeemers

Nfor Ngala Nfor, SCNC leader
-Nfor Ngala Nfor, SCNC leader
Letter to Anglophone lawyers

The Southern Cameroons National Council brings you warm and fraternal greetings.  It has come to our knowledge that the colonial regime of la Republique du Cameroun, as it is in the nature of every imperial power, is about to scrap our legal heritage, the Common Law system, and in its place impose the Napoleonic Code. Furthermore, we have learnt that some of you went to Yaounde to protest this planned act.
    Though not armed with details of your plan and those of the colonial occupier of our land, we salute your courage and determination to use all legitimate means to defend what you cherish and believe in. We equally applaud your inherent rights to protect and preserve your heritage in order to bequeath a befitting and proud legacy to our descendants.
    However, it distinctly occurs to us that this is a sacred moment for us all collectively to review our colonial state of existence. As lawyers, you fully well understand the implications of condoning a trespass, refusing to challenge the trespass and then challenging individual actions that occur within the trespass you have condoned.

Improved health care

Buea’s reference hospital operational
The International community reference hospital situated at the Molyko new layout (behind the check point Molyko) in Buea can be described as a 5-star health facility following its modern infrastructure, intensive care units, specialty services and modern equipment. Its main objective as declared by the CEO, Essa Pius Tabi during a press conference, May 5, 2014 at the hospital premises is to put the patients first and save lives.

By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Buea 

The international community reference health centre is a general hospital which handles all medical cases. It also has an intensive cardiac care unit and a vascular scan unit.
    Offering its services at very affordable costs, the reference hospital also boasts of more than 5 main units: An X-ray unit; cardio-vascular unit; an ultra-sound unit for echography; critical care unit for patients with critical cases like accidents; and a culture and conference unit. There are also 3 laboratories with an incubator and blood bank.
    For security measures, the hospital runs under a 24 hour strict security surveillance on a daily basis with modern security cameras which can be tracked 2 years back. And with the recurrent cases of baby theft in hospitals, authorities of the hospital have taken preventive measures by putting the delivery ward directly under camera surveillance more than any other area in the premises.

World Press Freedom Day

Gov’t urged to create National Order of Journalists
By Sarah Nkongho and Eddy Bokuba in Buea
The Government of Cameroon has been urged to create a National Order of Journalists in the country. The Order which is expected to function in a similar way as the Cameroon Bar Association will to regulate entry and exit into the media profession. This was one of the major resolutions taken by press men as they commemorated World Press Freedom Day in Buea, on May 3rd 2014.The commemoration was placed under the theme: ''Media Freedom for a better future; shaping the post-2015 development agenda.”
    The Journalists who converged under umbrella Associations such as CANPA, CAMASEJ, CUJ and CJA were unanimous about the urgent need to create the body.
    Even though, others were of the opinion that an association that brings together both French and English speaking journalists should be created prior to the creation of the National Order of Journalists.
       The idea for the creating such a body is the brain-child of the NGO, Africaphonie and is contained in article 52 of a proposed draft law made by journalists rallied under the auspices of Africaphonie in Buea recently.

Biodiversity Protection

 Buea Hosts Mega International Forest Conference
 By Eddy Bokuba in Buea

 Minister Ngole Philip facing the Press
Ngole Philip poses with Mayor's representative and participants
 The Cameroon Government under the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) was host last week of the 9th edition of the ''Mega Florestals'' International Conference. It was the first time that an African country was hosting the conference, we learnt.
    Mega Florestals, a derivation from Portuguese meaning great Forest countries, currently engages some 10 countries in the world including America, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Canada, Cameroon, Nigeria, Gabon and D.R Congo.
 The conference that took place at the historic Mountain Hotel in Buea, South West Region, from 4 to 9 May 2014, had as theme ''Forest in 300 years and action now to secure them.”


CBC hospital tries new option in mother to child transmission prevention
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services through the HIV-Free North West and South West Project is piloting the implementation of the Test and Treat Option called Option B+ in the fight against HIV/AIDS especially the prevention of mother to child transmission, PMTCT.
    This was disclosed at a one day workshop held recently at the Baptist Centre, Bamenda by officials of the HIV-Free North West and South West Project.
    The workshop that brought together close to 200 journalists was aimed to drill the media men and women to promote community mobilization on the importance of attending Antenatal Clinics by pregnant women and the uptake of Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV.
    Statistics from the World Health Organization, WHO, indicate that, 90 percent of children infected with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa are through mother-to-child transmission. 

