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CPDM Delusional Politics of Motions of Support

By Asonganyi Tazoacha
Asonganyi Tazoacha
Government is a service industry that is responsible for delivery of services to society.  Politicians are the “experts” that provide the raw material for the services, while public servants – in the civil service – and other co-opted agents are the vehicles for delivering the services that they use the raw materials to manufacture. Government’s promotion of the private sector is usually in this realm.
    Political parties are organized groups that seek to control state power, and form governments to provide these services to society in ways usually defined by doctrines, and visions packaged under various universal labels – socialist, social democrat, liberal, conservative, Christian democrat, you name them. Some people usually claim that Africa does not need these labels, as if to say that Africans do not have scales of values.
    These doctrines are ideas articulated by people and implemented for society. Interestingly, there seem to be no doctrinaire CPDM people in Cameroon because the politics of the party is centered on one man and implemented for one man through motions of support. This has seemed endless, for 30-some years and still going. The politics has seasonality - like locusts - coming and going with society’s mood.  As described by one of them in the heat of recent conflicting motions-of-support, “they are made to sign these motions of support at night, with torches, often on blank sheet”; and they are always told that their One Man agrees with them.

Biya`s Cameroon and lack of Patriotism

Paul Biya
By Bertrand Etukeni Agbaw-Ebai, Boston Massachussetts
The pervasive manner by which Cameroonian state employees, private corporates and individuals steal money using chronic fraudulent means supported and justified by “dorky” papers in a passionate, derisive, satanic and hypocritical level is a convulsed crisis that is decimating the State of Cameroon`s Treasury and embroiled in a governance scandal critical in dire need of salvation. 
    At the campus of the International Relations Institute of Cameroon-IRIC the intellectually acclaimed and vociferous Prof. Emmanuel Pondi at the amphi 500 in the Theories of International Relations lectures said the next president of Cameroon after Paul Biya will have a lot of work in crafting a new Cameroon identity and international image. When asked about the challenging problems, he said the mentality of Cameroonians toward money had negatively over-powered the spirit of patriotism. Patriotism is the love of one`s country directed by critical intelligence. Meaning it is a citizen devoted love, support and defense of one’s country and national loyalty. The Median Newspaper opines that when the state fails in its duties towards the citizenry, the citizens find no reason to honor their obligations to the state.

Recognition of exceptional war qualities

Gen. Martin Tumenta heads 1st UN force in CAR
Martin Tumenta
Cameroonian military general, Martin Tumenta has been appointed to head the United Nations special peace keeping force in war-torn Central African Republic.  
    General Tumenta was appointed last week by UN secretary-General. “His great personal qualities and the success he achieved as head of the Joint Central African force, MISCA, militated for his appointment,” a  UN official told the press in Yaounde. The UN official noted that the UN Security Council is satisfied with the performance of the MISCA forces in reducing the violence in CAR to the bearest minimum.
    He said the UN plans to deploy 12.000 troops in the CAR to replace the MISCA forces, whose mission ends officially on Monday 15 September 2014.

Fallouts of Boko Haram

Over 39000 Nigerian Refugees in Cameroon
The United Nations High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR has disclosed that the total number of Nigerian refugees in Cameroon now stands at some 39,000, following recent attacks from insurgent groups in the north east of Nigeria prompting thousands more Nigerians to seek refuge in Cameroon in the past 10 days.
    “According to Cameroonian authorities, in the last ten days at least 9,000 people have arrived in Cameroon's Far North Region, more than 2,000 sought refuge in Niger, and more people continue to arrive,” UNHCR said in a release on September 2.


Back to school in Kumbo

Hon. Banadzem handing books to some orphans
Joseph Banadzem, BFU give out to orphans
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Tradition was again respected in Kumbo as the SDF Member of Parliament for Bui Centre, Hon. Dr. Joseph Banadzem and the Bui Family Union, BFU, based in the United States of America donated school needs worth over FCFA 2.5 million to some 250 orphans of school going age.
    The gifts comprising of school fees and didactic materials like exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc were given to the orphans on September 6, 2014 in a highly attended and colorful ceremony at the magnificent Kumbo Council Hall, presided over by the Senior Divisional Officer for Bui, Nzeki Theophile.

Difficult times for the terrorists

Boko Haram
Boko Haram meets waterloo
Nearly 200 militants belonging to the Nigerian Islamist sect Boko Haram were killed in clashes with government forces near the northeastern city of Maiduguri, the Associated Press (AP) reported Saturday, citing security officials.
    A senior Boko Haram commander, known only as Amir, was also reportedly killed in a the fighting, which erupted late Friday in Konduga town — about 22 miles southeast of the Borno State capital of Maiduguri — and lasted for several hours. No military casualties were reported in the attack, AP reported. Last week over 100 Boko Haram insurgents lost their lives in fierce gun battles with Cameroonian forces around the town of kolofata.Two terrorist leaders reportedly died in the battles.

