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Andrew Motanga
The OPEC City that never is
-Can Andrew Motanga rise up to the challenge of transforming this potentially beautiful city?

It was Dr. Boniface Forbin, publisher of the now defunct The Herald, who in one of his famous editorials said: “If government delegates were like governors who are appointed to serve in towns other than their own places of origin then it would be easy to pin the failure of the development of Limbe to the ill will of non-natives of the town. That is if successive mayors and government delegates of Limbe had been non-natives.”
    Dr. Forbin continued that “happily, all successive mayors and gov’t delegates of Limbe have been sons and daughters of the soil, viz: Daniel Matute, Catherine Meboka, Henry Njalla Quan (he served for only one year), Samuel LIfanda and now Andrew Motanga Monjimba.”
    Forbin wondered why these natives of Limbe would not be committed to the development of their own town – a town gifted with such endowments and potentials for beauty.

Limbe’s left bank maritime dev’t project kicks-off

By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Limbe
The Limbe left bank maritime development project of the Limbe City Council (LCC) under the Government Delegate, Andrew Motanga has finally been launched officially following the signing of a convention between the city council and French corporations, L’Association Internationale des Maires Francophones (AIMF) of Paris and Montreal with Ariana Ardesi as representative and Nantes-based Les Anneaux des Memoire with its President, Chotard Yvon, at the council chambers, July 2014.
     As part of the project, the construction of a historical museum around the Mondoli island vicinity near the Man a War bay to explore Cameroon’s rich traditional heritage not leaving out the natural and touristic potentials which are typical of the Limbe municipality, is already ongoing.
    Speaking during the signing ceremony, the Government delegate Andrew Motanga expressed the need for the younger generation to know their heritage in order to better build their future, reason why the museum will be put in place so as to promote cultural development in which the values and ideals of the youths will be promoted. 
    Delegate Motanga also used the official launching program to liaise traditional rulers with the French associations – AIMF and Les Anneaux des Memoire, saying that traditional rulers have a major role to play in the history and cultural background of Cameroon and Limbe in particular, “they are keepers of our culture”, the delegate said. It should be noted that traditional rulers constituted a large part of personalities present during the signing of the partnership. Mayors of the three municipalities in Limbe, partners of the city council, MP of Fako East and Vice Chancellor University of Buea were also present.
    Also incorporated into the partnership is Cameroonian universities especially the University of Buea whose Vice Chancellor is a member of the steering committee. According to the Government Delegate, the above bodies included in the development project will benefit from the technical expertise brought in by AIMF and thus promote economic growth and development in Cameroon alongside training capability.
    On her part, AIMF representative Ariana Ardesi on behalf of the Mayor of Paris, France, Anne Hidalgo said the partnership built between the city council and France is possible today thanks to the government delegate’s assured motivation and cooperative work relationship shown to work with other international bodies.
    Worthy of note is the fact that the Limbe left bank maritime development project is financed by the LCC and co-financed by the AIMF. The new edifice for Limbe municipality has as supervisory body a steering committee of 18 members with a 2 year renewable mandate which is composed of representatives of all partners of the city council, civil society, the state and traditional authorities, with the Government delegate as President. As part of the committee is the tourism &leisure sector, ministry of secondary education, arts & culture, Fako SDO, CDC, SONARA and a host of others, meeting every 3months.
    As concerns the occupants of the left bank maritime region who can pose as obstacle to the realization of the new development project for the region, Andrew Motanga said that the inhabitants are aware that there will come a time when they will have to evacuate the area,s and that will be as soon as the project kicks off.

Rainy season

Limbe populations coping with floods
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Limbe

With the advent of the rainy season, the populations of Limbe are grappling with serious floods as usual. City dwellers complain that the floods are affecting their daily activities and even interrupting some public events organized within the City. A recent ceremony to award epaulets to promoted military officials at the Manga Williams Avenue, down beach, was greatly compromised by heavy rains and fast running flood waters. The urban disorder in the town is not making matters easy for the council.
    Asked by the SDO what he was doing about these problems, the Government delegate said the council was doing its best to face the challenge. But Andrew Motanga at once said that the council lacked the capacity to face the problem of urban disorder all alone. He said to face the problem squarely the council needs the support of the administration and the forces of law and order. 

Hero abroad, villain at home

Late chief Ayamba Ette Otun
The state burial that members of the SCNC had planned to give to their emblematic National Chairman HRH chief Ayamba Ette Otun in Mamfe did not take place after all. An atmosphere of fear, tension and apprehension gripped the funeral arena on Friday 24 July and Saturday 25 July 2014 respectively. This was because a heavy deployment of mixed contingents of government troops comprising the BIR, Gendarmes and police, continued parading the streets intimidating enthusiastic SCNC militants and other mourners who would have thronged the funeral venue.
    Even the corpse removal that was initially planned for Friday 25 July2014, could not take place because trigger-happy soldiers, armed to the teeth, surrounded the Mamfe mortuary where the remains of Chief Ayamba had been lying for several weeks. The troops prevented even family members from coming close to the mortuary. They controlled the identities and movements of persons making sure that militants of the SCNC did execute their plan to give chief Ayamba a befitting 'State Burial'. Anyone on sight was closely monitored.

Tribute to H.R.H. Chief Ayamba Ette Otun

The vanguard liberation movement, the S.C.N.C. is here today July 26, 2014 in this historic town of Mamfe, the cradle of British Southern Cameroons nationalism, the host-town of the Monument of its independence, to pay its last respect to a fallen hero of the struggle for the restoration of the confiscated independence of British Southern Cameroons. H.R.H. Chief Ayamba Ette Otun was not only a crusader for the freedom of his people but also a seasoned patriot and statesman. Unlike some who sing and shout their commitment and patriotism, he lived it.
    As a crusader for freedom and justice he upheld the belief that the number one enemy of freedom and justice; FEAR, must be overcome for the truth to be proclaimed and defended. This conviction led him to deny himself the comfort and pleasure of old age as he gave his all to fight for the freedom of his people.
    True to his belief in the dignity of man, he was opposed to the use of violence in solving conflicts. Knowing  well that no people under subjugation and alien rule can ever develop or live in peace, he together with Justice Frederick Ebong and James Sabum by faith and tact in their mission used Radio Buea on the night of December 30, 1999 and declared the restoration of the independence of British Southern Cameroons, an act which caused a lot of panic within the circles of the Yaounde regime. Unfortunately, in the character of a colonial power determined to keep its colony, the ruthless Yaounde regime kidnapped and detained them for 14 months in an underground cell under life threatening circumstances in Yaounde, la Replublique du Cameroun.

Supply of petroleum products in Cameroon

The structure of Cameroon’s petroleum production, storage, and distribution revolves around two independent entities: the National Refinery (SONARA), and the Cameroon Petroleum Depot Company (SCDP). SONARA, which is more than 80 percent state-owned, is the country's sole refinery, based in Limbé, and refines imported light crude oil from Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Angola. SCDP is a 51 percent state-owned firm, tasked with securing the supply of petroleum products to Cameroon’s end-users. SCDP handles petroleum product storage and distribution throughout the country, to and from its 12 depots: Bafoussam (1), Balabo (1), Garoua (1), Ngaoundéré (1), Yaoundé (3), and Douala which together can store 268,000 cubic meters of liquid fuels. SCDP purchases most of SONARA’s output, which is shipped by the main domestic shipping company (Camship) to its main depot in Douala. SCDP also procures additional refined products abroad to meet domestic demand. Distributors and retailers, which together own the remaining 49 percent in SCDP, market the petroleum products secured by SCDP. Distribution is done by trucks, except for the North, Extreme North, and Adamoua regions, which are serviced by the main railways operator (Camrail).

