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Breaking with the past:

Tombel CPDM prioritize community development, shuns demagogy
- A trail-blazing joint section conference of CPDM KupeMuaneguba III, Tombel section was held on Saturday 23 July 2016, at the Tombel council hall.
By Johnson Batuo in Tombel
Tombel CPDM political Joker, H.E. Elung Paul, being welcomed
to the Tombel Council Hall by the local CPDM section executive
Militants of KupeMuanenguba III, Tombel section of the CPDM party have resolved to use politics as a means towards bringing much-needed development to their community, and not for fostering and promoting individual agendas. This was the major resolution arrived at during the “Joint Section Conference of KupeMuanenguba III section Tombel, on Saturday 23rd July 2016, at the Tombel council hall.
                In what can be interpreted as breaking with the past and aligning with French philosopher, Moliere, who said: “Je vis de bon soupe et non de bon language”, translated in English as “it is good food and not fine words that keeps me alive”, militants of Tombel CPDM are unanimous that now is the time for politics of development and poverty alleviation, and no longer politics for self-aggrandizement, demagogy and cheap and empty rhetoric.
                That was perhaps why Saturday’s Joint Section Conference was literally transformed into a training workshop to educate, sensitize and build the capacities of party militants on such development-oriented subjects like 2nd generation agriculture; politics and sustainable development; and the nature, end and purpose of education as a veritable tool for personal development of the citizen.
                Thus, presenting a paper on the theme “Maintaining sustainable development in the political landscape of Tombel sub-division”, Mr. Nkwelle Jacob, a community development expert, schooled militants and especially political leaders on the need for them to use their political awareness and power to bring development to their community, and not to foster their self-seeking  and individual agendas.
                Comrade Nkwelle Jacob reminded political office holders that they have a social contract with their communities and that is why they must serve and render account to their communities and not themselves.
                Another resource person Enang James, an agronomist, ruminated on the theme: “potentials, challenges and the way forward for 2nd generation agriculture in KupeMuanenguba division.” He sensitized militants on the need for them to federate their energies, pull their resources together and create small-holders schemes this so that they can produce in large quantities and also give value-added to their market-destined products.

Playing Lazarus:

B’da gov’t delegate pays lip service to traders’ strike
- Indicts detractors of inciting populations into rebellion
- Boasts of successful stewardship as Bamenda City Boss
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
Vincent NjiNdumu
The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council has described as “manipulative” the recent strike by some traders in Bamenda who took to the streets protesting an imminent increase of rents in market stalls in Bamenda. Vincent NjiNdumu maintained that by reviewing the rents of market stalls the city council only acted within the ambit of the law and in respect of the deliberation of the City Board.
                Vincent Ndumu hammered his point during an interview he granted some local radio stations in Bamenda on Friday 22 July 2016. The interview centred on development issues in the city of Bamenda.  
                Irate traders took to the streets on protesting among other things the hikes in rents of market stalls, the high rate of banditry and insecurity, poor hygiene and sanitation in markets across the city as well as the poor state of roads. Because of these grievances the traders brandished red cardson the Government Delegate, urging him to go.
                Clarifying the issue of rents, Vincent Ndumu said city authorities had held several meetings with various leaders of the traders unions in the markets and informed them of the council’s resolve to gradually implement rents rates prescribed by the 2009 law this, so as to raise funds to finance much-needed developmental projects in the city. He blamed the traders’ leaders of demonstrating real bad faith towards the populations.

Traders’ strike crippled business at B’da markets

Business owners went on strike, shutting down at least six markets across the city of Bamenda last week, to protest the doubling of shop and stall rents.
                About 3000 traders marched on Up Station with placards, blocking off the main entrance to the city around the Governor’s Office for more than four hours.
                They were also protesting against what they termed repeated intimidation from the City Council’s market wardens and other officials.
                City officials cancelled the rent increase at the end of a heated meeting with protesters. The Government Delegate was absent.
                The City had unilaterally raised different categories of monthly rent from FCFA8000 and FCAF10,000 to FCFA15,000 and FCFA20,000. Charges for street vendors also rose from FCFA100 to FCFA500 a week.
                The increases affected Main Market, Food Market, Ntarikon Market, Nkwen Market, Behind Stadium Market, Hospital Market and other markets operated by the council around the city.
                Jude Waindim, the Secretary General of the City, said they were implementing a regulation on the calculation of rents that has existed since 2009. The rent increase result from a recalculation using this old rule, he said.
                But traders rejected the move and said they would be unable to break even with the increased cost of doing business in the city’s markets.

Alleged Human Rights Abuses:

Cameroon Rejects Amnesty Int’l Report 
The military has swiftly rejected an Amnesty International report alleging “wide spread” human rights abuses in the war on Boko Haram.

A Ministry of Defense spokesman yesterday said Cameroon soldiers have never been involved activities deliberately designed to violate human rights and fell short of calling the allegations malicious.
                Colonel Didier Badjeck, head of the communication division, said troops were well-trained and the military enforces strict field operations measures to guard against abuses, even on the battlefront.
                The Amnesty International report released yesterday accuses Cameroonian troops of arbitrary arrests, torture, inhuman detentions, unfair trials and extrajudicial killing of suspected terrorists and their accomplices. 
                It was the second such report in a period of ten months.
                “The ministry of defense has never been involved, in a calculated way, in any activity that violates human rights,” Badjeck told reporters in Yaoundé yesterday, after the report went public.
                “You must be aware of decisions by the minister of defense that severely punishes – and these are dissuasion punishments – some soldiers caught in acts of harassment.”
                He said international humanitarian law was in military academies and training centers and troops receive adequate briefings before deployment to make sure laws are not broken.
                The report came amid new Boko Haram suicide attacks, which have killed dozens in several locations in the Far North over the last few weeks. They have become fewer and far apart but show the war will not be over any time soon.
                “In seeking to protect its population from the brutality of Boko Haram, Cameroon is pursuing the right objective; but in arbitrarily arresting, torturing and subjecting people to enforced disappearances the authorities are using the wrong means,” said Alioune Tine, Amnesty International West and Central Africa regional director, in a statement.
                “With hundreds of people arrested without reasonable suspicion that they have committed any crime, and people dying on a weekly basis in its overcrowded prisons, Cameroon’s government should take urgent action to keep its promise to respect human rights while fighting Boko Haram.”
                Amnesty International alleged that Cameroon has detained more than 1000 terrorism suspects under deplorable conditions around the country. Six to eight of them die in detention every month, the group alleged.
                The group said it conducted interviews, reviewed cases, sat through trials and visited detention centers to reach its conclusions. But authorities and the militant alike were visibly furious. 
                The minister of Communication and government spokesman IssaTchiroma also rejected the damning reports as baseless.