Training of trainers

Presbyterian Christian leaders build their capacities
By Polycarp Labah in Yaounde

Some 136 men and women leaders  of the Christian Men and Christian Women Fellowship movements of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon PCC drawn from the parishes of Obala, Saa, Nkoteng, Belabo, Batouri, Bertoua, Sangmelima, Ebolowa, Kribi, HEVECAM – Nye’ Ete, Ngoke, Makenene, Ndikinimiki, Mbandjock, Kye’ Ossi, Ambam, Abagmiko, Eseka, Bafia, Mfou, Soa, Ekounou, Bastos, Nsimeyong, Etoug Ebe, Nkolbison, Simbock-Mendong, Mbalmayo, SOCAPALM, which make up the East Mungo North of the PCC assembled in a one week training of trainers’ workshop for grass-root leaders of the Church. August 12  - 16 2014. The one week capacity building workshop sharpened the skills of these Christian leaders on the 2015 study book prepared by the PCC Departments for Men and Women’s Work  on the theme: “Free To Serve” the watch word of which is “The Covenant God Appoints And Anoints” with inspiration from the Book of Prophet Joshua. In its introductory note the Book of Joshua tells the Good News in the Old Testament in the same way as the Letters to the Ephesians and the Philippians do in the New Testament. The Book of Joshua tells us that God led the nation of Israel out of bondage in Egypt through the wilderness to the edge of the Promised Land of Canaan, the Israelites lacked faith and courage to go in. This explains why they wandered for forty years in the wilderness. They all died before the final liberation. With the exception of Joshua and Caleb, only their children and their children’s children had the opportunity to enter the Promised Land. Just before they entered the land Joshua the rightful successor of Moses told them – Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or discouraged , for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” Joshua 1 6, 7 & 9.


Presbyterian Church in Cameroon

Nico Halle and Asah Mbenkum
New CMF President hails predecessor, Ntumfor Barr. Nico Halle
- Sir Asah Mbenkum has also pledged to construct a permanent building to house CMF National Secretariat and reinforce outreach programs
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

The new National President of the Christian Men’s Fellowship, CMF of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Sir Asah Mbenkum Williams has said that evangelization, continuation of the outreach programs started by the former exco and the construction of a permanent structure to host the National Office of CMF will preoccupy the new exco.

Cameroon debunks reports of illegal Timber trade with China

Cameroon government authorities have promised to investigate claims by Greenpeace Africa that large quantities of wood felled when forest land is converted for other uses, such as plantations, are reaching international markets illegally.
    Responding to a statement issued by the environmental group on Aug. 20, the director of forests at the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, Mfou Mfou Bruno, said the timber trade between Cameroon and China does not contravene the law.
    "To say that timber is sold in the Chinese market illegally with the complicity of the (Cameroon) ministry of forestry is an exaggeration," Bruno told Thomson Reuters Foundation. "We have been implementing sanctions against timber exploitation companies that violate the law and will continue to do so as part of our forest governance policy."
    He added that the forest minister would not hesitate to act if corrupt practices - like those alleged by Greenpeace Africa - are uncovered by the investigation.

African Cadet Champs-Niger 2015

Black Starlets thrash Cadet Lions 2-0 
The cadet Lions lost 0-2 on Saturday to the Black Starlets of Ghana in Yoaunde. The match counted for the third round qualifiers for the African Cadet Champs, Niger 2015.
    The Cameroonians are now in a tight corner, as they will have to beat the Black Starlets by at least 3-0 in Ghana to qualify.

Abdouraman is still president of Etoile Filante

There have been allegations that the General Assembly of Etoile Filante a football club based in the Northern region of Cameroon had sat and dethroned the president.
    Such allegations pointed that Abdouraman was sacked for perpetual absence from the club.
    However, Abdouraman Hamadou Baba presided a meeting of the club yesterday with Mbele Jean Marie as rapporteur during which major resolutions were taken.

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JS Kabylie forward Albert Ebosse buried in Douala

-Players and officials of Algerian club absent at burial
JS Kabylie striker albert Dominic Ebosse Bojongo, who died last month after a club game has been buried. Ebosse was buried in his home village, Ndogsibi near Douala, on Saturday 13 September. The burial was presided over by Littoral Governor Joseph Betti Assomo. It was witsnessed by administrative authorities, footballers, football fans and family members.
    Adamu, as Ebosse was fondly called, was decorated posthumously with a traditional title.
    His club mates and officials were not seen at the burial grounds.

