Monday, 26 October 2015

CPDM Reorganization Limbe:

Can Andrew Motanga stem the anger in Fako IA?
By Now Fuanya in Limbe

Andrew Motange
All fingers in the city of Limbe are now crossed waiting to see if the Government Delegate and outgoing Section President of the now defunct Fako I Section of the CPDM will be able to scale through in the face of anger of CPDM militants who have said he is trying to use means not prescribed by the party texts to hang on as Section President of Fako IA. The fuming militants vomited their anger last Monday 19 October 2015 during the launching of the reorganization exercise in Limbe I.
                Disgruntled militants argued that since 2002, Andrew Motanga Monjimba has been the president of the then Fako I Section which covered the entire geographical area of the then Limbe Urban Council. In 2007, the council area was split into Limbe I, II and III subdivisions. Motanga became the mayor of the Limbe II council, militating in the Mokundange sub section and voting there. Mokundange, they hold, is also where he lives.
                However, very recently the enlarged Fako I section was split into three vizFako IA, IB and IC. These new sections cover the land area in Limbe I, Limbe II and Limbe III respectively. And the text for the reorganization states that persons aspiring to positions of responsibility at the grassroots level must have militated in the sub section and must be resident in the area.

Mezam SDO promoted to Governor

NgueleNguele Felix

The Senior Divisional Officer SDO for Mezam has been appointed the Governor of the South Region of Cameroon. NgueleNguele Felix was appointed following a presidential decree signed on Friday 23 October 2015.
                NgueleNguele’s appointment came when he was receiving the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, BidoungMpkatt, who was in Mezam to preside over the graduation ceremony of the National Center for Youth and Sports CENAJES Bamenda.
                Appointed Mezam SDO on the 22 of October 2012, NgueleNguele becomes governor after spending exactly three years at the helm of one of the most politically vibrant divisions in the country. Worthy to note that the leader of Cameroon’s most populous opposition political party John FruNdi hails from and lives in Mezam.

New Governors of regions

A presidential decree on Friday appointed new governors of four regions. They are:
MildadiBoukar – Adamawa region 
DieudonnéIvahaDiboua – Littoral region
NguéléNguélé Felix – South region
GrégoireMvogo – East region

Protecting Biodiversity:

Four notorious ivory traffickers arrested
By a correspondent

A series of crackdown operations carried out by wildlife officials led to the arrest of four ivory traffickers in Bertoua and in Douala. An ivory tusk and several carved and sculpted ivory pieces and jewelry were among the contraband seized from the traffickers during the operations. The operations that came after lengthy investigations were carried out in collaboration with the Forces of Law and Order and with the technical assistance of LAGA – an organisation specialized in wildlife law enforcement.
                During the first operation that was conducted on the October 14, 2015, wildlife officials of the East Regional Delegation of Forestry and Wildlife arrested one man when he attempted to sell an ivory tusk, after a series of moves and maneuvers carried by the suspect to avoid arrest. Following interrogations after his arrest, startling revelations led officials to launch another investigation that permitted an arrest, the next day of the second trafficker who was described as the boss of the trafficker who was the first to be arrested, according to sources close to the investigations.
                They both belonged to a chain that specializes in ivory trafficking, recruiting poachers in the East region and providing them with hunting bullets. One of the traffickers, the same sources say, disclosed they have a long tradition in the illegal trade in ivory starting with his father and this chain includes other members of his family.

Inequitable power sharing:

Six Anglophone divisions without ministers!
-They are Fako, Lebialem, Meme, Boyo, Ngoketunjia and Menchum divisions
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

A look at President Paul Biya’s 2 October 2015 government shows that its 70 members (comprising Prime Minister, vice Prime Minister, ministers of state, ministers, ministers delegate, secretaries of state and advisers at the Presidency of the Republic) come from all the ten regions of Cameroon. However, of the 58 divisions of the country, 14 are not represented in the said government, amongst which are Fako, Lebialem and Meme in the South West and Boyo, Ngoketunjia and Menchum in the North West.
                Talking about the details of the regional repartition, the Centre has the lion’s share with 20 ministerial positions while the Far North follows with 10. Next is the West with seven, and then the South (President Biya’s region of origin) with six. The South West, North West, North and East follow with five ministerial positions each; the Littoral with four, and finally the Adamawa with just three.
                As for the divisions, besides those of the South West and North West mentioned above, are eight others which are not represented in government. These are Upper Nkam, Ntem Valley, Djerem, Mbere, Mayo-Rey, Boumba and Ngoko, Faro and Deo, and Mayo-Louti.

