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Joint communique of the leadership of the constituent associations of Cameroon Common Law Lawyers
We thankfully congratulate members of our four Associations (FAKLA, MALA, MELA & NOWELA) for their heeding to the call to protest strike and observing it across the entire common law jurisdictions of the North West and South West Regions;

After duly evaluating the strike of 11th to the 14th of October 2016, and carefully deliberating on the way forward at the local levels of our various Constituent Associations, we have synchronized the common position which provides us with a consensual platform as follows:


2. We note with regret that the Government instead of responding to our demands spice by the strike action is still employing its traditional policy of divide and rule. Consequently, we call on our members to remain resolute, determined, steadfast and focus and not to lend themselves to any Government manipulation;

3. That a crucial enlarged meeting will be held in due course to decide on the next steps to be taken should the government continue to ignore our demands;

4. That we shall be calling on all elected Public Representatives from the North West and South West Regions, to discharge their obligations to their constituencies which fall within the Common Law jurisdiction of North West and South West Regions to make their joint statements in the protection of the legal and legitimate rights of their constituents-cum-users of the Common law in Cameroon, failing which they shall be adjudged as haven compromised their representative positions vis-a-vis their constituencies;

5. That we call on the members of the North West Fons’ Union to reassert and reconstitute their Union and stand up along the South West Chief’s Conference, as one person, to protect the children of their respective Fondoms and Chiefdoms in their efforts to protect their constitutional rights to have the common Law restored and protected;

English Version of OHADA Law:

Gov’t confounded by Anglophone lawyers’ determined stance
-Common Law lawyers say they are now contemplating the creation of a separate English Bar Association, after Yaounde authorities have remained blind, deaf and dumb to their plight. The lawyers have announced a crucial planning meeting in the days ahead in a yet to be disclosed venue
By Esan-Ekoninyam in Yaounde
Common Law lawyers are more determined than ever
As if to say: “you can fool some of the people some of the time; but you cannot fool all the people all the time”, Common Law lawyers in Cameroon have vowed that they will not allow themselves to be fooled by the Yaounde regime this, in spite of a promise by the Minister of Justice to produce the translated version of the OHADA Uniform Act.
                Cameroon lawyers of English expression say even if Laurent Esso’s promise might have been made in good faith such a pledge from the New Deal regime is too good to be trusted. The lawyers say cognizant of the Biya regime’s penchant for fine talk and its unbeaten record of failed promises, they cannot take seriously any hasty commitment by the regime.
                Besides the striking lawyers say any translation of the OHADA law done unilaterally by Cameroon will not be authentic. They argue that because Cameroon only adhered to the OHADA treaty she cannot on her own translate the law. Only the English version translated by the OHADA secretariat can be authentic. 
                Thus in what can be interpreted as calling the regime’s bluff, the English Speaking lawyers who embarked on a sit-down strike two weeks ago, have resolved to prolong the strike indefinitely. The lawyers arrived at this decision after leaders of the different branches of lawyers’ Associations in West Cameroon notably FAKLA, MELA, MALA and NOWELA, met last Thursday with the Procureur-General (PG), of the South West Court of Appeal. The PG reportedly convened the leaders of the strike to talk with them in view of understanding what their grievances were so as to channel same to the authorities in Yaounde.
                The lawyers announced the indefinite prolongation of their strike just when a first extension by one week was about to elapse. And announcing the prolongation coming out of a meeting with the PG it was not immediately known if the decision was informed by the PG’s pronouncements during the in camera meeting.
                But talking on phone to this reporter, the President of FAKLA (Fako Lawyers Association), Barrister Felix NkonghoAgborBalla, denied the strike extension had anything to do with the meeting with the PG.
                “Oh! No, no, the meeting with the PG has nothing to do with our decision to prolong the strike indefinitely. The PG invited us for a normal meeting to discuss with us and know what the problem really is. We presented to him our recriminations and our demands. The PG has promised to take the matter to his hierarchy,’ Barrister AgborBalla explained, stating that the strike prolongation was informed rather by the snobbish attitude of the government, that has resorted to proposing palliative measures instead of a lasting solution, while at the same time trying to create division among the Common Law lawyers.
                “Without belittling the inconveniences our adamant stance might have visited on our clients, we crave the indulgence of all Cameroonians to understand and bear with us because the cause we are fighting is not only just, it is also constitutional,” posited AgborBalla, who maintained that “there is going to be no turning back by the lawyers and that the strike will continue in so long as the government thinks it can continue to be blind, deaf and dumb to our collective plight as well as our demands.
                About rumours that are making the rounds about English Speaking lawyers quitting the Cameroon Bar Association to form the West Cameroon Bar Association, Barrister Balla said that that is not immediately contemplated, even if it is not impossible.
                “It is true that some extreme rightists among us are already evoking the creation of a separate Bar Association for Common Law lawyers. But that can only be the option zero. And you may want to know that those who are advocating a split of the Bar are fast gaining grounds especially as the authorities in Yaounde are pretending and behaving as if nothing serious is happening,” Barrister AgborBalla pointed out, observing that the Common Law hardliners are sparing no effort and missing no opportunity to drive home the point that the creation of a separate West Cameroon Bar is the only way out for English speaking lawyers in Cameroon.
                With the success the lawyers’ strike has registered and given the toll it is imposing on their numerous clients West of the River Mungo, it is feared that things may spiral and infest other sectors of society- teachers, nurses, traditional rulers, bankers, accountants and even the general public why not! And this is a possibility given that the lawyers have addressed a clarion call to Anglophone Teachers’ Associations, Fons, Chiefs etc. to support their cause and join in the strike.
                Meanwhile, a crucial meeting of English Speaking Lawyers has been billed for the days ahead to evaluate the strike and take tougher measures that can compel the government to act. The conveners of the strategic meeting have not announced the date and venue of the meeting.      
                The Common Law Lawyers first embarked on a four-day strike from 11 to 14 October 2016. They later extended the strike by one week, after they realized that the government was pretending to be indifferent to the industrial action. 
                The strike has exposed serious cracks in the Cameroon Bar Association.