AFCON 2015 qualifiers

New look lions humble Ivory Coast 4-1
Cameroon continued their resurgence as they hammered Ivory Coast 4-1 in their 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in Yaounde.  Having put their disastrous World Cup campaign behind them to beat DR Congo last weekend, the Indomitable Lions made it two wins out of two games in Group D in their quest to reach next year's tournament in Morocco.
    Cameroon striker Vincent Aboubakar and Clinton Njie (on the right above) both scored twice as the hosts ran out comprehensive victors.
    Both forwards were also on target in the Indomitable Lions win on Saturday over DR Congo, in what was Njie's international debut.

Elephants are still a formidable side

- Volker Finke
Though the Lions defeated the Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire in their day-2 AFCON qualifier game at the Yaoundé Amadou Ahidjo stadium last Wednesday, lions coach Volker Finke still has great respect for the Ivorian team.
    He discarded insinuations by the press that the Lions have gotten their real level, saying, “Ivory Coast is not a weak team, they have players at the premier league, it is a team with very good players”.
    The elephants gave the Lions a tough time in the second half and the coach acknowledged that, “there were periods when the young goalkeeper, Fabrice Ondoua had to go out of his way to make spectacular saves considered impossible and we can say he did a good job for the group and this is an added advantage.
    “Ivory Coast is a team with a good ball control and speed change, with Gervinho and his dribbling capacity”, he says.

Monday, 8 September 2014


Issa Tchiroma Bakary
“There is no Cameroonian Boko Haram”
-Statement of H.E. Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Minister of Communication on the fight against Boko Haram
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me, before entering into the core of the matter, to wish you a warm welcome in this conference hall of my Ministry, and to express to you my profound gratitude for responding so quickly to my invitation.
    The subject of this press conference is to take stock of the fight against Boko Haram and on the recent measures taken by the Head of State, to preserve the integrity of Cameroon in its northern part.
    As we are all aware, Cameroon is faced with incursions from an armed group based in Nigeria, notably that of Boko Haram. This is a terrorist group, which under the cover of religion, has as main goal, to spread trauma, loot properties, destroy, and cause deaths.

Allegation of a “nordistes” conspiracy

Essimi Menye
Henry Eyebe Ayissi
Who authored the Lekie motion of support?
Sources say the population of Lekie division is divided over the contents and tone of the controversial motion of support to president Biya
By Steve Macquens Balemba in Yaounde
As the debate intensifies over allegations of a “nordistes” conspiracy and rebellion against the Biya regime, it has become common knowledge that elite of Lekie division are now divided over the motion of support to President Biya that emerged from the Obala conclave of 3 September 2014.
    Informed sources say the “Lekie call” was crafted, written and published by Henry Eyebe Ayissi, minister delegate at the presidency in charge of supreme state control alone.

Boko Haram insurgency

Biya frowns at CPDM intoxication and provocation
- Says Northerners have no hand in Boko Haram
- Insists that there is no Cameroonian variant of Boko Haram
- Warns national media against “irresponsible” coverage of Boko Haram
By Ayukogem Steven Ojong in Yaounde

President Paul Biya can certainly not be at ease at the Unity Palace at this time especially with the persisting attacks of the nebulous terrorist sect Boko Haram. As commander-in-chief of the Cameroonian armed forces the “lion man” is commanding his troops in one of  the most tricky and complex battles ever, in his almost 32 years at the helm of Cameroon.
    Barely days after the president returned to the country from a three-week sojourn in Europe and even before he really got settled to begin evaluating the results of recent measures he took to tackle the Boko Haram menace, the president got confronted with yet other emerging internal challenges: Some misguided persons took upon themselves to manipulate national opinion that Boko Haram is a Cameroonian phenomenon; that the insurgency is a growing internal rebellion against the regime and that a section of the country is master-minding and sponsoring the terrorist activities that are perpetrated in the Far North of Cameroon.

EITI & Mining governance in Cameroon

Figuil populations wallowing in poverty amidst plenty
According to a study done by the Network for the Fight Against Hunger, RELUFA and the Natural Resource Governance Institute, NRGI, the populations of Figuil near Garoua in the North Region of Cameroon are wallowing in abject poverty despite the wanton exploitation of minerals from their sub-soil by two French companies – CIMENCAM and ROCAGLIA.
    Officials of RELUFA presented the study to the public for validation at a richly attended ceremony on 29 August 2014 in Yaounde.
    In his preliminary remarks on the occasion, the project coordinator of RELUFA, Napoleon Jaff noted that the exploitation by ROCAGLIA (since 1946) and CIMENCAM (since 1960) are the only effective industrial mineral exploitations going on in Cameroon at the moment. “The C & K mining in Mobilong is only recent and is yet to produce its full potential,” he said, noting that despite legal provisions especially the mining code and EITI requirements which provide for advantages (profits) and compensation to populations and councils that are affected by mining projects, no such benefits are paid to the populations of Figuil by these French companies.

