Monday, 10 July 2017

For condoning Zoa Zoa dealers:

Petrol Station owners withdraw support to Meme SDO
By Johnson Batuo
With the proliferation of illegal fuel points known in local parlance as zoa.zoa in Kumba, Petrol station operators have refused to financially contribute to the SDO of Meme’s meet-the-people’s tour The median has gathered.
                We have learnt that when contacted to contribute financially to facilitate the SDO’s meet the people tour, petrol station owners pointed out that the proliferation of cheap illegal petrol from Nigeria has reduced their sale at the pump.
                Despite claims that the Nigerian fuel is contaminated, many motorists, even official vehicles prefer this fuel, given it is cheap.  It is a ritual for businessmen and other impoverished Cameroonians in Kumba to financially contribute for any new SDO’s meet the peoples tour.

                Business people and other economic operators even those who judiciously pay their taxes to the state, who refuse to contribute the administrator’s meet the peoples tour risked being tagged extremists, Boko Haram, or any other derogatory term.
                The new Senior Divisional Officer for Meme division chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong has already   endedhis tour after visiting  Mbonge, Bombe, Kumba I, Kumba II,Kumba iii and Konye, He  concluded his tour in Kumba II Subdivision.

                Though petrol station owners for purely business arguments have refused to contribute to the SDO’s meet the people tour many Cameroonians are beginning to question the rationale behind this financial contribution.

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