Re: Petrol sells relatively cheap in Cameroon

Dear editor,

Before you come rushing to the public square with yet another blindfolding epistle about how the new jumps in fuel prices is going to be the magic wand to redeem some of us from our impoverished situations, please, it would suffice you check a few things out or revisit those who handed that information to you.
    Do you know that the price of a liter of super that leaves SONARA is not up to fcfa 350?  Find Out! And are you aware that the price only climbs up to fcfa 650 owing to a string of taxes that Government has affixed at almost every stop along the way to the pump? From SONARA, a liter suffers a series of taxes: customs duty, CRTV tax and even a tax for the “Nsam Fire Disaster victims?” Go and find out.

Questions over fuel price raise

Boh Herbert
Dear editor,

Following the upward readjustment of fuel prices in Cameroon a few questions are still begging for answers. Among them, the following:

1. Which country in the world, including the USA, does not provide subsidies to the poorest and most vulnerable of its citizens? We all know that the USA provides reduced school lunches; they provide government subsidized healthcare; they provide state and federal government funding for education; they provide subsidies for housing; food vouchers; etc.? The Brazilian example of "cash for work" subsidies which lifted millions out of poverty under President Lula da Silva has inspired initiatives in the state of New York.

2. Besides fuel subsidies, does the government of Cameroon provide any other subsidies that directly benefit the poorest of the poor in Cameroon? It is my understanding that even the limited list of subsidies provided by the US government do not apply to Cameroon's poorest and most vulnerable and that our poorest of the poor are lucky to even have fuel subsidies. Am I mistaken?

Inertia, red-tape

Who is blocking appointments at MINFI?
While some sources reckon that the finance minister, Alamine Ousmane Mey condones the prevailing state of affairs at his ministry and is doing everything to maintain the status quo, others contend that he is overly worried at the situation, but is helpless in the face of it. In fact, we learnt that the appointments that were proposed by Alamine Ousmane Mey to hierarchy over a year ago have been blocked by some powerful officials at the presidency, who have abandoned the files in the drawers just in a bid to maintain their protégés and acolytes in juicy positions.
By Steve Macquens Balemba in Yaounde

Alamine Ousmane Mey
It is not a serene atmosphere that is reigning in the public finance sector of Cameroon for the past several months now. The Median has learnt that a general malaise has gripped the major departments of the Ministry of Finance MINFI viz-customs, taxation and treasury. This is because appointments that were supposed to have been made since over one year now are still being awaited.
    Sources at the ministry in Yaounde say despite the putting in place of a new organigram and in spite of proposed appointments that were made by the minister many months ago and sent to hierarchy, there has been no redeployment of personnel for close to two years now.
    Our sources however admitted that some minor deployments were made recently, but they concerned mostly the deconcentrated services at the regions. Then there were some movements at the Directorate of Taxes, towards the close of 2013 and at the start of 2014. But overall, the big appointments that are expected for many months now are still lying fallow in the drawers of some overlords at the presidency.
    Because of this, some people who were appointed in the interim at certain strategic positions at the MINFI are still waiting to be confirmed, we learnt further.

Coordination meeting

SW treasurers tasked to intensify vigilance and security
The firm instruction was given by the Treasurer Paymaster General TPG of Buea, Peter Ayuk Akpoeban, during the 2nd coordination meeting of public accountants of the South West region that took place Friday, July 18, 2014 in Mbonge, Meme Division of the south west region. The meeting took place on the heels of a reported case of burglary at the Limbe City Council, where unidentified hoodlums broke into the council and made away with huge sums of money and valuables.
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Mbonge

Peter Ayuk Akpoeban, TPG Buea
The sum of about 21 million (20,893,000fcfa) was stolen from the council coffers. The TPG of the South West, Peter Ayuk Akpoeban used the occasion of the coordination meeting of public accountants to urge all his collaborators to reinforce security at their respective posts so as to pre-empt and avert such burglary cases in the future.
     Peter Ayuk made the call in response to the report from the control team which he dispatched to the City Council after the burglary. The team reported that the men of the under world actually broke into the council offices, destroyed the door of council treasury and made away with huge sums of money apart from other valuables.
    This second coordination meeting for 2014, like previous ones, was a forum for various stakeholders in the public finance sector of the region to take stock of activities in the past semester. The meeting dueled essentially on the performance of actors in the public finance chain. But aspects like execution of the investment budget, revenue collection, problems faced by treasurers and lapses observed in areas of revenue collection and presentation of quarterly reports were also brought to the fore. 

Kolofata, Mayo Sava Division

Boko Haram attack Amadou Ali’s home
-Kidnap his wife, kill his junior brother, take Lamido hostage
By Babpa Tarak in Mora

Amadou Ali
The declaration of war against Boko Haram and the consequent militarization of the Far North region of Cameroon have not intimidated the Islamist terrorists to stop their activities in Cameroon. If anything the war on Boko Haram appears to have invigorated the jihadists the more.
    Boko Haram made the home of Vice Prime Minister, Amadou Ali, in Kolofata, Mayo Sava Division of the Far North Region the target of their next raid, in the early hours of Sunday 27 July 2014.
    Reports say a large contingent of the Islamists, numbering over 300, attacked Amadou Ali’s home and other parts of the town of Kolofata. The casualties were heavy were heavy on both sides, especially as the terrorists met with a fierce resistance from Cameroonian forces.
    Reports say many civilians including Amadou Ali’s junior brother, were killed in the attack. Some were even burnt alive by Boko Haram.

9-year-old boy marries 62-Year-old woman

Helen's husband of 30 years, Alfred Shabangu, 66, (right) and their five
children, aged between 38 and 28, all attended the ceremony

A nine-year-old schoolboy has become one of the world's youngest grooms for the second time - marrying his 62-year-old wife again. Looking a little taller in last year's silver tuxedo, baby faced Saneie Masilela clutched the hand of Helen Shabangu as they repeated their vows one year on.
    The second marriage ceremony was this time held at the home of the blushing bride in Ximhungwe in Mpumalanga, South Africa, in front of around 100 guests.
    Wide-eyed residents looked on as the married mother-of-five shared a piece of cake, a toast and even a kiss with her young groom Sanele - and long-term husband Alfred Shabangu, 66.
    Last year the boy, from nearby Tshwane, tied the knot with bride Helen after claiming he had been told by his dead ancestors to wed.
    Shockingly his family took the message from the heavens seriously and hurriedly forked out £500 for the bride and a further £1,000 for the big day.
    But little Sanele -the youngest of five children - wouldn't rest until the couple followed through with South African traditions insisting they have the second ceremony to make their marriage official.
    Despite stunned villagers branding the act 'sickening' the boy's family defended the union saying it was just a ritual and not legally binding.

Woman with the biggest hips in the world

Mikel Ruffinelli
Mikel Ruffinelli, 39, of California, is a married mother of 4, who lives an active lifestyle. Ruffinelli was an athletic teenager, who had no problems with her weight. She first began to notice that her hips were growing at age 22, just after the birth of her first child.
    Ruffinelli said that with every child, her hips grew wider until she was unable to fit through a regular door. Although her waist measures 40 inches, her hips are a staggering 100 inches. It is the biggest in the world.
    “When I walk on the street, people pull out their cellphone and take pictures or videos of me,” Ruffinelli said.

Tiko Council Session

Mutengene’s big mop market, Tiko & Mutengene parks prioritized
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Tiko

Mutengene Big Mop Market with dilapidated sheds
In a bid to foster development of Tiko municipality and enhance the living conditions of the population, the SDO for Fako, Zang III has urged the Mayor, Moukondo Daniel and his collaborators to hasten up with some priority projects within the fast growing municipality. Zang 111 made the recommendation as he presided over an ordinary session of the council, on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at the Tiko council chambers. The session was aimed principally to examine the council’s 2013 administrative and management accounts.
    The urgent projects identified by the SDO were the construction of befitting stalls at the Mutengene big mop market situated on the Mutengene-Limbe highway, and the construction of befitting motor parks in Mutengene and Tiko to curb clandestine transport.
    The SDO also tasked Mayor Daniel Mukondo Ngande to reinforce the hygiene and sanitation in the municipality by among other things demolishing all temporal structures along the major roads, removing scrap vehicles from the public space, banning petty traders occupying public places and intensifying the keep-Fako-clean campaigns on every 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month.