Executing engineering works

SW Mayors disagree with MATGENIE
A working session that brought together Mayors of the South West Region and authorities of state-run engineering company MATGENIE, on April 29 at the Buea Council hall, ended in a deadlock.
Christelle Telewou and Becline Nokwe in Buea

The Mayors of the SW Region have been given up to a week to either agree or disagree with the terms of a contract proposed to them by the National Engineering and Equipment corporation, MATGENIE.  It was in the presence of the Inspector General of the SW Region, Haman Dahirou and the 31 mayors of the South West Region that the Director General of MATGENIE, Niwa Long Othon, called on the local council executives to be steadfast in the execution of development projects by working in synergy with authorities of the Company so as to meet up with government’s expectations and upgrade projects realization.

Santa sub-division

Consignment of potato seedlings provided farmers by MINADER
MINADER donates Potato seeds and inputs to farmers
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

As part of efforts to jumpstart second generation agriculture in Cameroon, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development has handed over a consignment of high-yielding potato seedlings and other inputs to potato farmers cooperatives in Santa, North West region of Cameroon. 
    The consignment consisting of 70 tons of improved potato seedlings, 2800 bags of manure, 140 packets of fertilizer alongside pesticides, insecticides and fungicides was handed April 30, 2013 at a ceremony at the Santa grandstand presided at by MINADER boss, Lazare Essimi Menye.

Professional training

 Zachary Perevet inspecting work on construction site
Limbe’s Vocational Training Centre operational in 2015
The establishment that will train students in hotel management, tourism, air conditioning and metal fabrication will go operational next academic year, according to the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Zachary Perevet, who visited the construction site at Bonadikombo, Limbe on Thursday May 8, 2014.

By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Limbe 
With an execution rate of 60%, the 652 square meters site is expected to be complete by August 2014. Official sources however say that all works ought to be finished by October, when the laboratory equipment are expected to be installed. The training of teachers and administrators will also kick off earlier in September.
    The minister assured that operating and maintaining the equipment would not be a problem as Cameroonians would be sent to Korea from where the equipment were imported, for training on operation and maintenance

International Labour Day

Gov’t urged to protect HIV infected workers
 By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Limbe

Buea Mayor Patrick Ikema saluting DO of Tiko subdivision Che Patrick
at the Manga Williams Avenue Limbe on Labour Day
Workers in Limbe in the Southwest region have urged the government to increase workers salaries and improve the general working and business environment of the country. They said these could be done through the eradication of corruption and embezzlement from the system. Workers trade unions also decried the weakening economy of the country, which they attributed to inadequate policies put in place by the government.
    The workers said they could not understand why the country was so endowed with natural resources yet has the lowest minimum wage (28,200fcfa) in the entire Central African sub-region, with basket countries like Chad, Eq. Guinea paying their workers far better salaries. These and other issues were highlighted by stakeholders during commemorative activities to mark the 128th International Labour Day on 1st May in Limbe.
    Hundreds of workers within Fako division gathered at the Manga Williams Avenue, down beach Limbe to celebrate the day under the theme “Cameroonian Workers: Together lets fight HIV/AIDS”.
    Presided over by Fako SDO Zang III who was accompanied by the Divisional Delegate of labour and security, Yvette Lyonga, the occasion was massively attended by Fako East parliamentarian, Honourable Etombi Gladys, Senator Mbella Moki Charles, Governmnet Delegate to the Limbe City Council, amongst presidents of trade unions within the national territory, bigwigs of SONARA and CDC, religious and traditional authorities. 

9 Goals; 9 Months of Action; 9 years of Solidarity

Roger Milla celebrates 9 years of service to humanity
By Mbeh Moses Eben in Yaounde

29 April 2005 to 29 April 2014; it is exactly 9 years since ROGER MILLA’s foundation – Coeurs d’Afrique has been doing humanitarian works in Cameroon and Africa. ROGER MILLA, C.E.O of the foundation says it is time to extend the activities to cover other areas that are also lacking in basic social amenities. The new actions are contained in a program code-named “9 Goals”. The program to run from 29 April to 9 December 2014 will be guided by the theme “9 Months of Action to Celebrate 9 years of Solidarity.”
    “9 years is time enough to take stock of actions carried out and chart a new course for growth and development,” said Ambassador Roger Milla, at a press conference in Yaounde on 29 April 2014. The conference had as objective to announce plans for the celebration of the 9th anniversary of the creation of the foundation. But the press conference also afforded Roger Milla occasion to enlighten the public on the humanitarian works carried out by the foundation and the challenges faced.