Offer of 500.000 Laptops:

UB students paid 1000 FCFA to match for Biya
By Boris Esono in Buea
UB students in solidarity with Biya over laptops offer
After the rest of the regions showed solidarity to the President of the Republic for donating 500.000 laptops to students in public and private universities across the country, it was the turn of the University of Buea to do the same.
                The event which took place on Wednesday, 19th October 2016 saw students of various departments march past from the Bongo Square to the SW Governor’s office.
                It should be recalled that the donation from the president is aimed to facilitate study and research by the students. However, according to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea, Prof NalovaLyonga, “these laptops are not meant for students alone but for the administration to also rehabilitate the IT Centres to take care of the students.”
                The question that begs an answer is why should students be paid to march for a project that is for their benefit?

Despite Minister’s Warning:

SCTM gas sells at 9000 FCFA in Kumba instead of 6500 FCFA
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Personssrambling for SCTM Gas in Kumba
Despite the move by the Trade Minister, Luc MagloireAtanganato solve the long standing battle between the Camerounaise de Transformation Metallique (SCTM), leader in the distribution of domestic gas in the country and their main supplier, Tradex Company Ltd, the scarcity and exorbitant price of the SCTM gas in Kumba, chief town of Meme division in the south west region is still a call for concern.
                The domestic gas scarcity in Meme division and the exorbitant price at which it is sold is what is still leaving many Kumba dwellers disturbed despite minister’s warning. The entire Kumba now scrambles over a single sales point for the scares domestic gas in Kumba whenever they are alerted that the SCTM gas is available. Even students of the different higher institutions of learning as well as households are left worried as they cry the scarcity of the product as well as the high price at which it is sold.

Mbonge, Meme Division:

Chief kills 25-yr old boy in MofakoButu
By  JohnsonBatuo in Kumba
The chief of Mofakobutu, a village in Mbonge subdivision, Meme division of the South West region is under Gendarme custody after he shot and killed a 25-year old boy with a gun.
                The chief whose name The Median got  only as  chief Cosmas, in the night of Friday 21 October 2016, shot and killed the  boy  whose name  we  could not get at press time yesterday.
                We gathered that the boy was in the bush that fateful night in search of cane when the Chief who was out on a hunting expedition mistook him for an animal and fired the gun at him. The Chief only realized it was a human being when he went closer. Realizing his macabre act, Chief Cosmas is said to have rushed home without telling anyone, changed his clothes and went and reported himself to the Gendarmerie Brigade in Mbonge where he is presently locked up pending investigations.

Eseka train disaster:

At least 70 killed, over 600 injured
The number of people killed in a train crash in Eseka, Nyong and Kelle Division of Cameroon, on Friday, has risen to over 70, with more than 600 others injured, according to official sources. President Paul Biya who has been abroad since 16 September, instructed the government to provide full assistance to the victims. He also decreed today Monday a day of national mourning.
By Ayukogem Steven Ojong with additional reports
Passengers escaping to safety at the site of the train derailment in Eseka
The train derailed just after midday, almost midway between Yaounde and Douala, Cameroon's two main cities, officials said Saturday, as distraught relatives desperately sought news of missing loved ones.
                The train was on a regular journey to Douala from Yaounde, when it came off its track.
                There was overcrowding in the train because a bridge collapsed on the Yaounde-Douala highway the day before, making travel by road almost impossible. The culverts under the bridge yielded to fast running flood waters resulting from a heavy rain.
                Though the exact cause of the train derailment is not immediately known, witnesses say more couches were added to accommodate the extra passengers. Associated Press reported that there were 1300 persons on the train instead of the normal 600.
                From abroad where he has been since 16 September, President Biya instructed the government to provide full assistance to the victims. He also ordered in investigation into the cause of the derailment.
                With the dead and injured scattered between different hospitals on Friday, authorities were working flat out to cope with the scale of the disaster. Dead bodies were transferred to morgues in the capital Yaounde, while injured survivors were distributed to public hospitals here. Some opted to deal with their situation by themselves.
                "We have received between 60 and 70 bodies at the station this morning," an official at the Yaounde railway station who asked not to be identified told The Median.
"Some of the wounded are arriving unconscious. We think the death toll will rise," said the railway official.

Four-Month-Old Baby
                At the Central Hospital in Yaounde, where the morgue was holding 29 bodies including those of babies, distraught relatives thronged the corridors.
                The first person allowed into the morgue, a woman, emerged in tears. "She recognised the body of her sister," explained one of the people with her.
                On Friday evening, government television reported that many of the injured were in a critical condition.
                Deputy Health minister AlimGargaHayatou told reporters after visiting some of the injured that more information would be released "once we are in control of the whole situation". But in the meantime hospital staff are "working hard and efficiently", he added.
                At the Yaounde Central Hospital, the 29 bodies in the morgue included those of white people, many women and babies, a policeman on duty there said.
                He had no information on nationalities although the French foreign ministry said one French national was among the dead.
One woman waiting her turn to enter the morgue said: "We have had no news from our sister since yesterday. We don't know whether she is alive.
                "Her phone was ringing yesterday but it wasn't since this morning. Her husband is looking for her in Douala," said the woman who gave her name as Fadimatou.
                Dan Njoya said he had come to the morgue "to see if the body of my four-month-old baby is here".
                At the Military Hospital morgue, in the Ekounou quarters here, there was a list of 24 names: 11 women and six men including one Ugandan, one child and six babies.

After tragic train derailment:

MTN Foundation rushes medical aid to victims 
MTN official hands over carton of medication to Minsante rep.
The MTN Foundation has handed over “a significant amount of medication” to the Ministry of Public Health (MINSANTE) to assist in the care of victims of the train accident that occurred at Eseka on Friday 21 October 2016. The ceremony to handover the medication took place on Saturday at the Headquarters of the Emergency Operations Centre of the MINSANTE in Yaounde, a release from MTN’s Corporate Affairs Department said Saturday.
                It noted that the medication was destined for use by the emergency aid workers deployed by the MINSANTE to assist the injured victims of the tragic train accident.
                At least 70 people were killed in the accident, while more than 500 others were injured in the crash, according to official sources.