Complains over authors’ rights

Tutu Muna
Anglophone musicians petition Biya against Tutu Muna
- Say they were discriminated against and marginalized in the recent redistribution of authors rights by the minister of culture
By Esan-Ekoninyam Besong-Awu in Yaounde

Musicians of NW and SW extraction have expressed disappointment with the minister of culture, Ama Tutu Muna, over what they consider as her poor management of author’s rights.
    Speaking to The Median after the redistribution last week, of a special author’s rights package by the minister, some Anglophone musicians cried foul, saying they were unjustly placed among the lowest category of musicians who benefitted from the minister’s gesture.

We are very disappointed

King Phil
- King Phil, President of Association of NW musicians
What are your impressions after receiving your author’s rights due?

I should not say this is any author’s rights due; it is some kind of gift given by the head of state for artistes. When you call it author’s rights I don’t understand, because the criteria that were used in the redistribution were not clear. In fact I don’t know which criteria were used for this redistribution. We hear that a global sum of three hundred million was shared out to musicians, but we don’t know where the money came from and what method was used in the sharing. So, to answer your question I can only say I am disappointed. And I think many of my colleagues feel the same like me.

Bracing-up for Silver Jubilee

SDF to construct permanent secretariat at last
By a correspondent in Bamenda 

Preparations for the 25th anniversary of the Main opposition party in Cameroon the Social Democratic Front, SDF was the focus of the National Executive Council, NEC meeting in Bamenda.
    Senators, Members of parliament, Mayors and Councilors and other NEC members gathered around party Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi to re-examine the party’s 25 years history and make projections.
    The special committee charge with preparing the anniversary presented a report on the acquisition of land for the construction of the SDF Secretariat in view of the silver jubilee.

Clash of interests

Ebola scare is EU sabotage against US-Africa overtures
- Dr. Caroline Hoth, CEO Remember Africa
The President/CEO of New-York-based NGO, Remember Africa has affirmed that the Ebola scare is a false alarm created by Europeans and propagated in media channels the world over with the aim of tarnishing the image of Afri
    Dr. Caroline Hoth says it was neither a coincidence nor by chance that the Ebole Alarm was raised just when the US-Africa leaders forum was being prepared.

55-year old man rapes girl of 8

A man, Maurice Ngouloupe, 55, is currently languishing at the New-Bell prison in Douala, after he was arrested and charged with rape and attempted rape.
    Maurice Ngouloupe was alleged to have raped an 8-year old girl at the Ndogsimbi quarters in Douala. He also allegedly attempted raping an 11-year old girl in the same neighbourhood.
    Ngoulope was arrested and detained at the Gendarmerie Brigade in Mboppi, after the parents of the two rape victims reported the matter there. He was on Friday 5 September taken to the state prosecutor at the Douala High Court, who has placed him on preventive detention at the New-Bell prison, pending his eventual trial for rape and attempted rape.

Agro-Pastoral technicians urged to bring dev’t

By Atemnkeng Evaristius, Dingha Pyrea and Manyo Oben (UB Interns) in Kumba
Some 105 Senior Technicians who graduated from the Community Development and Specialization Training School(CDSTS) and Rural Equipment Development and Specialization Training School?(REDSTS) have been urged to put into practice the knowledge and skills they have acquired during the 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 academic year training programmes in order to effectively contributes to the durable rural and agricultural development in Cameroon.
    The call was made by the 2nd Assistant S.D.O Nelson Yongkuma during the graduation ceremony of the two training schools which took place recently in Kumba at the school premises. He noted that Agriculture contributes a lot to the economic development of the Nation and as such paid homage to all those who provided much needed support to the graduating students while they were on internship. He encouraged the graduates for their relentless efforts they have been making inspite of the difficulties they faced.
    He observed that with the new economic impetus, the government will be able to do more on the agricultural domain and some if not all the problems raised by the directors and students will be looked into and adequate solutions made.

