Monday, 10 July 2017

Top traditional wedding:

Rt. Hon. Mafany Musonge takes in new wife
Mola Musonge in broad smiles with his new wife
The president of the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism, Mafany Musonge and the Assistant General Manager of the Yaounde Conference Centre, Luma Louise Mbangue tied the knot traditionally at the weekend in Soppo Wonganga, Buea. It is worthy of mention that the new Mrs. Mafany Musonge is a Bakweri from Great Soppo, Buea, but had a purely Francophone education.
                The very quiet but high-profile traditional wedding ceremony was hosted in the home of Prince Churchill Ewumbue-Monono, who is Technical Adviser at President Biya’s cabinet.
                Though kept away from the public eye and devoid of the fanfare that usually characterizes such occasions, the event presented a veritable avenue for the cream of Fako elite of different shades of opinion to come together and pledge their love to the high-level couple, and ttheir respect and allegiance to the “father of latter-day Bakweri empowerment and consciousness”, Mola Peter Mafany Musonge, in particular.
                Also, the fact that the ceremony was hosted in Prince Churchill Ewumbue-Monono’s expansive compound situated in Soppo Wonganganga, has also helped to dowse the otherwise popular belief that was held by many to the effect that the rapport between Mola Musonge and Mola Churchull was hardly the best and that the two had been boycotting each other for quite some time.
                That Mola Musonge now takes Churchill’s cousin as wife only goes a long way to prove to the wider world that father and son have put events of the past behind their backs and have elected to forge ahead as “Mokia” (in-law in Bakweri native tongue).
                Yet though, the speculation by many that the event could also afford a veritable avenue for Mola Musonge to announce to his Fako brethren that he is now stepping aside from active party politics so as to be able to concentrate on his very challenging but exalting job as president of the NCPBM, did not come to be.
                But commentators admitted that for the perfect gentleman and patrician that the former PM and former leader of the CPDM group of senators (he has many other caps and attributes) is, it was no surprise to them that Mola Mafany Musonge landed his choice on a woman who is also of no common mould. This is because Lady Louise Luma has marketed herself as a humble, self-effacing, soft-spoken yet very focused and forward-looking woman.

                A career translator, Lady Louise Luma, now Madam Musonge, was formerly the deputy director of the Pilot Linguistic Centre in Yaounde before her appointment as deputy GM of the Yaounde Conference Centre.
                And who knows, perhaps her expertise in bilingualism might have motivated Mola Musonge to land his choice on her. This is because she could very easily become one of Mola’s technical advisers in the challenging job of promoting bilingualism, multiculturalism and harmonious living together among of Cameroonians in a “one and indivisible Cameroon”.
                Among the Fako elite present on the occasion were Hon. Dorothy Njeuma, Senator Matute, Senator Mbella Moki Charles, Hon Gladys Itomby, Mrs. Ndolo Ekaney, Mrs Eko Ngomba, Prof Nalova Lyonga, Dr. Amos Ngongi, Hon. Meoto Paul, Mr. Ngoni Njie of CDC, Dr. Humphrey Ekema Monono of GCE Board, Mr. Billy Eko, Mayor Patrick Ekema, Mr. Andrew Motanga among many others.       But the absence of Hon. Emilia Lifaka was conspicuous just as it was intriguing.

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