After 2nd October cabinet reshuffle:

Spectacular anti-corruption arrests in view

Sources at the Special Criminal Court have hinted The Median that the corruption files of some ministers who were sacked in the 2nd October 2015 cabinet reshuffle have been completely treated and their arrest is now just a matter of time. We also learned that more VIP cells have been prepared in the Kondengui prison, waiting to be occupied.
How art the mighty fallen! How does it feel like to be minister yesterday and prisoner today? This is the fate that awaits some of the ministers who were sacked from government in the 2 October 2015 cabinet shake-up.
                Our sources revealed to us that the corruption files of Essimi Menye Lazare, (former minister of Agriculture), Jean Pierre Biyiti bi Essam (former MINPOSTEL), Patrice Amba Salla (former MINTP) and Catherine Bakang Mbock (former MINAS) have already been treated; only a nod of the supreme magistrate of the republic, President Paul Biya, is now awaited to get them arrested.
                Apart from these, reports say Ama Tutu Muna, former minister of Culture, is also being probed on her management of the special financial allocations for development of culture that were put at her disposal.
                Then another former minister of Public Works, Messengue Avom Bernard, has already appeared many times before the examining magistrate of the special criminal court; his eventual arrest is awaited anytime soon, we learnt.
                All these bigwigs are accused of embezzlement or complicity to embezzlement of state money. Our sources said the recent appointment of a new procureur-general at the special criminal court was with the objective of accelerating the treatment of the corruption files of the said high-profile personalities.
                While installing Chief Justice Justine Aimée Ngounou Tchokonthieu into her functions on 9 October 2015, the Attorney-General of the republic, Minister of State for Justice, Laurent Esso urged her to settle immediately to effective work and make sure she applies only her conscience and the law in treating all the files that come before her.

After 2 October 2015 cabinet reshuffle:

Witch Doctors having a field day as lobbying intensifies for vacant top jobs
Aspirants to positions which some recently appointed ministers are still occupying are doing their all to step into the latter’s shoes. After the appointment of regional governors on Friday the top jobs at CSPH, Customs Directorate, North West Administrative Court, Bertoua City Council etc are still vacant.
By Douglas A. Achingale in Yaounde

After President Paul Biya broke his four-year silence with a cabinet shake-up on 2 October 2015, speculations are rife that a new government reshuffle will not be long to come. Even if it delays, pundits surmise, it will take far less than four years. Aspirants to ministerial positions are thus doing all in their power to convince the President overtly or covertly to include them in the very next governmental team. But while this group is working for the long term, others there are who are eyeing other (more?) juicy positions in the short term.
                These positions are those of Director General of Customs, Director General of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilisation Fund (CSPH), Bertoua City Council and President of the North West Administrative Court. The personalities currently occupying these posts were appointed ministers in the 2 October cabinet reshuffle. Since the cumulating of functions is prohibited in the public sector in Cameroon, it is evident that these people will soon be relieved of their old functions.
                The Median has learned, reliably, that many of those who are dreaming to step into the shoes of the above-mentioned personalities have not gone to sleep since the cabinet shake-up was made. In different ways – malefic like felicitous – they are trying to impress on President Biya how much contribution they can make towards emergence by 2035 if they were to be propelled to any of the said positions.

Giant strides in revenue mobilization:

DG of Taxation, Modeste Fatoing

delivering the goods
Taxation department generates FCFA 1300bn in 9 months 

The disclosure was made after the monthly coordination meeting of central and external services of the Directorate General of Taxation that held in Ebolowa recently

By Tanyi Kenneth Musa in Yaounde

The tax sector in Cameroon is growing from strength to strength. A press release from the Ministry of Finance (MINFI) has revealed to The Median that the balance sheet of the mobilization of tax revenue for the first nine months of 2015, presented recently by the Directorate General of Taxation (DGT), is overly positive.
                At the monthly coordination meeting of the central and external services of the DGT that held in Ebolowa on 16 October 2015, it emerged that within this period the DGT mobilized over 1.300 billion FCFA out of the earmarked 1.640 billion FCFA.
                “This is an impressive realization,” the release, issued after the coordination meeting and signed by the Director General of Taxation, MopaFatoing, said.
                It added: “It is at the end of the last three months of the year that we will be able to know the total amount realized by the DGT for the year 2015. But from the look of things, the Directorate will certainly exceed its objectives and impressively so.”
                Commenting on the wonderful performance, a senior tax inspector working for MINFI said he was very upbeat especially as the DGT was able to realize up to 110 billion FCFA for the month of September 2015 alone, even though the earmarked amount was 100 billion FCFA.
                The Median was also informed that as at the time of the meeting, the South region as well as other regional centres had mobilized amounts which surpassed their objectives. The South region was said to have come up with 3.3 billion FCFA, but it was not clear to us how much its earmarked amount was.   

