Monday, 10 July 2017

Crackdown on drug dealers:

Indian hemp traffickers roped in Kumba
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba

Arrested Indian herm traffickers in the presence of SDO & police boss
Elements of the Kumba police have seized four bags of Indian herm comprising 100kgs. The illicit drug was seized from two illicit drug smugllers: Lukong Peter 40 years old from Nso and Ntende Roland 32 years of age from Mbengwi all of Northwest origin oin the morning of Thursday July 6, 2017 at the Mile 1 checkpoint in kumba at the road leading to Mbonge sub division.
                The commissioner of the Kumba central Police station,  Elong Wilson Njumenjikang, revealed that the two individuals dissimilated the indian herm  in travelling bags. Elong Wilson confessed that once the indian herm is put in travelling bags it takes the vigilance of a very good police man to discover it. The kumba police boss noted that the seizure of the 100kgs of indian therefore falls in line with the respect of the strict orders he had given for the policemen on checkpoints to do serious checks on all vehicles and persons that go through the checkpoints.

                Quizzed on what will do done to the criminals,  Elong Wilson explained that they will be transferred to the legal department in order for them to appear before the court of law. On what will be done with the confiscated 100kgs of indian herm,                                                Elong Wilson revealed that it shall be taken to the laboratory for it to be tested to get confirmation if it is actually marijuana.
Elong wilson Njumenjikang indicated that the smugglers were taking the indian herm to Ekombe in Mbonge sub division were it will then beretailed in small villages like Bole, Quaqua, Nake and many others. He added after the consumption of such,  the youths of these villages will then indulge in funny practices such as breaking into peoples houses and stealing amongsts others.
                Elong Wilson however called on the vigilance of the entire population tand for them to collaborate with the forces of law and order to unveiled such persons around their areas. The indian herm smugglers were iequally caught with some traditional concoctions which they revealed was meant for their protection. One of them,  Lukong Peter, revealed he had been involved in the business for sometime but left it before returning back to it while the other indicated it was just his first time.

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