MTN Cameroon is the winner of the 2016WECA VP “Y’ello Care” Trophy

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For the 5th time in 5 years, the Cameroonian affiliate emerges as one of the leading operations of the MTN Group in the domain of CSR. The Company won the overall prize in 2012, 2013 and 2015.
Douala, 18 October 2016. MTN Cameroon, leader of the telecommunications sector announces that it has been declared winner of the Vice President Award for the West and Central Africa (WECA) region during the 10thedition of the charitable programme dubbed “21 Days of Y’ello Care” which ran from 1-21 June 2016. The information was made public yesterday in Johannesburg, South Africa, by the MTN Group Executive Chairman, PhuthumaNhleko, on 17 October, during the Company’s just-ended Global Leadership Gathering in presence of hundreds of MTN’s most senior leaders.

Placed under the theme ‘’Investing in Education for All’’, the 2016 edition required the various footprints of the MTN Group to roll out innovative projects that can guarantee access to education by the greatest majority. 98% of MTN Cameroon staff accompanied by their partners this year executed a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing access to education by vulnerable or underprivileged persons such as:

- Complete construction of a building with 02 multipurpose rooms, refurbishment of 06 classrooms, 01 school library, and 01 dormitory for deaf and hard of hearing children in Douala, Yaounde and Garoua;
- Literacy program for Illiterate Adult women in North and Far North Regions : 350 Adult women registered and trained;
- Microsoft certification training for Secondary schools teachers in the North-West Region: 201 teachers attended the training
- Upgrading of a documentation center into a modern multimedia center in Douala: the center is equipped with 20 computers and high speed internet connection.

After 25 years on the pulpit:

Female PCC pastors want post of Moderator, Synod Clerk
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Female pastors of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC have expressed their ambition to also occupy top positions in the Church. The female pastors made the pronouncement while celebrating the silver jubilee of women becoming pastors of PCC. The celebration took place at the Kumba city council hall, on 15 October 2016.
                Addressing the mammoth crowd that turned out for the ground breaking three-day event, the president of the PCC Female Pastors Conference, Reverend Mrs. Agnes Ngwa, expressed the desire and dream of the woman pastors to also become the Moderator and Synod Clerk of the PCC why not.
                “I know that one day a female pastor will also be the Dean of the PCC Seminary, while others will be principals of colleges. Very soon female pastors will also be doctors in our hospitals. And there is no doubt that one day a female pastor will be Synod Clerk or Moderator of the PCC,” Rev. Mrs. Ngwa said, noting that the Silver Jubilee that is celebrated under the theme: “Leave Her Alone”, with inspiration from the book of Mark 14:6, marks the age of maturity of female pastors in the PCC.

Lebialem unity conference talk development

By AnuNkeze Paul
Lebialem elite poses with Bishop Nkea after Y’decometogether
The Chiefs, traditional rulers, notables, elites, sons and daughters of Lebialem Division in the South West Region have wrapped up a one day unity conference which chat a new development road map for the Division. This was on October 15, 2016 in the conference hall of St Joseph Parish in Mvog-Ada, Yaoundé.
                Holding under the theme “changing lives, building futures” the cometogether of Lebialem sons and daughters had as main objectives to discuss the upcoming 50th anniversary of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College and the Focolare Movement scheduled for 17 December 2016 in Lebang, Fontem. Developmental challenges of the division and how spiritual volunteerism has contributed in the strong human resource development of the division also came to focus.
                Addressing participants at the meeting, His Lordship Bishop Andrew Nkea, Bishop of Mamfe Diocese and a son of Lebialem said: “the only strength for development is unity; without unity no people can move forward. The Bible says: “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added to you. Once there is love and unity amongst a people all other things like work positively, development, prosperity and riches will followed,” he said.
                The Bishop added that the Focolare Movement succeeded in all it development agenda because of the love that prevailed amongst them. He opined that the Lebialem man must persue that path to make the division great. There is no magic in life rather than living in love and unity. The Focolare Movement already set the pace for the Lebialem people. This is the only way to take the division out of suffering, backwardness and poverty, the holy man of God explained.

French embassy women donate to orphanage

By AnuNkeze Paul
French Embassy women pose with orphanage staff
Association of women working in French embassy and other French services in Cameroon, called LES MARIANNES have donated books, pens, soap, mattresses, cooking oil, food items, washing powder, bags, clothes and shoes to FOUNDATION FACT. This was on October 15, 2016 at Avenue Germain in Yaoundé. The gesture falls under the association policy of one pen, one book during every back to school to support vulnerable children acquired education.
                FOUNDATION FACT provides orphanage provides care and assistance to those children who have lost their parents’ love and support, allowing them to thrive and receive an education. These Children are the most vulnerable members of society who need consistent and comprehensive care and support to grow and prosper. These donations ensure sustainable and comprehensive orphan- care.

To improve research:

Y’de varsity in networks with ICT powerhouses
By Rachel NtubeNgwese in Yaounde
The move towards the modernization of higher education in Cameroon is gaining more impetus in the University of Yaounde 1 as the institution networks with different partners to improve the campus connectivity with the numeric world in a bid to facilitate research and improve the quality of learning in the campus.
                The modernization process which actually began in 2013 with the generalization of the wifi internet network throughout the campus and the opening of online courses in partnership with foreign institutions of learning started yielding concrete results in 2015 with the putting in place of tele-evaluation programs which added more credibility to the ongoing e-education system in the institution.
                This credibility has equally attracted other opportunities to the institution as it has been the case with the ELSEVIER network working in partnership with the World Bank to evaluate the quality of studies in university institutions in Africa, and grant necessary assistance in their role to improve science, technology and medicine.
                 It is in this respect that the university of Yaoundé 1 adding to its outstanding performance as one of the top ten universities in Africa was deemed qualified to benefit from the services of the Elsevier editorial network to grant the institution access to numeric data information of up to 25 percent of global internet data on science, technology and medicine, across 23 different disciplines.

New researchers told to move Cameroon to emergence

By Rachel Ntube Ngwese in Yaounde
The MINRESI, Dr. Madeleine Tchuinte
The 4th edition of the science convocation day has been celebrated in Yaoundé with newly recruited researchers called upon to maintain permanent contact with the world of competitive innovation and research in other to be more performant in contributing to the realization of the country’s economic objective.
                Celebrated under the theme:  “scientific research and innovation; garantor of performance and economic captivity”, focus was on the valorization of the research profession in all its domains and to instill the young researchers with a fresh desire to go for new inventories and discoveries that will enable the research community in Cameroon stand the test of time.