War on Boko Haram:

Amnesty Int’l nails Cameroon army for abuses
Six to eight people are dying every month at the Maroua prison, where authorities have detained hundreds of suspected Boko Haram fighters and accomplices, claims Amnesty International in a report released today, which accuses the military of “wide spread human rights violations against civilians”.
                Security forces also employ arbitrary arrests, “unnecessary and excessive use of force”, torture and extrajudicial killings in their campaign to defeat the Nigerian terrorist group, the rights group alleged. More than 100 people, the group said, have been sentenced to death after “unfair” military trials.
                The damning accusations came as regional authorities in the Far North said insecurity was now “firmly under control” and announced the reopening of borders, schools, and markets closed in the heat of fighting. It also noted the butchery carried out by Boko Haram in the region, reporting that the group has killed nearly 500 people in the last year alone.
                “In seeking to protect its population from the brutality of Boko Haram, Cameroon is pursuing the right objective; but in arbitrarily arresting, torturing and subjecting people to enforced disappearances the authorities are using the wrong means,” said Alioune Tine, Amnesty International West and Central Africa Regional Director, in a statement.
                “With hundreds of people arrested without reasonable suspicion that they have committed any crime, and people dying on a weekly basis in its overcrowded prisons, Cameroon’s government should take urgent action to keep its promise to respect human rights while fighting Boko Haram.”

Cameroon debunks the report, which is not the first by the group.
                Boko Haram attacks have reduced over the past several months but have not gone away, said gov’t spokesman IssaTchiroma. Last week, a suicide attack killed two people in the district of Kolofata, north of the regional capital Marou, he noted.
                “The group poses the most serious security and humanitarian threat to Cameroon since its border dispute with Nigeria. It has killed easily more than 2000 civilians and troops, destroyed dozens of villages and forced more than 170,000 people to flee from home during four years of unrelenting assaults, including 46 suicide attacks.”
                Amnesty International acknowledged that Boko Haram has committed “serious human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law in Cameroon” but said authorities have responded with impunity and the use of draconian anti-terrorism laws.
                The rights group said its accusations summarised below were based on interviews with more 200 people, prison visits, reviewing cases of human rights violations and sitting through trials.

Performance-based management:

Taxation department generates FCFA 890 bn in 1st semester
- DGT ModesteMopaFatoing and his dynamic staff aiming for another record-breaking performance in 2016
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde
DG of Taxation, Mopa ModesteFatoing
The Directorate General of Taxation DGT is poised more than ever before to attain and even beat its earmarked revenue collection objective for the 2016 budgetary year.
                               This was the preoccupation of tax officials from the central and external services of the Directorate General of Taxation when they converged in Garoua, North region, on 14 July 2016 for their 7th coordination meeting for the 2016 fiscal year.
                               Holding in the context of a steep drop in prices of raw materials notably petroleum products, and a precarious security situation due to the Boko Haram insurgency in the North, it emerged that the DGT was still able to generate over FCFA 890 billion in the 1st semester of 2016.
                               This amount consists of FCFA 857 billion of non-oil tax revenue and FCFA 33 billion of oil-tax revenue, according to a release issued by the DGT.
                               It is worthy to mention that the non-tax revenue of 857 billion exceeds by 42 billion the 815 billion that was earmarked by government for the 1st semester of 2016, thus giving a realization rate of 105%.
                               Note-worthy also is the fact that at the same period in 2015, the DGT collected FCFA 830 billion in non-oil revenue. Thus 2016 witnessed an absolute progression of 27 billion and a relative progression of 3.2%.
                               For their part, all the regional taxation units also realized their earmarked revenue objectives in the first semester, with the North region realizing FCFA 3 billion.
                               Meanwhile, the DGT also recovered the sum of 102.2 billion on behalf of decentralized local collectives and other public administrative services.
                               According to authorities of the DGT, this wonderful performance is accounted for by the continuous quest to improve upon the collection procedures. And this entails consolidating reforms aimed at making the tax services more user-friendly and more performance-oriented.

Boosting palm oil production:

Nguti welcomes multi-million FCFA oil mill
- The technical reception of the giant oil mill project in Mboka village near Nguti, in KupeMuanenguba division of the South West region, took place in Mboka village on Friday 22 July 2016.
By Johnson Batuo in Nguti
The mill has two cooking tanks of 2500 litres each
The populations of Nguti sub-division and beyond now have every reason to engage in intensive and extensive oil palm agriculture this with the installation of a giant oil mill in Mboka village, barely a stone throw from Nguti main town.
                The technical reception for the oil mill built by a Douala-based engineer, upon the command of Mr. Okie Johnson Ndoh (Initiator and owner of the project) and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Small and Medium sized enterprises through its PACD/PME program and a local commercial bank, was done on Friday 22 July 2019, in the presence of the DO of Nguti, the mayor of Nguti; the CPDM MP for Nguti, Hon. Clara AlehEyabi, traditional chiefs and a curious crowd of enthusiastic villagers and on-lookers.
                Welcoming guests on the occasion, the mayor of Nguti, Mr. Enoh George hailed the initiator Okie Johnson and especially the sponsors of the wonderful and very opportune project, saying that it will go a long way to not only boost agriculture and economic activity but also alleviate poverty and create jobs for the populations of Ngutisud-division.