Indiscipline among councilors mars Muyuka council

By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Muyuka
(L-R) D.O Muyuka sub division &
Mayor Nkeng Michael
The SDO for Fako, Zang III, has frowned at councilors of the Muyuka municipality who spend their time smearing the image of their mayor instead of collaborating with him to bring meaningful development to the town. Zang 111 noted that the councilors have adopted gossiping, backbiting and holding illegal nocturnal meetings as their stock in trade, while the council’s development is put on hold.
    The SDO made the observations during an ordinary session to examine the administrative and management accounts of the council, on Saturday, July 12, 2014, at the council chambers.
    Zang 111 wondered why the Muyuka municipality with its multi-ethnic and hardworking population, and despite the enormous and enviable economic potentials and revenue generating sources, should continue relying solely on the state for its development.
    It emerged from the council session that out of the sum of 515,818,079fcfa generated, 396,651,167fcfa stood as recurrent revenue. Intriguingly all these funds were derived essentially from state sources. In fact, it emerged that 76.89% of the council’s revenue came from government sources - additional council tax, government subventions, loans etc.

Projects execution in Ndian going at Snail’s pace

-Stakeholders blame situation on bad roads and delays in contracts awards.
By Atemnkeng Evaristus in Mundemba

The Vice chair of the follow up committee, Reverend Father Mugagga has assured members of the committee that all projects earmark for the Division must be consumed at 100 percent, and that no individual should stand as barrier to this since the long arm of the law is awaiting defaulters. Father Mugagga made the statement during the second participatory follow up committee meeting of the Public Investment Budget that took place in Mundemba recently. He opined
    that the 2013 low rate of execution was attributed to the late launching of the financial year, late arrival of project lock book and the non mastery of the new

Shameful denouement

Senior Journalist sues colleagues for defamation
By Steve Macquens Balemba in Yaounde

The publisher of The Star, Kemayang Paul has brought a suit against Ndi Eugene Ndi, publisher of Newswatch and Franklin Sone Bayen, publisher of Mediapeople Newspaper, for allegedly smearing his image in the press. Ndi Eugene and Sone Bayen are expected to appear before the Limbe Judge on Wednesday, 30 July 2014; if found guilty they may be jailed for up to 5 years. Kemayang is also praying the court to grant him damage claims of up to 5 million fcfa.
    In a story published in Newswatch sometime in May 2014, Ndi Eugene Ndi accused Kemayang Paul and John Mbah Akuroh (President of Cameroon Anglophone publishers Association, CANPA) of syphoning some of the money they collected from some companies and senior state officials to organize a press freedom day event in Buea.

Mbonge needs befitting treasury

Chief Ekung William Sakwe
       -HRH Ekong William Sakwe, mayor of Mbonge
He made the request in an interview with The Median, on the sidelines of the second quarterly meeting of South West treasurers that took place in Mbonge, on Friday, July 18, 2014. Excerpt.
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Mbong
The Mayor of Mbonge council, Chief Ekung William Sakwe of Big Ngando village has made an appeal to the authorities to construct a permanent structure to house the sub-treasury in Mbonge.     He wondered why Mbonge which is one of the oldest and biggest council areas in terms of landscape in the South West region, should not have its own treasury building. It should be noted that the Mbonge sub-treasury presently operates at a make-shift cubicle at the council premises.
    Mayor Sakwe was answering to questions on the difficulties faced by the Mbonge council in generating revenue. He explained that being a rural municipality with no industries, Mbonge relies principally on the state for its income.             Other sources of income include taxes on cocoa buyers, palm oil producers, petty traders and transporters. “For activities other than the ones I just mentioned, the state does the collection and only sends the council’s quota to the regional treasury,” mayor Ekong explained further.

Benefits of taking lemon water early in the morning

Many people don't know the benefits of taking lemon water, especially in the morning, this is because not many of us know the importance. Read on and  learn about the health benefits of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning.

1. Aids in Digestion

Not only does the warm water help to stimulate the GI tract, but the lemons are believed to stimulate and purify the liver. It also helps digestive acids with digestion and elimination.

2. Supports Immune Function
Citrus fruits like lemon are high in vitamin C and ascorbic acid. Vitamin C can help fight colds and the ascorbic acid helps iron absorption which also plays a role in immune function.

Hopefuls for post of Fecafoot president to pay fees

Candidates nursing hopes to run for the post of Fecafoot president would now have to pay a caution fee of FCFA 2mllion. The fee may only be refunded only is a candidate has 1/3 of the votes, and not refunded if the votes are lower.
    This is one of the changes of the Fecafoot statutes as conceived and written by the Adolphe Minkoa She Statutes Revision and Election Commission of the Normalisation Committee.
    It should be recalled that this commission made public the changes exactly one year after the installation of the Normalisation committee and some months after Fifa approved statutes withheld until July 10.
    Reading the changes of the new statutes to the press at the Fecafoot conference hall on July 22, Minkoa She hinted on who can be candidate for the post of Fecafoot president.

Enow counts on experience for Namibia 2014

Coach Enow Ngachu
Lionesses’ coach Enow Ngachu is banking on the experience of his squad to progress at the African Women Championship from 11-25 October in Namibia. He seems confident that the squad he is grooming would emerge as one of the three to represent Africa at the 2015 Women World Cup in Canada. Enow says Cameroon has been drawn in the group of death, but hopes that as one of the best teams in Africa, Cameroon would spring surprises. Quizzed on why the problem of fees in never mentioned in the lionesses den, he tells The Median that the authorities are in the position to talk.
    What is your impression after the draws for the 2014 Women Championship?
    Ah, it was just a draw and there were two pools, ours is the pool of death because the four countries are regulars of the competition, countries that have shown their worth both at the continental and international levels. It is high standard group. We also have to play our card, being among the best teams in Africa though there is need for support for us to have a good Nations Cup.

Napoli to hijack spurs bid for Samuel Eto’o

Spurs’ hopes of signing Samuel Eto’o on a free transfer have been thrown into doubt after Napoli entered the race to sign the Cameroonian. Rafa Benitez is reportedly plotting a move to gazump Tottenham’s bid to bring former Chelsea striker and current free agent Samuel Eto’o to White Hart Lane.
    According to a report from Italian news provider Tuttosport, Aurelio De Laurentis has been enlisted to help lure the Cameroon star back to Italy, with the Napoli chairman contacting the 33-year-old personally to discuss a potential deal.
    It had been previously thought that Eto’o was keen on remaining in England and testing himself again in the Premier League following a solid season with Chelsea in which he managed 12 goals and a further six assists in 34 first-team appearances.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Front page of 21 July 2014

Front page of 21 July 2014

Graduates of HTTTC K’ba and B’da will be integrated

Prof. Fame Jacques Ndongo
-Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, MINESUP
The newly created Higher Technical Teachers Training College, Kumba will go operational in October 2014. The competitive entrance examination to select 500 students for the first batch of students has been launched and would be sat on 27 August 2014. In an interview on the side-lines of a working and fact finding visit to Kumba on 5 July 2014, Higher Education Minister, Prof. Fame Ndongo assured among other things that all was set for the effective take-off of the institution and that all graduates of the school would be integrated into the public service. Excepts.

You are in Kumba to visit the sites of the newly created Higher Technical Teachers Training College, HTTTC. What are your impressions after this visit?

