Monday, 10 July 2017

MINAS assists handicapped persons in Ekondo-Titi

By Johnson Batuo
The Ministry of Social Affairs has put a broad smile on the faces of some handicapped person in Ekondo-Titi Ndian division with a gift donation of 1.5million.
                The revelation was made by the subdivisional Delegate of Social Affairs Ekondo-Titi on the occasion of the Administrative and Management session of Ekondo-Titi council that took place on Friday 16 June 2017.
                In addressing the council session, the Delegate Makila Reuben Motoko said the sum of 1.5mfrs for the handicapped person was handed to the Ekondo-Titi council under the public Investment Budget and that the council later identified ten beneficiaries of the project.

                Among the ten beneficiaries, two received tricycles, some crutches each, wheel chairs and one of them received a mobile phone with 50.000frs cash to start a callbox.
                He further informed the council session that the government assistance to handicapped persons in the area is intended to empower handicapped inorder to discourage them from street begging and other vices.
                He further appealed to the handicapped persons, who did not benefit from the government assistance to stay calm and that the government has not neglected them.

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