Coordination meeting:

Ayuk Peter Akpoeban, SW Treasury pay master general (TPG)
SW TPG decries corruption at toll gates and weighting stations
By Ajongakou Santos in Muyuka

The indiscipline among municipal treasurers, indiscipline, unprofessionalism, the non-deposit of management accounts, the poor content of management accounts, council crisis and a host of others have been identified as key factors that drawback the efficiency and accountability of most public accountants and municipal treasurers of the South West Region. Members of the Treasury, Monetary and Financial Jurisdiction of the South West Region have therefore been challenged to shun corruption and the mismanagement of public funds for the better accountability of the 2015 financial year. The call was made last Friday, October 16, 2015 by the Inspector General at the South West Governor’s office, Haman Dairou, on the occasion of the third coordination meeting of public accountants of the South West Region that took place at the Muyuka Council Chambers.   
                On his part, the South West Treasurer Paymaster General- Mr. Ayuk Peter- harped on the issues that are drawing the councils and the region behind when it comes to project executions. He frowned at the inability of accountants to properly produce and submit their management accounts in time, the late presentation of project dossiers and a host of others, saying these draw-backs must be properly addressed and with sanctions meted out on defaulters if the region must grow economically.
                Peter Ayuk also cried against delayed transmissions from revenue collectors and the non-payment of toll-gate and weighing station revenue to the treasury. 

Joshua Osih to launch Limbe SDF secretariat project

Joshua Osih

The 1ST Vice National Chairman of the SDF, Joshua Osih Nambangi is highly awaited in Limbe on 14 November 2015 for the grand presentation and launching of the project to construct a community centre that will also host the permanent secretariat of the SDF in Limbe.
                According to the Limbe I Electoral District Chairman of the SDF, Ndenge Godden Zama, the community centre project is the brainchild of his administration that was voted into office in May this year. He disclosed that presently funds are already being raised from within party ranks in the city to kick start the project that is expected to run into several millions.
                Thus the visit of Joshua Osih to Limbe is for him to chair the ceremony to present the community centre project to SDF militants in particular and the population of Limbe in general.
                Ndenge Godden Zama noted in a statement that: “It is not just the construction of a Secretariat, the project will comprise a community centre for the people of Limbe and a permanent secretariat of the SDF party here. So the project is bigger than just a secretariat. It will be a community centre where SDF militants will come and interact with the population of Limbe; it will have a hall for ceremonies like weddings and cultural festivals .The community centre will also help bring people to the heart of the SDF. It will have workshops for welding and sewing where young people in Limbe can come and be trained. The centre will also have a canteen where the militants and the people of Limbe can come together and learn more about the SDF party. So the project is not just a secretariat; we envisage a community centre where SDF militants can interact with the population of Limbe”.
                About the 2018 elections, Zama said: “we are extremely sure that we are going to deliver the election s in Limbe.It is not something that is negotiable. It is something that we have committed ourselves and the people of Limbe and our own children. We owe this to them and I think everybody in Limbe understands that we cannot be intimidated. For the presidential and parliamentary elections it is not something that is under debate. We have the obligation to deliver Limbe. So we want to promise militants of the party that the issue of the presidential, parliamentary and council elections in Limbe has already been closed.”

Protesting against injustice, abuse of power and torture:

Senior superintendent slaps DGSN in the face, tenders her resignation from police corps
Helen Dina Essoka: I have had enough of the rubbish
CCP Helen Dina Essoka, former Regional chief of unit for control of services (“Police de police”) for the South West region, has resigned from the Cameroon police corps, saying she can no longer bear the injustice by her bosses. She tendered her resignation to President Biya on 12 October 2015.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