Towards Autonomy of Local Councils:

PNDP promises more financial support
By Boris Esono in Buea
Just like in other regions of country, the National Community Development Programme, PNDP, has launched its 3rd phase in Buea, capital of the South West region, with a pledge to finance more projects in South West Councils. Though the launching of this ‘consolidation phase’ kicked-off across the country on 20 May 2016, it was on Tuesday, 12 July that the South West Region had its own launching.
                Speaking at the occasion, the 3rd Deputy Mayor of the Buea Council, Mr. Musoko Edward called the attention of participants to the low development in the region despite the enormous potentials in Agriculture and Crude Oil.  Mayor Mosoko Edward said that due to some objective difficulties agriculture in the region cannot be maximized. He noted for instance that due to the poor road networks in the region, agricultural produce from the hinterlands cannot be transported to urban markets for sale.
                Further painting the bad picture of roads in the region the Deputy Mayor wondered why some local administrators should resort to the use of motor bikes to go about their work, especially in the Bakassi area.
                Launching the event, the Governor of the SWR, Mr. Bernard OkaliaBilai, called on the various councils to make use of the PNDP Programme which is an instrument put in place to achieve the objectives of the government. He said the PNDP will in this 3rd phase extend its largesse to other councils, including notably the Limbe and Kumba councils. 

Nkemayang Vs Ndi &Bayen case:

Nkemayang escapes blame for Press Freedom Day donations roar
By a correspondent in Limbe
Nkemayang Paul Foanyi
Nkemayang Paul Foanyi, publisher of The Star newspaper has told the Limbe Magistrate’s Court that John MbahAkuroh did not give account of donations he received for their joint organization of World Press Freedom Day in 2014.
                Nkemayang, publisher of The Star newspaper and president of the Commonwealth Journalists Association (CJA) Cameroon was addressing the Limbe Magistrate’s Court on 13 July when hearing opened for retrial in the libel case he brought against two other journalists in relation to a story about the donations.
                Speaking before Justice TheophilusTatsi, president of the court, Nkemayang said he gave account of all donations he received, but Akuroh did not.
                “When the drinks and water donated by Source du Pays arrived, I got up and told participants that ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the water and drinks are from Source du Pays’ and there was thunderous hand of applause. I asked Akuroh to get up and do the same. He got up and only said ‘The Minister of Environment gave something, this person gave something, that person gave that’, without stating the amount of money they donated.”
                Nkemayang’s statement might have come to confirm what Ndi Eugene Ndi said in the 5 May 2014 story at the centre of the legal battle that the main organizers of the event in Buea only made spurious mention of some donors but did not state how much each of them donated. The story, posted on Facebook, was republished in Franklin SoneBayen’sMediapeople newspaper.
                Nkemayang said Akuroh collected two million FCFA in donations but handed over only 700,000FCFA to him and explained that with about 500,000FCFA in Akuroh’s pocket, he said he had to pay transport fares for participants who came from Yaounde and Bamenda. At which the trial judge exclaimed, “Five hundred thousand only for transport?”
                Nkemayang said Akuroh told him he learned the Limbe City Council had donated 200,000FCFA and asked Nkemayang to turn his attention there.
                The judge also asked where the balance of 1.3 million FCFA in Akuroh’s keeping had gone to. Nkemayang said he believed Akuroh has saved it in a bank account. Meanwhile, Steven Ojong, secretary general of Akuroh’s CANPA told The Standard Tribune in a March 2016 report that he knew nothing about any letters of appeal nor any donations received by CANPA.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum:

Fotabe University College, FUNIC, launches 2nd edition
By Boris Esono in Buea
Cross Section of participants
The second edition of the Annual Entrepreneurship Leadership Forum organized by Fotabe University College, FUNIC, in collaboration with Junior Chambers International (JCI) has ended in Buea with over 40 selected secondary school students urged to shun cyber crime, prostitution, and the “Bush Falling” syndrome. Rather, these young Cameroonians were told that being true Cameroonians requires that they embrace the country’s challenges and strive to seek solutions. Placed under the theme: “Youths and their ability in sustainable development”, FINIC’s three-day leadership forum organized in partnership with the Rome Business School ran from Tuesday, July 14, through Saturday, July 16, 2016.
                Speaking during the launched of the Leadership Forum, the Regional Delegate of Employment and Vocational Training, Mr. Igondoh John Atosoh, the second leadership forum is all about encouraging people to take up the challenge of becoming entrepreneurs and not sleep on their bed thinking job opportunities will come and meet them without them working for it.

Solidarity with army:

Buea Council lends hand to Boko Haram victims
-Distributes FCFA 500,000 to families of fallen soldiers
By Boris Esono in Buea
South West authorities pose with participants
Through its Secretary General, Ewume Joseph, the Buea Council has donated FCFA 500,000 as support to the families of Cameroon’s fallen soldiers. The council made the donation recently at the Buea Council hall, during a fundraising event organized by the Fallen Patriots Foundation (FPF).
                Going by the organizers, soldiers are a vital force in Cameroon’s fight against terrorism, reason why families of fallen heroes must be given maximum assistance rather than neglect.
                The Secretary General of the Buea Council, Mr. Ewume Joseph, who represented Mayor Ekema Patrick, decried the maltreatment of families of the country’s fallen soldiers. "We should support these soldiers and their families even when our relatives are not involved in the fight against Boko Haram. It is incumbent on us to take care of the families left behind by the dead of the husband or father"- Mr. Ewume said.
                To him, a single book, pen or any didactic material will go a long way to make sure that the children left behind by the fallen soldiers get adequate education; which will better their lives. The SG indicated that the donation given by the council (FCFA 500000) was a little token to show appreciation for the help FPF has been doing to better the life of some 450 children registered under the foundation.
                According MrsNdiwame Laura, Founder and Coordinator of FPF, the Fallen Patriot Foundation has since its creation in 2005 taken upon itself to make sure that children of fallen soldiers go back to school come September. She urged participants to support these children either financially, morally or materially as a child being given the opportunity to go back to school helps a lot.