Permit me to first of all thank my colleagues of secondary education and public works, and the government delegate of Kumba city council who have surrendered to us some sites and structures – classrooms, workshops, offices etc. At the technical High school Kumba (Sofati) and the technical high school Barombi Kang just near by, we have good, well-equipped laboratories and workshops which the 500 students to be admitted for the first batch of the 1st and 2nd cycles of the HTTTC (ENSET) Kumba can make use of to acquire adequate competence. The entrance exams have been billed for 27 August 2014 and the official opening is programmed for October 2014. The pioneer provost, Pr. Joyce Endeley, the deputy provost, the deans of study, heads of division, and 14 heads of departments have all been appointed and have taken duty. They are committed, determined and full of enthusiasm. So, i can say with certainty that the school will take-off in October.

What about recruitment of lecturers?

The head of state has authorised a special recruitment for 30 teachers in all the fields of study offered at the school. The VC of the mother institution, UB, has already launched a request for applications from prospective and interested candidates. I hear that over 300 applications have already been received in Buea. So you see that the jury will have a wide spectrum to select from. I think this augurs well for the quality that is primordial for a school like the HTTTC. You should also be reminded that the Bachelors-Masters-PHd (LMD) system permits lecturers to take courses in more than one university. And do not forget that the officials that were appointed to head different services and departments at the school are also Higher Education teachers. They will also give lectures and supervise practical work.

Confederations of Trade Unions lack credibility

   -Awah Cletus, civil society activist
By Njodzefe Nestor

Awah Cletus
The venerated civil society activist, Awah Cletus aka AC Risky has lamented that the so called Confederation of Trade Unions are pocket structures created by some government officials to frustrate genuine negotiations in order to defraud the state of taxpayers money.
    He was speaking at an emergency meeting of the Coalition of North West Civil Society Organizations held July 16, 2014 at Necla Hotel in Bamenda to deliberate and identify problems arising from the recent fuel price hike. 
    The meeting which brought together civil society activists, trade unionists and human rights activists recorded over 50 organizations.
    Awah Cletus lamented that when they were in Yaounde, he witnessed a masqueraded scenario whereby leaders were more interested in what they would gain than the interest of the common man. He wondered how the so-called Confederations of Trade Union submitted a memo to government in defiance of the regulation in force, “when we were in the hall, tracts were being circulated and we also observed that some of the leaders represented nobody,” he continued.

Double standards

Gregor Blinkert
World Bank denies forcing Cameroon to raise fuel prices
In an interview granted the AIC agency, the director of operations at the World Bank said that the World Bank never put pressure on Cameroon to lift subsidy on petroleum and raise prices of fuel
By Ayukogem Steven Ojong in Yaounde

Gregor  Blinkert, operations manager at the World Bank has said that the decision of the Cameroon government to raise fuel prices was a sovereign decision void of any external pressures.
“The decision of the Cameroon government to proceed, on 30 June 2014, to raise the prices of petroleum products was made without any pressure from the World Bank. It was a sovereign decision of the Cameroon government,” Gregor Blinkert maintained, noting that he only learnt of the measure from the press.
     He added: “It is true we drew the government’s attention to this in 2012. But what we tried to do was just to point out exactly what was going on and then allow the government and the Cameroonian people to take decisions.”
    The World Bank is denying ever pushing Cameroon to lift fuel subsidy even as government officials are telling Cameroonians that the decision was a recommendation of the World Bank and IMF.

Gov’t raises minimum wage

 Trade Unionists reject 36.270 FCFA
- Say 60.000 Fcfa is more appropriate.
By Nuhm Rogers Ugbe in Yaounde

Jean Mark Bikoko
The new minimum wage was the recommendation of the National Consultative working Commission (NCWC) meeting in Yaounde on Wednesday and Thursday last week. The conclave brought together government officials, workers representatives and trade union leaders.
    This 17th session of the NCWC had as objective to look into the measures prescribed by government to accompany its decision to cut fuel subsidy and raise fuel prices.
    A major point on the agenda of the conclave was the proposed decree increasing the guaranteed minimum wage for all sectors of the economy and another proposed decree revising allocations of family allowance provided by CNPS. The aim was to come up with a unique text on social security in Cameroon.
    It emerged from the conclave that the government was ready to raise the minimum wage from 28,160 FCFA to 36, 270 FCFA.

Despite fuel price increase

Luc Magloire Mbarga
Fuel transporters pledge to maintain transportation prices
A closed door meeting with the minister of trade, in Yaounde Wednesday, brought together petroleum products suppliers, marketers, transporters and CSPH officials.
By Egbe James Etengeneng in Yaounde

Holding on the heels of the increase in prices of petroleum products at fuel stations, the meeting had as objective to identify the difficulties encountered by some actors in the petroleum supply chain and seek solutions to them.
    In fact, the meeting duelled essentially on the difficulties encountered in transporting petroleum products accross the country, with the minister of trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga, reminding transporters of the indispensible role they play in the petroleum supply chain.
    “Transporters are the lungs of the economy of the country, and that is why government cannot afford to leave them out in whatever action it takes,” remarked Luc Magloire Mbaraga, who noted that the president of the republic does not want the fuel price increase to negatively affect local enterprises and that is why he instructed that a concertation should be held with fuel transporters.

Ratification of EU

EU arm-twists Cameroon to ratify trade accord
- Analysts say Cameroon will now become a dumping ground for EU goods
- But government maintains that it is for the well-being of Cameroonians
By Steve Macquens Balemba in Yaounde

The government of Cameroon is having an up-hill task convincing its citizens that the Economic Partnership Agreement EPA that it signed with the European Union has more beneficial than disastrous effects on the country’s economy.
    At a press outing in Yaounde on 15 July 2014, communication minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, held that the EPA has the advantage that it would among other things, help to reinforce the country’s economic fabric, boost poverty alleviation, and make good the balance of trade and balance of payments deficits that have hampered the country’s economic growth over the past several years.
    Moreover, Issa Tchiroma argued that the ratification of the EPA would boost external trade and investments, and also create an enabling environment for improved economic governance in the country.
    He added that the EPA would open up new perspectives for growth and development, without posing any threats to sub-regional integration within the CEMAC sub-region.

24 Cameroonian prisoners repatriated from Gabon

24 Cameroonians who were locked up in Gabon for eight months, for illegal migration have been released and handed over to Cameroonian authorities.
    The 24 Cameroonians were handed to authorities at the frontiers with Gabon, in Ambam in the South region, on Thursday 17 July 2014.

Jean Paul Akono robbed of 30m FCFA

Jean Paul Akono the former coach of the Indomitable Lions has been ill. He is gradually recovering but still needs special medical supervision in France.
    Friday 11th July 2014 he prepared his baggage and left for France for his routine check-up and physical therapy as requested by his doctors.
    In his travelling bag were 30000 Euros an equivalent of CFA 20 million francs, locked with a code which he thought was confidential.

Paramount ruler of Bandjoun storms Y’de Thursday

Senator Dr. Djomo Kamga Honore will commune with his subjects in Yaounde from 24 to 28 July 2014
By Egbe James Etengeneng in Yaounde

Sen. Dr. Djomo Kamga
Bandjounais and Bandjounaises resident in Yaounde are leaving nothing to chance as they prepare to welcome their paramount ruler in the nation’s capital, Yaounde on Thursday 24 July 2014.
    Senator Dr. Djomo Kamga is expected in Yaounde for a four-day working visit during which he would commune with the Bandjoun community here and preach the virtues and values in the customs and traditions of the Bandjoun people.
    HRM Dr. Djomo Kamga would pay courtesy visits to administrative and traditional authorities in the capital city on Friday 25 July, before proceeding to lay the foundation stone for the construction of the Bandjoun Cultrual Centre situated at Tsinga. He will later grant audiences to some illustrious sons and daughters of Bandjoun residing in Yaounde.
    But the high point of his majesty Djomo Pokam’s visit would be the grand cultural jamboree (Tamdee), at the esplanade of the conference centre, on Sunday 27 July 2014.