 “Your Excellency, Sir, I have the honour most respectfully to submit to you my resignation from the Cameroon Police force for the following reasons: I am victim of gross injustice and abuse of power by my hierarchy; i am victim of human rights violations by my hierarchy; I fear for my safety because of death threats from my bosses; my health has deteriorated badly of late, after the long periods of torture I have suffered in the hands of my hierarchy.”
                It was in these words that Senior Superintendent of Police, Helen Dina Essoka, explained the reasons for her decision to resign from the police corps. The former Chief of Unit for Control of Services (“Police de police”) of the South West region on 12 October 2015 tendered her resignation to the Delegate General for National Security, Martin MbargaNguélé and the President of the Republic, Paul Biya.
                In the resignation letter, a copy of which The Median stumbled upon, CPP Dina Essoka explained that for many months running she was made to suffer multiform injustices by her hierarchy to the extent that she has become traumatized and can no longer perform the duties that she was called upon to perform.
                “Your Excellency, because of administrative harassment, financial stress and threats to my life, my health has dramatically deteriorated. I am traumatized and currently in need of close medical attention,” she said; adding that: “under such circumstances, I find it impossible to continue to remain an employee and member of the Cameroon police corps and do hereby, regrettably, tender my resignation.” CPP Essoka further noted: “I have served Cameroon diligently for 17 years and do not desire to continue going through any more torture.”
                Further expatiating on the reasons that informed her decision to resign, the beleaguered lady noted that at a time when she expected to be congratulated by hierarchy for a job well done, the police boss, Martin MbargaNguélé instead proposed to President Biya to relieve her of her duties.

Mbarga Nguélé, don’t smear your lucent image!

He has done so much to radically improve on the image of the police in Cameroon. But he must do more by annulling the scandalous entrance exam into the National Higher Police College in Yaounde. He should also avoid victimizing his collaborators of goodwill
By Douglas A. Achingale

DGSN MbargaNguélé, dont soil your bright image
Martin Mbarga Nguélé is a household name in Cameroon; a name that inspires hope and confidence in citizens of this “land of promise”. To many, the name is somewhat synonymous with discipline within the police corps. He was in charge of managing this corps sometime in the past, and he did it so well that even after he had gone on retirement President Paul Biya sought his services once again. It dawned on the President that this feisty, sprightly dude was the one needed to bring sanity to the police corps which was likened at the time to a house where scruples were out of currency; a house that repulsively reeked of filth. Reason why he called him back to take the same position that he had earlier occupied even before Biya became Head of State.
                Mbarga Nguélé’s second coming has thus brought overwhelming joy to the collective mind of Cameroonians. Although he is advanced in age, younger, zestful and ebullient compatriots can hardly question his competence as far as managing the police corps is concerned. Truth be told, he is one of the few – very few – old people in public offices today who work in a manner so exemplary as to make Cameroonians proud.
                For the four or so years that he has been at the helm of the Cameroon Police, there has been a visible transformation of elements of the force. From their appearances through their work attitude things have changed and tremendously so.

No more faded uniforms
                It was not uncommon at first to see some security officers going about in faded and even threadbare uniforms. Those of them who did so were clearly a disgrace to the corps. Such shabby outfits smacked of indiscipline and irresponsibility as the uniforms did not reflect the police officers’ huge monthly salaries and perks. In fact, they looked like people who did not earn a salary at all. The reading many made of this was that the security men in question had no respect for the corps they represented.
It took no time for MbargaNguélé to put an end to this chaotic way of dressing when he came on board. He prescribed new and clean outfits for his “boys” and “girls” as well as sanctions for defaulters. Today even those policemen and policewomen whose homes are nothing short of pigsties are clean and presentable in public.

Towards better legal practice:

FAKLA President Nkongho Felix AgborBalla,
hailed FAKLANS for another succesful outing
Over 300 attend pioneer FAKLA symposium   
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

A one-day symposium on Legal Practice and Procedure under the Cameroon Judicial System organized by the Fako Lawyers Association (FAKLA) has ended in Buea with legal minds schooled on the need for continuous legal education.
                Chaired by the president of the South West Court of Appeal, Lord Justice BechemEyong ENEKE, the symposium was aimed at cementing the ever necessary need for legal education in Cameroon.
                Serving as a forum for the exchange of ideas and brainstorming on the changing dynamics of the law, the gathering brought together legal minds from the Fako Lawyers Association FAKLA, Meme Lawyers Association MELA, North West Lawyers Association NOWELA, members of the Cameroon Bar Council, Judges, Senior Advocates, Law professors and Law students of the University of Buea. 
                Talking to the press after the pioneer event, FAKLA president, Barrister Nkongho Felix AgborBalla, said the symposium was the first in a series of conferences that FAKLA will organize in due course.
                “Our objective is to strengthen the lawyers, and make relations between the bar and the bench stronger and better,” AgborBalla said.