BUEA Mayor was never denied visa to UK
Contrary to a report in a local tabloid that Mayor Ekema Patrick Esunge was refused visa to travel to London to represent Cameroon at a capacity building seminar, The Median can state with unimpeachable evidence that the mayor actually got a 6-month visa to the United Kingdom.
                It should be recalled that Mayor Patrick Ekema was shortlisted alongside several other mayors and government delegates to participate at a training seminar in London. But it emerged that the mayor’s visa application arrived at the consular service of the British High Commission a little late.

For challenging Fon’s authority:

Kumbo populations to sanction SDF mayor in 2018
-Say mayor DonatusNjong will answer to them if ever gov’t takes over Kumbo water authority
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
Fon of Nso
Kumbo Council, NSODA, KWA and the Fon of Nso, the main parties involved in the crisis that have rocked the Kumbo Water Scheme for some time now have been given less than two weeks to agree on who should be at the helm or risk receiving a ruling from the government.
                This was the outcome of yet another reconciliatory meeting held recently in Bamenda that brought together the rival parties presided at by the Governor of the North West region, Adolf LeleLafrique
                It also filtered from the meeting that the regional delegation of water and energy shall be in charge of the treatment of the water for the time being.
                However, it is reported that Cameroon Water Utility corporation CAMWATER is finalizing its strategy to take over the management of the water scheme taking into consideration that the belligerents have agreed to disagree on who should be at the helm.
                Informed sources told The Median that since the meeting with the governor, the warring parties have not met to iron out their differences thus giving credibility to the reports about Camwater’s eventual takeover.

Genesis of the crisis
 Kumbo Council
On 10 July 2015 the fon of Nso, SehmMbinglo I sealed the doors of Kumbo Water Authority KWA faulting it for gross mismanagement.
                KWA however transferred their offices and activities to the old Kumbo Council building after councilors sitting in an extra-ordinary session deliberated and approved to harbor them.
                On 29 July 2015 HRH SehmMbinglo 1, after a meeting convened to resolve the issue at the instructions of the SDO for Bui ended in a fiasco, announced to a crowd of curious subjects and journalists that he had decided to take full control of the water scheme.
                An office under the banner of kumbo water with an interim water management committee was set up by the Fon and started collecting bills.
                Since then, the Fon and the Mayor have been engaged themselves in a gory public spectacle with some self-seeking individuals   and some politicians seeking political gains fanning the flames.
                One of the central issues aggravating the crisis is a controversial Memorandum of Understanding signed between Kumbo Council, The Nso Palace and Nso Development Authority in 2008 giving Kumbo Council the supervisory powers over the water scheme.
                Talking to The Median newspaper on the issue earlier this year the Mayor was emphatic that the MOU which was aimed at giving KWA legality is bidding and will not be reversed despite calls from major quarters that the terms of the MOU be revisited.
                The management of NSODA and the Fon, the major stakeholders in the MOU have however distanced themselves from it and have considered it as null and void.
                Kumbo Council is also acting within the precincts of the 2004 decentralization laws which give the council the supervisory power over water schemes.
                However, Shushey Barrister Akuwiyadze Joseph one of the “frontliners” of new water committee has challenged this law saying the jurisdiction applies only to public water schemes. He added that the text of application of the said law is yet to be made available.

SDF losing grounds to CPDM?
                Although the water crisis is far from being a political issue, it will not be gross exaggeration to insinuate that it has political undertones taking into consideration that the main rivals, Mayor NjongDonatusFonyuy and HRH SehmMbinglo I belong to the SDF and CPDM respectively, parties that animate the political scene in Bui division.
Mayor Njong whom considers as one of the “first sons” of the SDF is national coordinator of the SDF investiture committee and mayor of Kumbo Council for over a decade while HRH SehmMbinglo I is a member of the Central Committee of the CPDM.
                Taking into consideration that a majority of Nso sons and daughters supported the Fon’s position during the crisis, commentators were quick to see mass “cross carpeting” from the SDF to the CPDM.
                Reports which The Median could not independently confirm indicate that a majority of SDF militants joined the CPDM during the crisis.
                However, these reports were put to question when the SDF as usual showcased their numerical strength during the 26 anniversary of the party in Bui.

Hidden Agenda:

Cameroon Youth Forum turns into CPDM rally
By Ajongakou Santos & Boris Esono
Family Members & Participants of
 Fallen Patiot Foundation
A great number of youths, majority of them from the North West Region have strongly condemned and rubbished the just ended Cameroon Youth Forum that took place in Buea. They regret haven been part of a forum which according to them diverted from its original aim: “train youths on security challenges and citizenship values”, to a political rally that “Forced” youths to call on President Biya to stand in the 2018 presidential elections.
                Asked if the forum was really a misplaced priority as many complained, one of the participants for the North West Region, Mr. Shubiloh Divine, called on the government not to cease hijacking events meant for the youths for their political gains. To him, the theme “Youths and Security Challenges” has nothing to do with politics or a call for President Biya to contest the upcoming 2018 Presidential election. "A glaring example of this was during the match past where the youths carried posters calling on President Biya to be their candidate".
                Another participant from the South West Region, who preferred anonymity, said the 8th edition of the Cameroon Youth Forum was more of scamming being carried out by the government to get more youths to register under the CPDM Party. Here him; "If they want the youths to stand for president Biya, something that some people are not ok with, they should come out plain instead of using a hidden agenda".