Prof. Alain Fogue against scientific forum for Chantal Biya

Chantal Biya
A symposium on social activities of the First Lady of Cameroon was announced from 1st to 3rd November, under the patronage of the Prime Minister Head of Government with logistical, administrative and financial support of the University vice-chancellor and the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FSJP). Some prominent professors whose scientific rigor and human qualities cannot be questioned would contribute to the symposium.
                In principle,  the First Lady’s social activities, while private, could be the basis of a University symposium albeit in our political system she is just the lovely wife of Mr. President, her husband because having no institutional reality.
                However, considering that the Cameroonian university is paradoxically a place where free and independent debate on power is prohibited and where the political surveillance of students and their lecturers is strict, one could not be indifferent on the meaning and the opportunity of the said symposium.
                It is, indeed, not trivial to study in a law school, even with a political science department, non-institutional actions while the country is embroiled in political, constitutional, legal issues such as:
                 The question of  the electoral code reform, the independence of the Judiciary and Parliament, governance, violation of the Constitution, the "living together", citizenship, respect for the rule of law, the legality and operation of the Special Criminal Court, the incomprehensible and interminable delays in the signing of the decree implementing  section 66 of the Constitution on the declaration of assets even as the Head of State and Government develop continuous propaganda on the fight against corruption, equal access to education and basic health care, equal treatment for the retirement age , non-compliance with quotas in appointments to civil and military positions, distribution, on an objective basis  known to the public, of investment  in the different regions and divisions of the country, rampant youth unemployment, support to orphans of  soldiers fallen in the war, the integration of students from our universities, political reasons on suspended activities of the higher education Council which met for the last time in 1983, the University contribution to the country's development, the respect of deadlines in our courts, the right of political parties and citizens to freedom of expression and demonstration, evaluation of the political importance granted  to the University and lecturers by the government in terms of infrastructural and financial efforts supported, the analysis of the place of the cult of personality in the Cameroonian political system under the curious declarations of the Director General of  CRTV, Charles Ndongo, drunk by the grace of the presidential decree, the source of funds financing social activities  of the First Lady in a context where the President of the Republic has not got time to sign the implementing decree of the law on section 66 of the Constitution on the declaration of assets several years after its adoption  , the CPDM funding by the Chinese Communist party (CCP) in violation of Cameroonian law on political party financing, compliance with international treaties and conventions, etc.
                It appears from the analysis of the preparatory documents in circulation, and subject to their authenticity, that the symposium from 1st to 3rd November 2016 pursues an undeniable political goal. It is in fact a plea for the award of the title of Doctor HonorisCausa of the University of Yaoundé II, SOA to "First Lady Chantal Biya for the realization of the social policy of the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya ". It is an authentic political event, prepared in the background under the tutelage of a mysterious adviser.
                The regime in power is the organizer and sole beneficiary of this false scientific event which is nothing but a political rally disguised as a scientific symposium. The tribal argument that determined the choice of the campus of the University of Yaoundé II, SOA, led by a Northern vice-chancellor (according to the document), to hold it confirms allegations.
                Indeed, the Government is unable to dispose of tribal considerations that it exploits at its convenience. This game of tribal antagonisms, contrary to the very idea of a Republic in which only citizenship must prevail, is especially true when comes the implementation of the anachronistic, anti-republican, anti-performance principle of Regional quotas and thus the famous quotas in competitive examinations and appointments to senior political, administrative and military positions, the Government does not implement its own distribution key. No need for unnecessary stigma. All Cameroonians can, without resorting to some statistics whatsoever, but simply by observing those who hold the real power in our country, come to the conclusion that the tribal management of power is a reality that the Government uses at its wish.
                Beyond these tribal considerations that reveal the footprints of the regime on the preparation and organization of the symposium, its ultimate goal is political because it wants to highlight the "implementation of the social policy of the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya ".
                From the above, Mr. Prime Minister, Head of Government, distinguished colleagues all protocol respected, I would like to bring to your high attention Law No. 2016/007 of 12 July 2016 on the Penal Code, section 231-1 on ""political procession in a public establishment and in schools" provides that: "a penalty of imprisonment of ten (10) days to four (04) months and a fine of twenty five thousand (25,000) to 2-150000 (250,000) francs or one of these penalties, the one who organizes a policy-oriented event in a public institution, as well as in a school or university".
                In the light of this section, no one can imagine a Prime Minister, Head of Government, sponsoring an activity prohibited by law. As it is almost certain that distinguished colleagues jurists and political scientists, who failed to consider this provision, will change their mind and waive any direct or indirect involvement in this political meeting.
                To the Prime Minister, and to all colleagues involved in any capacity whatsoever in the preparation of the meeting of 1, 2 and 3 November 2016 at the University of Yaoundé II, SOA, even if you are not I n the organizer, I would like to mention again to your high attention sections 95, 96, 97 and 99 of the criminal Code that should inform your final decision.
                Section 95 (1) on Conspiracy states: "conspiracy shall mean the resolve concerted and determined between 2(two) or more people to commit an offence." Paragraph (3) of the same article emphasizes that: "The conspiracy to commit a felony or a misdemeanour, if it has not been suspended or if it does not in fact by circumstances beyond the will its authors, is considered the crime or offense itself.” Paragraph (4) as to specify that it "Backed by the defence to one who voluntarily withdrew from the conspiracy before any commencement of execution."

Sports Clips

Eto'o bets 100.000 euro with Antalyaspor fan
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Former Indomitable Lions captain, Samuel Eto'o is still in the news. Known as someone who likes challenges, it wasn't a surprise that he made a bet of €100.000 with a fan of his Turkish Premier League Club, Antalyaspur, who doubted the future of the club.
                After Antalyaspor drew 1-1 with Leonard Kwekue’sRizespor in a late day seven match of the Turkish premiere league, a disturbed fan Mehmet Akdeniz said he doesn't see Antalyaspor surviving this year.
                Responding to the fan's comments, Samuel Eto'o said they will finish at the tenth position by the end of the season. Should this not happen, Eto'o promised to give the fan €100.000.
                Antalyaspor are presently tailing the Turkish after picking barely three points in seven outings this season. They meet giants Besiktas this weekend.