Buea University:

Over 20.000 participate at 15th Students’ Forum

By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

Cross-Section of participants
The 15th edition of the Students’ Forum, hosted on the Campus of the University of Buea has ended with the over 20.000 participants, notably students, challenged to shun all societal vices while for a better and brighter education future.
                Chaired by the Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo, the 2015 edition of the Students’ Forum, for the first time since its inception took place out of the nation’s political, Yaounde. The three day event from Tuesday, October 20, through Thursday October 22, 2015 was organised under the theme: “The contribution of Guidant counsellors in peace building and national unity”. It brought together secondary school, high school and university students, Higher Education officials, university dons and entrepreneurs.
                According to Mrs. Theresia Wanah Litumbe, Director of Students Assistance and Welfare at the Ministry of Higher Education, the Students’ Forum organised by the Ministry of Higher Education aimed at enabling students meet with stakeholders of the education sector. This according to her includes students, parents, heads of educational institutions and enterprises.

CENAJES B’da sends out 52 sports instructors

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

CENAJES B’da sends out 52 sports instructors
21 senior instructors and 31 instructors have graduated from the National Center of Youths and Sports, Bamenda with a call on them to shun corruption in the school milieu.
                The Minister of Sports and Physical Education BidoungMpkatt, who was on his first official outing as minister of sports after the September cabinet reshuffle presided at the graduation and diploma award ceremony.
                Minister BidoungMpkatt’s presence in Bamenda for the graduation ritual on October 23, 2015 at the Bamenda Congress Hall came 10 years after he was in Bamenda to lay the foundation stone of the institution in 2005.
                In a welcome address, the Secretary General to the Bamenda City Council, Jude Waindim on behalf of the Government Delegate and the Bamenda population thanked the Minister for coming in person observing that the gesture will serve as a motivating force to the laureates.

North-South Cooperation:

The enthusiasm of the young cricketers was wonderful
British Charity undertakes to vulgarize cricket  in Cameroon
- Ambassadors from the British Charity Organization- Cricket Without Boundaries (CWB) are currently in Cameroon where they will for two weeks teach cricket and provide HIV/AIDS messages in schools. They will also donate cricket equipment to the Cameroon Cricket Federation, Fecacricket.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

In what many have described as a wonderful instance of North-South cooperation, a team of volunteers from the British Charity Organization, Cricket without Boundaries-CWB are in Cameroon to help spread cricket awareness in the country.
                The team comprising five persons will during their two-week stay here (from 17th to 31st October 2015) work in synergy with the Cameroon cricket federation-Fecacricket to vulgarize cricket in primary and secondary schools in Yaounde in the Centre region and Buea in the South West region.
                Working within the framework of their fifth partnership with Fecacricket, the CWB volunteers will alongside some eight Cameroonian cricket coaches, visit some pilot schools where they would coach cricket to pupils and students and also teach head teachers how to coach cricket.
                Apart from just cricket, the visiting volunteers will also provide the students and teachers with messages on HIV/AIDS prevention this, by incorporating HIV/AIDS awareness messages in all the lessons and events organized.
                “We have projects in five countries in Africa including Cameroon where we coach cricket in schools and also provide health lessons with respect to HIV/AIDS,” said Tracy, a CWB volunteer, who added: “we are here to also see how our various messages have been advanced; we want to make sure our partnership with the Cameroon Cricket Federation is sustainable; we want to make sure when we live Cameroon our ambassadors here will continue teaching cricket and providing the HIV messages in schools.”
                After spending one week coaching cricket and dispensing HIV/AIDS lessons in schools in Yaounde, the British volunteers and their Cameroonian counterparts on Thursday 23 October 2015 were resource persons at a ‘joint schools cricket festival at the LyceeBilingued’Essos play ground here.  The festival brought together students and pupils from all the schools that they visited, to communion together and share experiences with their counterparts of other schools, as the cricket way of doing things demands.
                The festival was also occasion for the volunteers and coaches to appreciate the enthusiasm in the students and also decipher whether or not the messages on HIV/AIDS are well received.

Standard of Cricket in Cameroon is growing

- Tracy, CWB volunteer
                What is your mission to Cameroon?
                My name is Tracy. I am from London in England. I am representing an organization called Cricket Without Boundaries. We have projects in five different African countries including Cameroon where we coach cricket and also provide health messages with respect to HIV/AIDS.
                This is about the 5th visit of Cricket Without Boundaries to Cameroon. Why this special interest in Cameroon?
                We have a very good relationship with the Cameroon Cricket Federation. We have always been well received in Cameroon and this encourages us to always want to come back and see how the various messages we provide have been advanced. You know sustainability is very important. We want our projects in Cameroon to be sustainable; we want to be sure the HIV/AIDS messages are continuously being put across and cricket continues to be taught in schools even when we are gone. That is why we also train trainers who will be our ambassadors in Cameroon. They will continue going into schools and keep the coaching of cricket alive.
                What appreciation do you make of the development of cricket in Cameroon?
                I think cricket is doing very well in Cameroon. We have seen some of the Cameroonian national teams; they have good players and good coaches. I think the standard of cricket is good here. But if they can continue going into schools and teaching the younger generation then cricket in Cameroon will do very well in the near future.