Examination Malpractice:

Five Students dismissed from ENAM
The students including three Cameroonians, one Chadian and one Central African Republican were reportedly caught colluding and/cheating during their promotion examinations.
By Rachel Ntube in Yaounde
Three Cameroonians, a Chadian and a Central African have been expelled from the School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM Yaounde, after they were allegedly caught cheating during their promotion exams.
                However, the decision of the authorities of ENAM is not final, as it can be nullified, revised or maintained by the minister in charge of public service and administrative reforms.
                AbasMohamadou, son of Ngoundere-based multi-billionaire MohamadouAbbo; MahamatDahiyeAbdouraman, DjibbersouDa’AyeYoma (a Chadian), Vevet Raymond Fondzenyuy and TekiliZaket Paul Emery (a Central African) were dismissed after the disciplinary council of ENAM declared them guilty of various forms of examination malpractice. They have all denied the accusations.
                AbasAbbo for example, who was allegedly caught copying from his mobile phone, claimed that he only started manipulating his phone after he had finished writing. His excuse did no however hold water because mobile phones were disallowed in the exam hall. Abbo has however pleaded for pardon, it was reported.

Controversy at 2016 Graduation:

UB medical doctors denied Hyppocratic oath
By Ajongakou Santos & Boris Esono
Although their admission into the medical school was plain, their training rigorous and to say the least professional, their going out however was marked by controversy. It was Black Friday for medicine students, consequently the entire University as Medicine grandaunds were prohibited from taking the Hippocratic Oath which solidifies their entry into the Medicine profession.
                According to the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the 90 medicine students will have to wait until another date still-to-be-announced is chosen for them to take the Hippocratic Oath.
                As shocking as it was, many people, most of them parents, wondered in disagreement given that it was the first time witnessing such controversy at UB graduation ceremony.
                Meantime it was easier for the other departments (Nursing and Medical Laboratory Sciences) who all graduated, and accepted to take the oath.
                The Median gathered that there is an “unending disagreement” between the Cameroon Medical Council and the University of Buea over the award of certificates to Medicine graduates. Information gotten from some of the furious medicine graduates revealed that Certificates of the 2015 batch of Medical Doctors have not been printed. So, they find themselves in a conundrum, bothered that 2016 batch whose certificates have also not been printed would have to be put on hold until the situation is resolved.

Bilateral Trade:

Cameroon/Nigeria seek better economic ties
The economic relationship between Cameroon and Nigeria which dates way back to the colonial period has in the recent past years registered fluctuating trends of trade imbalances. Despite the geographical closeness and the presence of rich economic potentials highly demanded in both markets, both countries have only been able to sustain 3 percent of trade relations.
                The need to revalorize this relationship and make it more profitable to both parties was the reason for the recent brainstorming meeting that took place in Yaoundé. It brought together stakeholders and experts in the private sector of Cameroon to prepare the framework of the forth coming Cameroon/Nigerian forum scheduled to hold in the third quarter of this year.
According to the experts, several issues need to be taken care of well ahead of time to put Cameroon at a vantage bargain position when they will meet with their Nigerian counterparts in the course of the year to re-examine and redefine the terms of their economic ties.

Man Utd boss not fazed by defeat by Borussia Dortmund

Manager Jose Mourinho said he was not worried after his Manchester United side lost 4-1 to Borussia Dortmund in a pre-season friendly in Shanghai.
Gonzalo Castro scored twice for the German club, with OusmaneDembele and Pierre-EmerickAubameyang also scoring.
                New signing HenrikhMkhitaryan netted United's goal, making the score 3-1 just before the hour mark.
                "It was like Formula 1 against Formula 3," said Mourinho. "They are much sharper, so it was difficult to judge."
                The Portuguese, who succeeded Louis van Gaal as manager in May, said Dortmund had shown their pre-season preparations were at a more advanced stage.
                "One team started training a month ago and played four games," he said.

Celtic to complete signing of ex-Liverpool defender KoloToure

Celtic should complete the signing of former Liverpool defender KoloToure on Saturday.
The 35-year-old worked under Brendan Rodgers at Anfield and comes in to provide much needed defensive cover.
                If he passes a medical, he will be available for Wednesday's Champions League qualifier against FC Astana.
                Toure, who played 26 times for Liverpool last season, would become Celtic's second summer signing after the arrival of MoussaDembele.
                The deadline for signings ahead of Wednesday's third round Champions League qualifier was 21 July, but clubs are allowed one "wildcard" signing up to 24 hours before kick-off.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Front page

"Release Marafa, Mebara"

- Ayah Paul, Supreme Court Judge
Ayah Paul
In keeping with the constitutional provisions of Popular Action Party (formerly People’s Action Party) – PAP – the PAP Secretary General, Akoson A. Raymond and the National Secretray for Organisation Mr. Njang Denis on Saturday July 9, 2016 installed into their respective functions, 15 members of PAP Yaoundé 5 executive bureau. Akoson, in a keynote address impressed upon the new executive members the seriousness of their undertaking and challenged them to seize the Yaoundé V Council from the CPDM in the next municipal election.
                A teacher by profession, Mr. Eneli ESSAGA – former Secretary for Communication, CPDM Lekie North who had resigned from CPDM and joined PAP two years ago - is now the president of PAP Yaoundé V. In his speech to PAP Yaoundé V executives, he vowed to reveal all CPDM election rigging secrets and help PAP grab the Yaoundé V council at the next municipal election. ESSAGA will be assisted by Mrs. Waji Mercy who resigned from the SDF.
                The occasion was graced with the presence of the PAP President, AYAH Paul Abine.
                After the oath taking ritual that completed the installation event, the press exploited the opportunity to get AYAH’s stance on certain burning national issues namely his reaction on:
                - The presidential clemency granting the Franco-CamerounianEyoum freedom from jail;
                - The Declaration by The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention of MarafaHamidouYaya;
                - The immunity of ministers, homosexuality in Cameroon, tenant-landlord relationship – all contained in the recently revised Penal Code of Cameroon;
                The press equally grilled the Supreme Court Attorney General amongst other issues the reason for party’s name change, whether his appointment to the Supreme Court was not compromise, if he’d changed his position on the Southern Cameroons.
                1. On Presidential Pardon for LydienneEyoum
                Justice AYAH chided president Biya for heeding to pressure from the French president. He wondered aloud whether Cameroon was still a dependent state. AYAH said Cameroon has ratified international instruments providing for automatic submission to court orders, and for equal protection of the law.
                He blames Biya for defying international court's ancillary order to dialogue with southern Cameroonians. And for ignoring the order of an international tribunal that AtanganaMebara should be released and paid 400 million francs for false imprisonment.
                “…Which international instrument makes the case of the lawyer prisoner a matter sui generis? The muddle of a model judicial system?...” The lord Justice questioned.
                2. Quizzed by a prying journalist if he would release Marafa given that the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has requested for his release, AYAH said if he had the opportunity to, he would release those he termed ‘political prisoners’ upon having studied their files on a case by case basis. The Advocate General of the Supreme Court lamented that files on criminal prosecution are not sent to his desk for his legal opinion. So far, he’s been working only on civil cases.