Tennisman Nick Bolletieri expected in Cameroon
Good news for lawn Tennis lovers in Cameroon. Nick Bolletieri, the founding father of the Academy IMG, the biggest Tennis training Academy in the world will be in Cameroon soon. His coming to Cameroon is part of a program sponsored by the United Nations to fight against poverty in Africa through Tennis.
                The program of the UN ties with what the Oyebog Tennis Academy has been doing for the past 17 years in the country. Reason why Joseph Oyebog will play a big role in the imminent visit of Nick Bolletieri. The date and program of Bolletieri’s Cameroon visit is still to be made official.

Union attackline fortified
After signing a young Chadian goalkeeper, Union of Douala have continued to fortify their squad as they prepare for the start of the next championship season. The latest to join Union is Yomi Ralph Tchaptchet. The 17-year old graduate from Galactique football academy has signed his first professional contract with Union. Before joining Union, Yomi Ralph played with International Sporting club of Douala last football season and scored 15 goals. Union officials say the coming of the young striker will be a plus for the team that faced serious difficulties scoring goals last season.
                Union (NassaraKamakai) this Tuesday also signed in Cedric PlatiniKaham from Lion Blessé of Foutoni. Platini who was also the target of UMS Loum, Club Africaine of Tunis and some European clubs surprised his fans when he decided to drop his bag and baggage at Union. The 23-year old ended the last football season as top scorer with 13 goals.
                Before joining Lion Blessé, Cedric PlatiniKaham had a stint with Fovu of Baham in the elite two.  Another signing for Union is ArounaKainsaNsangou from New Stars. He signed a two-year contract after leaving JS Kaironan of Tunisia on free move.

Cameroon Cup Final:

Bamboutous skipper Serge Ngayawou to make record appearance
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
AhmadouAhidjo stadium
All roads will lead to the Yaoundé AmadouAhidjo Stadium on 30 October when the national football cup finals will be played.
                The finals expected to be presided over by the Head of State President Paul Biya, will mark the end of the 2015/2016 sporting season in Cameroon.
                The final will witness the pig breeders, Bamboutous of Mbouda locking horns with the boys of Apejes of Nfou.

Women’s AFCON Preparations:

PM Yang in SW for final inspection tour
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
PM Yang at work sites
Prime Minister Philemon Yang is expected in Buea and Limbe, South West region today, Monday 24 October 2016 for the last and final inspection tour of the sites to host the 2016 CAF Women’s AFCON to be played in Limbe and Yaounde from 19 November to 3 December 2016.
                PM Yang who is the president of the Organizing Committee for the tournament will make a final appraisal of the readiness of the various infrastructures – stadia, hotels, access roads etc in the towns of Limbe, Buea and Tiko where the actions during the international sporting event would be concentrated in the South West.
                Apart from the main stadium in Limbe that is already 100% set to host the matches, the PM will visit other satellite stadia in Limbe (Centenary and Bota Middle Farms Stadia) and Buea (MolykoOmnisports and Buea Town Stadiums) that are also being built and/or rehabilitated to host training sessions by the participating teams.
                Earmarked lodging facilities in

Monday, 10 October 2016

Front page

Teachers and National Development

The 22nd edition of World Teachers Day was celebrated on Wednesday 5 October, under the theme: “Valuing Teachers: Improving their status”. This year’s theme was an uncharacteristic admission of failure of government policy on teachers’ welfare and could not have been more apt, coming as it were on the day put aside by UNESCO to celebrate what it means to be a teacher. However genuine government’s concern for teachers’ plight may be, what the government does to address the years of neglect of this vital sector in the nation’s development is crucial.
Teachers’ situation in Cameroon appears worse, as government has so far paid inadequate attention to the affairs of teachers. The system undoubtedly is near collapse. It is imperative for government to discard the usual talk-shop approach and articulate a new agenda to reverse the declining fortunes of the teaching profession by restoring their sense of duty and professionalism. Obviously, the government could do better for teachers’ welfare; to ensure that teachers perform with a sense of pride and accomplishment, while strengthening the foundation for pupils and boost students’ performances.
                By wide consensus, any educational system is only as good as the quality of teachers. At a time the country is contending with a sharp decline in stock of men of excellent disposition, teachers remain the hallmark of integrity in service. In yesteryears, teaching was referred to as the “noble profession.” But today, a majority of the thousands of applicants into teacher training colleges are more interested in having a public service matricule number than any genuine desire to impart knowledge on young Cameroonians with honor and dignity. Worse even, some teachers who are posted to remote enclave areas refuse to go; or once they collect their lump sum payments from the treasury (gros lot), they migrate abroad.
                Even those who eventually graduate as teachers, teach only for a few years before seeking sanctuary in other more productive sectors of the public service.                 Not surprising, ENS graduates are holding all kinds of positions in the public service – from Divisional Delegates of Small and Medium Size Enterprises to Research Officers in the Prime Minister's Office and Technical Advisers at the Presidency.
                In the meantime, our classrooms are empty. This indeed is unfortunate. What in the world, can a Biology or Physics teacher be doing as Divisional Delegate of Commerce and Industry when the country badly needs science teachers? This obnoxious policy of appointing teachers away from the classroom should be halted immediately for the interest of our children!
                Effective implementation has almost always been the bane of many good ideas. The government should strive for progress by concretizing plans to re-energize the ailing teaching sector, and there is no better time than now to overhaul the tottering system to avoid collapse. The teaching profession should be made more honorable and lucrative. Teachers’ welfare should not be the least in the priorities of government as presently obtains. Their long-suffering reflects in the quality of their products and says much about the quality of leadership of the country, guilty of neglecting the system on all fronts.
                The public decimation of the teaching profession by natural inclination has reduced teachers to beggars.
                Not surprisingly, the stock of professional teachers diminishes by the day as students run away from the profession on account of its baseline status. This lack of recognition opens the way for non-professionals to fill the gaps. The multiplier effect in poor treatment of teachers in public schools manifests in the mushrooming of private schools with even poorer conditions of service for teachers.
                It is common place to hear derogatory statements in beer parlors like “teachers’ round” to signify misery and tightfistedness of teachers.

22nd World Teacher's Day:

Teachers demand better working conditions
By Boris Esono in Buea
Student teachers after marched past in Buea
Teachers in Cameroon on Thursday 6 October joined their colleagues the world over to celebrate World Teachers Day under the theme “Valuing teachers: Improving their status”.
                In all the regions of the country, special ceremonies were organized to salute the work of teachers who are said to constitute the builders of the foundation of society.
                In Buea, Regional Capital of the SWR, a host of dignitaries joined thousands of teachers at the official ceremonial ground at Bongo Square to commemorate the day.     