I want legality, not Tombi’s head

Abdouraman Hamadou Babba
- Abdouraman Hamadou Babba
The president of EtoileFilante of Garoua recently scored a major victory in his desperate fight to reform Cameroon football when the National Olympics Committee annulled the statutes of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fecafoot), in accordance with his petition which he deposited at the said Committee in August this year. He is now determined to have the entire electoral process, which saw the election of Tombi à Roko as president of Fecafoot, cancelled. Abdouraman made this and other pertinent disclosures relating to Cameroon football clear in an interview he granted the press recently.      

                 How did you receive the decision of the Chamber of Arbitration of the National Olympics Committee annulling the statutes of Fecafoot?
                I received the decision with a lot of relief. All the actors of our football knew that those statutes violated article 23 of the law which has to do with the federal electoral college. The fact that the highest decision-making body of our country in terms of sports has said it comforts us; it shows that the Normalisation Committee did not do its job in an impartial manner.
The president of the National Olympics Committee, HamadKalkabaMalboum, said this decision of the Chamber of Arbitration did not annul the election which saw the victory of Tombi à Roko. How do you comment on that?
He is right. Our petition deposited on 25 August 2015 aimed particularly at the cancellation of the statutes drawn up by the Normalisation Committee and adopted on 5 September 2015, insofar as the electoral process had not yet begun on that date.  The very next day after the cancellation was pronounced on 1 October 2015 and in conformity with article 33 of the code of the Chamber of Arbitration, which states that the decision was effective as from the time of its pronouncement, I deposited a new petition aimed this time at the cancellation of the entire electoral process carried out on the basis of those statutes judged illegal and which had been annulled.
                If the Chamber of Arbitration does not annul this election as you wish, what should we expect in the days ahead?
                I would immediately lodge an appeal at the arbitration tribunal in Lausanne, Switzerland. To me, the national chamber of arbitration is only a stopover on the road to the Swiss arbitration tribunal.
                Some people are of the opinion that seizing the Swiss arbitration tribunal would not yield fruit, given that EssombaEyenga, the main maoeuvrer at this international court, is no longer on your side. Is this your feeling? 
If you really knew what the Swiss arbitration tribunal represented in the international sporting environment, you would not give any credit to such a declaration.
                Why did you refuse to adhere to the “consensus” that was negotiated by the Prime Minister, whereas many of your former partisans have accepted to move on?
                I have the strong conviction that the consensus did not take into account the vital interests of our football. It simply took into account individual preoccupations. The engagement I’m taking for our football is sincere and it aims essentially to deeply restructure football in the country. It is an ideal that is grossly placed above my personal interests.

Issue 0167

Two years at CSPH:

Revisiting Elung Paul’s record-breaking performance
Elung Paul is leaving the CSPH a better place than he met it
At the time of his appointment as GM of CSPH, the state-owned company was grappling with a net deficit of 12 billion FCFA. But barely one year after he came to office, Elung Paul made good the lag, recording a 4 billion FCFA net profit in 2013. He tripled the margin in 2014, recording a net profit of 12 billion CFA. The company’s profit margin is expected to rise further this year
By Douglas A. Achingale in Yaounde

Wherever a road passes, development follows. So goes a common saying. The Median begs to modify the saying a little, to read: wherever Elung Paul Che saunters, development follows. The technocrat is today Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Finance. Confirmed. But a retrospective look at the structure whose destiny he was called upon to preside over for two and a half years, reveals the awful strides he made to advance it.
                Dependable sources have told The Median that as of 26 April 2013 when Elung Paul was appointed General Manager of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund (CSPH), the state-owned company had a net deficit of about 12 billion FCFA. However, barely one year after the prescient and punctilious manager took over, a 12 billion FCFA net profit was recorded.
                The same sources attributed this landmark achievement to the former GM’s stringent management style. Being a rare aficionado of financial sanity, he cut down recurrent expenditures, reduced delays in the treatment of files that came about as a result of laxity and red tape, and increased benefits and bonuses for meritorious workers.