Promoting culture and unity

Poala indigenes in Fako get together
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Mutengene

With the paramount objective of restoring the activities of the Poala Cultural and Development Association, POCDA in terms of their developmental achievements which is very low, members of the Poala community within the south west region gathered in Mutengene in a general assembly meeting, Saturday July 5, 2014, during which members of the new executive bureau for the association were introduced and how their development can be improved upon.
    In his address the newly elected General President of POCDA, Nhon Epie Apang Joseph promised to give the association a new face lift and convince Poala indigenes to join the association.
    In a welcome note by the president of the Buea – Tiko POCDA branch, Nhon Epie Apang Joseph, he highlighted the need to foster unity, peace and social relationship among Poala people and said this can only be achieved through forums like the general assembly meetings.

Praise Evening Groups 3 Churches

- Beza Alem Foundation Christian literature center Press gifts on participants
 By Ekumtambe Eku in John Holt Mamfe

Highlights for a successful Praise Evening for the lord Jesus Christ at mount Zion Harvest ministries International, John Holt Quarter Mamfe, Sunday, July 13th  2014 included a total  of 46 books gifts, pressed on participants by the Director of Beza Alem Foundation Christian  Literature center, Mile one Mamfe. Evangelist Alemkeng John  Bezakeng.
    While handing over the gifts, comprising nine Bibles and Christian literature   from thirty-seven other Christian sources, Evangelist Alemkeng J.B. said one of the main aims of the center is for soul wining and feeding of souls getting ready for the kingdom of God. He urged recipients to make good use of the gifts for spiritual growth.

Blazing the trail in North-South cooperation

Kumbo Council twins with La Crosse, USA
By Njodzefe Nestor

Family photo immortalizing twinning deal
Kumbo Council in Bui division of the North West region has sealed a twinning deal with the City of La Crosse Common Council in Wisconsin, United States of America.
The no-nonsense Mayor of Kumbo Council, Njong Donatus Fonyuy led a strong nine man delegation to the US from June 29th to July 8th 2014 to make this deal a reality. Conspicuous in the delegation was the Senior Divisional Officer for Bui division, Nzeke Theophile, the fourth deputy Mayor, Jaff Njibril and some Reverend Sisters. 
    This Sister City relationship was formed following Kumbo Council’s request for twinning in 2012.  The Councilors of Kumbo Municipality sitting in an ordinary session in December 2012 also took a resolution, whereby the Lord Mayor of Kumbo was empowered to formalize this Sister City relationship. On March 14, 2013, the City of La Crosse Common Council passed a resolution approving the Kumbo Council as a sister city.

Ndian Elite Want MINMAP Delegate Fired

-They accuse him of awarding contracts only to North Westerners and of being too arrogant
By Akemnkeng Evaristus in Mundemba

Christo Njita Nchounto
Elite and bigwigs of Ndian Division, South West Region, are demanding the firing of the Divisional Delegate of Public contracts, MINMAP, Christo Njita Nchounto. The elite, most of whom are contractors, beneficiaries of Public Investment projects and Divisional Delegates have vowed that the excesses of the MINMAP Delegate and his constant insults on them have become unbearable. They say even at the level of the Participatory Follow up committee of Public Investment Projects in Ndian Division, there is slow award of contracts resulting to more than three quarters of the projects not awarded.
       Some of the elite who spoke to this reporter like Louis Sake Besinga, first deputy Mayor of Mundemba council lamented the poor realisation rate of Public Investment projects for the second quarter which stands at only 28%,lower than many other Divisions. He frowned at the MINMAP Delegate for delaying contract award procedure, with up to 61 projects still at zero percent. Apart from this poor execution, the Delegate was also faulted by the Deputy Mayor for awarding majority of the contracts to his brothers from the North West and West Regions, despising the indigenes of Ndian as being "sub-standard contractors”.

Traditional attire day passes unnoticed

By Numh Rogers in Yaounde
Cameroon is noted for its numerous public holidays which sometimes stretch for two working days, but nothing was done to celebrate the international traditional attire day on 16 July. The only sign of the day was a brief mention in a couple of radio stations.
    The disregard for the international traditional attire day reflects the apparent dislike of traditional attire in government circles. Apart from members of government from the North (communication minister Issa Tchirouma Bakary), others are hardly seen in a traditional outfit. Even those who are traditional rulers and notables seldom wear them. One may feel that this is so because they are not formal attire in Cameroon, but this is not the case.


Papi London football tourney kicks-off
By Sam Che in Buea

The 2nd edition of the Papi London holiday football tournament has kicked-off in Muea, Buea on 11 July, with the inaugural match pitting Koke Fc against Young Stars Fc of sand pit Bonduma Bokoko. Koke Fc thrashed Young Stars 4-0. The 2nd playing day on 14 July saw Mile 16 Fc and Free Boys Fc separating on a goaless tie. Other teams in the competition include Soweto Fc and Wonya Mavio Fc.
   The Papi Football Tournament is open to young footballers residing in Muea and its environs. Players from the National Championships, League-1 and 2 are not exempted.
   Quizzed on his motivation to organize the tourney, Papi London said he wants to keep the youths especially students occupied during the long holidays, and to give them an opportunity to show-case their natural talents and lay a solid foundation in their quest for football glory. He promised to do better in this 2nd edition, than the maiden edition that crowned Bomaka Fc in 2013 as the champions after they defeated Mile 16 Fc 1-0, in a hotly contested final presided over by the D.O of Buea and watched by more than 10.000 fans.

CPDM MP cries for Cameroon’s parliament

Hon Peter William Mandio
According to Hon Peter William Mandio, the Cameroon National Assembly is characterised by amateurism, improvisation and deception. He spoke to the press at the end of the 2nd ordinary session of parliament for 2014.

The June session of parliament has just ended. What balance-sheet can you make of it?
It was a very charged session with many important issues on its agenda. We started with the document on the reciprocal protection of investments between Cameroon and Morocco. You know Morocco is a friendly nation that excels in the banking, insurance, water distribution and cement production sectors. Then there was also the historic visit of Guillaume Soro, the president of the Ivorian parliament. But the high points of this session were the examining of the bills relating to the revision of the internal rules and regulations of the National Assembly and that on the ratification of the trade partnership EPA with the EU.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Front page of 14 July 2014

We will start with what we have

-Dr. Joyce Endeley, pioneer provost HTTTC Kumba
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Dr. Joyce Endeley
The Director of the newly created Higher Technical Teachers Training College, Kumba, Dr. Joyce Endeley has revealed that the School is ready in all domains to take off in October. This has laid to rest concerns from some quarters that the school was not ready infrastructure wise. She talked to The Median on the sidelines of her visit to the University of Bamenda accompanied by a delegation of five lecturers to take part in the Higher Technical Teachers Training College Bambili Open Door Days.

You are the Pioneer Director of the newly created HTTTC Kumba. How prepared is the school for take-off in the next academic year?

Thank you for this interview. We are prepared. We are not perfect but we are prepared. We have the site and the offices. The office is situated at the former PWD building on the Buea road and then we are quite lucky that we have three Government Technical High Schools in what is called “Sofati” which is in Barombi Kang. There again, we also have another Government Technical High School. And then we have CCAST Kumba. That is the environment where we will have our classes. You may be glad to know that the “Sofati’ constructed by Canadians has many workshops especially the engineering section. They also have some equipment, even if they are not the best. But if we did not have a school of that nature around it would have been more difficult for us to start. We are going to start from scratch but that is something. So we will build on what we have; we will improve on the workshops. We are definitely going to start in October.

Where can parents and students get information about HTTTC Kumba?

Oh! thank you very much for that question. They should visit the University of Buea website at www.ubuea.cm. There, they will be able to download the decision which gives all the information they need for the entrance examination, the documents to compile for this activity and the application form. We bank with Ecobank and the numbers are there. So if they visit the website they will have no problem whatsoever. All they need is to access www.ubuea.cm and all information they need about admission into the first and second cycle will be available.