Coordination meeting of SW treasurers:

TPG Dona Achuprescribes management excellence

-Promises difficult times for defaulting accountants

By Ajongakou Santos in Buea
New SW Pay Master, AchuDonatus here exchanging with pressmen
The new Pay Master General of Buea, Mr. DonatusAchuTaboh has said he is poised to pilot the South West Financial jurisdiction to excellence. He made the revelation on Friday 8 July 2016 in Buea as he chaired the first coordination meeting of treasurers and public accountants of the South West region since his appointment as Paymaster (TPG) of the region three months ago.
                Speaking on the occasion, DonatusAchu promised to put an end to the irregularities observed in the work of some treasurers and public accountants in the region.  Identifying the late transmission of accounts, delays in submission of expenditure files, dilapidation of office buildings, broken down office furniture, inadequate logistics, poor security etc. as some problems begging for urgent solution in the treasury jurisdiction of the SW, the TPG said his first reaction will be to make the working environment conducive for his staff by rehabilitating offices and providing adequate furniture and other logistics to ease their work.

Boko Haram is still very alive and dreadful

IssaTchiroma, Communication Minister
Below is the Mincom’s introductory remarks at a recent press conference in Y’de
Distinguished Journalists,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I wish you all a warm welcome and thank you for honoring my invitation to take part in this exchange on the security situation in the Far-North region of our country.
                As a matter of fact, on Wednesday, June 29 2016 at around 9.30 p.m., in the Djakana village in the Mayo-Sava Division, a young suicide bomber of about 25 years, activated his explosive device among a group of youths who were gathered in a local video club.
                Taken by surprise by the sudden appearance of the suicide bomber inside the premises of an entertainment spot, the youths present at the scene of the event were given no time to anticipate the macabre plan of their attackers and foil it before the explosive could be activated.
The toll of this attack stands at 11 civilians killed in addition to the suicide-bomber and three injured.
                Two of the injured were rushed to the Mora District Hospital and the other one transported to the Maroua Regional Hospital.
On that same night of June 29, 2016, about fifty Boko Haram terrorists attacked a command post of the Multinational Joint task Force at Homeka, between the localities of Bonderi and Limani.
                In the course of this attack, a Cameroonian soldier was wounded on the shoulder and rushed to the Maroua Regional Hospital. His health condition is not critical. According to a military source, the assessment which is still underway, reveals that the enemy side has incurred heavy losses.

Brain trust reacts to Kamto’s alleged involvement in drafting of criminal code bill

Brain Trust Consulting & Business Inc. (SARL) is a limited liability company (LLC) founded in October 1994 whose manager since its inception is Professor GegoryJiogue. Their areas of expertise are: consulting and legal studies, text writing, contracts etc.
                The Brain Trust firm, which patiently built its reputation on its professionalism and the exceptional quality of its customer portfolio, has recently been under scandalous, defamatory and ridiculous attacks carefully orchestrated and maintained in the national and international opinion by individuals and the media whose objectives are not ignored by anyone.
                Indeed, with rare courage, some individuals, who claim to be opinion leaders, declared and tried to demonstrate by ludicrous gymnastics that Brain Trust pocketed the staggering amount o FCFA 14 billion for some, and FCFA 28 billion for others, for the drafting of the Cameroonian criminal code.
                Purposely ignoring the fact that Brain Trust won the contract for the drafting of three codes as the result of a public tender, these individuals argued that it is thanks to the support of one of its founders, the then minister delegate at the ministry of justice that this contract was obligingly awarded to them.

Infrastructure Development:

Japanese delegation received by the MINEPAT
MINEPAT Boss, Louis-Paul Motaze and his
collaborators during audience with JICA delegation
The Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development MINEPAT, Louis-Paul Motaze, on Tuesday, 5 July 2016 granted audience to a delegation from the Japanese Agency for International Cooperation known by its French acronym JICA.
                According to information that filtered out after the audience, it emerged that the Japanese delegation led by Umemoto Shinji, was in Cameroon to reinforce cooperation ties in the domain of road infrastructure development.
                The Japanese came to present to the MINEPAT a proposal for the construction of another bridge over the Wouri River. They presented the studies they intend to undertake and indicated their readiness to kick-start the project as soon as the government of Cameroon thought it appropriate.
                For the three days that they will put in Cameroon, the JICA delegation will put together all the factors needed to finalize technical studies towards the bridge construction project.

Enhancing Regional integration:

ECCAS examines mid-term strategic plan
The MINEPAT, Louis-Paul Motaze reading his
opening address at the ECCAS workshop
A medium term strategic plan (MTSP) to enhance integration in the Central African region has been restituted and validated by stakeholders. The strategic plan was validated at a workshop in Yaounde on 5 and 6 July 2016.
                Presiding the two-day workshop, the Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Louis-Paul Motaze said member countries of the central African region need a medium term strategic plan as their road map and a barometer to evaluate the road covered and progress made in their drive towards true and meaningful integration.   
                Because a strategic plan is supposed to be a ‘visionary’ document, Minister Motaze exhorted participants at the two-day workshop to not hurriedly validate the document presented before them, but to carefully study it and make enriching amendments on it, so as to chart a better future for integration in Central Africa.
                The MTSP is a tool that guides the regional community in taking decisions and to determine the path to follow in the medium and long term, as well as consider the means to put in place to evaluate performance. It is a plan that focuses on results and thus should be flexible enough as to permit for regular reviewing and updating.   