Cabinet Reshuffle:

Elung Paul takes up function at MINFI

Elung Paul

The new Minister Delegate to the Ministry of Finance was installed into his functions on Tuesday 6 October 2015, by Finance Minister, AlamineOusmaneMey.
H.E. Excellency Elung Paul Che has taken up his functions as the new Minister Delegate to the Ministry of Finance. The 47-year old senior Treasury accountant and public finance expert was installed by the Minister of Finance AlamineOusmaneMey, on Tuesday 06 October 2015, in the “Salle des actes” of the Finance Ministry.
                Speaking on the occasion, AlamineOusmaneMey congratulated the new minister on his brilliant appointment, saying it was a mark of confidence by the head of state and an acknowledgement of the good work that Mr. Elung has been doing not only at the CSPH where he served as the General Manager but in all the different positions that he has held before in the public administration, especially in the finance sector.
                AlamineOusmane described Paul Elung as the right man for the job especially given that he is a former senior staffer of the ministry.
                “After working successively as Pay Master General for NW and SW, Director of Treasury and later as the Director General of Treasury, Finance and Monetary Cooperation all in the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Paul Elung is returning to a house that he knows only too well,” AlamineMey said, also expressing his utmost joy for having a seasoned and very experienced finance manager of MrElung’s caliber as his collaborator.

CPDM Reorganization:

Hon Emilia Lifaka, doing the hatchet job for Musonge
Angry Fako CPDM militants report Musonge and Lifaka to Biya
- The militants argue that the imposition of consensus lists for election into basic organs of the party is in violation of the Presidential Circular on the reorganization of basic organs of the party. Militants note for example that the leader of the consensus list for the Fako IA Section, Andrew MotangaMojimba, is neither a registered militant of Fako IA nor is he resident in the Limbe I sub-division.
By Now Fuanya in Limbe

Some angry militants of the CPDM in Fako division have written a strongly worded letter to the National Chairman of their party, Comrade Paul Biya, complaining bitterly about PM Musonge’s scheme to hijack the reorganization process and impose candidates in total disregard for the guidelines laid down by the president for the reorganization exercise.
                In the letter dated 23 September 2015, signed by  some 16 members of a rival list and captioned ”Imposition of a list to Fako 1A Section Executive of the main wing contrary to the reorganization texts and the will of the militants”, the disgruntled militants outlined a series of grievances.
                They stated that: “in respect to the reorganization of the basic organs of the party and the modalities laid down by the Secretary General of the party, we were surprised by the imposition of a list on our section headed by a resident of Limbe II, Motanga Andrew Monjimba, by the Vice President of the National Assembly, Honororable Emilia MonjowaLifaka, who claimed she was acting on the instruction of Senator Peter MafanyMusonge”.
                The militants continued that: “the head of the imposed list, Motanga Andrew Monjimba who served as Section President of the now defunct Fako 1 Section for 14 years, lives in Mokundange, headquarters of Fako IB Section and host to the Limbe II council where he was mayor before his appointment as Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council in 2009 and since has not changed residence. While the reorganization text requires that candidates must be resident in the Section he intends to head “.

Anti-Rabies Campaign:

Mass killing of Dogs, Cats in view

Pet-owners in South-West Region have been warned that unless they are able to present proof that their animals have been vaccinated against rabies, these animals will be shot dead after a December 8th deadline. The proof consists of a signed and stamped vaccination booklet and a red collar.
To this effect, a mass South-West Regional anti-rabies vaccination campaign was, on October 07th, launched in Kumba under the directives of the Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, Dr. Taiga. On that single day, over 600 dogs and cats were freely vaccinated against rabies. The scene at the Kumba Grandstand could only be described as chaotic with the presence of diverse breeds of dogs of all colours, all barking and baring their teeth at each other. MINEPIA personnel were on hand to provide a bath for dogs whose owners so desired. Only about 10 cats were presented for vaccination.
                The Regional Delegate of MINEPIA, Dr. Chaiwah Cecilia neé Mongo was also on the ground and adopted an active role in the proceedings. She provided a detailed lecture to pet-handlers present on the epidemiology of rabies, emphasising that rabies is a fatal disease whose best prevention is the annual vaccination of dogs, cats and monkeys. Dr. Chaiwah advised that the first line of action when bitten by a dog is to wash the affected spot thoroughly with unmedicated soap and lots of water, and then to proceed without delay to the general hospitals in Douala, Yaounde or Bafoussam for an anti-rabies serum.