Back to schoo

 Kumbo Council bring smiles to holiday makers
The annual holiday job program at the Kumbo Council has ended with the mayor calling on beneficiary students and pupils to judiciously use the token (20.000 fcfa) they are paid to procure their school needs or pay their fees.
    Addressing beneficiary students/pupils during a ceremony to officially end the holiday job program, Mayor Evaristus Fonyuy Njong praised them for being disciplined and respectful during the exercise. He thanked them for keeping major public places and streets clean in the Kumbo Municipality during the 2-month holiday job.
    The Mayor said sports was introduced in the program because the council wanted to make sure it was not all work and no play. He emphasized that the sports element afforded a forum to detect talents and it permitted other students who were not shortlisted for the program to be occupied during the holiday period. He seized the opportunity to congratulate those who excelled well in sports.
    In this vein, he announced that subsequently special prizes would be awarded to the most performing students/pupils in sports. There would also be prizes for the most disciplined boy and girl and the best prefect.
    Since 1996, the Kumbo Council has been employing at least 100 students and pupils for two months each third term holiday.
    The aim of the program is to assist school children to procure some of their school needs. Apart from this the project also occupies school children during the holidays thereby preventing them indulging in delinquent acts. 
    The main target persons of the holiday job program are hardworking children from very poor backgrounds. Selection is based on promotion results.
    Activities of the program include cleaning of offices, sweeping and weeding, planting of natural trees, clearing of blocked drainages, and compulsory sports once a week.


NCSAPD trainees denied certificates
Some youth of the South region who took part in the 2-month training organized by the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development, NCSAPD, did not receive end-of-training certificates on Tuesday 2 September 2014, during the certificate award ceremony organized at the regional college of agriculture in Ebolowa.

South Africa

Fire consumes Big Brother Africa venue
-Launch of the 9th edition of the biggest Pan-African reality TV show has been put on hold due to the blaze

A massive fire has engulfed M-Net's Big Brother Africa Hotshots house at Sasani Studios, leading to the immediate cancellation of the start of the upcoming 9th season of the pan-African voyeur reality show which was set to begin this Sunday 7 September on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform.
    No-one was injured in the devastating blaze which engulfed the studio at Highlands North in Johannesburg on Tuesday and sent clouds of billowing black smoke into the air.
    The cause of the fire which erupted and plunged the production into further crisis is not known.
    Production company Endemol South Africa and M-Net had no choice but to cancel the start of the show which has seen multiple production challenges the past few weeks before the cameras had even started rolling.

AFCON 2015

Clinton N'jie
Lions begin campaign with victory
Cameroon made a perfect start to life without their retired talisman Samuel Eto'o with a workman-like 2-0 victory over an out-of-sorts DR Congo side in Lubumbashi on Saturday.
    Clinton N'jie, the France-based striker, opened the scoring on the stroke of half-time before Vincent Aboubakar, who plays for FC Porto in Portugal, doubled the advantage with eight minutes remaining.
    Despite winning back-to-back Africa Cup of Nations titles in 2000 and 2002, the indomitable Lions have failed to qualify for the past two tournaments.

Stephane Mbia confident about Lions future

Lion’s captain, Stephane Mbia, said the most important thing for the team was to focus on the match against DR Congo. In his new role as team captain, he said the mentality of the young players is good for team discipline. Prior to the team’s departure to DR Congo, Mbia who played for Olympic of Marseille before moving to Queens Park Rangers and to FC Seville on loan and finally settling this season with the club answered questions from The Median Newspaper.

We are going to qualify -Enow

Lion’s midfielder, Enoh Eyong who recently signed for Standard de Liège, Belgium is confident that if the Indomitable Lions play as a team, qualification would be the result.     “I think if we work as team knowing we have no Messi or Ronaldo, but just Cameroonian players, we are going to fight together with our potentials to qualify”.
Enow describes the atmosphere in the team saying,         “We are all here because the coach called everyone of us and as players of the national team and there is no big and small player”.

Monday, 1 September 2014

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Boko Haram

Grand North conspiracy or armed rebellion?
According to the French website Mediapart, Boko Haram could be a conspiracy by Northern elite to destabilize the country. But the famous discussion forum, Grande Palabre has debunked this hypothesis, arguing that Boko Haram may just be the first phase of a bigger armed rebellion that is taking route in the Far North of Cameroon.
By Ojong Steven Ayukogem in Yaounde

“Boko Haram is pointer to a big rebellion that is finding its route in Cameroon.” This is the reading that political analyst and civil society activist, Eric Mathias Owona Nguini makes of the Boko Haram phenomenon.
    He was speaking on Thursday 28 August 2014, in Yaounde, at a roundtable organized by the discussion forum, Grande Palabre.
    Taking a look at Boko Haram from a politico-strategic and historical standpoint, Dr. Owona Nguini recalled that before the advent of Boko Haram the Northern parts of Cameroon, especially the Far North region had been a heaven for activities orchestrated by armed groups that were generally referred to as coupeurs des routes. He said the coupeurs des routes razed terror in that part of Cameroon for about 30 years before it was curbed by government forces in the early 2000s.