Public-Private Partnership:

New ultra-modern Mortuary for Buea
The mortuary project is the fruit of a Build-Operate-and-Transfer, BOT, agreement between the Buea Council & some private partners
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea
Mayor Ekema& Dr. Mokake Martin at Mortuary Site
The Mayor of Buea, Patrick EsungeEkema and Dr. Martin Mokake, a medic working at the Buea Regional Hospital have on Friday 8 July 2016 laid the foundation stone for an ultra-modern mortuary to be constructed in Buea. The project estimated to cost about FCFA 200 million is the fruit of a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, signed between the Buea council and Dr. Martin Mokake, who also lectures at the UB Faculty of Health Sciences and heads the University’s Health Care unit.
                Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Mokake who conceived the project said the new mortuary will be constructed according to W.H.O. standard. It wil be located adjacent to the Buea Regional Hospital Mortuary and will have a 100 corpses capacity.
                As part of its commitments in the Build-Operate-and-Transfer partnership agreement signed with its private partner, the Buea Council has provided the land (120 sq. m) to host the new mortuary. Meanwhile, the funding for the project will be provided by Buea-based business mogul, Dr. Charles NammeMenyoli.

BMF Training Workshop:

Participants schooled on management & good governance best practices
By Boris Esono&Ajongakou Santos in Buea
Buea Council authorities in family photo with
Fako administrative hierarchy and IGI partners   
The Mayor of Buea has said that participants at the “Business Management and Public Service Governance Fellowship GMF”must put into practice the knowledge they have gained during the 5-day training seminar, if they must contribute their own quota to President Biya’s 2035 emergence vision. Patrick Ekema was speaking on 4 July 2016, at conference hall of the Buea council, as he officially opened the BMF training program.
                Organized by the Buea Council, in collaboration with the International Governance Institute (IGI), UK, the training seminar that ran from 4th to 9th July 2016 was aimed to train young Cameroonians (both graduates and non graduates alike), small business holders, council officials and others on the importance of good governance in management.
                Addressing participants at the seminar, Patrick EkemaEsunge exhorted them to make the most of the opportunity granted them by the council especially as the importance of such a training cannot be over emphasized.
                “By organizing this training, we aim to connect the human capital of the council with that of the nation’s development goals such as the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, the Good Governance Program and the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy,” the mayor said, noting that the education of citizens of any country is very vital in the development process of that country and without proper education development cannot be possible.
                 “Education is vital and indispensable to drive Cameroon towards the path of growth and emergence,” mayor Ekema reiterated, announcing that immediately after the BMF training the council will also organize holiday classes for secondary school goers in three centers: BGS Molyko, GBHS Bojongo and GBHS Bokova.

Industrial action:

SYNES-UB satisfied with strike call response
By Ajongakou Santos in Buea
Athorities of SYNES-UB chapter have expressed satisfaction with the response of lecturers to the strike call that they issued on Friday 8 July 2016. Dr. Abangma, SYNES-UB chapter president said in a posting on Monday afternoon that after monitoring the conduct of the strike he was very satisfied that no lecturer was found on campus for the most part of the day.
                Dr. Abangma said even though some activity was observed on campus it was not conducted or supervised by academic staff. He said he saw some non academic staff invigilating exams.
                But the SYNES-UB president also hinted that given the success of the strike, SYNES could consider suspending it on Wednesday, to give UB authorities some time to consider meeting with their objective demands.
                UB lecturers boycotted the classrooms and stayed away from campus for most part of Monday and Tuesday 11 and 12 July 2016. They boycott action was in protest against the non payment of their bonuses and allowances.
                The lecturers promised to maintain the boycott action until Friday, 15 July 2016, if the authorities of the University remained deaf and dumb towards their demand for immediate and complete payment of all their dues.
                The lecturers resolved to embark on a  strike (the upteenth in under several months) during a general assembly meeting of their trade union, SYNES-UB Chapter, held on Friday, 8 July 2016.
                The meeting was aimed to evaluate the progress made so far with payments of dues owed lecturers, after SYNES-UB wrote to the University’s authorities notifying them of their intention to go on strike, a SYNES release stated.

Sea Turtle Shell Trafficker Arrested

Arrested wildlife trafficker
A man was arrested in Njombe, in the Littoral Region, for illegal possession of sea turtle shells. Sea turtles are a protected wildlife species. 
The 39-year old man was arrested on 7 July 2016 during a crackdown operation by wildlife officials from the Njombe -Penja Forestry and Wildlife Control Post who were accompanied by the gendarmerie. The suspect who had been under investigation for several months was arrested as he sat on a motorcycle in front of the EgliseEvangeligue in Njombe.
                He rode the motorcycle with the bag of shells strapped to the backseat and stopped just a few metres to the church building, then made rapid glances at the surroundings before making a phone call. As he called, wildlife officials who had been tracking his movements quickly made it fast to the bike where he was briefly questioned before being arrested. He was taken to Penja where the forestry and wildlife control post is located.

Cancer Screening:

Cigarette smokers told to beware of cancer
By Boris Esono in Buea
Cigarette smoking predisposes people to cancer
The prevalence of diseases such as Cancer in Africa and the world in general is the issue that has been on the minds of health technicians around the world. To this effect, the University of Buea in collaboration with the SINKAM Charles Foundation on Wednesday, 6 July 2016 organized a scientific conference dubbed “Innovation in early cancer screening; Case study: Lung and Prostrate Cancer” at the University of Buea.
                The conference saw the participation of the vice chancellor of UB, Prof NalovaLyonga, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, NgoweNgoweMarcelin, Registrar of UB Prof Roland NdipNdip, Deputy Vice Chancellor, students of various departments of UB, Journalists among others.
                Speaking during the event, the Dean of FHS, spoke on the dilemmas that are facing the public. “At times you have dilemmas but do not have the place to turn to”. “Certain things are glaring but we pretend not to see, such as market agencies labeling cigarettes that dangerous to your health but we still go purchasing it”. It is high time we take measures that will if not stop reduce the rate of people acquiring cancer in the country.