Teachers’ Day Celebrations:

Teachers receive Certificates of Excellence
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Teachers marching past in Kumba
Some over 30 teachers drawn from different schools in Kumba have been awarded certificates of excellence for their tireless efforts in the exercise of their duties by their various divisional delegations here in Kumba. The over 30 laureates were drawn from the basic eduaction, secondary and the employment and vocational training delegations in Kumba. While handing over the certificates of excellence to the various recipients, the divisional delegates called on them not to relent their efforts as well as challenged the other teachers to work hard in order for their services to be rewarded.
                While addressing the teachers and the administrators of Meme in the commemoration of the 23rd edition of the international teacher’s day under the theme “Valuing teachers, improving their status” the divisional delegate of basic education, AsongSabasAkemAsong declared there can’t be any achievement in sustainable development in the country without the involvement of teachers.
                According to the basic education DD, the theme of this year’s teacher’s day gives recognition to the relentless efforts of the teacher’s in the society and therefore ties with the need to uplift and improve the status of the teachers in the country.  He adds teachers are liberators, liberating the society from ignorance as well as candles that burn the light for others.

Political leadership of Manyu:

I am for unity and remobilization - Victor Mengot
Engr.VictorMengotArrey, the sole political boss of Manyu
Breaking the phoney silence that has characterized the political landscape in Manyu division since the death in April 2016 of Prof. AgborTabi, Minister Mengot last week presided over a meeting of Manyu elements in Yaounde and presented his action plan for the division. The minister said the thrust of his action will be the consolidation of unity and the political remobilization of the people of Manyu
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde
Amid talk of the existence of a leadership vacuum in Manyu Division following the untimely death of Prof. Peter AgborTabi, the man who had literally imposed himself as the undisputed leader of the division, the people of Manyu have finally been reassured that there is no power vacuum and that the political life of the division will continue as usual.
                This was the take home message from a recent general assembly meeting of Manyu sons and daughters that took place at the Manyu Cultural Centre at Carrefour Cornier in down town Yaounde.
                Presiding over the meeting, the Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency, Victor MengotArreyNkongho, who following his appointment as head of the CPDM party’s permanent coordination committee for Manyu, is now the undisputed torch-bearer and political boss of Manyu, told his hearers that Manyu people should be thankful to God that the death of their emblematic ‘political general’ and leader, Prof.PeterAgborTabi has not created a power vacuum in the division.

Suspecting SCNC agenda:

Gov’t bans joint NW fons/SW chiefs confab in Kumba
By Johnson Batuo in Kumba
SW Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai
The indefinite postponement of the planned joint meeting in Kumba of Northwest fons and Southwest chiefs is still animating discussions in bars and street corners here.
                Billed to hold on Tuesday 3 October 2016 at the Kumba palace of the paramount ruler of the Bafaws, Nfon Victor EsseminsonguMukete, the meeting did not take place; reports say it has been postponed indefinitely.
                Even though the reasons for the postponement or ban are not immediately known, it is widely believed that the traditional rulers were intimidated by the administration to call off the meeting.
                Commentators speculate that because the meeting was scheduled to hold just two days after the Independence Anniversary of the Former British Southern Cameroons on 1st October, the authorities feared that the marginalization of Anglophones would be top on the agenda and SCNC militants may also jump for the opportunity and do what they are known for.

Meme population celebrate SDO’s transfer

By Johnson Batuo in Kumba
Former Meme SDO, KoulboutAman David
Some denizens of Kumba, headquarters of Meme Division, have been going on boozing sprees in town in celebration of the transfer from Kumba of the Meme SDO, KoulboutAman David, who before his transfer to the Dja and Lobo Division had spent over a decade at the helm of Meme Division.
                The Median gathered that those celebrating are detractors of the SDO both within and out of the administration. Some of the celebrants of Koulbout’s transfer allege that he was hellishly corrupt and his corrupt handling of especially land matters was posing a serous hindrance to the development of Meme.
                Citing some instances of corruption by the former SDO they mentioned his alleged sale of vast lands belonging to IRAD Barombi Kang to private individuals and his ceding of Bafaw Land in Kumba III Mambanda to Mukonje whose indigenes areBalongs.

Tiko Airport bridge collapses

By Boris Esono in Buea
Collapsed bridge that leads to Tiko Airport
The bridge separating the Tiko Airport from the main highway passing through Tiko town has collapsed. It collapsed on Wednesday 5 October 2016. No injuries were recorded in the crash. Sources in Tiko say movements into and out of the airport quarters have been temporarily interupted. Businesses have also been negatively affected.   For now a barricade has been placed at the entrance to the bridge to prevent persons from falling into the steep valley that underlies the bridge.

Enhancing learning and schools infrastructure:

MTN Foundation donates three primary schools to gov’t
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
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The Mobile Telephone Network Company, MTN Cameroon has handed over three newly constructed modern primary schools worth over 259 million FCFA to the Ministry of Basic Education. The solemn handover ceremony for the three schools took place in the campus of Government School Kake I, near Kumba, on Friday 7 October 2016.
The event that was presided over by the Minister of Basic Education, YoussoufaHadidjaAlim in the presence of the MTN Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman, H.E. Peter MafanyMusonge and MTN Cameroon’s Board of Directors Chairman, Colin EbarkoMukete and the CEO of MTN Cameroon, Mrs. PhilisiweSibiya was organized within the framework of MTN Foundation’s “Yello Schools” programme.
                The three modern schools handed to government include Government Primary School BondumaBokoko in Buea, Government School Kake I in Kumba and Government School KumbeBalondo in EkondoTiti.
                The donation is the fruit of a partnership between MTN Foundation and the Ministry of Basic Education dubbed the “Yello Schools” programme that seeks “to enhance school infrastructures in order to provide pupils and teachers with an appropriate learning environment, and pedagogic facilities.”
                It is projected that the 6 classrooms, an administrative office, modern toilets for boys, girls and teachers, a water point, 180 benches and a fence for the security in each of the three schools will benefit 600 students every year. Alongside the infrastructure, MTN Foundation also donated didactic materials comprising books, pens and school bags to the schools.
              Speaking at the hand-over ceremony, the chairman of the MTN Board of trustees, H.E. MafanyMusonge hailed the MINEDUB for coming personally to preside over the hand-over ceremony. He said the donations were a demonstration of the contribution of the private sector in helping the government to attain the Sustainable Development Goals prescribed by the UN. MolaMusonge listed used the occasion to list other goodwill gestures that MTN Foundation has made to government and local communities since its creation in 2006 including the construction and/or refurnishing of 54 classrooms in 15 primary schools in 7 regions of the country, installation of 50 multi-media centres in secondary schools that benefit over 100.000 students and more than 4000 teachers in the ten regions and the facilitating access to basic education to more than 16000 orphans and underprivileged children among others.