Kake I, Kumba

Late Chief Namata Elangwe’s successor found
Ndoh Oscar Obase, an agronomist working with CDC and husband to Special Adviser to the PM, Mrs Bertha Ndoh Bakata, was picked by the king-makers (morere mboka) of Kake 1 and presented to the Meme administration recently
By Atemnkeng Evaristius in Kumba

The traditional council of Kake 1 in Kumba I subdivision has introduced their new chief to the Meme SDO, Koulbout Aman David. The introduction Ndoh Oscar Obase as the new traditional ruler of Kake I Bongwana Village, followed consultative talks to select a new chief of the village after the passing of late Chief Tata Okiah Namata Henry Elangwe in February 2014 .
    The consultative talks that took place at the Kake I Bongwana Traditional council hall recently, saw the participation of entire village including the Special Adviser to the Prime Minister, Ndoh Bertha, who is also the new queen (wife of the new chief) of Kake I Bongwana Village.

Three Ivory dealers arrested in Benin

Police in Benin on August 12, 2014 arrested three people for illegal possession of over 30 kg of ivory. The three, 2 Guineans and 1 Beninese, were arrested in a Cotonou hotel by the Judicial Police working in collaboration with the Beninese Forestry and Wildlife Department and Interpol, with four elephant tusks found in their possession. The 30 kg ivory loot that is suspected to be coming from Gabon and some other countries in the Central African sub-region, investigation revealed, is part of a bigger booty of over 300 kg that is alleged to be held by an ivory trafficking network that spans across West and Central Africa.
    All three are suspected to be members of this network that obtains its ivory principally from the Central African sub-region. A conservation group known as Conservation Justice that is presently working with Beninese authorities provided valuable assistance that led to the unmasking and arrest of the suspected traffickers. The Luc Mathot who runs Conservation Jutice that has a  wildlife law enforcement support project in the Gabon and who is equally assisting wildlife officials in Benin to replicate the same wildlife law enforcement model there   says “The products that were hidden in bags are from Nigeria but coming from Central Africa mainly Gabon ". The wildlife law enforcement model that is rapidly spreading through Africa under the network name “EAGLE” was originally started in 2003 when the Government of Cameroon signed a convention with a wildlife law enforcement body, The Last Great Ape Organisation (LAGA), to assist in the application of its wildlife laws.

Goodluck Jonathan is chief sponsor of Boko Haram

Adamu Aliyu, former Nigerian MP 
Former member of the National Assembly, Farouk Adamu Aliyu has described President Jonathan as a weak leader who is financing the activities of the Boko Haram sect. Aliyu asked President Obama’s assistance to arrest President Goodluck Jonathan as he is allegedly working with the dreaded sect to terrorize the country.
By Comrade Godwin, Daily Post

In an interview with SaharaTV, the ex lawmaker said he has documented evidence that could lead to the arrest of President Jonathan, saying that the President was conspiring with alleged Boko Haram sponsors.
    Farouk Aliyu further said there were two Boko Haram: one which is led by the Boko Haram leader, Shekarau and the other led by President Goodluck Jonathan.
    The former member of the Nigerian National Assembly made explosive allegations regarding President Goodluck Jonathan, who he claims is the “invisible leader” of the terror group, Boko Haram. Aliyu plans to “solicit the assistance and cooperation of President Obama” to arrest the Nigerian President.
    Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau “congratulated the Islamic State (IS) for its advances in Iraq and Syria” in July and has now declared an “Islamic caliphate” in the northeastern town of Gwoza in Borno State in a video released over the weekend, as reported at the BBC. 
    SaharaTV interviewed Farouk Adamu Aliyul, who claimed that the Nigerian government is “making noise” about the Christian schoolgirls that were kidnapped by the terror group (and later forcefully “converted” to Islam), but not addressing the terrorists “on the ground.” Aliyu also claimed that the military, who has been accused of conducting their own terror attacks, has never been to Sambisa forest, a known “key stronghold for Islamic insurgents.”
    Farouk Adamu Aliyu criticized the government further by saying that they are taking part in frivolous activities while the threat continues. Speaking of President Jonathan, he questioned an alleged 20 billion dollars missing from the government coffers. “He is not serious. He does not want peace in this country,” Aliyu said.