Hotel owners strategize to boost tourism

By Nwo Fuanya in Limbe

Tourism promoters in Cameroon have been strategizing on how to boost the activities of the sector as well as partner with government to fast track development. This were some of the engagements taken in Limbe recently as they brainstorm on the functioning of the sector
                Meeting at Semme Beach Hotel, Limbe on 1st October under the umbrella of the Hotel Industries and Tourism Promoters Federation, SPIHT, the hotel owners resolved to promote tourism potentials through structural projects, sports and cultural events, business convention, congresses, conference and meetings through creating partnerships with the actors involved in the organisation of sports and cultural events by the year 2020.
                They also resolved to create a commission within SPIHT in charge of normalising tourism enterprises, heightening communication among SPIHT members, organising training and refresher courses for tourism proprietors on legislation and marketing, lobbying the Ministry of Public Works and councils to disenclave priority sites.


Cyber-criminality rampant in SW
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

Over three hundred participants from the Educational, financial, civil society and security sectors in Buea have wrapped up a three day public awareness seminar organised by the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, known by its french acronym ANTIC.
Holding at the Buea Council Chambers from 7 October to 9 October 2015, the seminar had as theme “Stop cyber criminality, together lets bar the way”.
                According to the authorities of ANTIC, the seminar is aimed to create awareness on cyber criminality and practices, curb cyber malpractice, promote internet culture, as well as introduce new measures to fight cyber criminality.
                It brought together top officials of the SW region including the likes of the Attorney General of the South West Court of Appeal, SW Governor, Buea Council Mayor, Security officials among others.
                According to South West Governor, Bernard OkaliaBilai, the seminar on cyber security was timely given the growing rate of cyber criminality in Buea in particular. To that effect, he appreciated the Director of the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies for choosing Buea as venue for the seminar.

Watch your English:

New English Language User’s Guide launched
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea

The Buea University Group for English Language and Educational Research (UGELER) through Dr. FontemNeba and Tabah Emmanuel has published their latest product: An English Grammar and Writing Course. The book was launched last October 8, 2015 at the Dorothy LimungaDjeuma Amphitheatre of the University of Buea.
                According to the authors, the book is designed for advanced learners of English; it will also serve as resource manual for both teachers and students at GCE O'L and A'L.
                “It is a response to the gap evident in the mastery of English grammar, writing and vocabulary skills in the scripts of senior and post-secondary school students in Cameroon. It also provides a useful guide and supplement to the understanding and usage of grammar rules, writing tips, vocabulary and academic language, Dr. FontemNeba enthused.
Dr. Fontem adds that this new edition includes elaborate explanations of word relations – synonyms, antonyms, analogies, vocabulary in context idioms and collocations; it focuses on sentence construction and can be used in the classroom with the teacher’s help or at home as a self-study book.

Afrique Media saga:

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Peter Essoka
Peter Essoka warns Issa
Tchiroma to steer clear of NCC
- Says IssaTchiroma cannot give him instructions because he is not his boss

The vice president of the National Communication Council, Veteran journalist Peter Essoka has refused to execute an instruction from the Minister of Communication ordering him to lift the suspension he slammed on the Pan-African TV Channel, Afrique Media.
                In a letter addressed to the MINCOM, Peter Essoka reminded IssaTchiroma that the CNC is not placed under the supervisory authority of the MINCOM and for that reason the MINCOM hasn’t the quality or competence to give instructions to the CNC on any issue.
                Peter Essoka’s missive to IssaTchiroma was in response to an earlier letter addressed to the former by the latter urging the former to lift his suspension of Afrique Media.
                IssaTchiroma in the letter reminded Peter Essoka that the one-month suspension period had since elapsed and besides, authorities of Afrique Media have signed an undertaking with the MINCOM to « toe the line » and to respect all republican laws on social communication in Cameroon.

Kumba General Assembly:

Sakerettes celebrate Mbah Acha Rose’s appointment as minister
- Hail President Biya for his good judgment

The Association of Ex-Students of Saker Baptist College, EXSSA, have performed a symbolic march around the city of Kumba to show solidarity for those who have lost loved ones in the fight against the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, and for those actively involved at the battlefront.
                Coming from different nooks and crannies of the nation to take part in the EXSSA Annual General Meeting on Saturday October 10th, the EXSSA ladies were unanimous and vocal in their expression of joy, pride and gratitude to the Head of State for appointing one of theirs, MbahAcha Rose née Formundam, to the position of Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Supreme State Audit. MbahAcha Rose belongs to the EXSSA Class of 1977, christened The Pluckies.
                The presence of highflying EXSSA members such as Honourable Lydia Ikomi and Mme. Bertha Ndoh, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, added bliss to the occasion.