Monday, 10 July 2017

Policeman beats up Pastor for singing gospel song

An element of the Rapid Police Intervention unit known by its French acronym ESIR Thursday 22 June 2017 seriously beat up a Pentecostal church pastor for singing gospel song close the Kumba Central Police Station.
                It is still unclear what really annoyed the policemen in the gospel song the pastor was singing and what took pastor Nkongho to the vicinity of the police station also remains unclear.
                Nonetheless the policeman with the fury of a hungry lion merciless pounced on the pastor with a feeble right leg, despite the intervention of his colleagues.
                The said pastor Nkongho, could be spotted every Wednesday and Saturday at the Kumba main market preaching the gospel and asking sinners to repent.

                Some persons suggest that the policeman might have been conversant with pastor Nkongho’s cutting messages in the market and that he took his presence around the police station as coming to preach the gospel to them.
                Despite the beating and humiliation, Pastor Nkongho still prayed that the policeman should be forgiven for his ignorance hoping that someday like the Apostle Paul, who persecuted followers of Christ, he would come to embrace Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

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