While awaiting permanent site

K-Town University kicks-off at defunct PWD
- Other lecture halls at Sofati and GTS Buea Road 
The presidential decree of March 7, 2014 creating a Higher Technical Teachers Training College in Kumba sounded illusive for majority of the people of the South West and Meme Division. But after visiting the selected sites last Saturday, July 5, the Minister of Higher Education Jacques Fame Ndongo was enchanted to announce that HTTTC Kumba will go operational as from October 2014 
By Eddy Bokuba, in Kumba

Minister Fame Ndongo satisfied with available structures
The Minister of Higher Education, Professor Fame Ndongo has said that all is set for the smooth take-off of the Higher Technical Teachers Training College, HTTTC Kumba, in October this year. Created by presidential decree on 7th March 2014, the administrative offices of the institution would be lodged at the Kumba Banquet hall and the defunct PWD at Buea road K’ba.
    Fame Ndongo was speaking on Saturday 5th July at the Kumba City Council following a working session he held with some stakeholders of the institution. The forum was an opportunity for the minister to get abreast of the state of readiness of the selected sites for the school.
    Discernbly satisfied with what he saw and heard Fame Ndongo said the school could take-off in October.
    The sites to host the institution include the defunct PWD,Government Technical School GTS Kumba, Sofati, GTHS Kumba, Cameroon College of Arts and Science (C.C.A.S) Kumba and others. 
    Fame Ndongo commended the efforts of all who have made it possible for the school to go operational next academic year.

Despite recent hikes

Petrol prices comparatively low in Cameroon
Senegal, CAR, Cote d’Ivoire etc. retail petrol at lower prices than Cameroon, according to informed and unimpeachable sources.
By Ayukogem Steven Ojong in Yaounde

The prices of petroleum products in Cameroon are still much lower than in some countries, especial countries in West and Central Africa. Despite the recent  readjustment of prices at retail stations, petrol still sells at 650 frs per litre, far lower than in countries like Senegal and Cape Verde where it sells at 894frs and 880frs respectively.
    The government of Cameroon kept the prices of fuel stagnant and affordable to the average Cameroonian since 2008 through a sustained increase in petroleum subsidy. This was in spite of the ever rising prices of petroleum and petroleum products on the world market. Agencies like the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund (CSPH), SCDP and SONARA were used by government not only to regulate the prices of fuel and fuel products but to also ensure uninterrupted supply of these products throughout the national territory and irrespective of the situation at the world market.

Sacrificing for country

Cameroonians sacrifice to save SONARA
By Balemba Steve Macquens in Yaounde

Created in 1981, the lone petroleum refinery in Cameroon, SONARA, was adapted to handle solely light crude. This was because the country’s petroleum production at the time was relatively small and constituted essentially of light crude.
    With this situation therefore, SONARA has had to import the light crude which it refines and sells to Cameroonians. Nigeria, Gabon and Angola are the main suppliers of this light crude. Also, the cooking gas that we use in our homes is also totally imported from the international market, with the vicissitudes attendant with such importation.
    Meanwhile, SONARA also envisaged and has embarked upon a vast project of “extension and modernization” with the objective of eventually handling heavy crude in the future. This extension project consisted in technologically adapting the existing equipment of the refinery and constructing new ones that would not only refine heavy crude but do so at a rate sufficient to meet the ever increasing home demand for petroleum products.

Petrol Price Hikes, Bravadoes and Negotiations

By Tazoacha Asonganyi in Yaounde
Issa Tchiroma is in town again, professing his usual incongruities. As always, he is accompanied by political lackeys, hatchet men, spooks, conspirators and all types of dealers. They are trying to manage the mood of the nation by sending us to wild-goose-chases following the price hikes in the petrol sector. They are peddling one confusing idea after the other, making the best effort to fool all of us.
     And so noises about strikes, negotiations and agreements are filling the air. Mark you, there are no strikes, and there are no real negotiations. It is all about the lackeys and others we have  mentioned above trying to increase the volume of currency notes they will take home by the time attention is turned to other issues to let the price hikes have their desired effects.
     Those who know the story of South Africa know that it is trade unionists like Cyril Ramaphosa that used skills they had honed in negotiations with powerful mine bosses to bring an end to apartheid. He was head of the most powerful African trade union, the National Union of Mineworkers. It is in that union that he learned how to cut a deal, and about power which he regularly wielded “to bring mines to a standstill through strikes.” As he says himself in “Anatomy of a miracle” by Patti Waldmeir, “The bosses outclassed us. We were not sophisticated in our approach to negotiation; all we had was a sense of injustice and a mission to improve the lot of workers, and the raw power of a strike…After being caught a few times with our pants down, we learned to do our homework…”

Increase in fuel prices

IMF and World Bank fooling Cameroon
Ever since the Bretton Woods institutions imposed SAP on Cameroon in the early 1990s the country’s economy has known no bright days, according to GLOBINET.
By Martin Fon Yembe, Coordinator Globinet Cameroon

Martin Fon Yembe
Global Information Network, GLOBINET, an Information Firm based in Bamenda, Cameroon, West African Bureau has condemned the recent
outings by the government of Cameroon on the fuel hikes in the country.
    According to a release from the GLOBINET office, the idea of cutting down of subsidies on fuel and “raising salaries of civil servants” are glaring signals of a failing state.
    GLOBINET notes that in 1988, the IMF forced Cameroon to adopt Structural Adjustment which led to the slashing of salaries in 1993. Today, the same International Monetary Fund (IMF) has pressured the government of Cameroon to either drastically reduce or completely scrap off fuel subsidies.
    Globinet understands that at the end of a two-week visit to Cameroon in November 2013, a joint team from IMF and the World Bank, through its leader, Mario de Zamaroczy, advised the government to drastically curtail subsidies to fuel prices, arguing that it was not an optimum way to use scarce resources, praying the government to think about possible reforms in that area.

Administrative red-tape or political persecution

Ayah Paul now 10 months without salary
- Says his request to go on voluntary retirement was also never granted or rejected
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Buea

Ayah Paul
Senior magistrate and former CPDM parliamentarian for Akwaya, Ayah Paul Abine, appears to be paying the price for his stubborn and recalcitrant stance towards the Biya regime.
    The wonder boy from Akwaya who resigned from the CPDM party to challenge President Biya in the 2011 presidential election (he emerged fifth in the elections out of the 23 candidates who ran), has seen the world crumbling on him ever since he started opposing the CPDM regime.
    Ayah Paul told The Median in Buea that he has not been paid his monthly salary since October 2013, neither has he gotten a reply from government ever since he requested to go on voluntary retirement in 2011, ahead of the presidential election that year.

NW mayors boiling over salary lack

By Martin Fon Yembe
The councilors of the North West Region have again expressed deep worries as to why the government is still dragging its feet on the salary issue meant for mayors and allowances to councilors. The councilors expressed this worries in Bamenda, Saturday 5, 2014 in Bamenda during an impromptu meeting of the interim executive of Association of North West Councilors (*ANWEC). Martin Fon Yembe, the interim President who doubles as the 1st Deputy mayor for Ndu Council was positive that the government is serious this
time around, even if the delay is becoming too heavy to bear. Martin Yembe assured his colleagues that there are indicators that all has been put in place for the salaries to be paid very soon before schools resume in September, but quickly added that with the Yaounde government, one never can say for certain.

After alleged corruption scandals

CONAC to be dissolved soon?
By Numh Rogers in Yaounde

Sources close The Median have hinted that the National Anti-corruption Commission CONAC may soon be dissolved, and its boss Rev. Dieudonne Massi Gams tried for alleged corruption. This follows investigations by the Supreme State Audit which reported that about Fcfa 24 billion was unaccounted for at CONAC.   
    According to our source, President Biya is furious with CONAC boss, Rev. Dr. Massi Gams whose management of CONAC has invited a constant drain on state treasury. We learnt that President Biya ordered that Massi Gams’ name should be removed from the shortlist of people to be knighted for their contribution towards Cameroon’s admission to the conforming status of the Extractive Industries Transparency InitiativeEITI. The passports of Rev. Massi Gams and his collaborators may soon be withdrawn, we were told.