Injured Ronaldo inspires Portugal to Euro 2016 glory

Portugal full-back Cedric Soares revealed a stricken Cristiano Ronaldo issued a rallying call to his team-mates at half-time in the 1-0 Euro 2016 final win over France.
                Fernando Santos' team claimed a first major international honour for their country when substitute Eder fired a superb extra-time winner to stun an expectant Stade de France.
                Their hopes appeared to suffer a terminal blow early in the match when Ronaldo suffered a knee injury in a challenge with France midfielder DimitriPayet.
                The Real Madrid superstar twice attempted to play through the pain after receiving treatment but admitted defeat in his personal battle after 25 minutes.
                Nevertheless, Ronaldo dried his tears and sought to focus his colleagues on the task at hand during the interval, before spending the rest of the match as a notably animated figure on the touchline.
                "It was a very, very tough moment. It was a really tough moment for me and for the team," Cedric said of Ronaldo's injury. "I think everybody was a little bit in shock but at half-time Cristiano had fantastic words with us.

Euro 2016:

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes true great with Portugal win
Cristiano Ronaldo wept tears of despair then tears of joy as the Euro 2016 final took him on an emotional journey from his lowest low to the high of lifting Portugal's first major trophy.
The 31-year-old Real Madrid superstar carried his country's hopes into the final against hosts France in Paris not only as Portugal's captain but also the player who posed the greatest threat to Didier Deschamps' side.
                It looked like all the aspirations of Ronaldo and Portugal would be shattered when he was taken off on a stretcher after 25 minutes following two attempts to battle through a knee injury sustained in a seventh-minute collision with France's West Ham United midfielder DimitriPayet.
                And yet, as the long night at Stade de France ended with an ecstatic Ronaldo lifting the Euro 2016 trophy, his earlier heartbreak will surely have been erased.
                He may have only played 25 minutes - but such was the pure theatre of his presence on and off the pitch that this was almost 'The Ronaldo Final'.

The agony
                Ronaldo's focus was obvious from the moment he walked out into the warm summer sunshine at Stade de France late on Sunday evening.
                He closed his eyes as he sang the national anthem with feeling - although even his normally smooth appearance was disrupted during his pre-match routine when he had to bat away several of the moths that invaded the stadium.
He had made a quiet start when the incident that changed his match took place in the 17th minute, Payet getting a touch on the ball before crashing into Ronaldo, catching the Portuguese's left knee with his right knee.
                The sight of Ronaldo rolling around while banging the turf did not receive instant or unanimous sympathy given previous histrionics but it quickly became apparent he had sustained a significant problem.
                He received lengthy treatment on the pitch and returned to the action, albeit clearly in reduced circumstances. He made one run but not at any pace, waving a hand in the direction of the bench to signal he was struggling.
                He came off and went back on again as this player of real physical courage attempted to somehow get through the pain with his knee heavily strapped. It was to no avail as eventually he dropped to the turf once more, one of the thousands of moths swirling around the stadium landing on his face as he waited for the stretcher.
                Ronaldo's exit was given a genuinely sympathetic round of applause by France's fans, putting partisanship to one side to share in the disappointment of one of the game's greats being carried away from the biggest international game of his much-decorated career.

The leader
                Ronaldo's reputation is not that of a selfless personality who puts team before himself - indeed he has often been accused of selfishness and petulance in dealing with his Portugal team-mates.
                Euro 2016 has seen him gesturing tetchily at colleagues who have not lived up to his own high standards, but here he took on the role of inspirational leader when it was required.
Ronaldo's stature and influence, even when out of the action, came into play at the end of 90 minutes.
                Footage has emerged of him encouraging a reluctant Joao Moutinho to take a penalty in the quarter-final shootout win against Poland, and here he played the role of inspiration at a crucial time.
                Ronaldo marched purposefully out of the tunnel and out on to the pitch, walking among Portugal's players urging them to one last effort, one that would end with the greatest moment in their country's football history.

The manager?
                In remarkable scenes in extra time, Ronaldo appeared to virtually assume the role of Portugal coach.
                Ronaldo, it seemed, ordered Raphael Guerreiro on to free-kick duties, a move that almost brought a goal as he rattled the woodwork. Portugal's disappointment was short-lived as Eder struck a fine winner seconds later, in the 109th minute.
                It was then the Ronaldo show really got into its stride.
                As the seconds ticked away and Portugal's great moment came within sight amid unbearable tension for their supporters banked in a corner of the stadium, Ronaldo appeared to appoint himself as, at least, joint manager.
                He was offering just as many tactical instructions as Fernando Santos, taking up position alongside him in the technical area and beyond. It came mighty close to undermining the coach's authority but by this stage anyone of a Portuguese persuasion was past caring.
                Ronaldo, limping heavily, then indulged in some celebratory bumping into the stone-faced Santos, who was unmoved as he counted down the seconds to the result that guarantees him sporting immortality in Portugal.
                While Ronaldo will inevitably claim the headlines and much of the glory, 61-year-old Santos' contribution must not be under-estimated.
                He produced an organised, disciplined side of great resilience and spirit. It would have been easy for Portugal to feel sorry for themselves after Ronaldo's injury, fearing the fates were against them once more, but not a bit of it.
                If anything, they grew once he went off and were duly rewarded. Santos' side may be unspectacular, but he has given them real backbone and deserves huge credit.

Renato Sanches surpasses Cristiano Ronaldo as youngest to play in euro final

Portugal midfielder Renato Sanches has broken Cristiano Ronaldo’s record as the youngest-ever player to feature in a European Championship final after being named in the starting lineup against France on Sunday.
                At 18 years and 327 days, the Bayern Munich man is nearly a year younger than Ronaldo was when Portugal faced Greece in the Euro 2004 decider.