Monday, 10 July 2017

Crack down on criminality:

Kumba Police dismantle notorious armed gang
By Doh Bertrand Nua in Kumba
Arrested Bandits pose in front of SDO & police boss
The population of Kumba, chief town of Meme division, economic capital of the southwest region has now hive a sigh of relief after elements of the Kumba central police station unveiled two dismantled gangs of notorious bandits and rescued stolen property worth 10M FCFA.
                The two separate groups according to the Commissioner of the Kumba Central police station, Elong Wilson Njumenjikang comprised at least three persons each and are specialized in breaking into houses of high profile personalities and churches.
                The arrested suspected bandits were presented to the population at the Kumba central police station on Tuesday July 4, 2017. The bandits were presented to the chief executive officer of Meme, SDO, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong by the Kumba central police commissioner in the presence of judicial, custom, forestry, elites and others officials.
                The arrested suspects as presented by the Kumba police boss include; Elvis Ndue Ngunde 39 years, Vitalis Nwanchia Acha 25, Ewane Dikume 25, Armstrong Orchor Meter 25, Henry Kima 19 and Blasé Akale Ngoya alias game. The items revealed alongside them include dozens of mobile phones, automatic pistols, fridges, flast screen TV sets, computers, speakers, vegetable oil, two motor bikes, knives, hammers, carpets and other household items amongst sundry others. 

                The commissioner of the central police station in Kumba, Elong Wilson Njumenjikang, told reporters that the two groups comprised very harden armed robbers who have been disturbing Kumba for close to two months. “They have been breaking and entering houses especially in the early hours of the night (8pm). The bandits have made away with several items of individuals including the president of the Court of First Instance and even the president of the Kumba High Court” explained Elong. 
                Elong Wilson further explained that the crackdown was very necessary and with immediate effect because “these bandits collected an automatic pistol from the residence of the president of the Court of First Instance and for this pistol to have been circulating in town was a big danger” while indicating that he had been given a two weeks ultimatum by his regional delegate to ensure that the gun is recovered but been tactful and a master of his terrain  he used six days to recover the pistol and get all the bandits arrested except for one who is on the run. 
                Elong Wilson revealed the bandits have strategized their operations during harvest thanksgiving periods in churches and some of them confessed stealing FCFA 10 Million from sundry churches in two weeks. They also revealed that the bandits used part of the motor to purchase two motor bikes which they will use to facilitate their duties at night. Among the arrested bandits is a student of the forestry school in Mbalmayo who uses his uniform to pose as a security person
                The police boss in Kumba revealed the bandits will be transferred to the competent authorities Buea. He as well called on the population to have a police population relationship where the population does not see the police as an enemy but as a partner in order to join hands and track the bandits.
                Speaking after the bandits have been presented to him, Meme  SDO, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong  pride himself by revealing that when he took command in Meme division he had promised hard times for all arm robbers and all those who refused to work to allow peace to reign in his area of command. He congratulated the entire population for their collaboration with the forces of law and order to help reduce criminality in Kumba as well saluted the efforts of the uniform officers for a job well done in keeping Kumba in peace by dismantling the two groups of notorious bandits.

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