End of training

Graduating medical students from UB
UB graduates 145 doctors, para-medics
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Buea

The Minister of public health in collaboration with the Minister of Higher Education, Andre Mama Fouda and Jacques Fame Ndongo respectively expressed their joy of integrating directly into the public health sector medical students from the faculty of health in the University of Buea to start their medical career, while presiding over the convocation ceremony of the second batch of students from the faculty at the Dorothy Limunga Njeuma amphi-theatre, Saturday July 5, 2014.
    The 145 students included 15 holders of Masters Degree in nursing education, 1 chemical pathologist, 26 bachelors of medical laboratory sciences, and 67 medical doctors amongst others.
    Speaking during the convocation, Health Minister Andre Mama Fouda who was visiting the university for his very first time promised to reinforce medical studies at the University of Buea through the faculty of health by extending its studies abroad especially on midwifery. He hailed the medical faculty for having one of the best anatomy departments in the country.

South West Region

90% Realisation Of  PIB Projects envisaged
This was echoed by the Regional Delegate Of Public Contracts  for the South West, during the 3rd co-ordination meeting holding in Mamfe,  on 3 July 2014.
By Atemnkeng Evaristus in Mamfe

The South West   Regional Delegate of Public Contracts, MINMAP, Shey Ebuwir Tobias, has disclosed that the region is on the good footing in the realization of the 2014 Public Investment Projects. He expressed confidence that by the end of the 2014 financial year the SW region would have hit the 100% target of realisation of public investment projects.
    Ebuwir Tobias was speaking on 3 July 2014, in Mamfe during the 3rd co-ordination meeting of the personnel of the regional delegation of public contracts for the south west.
    He said despite the fact that many contractors are still to come to terms with the new dispensation put in place by government in the award of public contracts and monitoring, transparency, objectivity and good governance remain the only way to ensure accountability in the realization of the projects dotted all over the Region.

31% Execution Rate for PIB projects in Meme

This was revealed by the Divisional Delegate of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, MINEPAT, during the participatory follow up committee meeting
By Atemnkeng Evaristus in Kumba

Godlove Buinda
The Divisional Delegate of Economy Planning and Regional Development, MINEPAT for Meme, Godlove Buinda has revealed that besides the about FCFA 540 million that was initially allocated for Meme Division in the state budget, an additional FCFA 193 million has been sent by the MINEPAT to finance five other priority projects.
    Buida made the revelation during the 2nd quarter of the Divisional participatory follow-up Committee meeting for the execution of public investment Budget for 2014 in Meme on July 8, 2014, at the Kumba City Council Hall.
    Presenting the PIB, the Delegate said the physical execution rate for projects in Meme stands at 31%, while the financial execution is 25.5%. He explained that out of the total of 67 projects earmarked for the Division, 25 projects have been completely executed, while some are still ongoing. Yet some others are still to be awarded to contractors.

Cameroonian Journalist wins Sputnik Kilambi prize

A Cameroonian journalist who regularly turns a spotlight on injustice and inequity in his country has been named the recipient of the 2014 Sputnik Kilambi Award for Social Justice Reporting from the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). The award is named for Kilambi, a journalist and media trainer with a passionate commitment to reporting on local and global issues of development and social justice, especially in Africa. She passed away on July 8, 2013.
    The winner, Ntaryike Divine Jr. Ramzi, is the Voice of America correspondent in Cameroon and a freelance reporter for several news outlets including The Associated Press, Science and Development Network, Think Africa Press, and Africa Report.
    His stories focus on important social and development issues such as:

1,000 SW youths trained on self-reliant dev’t

By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Buea
With the aim to instill the patriotism needed to enable the youths serve, sell their nation and take an active role in nation building, a short-list of 1000 youths (400 conscripts and 600 volunteers) have been selected following scrutiny, respect for terms of reference from the  hierachy and objectivity, by members of the South west regional selection committee for  the 2014 training session by the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development, NCSAPD.
    The selection committee which was headed by the south Governor, represented by the Secretary general to the Governor’s office Fon Ndikum Clement  also comprised of Mayors for Buea and  Tiko councils, Regional Delegates of  secondary education, youth affairs and civic education, employment and vocational training, military personel, resource persons from Yaounde amongst others, all led by the Deputy General Manager of NCSAPD, Esua Enow, who met at the conference room of the administrtaive reforms, Buea July 2, 2014.

HTTTC Bambili showcases professional prowess

By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda
The Higher Technical Teachers Training College, Bambili, has shown to the world that it is capable of grooming graduates who can make Cameroon’s 2035 vision a reality. This was during the maiden edition of their Open Door Day from the 10th to the 11th of July 2014 held under the theme “Technical Education: The real Potential of Cameroons Economic Development”
    The two day event placed under the distinguished patronage of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda, Prof. TAFAH EDOKAT O. Edward was an opportunity for the cream of academics, researchers, partners and the general public to savour what the school has to offer.
    Addressing the participants at the highly attended ceremony, the Director of HTTTC, Dr. Akume Daniel Akume reiterated that the Open Door Day was aimed amongst other things at showcasing the pedagogical and technological savvy of HTTTC. He added that it was organized to enlighten the target groups to have good knowledge about the school and to attract candidates’ enrollment in the next academic year.

Kupe-Muanenguba Division

Etam 1 village gets new chief
By Eddy Bokuba in Kumba

The population of Etam 1 in Tombel Sub Division on Saturday July 5th 2014 was that of enthusiasm and fanfare as they all gathered in front of the palace to witness the installation of their new Chief eight years after the former Chief of that village died.
  Welcoming the population who came out massively to witness the installation, the Chairman of the Etam 1 traditional council, Ndip Simon Agbor thanked all who came for the installation and urged the new Chief to collaborate with the elders so that together they can work for the growth of the village. 

Pregnant women called to enroll for antenatal care for an HIV free Cameroon

(Spiritual leaders to revert their role played in the fight against HIV)
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Mutengene

With the goal of increasing HIV free survival and reducing HIV related maternal and child mortality by scaling up Antenatal Care (ANC) uptake and strengthening the quality of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) services of HIV virus within the south west and north west regions up to 90% in pregnant women and exposed infants by 2016, pregnant women have been urged to be aware of the need to attend ANC in the early stages of pregnancy.
    This was during the south west media representative workshop organized by the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board, CBCHB Mutengene, Monday June 3o, 2014 under the supervision of the HIV free southwest project experts.

Manyu Education Delegate begs for teachers

Ekum Tambe Eku in Mamfe
The Delegate for Secondary Education Manyu, Apah Johnson dug deep for more teachers to fill the gap in the just ended academic year.
    In an exclusive chat recently with the Median Newspaper, the Delegate said the teaching staff strength was ameliorated in seven of the eight schools badly hit. He noted that the problem is not scarcity of teachers but the refusal of some fresh teachers to serve in rural areas.
    Apart from the refusal phenomenon, the Delegate recalled that some teachers seek transfers to schools in urban towns as soon as they are posted. A third point in support of the refusals action Mr. Apah noted is files chasing by some newly re    cruited teachers.

Malnutrition in Cameroon

Agony alongside abundance
Despite fertile lands, malnourishment is rife in the north of Cameroon. Political prioritisation and investment are crucial and urgent.

Cameroon, with its abundant rainfall and fertile lands, is widely renowned for its enormous agricultural potential. But at the same time, 33% of children under the age of five in Cameroon suffer from malnutrition, and 14% from extreme malnutrition.
    This deteriorating and protracted crisis has placed Cameroon in the lower echelons of global malnutrition lists for several years, alongside far less resource-rich nations such as Chad and Niger.
    “Cameroon has been in the red-list for a long time”, a nutrition expert at UNICEF told Think Africa Press under the condition of anonymity. “We have evidence from our latest surveys in 2011 that the rate of stunting or acute malnutrition is going up.”