Gorilla skulls dealers nabbed in Bertoua

Two behind gorilla skull trafficking in Bertoua arrested
Two men aged 39 and 29 were arrested  in Bertoua in the East Region for wildlife trafficking during a wildlife law enforcement mission carried out by officials of the East Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife following their attempts at selling a consignment of gorilla skulls. They had travelled from Batouri where they are resident with the consignment which was made of 10 fresh gorilla skulls indicating the apes were recently killed and arrived Bonis on the outskirts of Bertoua at about 3 30 pm on Thursday May 8, 2014 with the intention of doing some business. 
    The alleged dealers left Batouri early on the  day of their arrest, boarded a bike with the gorilla skulls loaded into two bags but did not use the normal road linking Batouri and Bertoua. They instead used roads and paths inside the forest and bush to avoid detection.. When they arrived Bonis,  they changed tactics fearful that their suspiciously looking bags could draw the attention of wildlife officials. They decided to use a car to be able to pass through the various check points at the entrance to Bertoua without raising any suspicion. Immediately they had cleared two of these check points, they drove straight into a team of wildlife officials and gendarmes who had been waiting for them.
     The two suspects found inside the car were arrested and taken to the premises of the East Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife where a complaint report was drawn. The man who led the operation on the ground, the Regional Chief of Wildlife for the East Region, Azemte Mbemo declares “We received information from a reliable source indicating that illicit wildlife products were about to be trafficked in Bertoua and its environ. We immediately made up a team of enforcement officials who went to the field and arrested the suspects who had 10 gorilla skulls and 2 jaw bones. We have opened an investigation to determine the possibility of the presence of a trafficking network behind this trade. We have received top level instructions from the Forestry and Wildlife Minister to fight illicit trafficking which is decimating the populations of the large mammals” The operation was carried out with the collaboration of the Gendarmerie in Bertoua and with technical support from   LAGA –  a wildlife law enforcement body.

17-19 May 2014

Ancien Bonas Veteran Football Club Y'de

K’ba hosts 2014 national veteran football tourney
-A Keep Fit and Leisure Event for True Veterans
Kumba Central Veterans are the proud hosts of the 2014 edition of the national veteran football tournament. Founded in 2007 and hosted by Limbe Atlantic Club (LAC), the tournament is a football fiesta that brings together friendly veteran football clubs from all over the national territory. The veteran football clubs are made up of veterans from all works of life with the principal intention of using sports, especially football for leisure and keep fit. Kumba Central Veteran social club, the hosts of this year’s event have reserved lots of surprises for the twelve participating clubs. The tournament will take place from 17 to 19 May 2014.
In a brief chat with the tournament’s Yaounde based public relations officer, Dr. Yimbu Emmanuel, he affirmed that the no-nonsense, charismatic chairman of the local organising committee who doubles as the president of Kumba Central Veteran, Barrister Teku Collins, is living no stone on turned to make this year’s event a once-in-a-life-time experience full of fun and numerous surprises.

We are not afraid of Brazil

Rigobert Song, team manager
Rigobert Song, Lions Team Manager

Interviewed on the sidelines of the inauguration of the CAF centre of excellence at Mbankomo on Monday 5 May 2014, former indomitable lions’ skipper and current manager of the team says the lions cannot be afraid of the selecao of Brazil because both sides are now on the same pedestal after they qualified for the World Cup. Song also talked on the state of preparedness of the team barely five weeks to the kick-off of the competition

Question: So how prepared are the lions with barely six weeks left to the start of the World Cup?

:--The preparation of the lions for the World Cup started soon after they beat Tunisia 4-1 and qualified for the most prestigious tournament. The head coach of the team had since drawn his plan of action. And he has been following it to the letter. I can say for sure that preparations are well advanced in the technical domain. The test matches have all been arranged and comfortable and conducive training sites too. Preparations are also far advanced in the administrative domain. For now we are only waiting for the players to be liberated by their respective clubs by 20 May so that we can call them to camp.

Question: But the lions were beaten 5-1 in a recent friendly against Portugal. How come you say they are quite prepared technically?