Other leaders will emerge after AgborTabi

      - AshuNyenty, Int’l jurist and political analyst
In an exclusive interview he granted The Median, CRTV’s political desk editor, AshuNyenty, who is also PHD candidate at the University of Yaounde II, Soa, posited that it will be difficult for Manyu to immediately fill the vacuum created by Prof. AgborTabi’s exit, but other courageous politicians will emerge in the division in the future. The full interview was published in The Median’s edition of 9 May 2016.
Much has been written and said in the press about AgborTabi’s life and death. What reading do you make of these press reports?.

Well, I cannot say I have taken time enough to go through all the press accounts on AgborTabi’s life and death. But the few that I have seen are a depiction of the multi-dimensional persona that AgborTabi was. AgborTabi meant many things to different people. But as far as I am concerned the reports in the press are a true reflection of who AgborTabi was. To me what the press has done so far is a genuine recollection of the man, Peter AgborTabi.

Press Release

MTN Foundation hands over 03 primary schools to the Ministry of Basic Education
The Government Primary Schools of BondumaBokoko in Buea, Kake I in Kumba and KumbeBalondo in Ekondo-Titi have been entirely constructed and equipped by MTN Foundation.
Douala, 07 October 2016 – MTN Foundation, first corporate foundation created in Cameroon announces the handover of 03 government primary schools in the South-West region to the Ministry of Basic Education within the framework of the “Y’ello Schools” programme of the MTN Foundation.

The handover ceremony that took place on Friday, 7 October 2016 at the Government Primary School Kake I, Kumba was jointly presided over by the Minister of Basic Education, Mrs. YoussoufHadidjaAlim and MTN Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman, H.E. Peter MafanyMusonge, in the presence of MTN Cameroon’s Board of Directors Chairman, M. Colin E. Mukete and the CEO of MTN Cameroon, Mrs. PhilisiweSibiya. 

Fruit of the partnership between MTN Foundation and the Ministry of Basic Education, the “Y’ello Schools” programme seeks to enhance school infrastructure in order to provide students and teachers with an appropriate learning environment, and pedagogic facilities.

Girls are twice overworked than boys


Girls between 5 and 14 years old spend 40 per cent more time, or 160 million more hours a day, on unpaid household chores and collecting water and firewood, than boys their age, according to a report released by UNICEF ahead of International Day of the Girl on 11 October.
                “Harnessing the Power of Data for Girls: Taking stock and looking ahead to 2030”provides the first global estimates on the time girls spend doing household chores such as cooking, cleaning, caring for family members and collecting water and firewood.
                The data show that the disproportionate burden of domestic work begins early, with girls between 5 and 9 years old spending 30 per cent more time, or 40 million more hours a day, on household chores than boys their age. The numbers rise as girls get older, with 10 to 14 year olds spending 50 per cent more time, or 120 million more hours each day.
                “The overburden of unpaid household work begins in early childhood and intensifies as girls reach adolescence,” said UNICEF’s Principal Gender Advisor AnjuMalhotra.  “As a result, girls sacrifice important opportunities to learn, grow, and just enjoy their childhood. This unequal distribution of labour among children also perpetuates gender stereotypes and the double-burden on women and girls across generations.”
                The report notes that girls’ work is less visible and often undervalued. Too often adult responsibilities such as caring for family members, including other children, are imposed on girls. Time spent on chores limits a girl’s time to play, socialize with friends, study and be a child. In some countries, collecting firewood and water puts girls at risk of sexual violence.

Students March for Elephants and Rhinos in Y’dé

Students March for Elephants
Hundreds of students have marched in the streets of Yaoundé as parts of a global action to raise awareness on the threat of extinction facing elephants and rhinoceroses; and the need for their protection and conservation.
                Elephants and rhinos are some of the most endangered land mammals. Their populations have declined sharply to points where it is now feared they would be wiped out of existence in a matter of a few decades. Illegal trade in their highly-prized tusks and horns is principally responsible for driving down the population of the two giant mammals.
                Students at a local school complex learned about the predicament of elephants and mammals from conservationists and wildlife experts belonging to two NGOs, GIS for Conservation and Ape Action Africa, who organised the event. Winners of a quiz took home prizes.
                “The eyes of the future are on us and the youths certainly have a story to take into the future,” said Isabella Buh of GIS for Conservation.
                “In the 1940s the Rhinos population in Cameroon was almost the same as the population of elephants we have today. But today we cannot talk much about the black rhino of Cameroon. Engaging youths in Environmental education including the importance of wildlife conservation is a way to get them thinking and to see the importance of this.”

Towards food self-sufficiency:

SW farmers drilled on beans production
By Boris Esono in Buea
SW Regional Delegate of CEAC
Some 31 farmers groups in the SWR has been drilled on effective techniques in cultivating deans for high yield production. The one day workshop which took place on Tuesday October 4, 2016 in Buea was an initiative of the SW Regional Delegation of Scientific Research and the Institute of Agricultural Research for Development IRAD, Ekona.
                The cultivation of beans in the SW is not in full gear that is why such a workshop was organized. According to the Regional Delegate of CEAC, Dr. Anne Sama most of the beans found in Cameroon is imported and the ones which are cultivated in the SW is mostly for subsistence. “We cannot find it in the market and we have all what it takes to cultivate beans” she added. She went further to encouraged farmers to adopt these new varieties as they are disease resistant and high yielding.