Lake Nyos disaster

Gov’t offers 33million to 3000 survivors 28 years after
 By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Lake Nyos
The government of Cameroon has donated gifts worth over FCFA 33 million to some 2,616 survivors of the Lake Nyos disaster from 239 households of the Buabua and Kimbi resettlement camps in Boyo Division of the North West Region of the country.
    The gifts which comprised mainly of foodstuff, sanitary kits and back to school material were handed recently by North West Governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique accompanied by the Director of Civil Protection in the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization Jean Pierre Nana.
    The donation included FCFA 1.5 million meant for school fees of needy pupils and students, 1,150 textbooks and dictionaries, 4,000 pens and pencils, 8,000 exercise books, 350 school bags, 350 mathematics sets, 300 bags of rice, beans, salt, 60000 boxes of savon,100 mattresses and 100 blankets for aged persons among others.


Parents can send their children to school with ease
- Lum Delphine Fomeh, loan officer, NTAccul Yaounde

Your credit union has advertised the offer of back to school loans. What is the specificity of these loan?

Back to school loans are loans that are given to members of our credit union to help them to send back their children to school with ease. Back to school loans help especially people with minimal salaries; it enables them to also prepare their children for back to school with little or no stress.

Mad rush in banks for school fee loans

Many parents say that they are not finding it easy preparing their children for back to school. They say the offer of back to school loans by banks and finance houses is helping them out of a tight situation.
By Numh Rogers in Yaounde

With the difficulties that parents face in their bid to prepare their children for the new school year, many say they have had to turn to banks and micro-finance institutions to obtain loans just sto make ends meet.
    Many parents who spoke to this newspaper said their difficulties are not helped by the catechist’s salaries that they earn at the end of the month. They said it is for this reason that they have no other option than to obtain school fee loans from banks and micro-finance houses.   
    “I am going in for the back to school loan as a last resort. I have no other way of raising money to prepare my children for back to school,” said Mbah Humphrey, a civil servant, who added “I don’t care about the interest rate offered by the bank; all I need now is money to prepare my kids for schools.”

Back to school

Prices of school materials soar
-Situation blamed on short supply due to congestion at Douala port
According to most parents there has been a sudden rise in the prices of some school materials during this period of back to school. Traders attribute the price increase to acute shortage in supply of these materials, especially exercise books due to importation and clearance hurdles at the Douala port
By Sarah Nkongho, Ekumtambe Eku and Njodzefe Nestor

The prices of some school materials especially exercise books and school bags have witnessed a sudden rise during this back to school period. Parents say they are obliged to disburse more money than they expected to obtain these materials for their school going kids who must resume classes on Monday, 8 September 2014, after a three-month holiday.
    According to reports filed in by our reporters on the field, the price increase is a national phenomenon. Most traders and shop owners attribute the price increase to the short supply of these materials in the market.
    “I do not understand why exercise books should be in short supply during this back to school period. This was not the case in passed years. Even whole sellers from whom we replenish our stocks also complain of limited stocks,” said Ikechuku, a trader at the Buea main market, who added “we are not the only ones to have raised the prices of exercise books. We are simply applying the prices that are imposed on us by whole-sellers.”
    Ikechuku explained that at the Mboppi market in Douala from where he gets his goods the whole sellers have increased the price of a carton of books by between 1000 to 1500 frs depending on the quality of the books.

Nkemayang Paul Versus Ndi Ndi and Sone Bayen

 Is Franklin Sone Bayen on the run?
-Who is violating court’s injunction on pre-judicial comments?
By Esan Ekoninyam Besong-Awu in Yaounde

Sone Bayern
Many journalists, especially those of English expression have had a sour taste in their mouths, frowning at The Times Journal for claiming last month that Franklin Sone Bayen is on the run, evading justice over the World Press Freedom Day donations scandal. The story in the Journal of Monday 18 August 2014 was titled, “Wanted: Franklin Sone Bayern on the run”.
    Considered by many journalists and lawyers as a violation of an injunction by the trial judge against pre-judicial comments, the article claims Bayen is on the run simply because he had not appeared in court on the first two hearings. The Times Journal story also appears to have broken a “truce” observed by journalists.
    Seeing the swell of comments in newspapers, on the CAMASEJ mailing forum and in social media especially Facebook, most of them highly critical of Nkemayang for taking a purely press matter to court, the trial judge, Magistrate Esther Ayuk ruled on 6 August when the matter came up for the second time that any further comments on the matter may be prosecuted as pre-judicial comment.