Samuel Eto’o case divides Cameroon

Pointed as one of the main culprits for the defeat of Cameroon at the 2014 world and the poor image returned by the Lions, Samuel Eto’o is not spared by his countrymen since his return from the Brazil.
    Faced with a campaign “anti-Eto’o”, his fans have decided to react. If there is one of the rare personalities in the world of football who does not leave indifferent, it is Samuel Eto’o.
    Adored by some, poison for others, the Cameroonian international is still talked about everywhere he goes. Taken by a grippe by part of Cameroon since the fiasco of the indomitable Lions at the 2014 World Cup, the 33-year-old player always still counts many supporters in Cameroon.

Elite League clubs demand their share of World Cup money

Cameroon Professional League clubs have threaten to boycott the recovery period if their share of 30 per cent of the World Cup financial package as well as the balance of the state subvention is not paid them.
    The presidents of elite clubs will meet next Friday in Yaoundé within the framework of their association to discuss the issue which extents to the amateur clubs.
Before the start of the World Cup, Tombi A Roko, the Secretary General of the Fécafoot, had issued a memorandum suspending all football championships until the end of Brazil 2014.
    This was nothing out of the ordinary and both Leagues 1 and 2 were expected to resume play next Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Front page of 07 July 2014

Entry in the legal profession

Bar Exams results out this week!
-   Buea University Law School to go operational soon
These were only some of the major resolutions that emerged from the General Assembly of the Cameroon Bar Association holding in Buea, SW region, on Saturday 28 June 2014. At least 1200 lawyers effectively took part in the deliberations, while about 400 others were represented by proxies.
By Sarah Nkongho Ojong in Buea  

The revelations were made by the President of the Bar Council, Senior Barrister Sama Francis Asanga sitting alongside the president of the General Assembly of the Bar, Senior Barrister Emmanuel Tang. This was during the general Assembly of lawyers in Buea on Saturday 28 June 2014. .
    Convened in the wake of vigorous protests by Anglophone lawyers against what they considered as government’s attempted disregard for the bi-jural legal system of the country by intending to appoint notaries public in the NW and SW regions of the country. The lawyers seized the opportunity of the Buea General Assembly to also table and deliberate other pertinent issues affecting the practice of the law profession in Cameroon and the general functioning of the Bar Association.

Albert Esseme Ndille, 1959-2014

Casualty in battle for political ascendancy?
The sudden and untimely death of Albert Esseme Ndille, a financial and political heavyweight of Kupe-Muanenguba Division, who did not conceal his ambition to attain greater heights in the politico-administrative landscape of his clan and Cameroon, and the timing of the unfortunate happening – about when there is talk of an imminent cabinet reshuffle, has left commentators wondering if he was not butchered on the battlefield of his political quest.
By Ayukogem Steven Ojong in Yaounde

Albert Esseme Ndille, former director of salaries and pensions at the Ministry of Finance and a Kupe Muanenguba CPDM heavyweight from Tombel sub-division, did not hide his ambition to attain higher heights in the Biya regime.
    Coming from a division that is reputed to have an inexhaustible bank of potential office holders, Ndille was one of the very few who made his ambitions known, and he pursued them without fear or complacency.
    But when Esseme Ndille died as suddenly as he did on 24 May 2014, at a time so close to popular expectation for a government reshuffle, he was widely said to have died on the battlefield of his political quest.

To divert public attention from fuel prices

Biya to order new corruption arrests
By Ayukogem Steven Ojong in Yaounde
President Paul Biya knows only too well how bitter Cameroonians have been, since the announcement last week of an increase in fuel prices.
    That is why the President is now resolved to order new arrests of senior state officials suspected of embezzling public funds, if only to reverse the public’s mood of disappointment and bitterness with the regime. This was our take from the press outing last Thursday by the communication minister, Issa Tchiroma Bakari, sitting alongside the minister of Justice, Laurent Esso.
    In his scripted opening remarks at the press briefing, Tchiroma touched on a number of issues about the war on corruption but dwelled on nothing in particular. He stopped just when his audiences was expecting to pick up the main theme of the statement, if there was any.

Fuel price raise

Troops on alert in B’da to forestall riots
By Njodzefe Nestor in Bamenda

Fuel prices have upped at gas stations
Following the recent cut on fuel subsidies which has resulted to price hikes in petroleum products, Security forces in the North West region are reportedly on Red alert to avert riots which might erupt like that of February 2008 when the government took a similar measure.
    According to sources close to The Median, security forces in Bamenda have been called upon to watch the population keenly especially taxi drivers, visit popular spots and eavesdrop public conversations and ensure that no plans are hatched to this effect.
    According to a Prime ministerial decree read over state radio on Monday, the prize of petrol popularly known as supper will increase by 85 CFAF while that of Diesel has been increased by 80 CFAF and domestic cooking gas by 500 CFAF.


Gov’t worries over food prices
The government of Cameroon is worried that Yaounde dwellers are already spending more on daily needs since the increase in fuel prices which took effect on Tuesday 1 July 2014. The increase in fuel price has had the domino effect of increasing transport fares which has in turn led to an increase in food prices.
    Food prices have increased in Yaounde because local markets are supplied daily with perishable foodstuff by commuters from rural markets, sometimes as faraway as the North West region. When traders spend much on transportation, they pass on the cost to the consumer by increasing the cost of the good. This is easy to do since the price of farm produce is not stable, but varies with the seasons.

The fight against corruption will be intensified

- Issa Tchiroma Bakary, minister of communication
Full text of H.E. Issa Tchiroma’s opening remarks at a press briefing in Yaounde, Thursday
Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is with a renewed pleasure that I welcome you, once again, in this conference hall of my ministry which has become the usual venue of our meetings, to exchange, in all conviviality and frankness, on issues of major importance relating to the life of our nation and the well-being of our populations.
    It is about the fight against the embezzlement of public funds initiated by the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya, also known as the “fight against corruption”.
    Allow me first of all, to acknowledge the presence, of His Excellency, the Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, who has, in spite of his tight agenda, accepted to be here with me for this press briefing.
    Mr. Minister of State, you are welcome to the Ministry of Communication.   
    Allow me also to take this opportunity to wish you all, fellow journalists, a warm welcome in this conference hall, and to thank you all, for your prompt reaction to the invitation I sent to you today.

SCNC Leadership Crisis:

Beware of impostors and opportunists in SCNC
I read with a lot of consternation an interview granted by Mr. Leke Theodore in The Median newspaper No 0117 of 2nd June 2014who poses as 2nd vice National Chairman of the SCNC and the press release by Mr. Bisong Mathias Arrey published in the same paper on 16/06/2014 and wish to throw more light on these utterances . The SCNC which is the vanguard liberation movement of the over five million Southern Cameroonians has as main objective the restoration of the sovereign statehood of Southern Cameroons. Unfortunately, greed and egocentric interests by a few misguided individuals is stalling the work of the few devoted activists who have put the Southern Cameroons struggle above individual interests. Curiously enough Southern Cameroonians are more interested in discussing the leadership crisis than focusing on the ultimate goal and those actually pursuing that goal. Mr. Leke Theodore recognizes Chief Ayamba as the legitimate chairman of the SCNC and asserts that he is still alive so nobody can take over that position from him. He may be right because Chief Ayamba himself in a response to a petition from Meme county as to how he could  chair a meeting of seven activists in Mutengene dismissing his constitutional  Vice Chairman in December 2011 retorted that he was appointed by God to lead the SCNC and so was answerable only to God. I must make it abundantlyclear here that the SCNC is nobody’s personal estate where leadership has to be dictated by an individual