Fake Facebook profiles on the rise in Cameroon

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
The use of hacked or phony Facebook accounts in Cameroon where malicious users present themselves in profiles impersonating fictitious or real persons is reportedly on the rise.
                This is happening at a time when the number of facebook users in Cameroon has increased by more than 16 percent during the last six months according to social bakers, a social media analytics platform.
                The analytics platform says about 2.85 percent of the country’s population and more than 70 percent of Internet users in Cameroon are on facebook.
                Currently, many Cameroonian actors, musicians, pastors and politicians are currently facing the challenge of identity theft. The most notorious over the last years concerns ministers, Directors and other high ranking civil servants.
                Just recently, it emerged that a Facebook profile of someone claiming to be the the Governor of the North Region, John Abate Edi'I surfaced.
                This account with a portrait of the Governor allegedly created by unidentified individuals had already about hundred friends.

2016 world day for the elderly:

Elderly persons told to report cases of Stigmatization
By Boris Esono in Buea
Elderly persons in the SWR have been told to report any form of stigmatization and discrimination invited on them in the society. The call was made by the inspector number two at the SW Governor’s office, Edung Lillian, while presiding over a ceremony to mark the 2016 World Day of the Elderly, in Maumu village near Buea, on Tuesday 4 October 2016.
                According to the representative of the elderly in Maumu, Mr. Godlove, old people are stigmatized in the society because of age and fragile physical appearance. 
                “Most people associate old age to which craft, thereby abandoning the old in the villages with little or no assistance,” he said, noting that the rejection becomes more disturbing when the health of these elderly persons deteriorate.
                However, according to an elderly person, Mr. Peter, not all elderly persons suffer stigmatization; some are well respected.

Limbe City Council doles out FCFA 3.5m to holiday makers

By Boris Esono in Buea
Andrew Motanga
The sum of 3.5 million FCFA has been distributed to some 70 students at the end of their services rendered to the Limbe City Council. Presiding at the ceremony on Tuesday 4th October 2016 in Limbe, the government Delegate to the Limbe City Council Mr. Andrew Motanga described the holiday job scheme as a forum to give discipline and responsible behaviours in to the youth.

World Cup 2018 Qualifiers:

Cameroon draw with Algeria, as Ivory Coast, DR Congo and Senegal win
Indomitable Lions celebrate Moukanjo’s 26th minute equalizer
Ivory Coast beat Mali 3-1 to go top of Group C after Gabon and Morocco had earlier drawn 0-0.
                DR Congo thrashed Libya in Group A, winning 4-0 in Kinshasa.
                In Group D, Senegal beat Cape Verde 2-0 after Burkina Faso and South Africa had drawn 1-1.
                The reigning African champions, Ivory Coast, took onMali in Group C in Bouake with a largely new generation of players in the post Toure-brothers era.
                The hosts were put under pressure after just 18 minutes when SambouYatabare scored to give Mali a 1-0 lead.
                It took eight minutes for Ivory Coast to level the match, with Aston Villa forward Jonathan Kodjia scoring an equaliser.
                Five minutes later, the Ivorians went 2-1 up after Mali's SalifCoulibaly struck into his own net.
                Ivory Coast took a commanding 3-1 lead in the 34th minute when Gervinho (pictured), one of the few existing members of Ivory Coast's so-called "golden generation" volleyed in to put his side top of Group C, above Gabonand Morocco who drew 0-0 in Franceville earlier.
                Gabon, hosts of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, were left frustrated by Morocco at home.
                They looked to their Borussia Dortmund talisman, Pierre-EmerickAubameyang, to conjure up a winner and he came closest to scoring in the 68th minute, only to see his header cleared off the line by Moroccan goalkeeper, Munir.
                In Group A, the Democratic Republic of Congo looked in firm control as they convincingly beat Libya 4-0.
                DieumerciMbokani scored twice, getting the first of his two goals in the sixth minute with Jonathan Bolingi adding a second on the stroke of half-time.
Mbokani grabbed his second after 56 minutes to make it 3-0 to DR Congo, with substitute NdombeMubele adding a fourth late on for the hosts.

2018 World Cup:

Uganda hold firm against Ghana
Uganda held firm for a 0-0 draw in Ghana in the opening game of Group E in 2018 World Cup qualifying on Friday.
Ghana dominated the game in Tamale and will be upset by what appears to be a blunder by referee El Fadil Mohamed.
                In the 55th minute the Sudanese official showed Uganda's Nicholas Wadada what seemed to be a second yellow card but did not send him off.
                The Cranes coach Milutin 'Micho' Sredojevic then replaced Wadada seven minutes later with Hassan Waswa.
                The Black Stars had many chances to win the game and had several free-kicks on the edge of the area but were unable to make any of them count.

Evacuated to France:

Fans intensify prayers as Song responds to treatment
Rigobert Song represented the Indomitable Lions between 1993 and 2010
Former Cameroon international Rigobert Song has been flown from Cameroon to France for further treatment after coming out of a two-day coma.
The 40-year-old was admitted to Yaounde Central Hospital on Sunday after falling unconscious.
                On Tuesday he waved to fans outside the Yaounde Emergency Centre as he was taken away to the airport.
                Yaounde Emergency Centre director Dr. Louis Joss BitangAMafok said Song had suffered a "cerebral hemorrhage".

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Front page

Calls for English version of OHADA law:

SDO bans lawyers’ press conference in Douala
Over 500 lawyers converged on Douala Saturday 
The lawyers say 55 years after reunification of English and French Cameroons it is unacceptable that fundamental texts are published only in French. They wonder for example why there is no English version of the OHADA Law.
By Mercy Neba in Douala
Over 500 lawyers of English and French expression converged on Douala on Saturday 1st October 2016 for a press conference to press on the government to produce as a matter of extreme urgency the English version of the Uniform Business Law, OHADA. But the meeting that had the blessing of the DO of Douala 1, Jean-Marc Etoa Mbarga, was disallowed by the SDO for Wouri, Pal Nasseri Bea. The conference was convened at the behest of Senior Attorney of Cameroon (SAC), Barrister Roland Abeng, who is also a member of the Common Law Lawyers Conference that seeks to uphold and protect the virtues of the practice of Common Law in Cameroon.
                Supported among others by the President of the Cameroon Bar Council, Jackson Gnie Kamga (SAC) and the President of the Bar General Assembly, Ntumfor Nico Halle (SAC), the meeting was going to be an opportune occasion for the learned men of law to urge the government to respect the constitution of the country which states unequivocally that all official documents in the country shall be in both English and French.