These trigger-happy White American police

The Fire This time - Again!
By Tazoacha Asonganyi, Maryland, USA

Those who guess that the title of this essay is inspired by James Baldwin’s book, The Fire Next Time, have guessed correctly. The Fire Next Time is a book of two essays, one of which treats the race issues that Baldwin and other African Americans face(d) in the USA, and the second discusses the flight of African Americans from the problems they face in American society into religion, where they see answers to their problems through an abstract, metaphysical and idealistic lens, and use the Bible or the Koran to explain their fate and assuage their feelings and sorrows.
    I got to buy and read the book in 1976 when I joined the community group that was running a common initiative group called “Head Start Books & Crafts” at West Green Road, North London (UK). It had a Books and Crafts shop that sold mainly books on the struggles of African peoples all over the world (The continent, The USA, The Caribbean, Brazil, etc), and African crafts. They also had a community centre where they had educational talks and classes for African children and adults. The place was run by very militant “African Nationalists” that gave “alternative” education to “African” children as a sign of withdrawal from what they called “the Whiteman’s” education that should be avoided because they considered it to be a trap for Africans whom they said are trained to want what they do not need, and at the end, are not sure that everything they push around as theirs, is theirs.

Eto’o, Makoun quit indomitable lions for good

Four-time African player of the year, Samuel Eto’o Fils and Jean II Makoun have confirmed they have come to the end of their international careers. Eto’o and Makoun made the announcements separately after they failed to be shortlisted into the 25-man Cameroon squad for the AFCON qualifiers against DR Congo and Cote d’Ivoire on 6 September and 10 September in Kinshasa and Yaounde respectively. Eto’o was also stripped of the captain band of the indomitable lions. Eleven other players who were part of Cameroon’s Brail World Cup squad were also shown the door.
     “I inform you that I am ending my international career… Thank you to all Africans, and to all my fans world-wide for your unconditional support,” Eto’o, 33, announced on his Twitter account.
    Eto’o, who on Tuesday signed a two year contract with English Premier League side Everton, played just one match – a 1-0 defeat to Mexico – in his fourth World Cup campaign (1998, 2002, 2010, 2014). Capped 116 times, he won two Africa Cup of Nations titles in 2000 and 2002. He is also the all-time leading scorer of the AFCON with 18 goals. He also keeps the record as indomitable lions’ top scorer with 56 goals. Perhaps his biggest achievement with the lions was the Olympic Gold Medal they won in Sydney, Australia in 2000.

Ebosse’s Remains arrive in D’la

The remains of late Ebosse, Cameroon footballer who died in Algeria arrived at the Douala international airport on Friday.
    On the ground to welcome the late striker was the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Adoum Garoua and Fecafoot Normalisation Committee President, Prof. Joseph Owona among other dignities. Players and officials of JS Kabiyle accompanied the corpse to Cameroon.

Joel Matip turns down call-up

Joel Matip, centre back who plays for Schalke 04 has declined Cameroon’s invitation for the Nations Cup qualifier matches.
    Cameroon plays DR Congo on September 6 in Lubumbashi and four days later, Ivory Coast in Yaounde.
    A statement from the Cameroon FA says, “Due to unforeseen and personal reasons Mr. Joel Matip has communicated to our federation his unavailability for the 2015 AFCON Morocco two upcoming qualifying games”.

Song Bahanag sacked as Lions manager

Rigobert Song
Rigobert Song Bahanag has been sacked as the Team Manager of the senior national team and replaced with Alphonse Marie Tchami Djomaha.
    The federation announced the change. Song was appointed some years ago by teh federation under the Iya Mohammed era as a buffer to Eto’o Fils influence.
    Song’s sack comes barely a week after the Sports Minister overhauled the technical bench, appointing assistant coaches and a new captain and assistant captains. Song and coach Finke were not replaced.
    There were agitations in some quarters asking for Song’s sack. Many opined he was an actor in Cameroon’s Brazil World Cup debacle.

Eto’o, Makoun quit indomitable lions for good

Four-time African player of the year, Samuel Eto’o Fils and Jean II Makoun have confirmed they have come to the end of their international careers. Eto’o and Makoun made the announcements separately after they failed to be shortlisted into the 25-man Cameroon squad for the AFCON qualifiers against DR Congo and Cote d’Ivoire on 6 September and 10 September in Kinshasa and Yaounde respectively. Eto’o was also stripped of the captain band of the indomitable lions. Eleven other players who were part of Cameroon’s Brail World Cup squad were also shown the door.
     “I inform you that I am ending my international career… Thank you to all Africans, and to all my fans world-wide for your unconditional support,” Eto’o, 33, announced on his Twitter account.
    Eto’o, who on Tuesday signed a two year contract with English Premier League side Everton, played just one match – a 1-0 defeat to Mexico – in his fourth World Cup campaign (1998, 2002, 2010, 2014). Capped 116 times, he won two Africa Cup of Nations titles in 2000 and 2002. He is also the all-time leading scorer of the AFCON with 18 goals. He also keeps the record as indomitable lions’ top scorer with 56 goals. Perhaps his biggest achievement with the lions was the Olympic Gold Medal they won in Sydney, Australia in 2000.